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He isn't wrong to focus major attention to economics. gollygee Jul 2015 #1
If you've paid attention the last few days... TDale313 Jul 2015 #5
Good! gollygee Jul 2015 #6
I wish this idiocy would stop. bravenak Jul 2015 #2
Please...I'm Begging You... Define The Idiocy... WillyT Jul 2015 #4
Not bothering to ask black people anything. bravenak Jul 2015 #11
You Are Correct Of Course... Yet... WillyT Jul 2015 #26
If there were unity it would come from us screaming black lives matter. bravenak Jul 2015 #28
Please Do... WillyT Jul 2015 #29
Here it is. bravenak Jul 2015 #31
Thank You For That... WillyT Jul 2015 #48
You're welcome! bravenak Jul 2015 #49
You really should post that as an OP here or in AA Number23 Jul 2015 #64
I should just copy what you posted here. bravenak Jul 2015 #65
THIS needs it's own space Bobbie Jo Jul 2015 #70
Adding to Journal JustAnotherGen Jul 2015 #123
they were emotional over what happened with Sandra Bland, this wasn't some timed formal debate JI7 Jul 2015 #36
The only reason - the ONLY FUCKING REASON - it "does not bring unity" is because scarletwoman Jul 2015 #39
I joined the Moral Monday movement under the auspices of Rev. Barber mmonk Jul 2015 #50
Let me break it down to you in the simplest terms I can think of. scarletwoman Jul 2015 #59
The cops just LOVE this stupid shit. Plays right into their hands. Nobody sees it. 7962 Jul 2015 #60
Why? I'm sure that if you just sit back and wait... Orrex Jul 2015 #51
They truly are the best at such things. Superior. bravenak Jul 2015 #52
And yet Sanders and O'Malley have no power to do anythinig. zeemike Jul 2015 #75
So they should demand nothing from candidates? bravenak Jul 2015 #76
I did not say that...we all should demand from candidates. zeemike Jul 2015 #78
You guys have to learn how to talk to black people without SOUNDING racist. bravenak Jul 2015 #79
OK then I am through talking to black people on the internet. zeemike Jul 2015 #81
Yes. Well look at some of the shit said to me over and over. bravenak Jul 2015 #89
Did you ever stop and think that "the black people" that you "know in the real world" MADem Jul 2015 #93
No I don't ever think that. zeemike Jul 2015 #96
I don't always share my views of people and their attitudes in real life. MADem Jul 2015 #100
Well I know how to listen to people and I try to understand their POV zeemike Jul 2015 #104
Like I said--there's nothing to rebut re: blm. That is their truth and they want MADem Jul 2015 #105
Well I have not rebutted anything they have said. zeemike Jul 2015 #107
You wanted your say, though, and framed their cry for help as half of a conversation. MADem Jul 2015 #109
That is not true...I never said but and have stood with them. zeemike Jul 2015 #111
Let me try again. MADem Jul 2015 #112
That reply was to that individual zeemike Jul 2015 #113
"Kids getting killed in Iraq" is not a response to BLM, though. MADem Jul 2015 #114
It was not intended as a reply to them but to you. zeemike Jul 2015 #115
I will try one more time, with a link. Maybe Larry can say it better than I.... MADem Jul 2015 #116
I don't know why you keep telling me things I already know. zeemike Jul 2015 #117
I'm just reading your comments, and coming to conclusions based on MADem Jul 2015 #118
Well your conclusions are wrong then. zeemike Jul 2015 #119
I am telling you how I am perceiving what you say, and I've said nothing to even MADem Jul 2015 #120
Well we sure are getting nowhere. zeemike Jul 2015 #121
What I'm trying to explain to you is that it's not about you at all. MADem Jul 2015 #122
~ L0oniX Jul 2015 #8
Right. Like the talk about Soros was normal. bravenak Jul 2015 #15
even Sanders himself is starting to understand it JI7 Jul 2015 #9
I bet they find it difficult. bravenak Jul 2015 #13
For what it's worth I acknowledge I was wrong. SolutionisSolidarity Jul 2015 #25
Thank you so MUCH!!!! bravenak Jul 2015 #32
Thank you for putting up with us. SolutionisSolidarity Jul 2015 #38
Not easy but hopefully worth the troubles. I like you all. bravenak Jul 2015 #40
Yep. Glad you are still here. Luminous Animal Jul 2015 #16
I've been sleeping badly too. bravenak Jul 2015 #18
I'll do my best to have your back. scarletwoman Jul 2015 #24
Thank you. bravenak Jul 2015 #34
Yes, I hope we're making some headway. scarletwoman Jul 2015 #47
I think I know where you are coming from, sadoldgirl Jul 2015 #37
It not us dismissing his record. Really. bravenak Jul 2015 #45
Thanks, I appreciate your reply. sadoldgirl Jul 2015 #56
Thank you. Take care of your friends!! Stay safe! bravenak Jul 2015 #69
Will do, and you too stay safe! sadoldgirl Jul 2015 #73
They don't seem to be able to help themselves. scarletwoman Jul 2015 #19
Like Jehovah Witnesses. bravenak Jul 2015 #20
i was right when i said a lot of that outrage had little to do with Sanders himself JI7 Jul 2015 #23
You nailed it. "these white liberals already know all they need to know." Number23 Jul 2015 #66
Thank you. scarletwoman Jul 2015 #71
Racism has always been used as a means to divide working class people. guillaumeb Jul 2015 #3
Only wrong in one thing - "racism is not quite as overt". I am 73 years old and do not think I have jwirr Jul 2015 #58
Perhaps "overt" was not the correct word to convey my meaning. guillaumeb Jul 2015 #103
Off to the greatest. L0oniX Jul 2015 #7
I certainly hope not. This is another piece of white apologist dreck. nt scarletwoman Jul 2015 #21
Get over yourself. n/t brentspeak Jul 2015 #62
You, first. scarletwoman Jul 2015 #63
You just have an agenda to make Bernie look bad. Maedhros Jul 2015 #101
"The idea, presumably, was to get him to address questions of racism alone, particularly ..." GoneFishin Jul 2015 #10
Orthogonal difference? Juicy_Bellows Jul 2015 #12
Separate but equal? bravenak Jul 2015 #22
I wouldn't say that. Juicy_Bellows Jul 2015 #30
Lol! bravenak Jul 2015 #35
I appreciate a good laugh! Juicy_Bellows Jul 2015 #44
I'm glad you feel that way! bravenak Jul 2015 #46
in a coordinate plane I understand orthogonal to be more perpendicular than parallel HereSince1628 Jul 2015 #33
Are you suggesting no one makes a crucifix Juicy_Bellows Jul 2015 #54
Bernie is listening. It is time for his supporters to listen, as well. Luminous Animal Jul 2015 #14
+1 beam me up scottie Jul 2015 #17
one of the worst things you can say to a white liberal ibegurpard Jul 2015 #27
A lot of people get it whatchamacallit Jul 2015 #41
Why are they taking it personally? Because nothing is as fiercely defended as one's blind spot. nt scarletwoman Jul 2015 #43
My blind spot are my mixed race family. AA, Native American, Latino, Asian and white. And when jwirr Jul 2015 #61
I'm fully aware of and angered at the Sandra Bland incident. Maedhros Jul 2015 #102
Not biased ... racist. Most people will readily admit they have biases. n/t 1StrongBlackMan Jul 2015 #53
Yes that's true ibegurpard Jul 2015 #88
I understand ... You were trying to avoid the use of the term racist/racism ... 1StrongBlackMan Jul 2015 #91
Well we could have another whole thread about that ibegurpard Jul 2015 #97
Yes ... Sadly, I do. n/t 1StrongBlackMan Jul 2015 #98
You can't eliminate racism without changing our economic system DemocraticWing Jul 2015 #42
Why can't we eliminate racism without changing our economic system? n/t 1StrongBlackMan Jul 2015 #55
Everything intersects: racism, homophobia, sexism, ableism, transphobia, and classism DemocraticWing Jul 2015 #74
Because the origin of racism in this country is an economic system in which men and women were OWNED Romulox Jul 2015 #80
so how does that explain Sandra Bland and the Pool kids and the RAcist cops ? the cops are not rich JI7 Jul 2015 #82
Slavery--a product of capitalism--is the origin of our racial caste system. nt Romulox Jul 2015 #83
so are the cops the slave owners ? JI7 Jul 2015 #84
They work for the heirs to the slaver owners' wealth. Romulox Jul 2015 #85
that still doesn't explain it since the cop themselves wont get financial benefit JI7 Jul 2015 #86
They draw their salaries from "it"--they enforce the economic status quo with deadly force. nt Romulox Jul 2015 #87
I agree that racism was the dehumanizing tool used to further the slave enterprise 1StrongBlackMan Jul 2015 #90
American slavery was the commodification of racism--it's purest form. "Otherism" isn't the same thing. nt Romulox Jul 2015 #92
Because it is built on racism, exploitation, and predatory behavior and if you extract TheKentuckian Jul 2015 #124
Somehow I think they're tired of the bullshit memo that he marched with MLK... Historic NY Jul 2015 #57
BLM are talking about people being killed by the police in real time. jalan48 Jul 2015 #67
What Reuters Gets Wrong About Bernie Sanders and Black Lives Matter Zenlitened Jul 2015 #68
Great post! I think you ought to have re-posted it here in GD-P. scarletwoman Jul 2015 #72
Thanks, I appreciate your perspective... Zenlitened Jul 2015 #77
Well said! zappaman Jul 2015 #94
Why is Hillary getting a pass? B2G Jul 2015 #95
Could be because this story makes a convenient divide-and-conquer tactic. polichick Jul 2015 #99
They never, ever, have an answer for this dreamnightwind Jul 2015 #106
She's not getting a pass on it ibegurpard Jul 2015 #108
My post was only about the noise here about Bernie and this issue dreamnightwind Jul 2015 #110
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