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Archives: December 23, 2004

Back by unpopular demand

Salon: Vlad the terrible (Putin = Mussolini of Moscow)

AP article or White House press release?

Common Dreams: Rewarding Incompetence

Common Dreams: If You Vote for War, You Go to War

Salon: Suicide mission (final unraveling of the U.S. war effort)

Tell Clear Channel, the FCC and ...stations to Stop "Breast Christmas Ever

Help Spread This Statement: "The Battle For The Future..."

140 billion kilograms of PVC needs to be dumped.

I posted Detroit Free Press info for the National Media List here but

Like to start a firefox group and thought i'd float it by you first....

Blair Proposes Mideast Conference

BREAKING: Wash. Recount Shows Gregoire Ahead by 10

Atty Lowell Finley says (on the Thomm Hartman Show)

"Expert" Says Arnebeck's Got Nothing -- "Expert" Needs To Be Destroyed

AND THE WINNER IS..... Laughter & The Spirit of Christmas

Anyone else gone to and seen how many

News Higlights from Tuesday (12/21)

CSPAN Now! Kennedy School Discussing Ramifications of 11/2/04

OK Countdown fans.

Hawaii Voters Are Concerned....Weekly There is Using Dated Article...Email

Sorry if already posted But CNN has a news story about Pirate Radio DC

Patrick Henry Democratic Club Picks Top Leaders '04

cnn just said that ballots from King county WILL be counted tomorrow!!

Does John Kerry still have Secret Service protection?

GB&C: Anyone know how our boy is doing?

King County Numbers are Up! - "We have stuff that points to big numbers" (Kerry/Ohio)


Do you think that the WA Stae Republicans will march in the streets in

Cobb Campaign action letter -- just received this:

NC Supreme Court To Hear Out-Of-Precinct Ballot Issue

John Kerry to visit the Middle East next month

More Ohio shenanigans

do we have an official repsonse from TV Networks to Conyers?

Interesting article on Blackwell from 2002

Rev, Jackson is leading the way

So * has this really nice inaugural parade planned...

IMHO - to WilliamPitt

Hand recount in WA governor's race: Gregoire ahead by 10 vote

12/22 Letter From CONYERS to TRIAD regarding new evidence

Look at this comment by OH SoS Blackwell......


Conspiracy theories

All I want for Christmas is John Kerry for President!

So, where is Madsen??? and what becomes of his writings?

Here is the link to the press conference with the folks

New Olbermann blog is up 12/22/04 6:48pm

Stay tuned!


A lawyers interpretation of what the Ruling on Arnebeck's suit

Do I see the boat turning around?

OK - I'm cautiously optimistic and awaiting tomorrow

psssst...Kerry is getting into the game tomorrow...

ALL HAIL ARNEY for he is the eveil cousin of Barney

I've been updating my blog seven-days-a-week.

Anyway to find a person behind an email?

Respect for Non-Christian Viewpoints, and Constant Whining About Religion


How 52% of the country views us:

So the stores with "Merry Christmas" jack up their prices and the funddies

US Dept of Energy office supports Peak Oil theory

Ho ho ho! Halliburton cuts off retiree benefits, ordered to restore them

So who will the RW blame for taking "Christ" out of Easter?

What is with Free Republic and the Navy Memorial?

Technical question.

Tom Ridge sends New Year's tips: BE READY! ((Booga booga booga!!)

After 19 months of failure, Iraqis ask Russian workers to return...

How bad will the Inaguration protests get?

Wondered if Bill Clinton ever inspired a "Reverse Stockholm Syndrome"

Faux is using homicide bomber...

Forcing Iraqi women to wear the hijab

Most recent photos of Fallujah genocide...

Been Home Sick All Day. Not a Peep About FBI Torture Memos On TV

Yahoo e-mail account should remain private

I am watching my TIVO'ed "Crossfire"...

Any one here listen to RBN? Republic Broadcasting Network

Hidden Angle It's Christmas, and the Echo Chamber Is in Full Chorus

Major US Contractor to pull out of Iraq.

How about putting Herod back into our sanitized Christmas?

Multiple casualties in new car bombing. (Late Wednesday)

Did Bush see into Gaddafi's soul? Looked black as his own.

American Taliban. I worry about where we are headed.

Dear President Bush

"Al Pals"

fundamentalist doesn't equal right wing or conservative

No armor, no fortified mess hall: WHERE is the Iraq money going?

New Bush initiative weakens forest protection

Why is Myers lying on this?

On Church/State Separation and the "Christians under attack" debate...

So, US planned torture before it had prisoners to torture?

Help! We're having trouble finding "blue" shopping!

Must read - This article articulates what most of us feel right now

Great article on Richard Vigurie

Quick -- go to this page before they change it

Hump Day Malloy/Truthseeker Gathering

The religious right has now taken over...

just in case you folks haven't seen this yet . . .

A Christian progressive's call for peace.

Evicted Hawks get new nest designed by famous architect ...

from the base Chaplain: FOUR mortars hit the American base (link)

Defending "our way of life"...

rummy:"think of the murders in every major city...why aren't they stopped?

Photos Of Giant Bush/Monkey Billboard

Rest In Peace: A funeral.

Buying Blue

Everyone on my Christmas list received

Guests would you like to see on "The Daily Show"? Goodman, Chomsky, or?

PITCHERS of BUSH* (not for the easy-to-anger types)

What would anyone do, if by some miracle, the recount investigations

Bush EPA Plan: People will drink dirty water.

How is XMAS store traffic by you?

A DUer has lost a family member in Iraq:

Our Dem Congressionals are going to screw us again.

I spent $NNN this year on Christmas presents

Why do the right -wingers hate Michael Moore so passionately ?

As an Atheist, I have no problem with Christmas...

Was Bush wired during the press conference?

Seeking: Carrot Cake Recipe. Can You Help?

Canadians feel there's too much gambling: poll

Breaking NWCN (WA) : Gregoire now officially ahead by 10 votes.

Three on trial for soldier's intentional wounding

(Homeland) Security Agency: 'Resolve to Be Ready in 2005'

Palestinians Dismiss Blair Visit as Publicity Stunt

Three to Stand Trial in Soldier's Shooting

Blair's peace talks take back seat (warned not to "interfere")

Iraq Security Sweep Captures 600 Insurgents, U.S. Military Says

Japan Has First Case of Bird Flu in Human

Air Force Further Reprimands Top Lawyer

GOP Donors drip with hot, sticky porn money

TSA Modifies Security Search Guidelines (re: breast searches)

cnn--said Repubs will go to court on Wash. state -they gave no details

(International Republican Institute) Poll Finds Most Iraqis Plan to Vote

Salon: Suicide bomber probably caused Iraq blast, Myers says

Analyst: Wal-Mart RFID Pilot Closely Watched

NYT: Administration Overhauls Rules for U.S. Forests

Iceland Tells US to Butt Out on Fischer Residency Offer

Pirate radio calls for inauguration protests

NYT: Bush's New Problem: Iraq Could Eclipse Big Domestic Agenda

Halliburton Told to Reinstate Insurance (Retiree Health Benefits)

In Decembe surprise: Pell grants being slashed

Governors ask Bush not to cut Medicaid

WP: Soldiers in Sunni Town Run Into Wall of Silence

U.S. families mourn for Mosul victims.

Miami Police Use Taser To Subdue Wheelchair-Bound Man

You know ahy hockey is the best sport?

Generic blank DVD-R (or +R) media...


What dessert should I bring for Christmas

What's up with AAR? Randi wasn't there and where is Jeanne?

Will it snow in Crawford, Texas tonight?

Am I the only one that watches That 70's Show and thinks that ......

30 years ago there were 60 lobbyists, now there are

Would You Have Your Cat Cloned?

A religious statement about briefs.

The top 5 more Dangerous cars than the Kia Spectra...

A coworker just lent me "Catwoman."

Ambrosia: Mediocre band from the 70's or holiday fruit salad?

What state has the coolest flag?

I would rather have my eyes ripped out than see Oceans Twelve again

Does anybody think Bush should grow a beard?

how do I unninstall my mouse driver?

Just saw meet the Fockers-***Spoilers****

We are building a religion

Do any of you Californians travel on I-10 or I-15?

Eight shy of 9000. Help me talk about stupid nonsense!

I'm enjoying "Great Performances" on PBS right now

Will it snow in Austin, Texas Tonight?

Do you think censorship ruins some movies?

Are there NO Republican Pagans/Sinners?

256 shy of 10,000. Help me talk about stupid nonsense!.......just kidding

Thanks to the post the fellow DUer is no longer mad!!

Who wants to drink tequila shots on the lakefront with me tonight?

The year in (animal) pictures... 2 ( lots of pictures )

Okay people - Define Irony

Anyone ever have their CD/DVD disappear from their computer?

Banner ads have gone too far

Post your favorite Christmas song lyrics


What P2P are you using?

Any Amy Sedaris fans here?

What does your atheist christmas involve?

I have decided to go protest at the coronation, but to save time

Any other Canadians who would never move to the US because

So who is going to protest la chimp in january at his "inguaration"

When do the retail stores typically close on Xmas eve?

The hyperbole thread.

Woo hoo!! I have PHISH!

No, THIS is a CAT

Anyone here watch BETJ? Right now it's Chicago Blues Jam and

Anyone see who's droping the Ball Dec 31/Jan 1st? Colin Powell

It's Christmas Eve Eve Eve!

Honestly, what do you think...

I Love Rum Balls!

"Sound of Music" is just "re-released." It's about Nazi's and not a Nun..

I had a vacation in a crematorium

I did all right on my interims!

Just got my grades back for my first semester!!!

I love Gum balls!

I received an email Christmas card

Have SNL, MadTV, or any other skit shows done a parody of Britney Spears?

How much have you spent on gifts this holiday season?

Anybody remember the PBS Wonderworks Series?

I love Rumsfeld's balls.

"You're gonna put your eye out, kid!"

Ruling the World ;-)

Has there been a mortician in pimp threads since I went on vacation?

Thinking of watching "School of Fish"

Yay for me!!!! I'm a MEDIOCRE student!!!!

Has there been a moratorium on rock threads since the Ohio retabulation?

So "Freaked out this year..." Manhattan Transfer's "Christmas Album"from

A fellow DUer is mad at me what should I do?-

I give you the Earworm from hell...

Anyone know what childrens' book this is?

Has there been a moratorium on sock threads since I had my flatulation?


DiCaprio to apologize to Billy Bush? WTF?

Has there been a moratorium on mock threads since I went on vacation?

Got a "B" in one of my grad school classes...


ZombyLove: It Lives In Your Panties


Voting Problems Strike Mozilla Firefox

My 2 cents on the whole Jesus thing.

I just saw Nellie McKay on Conan's show.

ALRIGHT, what part of my body did I break now?

Who wants to google bomb? Liberal Catholics among others are needed

Don't Let The Republican Grinch Steal Your Christmas!

Favorite Eminem Album?

'Sexy Duppy Singles'

Drug Ballad

There's this drink

Comedy Central comes through again! Runs Lebowski as a filler for TDS

The Complete Monty Python's Flying Circus

Macualey Culkin is gonna kick me off the computer in 10 mins

You all have no idea how good this place is for my mental health tonight.

Finish this sentence: "My last poop..."

Attn: Fans of Showtime's "Dead Like Me"

Watch this!

Serious question for those who say masturbation causes Jesus to cry...

How do DU women feel when referred to

Blenheim Ginger Beer and Maker's Mark.

HP photosmart system

Am I the only one who prefers Thanksgiving over Christmas?

What's the best song(s) you know about that few others have heard?

I love being able to download music, digital music is the best

Apparently, beer freezes at 18 deg F.

Just got my two DU bumper stickers in the mail

Religious axe killer jailed

Is a neurologist qualified for this?

If you're pro-Zomby, you can't be anti-chocolate!

Bank Robbery - Loving That Story

Need an internet diversion? Try the messageboard for the film 'Wonderland'

Merry Christmas from The Hoff

DU Histrionics Group suggestion

George Clooney in Esquire

Should newsguyatl adopt me as well as a dog?

LOTR questions

I have seen the future and it involves lots of Chicken teriyaki Don

A tip from a Gypsy

I'm TOO COLD to get undressed and get into PJ's

On a very special Crocodile Hunter

Is there a future in the job market for video program editors?

any metal fans here?

My GF just bought me one of those plastic braclets."Support our Troops"

If you're pro-Zomby you can't be pro-Rabrrrrrr

Looks like Ohio is getting hammered by snow

Please shake this!

The "Japanese Shirt Folding Video"

Christmas Eve is boring, how do you feel?

Now, THIS is a CAT

Today's dumb guestion about us DUers

You know what the lounge needs right now?

Michael Jordan vs. Mr. Ed. Who would win in a game of horse?

Does Eminem offend you?

Did anyone se any of the NEW movies yet?

Favorite song?

Texas is COLD, just look at my poor DU bumper sticker!

4 word letter

Which pup should I buy?

I'll be hopping on a plane to Bogota, Colombia in less than 12 hours

Quick topic

Just how the fuck is it that texas's first snow is before my first snow

Who was the coolest person who ever lived?

Fallen Connecticut soldier laid to rest

Anyone watch Ghost Hunters?

Q: What's worse than a SUV? . . .

Hey Edge! Take off the hat already!

After strolling the streets of Manhattan

help! my dad went crazy!

I'm pulling the cork on some 2001 Beringer White Zinfandel in memoriam

LOST: What character are you

He plays Wok N Woll

Which state has the lamest State Quarter?

Coolest Person That Ever Lived??

Your earliest memory?

Woo hoo!! I have FISH!

*sniff* *sniff* It's time for a cheesy pepperoni!

Be honest. Did you save the nekkid Bush pic to your hard drive?


So I'm leaving for Amsterdam on Monday.

If you were going to the liquor store, what would you get?

I saw a pic of Bush naked. For the love of God, kill me now.

Please don't flame me...3 "A" papers...Have Universities gone to shit?!

It's STILL snowing!

Thinking of watching "School of Rock"

A brief statement about religion.

The latest from MOVELEFT.COM

Any big Leo Kottke fans?

Worst police force for a major US city.

Jesus vs. Michael Jordan. Who would win in a game of basketball?

I need good vibes.

The best birth control

Greatest pop song ever?

I'm going veggie

Which was the best movie of the year? Which one was the Worst of the year

How about putting Herod back into our sanitized Christmas?

Jesus's water-to-wine jugs found after all these years?

Would Judaism even exist today without Christianity?

Was Mary pregnant with Jesus before she married Joseph?

Trees to be grown on Mars

"Elegant Universe" w/ Brian Green

AFM "Not for Distribution" email: DVD featuring Bill Frist, Tom DeLay

9 Eagles make Pro-Bowl! Full Rosters inside.

What does the graphic on the Bowling Green helmet represent?

I had a kitty thought....Uh Oh!

Anyone read "Spiritual Enlightenment, The Damnedest Thing"?

Falling off the Mountain, at Starlight News

Looks like some fun coming up in the tin hat forum

INDEX TO JOHN KERRY BIOGRAPHY: posts by angrydemocrat

City / Building photos

When Washington State Proclaims that Gregoire won

Help, can't find any threads about the news conference w/rummy

On CSpan2 the Free Republic and VietNam veteran's for "truth"

Salon: "Wall Street's monster bonus from Bush"

B*sh Stole Election- watch CSPAN-Counter-Inaugural Protests Link

Things to do before the inauguration

Aaaon Brown just asked a Mosul photog. the dumbest question....

Arnold a liberal??? Tell me you're kidding, PLEASE!

Could you support a Democrat who was for the war in Iraq .....

Our mission: to challenge any Democrat that votes with Bush on SS...

What would the RW have said about Mosul if Kerry was prez?

They are being real B-A-A--D in the lounge - Bush has always leaned right

Liberal press picks on O'Reilly: "Somewhere Jesus is weeping"

What does Will Pitt mean by this statement in today's article

question about boycotts

Read this Kerry lovers and Kerry haters

I feel bad for Indiana and Ohio for the major snow storms but..

We need a left wing Karl Rove

We need a left-wing version of the Club For Growth

We Need to Enlarge the House

SSC is the new WMD. Pass It Around. (Social Security Crisis)

A Republican Night Before Christmas

Do "Young Du'ers" think Bush Privitization of Social Security is Good?

Does anyone else get the feeling all Hell is about to break loose?

I say David Lytel should run for office

Kerry loses more electoral votes

[PINR] 23 December 2004: Portugal's Dilemma: Reform or Social Defense

NYT: "China in Line as U.S. Rival for Canada Oil"

Ellen Goodman: The soul of a machine

Christmas Eve of Destruction

NYT: America, the Indifferent

USA Today Al Neuharth Xmas Editorial - Bring Troops Home

U.S. using chemical weapons against civilians: Iraqi leader

The Democrats’ Da Vinci Code

From patriarchal use of power to human security and democracy

Truthout/Pitt: It Will All Be Over Soon

Novak: Neocons pin Iraq on Rumsfeld

Ted Rall's thoughts on the Social Security "crisis"

C Baldwin: "I'm A Conservative Christian & Religious Right Scares Me Too"

Kerry to Enter Ohio Recount Fray

"jettisoning some environmental protections" that have been around 20 year

Cartoon: Fascist Fill up

I want my faith back - political hijacking of religion

MoDo: Christmas Eve of Destruction

6 Bush Scandals To Come - David Corn (Whoa! - read this!)

WAR CRIMES (WP Editorial)

Harry Reid Is Not Boring

Update on "Rage Against the Machines"?

Think Again: The World Turned Upside Down: Reporting 2004

Bush Plans a Media Blitz on Social Security

In Favor of a Progressive Income Tax

Hong Kong's Charm Vanishes Behind Dense Smog - CSM

300 Million Chinese Drink Polluted/Toxic Water - AFP

America's War On Itself - Guardian

Chinese Chemists report a new catalyst for cracking biomass gassification

Newmont Admits 17 Tons Of Mercury Releases, But Says No Public Health Risk

US, India, China Plan 850 New Coal-Fired Power Plants By 2012

German Govt. Report - Black Forest In Worst Condition Ever Recorded

Interesting presentation on C-Span from Thomas Barnett

Man with history of mental illness uses knife and red car in rampage

Deputy and firefighter nearly shot by arrow while arresting drunk

Thank you for posting the disruptor adivice

1.Is it OK to post material from members banned at DU, if it

Am I responsible for the Level 2 thing?

Can we have a big 'yawn' smiley?

What is spam?

Deleted message

I made a Donation, However....

So, If I didn't get an answer to a PM

Can we get a John Conyers avatar?

Thank you, thank you, thank you --

Happy Holidays and Joyous New Year to all the admins and mods

This is the DU member formerly known as...

How long are my posts stored? eom

Idea: Raise the level for flaming threads?

Municipal polls Thursday in 26 West Bank villages

Palestinian PM slams Blair plan

UNRWA shelters Gaza families displaced by Israeli offensive

Teaching hatred

Arafat's successor: Palestinian state will replace Israel

Blair calls for 'total end' to terrorism

Some 15 Israeli youths attack Palestinian family in Jerusalem

Sunday morning brunch with Andy Stephenson anyone?

Is there any place to donate gift cards?

Oh Horseshit...The Really...


dKos diary on Conyers's letter to Triad

Please sign this petition if you haven't already

ILCA Joins PDA in Endorsing Rainbow/PUSH Rallies on 1/3 & 1/6

51-capitol-march sponsors march from Maryland to D.C. 1-3 to 1-6

Wednesday 12/22 Highlights

Video Footage of African American voter suppression in Ohio

Therapy for all

Yang caught in lie re illegal Chinese worker

Red State / Blue State: Election Fraud

Chair of Lucas Cty Bd of Elections & Cty Republican Party Quits

Great Timing! Xmas. Families gather. Peace. Goodwill toward men!

Lets get ready for tomorrow...

GOP... No Shame!

Michael Moore is going to be on the Today Show this morning.

"Don't let Santa Claus block us from a Revolution!"

They Say He's Always Been A Great Closer...

Conyers letter to Triad, with note of more to come Thurs AM

OKAY What is going to happen in the Press

Damn I feel honored

What surprise?!?


RAWSTORY: "Source: Kerry camp expected to issue statement today... "

what are the democrats hiding.....or a group of democrats

Classic quote from WA State Supreme Court Justice Owens

Where is the Kerry statement coming from?

Is this request for donations legitimate? From Cobb:

Thom Hartmann talking about election fraud right now

Wasserman from Free Press on Democracy Now today

The freepers think the recount is over....(reaction to Kerry news)

Saw snip on CNN re Bootleg Broadcast in DC FCC Chasing Them Down

How to get media to release exit poll data etc??

Wasserman : based on exit polls there's no way on earth * carried Ohio

Washington Recount decision just made it to mainstream!

Should we blast the media with today's Kerry news?


Mainstream Media Finally Speaks on Election Fraud

Ohio residents: Barbara Boxer needs YOU.

Press Conference on the Ohio Election - Radio Left

Kerry news coming within the hour

About tomorrow

action links

Will Pitt story induces "Level 2" at DU!

Warren County Ohio Anomalies.

Senator Quick Contacter

More GREAT stuff posted today on Democrat House Judiciary site

Designer Patriotism

Live on the Net And Live on Fox Tonight at 9:00 PM

Conyers letter not news on CNN, MSNBC, WashPost, Google news and

When the legality of the entire election is in question...

Will Pitt on Hartman

Raw Story: Some details emerge on expected Kerry action...

What about the Triad new??

Duties and powers of the U.S. District Court

I was having some doubts...

Ohio recount question - 3% of WHAT?

Southern District of Ohio - Court closed today

Focus on Will's last paragraph & BradBlog statement & MAKE IT HAPPEN

Jan 3: Emergency Pro-Democracy Rally in Ohio--Jan 6: Protest in Washington

I believe that IRREPARABLE HARM would be done to my country


Discussing election fraud on Radio Left now

Hey Tekies, Green Party Ohio Recount Rep needs help with Triad machine!

Full text of Madsen Interview by Jamboi

"Impeach Bush" will ring out at CounterInaugural Protests

Has anyone contacted ANSWER regarding January 6th?

Great DemocracyNow! interview w/ Harvey Wasserman re: challenging the vote

Message I just got from John Kerry

What Happens If fraud is discovered?

Link to OH election regs--MUST use verified paper ballot

Triad, Remote Access, Exit Polls and Poll Books...

If Triad really had remote access to tabulating machines

"The biggest lying bunch of crooks"....

Washington State count - Gregoire up by 130 votes n/t

We need ONE Senator to challenge the seating of electors of OH-FL

Okay, fraud naysayers:

MORE: Video Supporting Ohio Vote Fraud Claim Revealed

Widespread Ballot counting problems, by Scripps Howard News Service

ELECTION FRAUD on the Connection with Dick Gordon

Can a sister get some help with the bottom line?

Will the Fascist MSM Finally Acknowledge Kerry's Lawsuit ??

Did she ever spill the beans??? dont make me read the whole

"Self-serving individuals press vote challenges"

Democracy in America may be about to be saved because of JOHN KERRY...and

Some of Lytel's comments from yesterday's press conference

RAWSTORY: Oh SC Chief Justice Moyer laying groundwork for....

Any MSM on Kerry entering the recount?

Do I get my $60 back from WA recount ??

Tuned into CBS...(this is from Media Boycotter) and they did WA Not Ohio

It's MORE than just OHIO. MUCH MORE.

ES&S Whistleblower!!!!

Request From a Friend: Help me Re: Jan 6th

Sample letter to Congressmen

CNN Runs Bartlett Interview - They Must Be Scared!

FreePress: Ohio Passwords on Web - 'anyone' could rig votes for B*

UPDATE On Ohio Vote in regards to Triad

Wisconsin Democracy Campaign: Lawsuit filed against Accenture contract

Has anyone found evidence of fraud on the Democratic side

Kerry to enter Fray - What it means.

URGENT Request for HELP in Ohio.

pls help me find this post

Raw Story: Additional Triad video finds 'conspiracy to thwart hand recount

I raise my goblet and toast TruthIsAll... a relentless warrior. nt

Urgent Action Request

Will William Pitt be the next leader on voting fraud issues?

TRUTH! It's the only thing we have left! Spill the God Damn beans.

What happens if, I mean when, our Senators stand with the House Dems?

The Action IS working!

Merry Kerrymas to all DUers!!! Today's news calls for this!

VT electors call for contest of OH electoral votes

Kerry should have a press conference NOW!

Breaking: King County recount gives 130 vote win to Gregoire

I just got this letter from the Kerry/Edwards Campaign???? What do

To spill the beans or to not spill the beans...

Make your calls!!

Feinstein wants end to Electoral College - seeks constitutional amendment

The Depressed Democrats' Guide to Recovery

Thursday 12/23 Election/Fraud/Recount thread

UPDATE ON KERRY FILING: The weather screwed them

Green party rep needs help with DOS commands ASAP:TRIAD!!!

Conyers: Vote firm had remote access to machines

Bush is Still Going to be Inaugurated

Jan.6th Letter: "Naughty or Nice?"

From the freepers regarding Will Pitt Post...



John Conyers DEMOCRAT and other DEMOCRATS on the House Judiciary

Columbus, Ohio - Voter Suppression Videos

Anything yet on the WilliamPitt 'surprise' today? n/t

Madsen's latest: any inquiring minds who want to know?

The DUMBEST Argument About Fraud...

posted for nichole7642 --- video clips, sad for the black voters of Ohio!!

Arnold--Just another POS special interest whore--

Attorney General's race.

Stop Clearchannel from replacing Air America with CNN in San Diego!

The Aqueduct.

Iowan First Convicted in Piracy Probe

Let's protest outside Coleman's Office January 6!

Confronting the Corporate Constitution in Pennsylvania

What is going on in Austin Jan 11th?

Kudos to the lady from Bay City who called KTRH

Hey Austin folks, and others so inclined, how about I throw a NYE party?

Arguing over religion drives the wedge deeper, does Rove's work.

Should the United States have intervened in Rwanda? Darfur?

How I see abortion and social issues

It was a cold restless night, with the homeless heavy on my mind

Just wondering where the Mosul Bomber got his explosives...

China looking for Oil in Canada?

has everyone seen WDeck?

CSM: Who are the nation's 'cheapstates'? Try the blue ones.

Why are we supposed to respect other peoples religions?

Where are we going?

O'Reilly Wins Misinformer of The Year Award

Shrub at it again - more deaths

I can't watch anymore

Tucker Carlson calls the term"Happy Holidays" dreaded and meaningless!Vid

Once again, "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" don't cut it...

Has anyone heard from Ida lately?

We are all P.O.W.'s

It's Clinton's Fault....

this Rush song perfectly describes America, 2004

Katherine's Lanpher's "Christie Baby" song is HOT

This was a "real and great reporter"

A refresher course : Did Bush lie to get us into the Iraq War ?

The two great reporters in the past

How come about half the 9/11 "hijackers" are alive?

When are the Democrats going to win?

I'm getting so sick of the f'n propaganda!




If an accepted PartyTruth Hurts You Bad...

Was Mary pregnant with Jesus before she married Joseph?

Happy Holidays vs Merry Christmas

What's up with this I/P Forum ?

Pell Grants cut to 90,000 cause state taxes went DOWN????

How Close Do Your Views Match With The Views of the Politicians?

A Christmas Greeting to all on DU - Desiderata/Max Ehrman

Happy Holidays From Iraq... Dec. 23, 2004....

The last of the world's best reporters

Had an idea for a new "catch phrase" in the car...

Army Says There Was Torture

Bush* Doesn't EVER Negotiate With Hisself! Proof:

A christmas memory....

Goto a Catholic Worker House and then tell me Christians can't be Liberals

Looking for my own way back to God.

His was a Virgin Birth, attended by Shepherds, 12/25

Toys have lasting impact on brain

I'm Dreaming of a White Holiday !!!!!!

Merry Christmas? Will open minded Christian DU folk

Was Jesus Gay?

Since the election, 200 US troops have been killed and 1500 wounded.

Prohibition of native religious ceremonies was law for almost 50 yrs


On the political hijacking of religion

Colin Powell to push button and drop the ball...

Let's wish a Happy and Safe Holidays to the troops...

Any predictions on the "Data Dump" today?

Rummy Says He Has A Heart

Best Christmas present EVER! (for me)

NAUGHTY AND NICE 2004 | Center for American Progress

Bush as Savior

Where's that photo of Rumsfeld & the construction worker

PHOTOS: America's glorious exit from Vietnam (coming to Iraqmire)

Yes, Virginia, There Is a Happy Holiday!

Someone PLEASE tell me how a black woman can be a co-host with

Bill Moyer's Speech tomorrow (Fri.) on Democracy Now

Silly but harmless acts of rebellion...

Coming next from Michael Moore: Sicko, the film

Marine's Toy drive manpower sapped by Iraq war-civilians heed the call

Sen Butcher opened his mouth & racism, ignorance fell out

Pirate radio calls for inauguration protests

Sweet Wal-Mart Deal Turns Sour For Local Businessman St louis area: Wa

con man O'Reilly said jesus was weeping for him

IRAQ: "like putting a Flintstones Band-Aid on a gushing femoral artery"

Polk County DU'er Please claim Festivus Display

Bush cuts Pell Grants

Hightower gave some presents :)

Plea for aid for wounded US soldies ....


Salvation Army flag defaced

Missing from the discussion about cloned - animal or human

U.S. military and U.S. media has been lying to us again - Fallujah

Jersey Girls, Power, Waters, Dukes, Fernandez, and Mahdi

Instant book : "What We Do Now" Dean, Palast, Kristof and others.

what's a kerik to do now

Watch out for ebay scam. Don't give anyone your credit card info.

Neocons Taking the Plurality out of "Happy Holidays"

WP calls prison abuse a WAR CRIME

Bill Kristol is a freak

new Hannity advertisers

Bush's other coalition

I'd like to propose a message...I know we've discussed this before.

Good Idea for Primary Reform

Have you ever wondered what info about you they will use to round you up?

Iraqi Elections Will Bring Chaos

Why did I just get this in my email?

Is Air America in the Los Angeles area?

Released Torture Records

million dollar donation info do they do it

Please, PLEASE, let this be true - - -

Someone filling in for Ed Schultz today

Does Bush have the authority to issue an executive order

Mess hall hell inside hell of a mess -- Steve Breen cartoon


Ohio: Road conditions horrific...

Beyond the barrel idea #1: Run your car on tap water

U.S. using chemical weapons against civilians: Iraqi leader

Have right-wing, or unaware, family members? Gift suggestions...

Church Of The Nativity???

They know the war is never-ending

Fallujah Success Has ‘Broken the Back’ of Insurgents - November 19, 2004

AAR down???

Medicaid, another consequence of Bush's economic priorities

Collosal Blunder!

called the local vets hospital to volunteer

Male fish bear eggs in Potomac

CLG Chair, Mike Rectenwald, on MSNBC's 'Scarborough Country' Dec. 23

washington state recount update???

Jackson: Election Fight 'Biggest Deal Since Selma'

C-SPAN now--there is an excellent seminar on Islam and

is down? i can't get it to load for the last hour....

Purple Hearts - Back from Iraq (graphic photos of OUR soldiers)

Suddenly media reporting economy whoes !

Is Al Zarqawi a Bush lie?

Holiday Letter from Michael Josephson of the Josephson Institute

I gotta give the newfies credit - they aren't taking shit from Ottawa

Ah 2005 time to reach out to the Dems

Rumsfeld as scapegoat? Sure, the Bush idiots would buy that.

An outstanding Commentary from Sen Feingold

John Kerry just sent me an email

A Fallujah Christmas Carol

Do it! Ban abortion! Break S.S.! Deny Gay Rights! Ignore Racism!

Why in the hell would you take the guy who fucked up Iraq and

Another good and moral Republican heads off to prison, hopefully . . .

State Senator Edith Prague of Connecticut: I JUST LOVE HER!!!

This latest arthritis drug recall kills the GOP argument against marijuana

Why America is like GWB. (long)

This morning on CNN Bill Hemmer had a video interview....

growing up during Clinton versus in the heyday of Democratic power?

Randi Rhoades/Patti Smyth catfight replay on AAR now!

Should we send thank you cards, gifts, etc. to countries that protest *

A New Kind of New Year's Resolution (give me a break!)

Funny Freeper Quotes and Comments

USA Today founder says "Get out of Iraq."

Vietnam vs. Iraq

So how did suicide bombers get inside a military mess hall?

Janeane Garofalo's return?

The preacher and Johnnie Byrd, sittin in a tree. G.r i n n i n g... manger

DU please help me...

Here are some "Bush Monkeys" Giant Billboard Pictures in Manhattan...

I'm a relatively new poster to DU

Kerry to Enter Ohio Recount Fray

Aeriel Gunning of Alaska's Wolf Population (GRAPHC VIDEO)

DUers who served or serve in the military: I salute you!

The Bushites can't believe that people will fight for their own country!

I'm in the mood to piss some people off (rambling rant).

Is it time to form a government inside our sorry excuse for a "government"

Use Right-Wingers' Own Efforts Against Them With This Site

Where did this originate?

The illogical right wing dogma...

Harry Reid

Awwww...Rummy's Sad!

What if a Fox News anchor decided the term "homicide bomber" was

Iraqnam and American Popular Opinion: DUers who were adults in the 70's?

Are Democrats now in permanent minority status?

Don't shop at K-Mart, They are open till 9PM Christmas Eve and open

What, ideally, is the purpose of prison?

Revolution Anyone?

What issues would make you leave the Democratic Party

this was *supposed* to be a little holiday gift to DU/GD....

Decipher this for me. New homes sales plunge.

What was pre-Castro Cuba like?

Thoughts on untracable pirate radio.

Environment and Wildlife To Be Victims of "Political Capital"

A treatise on why I am a "pro-lifer", from an atheist's prospective

I made a Beef Wellington as a test run

I should have offered to do this before

China Emerging as U.S. Rival for Canada's Oil

At last a REAL use for the Dome.........a homeless dog creche

When is a policeman not a policeman?

BBC Quiz: Know your (UK) rights

please delete

Local Muslim school taken aback by letter

Former Repub. Gov. Rowland to plead guilty.

Whitehall 'shredding more files'

Cubans paint US Christmas message

Sex scandal in Congo threatens to engulf UN's peacekeepers

WAR CRIMES (WP Editorial)

Iraqi Kurds Demand Referendum

Multiple Casualties in Iraq Bomb Attack--Mahmudiya,

Police seize 300 kg of bomb ingredients (Philippines)

Uzbek polls denounced by banned opposition as sham

Iraqi FM in China for highest-level visit by interim government

Kerik quits Giuliani's firm

Saudi Arabia recalls envoy from Tripoli, expels Libyan representative

Minister: Iran Arrests Suspected Israeli, US Spies

Iran Orders Military to Stand Ready: Fear of Attack on Nuclear Facilities

AP: Several Democratic Underground Posts Locked as Duplicates

Baghdad Bombing Kills Soldier, Wounds Two, U.S. Military Says

Cloned Cat Sale Generates Ethics Debate

U.S. military re-examines security at bases across Iraq after deadly Mosul

Shoe Glue Banned in Fight Over Street Crime -- Rio de Janeiro

Whitehall 'shredding more files' (UK gov destroys evidence)

Dam is threat to Iran's heritage

Lucky baker wins lottery dough

Patdown Procedures Modified for Women

Washington Post group buys Slate

Navy Has Relieved at Least 80 Commanders

Sunni police chief quits

Former Conn. Governor to Plead Guilty

Russia’s Putin Trusts Bush Completely

Arlington Firm Quits Work in Iraq

US Iraq Strategy Condemned by Think Tanks

IRAQ: "Fake" aid agencies discredit NGO sector

Update On Dover (PA) Evolution Debate

Report: Arafat Invested in Bowling Company (Strange bed fellows)

New Rules Issued for National Forests("we're really in a new world")

Plea for aid for wounded US soldies ....

Bowling Alley to Return Arafat (Palestinian Authority) Investment

Amid rationing, Iraqis face more shortages

Iraqi Politician Accuses U.S. of Meddling on Poll (Pachachi)

Iraqi politician accuses U.S. of meddling on poll

Kerry to Enter Ohio Recount Fray

Putin re election: ``We are not ecstatic about what's going on in US"

Maine senators question military's Iraq policies

Pentagon brass defends US general in Iraq

U.S. using chemical weapons against civilians: Iraqi leader

Putin slams West over 'double standards' in Iraq and Ukraine

Pentagon report challenges U.S. policies

Please, PLEASE, let this be true - - -

Home Sales Weaken (bubble starts popping?)

Blair's peace talks take back seat .

Food shortages hit Iraqis

Iraqi Christians Pray for Peace on Sombre Christmas

UPDATE On Ohio Vote in regards to Triad

BBC: US 'blocking Arab freedom report'

Arafat's successor: Palestinian state will replace Israel

Lack of 'intelligence' behind attack in Iraq

US Consumers Curb Spending in Nov

Bush to resubmit blocked judicial nominees

No Security Changes Yet After Iraq Bombing

Putin Asks Whether West, U.S Trying to Isolate Russia

US Failed to Honestly Assess Iraq Threat - Report

Libya behind plot to kill Crown Prince, say Saudis (latest update)

Teen Charged after Leaving Cocaine in Canister (dropped off for procesing)

No money for stamps for Greenland's Santa

ABC- An American Married to Al Qaeda


STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 23 December

Suicide bomb near Baghdad kills nine

Neuharth Call for Pullout in Iraq Draws Massive Response

CORRECTED - US prisoner abuse widespread

French minister warns on fall of the dollar

Russian Ship Blasts Off With Supplies

Euro jumps to new record against dollar on weak US data

Protestors arrested in Crawford file civil lawsuit

Three U.S. Marines Killed in Iraq - Fallujah

Fighting Erupts in Fallujah as Refugees Return (Unknown # of Marines dead)

U.S. to Release $100M in Heating Aid

Collin (County, Texas) tops area counties in foreclosure postings

Bush to Renominate Judges Blocked by Democrats

Bank raiders 'will have to burn £13m'

Jettisoning Jesus

About half of the injured from Mosul attack in intensive care in Germany

Food shortages hit Iraqis

China in Line as U.S. Rival for Canada Oil

Mosul Bomber Was Wearing Iraqi Uniform

Mexico town bans indoor nudity

Fidel Castro Walks in Public (first) Since Fall

Dutch see threat from "born-again" Muslims in West

Democratic Leadership Rethinking Abortion

N.C. homeless shelter evicts pregnant woman, three sons

If I go to the casino on Christmas eve

Personal story: My Christmas was today...and it was wonderful....

Bush and Witches, another funny bush picture

Anyone else do a scope rinse when they're in a mood for candy?

Tom Friedman coming up on Letterman (East & Central time zones) NOT

Where to buy a gift certificate for MP3s?

OMG did I have a great dinner tonight!


Did I ever mention the handmade sign I once had in my car's rear window?

Let's get a life update from you folks - it's year's end

What are you doing this Christmas weekend?

Favourite hate song?

Going to read more Ben Franklin, then going to bed

Happy Festivus everyone!

Don't you miss the days where you could eat non-radioactive popcorn?

Why Christmas is Passé

Beware: No-boil lasagne noodles

silly people, orangutans are the best pets

Cute puppy thread

Should aQuArius have another beer?

Mommy, StoptheMorans hit me with a pool cue

Cockroaches are MUCH better pets than rattlesnakes!!!

"Why do people take drugs anymore, since reality is now a hallucination?"

Who here thinks...

BREAKING CUES *snaps pool stick over knee*

Cuter than kittens or puppies..

The infinite cat project

But Wives make the best pests of all!

His Haloness The Chimp Is Not Amused

Has anyone ever downloaded new movies off the internet?

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!

How many of you can relate to this guy?

Does anyone elses cat want to sleep under the Xmas tree?

kittens are MUCH better pets than puppies!!!

Panic on the streets of London...

I knew Jesus before he favored the Death Penalty

amazing, I remembered a long lyric from years ago and I forget new stuff

I think the "wink" smiley looks more like a bashful grin

Googlenews...Dailykos...and China--in their words

Narvel Felts - a "real deal" musician!

Now you're speakin' my language!


It's the Pitts!

where can I get a plain t-shirt that says simply "LIBERAL" ?


Whose Venereal Disease Is It Anyway?

What meme is it?

What time is it?

Yo ho to oh! Yo ho to oh!

Hot Cocoa with Whiskey, anyone?

Help me stay up for 10 minutes. I need to make a call at 1am PT

The mother ship's the one

Is anyone watching Bravo?

Are most cats dastardly?

I'm on a reply roll

Johnny Get Your Gun

Hello, and Welcome - to Post #7000.

Let's create a DU story, one sentence at a time.

Good night

Man Bites Dog, or The Most F&#*ed Up Movie I've ever seen.

I'm going to reach 7000 posts tonight. And you're going to help.

So, somebody explain this to me...

It's the Pauls

is there a quote of bush saying hes a passionate conservative? ( i need)

Cloned cat sold to woman for $50,000

It's not the apropriate forum, but I have a comment on a mod...

Classify your favorite musical artist/composer/band's genre:

Post something interesting

Dubya's night in Neocon Hell...

Paint a rosy picture of your future

I hid my salami and now I can't find it.....

Prairie Home Companion the movie

"long haired bearded hippie types"

Vote for Farhenheit 9/11 at E Online's movie poll

I had a dream. I had an AWFUL dream...

Pet kitten cloned for Christmas

Access Hollywood aired 119 stories on Britney Spears in 2004 (funny recap)

JEEES..We have 18 inches of snow

The dynamics of dental floss

It snowed two feet of the white stuff last night here in SW Ohio

Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia Pets Still Popular Christmas Gifts

Certain Things Have Come To My Attention

Who will the Falcons defeat in the Superbowl?

Silly joke time :)


£100,000 for woman told to wipe loo seat

caption: Santa claws?

Why the rest of Canada resents Vancouver

A christmas memory....

Tunnel vision of the monkey President

I got some last night!

Patdown Procedures Modified for Women

I'm Dreaming of a White Holiday !!!!!!

Parents Brawl Over Seats At Preschool Christmas Play - Arrests Made

Once and for all-NO ONE KNOWS HOW TO DRIVE

Lloyd Webber's 'Phantom' horrifies the US film critics

Man Fined For Hiding His Salami

What's the point?

Merry Christmas vs I hate baby jesus

My secret for peace this holiday season

If you suddenly found yourself financially able to quit your job

Man Injured When His Outhouse Falls On Him

It is time to leave for "O" town.

So this is Christmas

DUers: If you lost someone in Iraq or Afghanistan, and it would help



But Husbands make the best pets of all!

Ham, Turkey, Duck, Goose, Roast Beef, or Soup for Christmas Dinner?

Fox's "Who's Your Daddy?"--?

****miss_kitty has 5000 posts!****

Hitchcock's "The Birds" A Reality For Town

Best Christmas present EVER! (for me)

Do you think Washington will get a Governor for Christmas?

Today is FESTIVUS! Now, on to the Airing of Grievances...

The next lie coming out of the White House

For Gardeaux08, Lugnut, Zanti Regent, other DUers who lost someone in Iraq

Is it wrong for me to be attracted to someone who causes me pain?

10 Years Next Thursday

Olsen Twin Signs Up For Acting Lessons!

Iraq is not VietNam, Iraq is not VietNam, Iraq is not VietNam, Iraq is not

Anyone Else Off From Work Next Week?

so, a big part of my Christmas presents to Ms Uly

I'm afraid, I'm very afraid. Today I must

My Morning, So Far

Get the afternoon pizza ready

My neighbor is SO selfish

gay marriage controversy! christmas vs happy holiday controversy

For Auction: Possibly the worlds Dirtiest Computer Micron Millenia

dupe. delete.

crap. I left out the biggest highlight of the wedding I went to

Columbine survivor went to Beslan

Would you pay $50,000 for "pussy" (not a sex thread!)


Cloned cat sold to woman for $50,000

I'd like to be under the sea

What's your favorite love song? Mine is "Can't Take My Eyes Off of You"

Virtual Mistletoe - I'm feeling lecherous today.

Take the Quiz: Just how liberal are you?

A poster questions Will Pitt's football knowledge.......snarf

Cartoon:Today's ace Steve Bell "Away in Falluja no crib for a bed"...

greetings from GA

Merry Christmas

Who's travelling and where are you going? Or are you staying home?

Lonely in Hotlanta? Here's where you can buy some love!

Need some help for my business.

********HAPPY FESTIVUS!! ********

Yaay! BUTTER BISCUITS!! topped with pure dark chocolate

What's for Christmas Dinner?

Naughty & Nice Holiday Poll

Music for the *sses

What did Joseph and Mary do with all that Myrrh and Frankincense??

well that was nice (Everybody got a present but me)

Aaaaarrrrrrrrrgggggggggg!!!!!! RANT

No sense putting off the inevitable


"Tom Goes to the Mayor": Worst, stupidest f*cking show EVER?


Once again


Help! - Where can I find nice men's clothes that aren't SUPER-SIZED?!?!

We just cancelled our Direct TV and TIVO.

Well, I'm sorry for the things that I told you

do you know anyone who has to top every story?

Fluffytail the Christmas Cat wants to remind all of his DU Friends to..


"I'm....dreaming.....of a Whiiiite *Houston*?

Ahh - the gentle sea cow

Music for the masses

what was your worst job ever?

I stayed home from work's the list of reasons why

Anyone have that green bean casserole recipe?

Today's 'stuck in your head' song thread:

bye everybody

Help! I need ideas for a Tacky Christmas Ornament competition!

I'd like to wish all right wingers Shitty Christmas! Mwo Ho Ho!

Thanks for the "Tacky Ornament" ideas! I went with the Tampon Angel.

What is it with all the Christian Brothers wine on DU?

I just put in a twenty hour day at work due to the blizzard of '04

SNL question:

1:40 p.m. pressed enter

Wow. Last night I took 1 Tylenol PM, 1 Ativan & 3 Ibuprofen (bad back)

DU Twelve Steppers: Need info, please.

Xmas trees on SUVs burn 53,000 gallons of gas

OK OK stop beggin - I know you want it


That's just STUPID!

New Years eve plans??

I have to share this. A redneck grad student's interpretation-Reaganomics

belly buttons

Got reply on how 2 enarlge FIREFOX bookmrk toolbar. Can NE1 translate?

Chinese cabbie facing fines after running red lights to deliver baby

So Osama and the gang say that American strets will run red w/blood. WHEN?

Well, my holiday has begun

I am listening to Pantera online.

Do you have a traditional Christmas Eve meal?

Memo to arwalden

Iraqi Construction Contracts Awarded to Old Man Potter

Do You Already Know What You're Getting For Christmas?

Who here likes to suck toes? Er. Matcom

Sale prices on older cats (Chicago area)...

Happy .....?

OK- Earlobes

Funny Xmas Pictures Here!

just a little seasonal levity, with thanks to Dave Barry:

Anyone else having problems getting Air America Radio?

Best Smiths Album?

I had a dream last night I was hangin' out with P. Diddy

Whats up with all the briny crustaceans on DU??

The Lord Of The Rings ROTK Extended Edition Is FUCKING SWEET

Should i start my Xmas shopping now? Or should I wait another hour?

What mime is it?

Mike Tyson's Merry Christmas Message: "My life sucks"

I feel like one of the Who's down in Whos-ville!

"Jane, You Ignorant Slut!"

Things That Hallmark Cards Don't Say

Where's Osama?

who here is in position to get there 2005th post on January 1st?

I SWEAR I'm gonna do it - I'm gonna leave

In honor of Santa - Truths our parents told us

sexiest body part?

Wow, I found a redeeming quality in Paris Hilton

I'm emerging from my cocoon


Air America Radio

In honour of Santa - Lies Our Parents Told US


Who wants to give me a Holiday diss?

Procrastination Central

Would you like to pet my Poopy?

Egg Nog?

What is the best thing to come out of Britain?

Well, My Mom Is FINALLY Out Of The Hospital

Now that ConTrack has withdrawn from Iraq, what do you want to bet

Ohio: Road conditions horrific...

Aleve, Do Your Stuff!

OMG! I just got a HUGE stollen as a gift!

Who wants to give me a Holiday tryst?

Daddy the Cat

The "Channeling Ed Wood" CAPTION

Who Wants To Give Me A Holiday Kiss?

The Emotionally Unavailable Alcoholic's Guide to Holiday Dating

Ever actually eaten a Turducken?

OMG! I just got a HUGE stolen gift!

just when you think FOX has gone as low as possible.....

Noooooooooo! My favorite newsbabe could be going to FOX!

HOW to kill a mockingbird (the sequel)

Are You Afraid Of The Dork?

Santa Claus part of the liberal elite

$50,000 cat repairs?? Get a second opinion!

I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus . . .

Happy Holidays vs Merry Christmas

Mel Gibson's "Birth of the Christ", another 4 hours of blood & screaming.

Osama Bin Voldemort and George W. Fudge

just called the local vets hospital to volunteer

Cannabis Indica, do your stuff!

Mrs Matcom is BORED At Work And Is Reading DU - Post Something FUNNY!

I'm TWO posts away from 600!!

I saw daddy kissing Santa Claus.

I saw an elf who looked like a college co-ed kissing santa claus

Favorite Breed of Ganja

Think you might get lucky for Christmass ?

Who wants to give me a holiday slug?

Almost 2 MONTHS Since The Sox Won The WS - STILL No LynneSin ASS POSTING!!

A little song, a little dance, a little ALERT down a moderator's pants.

Happy Festivus!

$50,000 cat cloning: what do you think? n/t

What's the best concert you've ever seen?

Sometimes I REALLY hate people.....

Have a Merry Christmas everyone!

"I am sick of Pygmy Albinos acting like they are persecuted."

Who wants to piss on chimpsrsmarter's house

"W" made a good point yesterday

Happy Everything!

I feel this strange urge to

Someone should make up their own religion and use it to deny medical...

Sunday morning brunch with Andy Stephenson anyone?

This made me laugh.

Best use for a freeper?

An ethical question

do you know what Santa's Reindeers' wives

Nah... Gay's aren't persecuted.

Hmph. Silly ass on MSNBC just said that the music on the HP commercials

Finish this sentence: Nothing says Christmas like....

I'm tired of shoveling sunshine out of my driveway!!!

"Fight the stick, not the vacuum cleaner!"

I'm Back from Shoveling My Driveway

Can someone find me a place where I can order my food online?

Greatest poop song ever?


'I am sick of One Eyed Purple Headed Warriors gettin' beat down!'

If you gotta have a cast on your arm, you might as well have fun


My power has been back on for an hour now

Christmas Cannibals for the Lounge

anyone working tomorrow?


MY Religion Kicks YOUR STUPID FUCKING Religion's ASS!!

For a Change I went to GD to regain my good temper

I can't get in the holiday spirit!

Someone just pinched my ass under the mistletoe!

Punch me..

Petition Seeks to Free Fiona Apple Album •••SIGNATURES NEEDED•••

DU Lesbians: How common is conservatism among Lesbians?

"I am sick of One Eyed Purple People Eaters acting persecuted."

Proud To Be An Obstructionist

The 10 Commandments of Urinal Etiquitte

Are you Afraid of the Fark?

What do you have for Christmas Dinner?

Fighting in the lounge.

Sex changes and bathrooms.


Just Got A Fishing Rod From 1917 For XMAS!!!

I'm a gay, female, african american christian

Elf Bowling- a Christmas tradition

Is Bigfoot to the left of Dean?


Quit Your Whining!

Whine more! Lots more!

Bush blows his man-date

Would you like cheese with your whine?

Update on my "grade crisis":


Snagglepuss outed on National TV.........

man, things are being so lousy today

Did You Hear?

Furnace Repairs?? Get a second opinion!!!!!

I'm a one-eyed, one-horned, flyin' purple people eater

Ten ways Dick Cheney can kill you

I don't think I've got it in me

Does windows xp pro have anything over xp home?

My Garden Gnome is possessed!

Im going out and making a "Impeach Bush Snowman"

Seinfeld Question-Can't Find the Answer

Gmail and Mac OS9 *grr*

Why would I dream that my previous boss wanted to re-hire me?!?!

For your consideration:

OK, I'm sorry. What does "MSM" stand for?

The year in (animal) pictures 4....

Alan Colmes begins hunger strike - "Iraq War illegal"

Chicago Residents, you MUST see Spamalot!

So who is doing all this persecuting? Please check in...

I hate Christians even though I am a believer of the teachings of Christ

I'm a Middle-Eastern (Turkish), Muslim, Palestine-sympathizing liberal...

I'm a semitic liberal homosexual...


While we're doing all this hardcore reality tv sh*t!!

Etiquette question concerning gifts

Is it narcissism when you send a Xmas card with a picture of

Another four word thread....

Asteroid Given Highest Potential Impact Rating So Far

1st rule: You do not talk about the fight club.

There is one Quinn on catster, but he's not THE Quinn


It's a balmy 73 degrees here in Los Angeles today.. sun is shining, it's

I bought an iPod. Was I scammed?

My power window is stuck. How much will this cost me?

One can do no wrong with buffalo sauce correct?

'Twas the night before

Damn --- J-Lo's ex husband (#1) is FINE!

2004 Was The Worst Year of My Life

I am sick of gays and lesbians acting like they are persecuted.

A Visit From St. Nicholas - DU Lounge style

I am White(Eastern European, Irish, German mix), Catholic, Straight

Family Guy: "And the Wiener is................."

So, it rained on the way to work today.

Is Bush The Merry Christmas President?

Shameless Flirting

Which replacement phrase is most apropos?

I need some pics of Joe Camel

Who wants to give Kleeb a holiday Briss?

What's for Christmas Dinner?

Today's Customers from Hell

What is the most revolting Christmas food?

Are You Afraid Of The Dark?

You're all individuals!!

Favorite crayon color from childhood?

Most overrated music genre


Rubio's afficionados outside of California: Is it catching on?

The largest fish is the whale shark-it can be over 50 feet long and weigh

How cold is it where you are right now? It's 11 degrees in Chicago.

What do you find Attractive?

I'm scared to post now...

Anyone want a Gmail account?

Packers or Vikings in the Christmas Eve football game

Christmas Cannabis for the Lounge

The year in (animal) pictures 3....

The Onomatopeia thread!!!!

Be Wary of Buying Jewelry on Ebay

merry Christmas everyone

Man kills self using chainsaw during police standoff.......

Nick Drake "Five Leaves Left" - Excellent Holiday Music

Best Elton John Song

For those of you with little ones who believe in Santa

A perfect gift for any DUer (The Farting GW Bush Doll)

You can't see me................

Who is best?

Saw an SUV that was "keyed" by an artist yesterday :)

Bid on this item!

Who's your favorite comedian? Mine is Carlin, followed by Pryor & Kinison

Misunderestimator loves her xmas gift more than she loves me

Do You Carry a Swiss Army/Pocket Knife?

If you were going to Wal-Mart, what would you get?

Kids on leashes now???

what is it with all the whining about Christians on DU?

What are the local delicacies where you come from?

How is I70 through Indianapolis and 74 into Cincinnati?

Cleita's husband, Aidan has passed.

Who wants to give me a holiday hug?

Dealing with meat eating family members at the holidays......

CDs where you liked every song?

The BMF Awards

His was a Virgin Birth, attended by Shepherds, 12/25

Merry Christmas? Will open minded Christian DU folk

Goto a Catholic Worker House and then tell me Christians can't be Liberals

Lets put the reason back in the season.

Why are we supposed to respect other peoples religions?

Ian Paisley is more insane than I thought

Monsters, giants and dwarfs emerge in a threatened land

Photoshop help please: Marriage = 1 Man + Chivas Regal

Alberta Told To Stop 'Gay Bashing'

Court won't block California's DP law

DNA Shows Chicago Gay Killings Not Related

Gays 'Prisoners Of Sexual Aberration' Cardinal Says

Tales from an Ex-gay meeting in San Francisco (Rip-roaring laughter)

France Makes Homophobic Speech A Crime

NFL Season 2 GAMES LEFT (Playoff Race Gets Tighter)

Attention Atlanta Falcon Fans

Varitek, Red Sox Reach Preliminary Deal

Musical beds.

Do you pets blame you for bad weather?

I met this woman

How exact do I need to know my time of birth for a reading?

Alternative allergy remedies?


Let's never forget the words of Poppy Bush...

American Atheists Convention: Mar 25-27 in Philly

Supporting the troops

I spent my whole day researching and then come back here to find

John Kerry - 1996 Senate Race (Part 1 of 2 )

A good, nonstressful day

Ok I just got home, whats the big news

Merry Christmas Kerrycrats!

John Kerry - Senate Race 1996 (Part 2 of 2 )

How old is everyone in this forum?

This is just a test, RE: Photo contest.

Why the Gonzalez appointment worries me

Update on BBV FOIA volunteer work

Question regarding Republican tactics vs. FOIA and filibustering

Deomcrats to Love & Admire Washington's Paul Perendt & Jim McDermott

British P.M. Tony Blair & Iraqi P.M. Ayad Allawi on Iraq's Future

Rummy a day late and a dollar short; too little too late.

A little help from Vietnam and Iraq veterans

What'd y'all think of Alperovitz? [C-SPAN]

Vietraq...we have been here before. Add to the list.

Resist Bush.......Stickers, Tee Shirts, and more.....

Thread for ideas for letters to write to senators to contest election

Mosulgate: Cheney downsized military mess halls as Reagan's Defense Sec.

James Wolcott has a few things to say about wussy democrats....

bush sets the precedent for ALL future presidents.

Constitutional Question. A little help please.

So far BushCo has not done too well> Condi fucks up her security thing,

So Harry Reid Nearly Strangled Letoya Jackson's Husband

Mexican City Bans Indoor Nudity. next project for the Religiious Right?

Why No Explosive Sniffing Dogs at the Mosul Base??? Did the money go to

I need to indulge in a primal scream about my U.S. Rep.


WHO is to blame for BUSH'S war?

Private Military Contractors Recruiting in Latin America

Does anyone have the BlackBoxVoting interview with Howard Dean video?

On Rumsfeld:

Tucker Carlson the term"Happy Holidays" dreaded and meaningless!/Video

Howard Dean on a woman's right to choose, thread #2.

Rep. Anthony Weiner from NY. I don't

OK, SmartyPants, what should we have done about 911?

Should we hammer Faux Snooze with a "Happy Festivus!"

smirk talked to his necktie at press conf.

Complaints Regarding NBC's Broadcast of the 2004 Summer Olympics

You know you are doing something immoral when...

A Possible Rummy Compromise? New 'Toon

Democratic Bush Enablers: partly to blame for his unaccountable powers?

are the 'strap ons for truth' more or less credible than the

Fox: Bush and "robust interrogation methods of captured enemy combatants"

STOP Calling For Rumsfeld's Resignation!!!

Perfect example of the problem with rethugs

Doesn't most of the blame fall squarely on 51% of the American people?

What happened to the GOP's purple-heart bandaids (Mosul)?

Here we go again-Bush to resubmit judicial nominees

Where is Al Gore? I want to hear what he has to say about the recount

Someone promised big news today (from John Kerry)

Tell Dino Rossi to Concede

C-SPAN Special: Thomas P.M. Barnett, Author, "The Pentagon's New Map"

We need a "War Criminal of the Year" award.

The ingenuity of the "insurgents"...

How to get rich, ambitious males from the Republicans' column to ours.

A Mother's Letter To Time Mag Who Lost Her Son In Iraq

Clearchannel to replace Air America with CNN News in San Diego!

Buyers Remorse in Kansas

NPR's Barbara Bradley Hagerty -- Fundies Flunky

YAY YAY YAY Kerry enters the fray!

If Pelosi is backing anti-choice Roemer for DNC, how is she pro-choice?

John Edwards Family Holiday Card

Kirik Flap will hurt Guliani for 2008, sorry Rudy!

Democratic Leadership Rethinking Abortion

request from Kerry to send phone cards as holiday gift to the troops

Should social security be privatized?

A New Progressive Party Platform?

Looks like Wes Clark plans to be around for awhile.....

How can Republicans live with themselves?

Would you become an "insurgent"?

What do you say to a Dem who says about Iraq: "We can't leave now."

is clark to the left of dean? (thread 2)

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Why does Sen. BAYH do so well in a SOLID RED STATE?

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I just heard on the news that the guys who were injured

My Latest Fantasy.....


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