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Joe BidenCongratulations to our presumptive Democratic nominee, Joe Biden!


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176. christ look at the long line of passive agreessive biden bros
Tue Dec 10, 2019, 08:00 PM
Dec 2019

This site sucks please delete my account

If I were to vote in a presidential
primary today, I would vote for:
I am concerned that their selfishness will destroy this country if they refuse to vote. LonePirate Dec 2019 #1
"There are several candidates in the Dem primary who favor policies and positions that are far too Cha Dec 2019 #3
I don't see any Democrats who fit this bill...buttigeig is probably the most conservative followed Demsrule86 Dec 2019 #11
Ikr.. why would anyone even say that?! Cha Dec 2019 #12
Because it is true. LonePirate Dec 2019 #20
This kind of uniformed insistence there's no difference between us and them is one of the reasons StarfishSaver Dec 2019 #25
There are differences between us and them but some people prefer candidates closer to them. LonePirate Dec 2019 #31
Running as a moderate does not make you magat-like...there is nothing moderate about Demsrule86 Dec 2019 #37
That's how we got the House Victory in 2018.. Cha Dec 2019 #55
Sometimes you don't get your candidate as the nominee...but whoever is chosen is always Demsrule86 Dec 2019 #68
I think that's exactly what LonePirate said KPN Dec 2019 #87
That is exactly what I said. I will be voting blue not matter what. LonePirate Dec 2019 #93
Yup. That's what I heard. KPN Dec 2019 #105
You just made a serious accusation about the Cha Dec 2019 #26
Look up their policies and decide for yourself. LonePirate Dec 2019 #27
Can't do, eh? just a general bashing of our Dems. Cha Dec 2019 #29
I can but you are fully capable of performing a Google search without my assistance. LonePirate Dec 2019 #33
No.. I don't think you can. Cha Dec 2019 #36
Hey Cha- somebody's playing dodgeball! redstateblues Dec 2019 #138
Yeah, at our Cha Dec 2019 #140
You put it out there, you need to back it up. Dream Girl Dec 2019 #46
The burden of proof falls on you. bearsfootball516 Dec 2019 #99
Evidence please redstateblues Dec 2019 #139
christ look at the long line of passive agreessive biden bros SterlingPound Dec 2019 #176
Both Romney and Murkowski are Republicans...and Romney planned to kill the ACA on day one...you Demsrule86 Dec 2019 #42
Yes squirecam Dec 2019 #106
Manchin is the best we will ever do in WVA...I pray he decides to stay in the Senate and not Demsrule86 Dec 2019 #110
So anyone who is not for M4A or a wealth tax is a Republican...got it...I think you are wrong. Demsrule86 Dec 2019 #43
What candidate are you referring to? None of our candidates are like Republicans. Demsrule86 Dec 2019 #47
That sounds awfully close to saying Democrats and Republicans are all alike. MineralMan Dec 2019 #62
THIS!! InAbLuEsTaTe Dec 2019 #119
I agree...none of our candidates resemble any form of magat...none. Demsrule86 Dec 2019 #34
But, she's insisting.. Cha Dec 2019 #38
I do not understand how anyone can say Democrats and Republicans are the same...and she Demsrule86 Dec 2019 #71
I remember Nader telling us that there is no difference between Gore and Bush Gothmog Dec 2019 #77
The most important thing is to nominate a candidate who can beat trump Gothmog Dec 2019 #72
That is a lie Dem4Life1102 Dec 2019 #85
anyone evertonfc Dec 2019 #2
We need to fight aggressively vs the blurring of truth if we want the votes of less informed folks. JudyM Dec 2019 #5
And yet the youth vote could be the essential key to victory in 2020 Fiendish Thingy Dec 2019 #90
Every segment of the Democratic electorate is essential to victory, some more than others StarfishSaver Dec 2019 #94
Excellent point. Of course The reason is because they are taken for granted just like the African still_one Dec 2019 #4
Do you really think you by voters are taken for granted? StarfishSaver Dec 2019 #7
The "he-doesn't-excite-me-young-voters" really need to be called out more. I hear threats Skya Rhen Dec 2019 #6
I know.. "yawn".. "why should we be Cha Dec 2019 #8
Young people have always thought they invented dynamic politics StarfishSaver Dec 2019 #15
WOW! The Mouth Dec 2019 #21
My Grandmother told my sister and I that...haha. Demsrule86 Dec 2019 #73
. TidalWave46 Dec 2019 #45
Lucky Obama didn't depend on young voters. crazytown Dec 2019 #103
Ok boomer. Dream Girl Dec 2019 #59
lol.. not a boomer.. Cha Dec 2019 #63
I am f'ing sick of the the threats...and if many followed up their twitter chatter with votes. Demsrule86 Dec 2019 #13
So true StarfishSaver Dec 2019 #30
I know what you mean...we always have younguns show up for campaign volunteers and a few Demsrule86 Dec 2019 #66
IkR? StarfishSaver Dec 2019 #69
We always had common ground...we are Democrats! And I enjoy your posts... Demsrule86 Dec 2019 #74
This may be the last election where Boomers outnumber young voters Fiendish Thingy Dec 2019 #91
This message was self-deleted by its author pinkstarburst Dec 2019 #9
I agree...Hillary should not say anything about 16 or Sanders at this moment...she should not Demsrule86 Dec 2019 #16
Hillary's response to you telling her to shut up: StarfishSaver Dec 2019 #19
What is the point? The idea is to win an election. I love Hillary and worked my butt off for her Demsrule86 Dec 2019 #28
We need to move on from 2016!! Hillary should be uniting Democrats!! InAbLuEsTaTe Dec 2019 #40
I agree with you. We need to be united. Demsrule86 Dec 2019 #53
So should Bernie. The Velveteen Ocelot Dec 2019 #58
Yeah you are right too...a bad situation. Demsrule86 Dec 2019 #75
Paleeeze. What kind of audience does Sirota or Turner have compared to Clinton? progressoid Dec 2019 #132
The size of the audience is irrelevant to the message. The Velveteen Ocelot Dec 2019 #133
Sirota has 2838 followers on Twitter. Clinton has 26 million. progressoid Dec 2019 #135
Which tells me that a whole hell of a lot of people are interested in what she has to say StarfishSaver Dec 2019 #142
The issue is "what" she says. progressoid Dec 2019 #145
LOL StarfishSaver Dec 2019 #147
which candidate repeatedly makes derogatory remarks about the democratic party? nt msongs Dec 2019 #115
This message was self-deleted by its author pinkstarburst Dec 2019 #79
You are right about Hillary... she should not be criticizing fellow Democrats. InAbLuEsTaTe Dec 2019 #117
She isn't criticizing a fellow Democrat. The Velveteen Ocelot Dec 2019 #136
Boom! StarfishSaver Dec 2019 #137
Lol. Nothing like jumping in to throw shade on Hillary for "throwing shade" StarfishSaver Dec 2019 #22
Yup happy feet Dec 2019 #52
+1 betsuni Dec 2019 #155
You're so right about Hillary... she needs to move on and stop the devisive comments re Bernie. InAbLuEsTaTe Dec 2019 #35
Hillary is so four years ago StarfishSaver Dec 2019 #44
This message was self-deleted by its author pinkstarburst Dec 2019 #57
Hillary saying something you don't agree with doesn't make her comment "divisive." StarfishSaver Dec 2019 #65
I just don't want a repeat of 16. Trump must go. Demsrule86 Dec 2019 #76
Tell that to Bernie's campaign people. The Velveteen Ocelot Dec 2019 #80
The older voters , inclined to be more moderate, always turn out ritapria Dec 2019 #10
The issue is not older Democrats...it is the independents we need who will turn out for Biden...but Demsrule86 Dec 2019 #23
Why should moderate voters turn out for a more progressive candidate who doesn't excite them? StarfishSaver Dec 2019 #49
Older and black voters have always been the most reliable voters. The Velveteen Ocelot Dec 2019 #60
Because older voters are more reliable. That's simply a fact. kcr Dec 2019 #14
So we should take them for granted and just nominate someone they don't like? Demsrule86 Dec 2019 #174
I'm not worried so much aeromanKC Dec 2019 #17
Great op. TidalWave46 Dec 2019 #18
This may be the last election where Boomers outnumber young voters Fiendish Thingy Dec 2019 #92
There's a difference between "ignoring" and not catering to them to the exclusion of other voters StarfishSaver Dec 2019 #95
"This may be the last election where Boomers outnumber young voters" TidalWave46 Dec 2019 #96
Two reasons... NurseJackie Dec 2019 #24
Nailed it!!! +1000 Demsrule86 Dec 2019 #50
Perfectly said, as usual! StarfishSaver Dec 2019 #97
Thanks for this! Baked Potato Dec 2019 #111
A lot of the people who claim to speak for younger voters seem a bit self-appointed. RelativelyJones Dec 2019 #32
Where do you get that s*it from? DAngelo136 Dec 2019 #39
Read my OP again StarfishSaver Dec 2019 #51
Not in my neck of the woods . . Iliyah Dec 2019 #41
Older voters are a more reliable voting block, Merlot Dec 2019 #48
So, we take older and black voters for granted while smooching the tender bottoms of the young folk? StarfishSaver Dec 2019 #54
You made me spit out my coffee...damn it. One of the things I learned after working with POC Demsrule86 Dec 2019 #82
because it is taken for granted the older or black voters Fresh_Start Dec 2019 #56
Where did you get this ridiculous idea? at140 Dec 2019 #61
It's so obvious... but glad you said it, since the notion has apparently escaped some people. InAbLuEsTaTe Dec 2019 #118
I'm fairly concerned. Act_of_Reparation Dec 2019 #64
I don't think Warren and black voters are a problem StarfishSaver Dec 2019 #67
It's difficult to assess the threat. Act_of_Reparation Dec 2019 #78
This (nt) mr_lebowski Dec 2019 #86
If sanders or Warren is the nominee, we can kiss Texas goodbye as a battleground state Gothmog Dec 2019 #70
And most likely Arizona and Georgia as well...hell I hope we keep the house. Demsrule86 Dec 2019 #83
I would hate to see the progress in Arizona and Georgia be set back Gothmog Dec 2019 #100
Don't fear monger squirecam Dec 2019 #109
I don't think that is true...we risk the house by forcing red state Democrats to vote for articles Demsrule86 Dec 2019 #175
It could be a real shit show...and some assume everyone hates Trump as much Demsrule86 Dec 2019 #112
"real Democrats"?? progressoid Dec 2019 #134
Real Democrats are working hard to turn Texas blue Gothmog Dec 2019 #161
Texas is a battleground state? at140 Dec 2019 #150
I voted for Jimmy Carter in 1976 Gothmog Dec 2019 #160
I've heard both concerns... Mike Nelson Dec 2019 #81
Because Black and older moderates are responsible citizens Dem4Life1102 Dec 2019 #84
Ok boomer. Act_of_Reparation Dec 2019 #104
Does that make you a really awesome dude to say that? Does ageism help Democrats? Bernardo de La Paz Dec 2019 #121
Is this satire? Lordquinton Dec 2019 #122
I had the same question. Bernardo de La Paz Dec 2019 #124
Why only this comment? Lordquinton Dec 2019 #125
I'm human. I don't see everything. Sorry. . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Dec 2019 #127
You saw the reply and not what they were responding to? Lordquinton Dec 2019 #128
So "Boomer" is "ageism" but "spoiled brats" isn't? n/t MarcA Dec 2019 #123
Two wrongs make a right? Nope. . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Dec 2019 #126
Boomers crying ageism... Act_of_Reparation Dec 2019 #173
Who says we are boomers? Who says we are in charge of anything. Your ageist attack is direct, Bernardo de La Paz Dec 2019 #177
Yet no refutation of what I said Dem4Life1102 Dec 2019 #141
There's no need to refute ridiculous propositions. Act_of_Reparation Dec 2019 #166
Actually it is Dem4Life1102 Dec 2019 #167
I understand why you would feel that way. Act_of_Reparation Dec 2019 #168
You don't know my age group Dem4Life1102 Dec 2019 #169
Does your age somehow alter reality? Act_of_Reparation Dec 2019 #170
No it doesn't alter reality Dem4Life1102 Dec 2019 #171
I also have concerns about independents. lark Dec 2019 #88
Is there evidence that these groups will stay home if Sanders or Warren is the nominee? Fiendish Thingy Dec 2019 #89
Zero evidence!! InAbLuEsTaTe Dec 2019 #120
I trust Black voters more than older white moderates loyalsister Dec 2019 #98
Joe Biden- If we move too far left, we will lose to Trump Gothmog Dec 2019 #101
Why no concern? Seems to me there's been plenty of concern voiced about that here at DU. KPN Dec 2019 #102
As a moderate democrat in a very red state surrounded by red sates lynintenn Dec 2019 #107
Is this along the lines of "some people say"? matt819 Dec 2019 #108
No one deserves that...hell on earth if Trump is reelected and it won't end...with the courts firmly Demsrule86 Dec 2019 #113
+1000! nt JoeOtterbein Dec 2019 #129
I don't think the is much evidence to support either claim Tiggeroshii Dec 2019 #114
Warren is a productive leader of the Democratic Party. I do not put her next to Sanders. Lexee Dec 2019 #116
This message was self-deleted by its author tirebiter Dec 2019 #130
Binary thinking conerns me. A lot tirebiter Dec 2019 #131
My AA father in law voted for Reagan two times when he was active duty.. helpisontheway Dec 2019 #143
What guarantee is there that they will show up for Biden? progressoid Dec 2019 #144
I notice stories about this always ignore the role voter suppression played in these key states. StarfishSaver Dec 2019 #146
Voter suppression is a problem. But they still showed up and voted in 2018 post-Shelby progressoid Dec 2019 #148
Well, that blows the OP's premise. SMC22307 Dec 2019 #157
You've clearly missed my premise completely. StarfishSaver Dec 2019 #159
not sure I understand the premise booley Dec 2019 #149
Like those that stayed at home last time - don't whine if Trump gets re-elected. walkingman Dec 2019 #151
I'm old and moderate and African American (woman) underthematrix Dec 2019 #152
I see it all the time here. cwydro Dec 2019 #153
It's their choice....it's ok AncientGeezer Dec 2019 #154
What's wrong with Elizabeth Warren? I'm serious. ( I'm ducking now) amywalk Dec 2019 #156
Thank you for your post, StarfishSaver. We should be very concerned. AA support may change. emmaverybo Dec 2019 #158
Because we are told they are the base and the base votes aikoaiko Dec 2019 #162
If that's the case, shouldn't AA voters be treated with MORE deference, not less than other voters StarfishSaver Dec 2019 #163
"Deferece" is a civil term, "winning" is a political term. Tom Rinaldo Dec 2019 #172
Black folks, as a whole, have a much better understanding of what's at stake. Garrett78 Dec 2019 #164
Dissecting the Black Vote Gothmog Dec 2019 #165
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