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25. Same here
Sun Jul 31, 2016, 10:40 PM
Jul 2016

I am fully on board with Hillary now and am even thinking about using some of my limited vacation time to campaign for her, if they will let me use the time in November.

But I think it is important to hold her accountable once she is elected. If she does an about-face on everything she promised Bernie and his supporters, I would not rule out supporting a primary challenger in 2020.

The Democratic Platform is Hillary Clinton's Platform KMOD Jul 2016 #1
+1 jcgoldie Jul 2016 #2
A lot of Bernie's stuff was added, too. Ken Burch Jul 2016 #18
I was addressing the OP's concern KMOD Jul 2016 #19
Bernie's "stuff" was also Al Gore's stuff and Bill Clinton's stuff. R B Garr Jul 2016 #22
She will implement zilch without a favorable Congress Zambero Jul 2016 #3
exactly still_one Jul 2016 #4
We all know we need Congress. n/t. Ken Burch Jul 2016 #20
I remember me and wife pulling into the polling place parking to go vote for Jimmy Carter. fleabiscuit Jul 2016 #5
Jimmy Carter was my first too but that was in 1976. politicaljunkie41910 Jul 2016 #10
Sounds familiar. fleabiscuit Jul 2016 #12
It takes a Congress as well as a village. She can't do it alone. Neither could Obama. glennward Jul 2016 #6
the reality is that with a republican house, neither would be able to achieve much legislation unblock Jul 2016 #7
" ultimately, demographics will bring this country back to a progressive era." That Guy 888 Jul 2016 #16
I think you will be pleasantly surprised. fun n serious Jul 2016 #8
I think many others will be pleasantly surprised as well. Let's be honest, Maru Kitteh Jul 2016 #24
Hillary prez then Michelle O ecodeathmarch Jul 2016 #9
Oh, good! We can keep it the 3 same families in the White House adigal Jul 2016 #21
Ya but ecodeathmarch Aug 2016 #27
Victory is the right to vote your conscience and speak your mind The Second Stone Jul 2016 #11
Will asimovecho Jul 2016 #13
Me too! Giving this a kick! nt LostOne4Ever Jul 2016 #14
I'm looking forward to seeing BlueMTexpat Jul 2016 #15
+1000! DemonGoddess Jul 2016 #17
"Wary" ... that's kinda like distrust and "concern", right? NurseJackie Jul 2016 #23
Same here democrattotheend Jul 2016 #25
Let's try to give her a Congress so she can pass needed legislation. Agnosticsherbet Jul 2016 #26
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