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47. He thinks Trump is going to spend 20hr PER WEEK studying for the debate?
Thu Aug 11, 2016, 09:12 PM
Aug 2016

WTF is he smoking? He will be lucky to get 2-3 total from that gas bag. Good luck convincing him he needs to study. He won't find it necessary when all he plans to do is whip out 1 liners and zingers. Besides, why study when it is much easier to flippantly lie.

I need to buy stock in Maalox. louis-t Aug 2016 #1
I need to buy stock in popcorn. kestrel91316 Aug 2016 #2
And beer! AwakeAtLast Aug 2016 #46
wine drinker myself.... chillfactor Aug 2016 #51
Have your snack and wine ready when the debates start... SummerSnow Aug 2016 #90
I'm all set. Got a couple of cases of white and red just today... CTyankee Aug 2016 #99
I'm thinking November might actually warrant champagne. kestrel91316 Aug 2016 #59
I could get on board with that, too! AwakeAtLast Aug 2016 #65
Orville Redenbacher shares will be going through the roof! Initech Aug 2016 #53
Then why am I chuckling? Chemisse Aug 2016 #3
'20 hours of working a week, instead of just shooting my mouth off to pin-heads that adore me?' Mc Mike Aug 2016 #75
Let it Be So colsohlibgal Aug 2016 #4
He is not capable of preparing for the debates. madaboutharry Aug 2016 #5
He has no attention span PatSeg Aug 2016 #26
would have been nice to see that NewJeffCT Aug 2016 #31
Exactly PatSeg Aug 2016 #39
The only way Trump will debate is if Hannity id the moderator. fun n serious Aug 2016 #6
Can you imagine how trump will respond to questions? Ilsa Aug 2016 #10
I can't imagine it... fun n serious Aug 2016 #11
I hope Candy Crowley is a moderator. He'll insult her gender, looks adigal Aug 2016 #50
Actually, they probably *will* ask him about his "Obama literally founding Isis." In fact.... Moonwalk Aug 2016 #91
Tim Kaine was in Texas today NewJeffCT Aug 2016 #32
No. I think she is trying to expand the tent for the future. fun n serious Aug 2016 #45
Oh please let this happen rbrnmw Aug 2016 #7
It's not funny. It's HILLARIOUS! Ilsa Aug 2016 #8
The asteroid represents Trump. The planet represents the GOP. (Enjoy) NurseJackie Aug 2016 #9
Appropriate you chose an Extinction Level Event (for dinosaurs). n/t GoDawgs Aug 2016 #20
Does this mean 2016 and the end of the GOP will be known as the DT boundary? TXIRISHWOMAN Aug 2016 #43
What does DT Boundry mean? Fla Dem Aug 2016 #68
The end of the dinosaurs is the K-T Boundary. TXIRISHWOMAN Aug 2016 #86
Matt's worried about having to get a real job for once... JHB Aug 2016 #12
It must be God's Will, you feckless, whiny moron. randome Aug 2016 #13
A predicament of their own making TheOther95Percent Aug 2016 #14
Yes it is Downtown Hound Aug 2016 #15
I think it's funny. Kaleva Aug 2016 #16
That's some funny shit! Fozzledick Aug 2016 #17
This shit certainly IS funny! NastyRiffraff Aug 2016 #18
Right? Salviati Aug 2016 #19
he'll watch "the shows" to prepare for the debates NewJeffCT Aug 2016 #33
Hmmmm... angrychair Aug 2016 #21
Guess what, Matt Mackowiak. This shit hasn't been funny for a long time. blue neen Aug 2016 #22
Maybe Bill Clinton was brilliant when he told Donald he should run. (n/t) thesquanderer Aug 2016 #23
^^^^THIS kestrel91316 Aug 2016 #60
"We are looking at an extinction-level event.” Want a slice of Schadenfreude Pie with that whine? Hekate Aug 2016 #24
Mit Schlag. okasha Aug 2016 #54
My late Viennese MIL thought everything went better mit schlag. Mmmm. Hekate Aug 2016 #62
She was right. okasha Aug 2016 #100
Awww, the Republicans haz a sad... catbyte Aug 2016 #25
Well, meteors are orange, right? KamaAina Aug 2016 #27
That debate ( my guess just one) is going to be embarrassing to watch. The_Casual_Observer Aug 2016 #28
In the GOP debates NewJeffCT Aug 2016 #34
As I recall it wasn't really a debate at all since they The_Casual_Observer Aug 2016 #35
Oklahoma, Wyoming, Idaho, West VA, Kentucky, Alabama and Tennessee will go for Trump Botany Aug 2016 #29
Texas? The_Casual_Observer Aug 2016 #36
Texas could go blue (long shot) Botany Aug 2016 #38
That will be an election for the ages. The_Casual_Observer Aug 2016 #40
The Republicans NEED MFM008 Aug 2016 #92
And the African-American percentage okasha Aug 2016 #55
If McMuffin gets on the ballot there, maybe. yellowcanine Aug 2016 #64
Add Utah and Alaska to that list, and you've got it jmowreader Aug 2016 #37
Both Utah and Alaska have a chance to go blue this fall (long shot) Botany Aug 2016 #41
From his comments to the evangelicals yesterday......Re: Utah yellowcanine Aug 2016 #66
Lots Of Mormons In Arizona Yallow Aug 2016 #74
Nevada. ditto. yellowcanine Aug 2016 #89
Wyoming and Idaho? blueseas Aug 2016 #70
Oklahoma, Wyoming, Idaho, West VA, Kentucky, Alabama and Tennessee AlbertCat Aug 2016 #88
I never thought it was funny. thucythucy Aug 2016 #30
+1 Jamaal510 Aug 2016 #56
They're probably looking high and low for another Reagan. C Moon Aug 2016 #42
The report of my death has been exaggerated hibbing Aug 2016 #44
He thinks Trump is going to spend 20hr PER WEEK studying for the debate? AgadorSparticus Aug 2016 #47
When was it funny? GeorgeGist Aug 2016 #48
Maybe now they'll admit hot air is a problem. Spitfire of ATJ Aug 2016 #49
As long as we have the media we do, the republican party will live on. Buzz cook Aug 2016 #52
So if he corrects course, even now, they just say 'water under the bridge'? Rose Siding Aug 2016 #57
I sure hope so. My entire adult life has been kestrel91316 Aug 2016 #58
i heard that. MFM008 Aug 2016 #61
I'll admit it would be a lot funnier if we knew for sure Hillary wins and Dems take the Senate. tanyev Aug 2016 #63
"Trump is causing an ‘extinction event’ for the GOP" avebury Aug 2016 #67
Hahahahahahaha! workinclasszero Aug 2016 #76
Farts Float WatchWhatISay Aug 2016 #96
"Trump is causing an ‘extinction event’ for the GOP" workinclasszero Aug 2016 #69
Oh gee, so sorry you don't like the hatred you created GOPpers. AllyCat Aug 2016 #71
Needs a comic illustration whistler162 Aug 2016 #72
I wonder if he will get Sarah Palin to play Hillary for his debate prep world wide wally Aug 2016 #73
Or to put it in terms that evangelistas and other thumpers can comprehend Fritz Walter Aug 2016 #77
he's a master debater. he practices every night and he only needs 2 minutes. unblock Aug 2016 #78
Wonderful you made my day classykaren Aug 2016 #84
Come on Be real Shankapotomus Aug 2016 #79
Trump was correct about all his fellow 'quitter' Republicans, they are less 'worthy' then him. Sunlei Aug 2016 #80
The GOP needs to go extinct before they lead us ALL to extinction. So on this I can support FighttheFuture Aug 2016 #81
Indeed-- if by some chance Trump is doing this on purpose Fast Walker 52 Aug 2016 #83
"We are looking at an extinction level event" certainly has a ring to it. AgadorSparticus Aug 2016 #82
Look how freaking dumb Trump's spokeperson is here Fast Walker 52 Aug 2016 #85
Trump is causing an ‘extinction event’ for the GOP AlbertCat Aug 2016 #87
FULLY DESERVED, when they went from the LOYAL opposition to cockblocking DISLOYAL pansypoo53219 Aug 2016 #93
ROFL -- I find it highly laughmaking. ananda Aug 2016 #94
Extinction event? So some good will come out of the Trump candidacy after all. Vinca Aug 2016 #95
"Extinction Level Event for the GOP". drm604 Aug 2016 #97
Democrats the real losers.... spanzini Aug 2016 #98
like a house of cards... cheezmaka Aug 2016 #101
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