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Archives: December 12, 2004

It's the money, Mr. Rumsfeld - Boston Globe

Record Number Need Heating Help (not just the poorest of the poor)

Last week the US lost its 1,000th soldier killed in combat. Why did no one

North (San Diego) County Times: Errors mandate death penalty moratorium

Congressional memo to future generations: You're screwed (Joe Scarborough)

I hate to say I told you so ... but I told you so

Anaconda armor shop improvises upgrades (GI Ingenuity)

Living Under Fascism (the U.S. as fascist state)

Demopedia--trying to add a Bush nickname to the list

How do you get a radio show listed on your "Listen Live" feature?

Anyone have Chicago plans for tomorrow at noon?

Proposed new name for "FReepers"/"FReeptards"

Cost of stealing an election....

Sen Sam Ervin ....Watergate Hearings; anti civil rights and ERA

gandhi said, first they ignore you,

For those interested, I think the Village Voice has some interesting artic

GLIBS Go to Court to Force Recount in New Mexico (12/11)

Mitofsky will send his data to this Institution

WOW! I' m Psyched..".51 Staters" tomorrow on our State Capitols /VOTE

REMEMBER - Red HANDS or GLOVES tomorrow!!!

Videos for Motivation and Inspiration

Dean Dems in Silicon Valley want voices heard on voting. Rally tomorrow.

LOCKDOWN BLACKWELL (sign idea for any OH protesters) nt

Kerry in Iowa yesterday

The problem with recounts.

Anyone heard of the Cyber Security Research and Development Act?

Here's that smile, if you need one

Exit poll data - this is odd....

Theme song for a recount

Head's up on that repugs4kerry site.....could be a rouse

Powerful article from little Ashland Wisconsin

So how are they recounting the votes in the Paperless Counties in Ohio?

TIME Florida poll 2004

Election protest wristbands?

12/12 @12 Attend Rallies DEMAND FULL INVESTIGATION

Response From Warren Mitofsky Re: Release Exit Poll Data

Democrats weekly radio address focused on voting issues

PROTEST! December 12th, noon - Who's showing up?

San Diego Union Tribune: Latino's support for GOP in '04 worries Democrats

Another question for the people who know Watergate

39 voting machines unused - Columbus Dispatch headline today!

The Site is "" - check it out!

If you had hacked the vote in Ohio what would you be doing now?

Rules for Ohio Recount that people should understand- re: handcounts

Ohio election news tomorrow on Laura Flanders 12/12 AAR

Might I respectfully suggest to The Honorable Mr Conyers....

Re: Vote Fraud: Believers or non, Must Read.....

Blackwell Lockdown (thread 3)

Went to a Democratic Christmas Party last night with all kinds of Dems

CBS, CNN, NBC Florida Exit Polls 2004

Check out these photos of Kerry at a soldier's funeral 12/2/04

The Perfect Storm

Sign up for our own Action Email list

Election Fraud Protest - LOS ANGELES - Sun 12/12

Is it possible to recall a Senator?

Jackson Citizen Patriot LTTE

Anti-War Vigil, Royal Oak Sat Dec 18

Human Rights Film Festival Feb 15&22, Mar 1&8 2005

not computer, exactly - a dvd question

Greene county BOE leaves voting records unattended today

You know, Texans are pretty stupid.

What level of hell do you belong on....

Jimmy Carter with Russert for the hour -- CNBC at 7pm EST


This is what is needed

Republicans have turned stealing elections into an art form or a precise

Are the color coded Terror Alerts taking a holiday with Tom Ridge?

What is the best online, no registration trivia game site?

FCC investigating Olympic Games opening ceremony for indeceny

I just saw the UCC commercial...

Which of the "i's" will have it? The big "I" ore the littel "i"

Do you think we live in a f*cked up place?

Thomas Frank on BookTV at 8:45pm EST

Why posts about the failed Democratic Leadership aren't on rightwing sites

Father deported to Mexico (Patriot Act run amok)

A look back - President Bush Outlines Iraqi Threat 10/7/02

God had his ass kicked the last time he came down here slumming.....

Any suggestions for good "Books on Tape/CD" for me and fellow DUers?

Help! Does anyone have a link to the HBS economists' petition?


Paula Zahn

Guiliani political stock in doubt - Newsday

The Internet: Opiate of the People?

Christmas Carols For George Bush BABY!

I just had an idea I dont know if its a good one but..

Does someone want to try and explain

How can bush improve education when he doesn't believe in science?

what if baby W had accidentally been switched at birth and had gone home

An excellent Christmas present !

Where are all the anti-war songs?

10 Doctors for Bush - "Fit for Duty"

New X-mas carol just in time for the * season!!!

We didn't go to war because of WMDs -- we went to war to free the Iraqis..

U.S. Media Still Hiding Bad News From Americans

Commentary by someone else

sean Hannity-Ann Coulter

This is old and anonymous, but some DUers may not have seen it:

Face Facts, Our Democratic Leadership Is Ill-Prepared For This Fight

Support The Troops ? OPTRUTH action alert !

I would love to know if anyone will dare bring up the 28 pages of the

1284 Dead !!! "Mr. President"...?

The american "consumer" - something about my job

So if Bush suspended elections and decided to try to stay in power

Pastry for Beef Wellington

Has anyone ordered food from overseas?

Algerian violence kills 2, children freed

‘Climate Witnesses' Testify About Effects Of Global Warming

Heart Attack Sparks Harbor Fuel Spill

Another Oil Spill

Man Fatally Shoots His Two Children, Critically Wounds Wife Before Killing

Man Freed After 12 Years in Texas Prison for Wrongful Molestation Convicti

Scrushy Challenges Secret Gov't Recordings

USA Pledges 20 Million Doses of Smallpox Vaccine to Global Stockpile

Iraq's Odd man out? (White House considers Allawi may lose his job)

British army is 'dangerously small', says former top general

U.S. renews air strikes on Fallujah

Army hustles to train soldiers for both conventional war, counterinsurgenc

Man Who Saved Grandmother's Life With Kidney Donation Dies of Gunshot Woun

Hutchison upset some in El Paso ask her not to challenge Perry

Grenade Explodes at Indian Movie Star Concert in Sri Lanka, Killing Two

O'Keefe poised to step down from NASA post

White House Puts Blame on Kerik

South America Seeks to Fill the World's Table

Mystery Cloaks Couple's Firing as Risks to U.S. -NYT

(fmr Sen. Strom) Thurmond's biracial daughter writes book

(Amish) City councilman demands that Bush photo removed from market stand

IAEA Leader's Phone Tapped

US drops massive (half-ton) bomb on Mosul

The annual Christmas Humiliation Begins

Son...of a bitch!

Help me find a website?

This year's Heisman Award winner:George Walker Bush

Reminder: Lizz Winstead coming up on Comedy Central at 8:30pm EST

Smoosh: My son's new favorite band

TSO anybody?

DU Alcoholic Leachers- what do you know about morality?

FREE FIONA! ***Fiona Apple Fans, PLEASE READ***

who sings the best Christmas songs?

Fried chicken, mac 'n cheese, asparagus and apple cobbler.

Who would make the worst DU Mod

Self delete

What is the best online, no registration trivia game site?

vote for best plot of Jurassic Park IV

What is the best online, no registration trivia game site?

Here we go down that same old road again...

If you get Starz - watch Bad Santa tonging

Her Green plastic watering can

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! The word game version!

Smothers Brothers Time - - Post your favorite moments

Cos' it's a bittersweet symphony this life...

Dido's song Whiteflag she wears her heart on her sleeve.

I saw "Angels in America" the other day-Great movie!

Is there effective treatment for narcissism?

Has anyone seen "Duplex?"

I saw "Revenge of the Nerds" today

My brother's father in law was a prisoner of war for 10 years.

Under blue moon I saw you

Anyone familiar with route 2 across Massachusetts?

"Not another Teen Movie" starting on TBS now east coast

My day couldn't possibly be any better

I just had an emergency appendectomy! Ask me anything!

Ok, so you add someone to your buddy list...

The Church of Gary Numan

The Democrats catchphrase should be

Man...Howard Dean's really let himself go...

Whatever happened to Cannikin?

Oh Please God NO! Not the Wave!!!

This week, THE SOUL EXPRESS remembers Cooke and Redding.

WTF is this?

Nuestros cajones estan apartadero del vinilo! Es Sabado GIGANTE!!!

Revolver: A side or B side?

Stupid calendar, with the numbers not being on the days I think they are.

Talib Kweli - Beautiful Struggle

Phoenix exec dies in fall from atop moving car

I just made myself a whiskey and 7..

At which number of Advil Cold and Sinus pills

Why can't I get my %#$@&* wireless router to work??

Gift idea needed for a guy into military history...

I need a Kitchen Elvis, dammit

Nuke Canada must be about four or five on your list.

What's good for back spasms?

In Houston, on PBS at 9:30 CT, Concert for George

I hate COPS

is this a finnish comic book: aiotko syoda tuon kaiken?

Anyone into Trans-Siberian Orchastra? Which album has Carol of the Bells

You have one line, around which an SNL skit will evolve...

TV Alert: Pantera tribute on Headbangers Ball NOW: 10:00pm EST MTV2

Best of the rest! (underdog teams)

I want to take up kickboxing

STD Poll!

God had his ass kicked the last time he came down here slumming.....

Ladies and guys, what is your favorite perfume on women?

What did I find in my front yard?

hERE'S my drive-by posting for the night

The Best Dirty Santa EVER

23 year old guy who tried to save Dimebag with CPR ended up as a victim

Bad Santa on Starz - Hillarious

Will somebody pinch me? I'm having a nightmare...

Make your nominations for the "hottest women on earth" -- poll coming

I need Kitchen Elves, dammit

How many songs do you have downloaded on your computer??

What was your favourite childhood movie

Which type of a holiday music listener are you?

i'm dexlisyc! aks me aynthign!

Us vs Them: Celebrating ALMOST 200 posts of quality, not quantity.

Post YOUR Idea For a New Reality Show

Uh-Oh...I've been drinking.....

SNL just had a great spoof of Rumsfeld

Don't turn around

Right now on my radio show, I'm playing Bobby Bland's STORMY MONDAY BLUES.

What is your favorite soap?

I'm reposting an old article I wrote just because I feel sad, bear with me

Question for tankers and other people who work with armor.

This video is hilarious - John Kerry trying not to crack up laughing at *

If you were in complete control of this country

Time Space/ aliens and transport units. For Real!

If I hear GWB called a chimp one more time...

Holy crap I just watched "star wars kid" for the first time. HAHAHAHAHA

SNL: Hot or Not?

Washing Machine Repair Help needed

A centuries-old question : Bavaria or Prussia

Is this normal? Sleeping too much?

Linfield waxes Rowan, 52-0, heads for DIII championship

Can someone tellme who the Scissor Sisters are

I installed a printer today...and now my Internet has the slows

Hey NHL hockey fans, how do you like my new sig line???

Who is the most attractive person...

Just took a trip to Dallas to see my B/P specialist. Strange trip!

Best Use(s) of Rental House, on farm property, near Bend, Oregon

International Male Catalog--Why!

How do you feel about your sleeping pattern?

really odd dvd question

Red Sox make several moves today!

Could we PLEASE have sympathy for the starving artist?

What is your favorite Hic-up cure?????

What's going on in Denver?

I need some legal advice please.

My uncle passed during the night....I had wonderful help & hospice....

DU Attorneys: What can you tell me about moral rights?

Caption the curious KITTENS!

I think I'm drunk.. ASK ME ANYTHING!

I think I'm not drunk.. ASK ME ANYTHING!!

Which actors will you always watch, and/or have seen all their films?

Alright everyone list the albums they think are essential to own

Does it snow on our planet anymore?

Anybody else get migraines from hell?

Good tent for backpackers?

What Was Your First Urban Legend?

What is the WORST Fragrance of All Time???

Is the saying "there's someone for everyone" really true, in your opinion?

What is your favorite soup?

Name the hottest male on the planet. Poll to follow

Who do you love?

"I cut it up wrong, give me my money back": The Customer of the Day

Post the lyrics to the song you are listening to right now.

The Saturday Night STUPID JOKE THREAD!!!!!!

Why did they evict the Pale Male of Central Park?

My god, "Van Helsing" sucks!

Free Vegan (Vegetarian) Cookbooks/Recipes

Please sign petition to end inhumane slaughter of turkeys

Keeping the Faith in My Doubt

Moby's on PAX criticizing organized religion

Steelers Rock

Congratulations to Heisman Winner: Matt Leinart, USC

Orange Bowl Prediction Thread

Kabbalist Breaks Tradition & Does Tarot Reading Regarding Fraud

Virgo Michael Jackson has bad Mercury Retrograde...when will it end?

Any Silva Method Graduates?

Kneel before the master: "Kerik: I Owe Bush A GREAT APOLOGY" (Fox)

Has anyone talked about this yet? Who will BUSHCO nominate now?

Just Curious

What is it we stand for?

Hey, remember the Reagan papers?

Jimmy Carter's On With Tim Russert On CNBC Now

Anybody else looking forward to moving into a gated community?

Winner-take-all system challenged (in CA)

Contract killers hired in Iraq ($50 to kill a soldier)

God Bless our courageous pResident……

Could someone xplain to me how nannies can knock down

NYT Dean says if it won't work, it won't hostile takeover.

What is the best candidate for scandal to cause Impeachment of *?

Went to a Democratic Christmas Party last night with all kinds of Dems.

Why no massive demonstrations(like Vietnam) in USA against Iraq War?

So they gave Bush his physical

Lieberman for Homeland Security?

War protest near major shopping mall in Reading, PA.

What is the best "psychological warfare" to use against Repubs ??

Wm. Saletan, Nov. 10, 2003..."The New Bum Rap on Howard Dean"

I just got this email from a friend in Ohio.

The Only Good Republican Is A _______ Republican

Loophole Pays Off On Upscale Buildings

The 12 Days of Rummying---On the first day of Christmas, my Rummy sent

Shadow falls on France’s leading light

Moderator, I posted this article here by mistake. I'm reposting. Thanks.

NYT: South America Seeks to Fill the World's Table.

US declared innocent- terrorists,dictators indicted

King: Why we voted to protect DeLay if he's indicted

Rumsfeld's `shuck-and-jive'

San Diego UT: Joe Perkins, Tyranny of the nonbelievers

Justice Thomas' Line to the Deepest Bedrock

Guest opinion: Watergate lessons remain for media, U.S

The Airbus Showdown

Malone: What’s wrong with ‘Merry Christmas’? (More RW 'Noise Machine')

DirecTV dropping CNN International

Blog/Forum Clearinghouse (other than DU)

Media refuses to show data from Soc Sec Trustee Report - Assets to 2042 OK

EPA Hypes Refineries' Cleanup, Then Misses Deadlines, LIES On Totals

US Climate Negotiator Puzzled By Hostility At Buenos Aires Conference

14 Of Last 16 British Winters "Abnormally" Warm - Independent

December In England - Bees Swarm, Tadpoles Spawn, Trees & Flowers Bloom

10-Year Free Ride For Massively Polluting CA Cheese Factory - SacBee

Stewing In Filth: EPA To Reverse Sewage Standard, Allow Massive Dumping

Gun murders continue to rise in Detroit

Can this thread be put on the front page even though it was posted

Do you have a list of "Problem Media " Wonks?

LBN rules change?


Where can we find the mission statements of already created forums?

BBC (Sunday Dec 12): Barghouti 'pulls out of election'

Presbyterians urge reversal of decision to divest from Israel

Likud and Labor to form Coalition soon

Israel releases Prisoners

Chicago ruling on West Bank killing

Snuffing Radical Islam's Fire

A PALESTINIAN VIEW - A practical guide to a successful nonviolent strategy

4 Killed in Gaza Checkpoint Bombing

Jewish group blasts 'offensive' artwork

Dov Zakheim's Homeland Security biz and the remote control of aircraft

Any news on the fraud in Perry County, Ohio noted in Conyers letter?

Thanks to all of the Internet Warriors on DU. I can't fight anymore.

Ohio Poll Records Left in Unlocked Building (link)

Looking for Ohio map of problems by race for protest tomorow

Why doesn't someone do an independent "exit" poll now?

Vote by Gender in Florida 2004

We need to pull a Bushie

NYTimes - OpEd Florida Elections


Idea for those going to Rallies.. go to fabric store and buy ...

Does Arnebeck know what he's up against?

A puzzling, but logical, thought...

All letters to Santa should be:

Why did Arnebeck take so long?

OREGON: Protest calls for election investigation

IA: Pay heed to election events in Ukraine, Leach tells House

TX: Party chair leaves post after losses in election

Voter suppression of Democratic Voters in Sarasota County, Fl

Ohio Voting Problems, 2004 on video

OHIO: Election glitches spur many to call for investigations

Shrub covering his footprints w/ this article?

20 facts about voting in USA; and Democrats let * steal ANOTHER election

Diebold Analysis - Has this been seen or is it old news?

Florida Precinct Reports: Lee County

a positive in the election fraud mess

Any Californians wonder if Schwartzenegger is in office legitimately?

What about Florida, Iowa, and New Mexico?

DU has a mandate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do not move on and never forget

I wonder how many ballots had Nader on them with no signs in Ohio ?

Why can't we demand a whole new election?

The best evidence of fraud so far...

I know I am paranoid at this point but...I wonder how Feeney

Bye guys. Gotta go. Rally in Denver at noon. n/t

A letter to -- Suggestion for Hearings & Information

Question about exit polls - Why didn't MSM do additional polling after...

Anyone know of any post-election poll?

Kerry to Arnebeck, stop crying in your Tea Cup....

Words of encouragement from Bob Dylan

Some SIGNS to make for 12/12 rallies

Dean is on Meet the press right now.


Any word on what Bev is doing since leaving here?

OKeefe resigning from Nasa........Hmmmmmm

Has anyone here been exit-polled? Or know someone who has?

LA Times 12.12. article:For Some, the Race Remains Far From Over

For Some, the Race Remains Far From Over (AP)

Where is Al Gore?

Who was that OH congresswoman who was very visible before the election?

MINISTER BILL MOSS, JOHN BONIFAZ & others on laura Flanders Tonight 12/12

Repub rep admits fraud

BBC: Bush "Caging List" in Florida Reveals Voter Intimidation Plan

Freepers and Disinfo

OK, what MSM stories are we competing with re: voter fraud?

Golden Globes are tomorrow wouldn't it be nice

Election doubts provoke protest

witnessed fraud in OH? here's where to send that info

Are we ever going to have an "Angry Mob"

Once obscure, Ohio vote has new prominence - Hopefully the world eyes will

C-Span Descussing 04 election. N/T

did anyone else see organized freepers at their capitol today?

Voter FRAUD Across the Big Pond ???

Democratic Leaders: Failure to Lead is Causing Party to Hemorrhage

DemocratIC party is involved with recounts.

Odds of the Red Shift: Thanks to the DUers who checked the calculations.


ATTN: calling all students!

Mad yet? Introducing key Ohioan Karyle Mumper - better look!

C-SPAN has been running a program on Repub depressing!

To all the marchers: A big thank you!

Wonder what this is all about??

Must see 11/2 video from Michael Moore

Now I am TOTALLY Bummed. Jon Stewert and Tom Wolfe think ** WON!!!

PARTY AFFILIATION POLL, PART 1: Registration on November 2

Blackwell Orders Voter Records on Lockdown Until AFTER Recount

We are losing in the Court of Public Opinion

Anyone know how to contact Jon Stewart? the Daily Show?

Andrei Sakharov was a Dissident......

PARTY AFFILIATION POLL, PART 2: If I were to register today

AP Protesters urge Delay For Ohio Electors

More Absentee Votes than Voters in Ohio - New Study

Still think this video is the most obvious of them all

Can't figure Michael Moore out

Columbus Dispatch covers the shortage of machines in Franklin Co

BLAST THIS TO THE MEDIA! Rally Press Release

Who else can't wait for tomorrow (Monday)?

60,000 per state and SHRINKING....

Voice of the White House for December 10


Free Press article on Lucas County, Ohio fraud

Neutralize Blackwell & his adversial antics & this becomes a turkey shoot.

Protesters Urge Delay For Ohio Electors


Just watched Klitschko win - He was wearing Orange - That's what we need!

Ohio lockdown a case of prima facie election fraud? Look at this:

Great Article in today's St. Pete Times - Adam C. Smith - Feeney, etc..

From a different "Dylan" but perhaps what our franchise...

MEDIA BREAKTHROUGH: Boston Globe to cover Greene County lockdown

Have you seen the Conyers press release on Greene County?

More absentee votes than absentee voters in ohio...from Buzzflash.

Protests/Rallies/Marches in the Media (12/12)

Shrub covering his footprints w/ this article?

PROTESTERS & MARCHERS! - AP Story Picked Up by 50+ Media Outlets!!

Florida Red Shift and Voting Machine Correlations

Make sure the Conyers forum in Ohio is televised - IN ABOUT 2 SECONDS!

I'm faxing Kerry in the morning, bright & early

Barney Blackwell says, "Everybody knows negroes don't need to be voting."

Final version of my speech today

New Animation "Arnold Counts the Votes" by Symbolman

WE MARCH... OR WE LOSE the call has gone out....

Green's Cobb Responds to CounterPunch Hit Piece

I think Arnebeck's strategy is brilliant

I had a Thought. What if we really lost??


Pics from Austin 51 capital march. WARNING! lots of pics


The Washington recount for Governor is getting interesting.

FOR THE RECORD: it is NOT "Voter" Fraud, it is "ELECTION FRAUD"!

San Diego Action

Hey what's the finals on Prop 72?

Shutter the nuclear nightmare on I-5

Any Californians wonder if Schwartzenegger is in office legitimately?

Brucato's PR firm served 3 BIZ PACs during election

51 Capital March Summary - St. Paul

Here's something cool...

Where's Mike Hanley?

Beware of Xoftspy!

Where has all my hard drive space gone?

win98se & XP dual boot

I answered a post on upgrading computers in the Lounge

Television Video Clips

MP3 player?

To hell with the recount and the protesting.


I had to miss the rally! report please?

I like how Wisconsin Assembly/Senate Districts are divided

"I cut it up wrong, give me my money back": The Customer of the Day

"Bowling For Iraqis"

Dark Day for the Nation

New Group?:"Our Music, Our Voices - Free Downloads"

Saddam Hussein vs. Charles Taylor

Delete Please.

Something to think about

Principal: Boy tries to sell bomb for $35

What's with the paper clips?

For an hour, Nate Clay's been ripping Rumsfeld a new one -- streaming

Where is the unifying speech?

DOD Transcript - Trooper asked Rummy in MAY 2004 Uparmor Humvees

Guests to be interviewed today on major television talk shows:

The Founding Fathers of our country, on what democracy is......

So the media whores didn't even cover the 51 capitol march at all

Vigil in San Diego

Poll: How many Americans can identify...

On this day, 11. December, in 1941

I think democrats had better start up a defense or

Kerick and the bush* Choir

Rumsfailed-War Criminal/Liar

Southerners and Economic Interest - 1860-2004

what a nice way to "support the troops"

mr pResident bring our kids home.

Is a one party state already a reality?

According to the bible, newly married men can't go to war

If the government moves away from

Am I the only DUer addicted to Apprentice?

Why has the media forgotten Linda Chavez's "nanny" problems in 2001???

DANIEL RUTH is Great today == Attacks Rummy

Are Kerik's Problems A Marker for Why Iraq Is Screwed Up?

News coverage decided by the brain dead?

list of Think Tanks working toward a 1 party system

Very Hot Chicano/Chicana Political Web Site

question a President but you must obey a Commander and Chief

all the "buzz" lamenting Kerik's taking down Rudy's star...

Ok everyone

Dean on MTP this morning!

Social Security Privatization Is A Trojan Horse

I would like to have a conversation

Secretive Bush WH announces nominees before background check is finished

Biography about Ben Franklin on History Channel now

9-11 changed everything? Think again...

Withdrawing from the WTO

"We'll all be dead"

The Draft -- Mixed Feelings. Let's Discuss.

Does it snow on our planet anymore?

If Byron Dorgan is DNC Chair does he have to resign from the Senate?

Anyone rememeber the al qa qa munitions dump?

Did Anyone Else see Opus this morning?

The pukes make me sick!

South Park parodies "The Passion of the Christ".Video clip

God and America, killers of innocents, punishers of nations

Has anyone heard what Atrios plans to do regarding CBS?

If you want Dean for DNC

PNAC's 'Rebuilding America's Defenses' - Proof of MIHOP/LIHOP?

"Too many doughnuts........Catch my drift?"

What exactly are 'moral values'?

More Reporters Covering Peterson Trial Than Iraq

AP: Bush Will Make Air Pollution Priority

15 yr old La. teens getting 1st drivers license must reg. for draft too

3 Generals tell Tim we need 100,000 more soldiers

Do we really have a "free market" system?

Peterson case basically over can we get Eric Rudolph trial coverage?


Fuel Economy (cars) - gov website.

Dominionism and Mein Kampf

Gas Mistakenly Put Into Kerosene Pump, Sold To Customers

Here's where we're at........................(cartoon)

Give these animals a fighting chance... They desperately need you now...

La state web site hawks abstinence by saying god wants it

What do you think of "absentee" ballots ?

propaganda-driven “blog trolling”

The fright before Christmas: Santa Claus in terror hoax

The donkey in my manger is a liberal animal...would it be tacky

Paul Krugman on Media Matters in 45 minutes

Wal-Mart up to bat ... again

catch this forest scam

Black Watch soldiers felt used at Fallujah

Construction of world's tallest tower to begin in Dubai. Nearly 1/2 mile.

Sen. Chuck Hagel Throws Rummy under the bus!

Subsistence Crisis - This guy is WAY too optimistic....

What's the REAL purpose of the pro-fetus, anti-women, anti-welfare people?

Bernie Kerik movie we'd like to see...

Democracy, in the words of the Founders......

Bush's new cabinet unveiled?

Is gas over $2 everywhere in america now?

Man accused of attempting to kidnap 2 girls

Arrow Air Flight 1285 - Any Further Thoughts?

Wal-Mart to the high seas?



How can I post picture? I have no homepage.

Need help finding a good, free file-sharing service

"Rumsfeld Got Run Over By A Humvee."

My college has a "Students for Life" exhibit...WTF?

How hard is it to start a non-profit organization?

OK, what MSM stories are we competing with re: voter fraud?

MUST READ: Confessions of an Economic Hitman

Honestly.... why not Richard Clarke for head of DNC????

They hate us for our freedom? No, here's why. We're stupid.


I have a litmus test for the DLC people who pose as Democrats and do the

Let's let Iraq vote on U.S. Occupation.

Here's a great piece of activism you can do......easy and effective!

Why were prominent Democrats so quick to endorse Kerik?

A DU Christmas prank - start the holiday off right!!!!!!

Right-wing moll Laura Ingraham is apparently lookin' for love on

ads seen on CBC: Cut energy usage by 10%; Don't forget your flu shot

Suicide Partially Blamed On Re-Election Of Bush

Wal-Mart, Christmas Toys and Topless Bars

Populist argument regarding entertainment media and family friendly values

It *IS* possible to be both pro-choice and pro-life.

Saddam Hunger Strike

coming out this year

Lame A** Al From up soon on cspan

Did "Big Oil" give YOU a pink slip for X-mas? Over 300,000 workers got one

wow. this cartoon perfectly represents the Democratic Party

Anyone know of a good free fax software app I can use?

How important is technological change?

OK, does this bumper sticker go TOO FAR?

Well, shite. It's December 12 again.

A case for conspiracy literature

Immigration...the working poor in America......

What should be done about the Pledge of Allegiance (POA)?

The new Sicherheitsdienst

Sen. Byrd on Bushco's post-9/11 "Shadow Government" (OMG!)

**Internet 2? Least of our worries. Know what PALLADIUM is?**

Why are people such greedy, acquisitive little primates? Is it the result

Gary Webb's last articles

Bride WAS 7

Not only does the emperor have no clothes... [a TOON]

And your opinion of Al Franken and Cathrine Lanphier is????

I think William Arkin is the most brilliant...

Pro-Life? And Democrat.

I am so enraged....why bother voting Democrat anymore?

MWPOAMFGTPAFTASF | Mister President, How Difficult Is This?

I need a VERY simple explanation on why WAL-MART is bad

To all the marchers: A big thank you!

I would like to see the Muslim World condemn the concept of martyrdom.

falklands yes malvinas no ?

I have a question about women's health...

Was Gary Webb murdered?

Celebrities who are signing the Bring Back HUAC Petition

ahem....Walmart has limited Salvation Army to weekends only

El Baradei bugging is NOT the first time W's US has bugged the UN

Attorney General defends burglars' rights (UK)

Should I give to Salvation Army?

"We Broke It. You Own It." | fully-armored TOONs

Sunday cooking thread

Fellow Canucks

Just heard a major accident on the Sea to die highway

Visitors Center for USS Arizona Memorial Sinking

Protesters say election anomalies ignored (Denver Post)

Gunmen Fire Mortars and Grenades in Baghdad

Roadside Bomb Kills One American Soldier, Wounds Three

Japan PM's support slides on Iraq concerns-paper (37% approval)

Prometheus Pre-empted? New Nuclear Fission Missions Evaluated

Bush photo causes row at Farmers Market


U.S. invests millions in Ukraine politics

Bush OKs ruling that may endanger species

Foreign dissidents facing U.S. hurdles to publishing

Foreign dissidents facing U.S. hurdles to publishing

Bush officials blame Kerik for not disclosing problems

U.S. spied on director of atomic energy agency - ElBaradei

WP,pg1: In Iraqi ER...Rush of Patients Hints at High Civilian Death Toll

Bush Healthy But Laments 'Too Many Doughnuts'

Iran Refuses to Give Up Nuclear Research-Diplomats

Kerik's nanny issue his latest blemish

Canvassers must register in Pa. suburb

Flameout burns Rudy politically (the Kerik debacle)

OHIO: Election glitches spur many to call for investigations

Afghan President: Bin Laden Is Nearby

Report: U.S. Taps ElBaradei's Phone in Bid to Oust Him

O'Keefe to quit this week

Many Iraqis Confused Ahead of January Election

Bush's References to God Defended by Speechwriter

Afghan Judges Fast-Tracked for Drugs Crackdown

Test Finds Inaccuracies in Help Line for Medicare

Federal Judge Sentences Martin Frankel (Uses Religion to Justify/Apologize

Nevada's Electoral College members meet next week

Iran Acknowledges Terror Convictions

Is there a draft in the wind?

UK: Anti-war protesters call for wave of civil disobedience


WA: Election doubts provoke protest


Bush pulls surprise with Energy Department choice

Cop accused of bilking elderly

Band is invited to play for Bush

For Some, the Race Remains Far From Over

LAT: For Some, the Race Remains Far From Over (anon. Kerry Dem quoted)

Local defense firms have friends in D.C. (FEENEY!)

Many Iraqis confused ahead of January vote

Bush policy protecting U.S.A. from war crimes charges.

Large Area of Iraq Loses Electricity

Iraq Power Outage

(CNN) Sources: NASA chief to resign

Report: Jackson Prints Found on Porn Mags [AP]

Possible Democratic leaders offer ideas to boost appeal

Bad weather hampers Alaska oil spill cleanup

Democrat Groups Raise More 'Soft Money' (Than Republicans)

Virgins Rally to Promote Abstinence

Soldiers have hard time killing dogs, as human flesh decay to prevent

Boston appeals court set to hear arguments over disputed ballots in Puerto

Even if Just a Bauble, Luxury Counts for Holidays

Marine Chooses Wedding Ring Over Finger (nyt)

Saddam Aides Refusing Food, U.S. Military Says

Nuclear freeze temporary: Iran

AP Protesters urge Delay For Ohio Electors

Retired Army colonel, 70 Years Old, Sent to Afghanistan

Retired Army colonel, 70, sent to Afghanistan

Six Army reservists court-martialed for scrounging equipment in Iraq

Iraq Power Outage (across the much of the country)

DEA: Jersey's Heroin Is Purest in U.S.

LAT: Some Find Strong Pulse in Social Security

U.S. Warplanes Strike Fallujah; Two Troops Killed

Prospects for Saddam Trial Still Uncertain


US spying on ElBaradei, seeking to oust him: report

Constitution Party seeks change in national political landscape

Spaniards bewildered and bemused by capital's bizarre Christmas lights

Thousands attend requiem Mass for murdered aid worker

U.S. Soldiers Run in First Afghan Marathon

Kerik, lawyer tried to conceal claims

Yushchenko Aide Alleges 'KGB' Plot

News Finds Kerik in Cash Conflict (NYDN - Kerik received gifts, cash)

Officials say arson was cause of fire in Springfield mosque

NY: Group rallies at the Capitol

Free-floating currencies feel pain from dollar: FT

CA: Governor considers calling special election

CA: Pushing poverty into 'moral-values' debate

LAT: Administration Considers More Aggressive Russia Policy

McCain's Steroids Push Puts Him in '08 Mix

Dissidents protest Monday's Electoral College vote in key swing state Ohio

Marine sacrifices finger to save wedding ring

Republican Warns Bush on Social Security Reforms (Lindsey Graham)

`Scrounging' for Iraq war puts GIs in jail

US chief executives stem increases in pay: FT

Cuba put US on notice with Monday's massive war games

Justice Triumphs -- Finally

Kuwaitis get apology from Palestinians (about support for Saddam Hussein)

66 journalists killed in 2004

Kelly Death Paramedics Query Verdict (couldn't have died from wrist wound)

After an Often-Tumultuous Tenure, Daschle Exits Quietly

Afghan President: Bin Laden Is Nearby

777,000 adults are hungry in L.A. County

Shortage of armor may greet guard

39 voting machines unused

Gary Webb dead of self inflicted gunshot woundS!

should I go out tonight?

Anybody have a man date tonight?

What the hell does it mean to be "Saved By Zero"?

all i have to say is

Copycat Bread

Copycat thread.


President Black Bush On Chappelle's Show Now!

Copycat lead

Why did they evict Pale Male of South Park?

I'm getting drunk on chocolate liqueures - ask me anything

I'm only 13 posts away from the 700 Club

I'm watching the movie Abandon'

OK so I just got back from a party with the worst DJ ever

Post your drunken ramblings here

I can't speak, write, type, react or even move at all. Ask me anything.

I like Sisko!

So, who else is having a shitty Saturday night?

Which is your least favorite body odor?

Monogamy. Good or Bad?

I like Crisco!

I like sisgo

Is it morbid to think about your own funeral?

Polyamory. Good or Bad?

Vote For Your Favorite from "IRON CHEF"

Mobius sculpture

ARGH! I've fallen in the lounge and I can't get up!!!

wine-os read this!

Saturday Night freeper names (bordum cure ? )

My shins sure could use some TLC

Thanks for DU Lounge being here

Those displaced from your apic of it

I'm Still Waiting

star wars battlefront is incredible!

What would it take for you to leave and NEVER come back?

To all the 'ask me anything' posters, ASK ME ANYTHING!

Your Brain Rocks! :yourock:

Listening to live Dark Side of the Moon - don't ask me anything

>BREAKING NEWS: Colin Farrell Says "SHIT" on SNL

Paula Deen is so cool

Computer and software gurus: A question

Hooray, I can post again. ask me anything! n/t

Forgive me father, but I was tempted by a Christian

Terry Bradshaw: What's really (really) wrong with him?

A Thread For Complaints That Have Gotten No Sympathy

Okay, THIS video will make you laugh.

any chance of getting pic help for the gallery??

Donating used college books


Christmas Gift Idea For The Man Who Has Everything

Question for any DUers that lurk at that "other" site

Who is your favorite liberal columnist or writer?

Brett Hull on SNL - He stole my former roommate's gum in high school

How many people here like to get fucked up

A race for records ... err make that recorders

Disposable Herpes

Clay Aiken fans, here you go

Easy holiday treat recipes?

Why are you still awake ?

Sunday Comics are GREAT today

If we lived in a society where people could be free to live and speak,

Worst Kite-Festival EVER!

I'm a rebel without a cause, or a non-cause... Ask me anything!

I think you're drunk! Ask me anything!

What's your favorite quote?

I like disco!

Disposable Heroes

Tonight's flamebait debate: autographs of people you think are gonna die

Words of Wisdom thread

My daughter turns 18 tomorrow! Ask me ANYTHING!!!

Hmmm...Dizzy Gillespie & U.N. Orchestra...great...

The 'perfect' Christmas gift.

Today's GENIUS "Get Fuzzy" strip


Edith Prickley or Katie Holmes?

i just went to the bathroom - ask me anything

I'm popping popcorn. Ask me anything.

What are your favorite sandwiches to make?

How do I remove/uninstall one of multiple installations of Win2K Pro?

Do you hate it when people put lots of smilies in their posts?

What part of "I don't understand" don't people understand?

History buffs - a question

I am sick and tired of being sick and tired

Come on people, let's start building the Demopedia!

Before my local cartoonists gets sent to Gitmo-enjoy

Christmas Question?

ABBA or Public Enemy?

Hardcore Santa

Today's Get Fuzzy...Bucky Katt perpetuates The Lie

Okay, give me a push

An inspiration

Flies are dirtier than you thought.

OMG the true face of evil! We must stop them!

How much money you need to retire early...

Looking into emergency phone dialer for my mom...

God is speaking through me, ask me anything.

Ahhhh, Doonesbury

Need a pat on the back and a YEA!

Any Nick Drake fans here?

YIKES!-A real life "Gimp" (shudder)

If Chris Berman says "Daylight come and you got a Delhomme"

Movie Trivia: What kind of car is driven by Blade, the Vampire Killer?

What Movie Line Do You Use All The Time In Regular Conversation....

Techie Question!! RE: Recording Online Radio Shows

This is a day to just stay in bed.

Cutesified spellings of names - are you for or against?

A funny commercial!

Here's a chick with some great knockers!

Did Anyone See the new Ford Commercial with Steve McQueen?

Today at 1:40 p.m.,

So I stopped eating cold turkey a week ago...


The politics of It's A Wonderful Life

Max and Lady : Sunday Cheer

I need help learning how to say no

Does anyone have the link for the cat/car commercial from last night?

"Hallelujah! Holy shit!"

I know its been said before, but its worth repeating

Heavy Satire

What are you doing today?

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY: One year ago today I was adopted by my cat Abbott

Hey cool, I found 6 week old milk in the fridge. Should I open it?

If you could pick up the phone and say one thing to George W. Bush,

"The O'Franken Factor for Kids" by Al Franken & Stuart Smalley

Oh, shove me HARD......I've got to go Xmas shopping...

There once was a girl from Nantucket . . . .

I'm asking for this movie for Christmas. Have y'all seen it?


Southerners, please go to the Southerners Group, vote for recipe now.

Wouldn't it be fun to have a "too hot for DU" thread?

It's a great day today!

Think the Giants got their money's worth..................

Dave Mustaine's words of wisdom.

The destiny of aliens coming to this planet...

If you could pick up the phone and say one thing to John Kerry,

"Don't forget Bill O'Reilly is disgusting" who saw that

Was I the only kid who used to leave Santa a shot and a beer?

Fans mark 65 years of 'Gone With the Wind'

Teen Finds Marijuana Brick on Beach

Was 2Puff Shaquer the best hip hopper ever?

official chargers-suckaneers thread

Lisa it's your birthday

SO, I stopped taking Zoloft cold turkey one week ago

"They're us, we're them, we're all for one and stronger than all."

Santa Claus is dead.

It's pointless binary poll time!

This is what I am asking for Christmas, what do you want?

Purging the Purgers

Why are some TV stations quieter than others?

Hey, check it out. It's my 500TH POST!!!! Ask me anything.

59 viruses and Norton is still scanning my hard drive!

They're playing baseball up there in pittsburgh

I urge you guys to help me!

Sister Scissors - on SNL Lastnight - How Would You Describe

I am watching Uhura and have all the Star Trek movie DVDs

Diner appreciation thread...

Exhausted, ask me anything

Diesel Sweeties

Hell no! I know all, Ask ME Anything.

make some flakes

EXPOSED!!! There's A Secret Hot Tub Just For DU Moderators...

A question for anyone who's filed a malpractice lawsuit.

Now that I've have a thousand

Advice on neighbor problem

Chicago DUers. Need Help Getting Around.

Who Wants Pizza?


Damn, I want a really good book to read, and I know..

Men's luge

Anyone ever travel the Alaskan Highway?

Let's write a story: Grab the closest book to you and open it up

Name all the pets you have ever had

Share your kookiest dream ever

Car experts - What about a SAAB?

If you live in Chicago

Would you pee in McCarthy's pots?

my 4-year old laptop is so "obsolete", i can't find anything this bad new!

Buying a used laptop, what would you look out for?

Cool! Ebay just sent me an outbid notice - right AFTER the auction closed

You Got To Be Kidding Me With This Jets-Steelers Game

Just saw on CNN, Lacy Peterson died...

Check out my latest song parody, y'all!

So I stopped drinking wild turkey last week......................


7 down, 6 to go!

I got the best Christmas tree EVER this year on first sight

Question about spyware

Serious Question- What do you call your in-laws?

Death By Chocolate, the cereal?

Some punk teenage kids just looked at me oddly.

A journalist from the Nation wants to interview me!

if you could live in a 'comic book super hero' universe....

How to take a shower - Woman vs. Man

What were your childhood Sundays like?

What is do you like to least at your house?

"We Polled A Recent Studio Audience And Got The Best Response To This..."

I love garage sales!

Dark Day for the Nation

I urge you guys to help me get more posts. Ask me anything.

Miracle on 34th Street tonight on AMC!

Used tombstone for sale

Best frozen Pizza?

How many things that we love wouldn't exist without the "gay" influence??

I am making Ikura and have a whole egg sack of Salmon Roe,

Which has more brains: A can of No Frill Potted Meat or Bill O'Reilly?

Chicago -- you're great

I think I wanna get drunk, ask me anything

Can a pro-life person eat a hamburger?

UPDATE: fruedian slip girl

I thought 'roid rage involved hemorrhoids...

Which has more brains: A can of Spotted Dick or Rush Limbaugh?

What do you know about Separation of Church and State?

The difference between men and women

Former WWF superstar now a conservative college speaker...

Who is your choice to win Survivor tonight?

This is my 3000th post

Who would you rather date? Ann Coulter or this Old woman?

Firefox question.. anyone know the answer?

Michael Jackson's Prints Found on Porn Mags

If I Can Hear Boom-Boom Cars, In My House, With The Windows Closed...


Brain Teaser: Let's Make A Deal

Cruelty Free Vegan Shopping article

Need help selecting a juicer !

What's That Song?

Bernard Goetz to Appear in Low-Budget Horror Flick

Disney Feud to Be Played Out in TV Movie

Who do you PREDICT will get killed on Lost before the season ends?

Am I the only DUer addicted to Apprentice?

What would property law look like in a Christian state?

Any 'recovering' Catholics here?

yes, dear souls, you CAN prove a negative. and you CAN be an atheist

Any Lutherans in the house?

Bird Flu Approaching Australia

In Boston, it's illegal for married gay men to have sex with each other.

Anyone else having trouble getting on

Seahawks beat the Vikings in a close one

NHL strike: I blame it on Bush

My cat drools. Does yours?

A Holiday Reminder -- Poisonous Poinsettias!

Why men are attracted to subordinate women

Devilish plot of Hitler’s horoscope

Call to New Year's Peace Vigil voiced by Traditional Elders

Timeline for Bush's Second Term, at Starlight News


Fleet Reserve Association News-Bytes - 12/09/04

I am faxing Kerry tomorrow morning early

Reply to yet another Negative Kerry Post

I don't believe we had a thread for portraiture yet.

suggestions for digitizing old slides

what if baby W had accidentally been switched at birth and had gone home

Ex-presidential yacht may be bought by U.S.

Borrow $2 Trillion over next 10 years to avoid borrowing in 2043 - WHY?

US Holiday Cheer In Gitmo

Freepers! Come to DC and celebrate the Inauguration!

You wish you had soul like a freeper...

Fmr. Sen. Allan Simpson on Bill Maher (they fight like mad)

Daily Show on Bill O'Reilly


If the Democratic Party is "big tent," then do we really stand for

bush is not a Christian; maybe he's a NEO-christian.

so what's it going to take

Alberto Gonzales - incompetent/screwed up Kerik background check

Know your right wing think tanks! (their latest plan.)

From - Report from the DNC meeting

Sam Parry: Election 2004 Myths& Mysteries

New photo toon

In the wake of Kerik, the Six Fundamental Principles of Giuliani Partners

Is the Bush Administration Corrupt?

Holistic Government Reform

Transcript of Meet the Press, today

oh the irony -- GWB could never get a cabinet position

Chimp pays back Pioneer$/Ranger$

Do you think it was wise to hire Dick Morris to advise Democratic Party?

Here's a Wild Idea Regarding the DNC

How to frame Free Trade

Dean makes it clear - He wants the DNC chair and will forego Prez...

MARCH NOW.. its time... story from DC rally today ..

Let's list issues our party needs to concentrate on

Expose the RW TAX-EXEMPT hate-speech factories (aka"think tanks)

Proposed Rule on campaign donation changes ...

Emergency alert system

most bush supporters are DEMOCRATS...but too stupid to know it! ROTFL!

Howard Dean on MTP/Video segment

Democrat Groups Raise More 'Soft Money'

Hey -- what happened to the approval ratings stories?

Anti-Voter Fraud Rally Today

Sen. Chuck Hagel Throws Rummy under the bus!/Video

Has this one of ** been posted yet?

Pentagon official backs sexual assault policy recommendations

Do Democrats need to make any changes in their strategy?

Stumbled upon Backs on Bush. An Inauguration Day idea:

Time for Bush to go into his "bi-partisan" mode....

Political yard-sign case heads to court (Kerry-Edwards sign)

Action Alert: Urge Congress to investigate why HUMVEEs lack adequate

Few Democratic politicians and big names will admit to reading DU....

Suspected Arms Dealer Had Pentagon Contracts

A great reporter in the Tampa Tribune

Move to the Center

Why Is "Faith" A Good Thing?

the 60% meme

11 Threads critical of Dems, 2 threads vs. Republicans...

For ex-Marine, 'Iraq's not worth it'

If you can't beat em, join em. Why we should register Republican

Conflict of Interest and Federal Election Law

Just wanted to know how the various deminstrations went today.

RW "troop support"; soldier Qs lack of armor, so kill him & the leftists.

Tapping the phones of IAEA ElBaradei is shameless.

Fox: "McCain's High Profile Stirs Talk of Presidential Run"

OK, what MSM stories are we competing against re: voter fraud?

Dean DNC

Al From on c span right now....big time fool n/t

All new Bush nominees must be investigated and HOUNDED.

DNC: We need more DIVERSITY in the leadership.

My response to the DNC feedback email

Saddam's lawyer on BBC now...

NO wmd. NO ties to 911 attacks. NO ties to al Qaeda. NO world support.

new meme: republican voting machines

What's the best way to save Social Security?

With Kerik, bush AGAIN demonstrates his total INCOMPETENCE.

Should we run a national campaign in 2008?

Lieberman as Head of Homeland Security?

Attack On DU Calling the DUer Delusional

Wake up America....Bernard Kerik was a sign.

Joe Lieberman is the "perfect" politician...

is Rick Santorum seeking re-election to Senate for sure ?

Should Zell Miller have been purged from the Democratic Party?

I have a serious question here, and I ask it strictly as a member of DU.

Purge the Heathens!!!

Sen Hagel (R) loses confidence in Rumsfeld

Kerik - Is the "hired an illegal" just a "dog ate homework" type excuse...

Biden for 2008

Heres a good but inexpensive way to spread the word about fraud

Moderates: does the party need the left?

My 2 cents on why I think Dean would be good as DNC chair.

Fist's Stock Market Losses

Do you find all the talk of 'purges' within our party disturbing?

Make sure the Conyers forum in Ohio is televised - in about 2 seconds!

I like the way Dean handled the issue of choice on MTP today.

Possible meaning of bush cabinet resignations

Howard Dean on Meet The Press this morning

How long will America let Bushco get away with Iraqi War?

Who would vote for Kerry after the pathetic lack of interest in the

Would Kerry have won Ohio easily if they had nominated Kucinich for VP?

Which is most disturbing about Alberto (Torture) Gonzales?

Just back from New York Election Fraud Rally

Remember, we have to keep up the pressure to filibuster Gonzales

Who else has seen anti-Bush messages on $1 bills?

Age of New Green Party members and other defectors from the Dem Party

A warning found in the street today.

Sen Linsey Graham (R SC) proposes $200,000 wage cap on Soc Security

Trippi and bloggers got kicked out of the Q&A sessions in Orlando.

Purging is an inherently undemocratic policy