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7. How did school get to be so expensive?
Fri Feb 7, 2020, 11:55 AM
Feb 2020

I attended Los Angeles City College in the early 70’s. The total cost was $6.50 a semester for the student union card. Took some very interesting classes and learned a skill for a job. Damn conservatives and their anti-government crap.

If I were to vote in a presidential
primary today, I would vote for:
Joe Biden
Nothing is wrong with that Rider3 Feb 2020 #1
'Murica HerbChestnut Feb 2020 #3
So we should fork out tens of billions redqueen Feb 2020 #10
If a high school student has great grades they can do two grades of college in high school for free samnsara Feb 2020 #2
I don't think the OP squirecam Feb 2020 #5
Why should only the top students have access to publicly funded community college? nt pnwmom Feb 2020 #8
In state Community college squirecam Feb 2020 #9
Of course. But it's a start. Ending state public education with 12th grade is arbitrary. pnwmom Feb 2020 #14
I think all the candidates squirecam Feb 2020 #20
That is what I crafted for my daughters exboyfil Feb 2020 #45
There are some underpants Feb 2020 #4
Is Bernie or Warren proposing everyone go to one of those? redqueen Feb 2020 #11
Someone wants to have to pay for it. Otherwise no problem. nt jmg257 Feb 2020 #6
How did school get to be so expensive? Walleye Feb 2020 #7
Severe budget cuts in Federal AND State funding reduced college funding. SharonAnn Feb 2020 #16
I understand why the red states cut state funding, but why did the blue states? MichMan Feb 2020 #52
How expensive would it be if students & parents could go anywhere they wanted MichMan Feb 2020 #51
Opposition to almost every proposal that benefits the many over the few is based on irrational... JoeOtterbein Feb 2020 #12
This is a bad take squirecam Feb 2020 #13
aka a mindset of scarcity - but I'm not talking about the reason Warren's and Sanders' proposals redqueen Feb 2020 #15
There's no such thing as "free" anything. scheming daemons Feb 2020 #17
Yes. I posted this with the assumption that everyone here redqueen Feb 2020 #19
Some are. Some arent squirecam Feb 2020 #21
Most are. No real reason to debase the conversation to assuage the lowest common denominators. LanternWaste Feb 2020 #29
I'd bet even the slowest mind easily infers that it's sponsored and paid for by taxes. LanternWaste Feb 2020 #28
So let's hear which taxes. I'm all for raising certain taxes. scheming daemons Feb 2020 #33
It undermines the privileges of the privileged Ghost Dog Feb 2020 #18
Are you trying to make a fat joke? squirecam Feb 2020 #23
I assumed it was slang for stupid. redqueen Feb 2020 #27
Yep. Thick as two short planks, Ghost Dog Feb 2020 #31
Maybe angry is only an Irish slang usage? redqueen Feb 2020 #37
Well now, I never came across that usage, to be sure, Ghost Dog Feb 2020 #41
Maybe it's just the one area of Ireland redqueen Feb 2020 #42
Such diversity (and diversion) is surely healthy. Ghost Dog Feb 2020 #43
It can also mean "close" or "loyal": "Thick as thieves" JustABozoOnThisBus Feb 2020 #59
It needs to be framed correctly. You don't just go say free college because it does need to be paid UniteFightBack Feb 2020 #22
Calling it free ibegurpard Feb 2020 #24
Not a damn thing. Magoo48 Feb 2020 #25
My state and city have gone a long way to addressing that frazzled Feb 2020 #26
See, this makes sense. Really good points here. redqueen Feb 2020 #30
Is it just the University of Illinois exboyfil Feb 2020 #44
I think it's just Champagne-Urbana frazzled Feb 2020 #48
Absolutely not intended exboyfil Feb 2020 #49
Yes, good points frazzled Feb 2020 #50
Arent they just transferring the costs to those making over the threshold? MichMan Feb 2020 #53
It went up 1.8%, for the first time in 6 years frazzled Feb 2020 #56
NOTHING IS FREE! democratisphere Feb 2020 #32
Not standing for something is what loses elections MoonlitKnight Feb 2020 #36
THIS FREE craziness will alienate a huge majority of voters. democratisphere Feb 2020 #38
It's a top line tax reduction MoonlitKnight Feb 2020 #39
Klobuchar's or Yang's proposals make a tremendous amount of sense. judeling Feb 2020 #34
The framing/naming of it 'free' is the silly part ... mr_lebowski Feb 2020 #35
Definitely need to reframe and rephrase these proposals MoonlitKnight Feb 2020 #40
Excellent suggestions. I hope the respective campaigns start implementing them. nt Doremus Feb 2020 #47
I'd be okay with that. Doremus Feb 2020 #46
Why is no one ever addressing why college costs so much and how to make it affordable? MichMan Feb 2020 #54
very valid point ibegurpard Feb 2020 #55
Or maybe just eliminate the interest? I know that would be a huge help to me in paying off my loans. Luciferous Feb 2020 #57
All for it. Do it fast... Happy Hoosier Feb 2020 #58
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