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56. Right. And even most RWers are for things like
Thu Nov 17, 2016, 08:19 PM
Nov 2016

preservation of Medicare, SS, cheaper health care/college and clean air, water and energy.

Bingo. Else You Are Mad Nov 2016 #1
This would be a better explanation if Trump had once talked about policy. apcalc Nov 2016 #2
Supposedly her massive TV ad campaign was all Trump bashing. ErikJ Nov 2016 #4
Saw a few of her ads here in TX, mostly Trump bashing LeftInTX Nov 2016 #7
Not a big fan of the Russian propaganda channel.... physioex Nov 2016 #3
Then listen to his radio show. ErikJ Nov 2016 #5
f This noise. Raine1967 Nov 2016 #6
Why she lost: LibraLiz1973 Nov 2016 #38
Exactly. Raine1967 Nov 2016 #39
Please considering making this an OP. greatauntoftriplets Nov 2016 #41
This is a good post LibraLiz, thanks. Also Thom Hartmann is not that bright. n/t seaglass Nov 2016 #46
So true- Hartman helped normalize Trump and that is inexcusable. bettyellen Nov 2016 #48
Good summary. emulatorloo Nov 2016 #52
This LisaM Nov 2016 #51
Simply untrue. She ran policy ads, as well as positive ads. stopbush Nov 2016 #8
Can u remeber one example. ErikJ Nov 2016 #9
Yes, I can. stopbush Nov 2016 #10
Many, actually. Nt NCTraveler Nov 2016 #15
lol. Either of u 2 care to elaborate? ErikJ Nov 2016 #17
There is no point. NCTraveler Nov 2016 #19
LOL, here are several. Simple Youtube search "Hillary Campaign Commercial" stevenleser Nov 2016 #28
Misogyny is the reason why she lost. athena Nov 2016 #11
Not entirely- reactionaries loved Margaret Thatcher and still love Sarah Palin and Sharron Angle... friendly_iconoclast Nov 2016 #13
Margaret Thatcher was not an American president. athena Nov 2016 #16
Rightists were fine with the idea of Sarah Palin as potential President friendly_iconoclast Nov 2016 #23
Because she was a dumb - more a mom/ wife and never ever a bettyellen Nov 2016 #50
Elizabeth Warren woulda killed Trump. ErikJ Nov 2016 #18
Dream on. athena Nov 2016 #20
Sexism takes a back seat to ideology ErikJ Nov 2016 #22
Exactly- rightists *still* love Sarah Palin, and revere the memory of Margaret Thatcher friendly_iconoclast Nov 2016 #24
It was a factor but not *the* reason budkin Nov 2016 #49
Whatever these aren't normal times Generator Nov 2016 #12
Yep. People need to wake up. This is not normal. seaglass Nov 2016 #47
it's ridiculous to think this was the major reason. #1 reason was the fucking media being in the Fast Walker 52 Nov 2016 #14
But ya gotta give people a strong desire to get up and vote for ya ErikJ Nov 2016 #21
and polls showed that a higher portion of Trump votes were anti-Hillary than Hillary votes were Fast Walker 52 Nov 2016 #37
He's the one with the show on the Russia Today network, right? Or... NurseJackie Nov 2016 #25
LOL. U guys? U a conservative? ErikJ Nov 2016 #26
Oh brother! NurseJackie Nov 2016 #27
And has total control over his show content Omaha Steve Nov 2016 #29
Thats right. Quotes lots of DUers. ErikJ Nov 2016 #30
He has to say that... otherwise, no show. I can't trust anything from anyone who cozies-up with... NurseJackie Nov 2016 #35
Has he said anything you think was influenced by RT? Omaha Steve Nov 2016 #36
I wish he would get off Russian Today TV phallon Nov 2016 #31
He's on Free Speech TV ErikJ Nov 2016 #32
2014/03/10 Omaha Steve Nov 2016 #33
I hope so. phallon Nov 2016 #34
Thom Hartmann's two cents. Noted. oasis Nov 2016 #40
Hillary dealt with policy 10 times more than Trump did. Paladin Nov 2016 #42
I have no respect for Tom Hartmann. boston bean Nov 2016 #43
Post removed Post removed Nov 2016 #55
This makes sense to me Equinox Moon Nov 2016 #44
Right. And even most RWers are for things like ErikJ Nov 2016 #56
I wonder why Thom Hartmann failed to mention the organized 3rd party strategy R B Garr Nov 2016 #45
"Sometimes that prevent defense'll prevent ya from winning" -Madden We weren't supposed brewens Nov 2016 #53
I blame Comey....and the more news that comes out....Russian hacking apcalc Nov 2016 #54
it was the fbi plus feeling too secure about some blue states JI7 Nov 2016 #57
She has been negatively "painted" for years andym Nov 2016 #58
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