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2016 Postmortem

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Mon Oct 17, 2016, 08:37 AM Oct 2016

NC GOP party rep says "completed absentee ballots may have been destroyed" [View all]

in firebombing. What are completed ballots doing at a Trump campaign headquarters?

North Carolina Republican Party spokeswoman Emily Weeks told NBC News that the office is totally unusable and that materials inside, possibly including completed absentee ballots, may have been destroyed.


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it is against the law for the GOP to be in possession of completed ballots scheming daemons Oct 2016 #1
That's what I thought. Unless NC has some bizarre rule sufrommich Oct 2016 #6
No so in the case of individuals working there. Coyotl Oct 2016 #16
+1 uponit7771 Oct 2016 #103
most charitable reading of that would be... renegade000 Oct 2016 #3
The campaign can't collect completed ballots liberal N proud Oct 2016 #4
Fishy story right there. BSdetect Oct 2016 #5
I just spoke to an aquaintence and former Board of Election member in Virginia Raine1967 Oct 2016 #8
Election of the POTUS is a federal election, rules do not change from state to state on Maru Kitteh Oct 2016 #34
Sounds like illegal voting to me. texanwitch Oct 2016 #9
yup. easy to pick out those that rarely vote or even mopinko Oct 2016 #27
+10x bucolic_frolic Oct 2016 #46
Perhaps someone got cold feet... forgotmylogin Oct 2016 #47
Gee someone ask this GOP official workinclasszero Oct 2016 #62
When my mother was alive she spent her last few years in a nursing home. texanwitch Oct 2016 #77
This election it might be better to vote early. texanwitch Oct 2016 #92
Ineptitude is not absent from Govt offices, no argument there. ColemanMaskell Oct 2016 #111
She was ready to go. texanwitch Oct 2016 #112
Yeah, my dad the same way ColemanMaskell Oct 2016 #113
I still get mail addressed to both my parents. texanwitch Oct 2016 #115
Tell the Post Office to discontinue delivering it. ColemanMaskell Oct 2016 #116
I know. texanwitch Oct 2016 #121
The same damn thing they're accusing us of doing in Texas! KamaAina Oct 2016 #96
The Republicans will do anything to win. texanwitch Oct 2016 #98
On that topic - Read here how Republicans REALLY attempt voting fraud: ColemanMaskell Oct 2016 #117
fire pic just showed, broken window, old sofa and about dozen yard signs. (this is a solid D area) Sunlei Oct 2016 #10
Something is not right blue-wave Oct 2016 #12
You got that right workinclasszero Oct 2016 #65
That was my first thought, su! My guess it's their Cha Oct 2016 #13
Why were they holding ballots? RandySF Oct 2016 #15
This could also be insurance fraud itsrobert Oct 2016 #17
Good point. ColemanMaskell Oct 2016 #69
Looking more and more like a Reichtstag Fire situation yellowcanine Oct 2016 #19
But the spelling was correct on the warning. liberalmuse Oct 2016 #21
Perhaps they were given 'cheat sheets' and stencils. Siwsan Oct 2016 #29
Comic Sans - the people's font klook Oct 2016 #42
Oh NO! radical noodle Oct 2016 #53
Nothing wrong with Comic Sans klook Oct 2016 #94
Whew! radical noodle Oct 2016 #95
The Republicans are all about false flag operations. Just ask Karl Rove about this. Zen Democrat Oct 2016 #23
Right. Remember this? workinclasszero Oct 2016 #67
WTF are they doing with completed ballots Cryptoad Oct 2016 #25
They could hold voter registration forms in the office yellerpup Oct 2016 #30
If they had completed ballots, they're parties to voting fraud. Or else they're lying. hatrack Oct 2016 #31
I dont beleive this at all INdemo Oct 2016 #32
He might be stupid enough to try Ahpook Oct 2016 #88
Well there's Trump's voter fraud for ya! sinkingfeeling Oct 2016 #33
My Q? exactly-- WTF are completed ballots doing THERE? n/t TygrBright Oct 2016 #35
That means we have an easy rebuttal to their claims KitSileya Oct 2016 #37
Trump Republicans are creating excuses for their election loss bucolic_frolic Oct 2016 #41
NC GOP - "we may be guilty of election fraud" Cosmocat Oct 2016 #43
They will do anything INCLUDING burning down.... usaf-vet Oct 2016 #44
Will the media report on this? CrispyQ Oct 2016 #48
It's all part of their whine over a Trump loss. Spitfire of ATJ Oct 2016 #50
Isn't it against the law for parties to hold ballots? wtf? . . . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Oct 2016 #52
Whoa! Wait a minute! workinclasszero Oct 2016 #54
Does anyone know the rules Skidmore Oct 2016 #55
could be applications DeminPennswoods Oct 2016 #57
I live here and I smell a rat! You can't store completed absentee ballots in the party headquarters Ford_Prefect Oct 2016 #58
I doubt that is true unless they are phony ballots. Filled out ballots are kept at the Court House appleannie1 Oct 2016 #60
the fire wasn't even that hot...... getagrip_already Oct 2016 #63
Am I the only one who has a hard time believing they didn't do this to themselves? Pacifist Patriot Oct 2016 #64
Smells like a false flag up and down... Adrahil Oct 2016 #74
We need a fuller explanation... Blue Idaho Oct 2016 #70
Yes. Since she said "possibly" ballots were there, sounds like there would be only a few in outboxes ColemanMaskell Oct 2016 #79
I think the FBI will handle this one... Blue Idaho Oct 2016 #83
Here’s a news update on this from Raw Story today ColemanMaskell Oct 2016 #105
What ballots in outboxes? LisaL Oct 2016 #99
Show me where it says you cannot mail your ballot in outgoing office mail. ColemanMaskell Oct 2016 #100
source: it would be violation of NC's State Board of Elections mainer Oct 2016 #78
Double-check that link you posted - it does not link to the quote you posted with it ColemanMaskell Oct 2016 #85
Thanks. That was weird. mainer Oct 2016 #87
NC law says possession by anyone other then a near relative or guardian is a felony spirald Oct 2016 #108
Okay. So only relatives can drop ballots in the outgoing mail. Thanks. ColemanMaskell Oct 2016 #110
A very convenient Reichstag Fire for Mr Trump. Loki Oct 2016 #80
Pretty obvious it was not a professional arsonist. Blue Idaho Oct 2016 #86
Somebody might have wanted to cause minor damage. LisaL Oct 2016 #101
That's my thinking... nt. Blue Idaho Oct 2016 #102
Nice to know Ardoewaan Oct 2016 #81
Washington Post said "sample ballots for early voting" LeftInTX Oct 2016 #84
This is the resume of the Spokeswoman who made the statement: Raine1967 Oct 2016 #89
We're voting by mail in Ohio Marthe48 Oct 2016 #90
Right, "or you can mail it". I take that to include dropping it in the outgoing mail of any office ColemanMaskell Oct 2016 #97
Office outbox is not necessarily the USPS spirald Oct 2016 #106
This message was self-deleted by its author ColemanMaskell Oct 2016 #109
The way the article reads Marthe48 Oct 2016 #107
If they are claiming to have completed absentee ballots then maybe Trump is right, a rigged system. Thinkingabout Oct 2016 #91
I sent a tweet to the author and links the woman quoted: Raine1967 Oct 2016 #93
Did the reporter really misquote or BlackM Oct 2016 #114
I wonder if they meant completed absentee ballot request forms? wildeyed Oct 2016 #119
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