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Archives: December 18, 2004

First Amendment Chicken Little - E.J. Dionne gets hysterical (Plame)

We Will Reclaim Our Armed Forces!

96% of women are liars, honest

So what does everyone think...

Real Earnings Plunge as Prices Rise

Hahaha! I love that commercial with the grandmother taking...

Completely empty thread subject lines? (maybe this belongs in Bugs)

skinner please read

Questions on Server Traffic

Is there a way for me to delete a post after the edit time has expired?

Question/idea and a thank you

could we have a forum or group for those of us think that

Jamboi's Entombment

Al Sharpton on Hardball he brings up you know what

WA--King County 500+ uncounted ballots denied ...

Repubs Get TRO on the 723 Newfound Ballots

David Wade . Did anyone catch this?

Freepers Expect Unifying Inaugural - statement from spokesmoron OSHA !

What? No Olbermann thread?

MITOFSKY Site:Exit Poll "MISTAKES" in 2000 "UNUSUAL" and "UNLIKELY" in '04

Seething? Outraged? Check out

BBV update post in GD

WA: Only KING county left now, Gregoire behind by 50

To read things like this is still a shock for me

Lawyers: Legal arguments in the WA recount case

A forensic examination of the machines in OHIO is a must at this point

I heard on AAR that a refiling of the Ohio case was done today

It's the videos , Ohio workers

My Rep. finaly answered my E-mail... Nothing we can do

Judge Blocks Count of New Wash. Ballots

What is WRONG with us??

Moyers is great right NOW (on his PBS show NOW ) -- on right wing media

Why is there no discussion of details of claimed fraud found by recounters

Fraud in Youngstown! Anyone know more details about this earlier post?

Can DU become the new MoveOn or TrueMajority? Do we have $ for a TV ad?

Political gain vs. Our rights

ENOUGH ABOUT KERRY - and especially enough about David Wade!!!!!

CSPAN 1 NOW - Inauguration Protest - Their Permits are being blocked

Court approves Diebold settlement with California

challenging day

John Conyers is AWESOME...

One reason this fight is so important.


Ohio vote lawsuit has been refiled

where's the ACLU in all this?

The new strategy?

Judge blocks count of new Wash. ballots 12/17

Legal Question: Does the state have to prove that my vote was counted?

Anyone know more details about New Mexico vote machines rigged?

Where was Dennis John Kucinich on the campaign trail?

Updated Video from Coyers Columbus Hearing >>

HELP! What ONE THING should I urge webpage visitors to do?

Ohio - "Alone and In the Dark"...

Help me to write a blog article defending Kevin Shelley.

Do you know how your Rep stands on SSI?

Good reading on Iowa womans SSI testimony

Is there a DU holiday meetup any time soon?

(Republican) Coroner to receive pay AND pension

English's Backs Down From Pledge

Any Texans thinking of going to DC

Please sign petition supporting Hubert Vo

North Texas DU goes to the theatre....

The baby has been found..alive and well.. a baby girl

Pfizer's chairman/ceo political donations (another card-carrying Bushie)

KO: Kerik is the story that just keeps on giving

Bush and his cronies transcend my disdain for Republicanism

CBS Pulls Three Miller Lite Commercials - Are They Going Crazy Or What?

Ask someone who is anti-ACLU for their wallet or purse...

No caviar for bush voters!!!

Call wingnuts "Pharisees" and see what happens.

The other NRA ...

Guess I will post this in here. Berny Goetz on CNN

'Shock and awe' or shame and sorrow?

As long as the media keeps hiding the number of US soldiers killed in Iraq

how many non-Neocons do you know listen to hate radio or watch Faux?

I think the only thing that may wake this country up ...

It's time for Democrats to walk away from the queers

Binary Legalized Prostitution Poll

I have a real problem

The closest the Iraq war has come yet to affecting me directly.

William Donohue Video clip/Hollywood likes anal sex.

Binary poll: medical marijuana, should it be legal?

Mixed Messages

a good Xmas present for people who spend long hours in their vehicle

In case we forget what we are up against...

Soldier Charged With Having Himself Shot

Wesley Clark at front of Hardball, rerun coming up at 11 est

The Heirarchy of Rovian Punishments (Help me with this one)

44% of Americans support limiting Muslim civil liberties.

Quaternary poll: marijuana

Anybody have a site on Blogger? n/t

Turn on 20/20

I have a MISSION for democratic underground if you choose to accept it

Reminder: Bill Moyer's last show is tonight!

yer old KY home....

Are PBS stations experiencing cuts in funding???

Can they do this?

Save X mas from the Jews.......Idiot on AAR!

Friday Night Malloy Meetup! Truthseekers Check in.

America's Sinister Plan for Falluja

Iraq election outcome might not please U.S.

From Bill Moyers this evening...

Teachers are being encouraged to recruit for the military

I hope everybody's watching Bill Moyers "NOW."

bill moyers says good-bye tonight

My RW sister freaked when our Dem Daddy mentioned

US Says: Allawi Is a Lock to Rule Iraq! Have You Seen Him Travel?

Christmas and Iraq

Watch this.

Alex Jones audio on the death of Gary Webb

Knock off my last thread: Who has been our best Republican president?

Received an answer from Casual Male

Please support THESE Soldiers! Speaking OUT and needing support!

Kerry is politically finished if he doesn't achieve an Ohio recount

James Dobson: Dog Beater

How will we overcome the corporate media?

Proposed: a new MORATORIUM

Bush: Turning phony crises into real crises.

Equipment for troops...Kerry's fault? a repuke believes so...

Would you trust George W Bush to fix your car ?

Photo: Gotta see this! Castro display puts Nazi Busholini in his place

Why Tucker Carlson is on PBS: "Right Wing attack on Public Broadcasting."

Deleted - Never Mind.

Worst Democratic President

Enemy number 1 of the Christian Right- Gay Sharks

i need to re-season two cast iron pans

I want to make sugar cubes. Any ideas?

So I had my (Victoria, B.C.) first-year college class decide ...

What is the essential difference(s) between Canada and the U.S.?

I find myself curious

OH black vote disenfranchisement

Four killed in Mosul attack

Secret Pinochet payments linked to BAE

Hatfill Subpoenas News Organizations

Russia Says Yukos Auction Is Internal Affair, Rejects US Bankruptcy Court

Barack Obama Gets $1.9 Million Book Deal

yer old KY home....

Energy Firms Lavish Funds on Inauguration

Subject: Repugs want re-vote in WA State....but OH?

N.Korea Could Test Long-Range Missile Any Time - U.S.

Sharon agrees deal with Labour to form new coalition: FT

Good News for the White House: Milbank Is Off the Beat. The Bad†News . . .

Act quickly over terror laws, QC tells Clarke,new home secretary

Article Claims U.S. Misrepresents North Korea Threat: NPR

Kremlin to press on with Yukos execution despite Houston reprieve

A Committee Post and a Pledge Drive -WP (repubs buying committee chairs)

Repugs want re-vote in WA State....but OH?

Poll: Nearly half of all Americans support restricting rights of Muslim Am

GOP wins ruling in Wash. governorís race

Europe, U.S. in Deadlock on Climate Talks' Last Day

Ohio Voters Refile Election Challenge

CIA runs secret detention camp in Cuba

IRS Releases Tax Tables for New Deduction

Sept. 11 Rescuer Denied Workers' Comp - Thanx Pataki and Giuliani!!

Cuba Erects Sign Linking U.S. and Nazis

UF will defend Moore decision as complaint filed

PR soldier who refused Iraq duty is declared a deserter

WP: Bloggers on the Payroll (Thune's payroll to defeat Daschle)

Long Silent, Oldest Profession Gets Vocal and Organized -NYT

Maverick U.S. States Prove Popular at Climate Talks

Bush Chief Speechwriter Has Coronary Procedure

GOP Senators Spring to Defend Rumsfeld

Fallujah not ready for return of civilians: US military

Mosul victim beheaded at roadside (mercenary)

Marines Face More Cunning Foe in Fallujah

Iraq fears put pressure on Rumsfeld to quit

In custody, (Tariq) Aziz ready to name names

Bill Expands War Criminal Hunt Powers

Emmaus grad speaks against war in Iraq ((Soldiers speaking OUT!!))

Powell Says He Told ElBaradei to Step Down

U.S. isn't winning against Iraqi insurgents, agencies warn: KR

White House predicts slower growth in 2005: FT

Ten Commandments Judge May Run for Gov. (Roy Moore)

Lieberman Touted For Many Posts

Bush vows to make reform of legal system priority issue

US writes off $4.1bn in Iraq debt

A.C.L.U.'s Search for Data on Donors Stirs Privacy Fears

Judge Wants to Know Why Prosecutors Want Death Against Only Black Defendant

US military sees sharp fall in black recruits

WP: Whitman Warns Against Catering to Right

Bush plans to visit Germany

44 Percent In U.S. Poll Say Restrict Muslims

I had terrible dreams last night!

Heh, I'm on CSPAN

Do you believe in Santa Claus?

Cuz I am heading the the Violent Femmes... "Old mother Reagan"

Because I know Hedges will check my posts later on.

Futurama Fans: What's your least favorite Episode?

what should I buy for Christmas presents

Anyone else considering a night out partying?

No, you may NOT try cutting "just a little piece" of your hair with the

Worst Hotel in Vegas

Who has the cutest ass?

I'm bored...Las Vegas thread-Warning graphic heavy

Office Xmas party tonight

I need a drink

Dylan played 'Masters of War' on election night

In 1878, the first telephone book ever issued contained only 50 names.


Hockey fans - Larionov's farewell game on Comcast tonight

I'm a man and I've never

66 or 99

KNow why no=one gets lucky at christmas?

You must leave now, take what you need, you think will last.

Shortbus - I'm callin' you out!

Ugh, I don't believe this.

I asked for some classics on DVD for Chistmas

Would Las Vegas be a cool city to live in?

At last, I'm leaving the orifice.

Jesus...AMericans say Canadians are too bureaucratic

Now I have to delete this post

Hahaha! I love that commercial with the grandmother taking...

Candles, Incense, beer and my jukebox

Some things to Do Before the Inaugural:

Holy crap I have the stomach-flu from HELL!!!!

Babylon Sisters Shake It

The "Wild Conspiracy Theory" thread.

Woah! I just realized - LISTEN is an anagram of SILENT

I don't care how cute they are, I HATE the sound of children singing!

Should DU have a theme song...

I changed the look of

Never tease a crocodile

I need some help with an on-line game.

Well I signed a P&S today and handed over a deposit for some land

My computer would kick your computers ass!

At last, I'm leaving the office. (Sad rant. Sorry)

Stomach flu - Medicinal Marijuana or not?

Hey, I got a F*** YOU! in a meeting today!

Alright, all you DUERS out there old and new

I want to put this on my back window of my car:

Bread + Cheese = Cheese Sandwich

Wow ...Berney Goetz on CNN

Silly String Theory

Is there such thing as a low-fat/low-cal snack food that's yummy and

i just got some nice sake cups today

Did anyone see the new South Park this week?

What did your sigline look like?

I just came from a Church Christmas Party.

funniest xmas joke I've received

Are people just dumb or pure EVIL?

I haven't bought any XMAS presents yet!!!! Should I PANIC?

The Miami Heat Are On Fire

Ladies....BEWARE....XMAS alert.......

Scarface on IFC right now!!!

Accept it losers, Dark Chocolate is the GREATEST CHOCOLATE OF ALL-TIME!

The eternal question of demonic barbeques:

I just saw Santa, the Grinch, SpongeBob, Winnie the Pooh and Rudolph ..


When you say I love you to someone, does it offend/hurt you

I want this apartment.........



I have two purring machines next to me.

Anyone know the guys responsible for

I ain't no "high-class broad"

The speed limit in N.Y.C. was 8 mph in 1895

I watched "I, Robot" last night

Pissin' off the CSPI: My review of the Hardees Monster Thickburger

Where can I buy the LOTR's Trilogy on DVD? I was requested as a

My boyfriend's in Los Angeles and I'm in North Carolina..

Well dad gum, 500 posts

Doug Stanhope's New DVD

Beer drinking loners check in.

Which industries spin situations so they can never be debunked/outlawed?

Quick, What's the number for 911!?

Anybody ever take "coldeeze" does it work?

Where's all the astrology I've been hearing (reading) about....

10 Random, current topics from FreeRepublic's version of the DU Lounge

Would the following individuals please report for Lounge-stalking?

Why aren't they asleep yet????!!!

Did you go to your work Xmas Party?

Sick and Tired of "IT." Let the whole Freakin' thing Implode....I have a

So, what's everyone listening to tonight?

I'm leaving for the night. Commence to talking about me.

Child coughing until ill

GWBush World Freedom Day, 2004 --78% EVIL 22% Good

Hahaha! I love that commercial with the grandmother taking...

Tums or Pepto-Bismol?

Favorite U2 song (current and all-time)?

Accept it losers, White Zombie is the GREATEST BAND OF ALL-TIME!

woodworkers. Favorite stain for Pine?

My Grandpa just died.

Nietzsche VS Marx: Who could mack the most tail?

Best war-themed song by Metallica?

I absolutely adore THE MANHATTAN TRANSFER!

Calgary advice

The "let your kids type on the DU" thread..

Where Has JanMichael Gone?

Was this guy the most tolerant parent on earth?

Attention ZombyWoof and Fenris: ROAD HOUSE coming on TNT NOW!!!

If DU had a annual awards show, what would you nominate yourself for?

Lately, photos of Linsay Lohan remind me of a vivacious Natalie Wood.

Do you hate kids? WHy? CHeck in...

Anyone with a parent or grandparent at a nursing home

The Hilariously Misheard Lyrics Thread

Vioxx Celebrex... who needs them?

Congratulate me! I turned 50 yesterday!

Yeah! I'm out of the hospital

Yet Another "Post Yourself" Thread

We have a drinking problem in our house

"Advent Economics": Bible verses not seen or heard at the economic summit

String theory

Havocdad keeps yelling "grab his ass" in the other room. Dog went out.

Vince Carter traded to NJ Nets

NBA: East vs West

guilty confession

John Kerry's letter to Rumsfeld about armored vehicles

Just curious - members of this forum, male/female?

A Look at U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq

Fox: The drumbeat has grown louder for the secretary of defense to resign

New entertainment murder victim identified

Who's hiding Dick Cheney? hmm..........

Read this, and weigh in on whether

Dan Rather undone by what Righties say was a preposterous claim

Anyone listen to Majority Report tonight?

Miller to Honor Swift Boat Vets' Group

If Bev Harris is the "expert" on BBV how come she never knew about

Another drink, another pile of bucks flies outta my wallet.

Conson - FBI memo - Rumsfeld ordered torture

MSNBC will be choosing the host of a prime-time news show soon.

Have you sniped another Dem/Liberal/Progressive today?

Tell Bush and the Repubs to keep their greedy hands off Social Security

Al Sharpton just expressed respect for Condi Rice

Fox News really going after the anti-Christian angle

If Dean becomes DNC chair, who will be Democratic Party spokesperson?

Israel and Palestine 51st and 52nd US States?

Um... Tara Setmayer

Abortion Rights are in Jeopardy

Anyone here still watch Fox News?

How Many Dominionists and Rapture Fanatics Do You Know?

Debunking Sirota

Re: The BBV Mess

Yukos and the geopolitics of oil

S. Africa Attacks U.S. Over AIDS Drug (used as "guinea pigs")

I just saw five wonderful, optimistic, fantastic words - NYTimes OpEd Page

Your Safety, Their Punch Line -what TSA's been up to

The Bush AIDS Machine

All the Presidents Problems - A blundering start to the second term

Beastly Behavior (smirk's horse bloody hands)

Theatre of the absurd

Bush inauguration being bankrolled by big business

Now that it is safe to do so, even Mark Shields is attacking Rummie

My SS letter in Chicago area paper.

Unembedded, Independent--The Iraq reality

Ticking Time Bomb (methane-induced runaway greenhouse effect,

Zappa on Crossfire 1986--sheer profundity

Operation Paperback, send books to the troops to help their morale!

See how your Reps and Sens score on the environment

Homeland security money wasted in South Dakota

National Acdemy of Sciences: Firearms and Violence: A Critical Review

Echoing RevCheesehead about user profiles,


FWIW About A Certain Individual....

Objection to your locking file

How about one free edit without the red tagging of shame?

How to post images?

Why Was This Thread Locked?

Please create a 'forum' focused on 6 Jan 2005

Donors Consider Large Increase in Aid to Palestinians

Palestinian textbooks: Where is all that 'incitement'?

PA says will never give up right of return

Ticket purchase at Oklahoma University

Sibel Edmonds and 9/11 coverup

Al Gores mom died Wednesday 15th, I didn't know that.

Keep kicked - more of you needed on WildOats Forum - get the word out

A bit confused by the paper trail

Triad "board meeting" Monday -- and other news is bad for *

Devil's advocate questions

Which Senator is our best hope to contest the election?

We're better off if Gregoire wins independent of the uncounted votes.

If one is to fight then one must first over come their fears.

OHIO fraud: Best cases, to use on Joe Citizen

When Arnebeck refiled his suit

sorry, already posted

Maybe Kerry thinks the election was generally on the up and up

My first venture into Freeperland


Reflecting on where we stand today: PLEASE READ

re-run 51st OHIO electoral college--fiirst Blackwell, then a prayer, then

Urgent need for recount funds NM

Do you think all this Kerry bashing is helping or hurting us?

I need some help Du

WA: Prediction on King County results, with cool spreadsheet!

DUers need feedback & suggestions

An interesting new question on exit polls to investigate:

Florida Ballot Inspection: Update 12/18/04

Post Inaugural humor.

"On information and belief"...

A dumb question regarding donation requests for recounts

"W" is bigger than God (Ronald Reagan)

is anyone still looking for the exit poll data?

Sam Ervin's words on Watergate apply just as much today.

Good on ya, Michael Moore

Need a laugh? Check this out: Blackwell licks boot

Common Cause Florida has started limited audits/recounts in Florida

I always knew dubya was the middle man

Can we have one consilidated thread for recount updates?

Is the Ohio Supreme Court rigged like the Florida Supreme Court?

What are you DOING before and on 06 Jan 2005?

FULL Clint Curtis Video - naming TOM FEENEY - now online for First Time!

Good news about the next big voting machine company!

Thread for today's events!

Touchscreens have a trail that can be audited; can experts confirm?

Report: Electors Across US Call for Investigation of 2004 Election

Blackwell's office had secret slush funds and Perry County lawsuit

I have 8,000 email addresses...I need a listserve

Anyone know anything about the technician in Ohio?

Article by a reporter who hand counted ballots in the Washington recount


CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, AP, WaPo. Goebbels would be proud!

a question or two about the "Senator Plan".

Sickening - B*C* Take TOTAL Control of Inaug Parade Route!!!

Which Senator is our best hope to contest the election?

Ohio vote count: new evidence of potential criminal activity

Arnebeck ALSO Requests Emergency Hearing to Impound Machines....

15% of punchcard nonvotes not 'all the way down'?


George Soros' big mouth

OK. It's about 50/50.

We need George W. Bush** to be straight with us - and now.

MSM protest on front page of 51 caps site--Kip says gor for it

Arnebeck: Ohio election litigation fund needs $200,000

CLUES? Exit Poll Deviations weighted by EV; Voting Machine Mix by state

We need John Kerry to be straight with us, and now.

The Lies We Tell Ourselves

A call to arms: Where do we focus after the recount?

I'll bet the "New" Triad machines are clean...

Anyone from So Cal going 2 DC

Yes or no on keeping Art Torres as State Chairman

Liberal talk hits Springfield

Is Massachusetts a "lily-white" state?

i challange anyone to debate *'s intellagance!!

Are any MN Congressional Disricts not potentially Dem friendly?

Anyone been reading Nick Coleman's columns the last few days?

Oh my God! Coleman has "reservations" about Rumsfeld

I have a 2 questions re: IE...I have 98me, use a dial up email.-peoplepc

Can I block one user in WindowsXP from internet access


Lawsuit filed in Perry Co. auditor race

Is the Ohio Supreme Court rigged in favor of repugs?

Any Austinites wanna have dinner tonight?

This is NOT the Creation/Evolution in science class thread.

Jesus Bush's Christian Torture Chambers - sorry world, we are occupied too

Uh oh, it looks like we better not mess with Cuba.....(funny)

Evan Bayh on Rumsfeld on NPR,

I thought it was a joke when I first read it.

PTSD and Guilt

indy photo link...lots of good stuff

Who do you think will be the "Stand Up Senator" when

The man who is scarier than Ann Coulter!/ Video

im pissed/ wesely clark


I found the Funniest Web sites EVER!

Good constitutional amendment?

On behalf of all sensible Canadians

20,000 Libertarians Heading for New Hampshire...

Saturday lineup for 'This is Hell' looks promising

Nun fired for threatening to knock out an 11 yr. old's teeth!

Dilemma about political messages on a commercial, non-political web site

Believe it or not... "Muslims for Bush."

If one is to fight then one must first over come their fears.

Women and gay men, which do you perfer: Circumcised or not?

FEAR RULES - is this what we want?

I Am Seduced By "Merry Christmas."

Vitamin E supplement users have a lower risk of ALS than nonusers

Vegetable fats vs Alzheimer's progression and or occurrence (sp)

The eyes have it

Iraqi High School Kids Get Shot by US Troops! (graphic)

Spelling 'Challenge' baffles White House (Photo)

ALS vs Vitamin E

Vioxx Celebrex... who needs them?

Torture Begins at the Top

Big pharma's create/control medical education in most medical schools

How does AAR keep from being corrupted by corporate money?

cpan--Pentagon Briefing--talking of armor and the 'challenges"

Karma is our friend.

Republican Jesus Bush uses blacks in South Africa as AIDS "guinea pigs"

In looking at the worldwide support for Bush's policies, I notice that

Merry Christmas, Freepers!

CNN is running the UCC ad...

Should we just give up

The sad truth about prejudice in America


Freedom On The March In Iraq, Dec. 18, 2004! What a Great Day For Freedom!

Viacom's hiring: Must be Male with Republican "stripes"

Can we put a bounty on John O'Neill?

On a See-Saw of Hope and Despair

Attn Midlodemocrat.

who saw the segment on 20/20 HLS Hawaiian conference Party on taxpayers $$

John Oneill. Unfit for humanity.

Holy ****! * Likely to get Time Magazine's Person Of The Year 2004

Why is Bush taking Christ out of Christmas?

Susan Sarandon host of CBS Late Late Show 2night,guests Gore Vidal,

A Phoenix will rise from the Ashes.

Good analysis;; Iraq will be ruled by Radical Shi ites thanks to the USA

Was anyone in direct touch with "the other side" during the Clinton years?

The Republican Secret Plan for Domination

Kerik's letter to Bush officially withdrawing from nomination

WSJ: New Luxury Goods Set Super-Wealthy Apart From Pack

Poll shows America has gone xenophobic

What is up with the '04 Christmas cards?

I Guess Censorship of Artists really doesn't matter, Huh...


state by state the cost for Iraq...interactive map...guess who pays most?

Outsourcing a federal job

so could we start a group for Uber-Progressive DUers?

Sister Novena's PortaPulpit (smirk pic)

Tea time

That dingdong in office told us simply to 'buy American' as a means to

Free Republic Sucks Dot Com

Cool music video slams pResident B*sh (link to video)

Lib to Con---What the heck happened

44% believe Muslims should lose some civil rights.....

War casualties - how close to home?

"Fix-the-Vote" Feeney attacks Pelosi on ETHICS???

Free host site for images

Idea for BBV

Paralysed by a quest for perfection

A new title for pResident Bush or * CAT DECLAWER in CHIEF

What are YOU DOING on 06012005?

So, have we simply handed Iraq to Iran?

Ted Rall:Why 8,000,000 People You've Never Heard Of Hate Us

WTF?: Time Mag Person Of The Week: George W. Bush

Cheney half Dressed photos?

Draft only from red states

Only 42% now believe Iraq War was the right thing to do.

Mike Malloy - anything notable in the past week?

When you first learned about McCarthyism, what was your reaction?

IF HUAC is brought back, they should only go after Regressives

Time Mag Hints at ROVE or ROVE-Shrub or Bloggers as Pers of Yr

Police blow up luggage, shut down British airport

Skidmore, MO tragedies

Why do people volunteer for the military?

Idiotic Bush* Quote of the week!

Sibel Edmunds and 9-11 coverup

I don't have WMDs either--can they forgive my student loan, please?

Bush wants to do to Social Security what he did to Iraq

The Path to clarity

The most intelligent statement from a freeper...

Why isn't the story, accusing Tom Feeney of VOTE FRAUD, bigger?

Why do we respect the Israeli intelligence? They were instrumental in

Do you draw politcal cartoons

Selling houses on E-Bay

ahhh..... *'s 'Terminator Pimp" look!!!??

Ever wondered what is a lobotomy? Here's a freaky website.

Smirk looking at freezing domestic spending

Official "Guy James Show" thread. Please keep kicked

Someone knocked on my door today to ask

People that know what they are talking about

Peace on earth and mercy mild? I think not. Not this Christmas.

Is The U.S. Irredeemably Evil?

George W. Bush as a wax "wise man" at Madame Tussauds museum

billboard: "Dang it feels good to be a gangsterer" pic of smirk

What is pure "evil?"

Bill Moyers on the Right Wing Media/Video

Still looking for hard data on Iraqi casualties under Saddam Hussein

US Eases Publishing Sanctions Against Cuba, Iran and Sudan

does anyone

The right wing is trampling the Dems and compromising hasn't work

Why would you want anyone to "fix" something, they have vowed to destroy?

Bush Unable to Govern

The Election was not Rigged

Idiots attempt to freep Sibel Edmonds' Petition

It's starting in Florida the dumbing down of the kids

The human cost of war

We are in a state of crisis.

I believe that our first priority is the first Ammendment.

Fundies in Amsterdam!

Twice-wounded Marine: "I shouldn't have to go back"

20 years ago this month: Bhopal. And The Neocons want to rewrite tort

Want a good cry? Read this.

What are the odds that 4 GWB Biographers "Suicided" Themselves?

Colorado Springs Gazette giving out free Bibles with tomorrows paper!

thank you Cuba for having spine

No Armor??? Where's the $87 billion? They slandered Kerry over it

The Media and Social Security.

More stupid pics of the Chimp

The Kerik story just gets weirder & weirder

Trial Lawyers should jump all over Vioxx/Celebrox to oppose tort reform

More than revolving apartments: Curitiba, Brazil. Kick Ass Urban Planning

What will happen once the Dollar goes over $1.40 against the Euro? Crisis?

Here in Germany you don't see "give to the needy" progams like you

Presidential candidates you would've liked to see become President

Woman wants to send Beanie Babies to Iraq...

a history of pentecostalism from a pentecostal perspective

Worst Moment In American History Perpetrated By Americans....

The sad truth about prejudice in America (edited)

"Depleted Uranium Will Pollute Iraq For 4.5 Billion Years"

Parents of teens...what are you hearing from your kids?

I'm officially introducing my step son Earl as a new evilDUer...

Can we compile a REAL history of W's first term?

Our Troops: When Does Support Become Blind Allegiance?

I vote for Pvt. Lynndie England to be Time's Person of the Year

OK, Who Else Is Just Not Feeling The Holiday Spirit Right Now?

Strib's Nick Coleman: The gospel truth about some readers

The 4 part neocon agenda for liberals

Easy email to Sinclair: Moveon Stop Bias action: Help!!

Retired Marine Colonel , 53 yrs old, Departs for Iraq.....

Will You Be Voting Democratic In The 2008 Presidential Election?

Mike Malloy laid it on the line last night

PHOTO: So THIS is "Texas macho"????

It's time for tax revolt! Federal Taxes To be Raised in Blue States

Today's Democratic response...I hope we hear more stuff like this

Being a True Blue Consumer

Everything You Need To Know About PEAK OIL But Were Afraid To Ask

Bread to bread and rolls?

Toaster Oven?

Are you a recipe "tweaker"?? Can't leave well enough alone?

Vince Carter traded to NJ Nets

Opponents want horse law reversed

Yukos and the geopolitics of oil

Westerner beheaded on Mosul street as American forces lose control of key

NYT: ACLU's Search for Data on Donors Stirs Privacy Fears

2 Killed in Northern Iraq Violence

Iraqi killed in bomb attack on US patrol (Mosul, 5 more Bodies found)

US marines do not recommend return of residents to Fallujah

Islamist group claims killing of US intelligence agents

2 key GOP senators defend Rumsfeld

Westerners shot and beheaded as masked insurgents hijack car

Crew Calls for Immediate Investigation into Viacom's Hiring

Security Scare Closes British Airport

cpan--Pentagon Briefing--talking of armor and the 'challenges"

Gunman kills self hours after opening fire at Anaheim-area's Crystal Cathe

Torture in Kathmandu: hundreds just disappear in war on Maoism

Iraqis Face Winter Shivering by Candlelight

Paralysed by a quest for perfection

Missile Defense System Won't Be Launched This Year -LAT

U.S. accused of AIDS drug cover-up - Reuters

Russia Rejects U.S. Injunction Over Yukos

Oil Firms' Rich Concessions to Tainted African Ruler Probed

Frank magazine goes belly up

Shiites' power raises Iraq concerns (next Iran?)

Khartoum to ban U.S. officials from entering Sudan

Westerner beheaded on Mosul street as Americans lose control of key city

Poll: Seniors Support Medical Marijuana (Nearly three-fourths)

Head of Railroad Administration, Facing Two Inquiries, Is Quitting -NYT

Details of Marine's death told

Great hammerhead shark dies in Las Vegas Strip casino aquarium

Egypt's Mubarak warns U.S. against attacking Iran

Drivers licenses changes

US threatens UN agency funds over report - writer

Scant Progress on Post-Kyoto as Climate Talks End (big Business wins)

Al Capone, Lester Piggott and now ... Adolf Hitler

Musharraf will tell nation about his decision to stay on as army chief

Safeguarding the Cambodian dream

Group wants anti-Iraq war resolution on town meeting ballots

Court-Martial Records Link Killing to Sex

Bush overwhelmingly captures Catholic vote

Insurgents attack Iraq election offices

New sex misconduct claims hit UN

Israel's once proud Labour Party sells out ...

Dioxin Compensation for Vietnam Veterans Still Costing Billions

Panel keeps 'Catcher' on list

Group wants anti-Iraq war resolution on town meeting ballots (NG home)

French spy satellite launched into orbit

Energy industry gives big gift for inauguration

Bush Vows Not to Ignore Economic Problems -radio address

NYT: Kerik Fallout Hovers Over Giuliani, but Only in NY

Text of Democratic response by Sen. Durbin (rummy armor comment)

Branson planned Mandela mission to prevent Iraq war

Pentagon Seeks to Expand Role in Intelligence -NYT (Boykin's war plan)

Democrats Blame Rumsfeld for Mistakes in Iraq

(Iraqi)Ex-president's daughter killed

Poll: Seniors Support Medical Marijuana

Chile's Pinochet 'suffers stroke'

Fallujah assault still exacting heavy toll on mental health of US marines

U.S. Marine killed in Iraq (1305)

Xmas tree survives French hijab law

Amnesty: Iranian woman to be buried up to chest & stoned to death

Iraqi woman killed at US checkpoint

Secret Pinochet payments linked to BAE

Michael Jackson hosts 200 children at Neverland party

LAT: This Season, Greetings Are at Issue

Court-Martial Records: N.C. Guard Member Killed Iraqi After Sex

Protesters May Not Have Swearing-In Spot

27 Million in US to See Tax Bill Rise (w/disgusting Norquist quote)

SuperCat (kitty picture)

Tell me...

The chain of life (picture)

The ODB couldn't possibly have committed all those crimes.

Snow cows, Jew Dice

HEY DUers, Susan Sarandon&Tim Robbins hosting Late Late Show CBS


Screw it - here's a provacative flame-bait thread

A "DUMBASS" moment that will make you laugh.

What should I feed a tiger oscar?

Should I feed Oscar to my tiger?

I found the Funniest Web sites EVER!

I found the Funniest Web sites EVER!

Which is the better movie?

Mule attacks mountain lion?

Almost HALF in a poll want to restrict Muslim-Americans' civil rights?

whhe```~~ my dsl speed just got upgraded !O```1$@$@Rinsaneeee

Anyone else like Bright Eyes/Conor Oberst?

*hysterical* site for all you Harry Potter fans!

My clock reads 12:35 am cst.

for our 4th anniversary,


It's Saturday ... Time for another Bob Boudelang column

Whats a good MP3 player other than iTunes and Musicmatchbox

Ricky Williams says Miami's bad season isn't his fault

BiG DU meetup planned.. 1/6/05 .... fun with good ppl..

I've studied 12 hours for my molecular cell bio final

You've got to run like an antelope

favorite Home Alone movie

What does DINO mean?

do a google search for your DU's interesting.

Part of what I did tonight

David Lynch...Feh or w00t!...?

Anyone Else Here A Sucker for the "Home Alone" Movies?

Rock legends Blue Oyster Cult are playing in my town Sat. nite.

What can anyone tell me about Savannah, Georgia?

Dave Chappelle Skit

After Friday Insomniac Thread

Is there a future in Hollywood?

Women and gay men, which do you perfer: Circumcised or not?

Favorite Twin Peaks Actress

Who here was a class clown in school?

weather at your place: Its so warm here in Alaska that it rained

what do you do at your in-laws house???

I'm done with finals and sitting back home, ask me anything!

The Miami Heat Are On Fire

I just woke up

What can somebody tell me about dreams?

day 1 of winter break

Idle musings bring Python gang out of the can and on to the stage

Eli Manning and Ben Rothlesburger

Jack rats himself out

Think I'll do my Christmas Tree in all blue lights

Lately, photos of Lindsay Lohan give me vivacious wood.

So- who else got a 4.0 this semester? Come, let us brag.

The History Channel

Happy Birthday Keith Richards!!!

Is it just me? (sound alikes)

For all the mamas out there

Is the blue a little too off? (80k graphic)

I went to purchase my Christmas Cards and was told newyawker99

Lame-o question: Orthopedic font size >

Caption: Junior signs up for free condoms

I'm going for a run-Anyone need anything?

If you know a racist

Cartoons re Dubya's Social Insecurity program

responsible shopping--help!

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Whoa. This is like a real-life "Jaws" movie.

i was reading Robb's book online and closed a popup and now I can't

I think I found matcom's wedding pics

It is Red vx Blue again !!!!!!

What's with the run on December heart attacks?

Cover me, I'm going xmas shopping!

Robin Williams entertains U.S. troops in Afghanistan

My friend who shoots himself a Christmas tree.

forget lindsay lohan- i'll take non airbrushed pics of audrey hepburn !

I really have to got to bed now, but if you are quick about it, you can

My first attempt posting a picture, Did I finally figure it out?

My S/O is at the Vegas airport and surrounded by

Well folks, it's been fun. But I need to go now.

This will make you laugh and laugh and laugh

What Do Fundy Musicians Do When Confronted with Music Theory?

Strippers spark investigation

False Lottery Claim Leads to Boxing Career

my ass is fully rested - AND CLIMBING AGAIN!!

when you log on to DU where do you go first?

I'll Take You for a Spin in My Apartment ...

Please come out of my butt.

Oops: workers accidentally drill hole through 17th-century painting

Student Wins China Plastic-Surgery Pageant

"His Majesty is like a golden stream of bat piss"

Saw a red Hummer today with a Christmas wreath on the front grill

A British tar is a soaring soul as free as a mountain bird.

New CD copy-lock technology nears US market

Fruit it or compost material?

PLAYBOY Braille Edition

Ebay: Santa's Whiskers--Guaranteed Christmas Beard Trimmings!

Words to memorize, words to hypnotize, words to make my mouth

OK. Anybody who disses SRV as soulless can kiss my ass. >

This looked like a fun party.



Unfortunate product names - a new round

Vital Organs - pipe organ face-off

This is a dog license with the word 'dog' crossed out and 'cat' written in

For my 800th post, I'd like to proclaim my eternal love for all of you!

It's official. Dubya's a wise man.

How's your state knowledge?

Never take two antibiotics on an empty stomach. NEVER.

Girl Poll

To all DU teachers: You're free! Run! Run!

Got a Christmas card from Sheila Simon, Paul's daughter...

I'm getting spammed by Newsmax.

What's your favorite brand of tuna?

Do you have a friend with benefits?

Please talk me into buying an Ipod

Kerry Signs?

HELP!!! Keyboard problems

Anyone else have this problem?

Did you cry on Santa's lap?

How DISGUSTING is this!

Help! I need an excuse!

" ......................R....."

Those who were interested in the Horror Group - Heads up!

So, when do you think the furniture delivery people will get here?

Has anyone read Moral Politics by George Lakoff

Wish me luck, please

Uh oh Steelers fans...Giants run opening kick back for TD

Need computer explanation re: message I keep getting!

Shag or Scooby?

April 2003, per Rumhead. Chemical Ali dead

Happy holidays to everyone at DU!

Anyone else think this girl is beautiful?

Southpark Christmas Special

What's the deal with Jimmy Johnson's hair?

recent articles at "MoveLeft Media"

Approaching 5000 posts!

Only male turkeys gobble

We should compose a holiday greeting to freeperland ...

Any other Bode Miller fans here?

I, Robot was very disappointing- good premise gone wrong

Psssst... Wanna watch Annie Sprinkle's wedding?

Why aren't more people contributing to teh Demopedia?

What is your favorite e-mail spam?

DU movie recommendations: Give me something weird!

Road House on TNT RIGHT NOW!!!

Here's to all the Big Beautiful Cats out there

If you were burning a mixed CD right now,

where the heck is ZombyWoof with my COFFEE?????

Here we go Steelers, here we go!!! 13-1.

Here's To ALL The Beautiful Women Out There (EVERY WOMAN)!

The following "journalists"...

I have evidence that "Happy Holidays" has been going on for a while


I just finished Christmas shopping and I made it all BLUE baby!!!

Shaq Or Kobe

Poll question: How do you like your kegs?

Louisville Cards lose to UK

Clinton Penis and Sean Taylor fined $10000 a piece for wearing Red Socks

Redskins KICKING Some 49er ASS BABY!!!

Strap-On Veterans for Truth - Ann Coulter, former drag queen

Anyone here drink Red Rock Golden Ginger Ale?

Good music suggestions to convert one who listens to Usher

Here's to all the Big Beautiful Men out there....


How do you like your eggs?

Another superhero flick: The Flash

Excuse me, I have to be excused. I need to take a bush.

How do you like your plagues?

is thiss actual Daanish currency?

Bob Novak is an anti-journalist

How do you like your kegs?

who would win in a fight? Liberal Vs. Progressive.......

How do you like your legs?

I am now clinically hebephrenic, are you satisfied???

George W Bush is anti-semantic

Skinny SUCKS! (They look good on a runway, but in reality...)

1 year ago at this time

mike'ss har d lemondade

a list of all 50 stattes through song g titles


For those who get the National Geographic Channel...

Let's hear it for the mediocre people! WOO-HOO!

Harrison Ford, Republican Pig

Post a pic of yourself as a kid or teen looking silly

Worst Christmas Movie

Know Someone With An Annoying Fundie Co-Worker? Here's The Perfect Gift!

Free dinner!!!! Details inside!

A controversial question not to be taken as flame bait...

Crick in Neck. No looking left for me? Help what do you do?

Holiday Card Lists - how long are yours?

My Auntie Joyce has passed away...

Linfield Wins National Championship

Trucker Used Knife to Cut Off His Organ

OMG, the sig lines are back!

My TV clicks on, then clicks off. Any ideas?

Do You Feel Sorry For Courtney Love?

How do you like your egg nog?

Panthers are gonna freeze their butts off tomorrow...

Okay older DUers, ready for a 1950s TV trivia quiz?

Willie Mays Or Hank Aaron

The feline insists on walking on my keyboard.

So, uh, let's hear it for unattractive members of the opposite sex!

Clinton Portis and Sean Taylor fined $10000 a piece for wearing Red Socks

Watching Wall Street...or, the end of it, on FX.

I have the most asshole cats on Earth

I found the Funniest Web sites EVER!

Tell Me Something About Yourself.

Bunnies do "It's a Wonderful Life" !

Sad News from Mrs Flottz:: Hubert Flottz is in the Hospital, heart attack

Tell me about Scientology.

Who is your favorite author ever?

Who here grew up in an 'ethnic' home?

"I hepp'n to know the Barnum-m-Bailey Coicus people,

The most important DU poll ever! How big is your screen resolution?

Favorite XTC songs ???? ....

Okay DU Movie Buffs, need your brainpower . . .

Are you a latte-drinking Volvo-driving NPR-listening etc. liberal?

Here's To All The Big Beautiful Women (BBWs) Out There

Need recommendations for scary movies

Anyone from Unity here?

ALS vs Vitamin E

The eyes have it

Congressional hearings on health care proposed

Argon Uranium compound claimed.

New 'moon' found around Earth

TVC: Prevent homosexuals from having RIGHTS

Marriage amendment's impact felt around Ohio (straight couples impacted)

HRC update...

Private Employers In MA Using DOMA As Excuse To Not Provide Healthcare

Stealing a bike is too easy - in front of their eyes, nobody does nuttin'

Red Sox sign Clement

Okay, I put my babies up on Catster - please come see and be friends

An interesting question raised by our mod. Why not talk about it?

sorry, quick question

What are your main issues with the current administration?

Some New Orleans vacation photos... (lotsa pics)

Don't we need to import Democracy, before we can export it?

Rummy ordered torture according to FBI

The man who is scarier than Ann Coulter! Video

Billion person peace meditation begins tomorrow ...

In politics, as in life, there are followers and there are leaders...

Should those of us in red states vote in 2006 GOP primaries?

NEED HELP! "6 US Marines killed in Fallujah yesterday"?????

LTTE to the local paper.

Is the Green Party relevant?

Thanks for the help, Joe

One man could win as Governor of Florida and that man is......

Secretary Thompson Announces PACHA Co-Chair (Anita Smith)

Dave Chappelle as Pres. Bush

Let your Senators know how you feel about the Gonzales nomination

America Beyond Capitalism

Meet the Press on Sunday

Idiot says Rumsfeld's critics have it wrong

Be sure to keep up with grocery store blogging

WHO saw Moyers last PBS show?... rightwing media... and how

Are you absolutely sick of Democratic infighting on this board?

Our 'Best Equipped' Army? Baloney!

Secretaries of State: this should be our number one goal in 06

The Gary Webb story on "So What Else Is News"

new candidate throws hat in ring in Iraq

Time for the compromises to stop: 55 million plus voted "no compromise"

15 minutes watching NOW on PBS...Bush really needs to be impeached

Do you believe Kerry won the popular vote?

Blaming Clinton Again

2 FEC complaints filed against Michael Moore by AZ lawyer

The CIA and Domestic Elections... 2000 and 2004

go ahead, tell me we don't torture people

Bill Moyers on the Right Wing Media/Video

Inauguration Day: Put back up lawn signs and bumper stickers

Minnesota lawmaker wants to reduce welfare payments for smokers.

Lieberman said "NO," but Bush still got a photo op (w/ Cat Killer Frist)

Dem Unity Bracelet -- "1 of 57 Million Americans"

Do you believe in paramilitary groups claming government immunity

What Was Liberalism's Finest Hour In The Twentieth Century?

New Yorkers: What to do about Hillary and Schumer?

"Conquering by Stealth and Deception

Progressives and centrists, can we PLEASE just have an honest discussion?

Explain the history on the DLC...How did they take control of the party?

Susan Sarandon and hubby guest hosting the late, late show

If you call yourself "progressive" but not "liberal," why is that? (nt)

Maybe he really believes his own BS

Person of the Year -- Ahhhhhhhhhhhh

Are you still seeing Bush bumper stickers?

Are most state Democratic Party Chairs part-time and/or unpaid??

Are DLC policies partly the reason environmental laws have been gutted?

PNAC: Real Threat or 'Conspiracy Theory'?

I'm in need of an education in Southern politics.

Iowa Dems think caucuses are safe for í08

Green Party's Cobb Says Kerry Is Thwarting Recount

What exactly is meant by: 'going too far to the left'?

Humvee armor maker says Pentagon not ordering more

US Senator from Tennessee: Harold Ford Jr. v Tim McGraw

2005-New Progressive Era or Neocon fascist Dictatorship?

Chevy Chase calls Bush "A Dumb Fuck"

Feingold for President?