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14. Gabbard has demonstrated that she doesn't understand Government
Fri Oct 25, 2019, 09:02 AM
Oct 2019

Her calls for "transparency" are either ignorant or purposefully misleading. In either case, she's making stupid noises that disqualify her for the presidency or even for the office she current holds.

Gabbard is a member of the House but she clearly doesn't understand the rules and procedures of that body. The process for an Impeachment Inquiry was designed by Republicans led by John Boehner. The depositions and testimonies that the investigative committees are engaged in are supposed to be secret, just as are Grand Jury proceedings, (which this phase of the House's process emulate). In spite of the closed doors, however, the hearings are held before both the Democrats and Republicans who are members of the relevant committees. Both sides participate in the process.

Should the committees determine that Trump committed high crimes and misdemeanors or other acts that warrant impeachment, they will then present their evidence to the full House to debate if Impeachment is the proper course. There's your transparency, Tulsi.

That Gabbard doesn't know this stuff illustrates her unfitness for office. She's been in office for about 7 years and she still hasn't learned how Congress works?!

It's pathetic.

Or it's political in which case I'm baffled why she spouts GOP positions.

If I were to vote in a presidential
primary today, I would vote for:
Joe Biden
Is this woman a Democrat? calguy Oct 2019 #1
She was elected on a democratic ticket 3 times at140 Oct 2019 #3
It means she ran as a Democrat in a strongly Democratic district. Hortensis Oct 2019 #12
No.. She is a self-serving idiot Cartaphelius Oct 2019 #28
Of course she did. And now she's not running for re-election as bridges are burnt. TheBlackAdder Oct 2019 #2
Tulsi was on Hannity show yesterday! at140 Oct 2019 #4
I could see her joining Trump's ticket in 2020. MrsCoffee Oct 2019 #8
I totally DISAGREE! James48 Oct 2019 #5
Totally off topic, but that's good to know. greatauntoftriplets Oct 2019 #32
Gabbard has continually been given the benefit of the doubt. Eyeball_Kid Oct 2019 #6
'Partisan' Impeachment Inquiry' is a GOP talking point Jarqui Oct 2019 #7
And she did so on Hannity nt Bhphoto Oct 2019 #9
Is she auditioning for "Trump/Gabbard 2020" ?? FailureToCommunicate Oct 2019 #10
If you happened to catch Hannity show last night at140 Oct 2019 #13
Her days as a Democratic candidate are numbered... NurseJackie Oct 2019 #11
I agree PJMcK Oct 2019 #16
Gabbard has demonstrated that she doesn't understand Government PJMcK Oct 2019 #14
EXACTLY - does she honestly not know what she's talking about redqueen Oct 2019 #20
And people still defend her Hav Oct 2019 #15
Tulsi Gabbard cancelled a personal appearance at LULAC's town hall last night, sent a taped video... demmiblue Oct 2019 #17
It won't be long before Susan Sarandon jumps on the Tulsi bandwagon... NurseJackie Oct 2019 #18
Damn, which war has Clinton started now? Hav Oct 2019 #19
Are you being sarcastic? I can't tell. flibbitygiblets Oct 2019 #23
Never mind I get the context now. flibbitygiblets Oct 2019 #24
Did you ever have one of those mornings? n/t rzemanfl Oct 2019 #27
This message was self-deleted by its author Hav Oct 2019 #29
End Clinton's warmongering? redqueen Oct 2019 #21
When is she going to be denounced by DU officially? What's it going to take? flibbitygiblets Oct 2019 #22
She has never really been on our team. PubliusEnigma Oct 2019 #25
I'm glad that Hillary outed her Renew Deal Oct 2019 #26
My, my, my peggysue2 Oct 2019 #30
So Tulsi knows how to follow a script Zambero Oct 2019 #31
Tulsi said something? greatauntoftriplets Oct 2019 #33
This shows that no Democrat should support her muriel_volestrangler Oct 2019 #34
I think she's angling for something with potential to be more damaging than a third-party run. Politicub Oct 2019 #35
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