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96. The Clintons' voluminous baggage goes back decades & it's documented.
Sat Jul 25, 2015, 07:15 PM
Jul 2015

Interesting that the Republicans pushing on the email investigation and missing emails have not, as far as I've seen, mentioned the similarity to the missing Whitewater documents. That was some 20 years ago, so younger posters probably never heard of this, but I have no doubt that GOP oppo research team is drooling to throw this at HRC should she win the primary.

Republicans on the special Senate Whitewater committee released a report from the Federal Bureau of Investigation today showing that the fingerprints of the First Lady, Hillary Rodham Clinton, were found on records discovered in the White House family quarters two years after they were first sought by investigators.

Those Whitewater documents had been subpoenaed from HRC and for 2 years she stoutly claimed she had absolutely no idea where they were. Then they were found on a table in the first family's private quarters - just outside the door to HRC's office. And she again disavowed any knowledge of how they got there.

It was so painful and ugly, for me as a Democrat who had worked for Bill's election and even been a guest at his first inauguration, to go through all the years of investigations and embarrassing results thereof. If she's the Dem. nominee, we will all have to go through months and months of rehashing this yet again. Horrifying to contemplate. If the Clintons had come clean and cooperated with the Whitewater investigations, as your post mentions they were recommended to do, Ken Starr would never have gotten around to Monica Lewinsky.
In January 1998, Starr suddenly requested and received permission to expand his investigation again. The new area of inquiry: whether Clinton and his close friend Vernon E. Jordan Jr. encouraged Monica Lewinsky to lie under oath about whether she had an affair with the president. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/politics/special/whitewater/whitewater.htm

Ted Koppel did a masterful Nightline report on the whole incident. Here's a link to the transcript of Ted Koppel's coverage of this nightmare. HRC is caught in mis-statement after mis-statement after mis-statement and keeps trying to spin and twist her way out of it. http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/clinton/etc/01301996.html
The Whitewater Lost And Found Records
January 30, 1996
Correspondent: Chris Bury
Anchor: Ted Koppel

Announcer: January 30th, 1996.

TED KOPPEL (VO): The accusation? Obstruction of justice, knowingly withholding subpoenaed documents. The location? A book room on the third floor of the White House, a room in the first family's private quarters. One clue? A White House log handed over today with the names of all the people who might have had access - from Mrs Clinton's chief of staff, to Chelsea Clinton's friends, to dignitaries visiting the President. Tonight, the mystery of the lost and found records.

ANNOUNCER: This is ABC News Nightline. Reporting from Washington, Ted Koppel.

TED KOPPEL: Almost exactly two years ago, a subpoena was issued for some billing records from the Rose Law Firm in Little Rock, Arkansas. These are records that go back about 10 years or so and that would, it was believed, shed some light on how much work attorney Hillary Clinton did on a particular real estate deal, and for whom she did that work. For the better part of these last two years, those records could not be found. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, they turned up earlier this month in the office of a woman named Carolyn Huber. What turned that into a major story is that Ms Huber works at the White House, and that she says she found the billing records in the private quarters of the first family - found them, in fact, last August, right outside Mrs Clinton's private office - didn't know what they were, packed them up, didn't realize what they were until a couple of weeks ago, when she was tidying up her own office. If someone has been deliberately concealing those records, that would be a federal crime. The White House says that a surprisingly large number of people actually had access to the Clintons' private quarters last August We'll tell you more about that later, but we want to use most of our time this evening to put this latest development into context. We begin by taking something both the President and the first lady have said recently.

CHRIS BURY, ABC NEWS (VO): The President and Mrs Clinton complain that the questions keep changing, but the controversies over Whitewater and the Travel Office have stayed alive, in large part, because the answers keep changing, too.

CHRIS BURY (VO): On January 15th, Mrs Clinton told a radio interviewer all documents had been released. Five days later, the White House issued a statement to The New York Times saying that wasn't quite true. On Castle Grande, Hillary Clinton's legal work for a land deal regulators describe as fraudulent: in May 1995 she told the Resolution Trust Corporation, quote, 'I don't believe I knew anything about any of these real estate parcels and projects.' But after billing records showed Hillary Clinton had at least 14 conversations with Seth Ward, the major player in the deal, Mrs Clinton told Barbara Walters she knew the project by another name.

HILLARY CLINTON: ('20/20,' January 19, 1996) And so when I was asked about it last year, I didn't recognize it, I didn't remember it. The billing records show I did not do work for Castle Grande. I did work for something called IDC, which was not related to Castle Grande.

CHRIS BURY (VO): That is not how Susan McDougal, the Clintons' former business partner, remembers it.
SUSAN MCDOUGAL: It was always the same thing. As far as I know, IDC and- and- and Castle Grande were one and the same.

If the Repubs would just quit blibbering on about Benghazi-- eridani Jul 2015 #1
You cant prove a negative padfun Jul 2015 #2
After dealing with the right wing for more than 20 years, LakeVermilion Jul 2015 #3
She should have known better, and probably did. Fuddnik Jul 2015 #6
This issue is about being tech savy;right wing concerns are policy/personality centered Divernan Jul 2015 #8
Excellent points, Divernan. k&r, nt. appal_jack Jul 2015 #19
You make so many excellent points and thanks for your discussion of your own experience karynnj Jul 2015 #88
The Clintons' voluminous baggage goes back decades & it's documented. Divernan Jul 2015 #96
The arrogance is strong in that one tularetom Jul 2015 #101
She has hubris to spare. Divernan Jul 2015 #105
Clinton's server was less of a security risk than the State Department's. SunSeeker Jul 2015 #4
and destroying it was less of a risk than alc Jul 2015 #22
Well, you go on and assume the worst, ain't nobody stopping you. DemocratSinceBirth Jul 2015 #24
What do you think was in the Benghazi emails you refer to? JoePhilly Jul 2015 #30
I'm trying to wrap my mind around your use of Benghazi, Ambassador Stevens, and Vince Foster. cherokeeprogressive Jul 2015 #49
Do you read the things you post? JoePhilly Jul 2015 #71
It's about not reading urgent messages from an Ambassador, no matter where he's stationed. cherokeeprogressive Jul 2015 #86
So it is about Benghazi. JoePhilly Jul 2015 #90
Your interlocutor did indeed play the Ben Gazi card... DemocratSinceBirth Jul 2015 #91
I found it rather amusing ... JoePhilly Jul 2015 #92
It is sad how invested they are in this story in the service of a candidate who will never DemocratSinceBirth Jul 2015 #93
Well ... JoePhilly Jul 2015 #94
I was taught in Civics one of the roles of president is head of his or her party... DemocratSinceBirth Jul 2015 #95
BENGHAZI!!!#!1!1 SunSeeker Jul 2015 #46
Don't you think that if it were hacked someone would be bragging about it? OKNancy Jul 2015 #5
Yeah, those Chinese and Russians. Always gloating Fuddnik Jul 2015 #7
Nope. They'd save it for the general election campaign. Divernan Jul 2015 #10
Bernie will not be the nominee, so you better hope OKNancy Jul 2015 #13
if i were you i would hope hillary is not the nominee restorefreedom Jul 2015 #42
If you were in possession of all the information on her server, would you brag about it now... cherokeeprogressive Jul 2015 #20
Prove it was. BooScout Jul 2015 #9
Stop running down Democratic candidates with bogus claims of 'Prove it!' randome Jul 2015 #11
Hi DemocratSinceBirth Jul 2015 #15
I guess everyone forgot that my father is gay. randome Jul 2015 #16
The challenge is when you call a man , heterosexual or homosexual DemocratSinceBirth Jul 2015 #17
Please don't delete the references. Sometimes people need to be reminded. Thank You. Laser102 Jul 2015 #25
I disagree with that interpretation but I won't make the same mistake again. randome Jul 2015 #28
It is kind of funny, Ed Snowden fans suddenly so worried about data leaks.... DanTex Jul 2015 #12
No, in fact the IG's have found classified info in her emails--they were stored in her TwilightGardener Jul 2015 #35
Some may have been "classified" years after it was sent... Sancho Jul 2015 #47
The IG said specifically that the info contained within four of forty emails TwilightGardener Jul 2015 #48
You are simply wrong on the law....and the WSJ has already backed off their article. Sancho Jul 2015 #50
The issue I'm discussing is specifically the handling of classified information. TwilightGardener Jul 2015 #53
But email wasn't used to for classified information, so there's no problem.... Sancho Jul 2015 #56
We're just talking past each other. Yes, it matters that classified information TwilightGardener Jul 2015 #58
Then we'll just have to disagree.... Sancho Jul 2015 #69
There are penalties for mishandling classified material, even if it's by TwilightGardener Jul 2015 #70
watch the video...then post your apology... Sancho Jul 2015 #72
?? Not watching the video, what is it about? TwilightGardener Jul 2015 #73
It's the complete explanation of the NYT story with the original documents in hand. Sancho Jul 2015 #74
Does it deal with the Wall Street Journal's reporting that an Inspector TwilightGardener Jul 2015 #75
Yes...but it doesn't matter to Hillary.... Sancho Jul 2015 #77
I think we're talking about different news stories: TwilightGardener Jul 2015 #80
Different version of the same story... Sancho Jul 2015 #81
Classified info was on her server. TwilightGardener Jul 2015 #82
The IG said none of those 40 emails were MARKED classified at the time. SunSeeker Jul 2015 #54
Doesn't matter if they were marked. jeff47 Jul 2015 #55
Bad analogy. Everything at the Manhattan project was classified or secret. Not so with State. nt SunSeeker Jul 2015 #60
And there are plenty of things at state that are classified. jeff47 Jul 2015 #64
They determined that she should not have had that info on her server--marked or not. TwilightGardener Jul 2015 #57
They did not "determine" that Hillary did any wrong. nt SunSeeker Jul 2015 #63
I read it as, "This shit was improperly handled and TwilightGardener Jul 2015 #68
The inquiry is not sought into Hillary Clinton's use of email. SunSeeker Jul 2015 #98
I'm sure it has nothing to do with Hillary LordGlenconner Jul 2015 #85
I'll leave the spreading of right wing fake scandals where they sufrommich Jul 2015 #14
10 DemocratSinceBirth Jul 2015 #18
Benghazi!...nt SidDithers Jul 2015 #21
Wrong topic. Maybe you're thinking of a different thread. cherokeeprogressive Jul 2015 #23
We really need to do something about the <---!!!squirrel!!!---> infestation of DU. Zorra Jul 2015 #40
This message was self-deleted by its author DemocratSinceBirth Jul 2015 #44
This thread is about gyrocopters, not Benghazi. JoePhilly Jul 2015 #29
Message auto-removed Name removed Jul 2015 #83
Not interested...nt SidDithers Jul 2015 #84
It isn't up to us to show evidence it wasn't hacked. It's up to YOU to show evidence it was. wyldwolf Jul 2015 #26
She needed her own server to hide the emails which prove she ... JoePhilly Jul 2015 #27
it is only an issue to republicans and apparently Bernie supporters. Evergreen Emerald Jul 2015 #31
Are you suggesting supporters of a certain candidate... DemocratSinceBirth Jul 2015 #32
I think Ben Gazzara died a few years ago. What does he have to do with servers and emails? cherokeeprogressive Jul 2015 #34
Nothing, just like servers and e-mails will ultimately have to do ... DemocratSinceBirth Jul 2015 #36
Death from a thousand cuts... cherokeeprogressive Jul 2015 #37
A thousand wishes have no more chance of becoming true than one. DemocratSinceBirth Jul 2015 #38
Confucius? Or just confused? cherokeeprogressive Jul 2015 #39
Clarity is my raison d'etre. DemocratSinceBirth Jul 2015 #41
We ARE laughing, cherokeeprogressive. We are. randome Jul 2015 #33
. Dr Hobbitstein Jul 2015 #43
The proof you seek is illogical.... Sancho Jul 2015 #45
Hillary Clinton's Private Server... Laugh it off. DemocratSinceBirth Jul 2015 #51
A person charged with a crime has to be proven guilty, the person doesn't have to prove their Thinkingabout Jul 2015 #52
And if this was a trial, that would be relevant. But this is a political campaign. jeff47 Jul 2015 #59
The op contained "Prove it wasn't hacked. SHOW me evidence it wasn't hacked. Prove to me and the Thinkingabout Jul 2015 #61
And my different point is that there is a massive minefield here beyond hacking. (nt) jeff47 Jul 2015 #66
CT Thinkingabout Jul 2015 #67
Yes, much easier than addressing the point I made. jeff47 Jul 2015 #99
Evidence? Thinkingabout Jul 2015 #100
Your interest in this begins and ends with Hillary LordGlenconner Jul 2015 #62
Prove it was. Arkana Jul 2015 #65
It's not even about security, it's about judgement and common sense. HappyPlace Jul 2015 #76
The real issue is that everything can be hacked... Agschmid Jul 2015 #78
Sure, you care so much about security risks BainsBane Jul 2015 #79
Who is "you all"? cherokeeprogressive Jul 2015 #87
Are you claiming you didn't support the Wikileaks release BainsBane Jul 2015 #89
Are you claiming I did? cherokeeprogressive Jul 2015 #97
Hacked/not-hacked is not the issue in my mind. delrem Jul 2015 #102
I agree this is troublesome. BKH70041 Jul 2015 #103
On what issues is Bernie to the left of most Americans? MannyGoldstein Jul 2015 #104
Yawn philosslayer Jul 2015 #106
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