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12. Except - I'm starting to wish the calls to remove him would subside.
Tue Aug 2, 2016, 11:24 PM
Aug 2016

I think we should keep him in the race. Other CONS who'd step in to replace him might be harder to beat. And I don't trust Pence farther than I can throw my house. NO religious extremist should be anywhere near the reins of power. Regardless how "reasonable" and "normal" he seems. He's a stealth nightmare dressed in nice-guy clothing.

They should have turned away when he started barking his birther crap years ago... think Aug 2016 #1
He should have been voted off the planet years ago ashling Aug 2016 #25
Trumps investigators are going to have that stuff on Obama any day now! Hissyspit Aug 2016 #26
....and the birth certificate has gone missing. (eom) StevieM Aug 2016 #36
Trump is his worst enemy. Thinkingabout Aug 2016 #2
He's also, 2naSalit Aug 2016 #18
holy shit is right. MasonDreams Aug 2016 #3
Actually, he didn't say it in a debate, 2naSalit Aug 2016 #19
No but he did talk about the size of his dick on live tv Glamrock Aug 2016 #23
Yup... 2naSalit Aug 2016 #33
i'm amazed some republicans and the media aren't just digging in like usual. unblock Aug 2016 #4
Shame on them for keeping quiet ailsagirl Aug 2016 #7
Huh. That actually makes some sense. AllyCat Aug 2016 #8
he should have been turned away the day he said he wanted to run for prez Skittles Aug 2016 #5
The World... jbeing Aug 2016 #6
Saw this on twitter, cited over at Talking Points Memo. vlakitti Aug 2016 #9
I've been gobsmacked since he started running. -Steph- Aug 2016 #10
We really need to hit CNN and especially MSNBC's Morning Joe for giving Trump the free press and glennward Aug 2016 #11
Yup. 24/7 loop of all Trump all the time TV newz. misterhighwasted Aug 2016 #17
Except - I'm starting to wish the calls to remove him would subside. calimary Aug 2016 #12
A lot of this ^^^^^ Saviolo Aug 2016 #21
pence reminds me of heaven05 Aug 2016 #22
Wait for it, wait for it... a big bullshit about to blow, I'm rather enjoying the spectacle until lonestarnot Aug 2016 #13
His imitation of the disabled reporter is what sticks in my mind. MoonRiver Aug 2016 #14
that really should have been absolutely unforgiveable renate Aug 2016 #30
They have to be heartless scum. MoonRiver Aug 2016 #31
The media from which I get my news has repeatedly criticized and exposed Trump Nitram Aug 2016 #15
Many secretly wanted the Republicans to be trapped with this psychopath as their nominee Dem2 Aug 2016 #16
K&R nt ProudProgressiveNow Aug 2016 #20
From Day One, His Hair Was The Most Disturbing Aspect Of His Narcissistic Personality Disorder! Stainless Aug 2016 #24
And to think the "media" derailed a Democratic campaign for a YeeHaw MagickMuffin Aug 2016 #27
I want to know... mgardener Aug 2016 #28
If we really had a liberal media, Trump wouldn't have made it past the straw poll. Initech Aug 2016 #29
He stepped off a cliff when he disparaged a Gold Star family! Bill USA Aug 2016 #32
after today's veiled death threat retrowire Aug 2016 #34
The SOB ought to be getting the third degree in a windowless cubicle someplace workinclasszero Aug 2016 #35
The polls clearly show he already lose a lot of people because of the Khan thing ProudToBeBlueInRhody Aug 2016 #37
He's already into them, when he gets less than 40 on a LV poll he's eating into the automatic... uponit7771 Aug 2016 #38
The Trump Trot. A corrolary to the Gallop Gish. Tommy_Carcetti Aug 2016 #39
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