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Response to Happyhippychick (Reply #4)

No. It would be a terrible thing for the party if she were indicted - The Velveteen Ocelot Jun 2016 #1
Will you cry if she is? What if the FBI finds she violated law, should she run? leveymg Jun 2016 #2
She won't be indicted by Obama's DoJ, evidence or no evidence. The Velveteen Ocelot Jun 2016 #3
The "indictment" scenario is just a framing device. She will be found to have violated law, but DOJ leveymg Jun 2016 #13
I will cry Happyhippychick Jun 2016 #4
This message was self-deleted by its author artislife Jun 2016 #26
There's really no need to be rude Happyhippychick Jun 2016 #38
This message was self-deleted by its author artislife Jun 2016 #41
I welled up when Justice's beautiful faced was punched years ago. Juicy_Bellows Jun 2016 #5
Naw, I'll just wait for the next inevitable investigation...and then I'll laugh DerekG Jun 2016 #6
Rather telling post on your part. hrmjustin Jun 2016 #7
Yeah. Hard to say. They have a lot of clout with the Foundation money. trudyco Jun 2016 #19
This message was self-deleted by its author artislife Jun 2016 #27
I want to see justice done. If there's a case to be made, I hope she's indicted. Marr Jun 2016 #8
Well said. And if she isn't indicted but shown to be very unethical trudyco Jun 2016 #20
To me it is a question of the justice system nadinbrzezinski Jun 2016 #25
change the second line to... tandem5 Jun 2016 #9
* demmiblue Jun 2016 #10
. hrmjustin Jun 2016 #11
No. bigwillq Jun 2016 #12
"Unindicted" is a lame campaign slogan. Orsino Jun 2016 #14
Wasn't Nixon named an unindicted co-conspirator with respect to Watergate? The Velveteen Ocelot Jun 2016 #28
Not a tear. 99Forever Jun 2016 #15
I would get emotional. hrmjustin Jun 2016 #16
I'll feel an enormous sense of relief when she is elected...... Red Mountain Jun 2016 #21
no, they are already preparing the narrative: "the fix was in!".LOL! Bill USA Jun 2016 #17
Like I said to my naval officer when he asked me if I ever B Calm Jun 2016 #18
There will be no indictment of Hillary Clinton due to the silly e-mail claims Gothmog Jun 2016 #22
Given what I know of the American two tier justice system nadinbrzezinski Jun 2016 #23
lol Justin joshcryer Jun 2016 #24
Nah no indictment , I'll just wait for the next investigation or hearing on something or another. Autumn Jun 2016 #29
Oh the bullshit will be nonstop for 8 years arely staircase Jun 2016 #31
It never ends, they are their own worst enemies. Autumn Jun 2016 #35
With glee? hrmjustin Jun 2016 #34
No, disgust and a big heaping of don't give a fuck. Autumn Jun 2016 #36
Oh ok. hrmjustin Jun 2016 #37
Voted yes for shits and giggles. arely staircase Jun 2016 #30
Are you going to start telling Bernie supporters to eff off again? aikoaiko Jun 2016 #32
No. 7 hides in one day was embarrassing enough. hrmjustin Jun 2016 #33
i'm crying just thinking about it Cheese Sandwich Jun 2016 #39
Of course you are. hrmjustin Jun 2016 #40
I don't like how this primary has changed you. Marrah_G Jun 2016 #42
FFS, hillary supporters just being distuptive again, why do this? Logical Jun 2016 #43
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