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11. Implying that Sanders is an AOWM " ...even the arrogant old white men have to face reality..."
Mon Aug 17, 2015, 05:36 PM
Aug 2015

great way to continue a discussion.

good for both of them cali Aug 2015 #1
And this is how actual governance begins. Daemonaquila Aug 2015 #2
I do as well and believe much progress will be made, Uncle Joe Aug 2015 #4
Hell yes! This is what I'm talking about. onecaliberal Aug 2015 #3
Recommend. Zorra Aug 2015 #5
This is exactly how it should work MuseRider Aug 2015 #6
Moving forward. I think good things will come from this. MerryBlooms Aug 2015 #7
Post removed Post removed Aug 2015 #8
Implying that Sanders is an AOWM " ...even the arrogant old white men have to face reality..." slipslidingaway Aug 2015 #11
She hasn't skipped a beat since coming off of timeout today.. frylock Aug 2015 #12
The meme of old white liberals, especially males, started on DU over a year ago ... slipslidingaway Aug 2015 #14
It's a legitimate point MaggieD Aug 2015 #18
Remove the partisan blinders from your eyes. Comrade Grumpy Aug 2015 #23
It's your opinion, and it has no basis in reality whatsoever. frylock Aug 2015 #30
Are you counting her racist dog whistle campaign in 08? ibegurpard Aug 2015 #34
You've got to be kidding. DirkGently Aug 2015 #35
actually HRC has NOT been "on this issue" for years, she's FAKED being on this issue for years 2banon Aug 2015 #48
One strike left before she goes back on vacation. BeanMusical Aug 2015 #33
Probably by close of business. frylock Aug 2015 #37
That's called alert stalking. sufrommich Aug 2015 #39
I probably alerted on 6-7 posts this year. BeanMusical Aug 2015 #43
Don't look now, but your rateyes Aug 2015 #15
That really is a nasty remark...and I don't think it makes many freinds.. movonne Aug 2015 #17
There are no "friends" here if you don't support Saint Bernie MaggieD Aug 2015 #19
You started a bullshit flamebait post, and received the response you not only expected.. frylock Aug 2015 #31
" Way to late to this issue"? WHEN CRABS ROAR Aug 2015 #36
Now hopefully we can get past all this push-back against black people for daring to ask that MADem Aug 2015 #9
This message was self-deleted by its author ALBliberal Aug 2015 #10
follow suit? shireen Aug 2015 #13
It means they will reach out instead of blaming young black women for "ruining" his Westlake rally. MADem Aug 2015 #20
They did ruin his Westlake rally. Thousands of people came to hear him speak. Comrade Grumpy Aug 2015 #24
Had not the rallly organizer not jumped the gun and shut the proceedings down, they would have heard MADem Aug 2015 #29
Maybe now... TheFarS1de Aug 2015 #16
I don't know you. People may not agree with me, but I don't do "backhanded." MADem Aug 2015 #21
Sorry you feel there has been a push-back in regards to black people being killed ... slipslidingaway Aug 2015 #22
and naturally the feelings of those old white liberals BainsBane Aug 2015 #25
Gotta love this one-sided race-baiting. Comrade Grumpy Aug 2015 #26
You might want to check your oil, there. MADem Aug 2015 #28
You need to check the air in your tires, there. Hassin Bin Sober Aug 2015 #38
I am not that poster, and CG was referencing "white liberals" not "arrogant old white men." MADem Aug 2015 #40
Please post a link, how can you be sure they were a Sander's supporter at the time ... slipslidingaway Aug 2015 #46
I'm talking about this thread. nt MADem Aug 2015 #51
That is is BS and you know it, as I said earlier this began on DU over a year ago ... slipslidingaway Aug 2015 #45
I have seen a great deal of push back, and anger, and "Where else are you going to go?" and MADem Aug 2015 #27
I do not believe 'where else are you going to go' is something that is widely supported ... slipslidingaway Aug 2015 #41
That poster was trying to explain, and was being told pretty much what I articulated, that MADem Aug 2015 #42
It is a state of emergency and many realize that, but do you think telling people ... slipslidingaway Aug 2015 #44
I can recognize and excuse a degree of inarticulate expression if it is accompanied by MADem Aug 2015 #52
Too bad for Team Hillary Hydra Aug 2015 #32
And now in the spirit of Bernie and Black Lives, a little musical interlude. Uncle Joe Aug 2015 #47
thanks for the interlude... if only 2banon Aug 2015 #49
Thank you, Uncle Joe!!!!!! Admiral Loinpresser Aug 2015 #54
Good news. Thanks for posting this. AtomicKitten Aug 2015 #50
Can't recall anybody running so active a campaign, so early on Babel_17 Aug 2015 #53
This MuseRider Aug 2015 #55
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