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Archives: December 17, 2004

Ringo Starr narrated for "Thomas the Tank Engine"?


Data lacking on gun-control laws

The control argument you never hear. Yes the NRA is lying their ass off

Massad Ayoob

How do you make GHB?

Bush Looking at Cutting Domestic Spending

GOP Gains Boost Chances of Alaska Drilling

Rumsfeld to personally sign all condolence letters

Holiday Cheer Limited to Upscale Stores

Gunman Loose at Landmark Crystal Cathedral

At Guantanamo, a Prison Within a Prison CIA Has Run a Secret Facility for

Airline bans family over bomb joke

NYT - Lapses Feared in 2000 Vetting of Kerik

Rescuer in Sept. 11 Attacks Denied Workers' Comp

Soldier Charged With Having Himself Shot

UK Media Committee Wants Independent BBC Oversight

Legislation sets stage for National ID

Testing the currents of multipolarity (loss of US geostrategic influence)

Pasco County bans Christmas Trees

Man Dies After Police Use Taser Gun On Him

General sees Iraq 'victory' in a year

Election lawsuit gathering steam in mainstream media (!)

WP: New Director Might Prepare Bush's Daily Intelligence Brief

Rumsfeld Is More Likely to Go Now

Pop-Art Hitler Show Near Dachau Sparks Outrage

Judge Orders Halt to YUKOS Unit Auction

Ex-Denver Mayor Announces Run for DNC

Public surveillance raises privacy concerns

Welcome to Civilization

Some States Split With Bush on Emissions

Honda Reveals Next-Generation ASIMO

Kerry campaign issues letter to Ohio Secretary of State demanding recount

Ex-military lawyers will oppose Gonzales

U.S. citizen in Saudi Arabia may have right to challenge detention

Dutch medics call for wider euthanasia laws

NYT - Guard Reports Serious Decline in New Recruits

7th Canadian Region Set To Approve Gay Marriage

U.N. may expand support for Iraq

WP: For Rebuilders of Sadr City, Gratitude Tainted by Mistrust

Casino Fined for Peeping Surveillance Cams

Santa Cited for Marijuana Possession

As Bush stands firm, states flirt with Europe on carbon controls

Bechtel to pay Iraqi worker $90,000 to settle bias case

Rescuer in Sept. 11 attacks denied workers' comp

U.S. ruling restricts random drug tests

Details of World Trade Center memorial released

DOI: Kerik didn't fill out background form as New York police commissioner

Prosecutor mocks NY terrorism defendant saying he's `quite a patriot'

Treaty Trusted More Than U.S.--Daily Yomiuri, Japan

Canada Signals Crackdown on Internet Pharmacies

Bush: Social Security Plan Has Safeguards

Rumsfeld charged in criminal complaint by Germans

Reading Canadian newspapers is SUCH a breath of fresh air

What's so great about a hybrid gas/battery car?

Truthseeker Thread!

How embarrassing for us.. Reuters' Pictures of the Year

Great story from Iraq!

Anyone here ever had a Lithotripsy?

Religion in public

Asia Times: "How Iran will fight back"

Letter from David Brock to Bill O'Reilly , good read.

The Funniest thing I have ever seen about the Terror Warning System

I'm beginning to think some in the media are getting backbones

Reality TV will hit a new low on Jan. 3.....Fox will do the honors....

Who would be interested in getting together in Charlotte, NC

The spirit of life

Shell Gas Stations going Solar to save the environment.

Nightline is doing PTSD among Iraq vets.

Has anyone read "The Republican Noise Machine"....

White House can't spell

Congratulation Democratic Underground!

Dateline: Vancouver Dec 13, 2004

Soldiers having family shoot them to avoid going back to Iraq...

Corporations don't control:

NIGHTLINE on ABC, EST has soldiers that have come home . . .

What ya'll know about grants?

Is it the government's responsibility to ensure the viability of

Wow, was this guy ever spot-on about what would happen if we invaded

Great short video on Building 7

How many evil pukes do you think we have onboard?

Arson arrest in Charles County Maryland and guess what - not ecoterrorism.

stock mkt is up today. tomorrow we take 5k and buy maple leaves

I hate to say this but My hubby is really getting scared about me being on

Jon Stewart really firing on all pistons tonight!!!!

A pilot dispels the laser-as-a-terror-weapon BS

dumb question....

So just who does BUSHCO think their enemies are?

Prophet, enemy, or. . leader?

The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.

Will Iraq have a civil war no matter how long we stay there?

A Freeper's prayer

My own private propaganda war...

CIA Watchdog Reporter "Suicided"!

Flexibility on Abortion Issue Anyone?

Bob "Freedom Fries" Ney to meet with House Ethics Committee

For my 1000th post - a little about me and other things

Notice Anything Wrong With This Bush Photo?

inserting pictures

Comparing Freedom

I hate Republicans!

The five stages of spiritual growth..... according to Scott Peck

A Guide to Empire

nobel peace prize to Wangari Maathai and the Green Belt Movement

Washington DC refuses to foot the bill for greedy MLB Franchise

'Jesus' appears in front of Pat Robertson's CBN News HQ

Sirota again: "Debunking Centrism"...Al From foaming at mouth.

If we can't beat Bush, then maybe we should beat the Christian Right

A perfect example of legislative abuse...

Perhaps the little girl sitting in the street with the beanie baby.... was

Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA - welcome Air America Radio!

Psycho bumper sticker encounter on the streets of San Francisco

It's always Christmas for W

Here's a funny story and true!

Sam Seder discussed the "Bush Monkey" Painting.......

Check out my side project site....

The messiah speaks..

Bible Crazy man gets three years!/ Video

Whilst Mr. Rumsfeld was visiting Iraq seeing how his torture was going....

Bill Clinton's Achievements (Far better than Bush's)

Naomi Klein on Majority Report saying privatizing SS bankrupted Argentina

has anyone ever seen this site? ?

Which DVD burning program do you use?

Is Boobengrabber's move against the lunch break his Waterloo?

PART III: To believe that Bush won the election, you must also believe:


Keep Kicked: 9/16 New Alerts To Help Recount,,Invesigation, Challenges

Is it possible that Kerry will unconcede?

Did Ohio Supreme Court Judge screw himself?

The Big Difference Between the 2000 Selection and the 2004 Robbery


I'm a low down dirty dog dem and proud to be one!

MSM protest CBS NYC. 51 capitalsmarch------

They've Turned the Inaugural Parade into a Military Operation >>>

What R the odds of PERFECT RECOUNTS in multiple counties

Deja vu, no recount for you...

Testimony: Diebold reprogramming machines before Ohio recount

U.S. Constitution Mandates Penalties for States Where Votes Are Obstructed

on who's shoulders rest our best hope Poll

It's the 3+ million vote padding, Stupid!

Got this email today: 20 Amazing Facts about Voting in the USA

Please DU this Washington State poll

Should Congress contest the presidential election ? ACT NOW !

NJ electronic vote may have been padded

A Rallying Call.....Sorry, I couldn't help myself..:)

Olbermann time!

The return of the repressed

Let's review OHIO once again

Malloy is misinformed. Help him out! AAR!

Justice Moyers to Arneback: Your Fancy-Pants Legal Language :-D

New Statistical Analyses?

Raw Story ...Still developing... Diebold also tampered with Ohio voting

cnn just had a blurb about the ohio suit being thrown out on a tech

I just signed this, gave the dems a piece of my mind. Please act now.

Tomorrow on C-SPAN1 - "Inaugural Parade Protests" - 1:00pm ET

grrrrrr..... Recount finding little change

JamBoi's Last Words...

"Roll Me Over....Roll Me Over...Roll Me Over...and Do IT AGAIN! Do It

Dumb question Re: Moyer...

"KO" ..does a "thumbs down" more time on Kerik than Ohio...but give

How do we make one broadcaster break ranks?

Is this another technicality?

NJ coordinator for 51 caps march-workin on - but I need a tad bit of help

NW suburbs

New Group Proposal: Website, DB, & Software Developers Group

Follow-up on KoKo01's question concerning Kos thread....

Why was my thread moved?

Why was my thread locked???????????????????????????????????????????

Admins....could you please address this?

About Polls: Just registering my approval of an idea posted here

Massad Ayoob

The control argument you never hear. Yes the NRA is lying their ass off

Data lacking on gun-control laws

Rate Of Sea Level Rise Faster Than Thought - NASA

The downstream dangers of your perfume

Soaring Ice-Sheet Melt Rates "Incontrovertible" (In The Wash. Times?!?)

EPA Charges Biggest US Pipeline Company With Evading Emergency Tests

Domenici (R-NM) Pushing Oil Drilling Off Florida - ENS

Intelligence reform bill media provisions

Is it wrong to...

New Harry Potter DVD (Prisoner) -- how do you

Link to a more in-depth article on the Rutgers HIV drug that is promising.

My latest column: domestic violence

Home Depot and Bush--"Laughing Off Victims"

Tactical Bush puts his war with Annan on hold ... for now

Salon/Conason: Torture Begins at the Top

Watchdog: Fraud in Iraq oil sales

Empire Of Amnesia

Has anyone read Cornell West "Democracy Matters"

Illustrate lives for oil trade

Fleet Reserve Association News-Bytes - 12-16-04

"Coming home" SN&R

Judges' verdict on terror laws provokes constitutional crisis

2 Short but Great NYT LTTEs about Medals of Freedom yesterday

Yeah, we just got back from the vet and Sylvester is doing great!

should I be a left wing elecrician ?

Rome Reborn.....

It's here! It's here!!!

What does a typical MRI scan cover?

Cat question....introducing a kitten into a home with a senior

did you know...

I'm thinking of....

So...who else is having DU problems accessing anything

Got Crack?

It is time for Uncle Chavez to suck you in

Bill Frist

Judith Regan Pics...

We're all just women. We are not nothing. We are everything.

Ok, I admit it. I'm cranky.

My 800th post!

!seippup ruoy em wohS

I am now a collage graduate

When will Faux attack Festivus?

Would you buy a used car from this giggling, smirking homocidal maniac?

One rocking thing about the new job...

Post your passwords here.


Do Pink Flying Unicorns Exist?

Orange County, CA DUers: How realistic is the "O.C."'s depiction?

Stop Killing Innocent Puppies! Petition

LOL, CNN hedges their bets, Osama either dead or alive.

I'm tired of not being able to post a photo and I am mad!

UGGGHH, I was just notified today

Very Funny Flash Video

freepers on Kerik

Oh, for God's sake.

Anagrams for your least favorite politicians!

Remember when Kirk Cameron was the drummer for Beastie Boys?

What do you call a twelve-year-old female liberal virgin?

Where do you decide to discuss things and receive info>

Don't know Lowell George? Bring a blessing upon youself and know him now.

"Idjits" You must check out this picture:

How come Ellen Degeneres is suddenly giving away bazillion-dollar gifts?

Can't download, what shall I do? (not technical problem, in a way)

From the bottom of my heart I feel we have a better chance finding


Hey! I finally lost my "Du-er formerly known as.........." handle.....


Armed police, "The Passion of the Christ", and a sign that reads...

Of the HUNDREDS of pieces of "art" that have been flashed before

The Apprentice: Jen or Kelly?

More Ovaltine Please!

What song are you listening to right now?

What is your tolerance of being offended?

So THIS is Judith Regan?

This could be an Eddie Izzard thread, if you all would like it to be.

Just so you all know. This thread really ticked me off...

Tomato sauce simmering on the stove.

Batman or Superman?

Anyone familiar with Adrian Belew's Pretty Pink Rose?

Return of the King--Extende; GWTW--4-disc set; Dallas--1st/2nd Seasons

Plant will burn turkey dung to generate power.

Soul singer poll: Bobby Womack or Teddy Pendergrass?

What Do You Get When You Gather Thirty Two Freepers In A Room?

anyone see vince gill on the pbs guitarfest?

So proud of my $$$ boss >

I had know idea that all of the laws that we live by today...

Ga. Cabin That Inspired 'Love Shack' Burns

Any bread bakers here?

Favorite kind of Dollar Bill amount.

You all know that judge who wore his black robe with...

Got Ecstasy?

For my 1000th post - a little about me and other things

Taking a break from DU - Xmas with the grandkids - back the 27th!

May I post a fantasy football question...

That chick's getting trashed on the Apprentice, right?

MOVELEFT.COM has a new look.

Where is my America? (updated graphic)

Mr. Met...


Woody sez: This land is your land, this land is my land...

Randy Johnson goes to the Yankees

I have a question about modern martial arts films, can anyone help?

Pornaoke - Why do we Europeans come up with ALL the best ideas?

Second-hand pot smoke

So... Let's say you were soon to turn 50.

My New Car Stereo

Anyone catch the 10pm Food Network show where they made prime rib?

Rhymes with

My neighbor's dog constantly howls night after night.

Why don't we do it in the road?


This Land... A Parody

Pantera's Anselmo Breaks Silence on Dimebag Murder (Anselmo done w/music?)

The Daily Show is cookin tonight

I saw a "Hate your President" bumper sticker today.

It would be really, really hard to pee looking at this...

Imagine if you car slipped out of gear and rolled off a dock

You Know You're a Pothead When...

So what is Nikepallas?

Is Jesus a Blonde Hair, Blue Eyed, White, Male?

Is cussing not allowed here anymore?

Introducing Pope Pius XIII. Anyone ever heard of this guy?

"Lost In Translation": Did You Love It or Hate It?

ARRRGH! Freeper used the "man on dog" arguement with me today! Hold me.

Hello. I am an INTP. What are you?

!thginot daerht siht no sdrawkcab klat s'teL

Cirque Du Soleil: Breathtaking Creativity or One Big Cirque-L-Jerk?

Has anybody changed their avatar recently...

If you had the power to blink one puke out of existence,

Unwanted Names

Who is the sexiest jazz musician?

What do you call a freeper with both a rooster and a hen?

SCUM (Society for Cutting Up Men)


Who is the ugliest rock 'n roll performer of all-time?

Building a Henge are we?

More on the upcoming snowstorm

Truly disturbing news for Van Morrison fans

Left or right handed?

Taking a break from DU

It's a "pour out your hatred" thread

Ok grinches, let's come up with the list of WORST CHRISTMAS GIFTS

Who do you still mourn for? (I mean, that anyone else would know.)

Need a french-type dessert

XXXXX wins THE APPRENTICE.... (spoiler) will never get those lost hours

New Harry Potter DVD (Prisoner) -- how do you

Christianity and Magic

Link to a more in-depth article on the Rutgers HIV drug that is promising.

Fantasy Football Advice

Report: Yankees to Acquire Randy Johnson

Kitty Bookends

Okay, just one more pic of Sonic, then I will do my best to stop.

Fleet Reserve Association News-Bytes - 12-16-04


Pictures from Miami

populists vs the 'golden age' robber barons..

One way Democrats can beat GOP in Red States

Nearly 900 U.S. Kids Lost a Parent in War

Eric over @ posted this artwork spongegeorge Bush pants

Blackwell leading Republican for Ohio Governorship, according

I wrote to Erik Mink to thank him for the the article about Edward Pitts

Will Bush allow a Terrorist attack? When will it be?

Did I miss Bill Moyers Now

I just got elected vice chair of my county party, ask me anything

Krugman and the Social Security Issue

"This is an issue on which I campaigned and I'm still standing"--Bush

Watch Bush get REAL pissed during this interview

Josh Marshall: Does your Sen/Rep want to phase out Social Security??

Strategic initiative idea

David Brock on Fresh Air Thurs, listen now online

Spelin ekamonik stuff rite be hard wurk

It's funny because it's true...

Don't forget: Moyers' last broadcast 12/17/04 on PBS

KO - Kerik had no nanny?

AFL-CIO on Bush Soc Sec plan: Wall Street Wins, Retirees Lose

Maybe it's thge Vodka, but... (DF fuckin A!)

Film planned about the battle for Falluja to star Harrison Ford

SUPA DUBYA: "the usurping bastard child of an archaic plutocratic system"

Boy Scouts vs. ACLU

How have advocating NAFTA and free trade helped politically?

Giuliani Hurt By Kerik Nomination Scandal

Just heard that Harold Ford Jr. will be seeking

History Reminds Us Why We Separated Church and State

Yes! Rumors circulating that M. Sheen may run for Ohio Gov!

How Iran Is Winning Iraq (WP Op-Ed)

Nobody in federal government gets armored limos until 100% of troops do

The Rise of the Amerikan Nazis Part I was posted....

Two NYT LTTE writers say Missle Test Failure Clinton's Fault...(!?!?)

Fall of the House of Rudy

What, no Herbert link? -- "Fiddling as Iraq Burns".

U.S. obviously didn't do all it could to protect troops [bush lunch money]

Secret Intelligence and the 'War on Terror'

Mountain Lions Move East, Breeding Fear on the Prairie - WP

George Bush and God

Social Security Privitization? The Daily Howler speaks.

Paul Krugman (NYT): Buying Into Failure

Listen to the Admiral- Goss, Rumsfeld, Casey's deathbed confessions

Torture begins at the top (Rumsfeld implicated)

Good Commentary On The Would-Be "Gay Book" Banner

Hitler the Tax Dodger

Let the Liberals Whine!

A couple cartoons:

DLC: Democrats Love Corporations?

The failed US face of Fallujah

E. J. Dionne Jr. Getting the chills:( or keeping facts from people) W O W


UPDATED! National Media Blaster: NYTimes article, Ohio Hearing Video, MORE

Post info on Dem and progressive paraphernalia here

Ed Schultz drops local ND show to focus nationally

Bill Moyers' Last Show Tonight: Media Fairness, Consolidation

Use the Trust Fund for SBA/Student Loans etc?

US Uses China, India To Block Discussion On Post-Kyoto Plans `

Where is that darn uranium?

Please help stop Shark Finning, Sign the Petition

AGU Conference - Explosions Of Vegetation Follow Alaskan Glacial Retreat

New way to get rid of MTBE

GM Hybrid Buses Fall Far Short Of Promised Fuel Efficiency

Climate Talks Stall Hours Before Adjournment - AFP

Solar Power Goes Portable With Power-Generating Films - Reuters

Changes needed for both gun control and trade policies in party

If you support gun control, what tools do you think should ....

An idea more than a question

Would you please comment on this post? It directly involves you.

Hiya Skinner

If one hits "alert" on what they think is a rule-breaking post...

two days worth of archived posts

Q: about User Profiles

D'you ever worry that some people take DU way too seriously?

soooo....20,000 bug reports in 4 days according to bug thread

I have a joke for you:

Call me picky

Regarding the photo forum

Was the "Scariest cameltoe ever" thread really all that inappropriate?

A Post Locked for being "Dead" while actively being replied to?

Donated an hour ago. How long till I get a star?

Don't do it, Shimon

Israeli Soldier 'Under Orders To Shoot Unarmed People'

Tunnel collapse traps six in Gaza

Teen pleads guilty to Jewish school firebombing

U.S., Israel: Dismissal of defense official not on agenda

US Man Admits Role In Smuggling Arms To Israel

Former Professor Sentenced To State Prison (fake anti-semitic attack)

Sharon will maintain roadblocks to peace

Off topic (?) ( Gary Webb )

Making Connections Key in Cook County (my letter to the Cook County Dems)

To any Democrat considering a run in 2008....

Would it be ok to remind the FBI about one of their tasks?

self delete posted by someone else already

Ohio Action Alert Kick this.

Moyers Retirement NYT: Where is there anyone like him up and coming?...

Rumsfeld to personally sign all condolence letters

If you need the e-mail address for each Ohio County Board of Elections...

Who needs MSM? We need a novelist!

The biggest bastard in Ohio... Besides Blackwell...

New Europeans Magazine - U.S.: A Call for a New Election

Yes! Rumors circulating that M. Sheen may run for Ohio Gov!

GOP to Sue Over 573 Found Wash. Ballots

Stolen Election? We Won't Put Up With Another "Florida 2k!"

Former Secretary of State pushes for new vote [Washington's governer race]

A new Ohio website for Ohio voters

Many in the Dem. Party... some even call themselves "liberal"

What about the Grand Jury? Think it will work?

A new Ohio website especially for Ohio voters

Any Xenia OH DUers? PM me.

Just emailed the FBI and got a call back.

Promise that you won't give up

Where all do we see more votes than voters -- documented stories wanted

same precincts for other recounts ? Really? Can that be illustrated? n/t

Behind closed doors Blackwell, Rove & the Chimp are just laughing at us

Freedom Fighters in Ohio Call for Help

I got invited to the inaugural ......

Need help refuting a freeper

Cannonfire website has an update on election challenge in Ohio

Letter from David Brock to Bill O'Reilly , good read.

Interesting comments on CBC this AM about election..."cornered"

Two N.C. Officials Resign Over Voting Problems

music video -the usurping bastard child of an archaic plutocratic system"

link to affidavit "cheat sheet" on page 5 paragraphs 3 and 4

Googled "Exit Poll Probability" and 48,000 links came up

"Impeach the Lying SOB"


2004-12-17: Ohio Recount Update from Cobb campaign

OBL pre-election tape full transcript....mentions "election fraud"...

have you guys seen this

If I were a Kerry adviser right now

Are there any Local dem leaders out there.?

Green Party's Cobb says GOP donors concerned about voting machines...

Good LttE: Dig a Little Deeper on the Ohio Recount Story

Kerry campaign issues letter to Blackwell demanding investigation

Belmont, Jefferson Counties recounts done....

Pressure on Senators: A pragmatic suggestion posted at dKos

Try.. and try again.

Hocking Ohio, I am sure everyone saw Keith's show on 12/16/04

Exactly how would you "fix" the tally when punch cards are used?

Email Update from the Greens.

Anyone have access to Ohio Dispatch archives? Want old Blackwell article


Ohio campaign finance seems so connected to voting issues.

The SCLM is right, and "we" are pussies.

"John Kerry, pull us from the water"

Lawsuit filed today!!

ARNEBECK Says May Refile As Early As Today 12/17 AP

It seems like there is only one way to insure fair elections...

Ohio lawsuit will be refiled by Monday, to be refiled as 2 lawsuits

Why is anyone involved in the Ohio recount hard up for $$??

My Christmas email about election fraud to my *ie family

Lynn Landes: Settle for nothing short of all-paper voting

Look in my eyes I am omnipotent, you will learn to call me God.

It's so damn easy for a 3rd party to be all that......

Voting machine error rates vs demographics of Co. Distribution

A Blue with the Blues in a Red State....

Lawmakers, Election Officials Push for Change After Vote

Motivational Quote, Courtesy of Kenneth Blackwell.

Has anybody been in contact with Max Cleland?

Blackwell on Tavis Smiley - transcript and comment

Election Forensics (Trust and Verify)

Creep City! Ohio Governor Calling "Emergency Session"

Is the 2004 Election Over?

Even the "National Geographic" told us about the machines

New article on recounts in Franklin, Cuyahoga, Hamilton.

More uncounted ballots found in Washington

This company claims to be working with some states and their machines

OHIO Democrat seeks to overturn election of county post

Has Arnebeck refiled lawsuit ?

Blackwell claims any Fraud would have to involve Democrats

Florida slots campaign asks judge to dismiss fraud allegations

Diebold goes wireless

If Munro thinks its cool for WA; let's make it happen for the USA

Breaking...Washington State Former Secretary of State pushes for new vote

OK, NEW red flags in Preble County need to be addressed.....

"Hack-a-Vote system"

WA RECOUNT: Gregoire Likely to Win w/o 573 uncounted King Co. ballots

$1 MILLION REWARD for Proof of Machine Tampering

"The Big Fix" . . . by Daniel Hopsicker . . .

Request: Looking for charts on Ohio Black Disenfranchisement

The best way to find out how your donor dollars are spent by

Hey, Washingtonians, Will The 'Thugs Try And Recall Gregoire

Petition for a nationwide revote

What type of Machines are Used

Washington Rethugs Try to Block Newly Found Legal Ballots

Feeney implicated in vote fraud

2004 election effect: Conason's candidate for the DNC is Paul Begala!!!

WA: Looks like Gregoire will pull this one out of the hat! 2 counties left

Breaking: Washington State At least 127 ballots missing?

How are the Iraqi election ballots going to be counted?

New company emerges to supply "fair" voting machines for 2006

Kerry's (old) Video revisted and analyzed: Please Read

Well, here's why all the 3% counts are matching up in Ohio.....

Kerry Expects Unifying Inagural - statement from spokesman David Wade

Will there be Jan.6 march/protest in DC?

This is why we must keep up the fight.

Green Party Candidate David Cobb blasts Kerry; says he's thwarting recount

Anyone know what happened in Columbus tonight

AP wire "Ohio's election recount changes some vote totals"

A little optimism

I see this amusing schizophrenia on the election fraud front


Fax the Prosecuting Attorney in Hocking Ohio about the CHEAT SHEET!!!!!!!!

****Faxing over the Internet!! ***

Ohio Recount Update

Two Elections Officials Resign In Gaston County, NC

Senator Barbara Mikulski (MD) contact info--she might be willing to help

UPDATE: Katrina in Greene County, Ohio - (12/17 3PM ET) - Please Read!

Petition to Congress - election investigation - 54,048 signatures



Bus/Carpool to D.C. 1/06/2005?

Roll call for the 6th. Who's going?

From LBN: Feeney implicated in vote fraud

Arnebeck suit refiled...12/17

At last !!! Bev Shows us the Money !!!!!

Think of banks and laugh: a new way to talk to people about vote fraud.

US Count seeking precinct level data

Action items to contact senators - got more for the list?

The best pre-Christmas event for Democrats in Southern CA

Take Action! Speak Out for Hetch Hetchy's Revival

Is WCAL going to become the new "REV 105"?

X-Box Live hookup through DSL modem.

TMPGEnc users, how do you decrease overall processing time?

Soultion for one keyboard/mouse/monitor, multiple boxes?

If you need the e-mail address for each Ohio County Board of Elections...

Ohio Secretary of State

Ohio Legislature

If you haven't Googled "santorum" lately

Voting problems in Texas

Austin DU Brunch over the holidays?

Now 2 major spills (Delaware, Alaska) ... Fight Big Oil with us on Jan. 20

Iraqi Firms Hopeful for Future: Poll --Daily Star

TRUE OR FALSE? US is now officially the world's richest 3rd world nation?

Ummm...what happened to all of the Osama and Saddam doubles?

Most tedious "issue" distracting America from dealing with REAL issues.

Do you listen to

This website's a bit out of date...

Rumsfeld to personally sign all condolence letters

Are there any left wing progressive phone books out there ?

Our children and grandchildren are our country's future

I was raised Baptist, leaning agnostic

Free Republic "FDR is dead get over it thread"

Finally, a book on the REAL Bush record!

Adoption? Abortion?

Shady Republican bastards in Ohio!

Maybe If and when we democrats regain control

Wish in one hand and shit in the other

little boys love to play dress up.....have you noticed this????

So what does everyone think...

FSTV--A Child's Century of War

Bernie Ward's talking about the supposed "Assault on Christmas"

After seeing what we have done in Fallujah

If you have a Democratic Senator, be sure to tell him/her to vote for...

Gary Webb's memorial service and coroner comments on multishot suicide

'Wife Swap' UK Producers Sue Fox Over Show

Memo to Kerik: get a new lawyer

Besides free papers are there really any liberal papers

Stupidest accusations by the right-wing?

Omg..... Iraq War Price Tag Tops $100B!!!

Analysis: Forgotten Coverage of Afghan 'Freedom Fighters' (Osama)

The United States is DEAD, get over it

What I hope is the definitive argument against ID.

The Ten Kings of Revelation 18

Nick Anderson's cartoon re armor better than a thousand words

How in the hell are we going to overcome this.

Bet she voted for Bush before she "Raptured"

Why can't we come up with a single all-inclusive symbol representing the

"The enemy of my enemy is my friend"

GI accused of having self shot to avoid Iraq redeployment

The Nation: Wal-Mart business model "needs to create more poverty to grow"

to Cogress: no meddling with the Endangered Species Act (sign pledge)

I finally got to see the UCC Ad

Zell's to do list for new Fox show.

What did the Ohio court throw out on a technicality???

Guard Reports Serious Drop in Enlistment - NYTimes

How do we get the confederate flag banned?


No-Free-Will, Determinism

Goon who hooked up Kerik love den, ran over homeless woman in '00

Shut the FOX up.

Threads that attract Freeper Sleepers

When it come Social Security reform just say: "ENRON!"

What will you do if Dean is not the next leader of the DNC.

Ohio senators are blogging today at DFA .....Ohio campaign finance reform.

We interrupt this program for a breaking story from our investigative....

Bush Considers Domestic Spending Freeze - Guardian

Do you believe the election was rigged?

You might be a Conservative if...

another WH presidential portrait to be removed?

So is Rummy going to be a sacrificial lamb?

"Kerik Gave Us a Rudy Awakening" Must read!

"Matley Crae" ?

Need help finding picture

Experimental AIDS drugs and human guniea pigs in NYC

The Daily Show

Democratic memes

CIA Agent Says Bosses Ordered Him To Falsify WMD Reports

is this legit reporting? or a violation of victims rights?

Question re: Sirus radio and AAR

The Freeper's Sinister DU Divide and Conqur Plan

Inaugural Parade Protests (A.N.S.W.E.R.) - News Conference - 1PM ET CSPAN1

The actions of one are the result of another

"We don't appreciate foreigners interfering in our internal affairs."

Put Bill Bennett in charge of investing the Social Security money

For those in search of Good Progressive Radio Talk Stephanie Miller link

"The President"

Katherine Lamphert (sp?) is making me h&rny.

Soldier has cousin shoot him to avoid Iraq, both get arrested....

Tourists pose with Cuban Billboard linking US and Fascism

"The Republican's Sinister Secret Plan"

Anyone know what is up with

Deutsche Bank acknowledges energy crisis in print

900 US kids lost a parent in Iraq - so far - most age 10 and under

My Letter from the FCC - Rush Limbaugh is is using obscenity on radio

2fer: REGAN Signs FREY for Book; Chevy CHASE Blues-out Shrub

The mob and sanitation work. What's the story behind that?


Sad future of SS recipients with privatization plans?

Iraq is an Environmental Disaster!

If a Super Race of ETs visit Us Earthlings, what kind of Music would they

Even Cuba can play trump on US, thanks to Bush human rights record

Can anyone imagine what the world will be like in 2008

Bev Harris was payed off by the GOP...

Plenty of parallels and ironies in this story on Mexico's economy

San Antonio to strippers: Show some ID

bushgang turning Fallujah into "total institution" (sociologists term)

Conservatives: "'Moderate' Muslims must take responsibility"

Sen. Evan Bayh

A.N.S.W.E.R. on CSPAN1...noon CST*************************

Baptists in Florida sneakily set up nativity scene on public property

Anyone else just hear Franken's call-in to his show?

google bomb sends MLK fans to racist site

Fl wants to repeal seperation of church & state law

Some Random Thoughts from the Attic

Exposed: Torture Begins at the Top

Isn't it funny that BushCo wants to be sure that after the Iraq elections,

A letter sent from Sojourners about Wal Mart.

Reagan is dead. Get over it.

When I'm elected president I will fix the "Christmas Problem"

All right, let's settle this once and for all! Xmas Trees/Nativities poll

Amber Alert issued after fetus removed from mother's body

Question about Christmas Music in my kid's public school!

New SAT Questions Replace Evolution with Creation

Once again Bush taking credit for something he fought against tooth & nail

"I don't want to be a daddy because daddies die,"

Use the Trust Fund for Student Loans/SBA etc

Did you contribute to Black Box Voting (Bev Harris)?

Swift Boat Liars to Continue

Just got my copy of Is George Bush the anti-christ? Ask me something...

Time Mag. Person of the Year narrowed to Rove, Bush, Gibson, Nancy Reagan

Team Bush needs spellchecker


Sean Hannity having Santa Claus on his show (WTF)

I hate it when this happens...a conservative christian makes sense

Welcome to Hickville, USA ~ Bartow, Florida

Looks like this Washington Recount is getting even closer...

$44 million....but its still an apartment!

Tomasky and Conason dismissing Dean as DNC chair on O'Franken

News on the poison in Ukraine

McCain, Lott, Wm Kristol attacking Rumsfeld

Army officers court martialed, imprisoned for cannibalizing vehicles

3 More Drugs Show Dangerous Side Effects

Can you spot Republicans in a crowd?

ANSWER coalition press conference today

Have You Been Turned Away? asks the UCC

(From my city paper): Liberals out to crush Christian, Jewish icons Editor on Thom Hartmann Show - 1:30 PM ET

Payroll tax is regressive, why link it to Social Security

Canceling Verizon (Repugnican whores)

RW'ers are trying really hard by rerunning old emails...

The W'04 stickers expire on December 31, 2004.

caption rummy in india

Is Anyone Else Getting Really Leary of the Medical Profession?

Little Juliana, sweet girl born "without a face" needs help.

Need a link please...A 4 YO girl is the only survivor...

Cheesy yellow ribbon car magnet's now faded to white but still reads

Pentagon Proposes Loosening Its Environmental Policy

Is someone at the HRC on crack?

Can someone explain to me what Rumsfeld did?

The Beatitudes.

I was out shopping today and overheard some interesting conversation

Did you have right-wing economic beliefs as a kid?

American Express to cut 2,000 jobs

How did the Kerik story break?

What a pompous little toady...but he's got Joe-mentum

Artic animals obviously have more value than Muslim people

Should the Germans have taken to the streets and overthrown Hitler?

(Nazi) Arnold changes lunch rules (not funny)

Should Rumsfailed keep his job? Newsweek Poll

Does anyone think the Iraq "election" won't be rigged?

I Can't F*cking Believe CBS News!! They spent under 8 seconds talking

Let's make the move to the right

If anyone could help me on this [The term Ancient Ones]

Look in my eyes I am omnipotent, you will learn to call me God.

Bush Prepares for Possible GPS Shutdown

That TV ad with the Lexus with the big red bow on it...

Suicide at LA's Crystal "Cathedral" -

Fundies want "Supersize Me" banned from schools

Message: "The Republicans want to destroy Social Security."

Bwaahahaha! "Retailers hope for a busy final weekend"...

LOL! get this... Jerry ("The Glutton") Falwell is an expert on FASTING!


From the murky depths of the Peak Oil group... a curious observation.

Aside from Bush, who has been our worst president?

"Defense of Marraige" as the Fundy War On Women

*'s Social Security "reform" is nothing more than looting

Neo-con Uncle Sends Christmas Card Printed by NRA! What?!!

Toon time - Medal of Freedom

Kerik's withdrawal letter - LOL!!!

Isn't About Time For a Well-Made, Film Documentary Exposing Jerry Falwell?

PHOTO: Is he going to punctuate his speech by vomiting, or what?

God spoke to me today

What do ya'll think of Simon Rosenberg as DNC chair?

How can we bait the "Christian" right?

School of America's Video now online

Blockbuster tried to stop Aussie stores from getting F 9/11

"20/20" about Homeland Security officials meeting in Hawaii

Pat Robertson: "We should not listen to long haired hippies!"

A few quotes to get you thinking.....

ACLU Sues Pa. School District Over 'Intelligent Design' Curriculum

BOB HERBERT: "the disturbing realm of utter delusion"



UPDATED! National Media Blaster: NYTimes article, Ohio Hearing Video, MORE

Maybe people just don't feel like buying more stuff.

Four-year old Aysha Saleem lost all eight family members in Fallujah

The freeptards' newest enemy

Free Barney NOW! Tomorrow is TOO Late!

Creating World Peace with Oprah Winfrey

Good Ole Skidmore, Missouri

AHHHH!!! Anybody read these Harold Ford comments?

Why the right wing beat us and how to prevent it from happeninng again

Is it possible that our president is clinically insane? Seriously

The case against spanking children

Hitler Dodged Taxes (like today's GOP)

Stop Circumcision - Med/Law Prof declares:"“technically criminal assault"

The Social Security Scam of bush: In a nutshell...

Good dip for veggie tray

Waffle Irons - worth it or not.

The end of Belmarsh

Kremlin Reasserts Hold on Russia's Oil and Gas

Judge Blocks Auction of Yukos' Subsidiary

Japan, U.S. Sign Missile Defense Pact

On Tape, Bin Laden Tries New Approach, Peaceful Revolution Urged-WP

FDA scientists express lack of confidence in own agency

CIA has run secret prison at Guantanamo -Wash Post

(Wyoming) Coal lease bids top $1 billion in '04

The "Love Shack" Burns Down.

GOP senators hammer Rumsfeld on lack of armor

Black Baby Boomers' Income Gap Cited

UN shrugs off US demands to boost Iraq presence

Appointment Runs Out For DHS Inspector General (was admin critic)

'Wife Swap' UK Producers Sue Fox Over Show

U.S. military deaths in Iraq now at 1304

U.N. Says Bugging Device Found at Its Geneva HQ

Primetime Live investigative report on alleged nonprofit hospital scam

Abstract Painter Agnes Martin Dies at 92

Listen to the Admiral- Goss, Rumsfeld, Casey's deathbed confessions

Officials say CIA ran secret jail in Cuba

Bush stands firm on plan for missile defense

Officials Rap Kerik on Background Check --no back ground checked

Trawler 'not sunk by Soviets'

Vatican fears Anglican envoy

We have a problem: Son of Star Wars fails to blast off

Conflicting views in Baghdad

Murdoch homes in on Manhattan's most expensive flat

Muslim academic resigns from US university

Indiana Jones leads Hollywood version of battle for Falluja

Suspect set for deportation to Haiti

NYT: Pvt Guard at (MD) Home Site Is Charged With Arson (not ecoterrorism)

Death at Crystal Cathedral: Gunman Kills Self Inside L.A. Cathedral

Police Seek Clues After Fetus Cut From Slain Woman's Body

Seven killed in al-Qa'eda jail breakout in Kabul

Officials Reconsider Flu Vaccine Restriction:sufficient supply in most sts

NYT: Bush Says Social Security Plan Would Reassure Markets

1933 Sequences in 2004 Korean H1N1 Swine Isolates Raise Concern

Annan Tells Powell UN Will Aid Iraq Vote(As Repubs demand his resignation)

Amber Alert In MO: Mother slain, unborn baby removed and kidnapped....

Cuba begins second phase of major military drill

Torture begins at the top (Rumsfeld implicated)

NYT,pg1: Murdoch Set to Pay Record $44 Million for 5th Ave. Triplex

Court Approves Diebold Settlement Agreement With State of California

WP: Lisa Marie Presley Selling Elvis Estate (keeping Graceland)

Cuba erects sign linking U.S. and fascism

Bush Orders Better Ocean Oversight

Sudan 'plans huge Darfur attack'

duplicate post

Guard Reports Serious Drop in Enlistment--NYT

'Deal struck' in Turkey-EU talks

US National Guard feels impact of Iraq war as recruiting slips

Soldier charged in fake shooting to avoid Iraq

Former Secretary of State pushes for new vote -WA State

Federal surplus swells to $9 billion

Company suit says NFS (Nuke Fuel Services) contaminated its groundwater

Pfizer Finds Heart Risk With Celebrex (just like Vioxx)

New armed boat will patrol port

Concerns raised over school privacy notice

Substitute says job lost for refusing to say pledge

Law lords (UK) condemn Blunkett's terror measures

LAT: Audit Says(CA Dem Secy of St) Shelley Mishandled Vote Funds

Saudi Christian convert arrested and jailed

US Senator Trent Lott says Rumsfeld not right for Dept of Defence

Court Approves Diebold Settlement Agreement With State of California


Heroin is Purest in the U.S., Again

German surgeons repair skull with stem cells

Secret gitmo prison.

Bush looking at freezing domestic spending

Iraq Shi'ite clerics say poll list not made in Iran

China Plans Big Production of Small Satellites

Bush looking at freezing domestic spending

Afghanistan's Other Battle: The Fight Against Opium Trafficking

OFAC reverses embargo ruling - US can now censor manuscripts

Government Recalls Children's Necklaces

Study: Religion Portrayed Negatively on TV

Stem cell researcher makes paralyzed rats walk

More Uncounted Ballots Found in Wash.

Documents: Guard Admitted Arson Role

NASA's Departing Chief Defends Hubble Decision

American Express to Cut 2,000 Jobs

our food is being progressively GM'd

Australian ministry vilified Muslims, court rules

special session called by OH governor

Allawi Front Runner to Lead Iraq

Billboard escalates Cuban Christmas crisis

No reconciliation between Spain, US in sight

Concerns raised over school privacy notice (NCLB)

Wolfowitz raises fears of anthrax attack

'Westerners' killed in north Iraq

Colombia Troops Being Hired for Iraq Jobs (UPDATE $8,000 A MONTH)

Ohio's UE rate: 6.5% Link to county by county rates

Repo Man Takes Van With Holiday Gifts Inside

UN Warns of Increase in Heroin Overdose Deaths

U.S. Marine killed in fighting west of Baghdad

In move that could cut massive drugtrade, UN revive Afghan sugar industry

WA: 150 MORE ballots found today in King County

Gadhafi Takes Some Credit for Bush's Win

W.House Gives Rumsfeld New Vote of Confidence

U.S. and Russian Nuclear Missiles are Still on Hair-Trigger Alert

WA: Judge blocks count of newly discovered ballots in governor's race

Opposition to Airborne Cell Phones Floods FCC

Photo archive freezes AMI building reopening

Iraq group claims killing of 2 US contractors -Web

Chocolate, wine can aid heart

AP: Colombia Troops Being Sought for Iraq (mercenaries)

Fetus stolen from slain mom believed found

Feeney implicated in vote fraud

It's time to pass torch, younger Dems say

Bhutan first nation to ban smoking

Westinghouse Announces (1200) Job Cuts

State-run trains outperform private sector (embarassment for gov!)

NYT: Moyers Leaves a Public Affairs Pulpit With Sermons to Spare

Massive Protest demanding Aristide's return

Yushchenko guards secret ingredient of his Agent Orange soup

Anti-Kerry group aims to keep an active role

Bayh joins chorus for Rumsfeld’s ouster

Doctors Say Avoid Pfizer's Bextra -Medical Journal (2 in the same day!)

Freak storms kill six in France

Russia may build 7 more reactors for Iran - Russian Atomic Energy Minister

Snow: Foreign investment in U.S. will continue

Convicted Irishmen in Columbia missing (or disappeared?)

CNN - U.S. [amber] alert for stolen fetus (WTF!?)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday 17 December

Cuba Places Iraq Jail Abuse Photos at U.S. Mission

Another Iraq Casualty: Nearly 900 U.S. Kids Lost a Parent in War: Scripps

Earth-Hostile Chemical Gets White House OK

Missing JFK items found during drug raid

Truly disturbing news for Vandenberg fans

Just got back from a light tour..... I don't wanna be a grinch..but

Truly disturbing news for Van Halen fans

Truly disturbing news for Van Heusen fans


Truly disturbing news for Van Helsing fans

Truly disturbing news for Van Gogh fans.

Truly Disturbing news for John Claude Van Dam fans


Truly disturbing news for Van Buren fans

In all seriousness, on those medical forms...

Oh, Shit I gotta tell you about this old school reporter I met tonight

Isn't it a bit ironic?


This actually aired on a British kid's show....

It's the Friday morning earworm!

Have I missed any new developments with the Rutgers/AID's drug thing?


No swearing or silliness on DU

Corn Beef Hash


Nine Inch Nails

Do you like Scrapple

DU hits 61,000 members. It would be nice to see a histogram

Don't ask Rummy any stupid questions. Rummy don't like stupid questions

Canned Meats

Are you your own worst enemy?

What is your all-time favourite can of brandy?


I find that Prosciutto is the most sensual of all the salted and cured

Wondered what made for a memorable Christmas for you for either all the

Truly disturbing news for van Houten fans!

Anyone have a salt water fish tank

Bush and Rove celebrate the demise of gay marriage

If you were granted the right to do something illegal without penalty

This little film sums up how we've all been feeling for the last 6 weeks

Truly disturbing news for Van Dyke fans

Phrases only you and yours use?

Hour Of Power...and danger: "Gunman holed up in Crystal Cathedral"

Mmm...junk food...


disney comedy club and rethugs

Another Gilligan's Island poll, but this one has a disgusting twist

Do you document your life?

This web site simply had me laughing my ass off.

This might sound nasty but...



Is there anyone who likes Spam?

Got Potter?

Ahem.... Everyone, could I have your attention, please?


End of the World

Sorry, i have to post a picture of my new guitar....



Canned Chili

Ughh I have a cold and can't breathe...


I'm channeling Donald Rumsfeld. Ask me anything.

Got snot?

this is NOT a sex thread!

Listening to Lonely girls by Lucinda Williams

Bush / Blair - Endless Love. Probably a repost but

How many companies have you worked for?

EWWWW I just got a XMas Card from Ohio Gov Bob Taft...

Republican Satire

np: "Maggot Brain"- Funkedelic

Man crashes stolen cruiser into a ditch, breaks into house, falls asleep

What is your attraction to DU?

The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys

Not a sex thread, a sex poll

Girls basketball team struggles with 107-game losing streak

Damn. Is the Lounge bitter tonight or what?

I'm gonna start talking like Sgt York and what Imma meanin' to say is

Couple Poisoned By Their Living Room Sofa - Awarded $75k In Damages

Cops Use Taser To Stop 300-Pound Man From Stealing Soda

So who are the King and Queen of Yak?

Number 5 is ALIVE!

Why do you hate Christmas?

Jesus's Being Stolen At A Rapid Rate

Let's pLay "what's on my hard drive"

5 million units x$55.00 each day = 2.75 billion dollars

Job Interview.

Cat Blogging

Do you ever wish the Rapture was real?

Nine official balls, two stolen terms, and a partridge in a pear tree.

A Christmas Story

Business woes force ex-NFL player to give up his Super Bowl ring

Whoohooo! $10 Va. ABC gift certificte from co-worker

Buffalo dreams of Hollywood stardom shattered

My son is too cute for words!

Happy holy days

Tell enough lies and you can own a $44 million apartment like Murdoch

Why Would-Be Moms Are Liking Vikings

Beauty Pageant For The Mentally Disabled


Who misses Home Front?


Queen reunites...with Bad Company's PAUL RODGERS on vocals???

The white zone is for immediate loading & unloading of passengers only...

My Mom's In The Hospital

"I felt the presence of Jesus"

The "It's All in the Wrist" CAPTION

B-52's Love shack...burned down.

Half Life 2 players - I have a problem...

Oh NO, it's the Skeksis!!!!

Man Gets Back At Neighbors By Painting His House Fluorescent Green

resume heLp

Caption: Shrub on mind-altering chemicals again?




The "Everyone Gets a Say" CAPTION

Bat In the Kitchen

Elderly Woman With Walker Tries Bank Robbery Attempt

After a year off, I have to go back to work soon

Someone just wished me a Blessed Christmas.

Police Seize 292 Voodoo dolls, But Were Reluctant to Inspect Them

'Survivor' host in 'love affair' with contestant

I'm picking up my sweetie tomorrow!!!

Best Roxy Music Album (it's Friday, it must be poll time!!!)

Your favorite mutant killer snowman film of all time

CAPTION this . . . .

Lisa Marie is selling Elvis...

Do Doctors ask you the same inane questions over and over again on

There's a Sleestak at my door. What should I do?!

My husband said...

Cops Accidentally Leave Dynamite In School - School Evacuated

Rapper DMX Charged With Driving 104 Mph

Toad mistook llama as snuffalupagous, charged with poking cruel fun at it

Holiday Eating Tips

All right Red Sox fans, time to pay up

Hunter mistook pet llama as deer, charged in killing

Some funny bumper stickers I found on craigslist

Well i created a website...

Deep-fried Mars bar taking Scotland by storm

Man claims he is suffering from mental problems due to years w/o sex


Fred Garbo Inflatable Theater Co.

Aussies hunting white shark in Adelaide

The Whole-Country Garage Sale of all CAPTIONS!!!!

DU Lounge board meeting rescheduled?

don't like the view? rotate your apartment!

recent articles at


Which TV show should I restore & archive to DVD first?

Scary Freeper SH**!

The Sceptic

Soldier Allows Buddy To Shoot Him So He Doesn't Have To Return To Iraq

Won't someone strangle Adam Sandler with his E string?

Won't someone strangle Adam Sandler with his G string?

Is this really considered a plus size hurl???

Why don't we do it in the road?

Katherine Lamphert (sp?) is making me h&rny.

20 QUESTIONS: What am I?

What was the BEAST christmas present you got as a child?

Is this really considered a plus size curl???

Better band name--

Is this really considered a plus size Berle?

Is this really considered a plus size Earl???

Is This Really Considered a Plus-Size Pearl?

Outsource Santa

Is this really considered a plus size Shirl?

My neighbors upstairs are the most loud stomping people


What is your all-time favourite brandy?

Get your Irish Cat Drinking Songs & CD right here!

Why do so many hot babes want to give me low interest rates,

Woozle wuzzle?

Bolts vs. Colts

It's 3:38 in the afternoon

Ronald McDonald arrested for_____________

That's not Ronald McDonald!!! It's _______________

my math really sucks

Snagglepuss Outed on National Television!

who wants to play bocci?

This is just so wrong.

Farting Santas

Bush looks ahead to second term

Can someone tell me what this means

Do you come from a dysfunctional family?

Damn, I think I broke a filling.

The only way Laura Bush gets through the day:

Is This Really Considered a Plus Size Knurl?

Physicist, 82, to Marry 'Gift from God' Student Who is 28

Favorite INVADER ZIM character?

Where do cars go when they die?

No more Mr Nice Guy! No more Mr Clean!

Photo of my Grandmother dated 1926

Something to think about.

You're so vain...


San Antonio strippers to wear permits

I've got some serious cotton mouth...

Who is someone you can't stand...

It's Friday, we need beer!!

politics, passion, and property: anti-bush billboard causing turmoil

From Free Republic: The Porta John Incident

When is Festivus?

I just received a perplexing PM from someone I don't know.

Bush Joke

Christmas Carols for the Psychiatrically Challenged

my daughter is too cute for words

Just put on a pair of size four pants, YAY!

I had a dream about Freepers last night!

Police Academy 5. Greatest film ever?

What's The Technical Difference Between A Sea, A Lake, and A River?

Who was the last person you kicked the shit out of?

So far away

I think my hard drive is on its last days. What kind do y'all recommend?

It's Friday we need

A great christmas gift.


Drinking A Beer At My Desk At Work!

Underpants is such a slacker!!

I just had lunch with a black Republican - ask me anything!

For those Dr. Seuss fans who, are, well, of a certain age...

self delete

I just stuck my finger up my nose....

My favorite Republican is...

what was the best christmas present you got as a child?

Just ordered a dual processor G5 Mac! Ask me anything

Some things to Do Before the Inaugural:

For The Love Of Klinger!!!

I don’t want to ride the milk train any more

self arouse

Caption: D'ya think I'm sexy?

Man Decides To 'Do Something' About Cursing Cell Phone User


Rows and floes of angel hair

random famiLy guy quotes

Anybody who has a Chi Machine please check in here.

What should I do for my birthday tomorrow?

Four well-dressed men sitting together at a vacation resort.

Got Pot?

Got Pol-Pot?


Does anyone have the joke/story of the Texas chili contest

hey redsoxliberal


Do You Have Purebred or Mixed Breed Pets?


Beer Brewing In Boston

I need to get to know Pink Floyd better

Nicest thing a man ever said to me was:

I feel stupid asking this, but I have a dumb question....

How Many Guys Like Women with a little Meat on Their Bones

Happy Birthday to my DARLING Jessie!!!


Red Sox Fans - Time to pay up

WOOHOOOO!!!!!! I WON, I WON!!!!!!!!

I am NOT in Lyndon Larouche Youth Movement!

Where has the Kleebdomania gone?

We Need a Joke Thread

BREAKING: Magic Rat makes an "oops" in LBN!

Paul Rodgers to take the place of Freddie Mercury in Queens tour...

MrsGrumpy -- so you know you aren't alone

Does anyone remember a DU poster named Marvelous Marty? Important

This holiday earworm brought to you by Eartha Kitt

I'm about to treat myself to a refreshing and nutritious

You're all jealous - I'm having Godzillafest with Finnfan Jr. tonight.

Disgusting email from Ed Gillepsie

Do you ever cruise back pages for locked threads?

If you were a public speaker, which President's speaking style

Caption: just checking that septum

Yummy Urinal Cakes!

The "Making His Case" CAPTION

I do not want to be here at work this afternoon.

I had a moment I want to do over today

The "First Step in Overcoming his Problem" CAPTION

Eight states flirt with Europe on carbon limit (United States Federation)

What are the chances YOU will have a 'white Christmas'?

I didn't get the promotion. RANT!

Friday humor: St. Peter at the gate joke

John Club! Paging John Club!


Am i a rebel if i wish people a Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year?

I think it's time for a cult of personality built around me, elperromagico

Everyone, please take your shoes off.

Scariest cameltoe ever...(pic)

what's everybody doing tonight?

caption: another of rummy in india

Holy Crap!!! I Just Won ROUND TRIP TIX ANYWHERE!!!

Who's ready for a Lounge bar hopping kinda night, tonight?!!

Post Your Sobriety Cure

looking for a good pro-gay rights bumpersticker

Type your name into a word processing program.

What does the RW think of Boohbah?


Men: Do you like it when curvy girls wear sexy clothes

Phoenix Woman Had Lion, Bobcats at Home

Who's the best team in college hoops?

This is sort of a fun site (if you like that sort of thing)

quick you need to hide!!

WOW!!! Both CNN AND MSNBC are doing "news" Stories On The Aprentice!!


Who is your favorite film composer?

Homeless Man Compacted in Garbage Truck

Is the phrase "hang loose" a reference to male anatomy?

Best cure for depression.

When You've Had One of Those Days, Try This

Anyone seen the movie Primer?

So I married an axe murderer.

The economy is FINE: Britney Spears orders $150 steak for her dog

A consumer's guide to RW Christian giving--I kid you not.

I'd like to be under the sea

Grilling Question...

I just received a package full of presents and candy

I would like to recommend an album

Best cure for depression (from a guy, this time)

Favourite Michael Caine movie.

Everythingsxen split his pants tonight!

Thanks Randi! I still have Bounce your Boobies stuck in my head!

"Mommy, do we need to ride the alligator?"

Funniest thread on IMDB message boards

It Is Only the Second Hour of Christmas Vacation; the children are already

Lemony Snicket was a very enjoyable movie...

Anyone else listen to iTunes radio?

Favourite Peter Sellers movie.

Official Christmas Rant Thread

I'm so happy to be back home, I just had the most horrible experience.

What is your temperature?

Now that we have 48 hours of "My Posts,"

Love is but a song we sing

The Folgers Christmas Commerical reappears

HELP - Anyone ever used "Chaser," the hang over prevention pill?

Non-Reply Record!!!

I'm SICK Of Neatly Wrapping Gifts... Tape, Scissors, Bows, Tags...

"Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas"

Southern cooking question- please help!!!!

Way cool innovation.

We're all gonna die!

What do you hate most around the holidays...

#$@*(*!&$$UNY^#! Celebrex!

My first post - Ask me anything.

Favorite Elizabeth Berkley movie.

A sad obituary :(

I Will Love Him And Pet Him And Call Him George

out of the mouths of babes

do you kiss with your eyes open or shut?

Moving to the north suburbs of Chicago - apartment suggestions welcome

If I had the "hide thread" function back, I would hide

I've been bad---What should be my punishment

Kitty Tree Decorating - those darn cats!

Well... Call Me Crazy.

W-tainted car stole my parking spot!

Latest picture of Rascal!

Simpsons/Futurama Trivia

I'm gonna watch F-911 tonight

I'm a Nietzsche-hater!

E-Bay on DU: What bids do I get for my copy of the Seminole Chronicle's

"Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" Blows

View This Thread At Your Own Risk... (You Have Been Warned)

Seeking laptop advice. About to replace my 99 Thinkpad. Its been gd to me.

Post Your Hangover Cure

Who misses Northern Exposure

Best way to cook steak if you can't grill it?

Who wants to play Boticelli?

What is your all-time favourite brand of candy?

Is it bad to put a bit of bleach in the dishwasher

when you are attracted to someone for the first time

Anyone Ever Buy Anything On Ebay?

Without using Google, what sport is sepak raga?

Need help with this addiction:

Kick this once on the hour, every hour, for the next seven days.

Deep-fried Mars bars... mmmmmm

Query for Minority "Sellouts"

Could $2Trillion create a whole new alternative energy economy over night?

Is the DU lounge full of Cliques like High School?

You're A Winner!!

Scott Kleeb

Give me the stupidest statements you've ever heard

Random Monty Python quotes.

If a Super Race of ETs visit Us Earthlings, what kind of Music would they


This is NOT the Creation/Evolution in science class thread. crucifiesSpongeBob movie. WTF?

Last night I said I was making lasagna for dinner tonight. I lied.

Do you like tongue?

Apparently, 6 Million Americans Have IPODS....Do You?

"The Speechalist" and other gems from Comedy Central Last Laugh '04

Who's the most evil dictator in Libya

Man stabbed, set aligh in dispute over parked car

Mrs Matcom REALLY Deserves A Table Saw This Christmas!

When you've been drinking, should you post in General Discussion?

Would you hire a right winger ?

PC asks the Server, "Do you smoke after interface?"

Do you have any pets?

BEST MOTOWN ACT OF THE 1960s? (Edited to include The Supremes)

Funny email quote I just received....

For the love of Klingons!!!!!

I met a senator today, ask me somethin

Don't forget to buy your tickets to the Free Republic Inagural Ball!

Freeper with Halley Berry/Beyonce girlfriend has Selma Hayek ex!

Because I know he'll check my posts later on...

If you're in a relationship, how much time do you take for yourself...

Tackiest thread ever?

Disaster Brewing in Boston

I have just discovered Arrested Development. What a great show!

Harrison Ford May Lead Charge in Falluja Movie

Has anyone else been watching Rebel Billionaire?

"The Apprentice" Finale.....

Series of Unfortunate Events?

The Ten Kings of Revelation 18


Panel Sees Shuttle Flights Resuming Soon

Holiday Sky Show: Five Planets to Shine in Predawn

Micronauts Ride Rockets In Interplanetary Travel Tests

On Mars: Earth-Like Clouds and a New Type of Rock

Biggest Sun Flare Ever Threatened Satellites

1933 Sequences in 2004 Korean H1N1 Swine Isolates Raise Concern

I don't remember law school like this . . .

Gay Seniors Complex Receives $1 Million Gift

No Condoms & Gays Must Repent Arab AIDS Summit Agrees

Canadian Leader Accuses Opposition Of Political Cowardice Over Gay Marriag

Gay Bishop Offers Concession To Anglican Conservatives

Now we know how the Jews felt, eh?

Straight Marriages Not Recognized Because Town Allowed Gays To Wed

Toronto Cops To Undergo Sensitivity Training After Gay Bathhouse Raid

Did the Democratic Party abandon gays in the 2004 campaign?

A quick note to those Yankee fans...

Thousands expected to brave winter winds to see Red Sox


NFL Season 3 GAMES LEFT (Playoff Pictures and This Weekends Picks)

Baltimore Browns vs Baltimore Colts. Predictions?

Is It Wrong To Look At Female Athletes As Sex Symbols?

Pedro's spent the whole day bashing Schilling!

Our pup has demodectic mange...anyone experienced with this?

Christmas Tree Setup and Takedown- Kitty Style

Holiday Sky Show: Five Planets to Shine in Predawn

How does Karma show up in one's birth chart?

housing, buying, selling or relocating - saturn and mecury retro

Anyone else getting less and less tolerant?

Massive Religious Propoganda Campaign Being Waged

Pentagon says more than 5,500 servicemen have deserted since the war s

Do you think the Rolling Stone will mind

Action Shots

Show Me your Double Exposures!

Miami pre-election photos (updated)

For Dems thinking of running in 2008... a few things to consider..

"The enemy of my enemy is my friend"

If you need the e-mail address for each Ohio County Board of Elections...

Is This Precision Smart Bombing?

Do you trust and/or think John Perkins should be forgiven?

The Mythical Al Zarqawi moves on to Baghdad

Joe Conason on Kerick, Rudy & Fredo Bush.

Kericks Resignation Letter Released By WH

Wolf Blitzer: Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf

The view of a Conservative on Media

Anyone remember Newt Gingrich's Contract With America?

do it, mr. president, donate your lunch money to the troops

Are we giving the DLC way too much credit?

Selling Social Security: December 13, 2004.

The US Public Space - empty and desolate as the real space?

If AAR gets big enough, should it hire it's own journalists, maybe

Krugman for Senate

Bush to Sign Intelligence Bill

Stephen Vincent gives insight into right-wing "framing" in this article

Zell to Honor Swiftless

No full mandate for Bush

Bumper Sticker: Hail to the Thief

Carolyn from The Apprentice's book "Carolyn 101" & bushCo

What is the one issue that the Democrats can beat the Republicans with?

clip on CNN with photo op : *, Lieberman, Liddy Dole et al

Some words about Kerik and * -- Good ones.

Will the new Director of Intelligence be more powerful than the President?

How to talk to a pro-lifer

Coleman now jumping on the Trash Rumsfeld Bandwagon

Impending economic collapse--From the Wilderness economic red alert

bush's latest intentional lie

Conason hosting Franken's show will be discussing the next DNC Chair

Tomasky and Conason dismissing Dean as DNC chair on O'Franken

So, given BBV and "controlled elections"...

Amy Goodman's Democracy Now: Manning Marable vs. Donna Brazile

Rocky pushes green crusade

Falwell Confidential: Christian Students in the Crosshairs

Do we live in the old USSR?

A Plan to Save Our Butts: Fight Propaganda with... Proper-ganda. Seriously

John Kerry Calls on Rumsfeld to Investigate Why Troops Lack Armor

Meet the Press - this Sunday's program - same ol', same ol'

Joe Conason subbing for Franken; spoke truth to dittohead and made

The hypocrisy of BushCo regarding Kerry's ideas is maddening

So now that you DLC supporters are actually existent

Voted for * , and is now employed at mal-wart.

Just wondering if Al Sharpton has been in the news lately?

Liberalism Breeds Terrorism

Enough psy-ops - Bush stole it again - freepers, get over it!

Enough psy-ops - Bush stole it - get over it

Poll on Iraq War: Does Not Compute

Creating the anti-Gay/far-right Movement -dKos diary MUST READ

John Nichols: Democrats Score in the Rockies

Getting labels correct: Is bringing the troops home, moderate or liberal?

Is the "Rummy Out" Movement, TOO Very Convenient for you, Too?

I was wrong about the Lewinsky scandal

Should we support Dems who caved on "Intelligence Failures?"

The only way Bush can be exposed as a fraud is for NOONE to fight him.

Mark Warner Proposes Pay Increases for State Workers, Teachers

Kerry Calls on Rumsfeld to Investigate Why Troops Lack Armor

Dayton calls on Bush to investigate shortage of armored vehicles

PART III: To believe that Bush won the election, you must also believe:

We Need to Kill GERRYMANDERING - But we can't call it "gerrymandering"

Getting labels correct: Is the DLC moderate or right-wing?

60 repuke senators in 2006?

GOP Senators Spring to Defend Rumsfeld

Republicans are losing the war in Iraq

Smokin Joe Connason reports on AAR today that Begala may be DNC Chair

Shrink the party = Win the elections ???!!!

Just who are these swift boat authors?

Isn't it a hoot the right wing is giving the Left advice.

Friday Fun With Freepers

Wow! CNN whomping Bush on intelligence flip flops

The Arts in a Red State

Re: Everyone piling on Rummy

Pics of Bob Graham reception at FSC, book signing followed.

Is support for the NAFTA and the WTO moderate or right-wing conservative?

DLC -- Democrats Love Corporations

Getting labels correct: Is health care for all Americans moderate or lib?

hey Laura Bush: Embryonic Stem Cells -> Paralyzed Rats Walk Again

Prime example of the F*r*e*e*p*e*r mentality

What's wrong with Harold Ford?

**WES CLARK on MSNBC's Hardball Tonight **

Bill Moyers NOW signs off with rightwing media bias...tonight

By Jove, I've got it! How to win!

Show You Want on AAR

Debunking ‘Centrism’

Scott McClellan: "Secretary Rumsfeld is doing a great job"

Making Peace With The Moderates

Will following DLC advice guarantee we will lose all future elections?

Question about the religious armageddon stuff that's been circulating...


Was the DLC responsible for the Kennedy assassination?

It's time for us to compromise with right wingers-Here are some ideas how.

Discrimination against the poor by the Dems - how acceptable to you?

a Friday evening hypothetical - say we rid our platform

Abstinence, Aids, Abortion, Adoption: Real people who were failed.

So what are we Progressives gonna do about energy?

"Late-Term Abortion" -- Let's get our facts straight

Wm Kristol wants Rummy out now...How about PNAC out as well

Kerry called for Rumsfeld's resignation June 2003 AND in 04. Media barely

A cue from the West Wing?

Enough Democratic Hypocrisy : Bush Won.... Get Over It

Are you losing interest in what John Kerry says or does?1