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While I am glad he is voting for Hillary, he still turned many against her... sorry he is not a Demsrule86 Nov 2016 #1
Exactly ... He worked hard to get younger voters to ... JoePhilly Nov 2016 #9
Nope it won't. I can't stand the guy and will never watch his show which I used to quite often. Demsrule86 Nov 2016 #19
Message auto-removed Name removed Nov 2016 #170
Hey girl. uppityperson Nov 2016 #173
I wish I had read that. TexasTowelie Nov 2016 #206
Oh, it was good. betsuni Nov 2016 #214
I wonder which former DUer that now posts on the other site posted that? TexasTowelie Nov 2016 #215
Your signature is mesmerizing. vdogg Nov 2016 #229
Yes, TexasTowelie Nov 2016 #230
Thanks you always wonder what a poster posted (I didn't see it) Demsrule86 Nov 2016 #218
I think that person was such an angry sputtering hot baked potato that he replied to the betsuni Nov 2016 #223
Well...he sounds like he used to be one of us...and that is sad. Demsrule86 Nov 2016 #235
Anyone who says that all DU has left are "females and blacks" is a troll, betsuni Nov 2016 #240
You are right. Demsrule86 Nov 2016 #241
Young voters disliked her because of her incrementalism. JRLeft Nov 2016 #20
. NCTraveler Nov 2016 #24
+1 nt ProudProgressiveNow Nov 2016 #27
Its called getting things done. JoePhilly Nov 2016 #35
I disagree, there's comprise and then there is let's not piss off Wall Street. JRLeft Nov 2016 #46
Well .... hopefully you'll get 8 years to complain about Hillary as she gets things done ... JoePhilly Nov 2016 #99
Can you explain that statement? Please? George II Nov 2016 #145
That is unfair. Demsrule86 Nov 2016 #222
Given our divided country...there is going to have to be incrementalism...or do you Demsrule86 Nov 2016 #42
Compromise by starting far left and end up in the center instead of start negotiations JRLeft Nov 2016 #48
Fat left like no restrictions at all on abortion? that would have tanked Sanders candidacy -there's bettyellen Nov 2016 #64
No like ask for Single-Payer and settle for the public option. JRLeft Nov 2016 #68
PO was never going to pass ... that horse has been beaten to death over the last 8 years. JoePhilly Nov 2016 #102
The fact that both parties took money from the insurance industry had big impact too. JRLeft Nov 2016 #134
Lobbyists always give to both sides. JoePhilly Nov 2016 #139
Why do lobbyists always give to both sides? Cuz they want a fair fight? JCanete Nov 2016 #199
This again? A President doesn't do it all by him/herself. A President needs to get legislation.... George II Nov 2016 #150
+1 Grey Lemercier Nov 2016 #207
We were never going to get either...that was the reality. Demsrule86 Nov 2016 #224
You are kidding yourself with the Congress we have there is very little that can be Demsrule86 Nov 2016 #219
I am 22 years old that nonsense annoys me because.. JHan Nov 2016 #91
Nice post JHan. Auntie Bush Nov 2016 #133
Well stated! Fla Dem Nov 2016 #138
You are correct...how did you get to be so smart at 22? Demsrule86 Nov 2016 #220
Message auto-removed Name removed Nov 2016 #238
What they're not seeing and understanding is DemonGoddess Nov 2016 #137
That's just silly. It's called Democracy and the way progress Cha Nov 2016 #211
Young voters design castles. Hillary lays bricks. LuvLoogie Nov 2016 #234
He played and promoted the bullshit that Hillary is corrupt. Dawson Leery Nov 2016 #43
You don't believe Wall Street money influences politicians? JRLeft Nov 2016 #51
Are you saying Hillary is corrupt? Charles Bukowski Nov 2016 #67
Post removed Post removed Nov 2016 #75
Post removed Post removed Nov 2016 #87
I guess it has no impact on republicans, right? No reason to care about dark money then. JRLeft Nov 2016 #97
Post removed Post removed Nov 2016 #129
Are we saying that anybody is above it? Flatpicker Nov 2016 #153
It's not an unreasonable opinion Bradical79 Nov 2016 #69
You don't believe Wall Street is that generous do you? JRLeft Nov 2016 #84
What ruling allowed more money into politics? JoePhilly Nov 2016 #107
Wall Street is the reason why we enjoy such financial leverage in the world.. JHan Nov 2016 #110
I don't believe Hillary is corrupt. Demsrule86 Nov 2016 #225
I agree with you. Nt metroins Nov 2016 #53
well said-- indeed. I know a couple who believe his BS reporting on the Clinton Foundation Fast Walker 52 Nov 2016 #79
It's officially a bandwagon folks ! OnDoutside Nov 2016 #2
More like a "come to Jesus", I think. Barack_America Nov 2016 #4
He still believes she's too cozy with Wall Street. I agree with him, but she's better than Trump. JRLeft Nov 2016 #12
Agreed. And hence the futility of a protest vote this year. Barack_America Nov 2016 #154
A bit late...and he is still trashing her. Demsrule86 Nov 2016 #226
Eh. It's a vote and that's good...but he is still awful. n/t Lucinda Nov 2016 #3
^^This. Kahuna Nov 2016 #28
He's the Howard Stern "shock jock" of politics Dem2 Nov 2016 #5
Is that because he didn't back her 100%? JRLeft Nov 2016 #13
Nah. It's because he's a rage-a-holic Dem2 Nov 2016 #15
How many votes did he cost Sec Clinton with his nasty comments Demsrule86 Nov 2016 #23
This is silly, as usual. You can't always blame the person who talks about a person's JCanete Nov 2016 #192
This message was self-deleted by its author JCanete Nov 2016 #197
There is no'grief'...she has done nothing while elected that indicated close ties to Wall Street Demsrule86 Nov 2016 #228
what? bringing up the speeches was not a right wing attack, and would NEVER JCanete Nov 2016 #254
No. It's because he trafficked in lies. n/t musicblind Nov 2016 #250
Funny tidbit NastyWomen Nov 2016 #98
Huh Dem2 Nov 2016 #179
LOL NastyWomen Nov 2016 #181
Even David Frum is voting Hillary! GWC58 Nov 2016 #180
fuck him OKNancy Nov 2016 #6
What a POS...I did not know that. Demsrule86 Nov 2016 #25
+1 Rose Siding Nov 2016 #88
Good Call DarthDem Nov 2016 #189
Whoa. "he's not pro Hillary all the time" Ratty Nov 2016 #7
No it hasn't, he covers Trump far more. It's not his job to pretend like everything JRLeft Nov 2016 #16
All of them...go down to Breitbart and read them. Demsrule86 Nov 2016 #26
can you point to the actually false right wing talking points? That would be a problem. JCanete Nov 2016 #194
All the time? Bobbie Jo Nov 2016 #8
He's a piece of shit alcibiades_mystery Nov 2016 #10
I despise him because he's a genocide denier NobodyHere Nov 2016 #11
Actually he has a video admitting it did happen. JRLeft Nov 2016 #14
link? NobodyHere Nov 2016 #18
Cenk Uygur JRLeft Nov 2016 #39
I see he still doesn't acknowledge it NobodyHere Nov 2016 #132
Insignificant overall. He's personally responsible for suppressing more than one vote. NCTraveler Nov 2016 #21
I almost fell over dead at reading this. nt OhZone Nov 2016 #29
It's good news jzodda Nov 2016 #30
That is true...and maybe some seeing him voting for her will do the same...we can hope. Demsrule86 Nov 2016 #32
Yep! I believe we will win jzodda Nov 2016 #36
That's what he said. He also said we need support her on the good and JRLeft Nov 2016 #41
Oooh, hold her feet to the fire? mcar Nov 2016 #74
If know one holds her feet to the fire the money will win out. JRLeft Nov 2016 #78
If so-called progressives treat President H Clinton mcar Nov 2016 #86
Democrats start off compromising from the right. We have to stop doing that. JRLeft Nov 2016 #95
So get the centrists through mcar Nov 2016 #103
Mcar nailed it with this, "We need to stop letting the perfect be the enemy of the good." Native Nov 2016 #184
So-called "progressives" started beating on Obama only weeks after he took office... George II Nov 2016 #114
IIRC, they started on Inauguration Day mcar Nov 2016 #118
It got to be unbearable, which is why I left. I truly hope that doesn't happen in January, but.... George II Nov 2016 #121
Me too, George mcar Nov 2016 #125
"Obama will slash Social Security in tonight's SOTU!" emulatorloo Nov 2016 #252
Well Done, mcar! Yeah, do everything 180 degrees differently Cha Nov 2016 #188
I hate that phrase too treestar Nov 2016 #246
yes, he could influence some of his fans. riversedge Nov 2016 #61
Who? stopbush Nov 2016 #33
He's certainly not someone to go to if you're looking for facts... Bradical79 Nov 2016 #34
He knows his clientele. NCTraveler Nov 2016 #38
What you say is correct but.... jzodda Nov 2016 #40
Can you provide me with a video of him spewing propaganda? JRLeft Nov 2016 #49
Two days ago Bradical79 Nov 2016 #55
The Wikileaks emails are not propaganda. Wikileaks has a 100% JRLeft Nov 2016 #56
He also sourced Zero Hedge, for example. Bradical79 Nov 2016 #62
Was it true? What was it that he sourced? JRLeft Nov 2016 #65
Got to leave, but the video is right there. Bradical79 Nov 2016 #71
There's no link, and was it true. JRLeft Nov 2016 #85
That is true. Flatpicker Nov 2016 #155
What? mcar Nov 2016 #116
Wiki=Assange sheshe2 Nov 2016 #149
Oh? You've been keeping statistics on wikileaks? George II Nov 2016 #165
I have Charles Bukowski Nov 2016 #200
Not true Demsrule86 Nov 2016 #251
Try this, but you have to sit through an ad first: George II Nov 2016 #171
Meh... DU is emotionally/intellectually fickle at times. demmiblue Nov 2016 #37
There are things I do not like to hear, but I need to hear them. JRLeft Nov 2016 #44
With all due respect, that is nonsense... Demsrule86 Nov 2016 #52
Hear what? JRLeft Nov 2016 #54
True. The others will get their little hissy-fits out of their systems and come together... demmiblue Nov 2016 #112
He is a washed up douchebag- Zero fucks given snooper2 Nov 2016 #47
Then why did you respond to the thread? JRLeft Nov 2016 #50
So you would respond snooper2 Nov 2016 #57
LMFAO! JRLeft Nov 2016 #59
He's been an annoying shit this entire election budkin Nov 2016 #58
He's been calling out corruption on both sides. Both parties take money from special interests and JRLeft Nov 2016 #60
I appreciate you've remained respectful amidst the disapproval of Cenk. Divine Discontent Nov 2016 #70
Anybody who couldn't come to that answer months ago is simply not worthy of any consideration BlueStreak Nov 2016 #63
This exactly. You'd have to be seriously impaired not to have seen that there was no Squinch Nov 2016 #128
He's a media whore like the rest of them nini Nov 2016 #73
Doesn't sound factual. He lost his job on MSNBC for NOT towing the kind of line JCanete Nov 2016 #195
I despise him because he's a hypocritical lying pig ismnotwasm Nov 2016 #76
Too little too late. We will win regardless still_one Nov 2016 #77
Cenk lives in California Charles Bukowski Nov 2016 #80
cenk Lies and Distorts the truth.. so who wouldn't hate that? Cha Nov 2016 #209
There's a lot of foolish despising happening around here, unfortunately. elleng Nov 2016 #81
Truth no matter what? October Nov 2016 #89
Quoting the OP: elleng Nov 2016 #92
There's a difference between... JHan Nov 2016 #117
And a lot of what he espouses is bullshit. Squinch Nov 2016 #130
No arguments from me there. /nt October Nov 2016 #135
Does he still trip over his words and shoot spittle when he gets worked up? Native Nov 2016 #186
Exactly, it's bullshite so who wouldn't hate that? Cha Nov 2016 #210
This message was self-deleted by its author bluedye33139 Nov 2016 #82
Uygur was a partisan supporter of sanders...and you think he wasn't? beachbumbob Nov 2016 #83
everybody is a partisan supporter. Those who actually declare it outwardly JCanete Nov 2016 #196
That's surprising Dopers_Greed Nov 2016 #90
The guy who had been posting Flatpicker Nov 2016 #100
Cenk use to be a republcan . he was part of the problem in JI7 Nov 2016 #93
Good on him Flatpicker Nov 2016 #94
I wouldn't label it "Not pro Hillary" ToxMarz Nov 2016 #96
If Hillary has to deal with a republican senate.. JHan Nov 2016 #119
I don't think it's cluelessness Flatpicker Nov 2016 #144
Good point but... JHan Nov 2016 #161
I agree completely Flatpicker Nov 2016 #168
And what has history shown us? Have our most successful leaders been grinders or gadflies? Native Nov 2016 #187
Message auto-removed Name removed Nov 2016 #190
Seems logical that grinders are most effective given a ruling structure in which power is shared. Native Nov 2016 #191
Did I miss something? I remember him saying this months ago. RAFisher Nov 2016 #101
not that I know of Flatpicker Nov 2016 #108
He went way beyond not being 100% behind Clinton Charles Bukowski Nov 2016 #160
That's fine Flatpicker Nov 2016 #162
Are we to do cartwheels and send him money? By the way.... George II Nov 2016 #104
Yay! I guess we'll carry California now. dawg Nov 2016 #105
Interesting comments. HassleCat Nov 2016 #106
This message was self-deleted by its author Flatpicker Nov 2016 #111
He pushes peoples buttons, of that there is no doubt. Which I think are his intentions. Rex Nov 2016 #122
Sounds like it. demmiblue Nov 2016 #136
Fuck him ProudToBeBlueInRhody Nov 2016 #109
For me the yelling turds are as much media as the daily horoscope. nt fleabiscuit Nov 2016 #113
This sounds a lot like rehashing of the primaries and oh so subtle passive aggressive digs.. nini Nov 2016 #156
Yes, it does. betsuni Nov 2016 #163
yes Dem2 Nov 2016 #174
Really? It took this incredible ass this long? What a surprise! NNadir Nov 2016 #159
I imagine some people around here are going to lose their shit when they have.. aidbo Nov 2016 #175
He was cozy with Bernie upaloopa Nov 2016 #178
so are most sane people ibegurpard Nov 2016 #182
Fuck him. D23MIURG23 Nov 2016 #193
Stupid level of hatred on this board, and barely an ounce of graciousness. JCanete Nov 2016 #198
Message auto-removed Name removed Nov 2016 #204
I too am tired of demonizing people. lovemydog Nov 2016 #205
Good! UCmeNdc Nov 2016 #213
Gee, that's big of him lillypaddle Nov 2016 #216
Here is the link Helen Borg Nov 2016 #217
No, we despise him because he's a Republican grifting dumb progressives and pushing GOP agendas. BobbyDrake Nov 2016 #231
Cenk is one of the many examples forjusticethunders Nov 2016 #232
Wow! He can just order millions of people around like that! Helen Borg Nov 2016 #236
the problem with your argument is that "Cenk Uygur" and "intelligent debate" are opposites. BobbyDrake Nov 2016 #247
Yeah Gothmog Nov 2016 #237
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