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Admiral Loinpresser

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45. I have heard it in his speeches more than once.
Fri Nov 20, 2015, 02:51 PM
Nov 2015

I think he isn't using it as much now, because HRC was fairly effective in playing the demagogue on this issue in the first debate, so it isn't good politics to talk about it now as much. He is on the attack now and scoring well about Wall Street. This is her Achilles heel in the primary. It will also work very well for him in the GE.

Do those countries have a military-entertainment-industrial complex... Cosmic Kitten Nov 2015 #1
They watch the same movies and play the same video games we do. DanTex Nov 2015 #3
Tex, where do you stand on guns? Aerows Nov 2015 #60
I think it is your blind spot, not Bernie's. Gun violence is a function of poverty... Bread and Circus Nov 2015 #2
Of course, because there's 10 times as much poverty in the US as in Europe. DanTex Nov 2015 #6
Norway has a very low poverty rate and low gun violence rate compared to the US Bread and Circus Nov 2015 #11
DanTex won't offer his prodigious Aerows Nov 2015 #62
You keep on ranting Aerows Nov 2015 #61
Unless you're discussing an issue Bernie is comfortable discussing such as income inequality, Cali_Democrat Nov 2015 #4
Why does it seem the only violence that matters to some people is gun violence? Kalidurga Nov 2015 #5
Another NRA talking point. Gun violence is far more lethal than other forms of violence. DanTex Nov 2015 #7
So you don't want to address the underlying causes of violence I get it Kalidurga Nov 2015 #8
Of course I do. You just want to ignore the central role that guns play. DanTex Nov 2015 #9
Well it's really hard to take this serious Kalidurga Nov 2015 #10
Violent crime rates in the US and Europe are similar, this is a simple fact, verified by statistics. DanTex Nov 2015 #14
You mis-characterize his statement dreamnightwind Nov 2015 #12
What makes gun violence a "wedge issue" and not things like healthcare. DanTex Nov 2015 #15
That's all you respond to from that thoughtful post? dreamnightwind Nov 2015 #21
That's the question that I had. DanTex Nov 2015 #25
Well it seems to me you just want a way to go after Bernie on this dreamnightwind Nov 2015 #59
Have you noticed that we keep getting nowhere on guns? I have, and that means that whatever Bluenorthwest Nov 2015 #22
Have you noticed that we keep getting nowhere on income inequality? DanTex Nov 2015 #26
Except there's a difference you seem to have missed.. Kentonio Nov 2015 #33
Actually, polls show that Americans are overwhelmingly in favor of stronger gun laws. DanTex Nov 2015 #36
Hmm.. Kentonio Nov 2015 #44
I don't know where the wedge is. People have accused me of bringing up a "wedge issue" in this OP. DanTex Nov 2015 #51
Both Clinton and O'Malley have tried to make it a wedge issue to be fair Kentonio Nov 2015 #56
Only in as much as Sanders has tried to make things like Wall Street a wedge issue. DanTex Nov 2015 #57
They have substantative differences on Wall Street. Guns, not so much. Kentonio Nov 2015 #58
Well, there you go, Dan leftofcool Nov 2015 #48
Well done for saying the exact opposite of what I just said and attributing it to me.. Kentonio Nov 2015 #49
Who decides? Admiral Loinpresser Nov 2015 #35
How do you determine whether someone is using an issue to divide people or whether someone is DanTex Nov 2015 #38
One quick example: Admiral Loinpresser Nov 2015 #43
Accusing your opponent of being in the pocket of Wall Street would be DanTex Nov 2015 #52
So the people who support Wall St. Admiral Loinpresser Nov 2015 #53
He's right on target: It's the income inequality. Gregorian Nov 2015 #13
This is clearly false, because Western Europe, Canada, etc. have similar rates of violent crime, DanTex Nov 2015 #16
You can't be entitled to your own set of "facts" Bread and Circus Nov 2015 #17
It's simple to look up the crime statistics comparing the US and Western Europe. DanTex Nov 2015 #18
Look up published studies as crime and violent crime as a function of poverty. Bread and Circus Nov 2015 #19
Look up studies comparing gun availability, gun violence and violent crime in the US and Europe. DanTex Nov 2015 #23
You are so far away from your original point it is obvious you know you are wrong... Bread and Circus Nov 2015 #27
My point has remained the same: the US has a gun violence problem that is unique in the DanTex Nov 2015 #31
He sees this clearly. Admiral Loinpresser Nov 2015 #37
I don't hear it in his speeches. Like I said in the OP, he likes to draw comparisons to DanTex Nov 2015 #39
I have heard it in his speeches more than once. Admiral Loinpresser Nov 2015 #45
So then, if Western Europe had more guns they would have the same statistics, right? Hiraeth Nov 2015 #20
Yes, if they had more guns and our same lax gun laws, their homicide rate would be much higher. DanTex Nov 2015 #24
Any Europeans want to chime in here .... ? Not sure but, Hiraeth Nov 2015 #28
How is that an insult? It's praising them on their strong and successful gun regulations. DanTex Nov 2015 #40
because you are saying the exact opposite. The case is being made that Hiraeth Nov 2015 #54
If your analysis was correct (it isn't) then there would be no such thing as regional concentration Bread and Circus Nov 2015 #29
Huh? Of course there's regional concentration of crime. DanTex Nov 2015 #32
Crime per capita by region accounts for density. Go look at the numbers. Bread and Circus Nov 2015 #41
There's more crime per capita where there is more density. DanTex Nov 2015 #42
There is way more poverty in more dense areas. Inner city poverty..hello?h Bread and Circus Nov 2015 #46
Sometimes, yes, sometimes no, but that doesn't explain the difference in violent crime. DanTex Nov 2015 #50
All of which is true. Gregorian Nov 2015 #30
I agree, we are talking about two things: guns and economic inequality. DanTex Nov 2015 #34
K & R SunSeeker Nov 2015 #47
We can't threaten the interests of the Oligarchs. Because gun violence? Romulox Nov 2015 #55
Name one position in which Hillary disagrees with Sanders on gun control AgingAmerican Nov 2015 #63
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