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14. Well we have different family members and yes several Repubs voted for Obama in the GE ....
Sun Dec 6, 2015, 04:24 AM
Dec 2015

guess our family is not as much aligned to a party, sorry they do not always fall in line. Personally I think that is good attribute, otherwise we could just plaster a D or an R on their them from birth.

We have several members that are in their late 80's and broke with the Repubs. Sorry that you seem find that offensive that they broke party lines and 'are dictating to us.'

Please read what you wrote, our family is compromised of both parties and they cross lines when given a reason.

I find it weird when people have a closed mind, sorry but we are not marching in lockstep ... really strange I know.

And several have changed their party affiliation to vote in primaries.

We have weird thinkers in our family, sorry but they are not always going to raise the team flag and I think that is a good thing,

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