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2016 Postmortem

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geek tragedy

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Sun Oct 30, 2016, 12:31 PM Oct 2016

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This message was self-deleted by its author (geek tragedy) on Sun Oct 30, 2016, 10:58 PM. When the original post in a discussion thread is self-deleted, the entire discussion thread is automatically locked so new replies cannot be posted.

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Amen Rocknrule Oct 2016 #1
Yes. People are assuming he can't win. He can win. geek tragedy Oct 2016 #3
I don't think anyone is assuming anything after the new "email review" BS. n/t musicblind Oct 2016 #4
Yeah, I really don't get how anyone thinks we don't believe Trump can win. vdogg Oct 2016 #8
It was raining Loki Liesmith Oct 2016 #2
Turnout was down amongst Dems by a lot more than amongst Reps geek tragedy Oct 2016 #5
Her Florida team is working in nearly every county mcar Oct 2016 #16
I don't question the efforts of volunteers. geek tragedy Oct 2016 #20
Weather disproportionately affects our base unfortunately Loki Liesmith Oct 2016 #25
How is it today? LisaL Oct 2016 #39
Raining again Loki Liesmith Oct 2016 #42
Republicans don't have sense enough to go in out of the rain. ohheckyeah Oct 2016 #130
Shhh...Don't let facts get in the way of concern. vdogg Oct 2016 #6
Actual numbers geek tragedy Oct 2016 #10
From CNN 2 days ago - a different story womanofthehills Oct 2016 #61
this was supposed to be the weekend when Democrats made their big move geek tragedy Oct 2016 #65
ugh... Farmgirl1961 Oct 2016 #7
So vadermike Oct 2016 #9
NYT poll based on actual voter file shows Trump +4 geek tragedy Oct 2016 #11
And Obama only barely won in 2012. LisaL Oct 2016 #15
Obama won by 77k or so geek tragedy Oct 2016 #19
PPP had her up 4 triron Oct 2016 #21
Lol Dem2 Oct 2016 #92
just stop it obamanut2012 Oct 2016 #114
he's almost as bad as the OP CreekDog Oct 2016 #143
I know that Hillary doesn't need Florida to win Farmgirl1961 Oct 2016 #12
The above account and the one below it are concern trolls, probably same user Democat Oct 2016 #17
I noticed the same thing. LisaL Oct 2016 #18
I hate to mention it in the thread, but the mods don't seem to care Democat Oct 2016 #22
You aren't the only one who noticed. LisaL Oct 2016 #23
One posted yesterday bragging they were GOTV for Trump obamanut2012 Oct 2016 #116
Yup DarthDem Oct 2016 #46
Democat - that's an outright lie. I DO NOT HOPE TRUMP WILL WIN Farmgirl1961 Oct 2016 #77
Good for you standing up for yourself. woolldog Oct 2016 #91
Hear, hear. Beartracks Oct 2016 #97
Exactly! And it's a tough balance to strike, especially if one tends to be a bit of a "worrier" Farmgirl1961 Oct 2016 #105
There is a fine line between constructive concern and discouraging comments. wisteria Oct 2016 #141
bingo obamanut2012 Oct 2016 #115
You really care?? wisteria Oct 2016 #140
Well vadermike Oct 2016 #13
Numbers in VA and NC and NV and NH and CO much better. geek tragedy Oct 2016 #14
You posted yesterday you were GOTV for the GOP in your state obamanut2012 Oct 2016 #118
More Dems than Republicans voted. I'm happy. I'll save the waaambulance for later. writes3000 Oct 2016 #24
Thank you. Tarheel_Dem Oct 2016 #85
That is what is most important to remember. Rex Oct 2016 #98
Seems to be at odds with what NBC reported on early voting lead by Hillary.... beachbumbob Oct 2016 #26
Dems are way ahead. This post is complaining about ONE day. writes3000 Oct 2016 #28
Agree and Proud liberal 80 Oct 2016 #35
Benchmark is vs 2012 geek tragedy Oct 2016 #40
According to this poll of actual voters Proud liberal 80 Oct 2016 #29
Source? ham_actor Oct 2016 #30
The guy is a Florida voting guru. His #s based on public info nt geek tragedy Oct 2016 #37
This site usually gets updated at least twice a day. NWCorona Oct 2016 #100
Not liking the nyt upshot poll one bit andym Oct 2016 #31
Your crack about Hillary's team doing JLo concerts is bullshit CreekDog Oct 2016 #32
Another thing to factor Proud liberal 80 Oct 2016 #33
Democratic voter outreach in Florida is a joke Awsi Dooger Oct 2016 #34
Harry Reid built a formidable machine in NV. nt geek tragedy Oct 2016 #36
Thank you Harry Reid! LisaL Oct 2016 #38
The new tipping point states are NC and NV geek tragedy Oct 2016 #44
Yes, and I watched it happen Awsi Dooger Oct 2016 #54
state parties matter. Democrats have a big advantage in state parties in Nevada, geek tragedy Oct 2016 #57
Why were you waiting for someone to contact you? mcar Oct 2016 #41
I don't speak Spanish Awsi Dooger Oct 2016 #58
It does make sense in Miami mcar Oct 2016 #80
I'll be there on November 9 Awsi Dooger Oct 2016 #94
This does not tell what is happening on ground MyNameIsKhan Oct 2016 #43
Exactly Trump has a small lead in FL in early ballots, thats usual. sunonmars Oct 2016 #45
Because It's Fun to Panic, I Guess DarthDem Oct 2016 #47
Ballots cast is exactly the best measure of what is happening on the ground. geek tragedy Oct 2016 #56
Out of voting population there is trend MyNameIsKhan Oct 2016 #93
Time to trash another thread duffyduff Oct 2016 #48
Right now the Democrats lead early votes by 42k votes RAFisher Oct 2016 #49
Just seen...if Trump is dependent on turning out voters on GE Day, he needs ground game... sunonmars Oct 2016 #50
If those numbers are correct woolldog Oct 2016 #95
What is the sample size? triron Oct 2016 #139
compare that to the early vote in 2012--worse than Obama's early vote performance by several hundred geek tragedy Oct 2016 #52
The unknown is GOTV, Dems are good at it, Trump's is non-existent- Ground game matters. sunonmars Oct 2016 #51
That's not correct. Early voting numbers are the best measure of a good GOTV geek tragedy Oct 2016 #53
Is anyone sure all "republicans" are voting for Trump? Blue Idaho Oct 2016 #55
Yes, they're falling in line behind Trump. Most Republicans share his values nt geek tragedy Oct 2016 #59
Yet early poll of those who voted in FL has Clinton ahead. LisaL Oct 2016 #62
Trump is winning a greater percentage of Republicans than Clinton is of Democrats geek tragedy Oct 2016 #67
How would it then be possible for Clinton to be ahead in a poll of those who already voted? LisaL Oct 2016 #70
polling error, and large margin of error within subset of data. geek tragedy Oct 2016 #71
How do you KNOW that? Blue Idaho Oct 2016 #64
NYT poll using actual voter file geek tragedy Oct 2016 #68
So of the ten polls cited in the article Blue Idaho Oct 2016 #121
if the early vote was looking as good as it did in 2012 that would be all well and good. geek tragedy Oct 2016 #122
Obviously it's a big problem for you... Blue Idaho Oct 2016 #123
Fivethirtyeight still has Florida light blue womanofthehills Oct 2016 #66
me neither contrary to other doom and gloomers..... sunonmars Oct 2016 #60
This link seems to counter that still_one Oct 2016 #63
trust actual voting data, and polls using actual voter files, over random digit dialers geek tragedy Oct 2016 #69
You are ignoring the Hispanic turnout.... beachbumbob Oct 2016 #73
the partisan breakdown of ballots includes Latinos geek tragedy Oct 2016 #74
My call banking yesterday into Florida while not scientific was extremely supportive for Hillary, still_one Oct 2016 #75
I've been wondering about the Hispanic turnout Farmgirl1961 Oct 2016 #81
A different perspective for consideration from Five Thirty Eight ham_actor Oct 2016 #72
I think it will be a very close election. nt tawadi Oct 2016 #76
I'll be very surprised is H wins Fl 0ccy01 Oct 2016 #78
Link? mcar Oct 2016 #82
Not true JennyMominFL Oct 2016 #104
It is a good thing she does not need Florida to win. Rex Oct 2016 #79
she can get 300 EVs without Florida or Ohio geek tragedy Oct 2016 #83
We still have time before Super Tues, it was the usual Friday night news dump last week. Rex Oct 2016 #84
Depends on the state. In Florida probably a majority will be early voting. geek tragedy Oct 2016 #87
Ok thanks. Rex Oct 2016 #89
I believe she could have won 375 if not for James Comey re-introducing the fake email scandal. (eom) StevieM Oct 2016 #86
Her polling #s were already going down before Friday. geek tragedy Oct 2016 #88
It was never going to be a rout Awsi Dooger Oct 2016 #101
They weren't going down, the variances were all within margin Foggyhill Oct 2016 #103
It was the Friday night news dump, could have been worse. Rex Oct 2016 #90
Weather report from Broward County jg10003 Oct 2016 #96
Pennsylvania, New Hampshire and Colorado -- Firewall Buckeye_Democrat Oct 2016 #99
yes, the most likely scenario remains a narrow but clear win by Clinton geek tragedy Oct 2016 #113
Agreed. I WANT a landslide because it SHOULD be a landslide, but... Buckeye_Democrat Oct 2016 #117
I think we got spoiled by the talent top to bottom in Team Obama. geek tragedy Oct 2016 #120
He's more charismatic too, in my opinion. I think Clinton is a little more introverted... Buckeye_Democrat Oct 2016 #124
candidly, it's also that Obama cares a lot more about avoiding the geek tragedy Oct 2016 #125
Yeah, that seems to be true as well. n/t Buckeye_Democrat Oct 2016 #126
But that doesn't explain where she stands in Wisconsin or Maine's 2nd district. StevieM Oct 2016 #144
Yeah, I mentioned Wisconsin and Michigan in a later post too. Maine's 2nd is another one. Buckeye_Democrat Oct 2016 #145
Mark Murray tweeted something out and now I can't find it. RandySF Oct 2016 #102
As of this morning, only 28% of registered voters had voted geek tragedy Oct 2016 #106
Right, but a poll filters down registered voters into a likely voter pool bluestateguy Oct 2016 #109
still underperfoming vis a vis Obama in 2012. geek tragedy Oct 2016 #119
I live in NC wncHillsupport Oct 2016 #107
the #s in NC look great, which corroborates what you're seeing nt geek tragedy Oct 2016 #108
Just checked the FL county vote site listed above wncHillsupport Oct 2016 #110
Keeping it kicked molova Oct 2016 #112
Ohio and Iowa have both gone back to pink. They had been light blue. appleannie1 Oct 2016 #127
Clinton will still total around 290-305 EVs without Florida, Iowa, Ohio nt geek tragedy Oct 2016 #129
No way Trump should be allowed to steal Florida, not after what he did McCamy Taylor Oct 2016 #128
From the Marist poll of early voters. LAS14 Oct 2016 #131
That's a poll, not actual votes. geek tragedy Oct 2016 #132
It's a poll of people who have actually voted. LAS14 Oct 2016 #133
It's a poll that includes people who say they have voted. geek tragedy Oct 2016 #134
As I understand, Republicans tend to do better during the mail-in only portion of early voting. Garrett78 Oct 2016 #135
The numbers are not as good as in 2012 and they barely won in 2012 geek tragedy Oct 2016 #136
Sample size matters. Garrett78 Oct 2016 #137
They depend on weekend days to pad their margins geek tragedy Oct 2016 #138
Big thanks to everyone who is helping in Florida Awsi Dooger Oct 2016 #142
Are you phone banking? Starry Messenger Oct 2016 #146
Tomorrow after work! nt geek tragedy Oct 2016 #147
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