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2016 Postmortem

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boston bean

(36,215 posts)
Thu Nov 17, 2016, 01:30 PM Nov 2016

Do you think an Alt Left exists? [View all]

After this election, I do think one exists.

I should probably explain. How in the world could persons on the left ever vote for Trump in the face of the racism/sexism/misogyny/homophobie/xenophobia?

In my mind it is the case that only someone who was ok with some of what trump was peddling could vote for him.

Why in the world do we think these persons would have ever voted for Hillary? We should put minorities and women on the back burner and act like Trump to get these votes?

Because you better rest assured that if these very "important" white voters think minorities are getting the same representation as them these white voters will rebel.

For real people open your eyes to this.

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Do you think an Alt Left exists? [View all] boston bean Nov 2016 OP
I've been using that term for some months now /nt frazzled Nov 2016 #1
i voted no. If it's out there, it's mighty quiet. Where is the evidence it exists other than on the Ninga Nov 2016 #2
I've met a few of them BainsBane Nov 2016 #4
Absolutely. The BoBs are a prime example WhiteTara Nov 2016 #3
This. BainsBane Nov 2016 #5
The Originators of "Lock Her Up" otohara Nov 2016 #9
And the "rigged elections" mantra that Trump picked up and ran with. NurseJackie Nov 2016 #24
They Sure Did - Still Believe It otohara Nov 2016 #28
Thank you. (They deny it, but we know it's true.) NurseJackie Nov 2016 #22
This workinclasszero Nov 2016 #50
You mean, something like Weatherman SDS in the late 1960s? DinahMoeHum Nov 2016 #6
The Alt-Left would now be Democrats of the 1980's. Not the Kock-funded 3rd-Way Democrats of today. TheBlackAdder Nov 2016 #56
Yup ismnotwasm Nov 2016 #7
Turn your statement a little bit: guillaumeb Nov 2016 #11
There are too many problems with your attempt at an analogy to list. nt stevenleser Nov 2016 #61
An interesting way of dismissing an argument without any actual rebuttal. eom guillaumeb Nov 2016 #63
"The left wing of the AltRight" .......Beatnik Fascism, here is a link Grey Lemercier Nov 2016 #8
Not sure. Wilms Nov 2016 #10
At least a couple I know of.... pipoman Nov 2016 #58
Ultra-left wreckers have always been with us. Starry Messenger Nov 2016 #12
The Alt-Right is racist so no there is Alt-Left. Cattledog Nov 2016 #13
No. Alt- vs. Alt- is rather like using mortars against a tire fire. haele Nov 2016 #14
I think people who say "alt" this or "alt" that spend too much time online. closeupready Nov 2016 #15
Really? A word Bannon uses himself to describe his racist/sexist/homophobic/xenophobic readers and boston bean Nov 2016 #17
It's a fake word that heads up a very real threat. TrekLuver Nov 2016 #38
I like Alt Country. Warren DeMontague Nov 2016 #16
I really don't find it a laughing matter Warren. You might.. But please just go away if you don't boston bean Nov 2016 #18
it's not a laughing matter. It's actually a really depressing fucking song. Warren DeMontague Nov 2016 #19
I may want to read what you write. i will not put you on ignore. boston bean Nov 2016 #20
again, it wasn't a joke. Warren DeMontague Nov 2016 #25
You are always responding to me with a video or a graphic. boston bean Nov 2016 #29
I am using my words. My words say, alt-left isn't an actual thing. Warren DeMontague Nov 2016 #30
And I thanked you for using words this time. boston bean Nov 2016 #31
Classic. Warren DeMontague Nov 2016 #32
Classic, still not even giving the respect to someone to discuss the actual topic. boston bean Nov 2016 #33
when I discuss the 'actual topic', I get stuff like "TL;DR", heavy sigh heavy sigh Warren DeMontague Nov 2016 #35
I wouldn't necessarily call it approval... but agreement... No, I don't agree with your boston bean Nov 2016 #36
the Zen poet Basho said, a flute, with no holes, is not a flute. Warren DeMontague Nov 2016 #37
Go Over to TYT otohara Nov 2016 #48
plus a million boston bean Nov 2016 #53
Maybe you should go take a look at that horrid JPR site and let me know what ya think. TrekLuver Nov 2016 #39
why? Warren DeMontague Nov 2016 #40
I don't blame you but that convinced me that there is an "alt left" indeed.... TrekLuver Nov 2016 #41
I think a lot of those people were never really Democrats to begin with. Warren DeMontague Nov 2016 #42
It looks like there are a lot of ex-dem's over there and a lot of Bernie supporters... TrekLuver Nov 2016 #43
real "Bernie Supporters" supported Hillary in the GE. Warren DeMontague Nov 2016 #44
I don't know what the hell they are and that's the scary part !!! n/t TrekLuver Nov 2016 #46
1 OrwellwasRight Nov 2016 #51
1 Separation Nov 2016 #59
It looks like we're in alt-reality here. Leftists for Trump? LOL. DemocraticWing Nov 2016 #21
You don't think there were leftists for Trump? They are proud of it. You need to get out more. boston bean Nov 2016 #23
I'm in a number of socialist organizations and don't know a single member that voted Trump. DemocraticWing Nov 2016 #26
About 24% of Trump's white voters wanted *more* liberal policies than Obama. forjusticethunders Nov 2016 #34
"failed to...convince a majority" TwilightZone Nov 2016 #54
A plurality is not a majority. DemocraticWing Nov 2016 #60
Then... Else You Are Mad Nov 2016 #27
TYT Leftists For Trump Too? otohara Nov 2016 #49
Yes. theglammistress Nov 2016 #45
I voted "Yes". The Bernie or Busters. The ones who said the election was "rigged" KittyWampus Nov 2016 #47
This message was self-deleted by its author kenfrequed Nov 2016 #52
Alt right is just another name for far right or JonLP24 Nov 2016 #55
After reading JPR today I'd say absolutely Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Nov 2016 #57
I think they're the same as Alt Right Quayblue Nov 2016 #62
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