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54. Liberal policies are good for creating wealth
Sat Aug 30, 2014, 10:52 PM
Aug 2014

that is more broadly shared.

conservative asshole policies take the wealth created by liberal policies and shit them to the few at the top.

k&r for the truth and for good government. n/t Laelth Aug 2014 #1
Thank you, Laelth. I hope it will help invigorate people to GOTV in 2014. BlueCaliDem Aug 2014 #3
My pleasure. Bonus kick. n/t Laelth Aug 2014 #6
I think it is also important to point out that Brown is mostly a very **progressive** newthinking Aug 2014 #50
Reinstating Majority Rule DontTreadOnMe Aug 2014 #2
This! Bigredhunk Aug 2014 #43
And that's why that Draper jerk wants to break it. valerief Aug 2014 #4
Just as conservatives would rather tear appart the country SleeplessinSoCal Aug 2014 #16
But our "liberal media" will not cover the facts and will continue to push the .. Botany Aug 2014 #5
We have the solutions. Listen to your left. grahamhgreen Aug 2014 #7
Left. Indeed! You could also say - "listen to your heart." calimary Aug 2014 #23
Absolutely! But it can only be done when we have Democratic majorities. BlueCaliDem Aug 2014 #36
It sounds better than it is. JayhawkSD Aug 2014 #8
As I've clearly stated in my OP, California still has its problems. BlueCaliDem Aug 2014 #11
Do you think we'd be better off under the koch/GOP? This Californian says ABSOLUTELY NO! calimary Aug 2014 #24
Link to proof of fiction please SleeplessinSoCal Aug 2014 #28
CA faces 340 billion in debt. former9thward Aug 2014 #45
The point is that without D control we would still have that $340-b in debt AND MORE. stopbush Aug 2014 #48
I understand the point. former9thward Aug 2014 #57
Well, if all you want to do is rant against Republicans, rant on. JayhawkSD Sep 2014 #65
Absolutely. We also expanded access to healthcare, including access to abortion. SunSeeker Aug 2014 #9
Yep! And added a wide range of dental services under CA's Medi-Cal (ObamaCare medicaid expansion) BlueCaliDem Aug 2014 #12
Districts are still a little crazy. oldandhappy Aug 2014 #10
Does this mean magical thinking about the economy tea and oranges Aug 2014 #13
So THAT'S why Alabama doesn't look like Beverly Hills. Spitfire of ATJ Aug 2014 #14
Yep. And even with higher taxes and the rich paying more of their share, Beverly Hills STILL looks calimary Aug 2014 #25
They should ALSO not have the extra to bribe politicians. Spitfire of ATJ Aug 2014 #31
Well, they have gorgeous Huntsville. BlueCaliDem Aug 2014 #38
Guess what color their servants are. Spitfire of ATJ Aug 2014 #52
We must be doing something right procon Aug 2014 #15
Bbbut everyone is fleeing California... nxylas Aug 2014 #17
LOL YoungDemCA Aug 2014 #19
Absolutely! SoapBox Aug 2014 #18
Hey, look at it this way - we could have had darrell issa. calimary Aug 2014 #26
remembered that issa cried Iliyah Aug 2014 #41
K&R ReRe Aug 2014 #20
It's only a surplus based on the accounting used and expenses not funded. OnlinePoker Aug 2014 #21
You're telling me Cartoonist Aug 2014 #22
Which is why it's up to US to shout it from the rooftops. calimary Aug 2014 #27
Neither have I. That's what's so astounding to me. BlueCaliDem Aug 2014 #33
The Vehicle Registration fees hike was not Progressive or Regressive, it's Retroactive Tax itsrobert Aug 2014 #29
The fee wasn't raised $6,000 Cartoonist Aug 2014 #32
That mythical HUGE vehicle tax increase was used by Republicans to boot Gray Davis out. BlueCaliDem Aug 2014 #34
Actually only a small portion of the annual vehicle registration fee is tax deductible. itsrobert Aug 2014 #37
Not true. BlueCaliDem Aug 2014 #39
Yes, did you read what you just posted? itsrobert Aug 2014 #40
Yes, I did read it. Did you? BlueCaliDem Aug 2014 #47
Congrats To CA!!! benld74 Aug 2014 #30
Thanks, benld74. We're not there yet, but we're on the correct path! eom BlueCaliDem Aug 2014 #35
California's progressing while GOPer run states are regressing Iliyah Aug 2014 #42
Conservative, Not Liberal Policies erpowers Aug 2014 #44
I have a girlfriend in SoCal who sent me an email saying just this. raven mad Aug 2014 #46
Absolutely, raven mad. BlueCaliDem Aug 2014 #49
Favorite line (among *many*) in the article: pablo_marmol Aug 2014 #51
You're very welcome, pablo_marmol. BlueCaliDem Aug 2014 #61
I can hire one half of the working class to kill the other half. - Jay Gould EEO Aug 2014 #53
Liberal policies are good for creating wealth samsingh Aug 2014 #54
".....and shit them to the few at the top." pablo_marmol Aug 2014 #56
its the truth samsingh Aug 2014 #60
Yes, it is. Every liberal policy that's benefited this country throughout history BlueCaliDem Aug 2014 #62
Thought you laid down a typo ---- pablo_marmol Sep 2014 #64
I think vote by mail should be available in all states passiveporcupine Aug 2014 #55
"... we should all turn our backs on Republicans ..." DrBulldog Aug 2014 #58
"I'm not sure I could turn my back on a thug ... who would be watching MY back? " BlueCaliDem Aug 2014 #63
Interesting. To talk to many economic developers, you'd think that PatrickforO Aug 2014 #59
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