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Do those countries have a military-entertainment-industrial complex... Cosmic Kitten Nov 2015 #1
They watch the same movies and play the same video games we do. DanTex Nov 2015 #3
Tex, where do you stand on guns? Aerows Nov 2015 #60
I think it is your blind spot, not Bernie's. Gun violence is a function of poverty... Bread and Circus Nov 2015 #2
Of course, because there's 10 times as much poverty in the US as in Europe. DanTex Nov 2015 #6
Norway has a very low poverty rate and low gun violence rate compared to the US Bread and Circus Nov 2015 #11
DanTex won't offer his prodigious Aerows Nov 2015 #62
You keep on ranting Aerows Nov 2015 #61
Unless you're discussing an issue Bernie is comfortable discussing such as income inequality, Cali_Democrat Nov 2015 #4
Why does it seem the only violence that matters to some people is gun violence? Kalidurga Nov 2015 #5
Another NRA talking point. Gun violence is far more lethal than other forms of violence. DanTex Nov 2015 #7
So you don't want to address the underlying causes of violence I get it Kalidurga Nov 2015 #8
Of course I do. You just want to ignore the central role that guns play. DanTex Nov 2015 #9
Well it's really hard to take this serious Kalidurga Nov 2015 #10
Violent crime rates in the US and Europe are similar, this is a simple fact, verified by statistics. DanTex Nov 2015 #14
You mis-characterize his statement dreamnightwind Nov 2015 #12
What makes gun violence a "wedge issue" and not things like healthcare. DanTex Nov 2015 #15
That's all you respond to from that thoughtful post? dreamnightwind Nov 2015 #21
That's the question that I had. DanTex Nov 2015 #25
Well it seems to me you just want a way to go after Bernie on this dreamnightwind Nov 2015 #59
Have you noticed that we keep getting nowhere on guns? I have, and that means that whatever Bluenorthwest Nov 2015 #22
Have you noticed that we keep getting nowhere on income inequality? DanTex Nov 2015 #26
Except there's a difference you seem to have missed.. Kentonio Nov 2015 #33
Actually, polls show that Americans are overwhelmingly in favor of stronger gun laws. DanTex Nov 2015 #36
Hmm.. Kentonio Nov 2015 #44
I don't know where the wedge is. People have accused me of bringing up a "wedge issue" in this OP. DanTex Nov 2015 #51
Both Clinton and O'Malley have tried to make it a wedge issue to be fair Kentonio Nov 2015 #56
Only in as much as Sanders has tried to make things like Wall Street a wedge issue. DanTex Nov 2015 #57
They have substantative differences on Wall Street. Guns, not so much. Kentonio Nov 2015 #58
Well, there you go, Dan leftofcool Nov 2015 #48
Well done for saying the exact opposite of what I just said and attributing it to me.. Kentonio Nov 2015 #49
Who decides? Admiral Loinpresser Nov 2015 #35
How do you determine whether someone is using an issue to divide people or whether someone is DanTex Nov 2015 #38
One quick example: Admiral Loinpresser Nov 2015 #43
Accusing your opponent of being in the pocket of Wall Street would be DanTex Nov 2015 #52
So the people who support Wall St. Admiral Loinpresser Nov 2015 #53
He's right on target: It's the income inequality. Gregorian Nov 2015 #13
This is clearly false, because Western Europe, Canada, etc. have similar rates of violent crime, DanTex Nov 2015 #16
You can't be entitled to your own set of "facts" Bread and Circus Nov 2015 #17
It's simple to look up the crime statistics comparing the US and Western Europe. DanTex Nov 2015 #18
Look up published studies as crime and violent crime as a function of poverty. Bread and Circus Nov 2015 #19
Look up studies comparing gun availability, gun violence and violent crime in the US and Europe. DanTex Nov 2015 #23
You are so far away from your original point it is obvious you know you are wrong... Bread and Circus Nov 2015 #27
My point has remained the same: the US has a gun violence problem that is unique in the DanTex Nov 2015 #31
He sees this clearly. Admiral Loinpresser Nov 2015 #37
I don't hear it in his speeches. Like I said in the OP, he likes to draw comparisons to DanTex Nov 2015 #39
I have heard it in his speeches more than once. Admiral Loinpresser Nov 2015 #45
So then, if Western Europe had more guns they would have the same statistics, right? Hiraeth Nov 2015 #20
Yes, if they had more guns and our same lax gun laws, their homicide rate would be much higher. DanTex Nov 2015 #24
Any Europeans want to chime in here .... ? Not sure but, Hiraeth Nov 2015 #28
How is that an insult? It's praising them on their strong and successful gun regulations. DanTex Nov 2015 #40
because you are saying the exact opposite. The case is being made that Hiraeth Nov 2015 #54
If your analysis was correct (it isn't) then there would be no such thing as regional concentration Bread and Circus Nov 2015 #29
Huh? Of course there's regional concentration of crime. DanTex Nov 2015 #32
Crime per capita by region accounts for density. Go look at the numbers. Bread and Circus Nov 2015 #41
There's more crime per capita where there is more density. DanTex Nov 2015 #42
There is way more poverty in more dense areas. Inner city poverty..hello?h Bread and Circus Nov 2015 #46
Sometimes, yes, sometimes no, but that doesn't explain the difference in violent crime. DanTex Nov 2015 #50
All of which is true. Gregorian Nov 2015 #30
I agree, we are talking about two things: guns and economic inequality. DanTex Nov 2015 #34
K & R SunSeeker Nov 2015 #47
We can't threaten the interests of the Oligarchs. Because gun violence? Romulox Nov 2015 #55
Name one position in which Hillary disagrees with Sanders on gun control AgingAmerican Nov 2015 #63
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