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the democratic vote was to divert war and bring in the united nations and diplomacy BlueStateLib Aug 2015 #1
Yes some of them did take "George W Bush at this word." Uncle Joe Aug 2015 #3
Yes - the best way to push for diplomacy Maedhros Aug 2015 #4
Not approving the IWR wouldn't have stopped the war because there was an incoming Rethug congress pnwmom Aug 2015 #17
You're being WAY to logical...... George II Aug 2015 #23
Oh Yes! bvar22 Aug 2015 #64
Do you think Hillary Clinton really believed Bush/Cheney would act in good faith regarding Iraq? Martin Eden Aug 2015 #15
One would be naive to think ozone_man Aug 2015 #20
Yeah, years later "one would be naive to think" George II Aug 2015 #24
Some are so naive that they never learn. They just double-down. leveymg Aug 2015 #34
It is funny to me, the view you are taking PowerToThePeople Aug 2015 #37
Who might that be? George II Aug 2015 #40
King George the 3rd. LOL John Poet Aug 2015 #47
No, not years later, in 2002, ozone_man Aug 2015 #45
... how weird. You know, that kind of *sounds* like a criticism... sibelian Aug 2015 #59
bullfuckingshit. as Leahy told her, it's giving Bush a blank check to go to war. cali Aug 2015 #63
Do you really think it mattered whether Bush got the conditional IWR that fall pnwmom Aug 2015 #27
There was not a rethug congress when the IWR vote was taken in October 2002 Martin Eden Aug 2015 #31
You're forgetting the atmosphere of those post 9/11 days. The "law and order" party was a shoe-in pnwmom Aug 2015 #46
WTF does "law and order" have to do with invading Iraq? Martin Eden Aug 2015 #51
Terrorism. The Rethugs had convinced the majority of voters that Iraq was a terrorist threat, pnwmom Aug 2015 #52
Should no effort have be made to dispell the lies or to prevent a disaster? Martin Eden Aug 2015 #53
They tried to prevent the disaster by making going into the war CONDITIONAL pnwmom Aug 2015 #61
If Hillary believed GW would abide the UN, she's an idiot Martin Eden Aug 2015 #66
+100 Duppers Aug 2015 #48
Great! Link me the massive Democratic revolt when Bush "double-crossed" them. (nt) jeff47 Aug 2015 #16
bullfuckingshit. they should have listened to their wiser peers cali Aug 2015 #62
More "Hillary-hating"? 99th_Monkey Aug 2015 #2
Oh, come on now! Maedhros Aug 2015 #6
Yep. George II Aug 2015 #25
Bernie was so right in his predictions back then. What a horrific tragedy it has all been sabrina 1 Aug 2015 #5
I agree, sabrina, Bernie was most prescient and Uncle Joe Aug 2015 #8
So then why is "your" candidate running for President after rebuffing "your" party for decades? George II Aug 2015 #26
No party is above it's actions, George. sibelian Aug 2015 #56
Thank you for this. AtomicKitten Aug 2015 #7
Congresswoman Barbara Lee. Uncle Joe Aug 2015 #11
A powerful contrast of judgement n/t whatchamacallit Aug 2015 #9
HUGE K & R !!! - Thank You !!! WillyT Aug 2015 #10
Sanders' standard was the right one. He demanded an imminent threat Vattel Aug 2015 #12
Yes but who could've predicted that Bush and Cheney would abuse their power and lie? Uncle Joe Aug 2015 #13
Uh, everyone who was paying attention. PowerToThePeople Aug 2015 #38
And this is especially true for those in power. n/t Uncle Joe Aug 2015 #39
I don't know -- dflprincess Aug 2015 #42
A most astute observation, dflprincess. Uncle Joe Aug 2015 #43
And to you dflprincess Aug 2015 #44
I was at an event in early 2000, where Barbara Kingsolver was speaking. Zorra Aug 2015 #14
^^^^^^^^^^^^ n/t slipslidingaway Aug 2015 #19
Excellent logic - I'm voting for Clinton. George II Aug 2015 #28
Tricked is actually what poorer excuse than just being wrong in my eyes. TheKentuckian Aug 2015 #50
I agree, TheKentuckian the story was never reasonably plausible and this Uncle Joe Aug 2015 #54
Thanks. You make some good points. Unfortunately, the alternatives to Zorra Aug 2015 #58
This is one reason why Kenjie Aug 2015 #18
Hillary was pants on fire lying about Saddam Al Qaeda connection jfern Aug 2015 #21
WMD Lies Uncle Joe Aug 2015 #29
WHY is the bush recount video included in a post about Clinton and Sanders in 2002? George II Aug 2015 #22
It's a testament to the Bush cabal's lack of integrity, an early warning and the same MO was used Uncle Joe Aug 2015 #30
amen punguin54 Aug 2015 #33
Almost starts out as a Sanders vs Clinton debate punguin54 Aug 2015 #32
K&R to the max. n/t PowerToThePeople Aug 2015 #35
"I cast it with conviction". Well my conviction is that you're unfit Hillary Catherina Aug 2015 #36
You're most welcome, Catherina. Uncle Joe Aug 2015 #41
Great post, Uncle Joe. Duppers Aug 2015 #49
Thanks, Duppers. Uncle Joe Aug 2015 #65
And your point in bringing this up? brooklynite Aug 2015 #55
I don't see how her vote count in 2008 ameliorates her position? sibelian Aug 2015 #57
I'm not making my decision on this and this alone, I support Bernie Sanders Uncle Joe Aug 2015 #60
Wow! DUers supporting the IWR now. UN fucking believable. morningfog Aug 2015 #67
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