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it'll only get bigger for each venue.. dangerous dan Aug 2015 #1
He'll reach a limit one day RobertEarl Aug 2015 #18
Billionaires defeated by truth musiclawyer Aug 2015 #2
agreed. he is messing with some serious power brokers restorefreedom Aug 2015 #9
Agreed. Serious, serious shit. The pampered arrogant entitled billionaires will not be happy. GoneFishin Aug 2015 #29
As Bernie says: " Enough is enough!" If we can't change things this time, we never will... NT DiehardLiberal Aug 2015 #3
Unbelievable. This surpasses even my enthusiastic expectations Catherina Aug 2015 #4
Incredible! in_cog_ni_to Aug 2015 #5
How can he? Petition the WH? He needs security. glinda Aug 2015 #7
I'm not sure, in_cog_ni_to Aug 2015 #11
Obama was getting a lot of death threats due to being AA davidpdx Aug 2015 #23
Note that the President can authorize SS protection for anyone by executive order. n/t PoliticAverse Aug 2015 #21
Good to know! in_cog_ni_to Aug 2015 #22
We've set the bar to be pretty high for L.A. tomorrow night! cascadiance Aug 2015 #8
My Moda Center Pic ... Trajan Aug 2015 #6
Fantastic pic! I watched online. Loved listening to Symone and the other speakers. And Bernie think Aug 2015 #10
Every seat around me ... Trajan Aug 2015 #13
Amazing pic! in_cog_ni_to Aug 2015 #12
Welcome back!!! Behind the Aegis Aug 2015 #27
Thanks! in_cog_ni_to Aug 2015 #30
That is a GREAT picture davidpdx Aug 2015 #24
I'm reminded of a story Aerows Aug 2015 #14
Beautiful and so fitting. think Aug 2015 #16
holy moly! artislife Aug 2015 #15
would have been 28001 but I couldnt get the kids to bed any earlier. :) boomer55 Aug 2015 #17
does this work (video of beginning of Portland speech)? blavine2 Aug 2015 #19
See! He's even an ungracious host! MannyGoldstein Aug 2015 #20
LOL! That was mean! Betty Karlson Aug 2015 #25
Nice view of the water too think Aug 2015 #26
I just can't get over the view. So peaceful, quiet, & serene.... think Aug 2015 #32
if the msm ignores 28,000 folks they will have egg on their faces questionseverything Aug 2015 #28
Bernie needs larger venues & secret service protection must start now for all who have PUBLIC open Sunlei Aug 2015 #31
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