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Orange County Metro oped: A Holiday Holler

Rumsfeld is doing what Bush wants him to do

Wanted: Less Sorrow, More Anger-James Wolcott

The Rise of the Christian Fascists

Weird bug

if the press was really liberal

Sick of writing all those letters? Ready to give up? Inspiration here

Coming soon: KERIK II

VIACOM Chairman (CBS owners) Sumner Redstone's statement

Brief Ohio mentions on Countdown

ANYONE having trouble with AAR .. i cant even get webpage!

The Election, Part 2: Fraud, Intimidation, and Suppression

Does anyone have any idea how many of us there are?

Calling TIA and other DU Smartypantses.....

self delete-Stupid question

Another Reason *ush Must Go This Is Beyond Awful PLEASE READ

MSNBC Reports on today's Kerry news!

Did You Catch David Lytel On Hannity & Colmes?


Where can we find the Kerry press release read on Countdown tonight?

Olbermann's senior producer writing his blog

Did the Triad "thing" the honorable Mr. Pitt refered to last night happen

I got a response back

Address THE Problem: Amendment - Revoke Corporate Constitutional Privelege

So what WAS the word from Will Pitt today ???

Times hops into Ohio voting fray...

New York Times: Voting Problems in Ohio

Was there fraud, in this election, in Ohio? Yes. Absolutely.

Jesse Jackson/Kerry Lawsuit --Ohio: on MSNBC now ...... eom

LA Times says Washington state might have a re-vote in 2005...

Let's hope they fight the Washington result like rabid dogs!!!

Article: Kerry conceded too soon, Jackson asserts (Chicago Tribune)...

On what reasonable basis would we trust any data from Mitofsky & MSM?

Jesse Jackson On Hardball Tonight On Now

Bushitler Dynasty Fraud Helped Turn My Grandmother into a bar of soap...

Add another to "Bush's Body Count"

Tis The Night Before Christmas.... MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE...

We must have a smoking gun to prevail on January 6th

OK, my ass is kicked. I'm going to go fall down now. But first...

New Mexico Supreme Court Refuses Recount Unless Cobb Pays $1.4 Million

Bean spill one: Over the last 3 weeks I have lost so much...

Bean Spill two: Show me the money

"Back by unpopular demand"

Would you folks read something for me?

Video Clip of Kerry news on Countdown

Warren County recount - snookered? What Happened?

who was Santourm's opponent in 2000?

What ever happened to GOPAgainst GW?

For your consideration:

ROCK ON! Despite being in the Conservative party....

What ever happened to Bev Harris?

By destroying the dollar's value * causes the stock market to go up.

The Virgin Mary babysits for Bonzo*

Right Before Christmas (In Iraq)

First 'Bush refugees' win approval

Betcha ten bucks W's HHS won't take one look at this

Letting coulter, tucker, hannity, and o'lielly piss you off

Urgent help needed from sat radio users...

Tis the season for conservative hatred

Stories the Media Should Have Covered | Eleanor Clift

Uncle Sam Wants Your Kids-NOW!

An interesting item in Harper's January, 2005 Edition.

The Democratic Party as "The Washington Generals"

How to Connect to "Air America Radio" website tonight.

Has anyone heard we were warned before Mosul Base attack?

Bush Lied AGAIN.

Anybody see the Rev Jesse Jackson on MSNBC?

Were there any women or mothers in the casualties at Mosul ??

A Christmas message from Stevie Wonder

rumsfeld in mosul?

Religious Right pressures school to recognize Christmas

Rocky Mountain Oysters or Sweet Meats or

Great DVD to get at Christmas

Bill Oreallly, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coutler - LOVE hate mail from Dems

I was gonna suggest a Iraq KIA gallery featuring family of DUers


"Can Tucker Carlson Become an Impartial News Anchor?" No

Sallie the Slut

US Economy (Plutocracy) to You: Sucker! Loser! Consumer! Idiot!

The father of a fallen soldier on Hardball just...

Watching "Christmas Unwrapped" on the History Channel..

Hawaii voters vote away their own constitutional rights...

Truthseeker Holiday Celebration: Thursday Malloy Thread

For those of us who are joining the Green Party...

Is anybody watching Aaron brown tonight???

Jewish Holocaust Survivors Sue Bush for $400 million

Has anyone noticed the Terrorist threat has totally disappeared?

Progressives: Support Our Troops!

Questionnaire from ... DU this dating service!@!

"Not One Damn Dime Day" - Jan 20, 2005

Is the PNAC the cement that holds the two parties together?

Is the History Channel slanted

NPR: whatever the story, they make it about moral values (FannieMae fraud)

Bill O'Lielly selected as MMFA's first "Misinformer of the Year"

Twelve of the fifteen provinces are stable and ready to vote......

Ann Coulter advocating violence against liberals again.

Who should have been Time's Person of the Year?

"Stop Dating Liberals" ad on RW website.

The Republicans do so much damage to our country everytime...

Religious Zealots Who Think They Own The Country

Everyone pondering leaving the Dem party...

Republican Satire:

Address THE Problem: Amendment - Revoke Corporate Constitutional Privelege

Could we get a 911 Truth show on TV? (Would Soros have to finance it?)

Who was the worst architect of war?

Sister Prejean's Scathing Review of Bush and the Death Penalty

Have you ever bought a Ham that is just too salty to eat?

Cranberry Steamed Pudding .. Here Goes

Withdrawn--Accidental Double Post

France Cautions World Over Weak Dollar

Mosul in lockdown after blast

WP: Powell Advised Bush to Add Iraq Troops

U.S. Notified North Korea of "Red Line" Last Year

In Iraq, many churches cancel traditional Christmas celebrations

Bush pardons 4, bringing total to 31

Tremors that may signal political earthquake in North Korea

Rumsfeld visits U.S. troops in Mosul

NYT: Democrats Weigh De-emphasizing Abortion as an Issue


Israel, like Palestinians, may seek extra funds

U.S. warns Russia over Yukos sale

WP: Putin Lashes Out At U.S. and E.U.

WP: Pipeline to the President For GOP Conservatives

NYT: Voting Problems in Ohio Spur Call for Overhaul

Baghdad signs oil deal with 3-nation grouping: FT

A Legacy of Giuliani Years: Damage Suits Against City

Counterterror Officials Say Little Specific 'chatter' About Any New Plot

Philippines arrests two colonels over coup plot

MSNBC breaking: Rumsfeld Visits US Troops in Mosul

US may strike at Ba'athists in Syria, official tells 'Post'

US To Deploy New Missiles In S.Korea To Destroy WMD In N.Korea

WP: Iraqis' Dismay Surges as Lights Flicker and Gas Lines Grow

Democrat Gregoire Wins Wash. Governor Race

I never thought it could happen but.....

Everyone is full of shit.

My brain says "Illinois" while my body screams "Miami!"!

Closing in on 1000 posts

Genius vs. Taverner

I hate falling a sleep at work - someone wake me up

A Hefeweizen and a slice of lemon for all in the lounge!

Shout out to Bill Hicks Thread...

Merry Festivus to all of my fellow DU'ers. . .

Christmas is:

Bob Dylan vs. Avril Lavigne

Rabbits protest actions that play down Easter's bunny nature

who here is gonna veg out on christmas cartoons fri. and sat.?

EVERYONE is full of shit!

Winnebago Warrior

Pink Floyd vs. N'Sync

Has anyone ever seen a Gideon?

Caption this

Freddie Mercury vs. Michael Bolton

Jeez...this is a scary fact

Cool site. OLD Christmas cards.

Stocking Stuffers for the single man

Two happy kitties. . . and no, it's not a pic thread :)

What Christmas traditions do you personally have to do each year?

Someone HELP ME! I have a head cold, and I can't pop my ear.

G-d, even KO is talking about Jeezus!

Program Note: "Arthur" Starting Right Now on Oxygen

Caucasian Spiritual, Take 26

White Zombie vs Rob Zombie

Has anyone else noticed those red sig lines are gone?

Here's an honest poll: Nirvana vs. Soundgarden

Question to anyone who knows about computer viruses

Trent Reznor Vs. Marylin Manson

Anyone else love "Abby" from NCIS as much as I do?

Best Movie Ebenezer Scrooge?

Echo & the Bunnymen VS Psychedelic Furs

Can somebody link to Air America Radio and tell me if it's down

Anyone else enjoy the Great Moments in Punditry on the Daily Show?


Mr Hankey's Christmas Classics CD

So I'm cooking dinner for 7 family-less friends tomorrow night

OMG. Try NOT to laugh when visiting this web site:

My cousin had a baby girl!

Has anyone here used Pagoo, CallWave, BuzMe or Internet Call Manager?

John Lennon v Ashlee Simpson

Anyone having trouble getting on AAR today? I keep getting

I'm going to Raleigh tomorrow. Any good watering holes there?

Black Sabbath vs. Simple Plan

New law proposed in Ohio (based on similar law in Buffalo NY)

Another outrageous band poll, Beatles or Creed

Christmas Meat: Turkey, Ham, Roast Beef, Goose, Other

I say Life of Brian is better than Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Last major thought/realization/epiphany you had while stoned? bring about Christmas Cheer..."Food, Sex, or Cars?!"

I'm in Decatur, Illinois...Don't Ask Me Anything!

Someday at Christmas, men won't be boys

Jimi Hendrix v Debbie Gibson

Well, I finally flicked on that little note: "You have updates...

Random thought #1

I seem to not be interested in posting. Do you think there is something

What happens if I "tamper" with the draughtflow insert...

Google Bomb Anyone?

More Sex In Advertising

10 posts to 5,000 what should i post?

Welcome to FL where they cut my food stamps!

Man, there is nothing sweeter than skipping work!

3 Stooges marathon on New Years eve

I used to think canonized meant they shot you out of a cannon

My Christmas Present: Husband getting Christmas week off

Greatest Post-Beatles album by a Beatle

I just got in from Fort Worth

Random thought #2

A happy holidays wish, Politically Correct style

Let's Sing an "Anti-Christmas Carol"

Any DUers play World of Warcraft?

The only used bookstore in my town has a copy of "Slander" in the window

Doesn't this give you a headache?

King Crimson Live '73-'74

Anyone in NYC see "The Marijuanalogues"?

Can you tell me where my country lies?

Random thought #3

If it's too loud...

Can I just say ........ I love y'all?

Charles, don't you ever crave to appear on the front of the Daily Mail?

Do you have some weird talent that would qualify as a Stupid Human Trick?

The lever principle in action - LOL

Best Funny Adventure Game:

"Jesus vs. the Homosexuals"

I need a copyright free pic of John Kerry

Random thought #6

Giving "reefer madness" (the bw original) to my kids for christmas

Hottest looking football player in the NFL

Random thought #4

OK, now I'll leave the playlist running, open a terminal window,

ignore this post

Hey, what should I make my 1,000th post??!

Have you noticed that people are still having sex?

Stupidest question of the week

Does everyone's pee smell funny after eating asparagas?

Guess what, gang? I was just on the Mike Malloy show!

FRANK ZAPPA's first grandchild was born on Tuesday!

I just entered the 700 Club! Ask me ANYTHING!

Random thought #5

Is my personals page too edgy?

What's your favorite childhood memory?

Bob Marley is the 8th most popular man in the world

My dream holiday feast in pictures

AAAARRRGGHHH!! I hate my sig pic!

True CLASSIC ROCK fans sign in

4965 posts 35 to 5,000

Metallica (pre-self titled) vs. Metallica (self-titled - present)

It's GO TIME, Baby!!!!

Help with movie title so I can rent it, please!

Mystery of Mars rover's 'carwash' rolls on

It's the remix to Ignition

A Chistmas Amnesty - Take everyone you have on ignore off of it.

Who else loves the movie Doctor Zhivago

Favorite Coen Brothers film?

What was is musically about 1971?

Panama is the only place in the world where you can see the sun rise

Remember Anne Margaret in the Pork and Beans in Tommy?

Boy in a Santa suit asked to quit dance

Teletubbies VS Predator: Who wins?

In what state/province/nation were you born?

Who was the most significant Beatle, John or Paul?

Favorite 311 album.

ARRRGGH! It's spelled "milquetoast" and NOT "milktoast!"

Here's some higher math: 2 hours sleep + 2 white russians =

The Clash v The Monkees

Who loves the movie Camelot?

I'm in a crappy mood. Please cheer me up.

I've always wanted to __________________ (fill in the blank)

So, what's everyone listening to tonight?

Tell us 3 things DU doesn't know about you.

Listen Closely Next Time They Show the "UPS Store" Commercial

Fuh, fuh...Arby's Jamoca milkshake with a double shot of Kahlua...

for post #5,000 Monkey Island Madness

Sardine Lovers!!! Come out of the pantry and unite!!!

Anyone here with a "photographic memory"?

I'm going to put on a pair of big pants and sing "Strokin'"

iiiiii'''mmm fffrreeeeezzziiinnnggggg! Itttt'sss 22 deeegggreeeessss....

Want some whiskey in your water?

So on Wednesday I married.

What's the oldest (or strangest), thing you have in your freezer?

Has anyone here ever had an interesting disease?

Theists: Tell us about atheists

How did "HeySoos" turn into "GeeZus"?

Signorile on HRC

Is Shaq suiting up tonite against Sac.? Thought I read he wasn't. Saving

John Kerry - America Under Attack

Old Abandoned Amusement Park Photos.

Beach Photos

Al Gore was Elected President in 2000. Ohio will Prove That!

Robert Novak throws Bush under the Bus! Video

Mr. President, Here's How To Make Sense Of Our Iraq Strategy

John Kerry sent us email! Operation Phone Home + Holiday

I have ONE question about Iraq.......


Letter to Senators: I ask you all to stand and fight for Democracy .......

Lytel on FOX tonight!!!!

All right DUers - Lets all support Al Neuharth

Rumsfeld makes surprise visit to Mosul Iraq says Aaron Brown of CNN

The Iraqi Elections: No International Oversight - Legitimate or Not?

Is Kerry free to coordinate w/527s? Should he lead Progressive movement?


Never buy a DELL computer........Boycott's continue!

Holiday e-mail message from Wes Clark to supporters

Our faith-driven Admin. fearful of an Iraqi theocracy. Oh the Irony. nt

Do you *really* not want moderates in the party?

What do you think would happen if we withdrew from Iraq ??

Conyers says US Senators will go along with inquiry(fixed link

Alberto R. Gonzales-Memos to Bush-Judge For Yourself

Dianne Fienstein proposes ammendment to end electoral college

Is Iraq better off now than with Saddam ??? If so, how?

'Merry Christmas' needs no help

Moral victory: Religious exploitation, and the new American creed

North (San Diego) County Times: McCarthy era being ushered back in?

Common Dreams: A Christmas Story

Political Attacks Against Venezuela Continue

"For unto us a child is born"

Common Dreams: When Will We Ever Learn?

No peace on Earth during unjust war BY Father ANDREW GREELEY

Families Pay the Price

WA governor's race: Hell hath no fury like a political party scorned

Here's Some Rumsfeld to Boost Your Morale

Merry Christmas To All - Molly Ivins

Heading for Trouble, TV Let Things Slide

Neo-fascism in America

25-, 19-Year Sentences, $25 Million Fine In Upstate NY Asbestos Scam

GM (Hummer's Maker) Urges Drivers To "Get Green" - The Greenwash Continues

Unalaska Wreck - Bow Sinks, 176K Gallons Fuel Oil Already Spilled

Exxon, Chevron, Southern Among $250K Donors For Bush Inauguration - NYT

Fallujah and The End of Warfare: Abhay Mehta

Why Arabs Lose Wars

Good advice from the Brady Bunch!

I inadvertently created a post about a banned member-- question

What about a NationStates nation run by DUers,

Procedural Question


`Checkpoint violinist' is thrilled to attend music seminar in Galilee

Religious tourism denied in isolated Bethlehem

IDF Officials Breaking Silence on Ineffectiveness of Fence

Hamas Has Strong Election Showing

Iranian TV shows its blind hatred for Israel

Israel Detains Nuclear Whistleblower Near Bethlehem

Battling against Israeli 'apartheid'

Any DUers going to make mayhem 1/15 in anti-inaugural...Chicago?

Rainbow/PUSH Coalition and other Organizations to Hold Pro Democracy Rally

Do we know what percentage of Ohio voters voted on Black Box

Anyone remember this from Nov. 5th?

New David Lytel Video with Ohio Rally Speakers

This is Our Pledge-> Faith ,Hope and Love but the Greatest of these is our

TV Networks Officially Refuse to Release Exit Poll Raw Data

An Update on the DU Panic Room and Andy Stephenson

Rossi files to run in 2008 - View the PDF

Bring Kucinich back on Letterman - Now he can say the "F" word Kick?Please


Wasserman of with Amy Goodman on Democracy Now TV..

So, if Rove has admitted having his own 'network' of precinct info, why

.... about that Conyers quote on the radio.....

MSNBC NOW-...New Hollywood movie about Iraq...More BS!!.

Resent being conned, treated with contempt, and played for a sucker!

Florida Said to Get Few Election Challenges WTF ???????

Rumsfeld in Iraq - another ploy to take the news off of voting scandal

Bush Inauguration Fund Drive Breaks $8M--HE SHOULD SAVE IT FOR BAIL $$.

Project CA , What Next?

Shame on you if you fool me once, Shame on me if you fool me twice

Bill Moyers on Democracy Now - on now...

NY TIMES: There Were Problems on Election Day

Suspicions of corruption with Rapp and TriAd voiced in July/August? legit?

Why is Arnebeck wasting time only focusing on Ohio?

PDA & Rainbow/PUSH to hold Ohio ProDemocracy Rally!

Call for action: Get all state electors to follow Vermont’s example!

How do we get two million people to DC on January 6, 2005?

Updated summary of Vote Machine Fraud in Florida Touchscreen Counties

Patterns supporting "Set to Default Republican" in Florida

Remember when they wanted to hang Gore for a few phone calls?

"Feds take aim at government corruption" all over MSM...leaked by DOJ off.


MSNBC Poll - Vote it UP

Did Kerry's Attorney file today in Oho? Can't find any news about it.

Video - Voter Suppression - Higher quality version here

CNN results 2004...MY take!

David Lytel's latest article

Taking down my ISO site...

Nader's site documenting election fraud stories; launches 50-state drive

Any links to David Lytel on Hannity and Colmes?

LA Times 12/24, CA not so blue anymore?

Yet another reason why we need to expose the election fraud NOW

Anyone else seen today's Blackcommentator?

Listen to Our New Radio Advertisement on the Ohio Recount

Cobb Asks Court to Preserve Evidence in Ohio Recount

Exit poll screen shots

How much more evidence does Kerry/Conyers/Arnebeck have.....

GOP's 'last hope' in Gov. Race...

cartoon has Keith Olbermann type

Default to Bush who did vote but not for president (blank voters)

Ohio January 3rd, CASE has different time posted than PDAmerica

Kerry's Behavior allows Rove to Embarrass Us: Is Kerry Committed to O.H.?


12/24 Election/Fraud/Recount thread

Kerry conceded too soon, Jackson asserts

Lawsuit summary: Ohio

New Mexico recount status: Time to take action DUers!

Wendy Orange

Did anyone else get this Christmas card from Bush?

Caption this photo of the evil puppet master!

What to Make of AP Story: "Only 63 Challenges In Florida Nov. Election"


Video - David Lytel on Hannity and Colmes

Docs filed by Cobb in federal court yesterday.

Photo Evidence of Fraud in Ohio... What became of this?

Bean spill three: What has she done?


The Night before Christmas - for the election fraud crew

Kerry reports for duty in Ohio-we only need 1 senator and 1 Representative

The mechanics of Phantom Votes in New Mexico

Damn these Hackers!

Letter to my Senators....

What kind of power adaptor on airplanes?

Need help connecting thru wireless connection on windows XP Pro

Gmail -- Google's new email

Network slowdown

Snow in Houston

Call for Wisconsin's electors to follow Vermont's example

I chose Sen. Feingold as my first "Progressive Person of the Week" at

It's -5 degrees outside.Why do we live in Wisconsin?

How did "HeySoos" turn into "GeeZus"?

Help with movie title so I can rent it, please!

Garrison Keillor on with Charlie Rose tonight (Thurs 12/23)

Just watched a bit of WWE "Smackdown" from Iraq....

Great interview with Jon Stewart

Write your Senators

Quiet, or I'll call democracy - Women in Iraq

Atheist Group Wants To Participate In Parade Of Lights...

Fahrenheit 9/11, up for People's Choice Award!!!

Delete's too late.

Essay- "I'm a Republican because:"

Rummy love-in troop/press conference on CNN

Rise of the Amerikan Nazis

Kerik Rumor confirmed - I hadn't heard this one

We've got Bush Oil & Co. on the brain....

Washington-with Gregoire win, state is the first in history to have

Man accused of stealing day care's gifts

new feature at Progressive Person of the Week.


MSNBC NOW-...New Hollywood movie about Iraq...More BS!!.

ACLU petition taking the pledge!!!

On this Christmas Eve, here is what being a Liberal means to me:

How can anyone say that Iraq is better without Saddam?

Gary Webb Memorial by Michael C. Ruppert

MikeG prediction: One of these days the Catholic Church will be pro-choice

Rumsfeld Tells U.S. Troops in Iraq They Can Win (on surprise Mosul visit)

List of celebrities/authors/other famous people to boycott?

Insurgency, what is it.

a few polls that are interesting

One of the greatest fears our rulers have is that people, fed with so

WTF? Our Tax dollars are paying for *this*?

Republican State Rep for Kansas is called up for Iraq duty--43 years old

Should families have access to the e-mail accounts of their deceased?

The Nobel Peace Prize Concert

The Christmas Bombings

Bob HERBERT: "I don't want to be a daddy, because daddies die."

Bill Moyers on Democracy Now - on now...

What do ya'll think of my elem. kids school T-Shirt?

My brother is headed to Iraq tomorrow.

Fighting for peace is like

Another kickass article on fascism

Rumsfeld admits 'setbacks' in Iraq, violence flares in Fallujah

Weird story about a job interview...

I Love Christmas. And we are gonna have a good one.

A caller on C-SPAN said US was looking for recruits in Central America...

TIME response to POY email

If the U.S. resorted to nuclear weapons in order to avoid "defeat" in Iraq

I don't have a problem with all Christians, just Nicene Christians


Read the responses to USA Today's editorial about Iraq withdrawal

Pharmcos envy.... our saving grace... really.

Gen. Wesley Clark -- CNN Inside Politics -- Friday 3:30 ET PM

On Heaven and Hell

MSNBC Reports: Terrorist Chatter relatively quiet...

Wes Clark on CNN right now.

Who Weeps For Our Children?

Christmas Eve food for our souls

When Will They Call Her....Gov Elect..

USA=Hell in a Hand Basket: It's All NASCAR's Fault!

CNN coverage of Rumsfeld visit...After his speech they showed an officer

The ultimate Iraq vs. Nam

Why does FOX News banner list so many lies?

Each year, this article makes me misty-eyed.

John Kerry and Special Olympics ad

Washington Journal Christmas gift!

Send Message To Soldiers Away From Home. Holiday Audio Postcard

Rumsfeld's visit to Iraq and Bill Kristol's call for his resignation tell

Cartoon Network has a cartoon on right now

Net gambling foes cry ‘terrorism’

How many Iraqi's did Saddam kill?

Xenophobic hatred on the rise in Georgia

Macaque-in-Chief (from Wizard of Whimsy)

Sweet! AAR comes to Spokane, WA!

What would you do if you opened up a box with a live Python snake in it?

Armenia to deploy 46 "troops" to Iraq.

Stars and Stripes letter: Don't give him any medals

Please help.... seeking video clip...

Perhaps someone can tell me the difference between

I like this much better than the original TIME cover

looking for a picture...

Rumsfeld has seen fascism rise and fall, he has seen communism

Track Santa on the NORAD website! great if you have little ones...

A Christmas Story about Christians Fighting Christians: IVth Crusade

You'll like this one

For my 2000th post......A holiday message for the chimp...

Gandhi on Bravo now - 3:40 p.m. christmas eve!

More religion.....

Just a reminder. Don't talk about $150 billion any more. It's now $230b.

Christmas Eve, 1913: The Italian Hall Tragedy

Christmas in New Zealand

Anti-Christmas website

Million4Roe Petition and Pics of Where Abortion is Headed

The post-election letter I got from John Kerry made me cry.

National Public Radio censores Sedaris's Santaland Diaries

Associated Press repeats bogus story about ‘planted question’ in Iraq

Mosul will be the next Falusha...

Jimmy Carter backs civil unions for gay couples

Now I am finding it difficult to watch even C-Span.

Bush wants Illinois residents to die of flu!

Photo: Al Franken presents his new 'armor' while entertaining troops

"God Bless the USA" Galations 6:10, or so it says on my wrapper.

Undervotes, phantom votes and defaults

Manipulation and Mass Popular Delusion

The corporate takeover of America has already happened

The war was an act of naked aggression...

"The New Testament is the work of inventive but fallable men" Wow!!

Not One Damn Dime on January 20th

Homeland Security Self-Exam

It is insanity.....

Pastor TD Jakes on CNN's American Morning 12/24

The Court Case that Established Corporate "Personhood"

B R I C "the bric coalition of emerging superpowers" News Results

When does support for Iraq war collapse?

Peace On Earth: Join Me In This Year-End Wish For ALL People

Radiation in Iraq Equals 250,000 Nagasaki Bombs

Even dumber than the attack on Christmas

Is Andrew Greeley right?

Iraq's Democracy and America's Democracy: Are They Similar?

Best Disasters for Wingnuts of the Year (in No Order)

Rumsfeld; "Those who shot down the plane over Pennsylvania".

How is depleted uranium used by our military and

What to say to the anti-tax whiners of the right.

Negativity is destructive

'Motor City Madman' Ted Nugent Turns Texan -- Ted Moved To Crawford!

Arkansas Times: "I Want my Faith Back" (I know how they feel)

Abraham Lincoln feared the rise of 'corporatism' in America

Michael Crichton's "State Of Fear" and George Will

Anyone else newly averse to southern accent

One of my favorite movies is on - "An American President"

NewsMaximus LineaCapita: Jesus "The Christ", terrorist coddler!

Rumdrinker Gets Friendly Questions in Iraq

Is there anything that can be done to stop WALMART. Just this year it has

'Person Of The Year' Medea Benjamin (& Code Pink)

Wisconsin Rearbitz for Microwave and beer buddies

Anybody buying store bought desserts for Christmas dinner ?

Good drink is essential with a meal, or afterwards. What do you like

NFLD Premier Orders Canadian Flags Removed Over Revenue Dispute

Rumsfeld arrives for surprise Iraq visit

US may strike at Ba'athists in Syria, official tells 'Post'

Drug firms feel sick over Moore attention

Blair's 'record low Commons vote'

Gunmen attack two police stations north of Baghdad

Christmas in New Zealand

Powell urged more troops for Iraq in meeting with Bush and Blair: report

Israel may seek extra security funds

Insurgents operate at will in Mosul, US says

Iraqi Christmas is a war casualty

U.S. contractor that left Iraq gets Afghan deal

NYT: F.D.A. Urges Doctors to Limit Prescriptions for Celebrex and Bextra

900 Evacuees Revisit Fallujah Briefly; City "Not Fit For Animals"

China Emerging as U.S. Rival for Canada's Oil

General takes blame (No word from his commander in chief)

A Legacy of Giuliani Years: Damage Suits Against City

Clinton Thanks Staff at Westchester Hospital

NYT: Medicare to Add Help for Smokers

WP: Inaugural Donors Add $3.3 Million in 6 Days

U.S. Opens Probe Into Mosul Base Attack

London's homeless offered shelter in Millennium Dome

Baghdad blast in vicinity of Jordan mission

Bush Calls Service Members to Thank Them

AP: Rumsfeld Gets Friendly Questions in Iraq

Kerik to-do takes down ex-aide, too

Rumsfeld; "Those who shot down the plane over Pennsylvania".

Long prison sentences for asbestos fraud

Colorado Authorities Look For Missing Former Navy Spy

YMCA Chief Fired for Transgender Ball Flap

Finance Board Sues 'Seinfeld' Inspiration (campaign finance law problems)

Gunmen Kill 23 in Attack on Bus in HONDURAS

Another official quits Homeland Security (This makes it four leaving)

Former Aide Won't Testify Against Saddam (Aziz Plans To Write Book)

British Catholic bishop slams 'billions' spent on Iraq war

LAT: In GOP They Trust (beyond coasts, California trends Republican)

US military experts: Prepare for a decades-long counterinsurgency campaign

Powell warned Iraq troops too few (secret video conferences with Blair)

St. Petersburg Times: 3.9-million votes, 63 challenges

NORAD Tracks Progress of Santa

Fighters destroy mayor's office in western Iraq

Defense chief dismisses ‘the naysayers and the doubters’

Russia test fires nuclear missile

Huge, powerful explosion in al-Mansur district of Baghdad

U.S. Relief Group Calls for Iraq Withdrawal (IMMEDIATELY)

Bush to request $80-billion-dollar Iraq supplement: congressman

Letterman tapes Christmas Eve show in Iraq

Afghan opium trade has India worried

GOP May Challenge Wash. Governor Recount

Landlord arrested for seizing soldier's property

Bush Calls Service Members to Thank Them

Children are purpose of marriage, judge told

Twenty-seven dead in Honduran bus massacre

US families of dead raise 600,000 dollars for Fallujah refuge

Another guard unit decries training, equipment ("We should throw stones?")

Shredded: Hundreds of thousands of government documents

Armenia to Deploy 46 Troops to Iraq

Ex-hostage: Rebels wanted Bush re-elected

Falluja returnees angry, "city unfit for animals"

Boy sent back to biological mother after three years with adopted family

Venezuela and China sign oil deal

OK, am I fucked up or is this the freakiest thing ever??!

Another dumb question:

Does everyone's farts smell funny after eating eggs?

I've enjoyed an entire year of DU, thanks for tolerating my bat attacks

Spinning turrets of pure spite

Uh Oh, I lied when I renewed my driver's license today!

A Politically Correct Holiday Greeting:)

Damn my PC's clock...

Does everyone's hair smell like mint after applying daily conditioner?

With which member of your household did you have the best relationship

What's so damn funny?

Does everyone's pee smell funny after eating asparagas?

does yer pee smell funny after having your thread locked

I beat the 700 club like Pats fat pimply ass!!!


With which member of your household did you have the best relationship

While all is still in the night

Title of this obscure Vietnam era movie?

Yeah - FrictionlessO is no longer in the 700 Club!

Self deleted (too much brandy)

fellow retail workers..

LOL! Al Franken visiting the troops! Must see picture!

My dog is stealing diapers

It is so cold

The Difference between Liberals & conservatives

Happy Holidays You Guys

Fill in the blank: "Just once, I'd like it if_________"

"In Diana Jones and the Temple of Poon"

I've said it before, and I'm gonna say it again

Now, time for the "feets of strength"

What are the "essentials" you always keep in your fridge?

who's still awake?


At 35, I just saw hair in my drain for the first time after a shower

I can handle any insurance seminar - becuase I've been with Del Griffin

What are your countertops made of?

Boycott Foie Gras!

Isn't Sarah McLachlan great.

What kinda movie should I watch tonight?

More Bush* hubris evident in his Christmas card...

There is a roach in my apartment, and I'm gonna find it.

since i've been on a bit of a rampage tonight...

I've said it before, but I'm not gonna say it again.

Finally Good News: Christmas & Hanukkah Announce Merger

I am puss......... in boots.

My 1:30 AM Smoke Alarm adventure!

I'm going to bed, MoFo's!

Quick! How do I wrap a Gerbil!?

Betty Bowers, America's Best Christian

How fast do you type?

Anyone familiar with digital video cameras- I have a question.

things I have to do today --

Goin' to California...

Women - why can't my best friend get a steady date?

I'm stuck in ATL.

Can someone help me find the name of a certain classical piece?

Merry Christmas Eve!!!

Man Hit By Car While Watching TV In Bed

Christmas/Holiday plans?

I don't know where to post this - I need help

Good Morning did anybody have any interesting dreams last night

On the secondary road from Porvoo to Helsinki, a Clear Channel billboard..

It's Breakout Time! Woo-Hoo! I've cleared the 700 Club!

Merry Christmas

Anyone here colder?

Markie Post

Ever see Kiss in concert with the makeup?

Cute animals on Larry King Live

Hong Kong calls 'Fart Bomb' toy dangerous

And the Funky Bunch

Marky Mark

Ok, it is 8 am on my day off and I am WIDE AWAKE!!!

Favorite Chiodo Brothers Film?

Police Handing Out $150 Fines For Swearing This Christmas

Did you have a Happy Festivus?

I gift wrapped for 5 hours straight. Ask me anything.

Why I believe in satin

Happy Festivus! It is time for The Airing of Grievances!

I just had a great idea!

Why I believe in Satan

I wish I had that EEG done a week ago.

Parents with younguns: Do They Believe in Santa?

How do ya clear your history on the internet explorer adress bar dragdown?

Why i believe in sangria

It was December 24th on Hollis Ave in the dark

Favorite Dildo Brothers Tune

Why I believe in Santa

Most annoying sounds thread

Why I believe in Santorini

Tai Mai Shu - Chinese Freestyle

Why I Believe in Santa Lucia

What are you getting your pets for Christmas?

Pics of Your Christmas Tree or Ornaments

Oh Poopies!

Christmas Eve Poll: Optimist, Pessimist, Realist, or Just Plain Weird?

When we ride down the slippery slope. at least we'll look good doing it

F*CKING Sugarplums!

How you gearing up for the family?

Biz Markie

Mimes used to curb bad behavior in Columbia.

Check out my Bush family Christmas card

A friend just sent me this Thomas Merton quote.

Anyone drinkin' yet?


Merry-Freaking-Christmas, My little Puppies!

Is there some sort of holiday coming up soon?

GRRR! I Just Saw a Merry Christmas sign!

How hard is it to hang wallpaper?

Is it too early to start shopping for Christmas?

Clear soda/pop wars

Christmas dinner recipes?

Naughty kids lose gifts to eBay

10th Ave. Angel (1948) x-mas pic. on TCM - Marg. O'Brian, Angela Lansbury

A Johnny Bravo Christmas is on next (Cartoon Network)

Town called 'Luck' lands lottery win

Outhouse falls on man

half my family still has no power from the ice storm

Sulu Speaks

God has rejected the western world

Dept. of Homeland Security Man is keeping us down man

A Christmas carol worth singing...

So many causes, so little money!

Is it wrong

"Jonathon Strange & Mr Norrel author on Diane Rehm right now

Should nudity be banned from artwork or other historical references?

Christmas 1986 in the Republic of Korea

How many here keep an "emergency present" in the house?

Right on schedule....The Return of "Folgers" rant

WinMX Users

War at my house! I'm changing our "Traditional" X-Men Eve & X-Men dinner

Which was the GREATEST !!! F-Troop vs McHale's Navy

I have a weird relationship with this co-worker...

Traditional Christmas Dinner...

911, still a good emergency number?

How does a middle age woman find a partner

Oh Crap! It's Decemberween already!

Merry RamaHannuKwanSolstiMas everybody!

War at my house! I'm changing our "Traditional" Xmas Eve & Xmas dinner

A Christmas Eve prayer. In nomine Poppy, et Dubya, et Spirotu Agnew. Amen.

Why do long exposures fascinate me so much ( pic, obviously)

Anyone else participating in the Santa lynching?

Good luck, Huygens

So I have to drive the treacherous Hope Princeton Highway tonight....

OK. Fellow Liberals. Please post how you intend to ATTACK Christmas.

well it`s this time of year agin`

Help needed with a power adapter, how do Amps work again?

Spending the Holidays with DU.. who else is ?

Everybody! Post a picture of what you want for Christmas

Well, it's time to go and finish cooking for the annual family

Bar fight goes outside, passing freight train subs as ref

Harrison, Clapton, Hendrix, King, Berry, Page, or Richards?

A blog post about toy guns.

What happened to the pilot of Bush's carrier landing plane?

newest articles at as of Dec. 23, 2004

Weird story about a job interview...

Whew, I'm wiped out from Festivus.

Daytime TV is really horrible

Question about MP3's

Rob Schneider? I like him. He's no genius but his movies are funny

DO people just get old then bored? 64-year-old in shootout police chase

Someday at Christmas

My first Christmas as an Orphan

Why do long explosives fascinate me so much (pic, obviously)

Breaking MatcomNews exclusive followup to an earlier report

Wecipe fow Unsukseksfwool Wisconsin Wabbit Hunters



I had a bad nightmare last night

What is wrong with this picture?

Who else hates overplayed Anglo-Germanic baroque composers?

Is Rumsfeld Married? Does his wife show her face in public>

Need Anything? I'm going Christmas shopping..........



1 in 300 chance asteroid will hit earth


I'm on my way out to buy turkey necks....

It was December 24th on Hollis Ave in the dark

Father Christmas: Health only the British an do it

Yay! Expanded size of my Firefox bookmark bar! I now rule the world from

So tell me, what do you think I got?

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all DUers!

The Cat Carol

My two new kittens.....

Great Xmas Eve Fun on IFC at 11PM: Suspiria!

While I'm waiting for the taxi- Favorite Pet Shop Boys song?

Gratuitous Sappy Pet Owner Thread

Seafood Newburg with sherry coming up

Merry Christmas from Rapid Rotor Rooter

I just got an email from my friend in Iraq

Women Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Man With Cooking Tongs

More DU synchronicity: JoMama: "Good Articles?"; TNDemo: "Dogs"

Dog behavior question.

*pssst* Hey! Let's sneak over to GD Politics and Fart!

I haven't seen much snow before...

Merry Giftmas!

Don't laugh at me

If you could make your own T-shirt/Sweatshirt, what would it say?

I just watched Saved.

It finally happened - I broke out laughing during my newscast...

I saw the WEIRDEST movie last night:: Welcome to Woop Woop

Let's play, Can you spot the lie?

Happy Holidays All!!

I just realized this about the office of Secretary of Defense.

Help! I can't stop watching VH1 Classics!

Question about one of the images on the front page...

who are the new peeps on the Feed the World (do they know its xmas)cover?

Birds Can Be Polar Bears Too!

Christmas in the Trenches - a song inspired by the

.Happy Holidays DU'ers!!!

I bought my son an Eye Toy but I've been hogging it...

I'm going in to work for a 16 hr shift. Happy Holidays DUers!

I promised this link to a couple of folks earlier,

ZombyWoof: Christmas 1970!


I just slapped a DU sticker on a wall in OB(Ocean Beach San Diego),

Veselý Vánoce, Medvedichka

Wah, I'm at my folks' house!

I just called my mom for Christmas

I can't wait for all the Christmas show and movies to be over.

Another god question!

Another dog question!

MoveLeft newest articles as of Dec. 24, 2004

Check out this link! Great gift idea!

My hands are clean, my heart is so pure

Is there a Packers-Vikings official game thread?

Old fox tv drama question

Any sugg. for new desktop links? I'm cleaning house....

This Christmas morn sucks.....

Fer gawd's sake, why doesn't curling ribbon *curl* anymore?

The 911, still a good name for a car?

A "Family Values" Poem I Just Got From My Cousin

At the Woof's Request: Don't lie to your children

It's a holiday in Cambodia

Thank you Minnesota!

Do you pay attention to lyrics while listening to music?

kitten in christmas tree (pic heavy)

Lump of coal too expensive... any alternatives for the "bad" list kids?

Religion IS divisive: My Mother is angry that I'm not going to church

Why I believe in Santeria

1000 posts!!!!!

No Thugs in Our House: Xmas music will be XTC this year.

Least and most favorite Christmas albums?

I have a tax related question for you CPA types...

DU GAMERS! Final Fantasy 7 Sequel/Continuation (VIDEOS!)

I spent Xmas '67 outside Danang Vietnam @ a USMC combat base.

Santa is here on his fire truck.

Santa Clause File Chptr 11......See

Mr. Magoo as Scrooge comes on in a bit on Cartoon Network

Tell us 3 things DU doesn't want to know about you.

GREAT site if you're in the mood for carols or stories

New junkies - here's some stories

Today's holiday earworm courtesy of the Irish Rovers

Happy Christmas

Does George believe in Santa?

Taking suggestions for late December New Orleans activities

As if my old high school didn't have enough problems

NORAD is tracking Santa

What would you do if you opened up a box with a live Python snake in it?

Just made lentil soup w/dried apricots, onion, garlic, red pep. Yum.

Man, everyone's so pissy!

You can find EVERYTHING on the internet

What have YOU done to keep the CHRIST in CHRISTMAS?

Is there an official Hiking Peckers thread?

My Repub Son and D-i-l had the nerve to bring in a W sign..

When Did You Graduate From High School??

Heartbreaking poem: "To Jesus on His Birthday" by Edna St. Vincent Millay

Holy Shit, I just got a Christmas card that had me laughing so hard

Yet another thread is sinking like a brick in GD, with 0 replies. Why?

I just wanted to say Happy Holidays to all of my friends here at DU!

If you need something to listen to tonight...

I just got verbally assaulted by a hateful Repuke!

I'm going for a smoke...outside...BRRRRR

If I stay on DU long enough, will Christmas dinner cook itself?

What Are You Leaving Out For Santa?

Breakfast wars!

Christmas Eve: Sit On Uncle Zomby's Lap and Tell Him What You Want!

Wesolych Swiat!

Time to get your Xmas buzz on at MrScorpio's place

Santa: Enemy Combatant

Off to the Christmas

Here's a face only a mother could love!

David Letterman -- Good Guy

who here will have fish later today for Christmas eve?

What is your favorite "must see every year" Christmas show?

Non believers will burn

Yay, I'm at my folks' house!

How many points will the Vikings beat the Packers by today??

sickeningly sweet kitty pics.. diabetics beware!... Ragdolls

Charcoal? Check! Pig? Check! Beer? Check! Partaaaaaaaaaaayyy!

The year in (animal) pictures 5... last one.

Watching "Inherit the Wind"

Wow. I just got a homelesss man for christmas.

Holiday cuteness: Baby John (whose dad is in Iraq) visits Santa.

What if DU had its own cyber nation?

I'm at 444 posts- what does it mean?

Ebay auction: "Bad Children Get No Nintendo DS"

Does anybody remember last New Year's Eve at DU?

DU Photograghy Group contest.

Court lets man change name to 'Variable'

How does a middle age man find a woman partner?

If you get a moment, could you pray for my dad?

Dawnwatch - 2004 Year in Review

Best Democratic Movie: Seabiscut.


YO! Is there a Godzilla marathon this holiday I don't know about

Rate Blade: Trinity

Spinoza--Known as both the "Greatest Christian" & the "Greatest Atheist"

Who Weeps For Our Children?

Did entheogens give rise to religious belief?

The Lord's Prayer

Was Jesus Black?

A Muslim Christmas Greeting.

I don't have a problem with all Christians, just Nicene Christians

Only 1 Team Has Held The Patriots Under 20 Points This Year

FYI; Diarrhea and dogs

A couple holiday dog treat ideas

does your cat TALK?

=D I like my love horoscope =D

My husband left me this morning-please help me

Happy Giftmas all.....

Maybe I'm nuts, but how does the Fuji Finepix E550 sound?

Dramatic skies


I tell all Bush/GOP supporters this when they start to complain...

With which member of your household did you have the best relationship

#3 - This is OUR fault!

Please help me find.......

"You will look back in 10-20 years and know that you were part of ..

Your Predictions: What will happen January 6, 2005?

Rumsfeld Publicity Stunt

Framing the Social Security debate

Ukrainian Presidential Debate

When the going gets's PROPAGANDA TIME at Centcom!

New Slogan! Save the Alaska Wildlife Refuge

It's Not Easy Being Santa

please delete

Do Politics take a Holiday ?

What if Washington State Republicans

The Electoral College and fraud

General Clark on IP at 3:30 ET.......(CNN)

Thanks to the DU with help in pics for my painting

Air America funded by the CIA!

Need help researching company donations please

Why Did Rumsfeld Made a Surprise Christmas Eve Visit to Iraq?

Hostage: Captors wanted Bush win

Repugs are such criminals!

A reminder...put a paper clip on your gifts tonight!

Media/Rumsfeld visit question.

Rummy in Mosul (a letter to LA Times)

Bush is going to "renominate" those 10 judges that were too radical...

"Is there no limit to the poll-driven cowardice of the Democratic Party?"

Is the United States "finished?"

Anyone Have a Good Article to Read at Christmas Dinner?

What should Al Gore have done after Supreme Court decision ?

What is a party's base exactly?

15 of my favorite quotes to ponder in the fight for justice

Donna Brazile says (almost) - "Dems are baby killers"

Cartoon: A thumbs up for Gonzales is a thumbs up for...

Rep. Harold Ford (D-TN) on SS Wall of Shame ?

CNN: Will the secretary's visit to the troops silence critics at home?

2000 Election: What Did the Final Battleground State Polls Show?

Would you PLEASE stop calling the anti-abortion right 'pro-life'?

If Dems are smarter, why do Republicans keep beating the crap out of us?

Randi Rhodes voted "Most Outstanding Woman..."

Solid figures on Social Security

Dean's remarks on choice from the DNC conference in Orlando.

Is social security in crises

This guy always makes me proud to be a Democrat