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Please- do go on notadmblnd Mar 2015 #1
Mmmmmm. Don't tempt me. But I am not trying to hurt the Clintons MaxRobes Mar 2015 #12
Its allright to want a real primary but trashing one of the candidates is not a way Thinkingabout Mar 2015 #29
Well it is if that candidate is standing in the way of having a primary. MaxRobes Mar 2015 #43
Which candidate is standing in the way? Thinkingabout Mar 2015 #45
I believe the Clintons are discouraging the entry of major competitors and do not MaxRobes Mar 2015 #51
Yes, but not only the Clintons, the Party. Please see Reply 55 below. merrily Mar 2015 #56
I think you are wrong, in fact the primary would get any candidate practice in the General Election Thinkingabout Mar 2015 #57
Let me add this, if Hillary or any candidate cant handle the primary then we need a better candidate Thinkingabout Mar 2015 #59
I do not see the gun Hillary has aimed at any other primary candidate QuestionAlways Mar 2015 #65
This has been a conversation on going. I doubt I mentioned a gun. Thinkingabout Mar 2015 #70
Message auto-removed Name removed Apr 2015 #115
i sure wish i could cast a DON'T LIKE the originator post BECAUSE IT STINKS TO HIGH HEAVEN trueblue2007 Mar 2015 #71
Well, there you go ... earthside Mar 2015 #78
Challenging? Challenging would be running against Hillary, I am ready for those who Thinkingabout Mar 2015 #79
But as of now, not one is running yet QuestionAlways Mar 2015 #93
And your point is what? MaxRobes Mar 2015 #94
score ! drray23 Mar 2015 #2
I'll debate ageism with you if your 70 years old or older. As to mysogeny MaxRobes Mar 2015 #9
The suggestion that a member of a group can not be prejudiced or otherwise antagonistic... DemocratSinceBirth Apr 2015 #98
Accomplishments LeFleur1 Apr 2015 #114
In the age of income inequality I do object. I object to anyone getting $300,000 MaxRobes Mar 2015 #13
I've seen Hillary supporters disparage Warren because of her age davidpdx Apr 2015 #113
Your concern is duly noted. n/t Lil Missy Mar 2015 #3
Robust candidacy of Jeb? Where did you hear that? napi21 Mar 2015 #4
CBS had a poll out this morning with Jeb on top. Pundits expect his 1st qtr funding raising MaxRobes Mar 2015 #16
Not that it's any of your business, but I'm 72! napi21 Mar 2015 #42
Only if you're running for President MaxRobes Mar 2015 #44
No, I'm not running for President! NOT because I'm 72, but because I'm not qualified. napi21 Mar 2015 #87
What if she were 80 or 90? Is an age qualification ever appropriate? MaxRobes Mar 2015 #88
Mentaal & physical abilities are far more important than age. Some people napi21 Mar 2015 #95
Message auto-removed Name removed Apr 2015 #106
The slippery slope argument is a logical fallacy... DemocratSinceBirth Apr 2015 #104
Message auto-removed Name removed Apr 2015 #107
I am and I support Hillary QuestionAlways Mar 2015 #67
A poll of whom?/NT DemocratSinceBirth Apr 2015 #100
Who do you want to win the nomination? hrmjustin Mar 2015 #5
Amy Klobuchar. She is my home state and home town Senator. She is very popular in MaxRobes Mar 2015 #18
She and Warren will not run. hrmjustin Mar 2015 #19
Oh, ugh, not Klobuchar! She speaks well but she has no courage. The Velveteen Ocelot Mar 2015 #35
Amy has one of the highest approval rating of any sitting Senator and MaxRobes Mar 2015 #54
I don't need to give her a second look. I've already given her The Velveteen Ocelot Mar 2015 #58
So Velveteen, after Hillary loses in 2016 and Amy is our candidate in 2020 I'll escort you MaxRobes Mar 2015 #62
I always vote for the Democrat over the Republican. The Velveteen Ocelot Mar 2015 #66
Message auto-removed Name removed Apr 2015 #116
Oh, this is a companion piece, is it? Wow. MANative Mar 2015 #6
By "companion piece" I was simply referring to another thread I started on the front MaxRobes Mar 2015 #22
Another Clinton hit piece. Ya'll are on a roll today. leftofcool Mar 2015 #7
I must have trashed the other one. hrmjustin Mar 2015 #8
Let me ask you a question, you talk about Hillary getting paid for her speeches, she's qualified Thinkingabout Mar 2015 #10
$300,000 for a speech is legalized bribery, imo. See reply above. MaxRobes Mar 2015 #23
Let's go with my question, did you worj and did you receive compensation? Thinkingabout Mar 2015 #26
Yes,I worked for pay in the economy for roughly 40 years and was paid fairly MaxRobes Mar 2015 #33
This is what she could command. Attorneys gets paid much more than what i was Thinkingabout Mar 2015 #37
We are all sorry you have no grasp on economics. Think of it this way, FSogol Mar 2015 #40
My grasp of economics allows me to perceive that Bill Clinton wasn't paid MaxRobes Mar 2015 #46
The speaking fees they are paid go to the charity that bears their name QuestionAlways Mar 2015 #69
True only in the exception. They keep the vast majority of the money MaxRobes Mar 2015 #77
You prove my point QuestionAlways Mar 2015 #80
No, but I can do a better job of explaining my point MaxRobes Mar 2015 #83
Anyone who questions Hillary is just parroting Bill Kristol? davidpdx Apr 2015 #112
Bill Clinton won TWICE. McGovern, Carter the second time, Mondale, Dukakis, Kerry LOST. RBInMaine Mar 2015 #11
So did George Bush 4now Mar 2015 #15
Yah Bill won. For his third Party. The Democrats didn't win anything. MaxRobes Mar 2015 #24
Did you forget that following Carter's loss vs Reagan that people were FSogol Mar 2015 #41
Bill's triangulating didn't get the Democrats back in power it got the Clintons in power MaxRobes Mar 2015 #47
+1 Additionally, it's ludicrous to believe that, in 1992 and 1996, most merrily Mar 2015 #63
Hello Merrily, thanks for your reply. I agree with you in part. MaxRobes Mar 2015 #84
I am not sure which part of my post you disagreed with, but thanks. merrily Mar 2015 #90
This message was self-deleted by its author appalachiablue Mar 2015 #92
Ross Perot. Incumbency. Plus, Hillary is not Bubba and Bubba is not running again. merrily Mar 2015 #60
You bring up some important things to consider. 4now Mar 2015 #14
There are many problems with your post OKNancy Mar 2015 #17
To clarify, what I argued is that Bill ran and governed as "barely a Democrat" and MaxRobes Mar 2015 #28
Hillary is her own woman. OKNancy Mar 2015 #32
Valid criticisms of the Clintons that encompass Hillary's role in their MaxRobes Mar 2015 #49
That is not how either Bubba or she framed it--except maybe when convenient. merrily Mar 2015 #61
Hello again, Merrily. Here I agree with you 100% MaxRobes Mar 2015 #85
She's Jamaal510 Apr 2015 #110
I'm no Hillary fan but LiberalElite Mar 2015 #20
When I was 65 I thought like you did. Turning seventy cured me of that. MaxRobes Mar 2015 #30
Your experience LiberalElite Mar 2015 #36
I know about 100 people in their seventies. None of them are fit to be president MaxRobes Mar 2015 #50
Your observation is specious. DemocratSinceBirth Apr 2015 #99
Message auto-removed Name removed Apr 2015 #108
Yes and no. No one can predict how anyone is going to age. merrily Mar 2015 #68
Actuarial tables suggest Secretary Of Clinton will live to eighty five years old... DemocratSinceBirth Apr 2015 #102
The age at which the average woman is likely to die has nothing to do with what I posted. merrily Apr 2015 #111
Of course you realize you are about to get torn apart by a pack of yapping feral chihuahuas tularetom Mar 2015 #21
so when someone disagrees OKNancy Mar 2015 #25
It isn't a question of an argument being countered tularetom Mar 2015 #53
Yep, as per usual. merrily Mar 2015 #64
And there you have it. The real reason some dems don't like Hillary Buzz cook Apr 2015 #118
Well, they tried the same crap with Obama but none of it stuck tularetom Apr 2015 #119
I've already asked and answered that question. Buzz cook Apr 2015 #120
I should add Buzz cook Apr 2015 #122
Are you referring to the women members of DU? notadmblnd Mar 2015 #27
Hell no, I love the women members of DU tularetom Mar 2015 #48
Thanks. I appreciate that. I love a good debate. And have a thick skin. MaxRobes Mar 2015 #31
+++ swilton Mar 2015 #34
her health is not up to the task of a campaign quadrature Mar 2015 #38
How did you divine "her health is not up to the task of a campaign" ? DemocratSinceBirth Apr 2015 #101
I can't predict the future so gwheezie Mar 2015 #39
ha ha ha quickesst Mar 2015 #52
We DESERVE primaries, but our party seems to have decided primaries suck. merrily Mar 2015 #55
Thank you for all of your swilton Mar 2015 #73
Wow, thanks. This must be one of my luckier days. merrily Mar 2015 #74
Yes, thank you. It's undeniable that strong forces within the Democratic establishment MaxRobes Mar 2015 #89
Thank you marym625 Mar 2015 #91
I AM WOMAN........ HEAR ME ROAR you sexist trueblue2007 Mar 2015 #72
I am woman swilton Mar 2015 #75
The Kennedys, Roosevelts, Adams, and Bushes benefited from nepotism as well... DemocratSinceBirth Apr 2015 #103
Clearly my original post made you angry. I am sorry about that. MaxRobes Mar 2015 #76
My own "worry list" has noted BlueMTexpat Mar 2015 #81
Like all long time readers / non posters I am subject to "the curse of lurkers" MaxRobes Mar 2015 #86
That will depend on what BlueMTexpat Mar 2015 #96
Fair enough. MaxRobes Mar 2015 #97
I and others have been worried about a Hillary Clinton presidency since 2007. Liberal_Stalwart71 Mar 2015 #82
You are not the only one who has those concerns... KoKo Apr 2015 #105
Message auto-removed Name removed Apr 2015 #109
With all due respect Proud Liberal Dem Apr 2015 #117
This concern troll has been banned. n/t Lil Missy Apr 2015 #121
"Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely." Myrina Apr 2015 #123
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