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Suppress the Vote much? Dont call me Shirley Jun 2016 #1
Hope it works! Gosh, wouldn't it be embarrassing... dchill Jun 2016 #3
Would so be a backfire, just like all her other actions. The podium fell. Dont call me Shirley Jun 2016 #7
Tomorrow and in November. Barack_America Jun 2016 #11
Blatant and Big time! Dont call me Shirley Jun 2016 #32
There is NOT a snowballs chance in hell that Clinton did not know... Raster Jun 2016 #2
yup,she calls ALL the shots.don't think she doesn't. wendylaroux Jun 2016 #4
Ain't we grand! Raster Jun 2016 #12
I know,Bernie is exactly what we needed. Such a pity. wendylaroux Jun 2016 #13
I'm actually more concerned about her passiveporcupine Jun 2016 #28
yes, I am too. There is a reason the neoconjobs have flocked to the Clinton banner... Raster Jun 2016 #29
I wouldn't say she wanted lives on the line passiveporcupine Jun 2016 #31
Not only did she know...... pangaia Jun 2016 #9
It was done to declare CA, "not a real primary". Barack_America Jun 2016 #10
It will backfire. Biaviians Jun 2016 #5
Yep. With an especial "fuck you" shout out to Califormia voters. intheflow Jun 2016 #6
Funny, my household will be voting for her tomorrow with a smile. In CA. anigbrowl Jun 2016 #14
Oh it could have unfolded much smoother... HerbChestnut Jun 2016 #8
That's just stupid gaspee Jun 2016 #15
That was my thought as well PepperHarlan Jun 2016 #16
Okay, so why not let the last vote? Barack_America Jun 2016 #18
They called off tomorrow's primaries!1?1!! PepperHarlan Jun 2016 #20
Yup. Barack_America Jun 2016 #27
OK, then gaspee Jun 2016 #21
The AP called it. The Party Elite didn't call a damn thing n/t Blaukraut Jun 2016 #17
Mmm hmm. And who did the AP talk to? Barack_America Jun 2016 #19
Trump gaspee Jun 2016 #22
the only one who is embarrassing him/herself tonight is the one positing Blaukraut Jun 2016 #24
Well, she won't get my vote. djean111 Jun 2016 #23
Your claims would make more sense if they weren't counting delegates mythology Jun 2016 #25
Oh, sorry, I didn't realize they moved the primaries to today. Barack_America Jun 2016 #26
Do your votes even matter anymore? panader0 Jun 2016 #30
Except that 24 million-ish voters have already spoken... SidDithers Jun 2016 #33
Hillagarchy it is. nt mhatrw Jun 2016 #34
But Lying For $Hillary Only BENEFITS Bernie!11 Haven't You HEARD? AzDar Jun 2016 #36
It's going to be a mess laserhaas Jun 2016 #37
Her campaigns actions will have a detrimental effect come November Marrah_G Jun 2016 #38
Weren't the votes cast by the voters an important factor in the media calling it? Nye Bevan Jun 2016 #39
You knew it before called and not a fuckin coronation. Voter made it happen. over 3 million for Hill seabeyond Jun 2016 #40
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