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2016 Postmortem

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Wed Aug 24, 2016, 04:07 PM Aug 2016

Bernie Sanders starts new organization - "Our Revolution" [View all]

I heard on CNN Bernie will be making the announcement tonight. Apparently Jeff Weaver will be the President of the organization.

Two questions came immediately to mind:

1) Will the new organization support Hillary Clinton for President?

2) In the future, will they be primarying establishment Democrats from the left in the same manner as conservative organizations primary GOP candidates from the right?

I did a search on line to get more information and this is the first article that popped up:


Evidently they are off to a somewhat rocky start.

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Jeff Weaver metroins Aug 2016 #1
Jeff Weaver needs to go. JaneyVee Aug 2016 #18
Those who left stated Andy823 Aug 2016 #19
He needs to go back to his comic book store in Virginia. George II Aug 2016 #48
Agreed. But Our Revolution as a group needs to go on. Ken Burch Aug 2016 #77
Serious question. What has Weaver done that is so bad? NCTraveler Aug 2016 #58
Horrible advice to Bernie metroins Aug 2016 #79
I think he was brilliant for Sanders. Couldn't have been any better. NCTraveler Aug 2016 #87
A Berner was at mtg this afternoon LiberalFighter Aug 2016 #2
I read a couple of days ago that Jane resigned. DURHAM D Aug 2016 #4
Nope. Just checked and as of 6 hours not the case. LiberalFighter Aug 2016 #15
Looks Like She's Out TheBaculumKing Aug 2016 #32
Good to hear. LiberalFighter Aug 2016 #33
It Will Eventually Come Out TheBaculumKing Aug 2016 #35
If you want to lobby, you need to register as a c4. wildeyed Aug 2016 #112
I doubt it, too much money to be made. George II Aug 2016 #49
Prediction: Weaver will be out soon. An on-going left-of-center organization to Eleanors38 Aug 2016 #3
Don't hold your breath... Blue Idaho Aug 2016 #24
We'll see. But a hard fact remains:. The Democratic Party cannot remain as it is, Eleanors38 Aug 2016 #61
Good luck with that... nt. Blue Idaho Aug 2016 #62
thanx..nt Eleanors38 Aug 2016 #66
You are welcome! nt. Blue Idaho Aug 2016 #71
I'm afraid it looks that way, and maybe opens itself up to astroturfing accusations. Dunno. ancianita Aug 2016 #113
I'll be at one of the kick-off gatherings tonight. DinahMoeHum Aug 2016 #5
Where's he been? Didn't he promise to do everything to defeat Trump? brush Aug 2016 #6
Writing A Book Me. Aug 2016 #7
celebrating his membership in the oligarchy by buying a $600K beach cottage lol nt msongs Aug 2016 #10
that has been beaten to death here...but why not some more dembotoz Aug 2016 #72
Good question, where has he been? Oh wait, I know. white_wolf Aug 2016 #16
Didn't Bernie say he would be all over the country supporting Hillary ..... CajunBlazer Aug 2016 #20
And he's been working for for months. white_wolf Aug 2016 #22
Sounds like he has been working on his new organization CajunBlazer Aug 2016 #25
And traditionally everyone takes a wee break before Labor day starts in contest in earnest. I am bettyellen Aug 2016 #57
Sanders has been taking a wee break since the convention CajunBlazer Aug 2016 #121
Actually I have recently seen his active on other issues - which I think sort of muddies the water.. bettyellen Aug 2016 #122
Oh, I don't know, maybe go out on the campaign trail from time to time the usual way to help. brush Aug 2016 #27
It was announced starting next month he will be on the road. LiberalFighter Aug 2016 #34
Bernie Sanders will do an event in NH on Labor Day for HRC and Maggie Hassan. Eric J in MN Aug 2016 #39
My opinion is that the less he "campaigns" the more he's doing to defeat Trump. George II Aug 2016 #50
This. nt. NCTraveler Aug 2016 #59
How so? brush Aug 2016 #63
How does "Our Revolution" differ from a Super Pac? FSogol Aug 2016 #8
REVOLUTION! SaschaHM Aug 2016 #9
From this day on.... FSogol Aug 2016 #11
More Che posters. nt Codeine Aug 2016 #12
It would definitely remain to be seen. One thing that is pretty obvious is that this current JCanete Aug 2016 #28
Jeff Weaver's idea. Eric J in MN Aug 2016 #40
But the purpose of a PAC and a c4 are very different. wildeyed Aug 2016 #114
Our Revolution is a 501c4. Eric J in MN Aug 2016 #37
That was my reaction but Skidmore Aug 2016 #41
It's different because it works for the people, not anyone's personal self-interest. Ken Burch Aug 2016 #76
My question was rhetorical. It is no different than a Super Pac. All of FSogol Aug 2016 #82
Intent is what matters. Ken Burch Aug 2016 #85
"Our Revolution" is a Super Pac. It is not movement or a revolution. FSogol Aug 2016 #88
And Our Revolution's existence is part of making that happen. Ken Burch Aug 2016 #89
So, Super Pacs are good and necessary now according to Weaver and Sanders. FSogol Aug 2016 #90
It isn't a super pac. Ken Burch Aug 2016 #92
No, it isn't a superpac. SusanCalvin Aug 2016 #105
It is not just as bad. Ken Burch Aug 2016 #115
Whaaaaa?? SusanCalvin Aug 2016 #117
There's a sucker born every minute tralala Aug 2016 #119
Thank you for the info - SusanCalvin Aug 2016 #13
is this a superpac? bravenak Aug 2016 #84
It's a 501 c 4. IIRC. SusanCalvin Aug 2016 #95
Good idea bravenak Aug 2016 #97
Frankly, I'm not sure if I want this particular one to succeed. SusanCalvin Aug 2016 #98
I had hoped so too bravenak Aug 2016 #99
Yep. SusanCalvin Aug 2016 #100
Absolutely. Yep. all of them bravenak Aug 2016 #101
But we need them. SusanCalvin Aug 2016 #103
I'm also rather fond of DGA. SusanCalvin Aug 2016 #106
I'm wondering if there will be any grudge primaries for folks that didn't endorse Bernie. SaschaHM Aug 2016 #14
Post removed Post removed Aug 2016 #17
Yep, and who set up Our Revolution as a 501(c)(4) that keeps donors' identity secret. SunSeeker Aug 2016 #23
Yep Andy823 Aug 2016 #26
Sounds like it's part of "the establishment" to me. brush Aug 2016 #44
I agree with you Andy823 Aug 2016 #80
Tax exempt, but apparently can endorse candidates, SusanCalvin Aug 2016 #104
It will air on FSTV 9PM EDT 6PM PDT BlueStateLib Aug 2016 #21
This message was self-deleted by its author MichiganVote Aug 2016 #29
he said outright in his speech that he would not be running the show because JCanete Aug 2016 #30
This message was self-deleted by its author MichiganVote Aug 2016 #31
It would be illegal for a Senator to direct a 501c4. It will be run by Jeff Weaver. (NT) Eric J in MN Aug 2016 #38
My concern with anything of this nature DemonGoddess Aug 2016 #36
It's a disaster waiting to happen. It's has a very "sour grapes"-ish feeling about it... NurseJackie Aug 2016 #53
Dunno about sour grapes, SusanCalvin Aug 2016 #108
Do you think the Democratic base is in any way comparable to the Republican base? Chathamization Aug 2016 #65
Yes, the Tea Party ideology is nuts DemonGoddess Aug 2016 #86
Two answers Eric J in MN Aug 2016 #42
Post removed Post removed Aug 2016 #43
This is great, we Ds need an organized group that can focus on issues and promote the needed changes Sunlei Aug 2016 #45
Not for me, SusanCalvin Aug 2016 #109
That's a weird name for a group. Not very optimistic, uplifting or forward looking. NurseJackie Aug 2016 #46
huh...well some people aren't too troubled by the current state of things, or just think JCanete Aug 2016 #68
Well ... NurseJackie Aug 2016 #69
sure you won't be there to pour down the hot oil? JCanete Aug 2016 #81
No need. NurseJackie Aug 2016 #83
I agree. sheshe2 Aug 2016 #102
Great to hear. jalan48 Aug 2016 #47
Issues would have been nice to hear in this election.. misterhighwasted Aug 2016 #54
I was in, up until I heard about Weaver. VulgarPoet Aug 2016 #51
Why is there so much hate for Weaver? democrattotheend Aug 2016 #70
I adore Bernie, SusanCalvin Aug 2016 #110
"They" got one called a revolution too. Historic NY Aug 2016 #52
Yes. Another revolution..how about electing a Dem majority in DC. misterhighwasted Aug 2016 #55
This message was self-deleted by its author misterhighwasted Aug 2016 #56
Morning News said Bernie gave a speech last night and Never Mentioned Hillary at all. misterhighwasted Aug 2016 #60
Bernie Sanders is doing an event on Labor Day in NH Eric J in MN Aug 2016 #64
well that's fucking ridiculous, because I heard the speech. JCanete Aug 2016 #67
you are 100 percent correct dembotoz Aug 2016 #73
Some people on both sides want to refight the primaries democrattotheend Aug 2016 #75
Any coverage the NY Times gives to anything Bernie and his supporters do will be dismissive. Ken Burch Aug 2016 #74
Depends if they focus on winning new senate seats rather than primary safe ones. We need a better bettyellen Aug 2016 #93
The primaries are mainly over for this year, so the point is moot. Ken Burch Aug 2016 #94
I'm talking about the down ticket races, and did not say "not ever" but if the group targets bettyellen Aug 2016 #96
The group will probably do both: Ken Burch Aug 2016 #116
It's kind of a bummer it's almost September and we aren't sure what they are doing. bettyellen Aug 2016 #118
He continues to get people involved G_j Aug 2016 #78
That is very true. I just hope for them to do it right. nt SusanCalvin Aug 2016 #111
There is such a great need for this. I wish them well. Vattel Aug 2016 #91
I don't. SusanCalvin Aug 2016 #107
Right now, I don't care about political infighting questions. BlancheSplanchnik Aug 2016 #120
Once Hillary is elected GulfCoast66 Aug 2016 #123
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