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21. When large corporations make a contribution and also pay huge sums for a speech ...
Sun Dec 6, 2015, 01:43 AM
Dec 2015

you have to wonder if a 'just cut it out' means anything.

For example the housing bubble had been building for years (at least since 2003) mortgages were approved and promoted to people that should not have been going into so much debt. The real estate index began to turn down in 2005, but the majority of people and the media woke up several years later.

Unfortunately too many people relied upon the "professionals" and bought a home and went into debt. But the people that were selling these products made huge profits by shorting the market and were positioning themselves to scoop up the bargains ... converting home owners to renters and a revenue source. You know who suffered the most, I would say the 'minority' class, although I hate to use that word.

Now theses are very smart people, there are profits to be made on the way up in a bubble and on the way down. But they were very greedy, there is nothing wrong with doing your homework and profiting, but they deliberately deceived borrowers knowing that the bubble would burst. Anyone with a half a clue knew this was coming ... when Obama and his economic advisors came out and backed Bush's plan and essentially said 'who could have known' it was rather pathetic. When he appointed Geithner I termed that the wave 4 bounce in Elliott Wave terms, he was friendly to WS.

So we are now back to the Clinton's and their relationship with WS. Yes you need money to win, but who are you winning for? Are you winning for the people and the future of country or are you winning for your own comfort and legacy.

I wonder

we've moved from attacking Hillary to attacking Obama dlwickham Dec 2015 #1
Good point, this is not helping Sanders. Thinkingabout Dec 2015 #2
Honestly it is not about ONE person or politician, this is about the majority of people ... slipslidingaway Dec 2015 #16
Attacking politicans is not the fix and honestly big corporations and big profit politicans is not Thinkingabout Dec 2015 #20
When large corporations make a contribution and also pay huge sums for a speech ... slipslidingaway Dec 2015 #21
You can complain forever, don't think corporations are going away nor are they Thinkingabout Dec 2015 #24
Not sure if this is a red herring or a straw man... ljm2002 Dec 2015 #25
Are you talking about yourself? If not attacking other DU members is WRONG. Thinkingabout Dec 2015 #33
Sorry if I wasn't clear... ljm2002 Dec 2015 #34
You can research it yourself, I have read it on DU, I will not do the research for you, I have Thinkingabout Dec 2015 #35
Ha ha... ljm2002 Dec 2015 #36
Here you are Thinkingabout Dec 2015 #39
OMG you are going to LIE some more... ljm2002 Dec 2015 #40
Don't rewrite my post, this is your words. Thinkingabout Dec 2015 #41
Post removed Post removed Dec 2015 #43
Sanders made his bed Cali_Democrat Dec 2015 #44
My my.. aren't you testy. Cha Dec 2015 #52
Not sure where you got the idea that Sanders or any of his supporters expect corporations ... slipslidingaway Dec 2015 #46
Who is the republican posting here? Thinkingabout Dec 2015 #53
What the hell does that mean? n/t slipslidingaway Dec 2015 #56
The republican you are referring to in post #46 Thinkingabout Dec 2015 #58
Oh no, another thing that Sanders supporters should not do 2pooped2pop Dec 2015 #27
I can say Hillary has not always been right on everything, she has evolved on issues, Thinkingabout Dec 2015 #30
Gumby rbrnmw Dec 2015 #3
we all know that Gumby was a big Pharma shill dlwickham Dec 2015 #4
hahaha rbrnmw Dec 2015 #5
Laugh all you want, Sanders donated the contribution from a Pharma shill ... slipslidingaway Dec 2015 #14
It's countering the retort from Hillary supporters that "Bernie is no Obama". n/t cui bono Dec 2015 #8
Someone gets it, thanks! n/t slipslidingaway Dec 2015 #15
"Bernie is NOT Obama" slipslidingaway Dec 2015 #9
if your OP wasn't an attack dlwickham Dec 2015 #11
Did you read this OP "Bernie is NOT Obama" slipslidingaway Dec 2015 #12
this isn't an attack on Obama? dlwickham Dec 2015 #45
"From fighting segregation to standing against police violence." slipslidingaway Dec 2015 #13
Bernie will be better than Obama. 2pooped2pop Dec 2015 #28
Attacking? If stating facts is "attacking" then... 99Forever Dec 2015 #37
Some Of Us Are Trying To Make Sure We Don't Make The Same Mistake In The Next Cycle... WillyT Dec 2015 #55
Obama is not infallible. HerbChestnut Dec 2015 #6
Exactly, no one is infallible, thx. n/t slipslidingaway Dec 2015 #17
Obama is a centrist at best and Hillary is to his right. Broward Dec 2015 #7
Agreed, Hillary is to his right, should be fun :( n/t slipslidingaway Dec 2015 #18
Very true. Bernie is on my side. CharlotteVale Dec 2015 #10
Yes, I would trust him more. n/t slipslidingaway Dec 2015 #19
nor given BLM the bum's rush, nor (insert literally anything else here) MisterP Dec 2015 #22
I still have people say Sanders? Who is he ... slipslidingaway Dec 2015 #23
Bernie should definitely run against Obama. JoePhilly Dec 2015 #26
Obama is a fine human being, an honest man, an admirable family man and I really respect him tularetom Dec 2015 #29
And we would still be fighting for healthcare reform. JaneyVee Dec 2015 #31
Bernie would have appealed to the people to pressure their representatives into the right action. Kentonio Dec 2015 #38
Erm, Sanders would not have run on insurance exchanges. joshcryer Dec 2015 #32
Again this thread "Bernie is NOT Obama " slipslidingaway Dec 2015 #47
But you're bashing Obama for doing what he said he would do. joshcryer Dec 2015 #50
Wow, not sure how to take your post? Obama was above his head, he had no idea of how to play ... slipslidingaway Dec 2015 #54
Well no, he has integrity. joshcryer Dec 2015 #57
Yeah. But, that's only because he's a (EEEEK!!) Socialist. K&R Tierra_y_Libertad Dec 2015 #42
And obviously he wants all corporations to divest their assets and give them away slipslidingaway Dec 2015 #48
Sanders is no Obama Cassiopeia Dec 2015 #49
How dare you insinuate Obama is not God-on-Earth, infallible and flawless, right in all things? Scootaloo Dec 2015 #51
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