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2016 Postmortem

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You have sown the wind. [View all] GoldenThunder Jun 2016 OP
Thank you for your kind words...on to November! brooklynite Jun 2016 #1
Right ! SCantiGOP Jun 2016 #140
LOL Metric System Jun 2016 #2
Eff this taught_me_patience Jun 2016 #3
I think this may be an irreligious version of end-times belief. Hortensis Jun 2016 #98
Yup it's the Clinton-DLC party. That Guy 888 Jun 2016 #107
Change takes time and it comes from the people...... kerry-is-my-prez Jun 2016 #196
She beat Bernie metroins Jun 2016 #4
With the FULL support of the DNC, lets not forget that either. That Guy 888 Jun 2016 #106
Every metric says otherwise metroins Jun 2016 #109
She handily defeated Sanders with her campaign manager running the election. That Guy 888 Jun 2016 #111
Keep thinking that metroins Jun 2016 #113
She had Sanders at +65 and steadily lost ground. That Guy 888 Jun 2016 #162
She won because of voters metroins Jun 2016 #163
She had the appearence of inevitability for the reasons I stated. That Guy 888 Jun 2016 #165
and then became inevitable. nt LaydeeBug Jun 2016 #186
Which still doesn't address the undemocratic behavior of the DNC. That Guy 888 Jun 2016 #187
Supers came out for Bernie before any votes were cast too LaydeeBug Jun 2016 #193
On a side note rock Jun 2016 #176
I've been on DU since the years of * That Guy 888 Jun 2016 #179
It was just a joke and not anthing metaphorical rock Jun 2016 #180
My apologies That Guy 888 Jun 2016 #181
No, no, not at all rock Jun 2016 #192
Yawn jzodda Jun 2016 #5
Lol PepperHarlan Jun 2016 #6
Sanders ran a great campaign. Agnosticsherbet Jun 2016 #7
... LexVegas Jun 2016 #8
If you think America likes hate filled, racist, sexist bastards than you're right. I don't think we uponit7771 Jun 2016 #9
you're forgetting bush 1 and 2... and the tea party MidwestTech Jun 2016 #105
Delusional BlindTiresias Jun 2016 #157
Thanks for being onboard for beating Trump! Sparkly Jun 2016 #10
I'm getting tired of trashing this nonsense. JoePhilly Jun 2016 #11
Gee, I guess we'll have to live with some rando on the Intertubes being all emo about this nt geek tragedy Jun 2016 #12
Oh, please . . . MousePlayingDaffodil Jun 2016 #13
Oh, shut up. Squinch Jun 2016 #14
+1 Bobbie Jo Jun 2016 #112
Is that anything like "Hell Week"? ... 1StrongBlackMan Jun 2016 #129
lol Bobbie Jo Jun 2016 #134
Squinch, you know good and well that wasn't NEARLY melodramatic enough for this overheated OP Number23 Jun 2016 #177
Crap, 23! My ears are SO bewildered by these mopes! Squinch Jun 2016 #191
My GAWD, you would think we just nominated CAG Jun 2016 #15
More like Richard Nixon. John Poet Jun 2016 #44
Ridiculous, simply ridiculous, keep drinking the CAG Jun 2016 #46
Ya FBI investigations are RW conspiracies aren't they? pinebox Jun 2016 #82
Actually, they are. okasha Jun 2016 #156
It was requested by a democrat. 840high Jun 2016 #174
Ah, yes, the usual lazy-assed "VWRC" response. Lizzie Poppet Jun 2016 #100
VWRC? Wow. I had never heard of that until the google ... 1StrongBlackMan Jun 2016 #133
Except that's not what that (very well known) acronym actually stands for. Lizzie Poppet Jun 2016 #137
Actually, it was Hillary quoting an FBI report. And you transposed the R and W (s/b VRWC). ieoeja Jun 2016 #145
Pesky Facts. Name-calling is SO much easier. nolabear Jun 2016 #169
... warrprayer Jun 2016 #54
Cool. So she'll easily win two terms then. ashtonelijah Jun 2016 #61
I totally agree with you. These people all seem to completely ignore where she is on issues. pdsimdars Jun 2016 #87
I believe Dick Nixon had better "favorability" and "Trustworthy" poll numbers... bvar22 Jun 2016 #116
More like Kissinger v2.0 demwing Jun 2016 #117
Get real upaloopa Jun 2016 #16
LOL stevil Jun 2016 #17
Truth is often dramatic demwing Jun 2016 #120
I disagree on both counts. apcalc Jun 2016 #161
In the End-The Math Wasn't Ever Very Close Stallion Jun 2016 #18
May the "Bluebird of Happiness" avoid pooping on your windshield. oasis Jun 2016 #19
LOL! Spazito Jun 2016 #122
Jeebus! Haveadream Jun 2016 #20
A bit melodramatic. I have urged my fellow Hillary supporters to refrain from this kind of vitriol Trust Buster Jun 2016 #21
Lol BlindTiresias Jun 2016 #158
I received as good as I dished out but that was when the nomination was being contested. Trust Buster Jun 2016 #182
I'm an atheist and Hillary will beat Trump. n/t cynatnite Jun 2016 #22
This Bernie supporting atheist agrees with you. Duppers Jun 2016 #59
the law suits, investigations, and implementation of the GOP agenda. pdsimdars Jun 2016 #88
Lighten up, Francis. nt msanthrope Jun 2016 #23
Have fun blaming me for your loss in November. GoldenThunder Jun 2016 #24
Cool story, bro sweetloukillbot Jun 2016 #33
Does that last statement include the 15 million CAG Jun 2016 #48
You're encouraging yourself to have fun blaming yourself? OilemFirchen Jun 2016 #57
I suspect that one is just one of the many troll that will be stopping by ... 1StrongBlackMan Jun 2016 #136
Yup. OilemFirchen Jun 2016 #146
Grow up GCP Jun 2016 #65
"...it takes years and years to turn politics around." Hortensis Jun 2016 #91
I'd love to see the research on that ... 1StrongBlackMan Jun 2016 #135
Very interesting. I would too. I searched back then Hortensis Jun 2016 #141
"Politics is like piloting an oil tanker" demwing Jun 2016 #121
Please go check yourself into the nearest mental hospital, and do it quick. RBInMaine Jun 2016 #71
McClellan lolz obamanut2012 Jun 2016 #171
I like the contrast between this sort of insipid claptrap Tarc Jun 2016 #25
Anonymous social media tend to do that. :) Hortensis Jun 2016 #93
Very poetic. I hope it helps you to heal. nt eastwestdem Jun 2016 #26
. RandySF Jun 2016 #27
Oh, the melodrama! alcibiades_mystery Jun 2016 #28
It's truly underwhelming... COLGATE4 Jun 2016 #173
Oh Good Gawd Damn Grief! Drama much? leftofcool Jun 2016 #29
Hillary will work with Bernie tandot Jun 2016 #30
I see your problem..... Fresh_Start Jun 2016 #31
good response... handmade34 Jun 2016 #153
I doubt, I personnally added 3,000,000 more votes itsrobert Jun 2016 #32
Let's look at the results in November. GoldenThunder Jun 2016 #34
I have a cat named Mocha, and I like pancakes n/t Godhumor Jun 2016 #37
... PepperHarlan Jun 2016 #39
lol Renew Deal Jun 2016 #166
Valium. okasha Jun 2016 #40
How many generations do you suspect you have left? OilemFirchen Jun 2016 #58
Hahahahaha GCP Jun 2016 #66
Yes, the mythical hacked voting machines, that's why Bernie lost. Lord Magus Jun 2016 #77
This message was self-deleted by its author hopemountain Jun 2016 #184
"You the warmongers, you the banksters, you the globalists, you the elites. You will all BEGOPNE" jack_krass Jun 2016 #80
That was awesome! Gidney N Cloyd Jun 2016 #90
Interesting! What's your strategy? Brickbat Jun 2016 #101
Does your rage feel like laughter? Because that's what I'm feeling right now WhollyHeretic Jun 2016 #110
ROFLMAO snooper2 Jun 2016 #130
Dude, you are now posting threats here, and it is NOT OKAY. blue neen Jun 2016 #151
Neptune goes retrograde this week. MelungeonWoman Jun 2016 #164
BEGOPNE? Should I be frightened, or something? MADem Jun 2016 #185
Are we Begopne yet? Squinch Jun 2016 #195
This message was self-deleted by its author Squinch Jun 2016 #194
Bye Felicia n/t lancer78 Jun 2016 #35
#appropriate redStateBlueHeart Jun 2016 #123
Your concern is noted workinclasszero Jun 2016 #36
Yellow button: check. mac56 Jun 2016 #42
Some day you can tell your grandkids workinclasszero Jun 2016 #50
Someday you can tell your grandkids mac56 Jun 2016 #53
"Last true?" Maybe try for a little perspective? Hortensis Jun 2016 #95
I'm impressed. You stole that grandpa line almost verbatim from Reagan's vinyl LP... Hekate Jun 2016 #188
How do you "save America from a fascist" John Poet Jun 2016 #47
Get it all out workinclasszero Jun 2016 #52
Post removed Post removed Jun 2016 #56
Lol. Seems he took your suggestion. Hortensis Jun 2016 #96
Day-um, that was only hidden 4-3. Sheesh, it's gonna be a long week. nt. MH1 Jun 2016 #147
And it actually started with the warning Hortensis Jun 2016 #148
It's sad that vote stealing is no problems for her supporter just wait until the people onecaliberal Jun 2016 #38
Please, enough of the "vote stealing" insanity. Seriously. Go see a psychiatrist. It's nuts. RBInMaine Jun 2016 #69
Maybe you can tell it to a judge? merrily Jun 2016 #83
There was no vote stealing. Lord Magus Jun 2016 #78
You all are excellent representatives of the Clinton movement. mac56 Jun 2016 #41
The butthurt is strong in this one GCP Jun 2016 #67
Oh the pain pressbox69 Jun 2016 #43
You have discounted Latinos, African Americans and women and their votes. stevenleser Jun 2016 #45
Oh, but you see, all of those people aren't "true" CAG Jun 2016 #51
Good post. If there was one thing I could get Hortensis Jun 2016 #97
And LGBT's. okasha Jun 2016 #160
Lol Dem2 Jun 2016 #49
Rec. I feel the same way, but could never expess it as eloquently as you have.. jack_krass Jun 2016 #55
Spouting insanity is never "eloquent." RBInMaine Jun 2016 #70
If you had demonstrated the ability to predict the future, this would worry me. N.T. Donald Ian Rankin Jun 2016 #62
They aren't worth half a keystroke, Golden Thunder. senz Jun 2016 #63
Post removed Post removed Jun 2016 #72
Dude wtf is with you pinebox Jun 2016 #85
They feel as if some capitulation is needed nolabels Jun 2016 #124
Yeah perhaps that is best pinebox Jun 2016 #125
And your post smells like broken wind realmirage Jun 2016 #64
Post removed Post removed Jun 2016 #68
4x you've done this now. Seriously, knock it off pinebox Jun 2016 #86
"You have your nominee. And she won't beat Trump." And IF she does beat Trump? pampango Jun 2016 #73
Then buy stock in military suppliers. Lizzie Poppet Jun 2016 #102
Donald has pledged to build up our 'weak' military. Military suppliers hear him quite well. n/t pampango Jun 2016 #115
you still here? bigtree Jun 2016 #74
Salty much? wildeyed Jun 2016 #75
She will win in November and she will be a great president. Thinkingabout Jun 2016 #76
Luke 23:34 Jack Bone Jun 2016 #79
The wayward wind pinebox Jun 2016 #81
^^^^^^^^^^^ Amen! ^^^^^^^^^^^ pdsimdars Jun 2016 #89
That's how it looks to me, too. nt vintx Jun 2016 #132
Don't waste electrons on the supplicants. VulgarPoet Jun 2016 #84
"Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.-Henry Kissinger ILikeTurtles2 Jun 2016 #92
Oh, wow. VulgarPoet Jun 2016 #114
The wind has been sown with cows and the reaping whirlwind of cows will destroy Trump. betsuni Jun 2016 #94
Ok I had NO desire whatsoever to kick this thread but that is one of the funniest Maru Kitteh Jun 2016 #152
. Brickbat Jun 2016 #99
. RandySF Jun 2016 #103
You have broken a mighty wind BeyondGeography Jun 2016 #104
The beauty of performance art during the final week of GDP is a sight to behold Blue_Adept Jun 2016 #108
Oh so that's what it is. I'd forgotten all about the door buzzard. Now that I see it in that light Hekate Jun 2016 #190
Quelle dramatique redStateBlueHeart Jun 2016 #118
Oh the drama. JoePhilly Jun 2016 #119
Or, an example of the trolling that we can expect ... 1StrongBlackMan Jun 2016 #138
Very true. JoePhilly Jun 2016 #139
You have a flair for the dramatic, I see. NaturalHigh Jun 2016 #126
in the general,she has not a prayer.you think people wendylaroux Jun 2016 #127
Are you taking me up on my bet? NaturalHigh Jun 2016 #128
I guess you won't be sticking around DU after the 16th? leftofcool Jun 2016 #142
May God forgive you for using her as a political prop. emulatorloo Jun 2016 #131
Bernie would never have won a general not in a million years Demsrule86 Jun 2016 #143
I suspect that even one as corrupt as Hillary could beat Trump. n/t Herman4747 Jun 2016 #144
"destroying my party": *WE* are the party. VOX Jun 2016 #149
God, the 16th can't come soon enough. nolabear Jun 2016 #150
LMAO! zappaman Jun 2016 #154
Drama and rational argument are not often found together. eom yawnmaster Jun 2016 #155
Go reap yourself. Scurrilous Jun 2016 #159
hahahahahahahahahaha obamanut2012 Jun 2016 #167
My hovercraft is full of eels. Starry Messenger Jun 2016 #168
... nolabear Jun 2016 #172
Ooh a threat!!! rjsquirrel Jun 2016 #170
I for one welcome my future Chelsea overlord elehhhhna Jun 2016 #175
Really, it's not that bad. grahamhgreen Jun 2016 #178
Oh my! pressbox69 Jun 2016 #183
Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Florencenj2point0 Jun 2016 #189
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