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Archives: December 25, 2004

Drive-by knifings in London

To the Mods and Admins: thanks for all you do.

Hamas makes strong showing in Palestinian local elections

Explain the white bright flash areas...please..

Anyone think we now should have a notary on staff at the polling places

Ohio legislature looks to make vote recounts more expensive

God/Goddess is a Dem

Merry Xmas from Scam-o-rama!

You wouldn't know Kerry was involved in anything by visiting his website

In Ohio, almost 1 in 50 votes for president don't count (votes thrown out)

How the Bush stole the Election

Are their any other sources aside from Mr. Pitt?

Pitt! What did you know that we don't know! Where is the Kerry Filing....

Some questions

Who are the sore losers now? GOP to fight Gregoire victory

I am apparently compelled to post a 'clarification' on the Kerry suit


Governor Taft seems to put onus back on Blackwell....

A Nashville holiday gift: Notes on our 2nd Gathering To Save Our Democracy

How far will the GOP go to get Rossi in WA Gov office?


My blog's themes by day-of-the-week.

MnDot removes support of KBEM (88.5)

Happy New Year, Happy Kwanzaa, Merry Christmas

Inaugural protest

Breaking News: U.S. Launches "Pre-Emptive Strike" Against Santa

A nice moral fable for Christmas.

Okay, I've figured it out. Here's how shrubco gets through 4 yrs. of Iraq

Moronic freeper statements on my campus's pipeline

What sources do you trust?

Why is CNN doing a special on Ronald Reagan on Christmas Eve?

Christmas Truce 1914

Malloy said DU has a great bunch of people!!

BARACK OBAMA's Christmas Plans!

BIll O'Reilly: "Somewhere Jesus weeps"/ Video clip

What do you think about a international minimum wage as part of trade agre

Anyone remember a man called Charles Stuart?

They can't stop being assholes, even on Christmas Eve.

Buffy and Preemptive strike

Dear DU'ers...

Reposted due to no response. CSPAN Christmas Morning!

When will you vote?

Are today & tomorrow just "another day" for others? We quit paying

Fundie video game reviews

Something just struck me about the flu vaccine shortage...

I just watched a replay of Bill Moyers' speech in Madison WI at the

Did Rumsfeld slip out some top secrets?

Families of Slain Troops Raise $600,000 for Fallujah Refugees

ladies and gentlemen, I give you . . . "Prussian Blue" . . .

When conservatives watch "A Christmas Carol" do they root for Scrooge?

Another suicide based on this past election

the FLU is all across America now (shows CDC US Flu Map).....thanks chimp!

My mother sent my kids a book written by Lynne Cheney for the Holidays!

what is a good milk chocolate fudge recipe

Did Rumsfeld slip out some top secrets?

U.S. Doctors Lack Whistleblower Protection

Mars Space Probe Disappears

Tanker explodes in Baghdad, kills one and wounds 19 after Rumsfeld Visit

"Explosion rips Baghdad suburb as Rumsfeld leaves"

International Criminal Court signs Interpol deal

Hawks' Fifth Avenue nest framework is reinstalled

N.H. boy receives Christopher Reeve's van

My Favorite Christmas Carol

44 Suspicious Packages Detonated Under WH X-Mas Tree

Great piece of Christmas satire here, written by yours truly:

This must be the Drown your sorrows Xmas... Liquor store near empty.

Breaking News: U.S. Launches "Pre-Emptive Strike" Against Santa

A Christmas message from Jesus to bush**

I'm sittin around playing around with celebrity soundboards and pranks

Want to Wish you all a Good One !! A Happy, Healthy Holiday to y'all!!

Question about "Friends"

Teen T&A Fest On USA Network

It is so cold.

Any Mahjong players in the house? Where's a good place to purchase

well, you DUers ruined my shot at the record yesterday

Just now watching the new Manchurian Candidate, and I didn't know

15 minutes until people start showing up for our Xmas Eve Party!

L33t speak alphabet

"It's-Christmas-In-America-God-Bless-The-U-S-A" ??? PUKE!!

Well, it's Christmas day here,

"A Christmas Story" is on TBS right now!

Which left overs in my book collection should I read first over Xmas break

Deleted post.

Is it safe to leave my space heater on?

Well I just had the trip from hell...

I read this today and I thought it was pretty. So I thought I would share

A nice Xmas quote for the Christians out there

When first I came to Liverpool


One more Rant about the Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays fiasco.

I"m listening to New Kids on the Block

Are the mod hear tonight

Anyone know the Buck Owens song, "Santa Looked A Lot Like Daddy?"

Who want's Eggnog?

The History Channel is showing some really good stuff this Christmas ...

Are You Happy?

I was just given my only Christmas present

What I'm currently listening to: A MOTOWN CHRISTMAS.

Is there a Doctor in the house? My husband hurt his shoulder skiing

Why is DU so goddamned slow tonight?!

One more holiday song...

What a dysfunctional Christmas for me

A Snowglobe

I Put Matcom Down My Pants.

The TRUTH about Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer!

Do you celebrate Christmas??

drinking margaritas.. suddenly I have the holiday spirit

Anyone seen the Lemony Snicket movie? Thumbs up? Down?

I got a call today today that my Christmas tree would be delivered Monday!

Itís the terror of knowing what this world is about


Christmas Eve with a Repug Mother who is OUTRAGED that

Mele kalikimaka from the Big Island of Hawai'i

I found the best way to celebrate my 1000th post

I don't have a Festivus Pole.

Ok..fess up. How many of you still have gifts to wrap?

What Al Franken needs to do ...

Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Men

Merry Christmas, DU

Who else is NOT excited about being dragged to Xmas mass by family?

I just found a song parody that I wrote five Christmases ago.

Meowwy Christmas to you all! (picture)

Here it is, Xmas Eve, and the neocons still insist on being jerk-offs!

Chocolat - My new favorite movie, only 4 years late.

Dave Letterman & Paul Shaffer do show in Iraq.

My aunt had Christmas Eve Dinner catered-THANK GOD

It's all fun and games until....

explanation of my liberal blog

It's snowing in the Gulf of Mexico

a question for homosexuals.

Dukes of Hazard Movie question.

I've gotta make the 700 club by Christmas.... ask me anything....

Mr. Garrison captures the Right's Xmas message to world:

The death clock says I've got only 33 years left to live

I sat on the Chicago lakefront drinking tequila shots and popping tranks

What are you listening to?

Mr. Peanut: Brilliant Artist, or Sick Pervert?

Why is Jessica Simpson famous? Seriously.

Someone stole my debit card, bought $700 of shit from my bank account

A couple of pictures of squirrels.

Okay, Time to Fess Up

articles at MoveLeft as of Dec. 24, 2004


Anyone ever cook a goose?

Hey - where's ZombyWoof? I'm waiting for him in the toolshed.

You are in a maze of twisty passages, all alike.

I recommend (to all non-vegetarians) fried turkey.

Not all customers are idiotic pricks, so stop saying that!

How many gifts are you giving this year?

To All You Great DUers

Which of the following are mental?

What to do for Christmas dinner

I put cameltoe down my pants

I Put Mistletoe Down My Pants

Keep me awake. I'm too drunk to pass out now.

Just threw on a CD called HIPSTER'S HOLIDAY.

I just made tollhouse cookies, who wants some?

joke. Funny or not?

Three Wise Women

The Star Wars Xmas Special

26 hours and this long nightmare will be over!

Steve Martin's "A Holiday Wish"

Alright Duers, I'm looking for a perverted biblical quote...

I'm getting a cat tomorrow--and will therefore be a *real* DUer. But... ??

Mohammed was okay with Gays

Christmas Greetings

Commentary on AgapePress ... scared of moral absolutes?

Titan-Bound Huygens Probe Detaches From Cassini

We need to link up common cause with Jews and blacks

Spurs put the beat down on the TWolves last night

Michael Moore's "Safe at Camp David" photo of Bush, from his Web Site

When is Rush's show being taped in Baghdad? Hannity's? Scarborough's

Iraqi militants wanted Bush re-elected

You wouldn't know ** was a dumb ass lying cheat by visiting his website

World feels bullied by Washington

How to get Democrats back in power

Tidbits from Clark on CNN/Washington Week today/night...

Should Howard Dean give better presents to Kerry than he did this year?

3 Ghosts for Bush tonight

Rummy's Quagmire of Lies

Recolonisation is worse than slavery

A Reply to Peter Beinart by Eric Alterman of The Nation

Making Sense of "Operation Iraqi Freedom"

The Bottom Line on Overhauling Social Security

Making elections better, and stopping divisiveness, too

Empires Prefer a Baby and the Cross to the Adult Jesus

Mosul attack 'an inside job'

Big Red Tide Moving Towards Florida Bay

Wyoming Ranchers Want Tighter Negotiation Rules With Natural Gas Companies

Venezuela signals clear warning to the US government

Happiest Holidays to all the WONDERFUL people who make this possible!

Suggestion. Joke Forum.

What happened to my thread about Ann Coulter?

Transfer of Donor Status

A question about putting people on ignore.

Claim: Peace in the Middle-East is soon possible because ...

Abbas strikes note of defiance as Palestinian presidential contest begins

Israel may seek further U.S. funding for security measures

Every 9 minutes in Israel, someone buys a Mazda 3

Does anyone have a link to the Kerry/Ohio filing that was

New Mexico: 2,087 phantom votes present in certified canvass report

Speaking up in Red...

Merry Christmas, Fraud Crime Investigators!

Question about 9/11

Merry and Happy Christmahanukuanzafestivus to all

You wouldn't know ** was a dumb ass lying cheat by visiting his website


12/25 Election/Fraud/Recount thread

Article: Editor for Canadian TV Observing Elec. Nite from ABC Headquarters


X-mas present from SE regional Co-ord for Green Recount (repost)

Before the election, how many times did you hear the MSM...

The Maryland State Board of Elections RESPONSE to my letter. READ THIS.

More good news for Bush and the neocons (NOT)

Print Your Own Mini Newspaper...spreads like Wild Fire!

A "Total Election Management System"

anyone else get this email from Kerry

Question for William Pitt

"Only then can the election of Bush/Cheney warrant the public trust"

Where are the claims that a Senator will contest ohio?

This weekend, I'm going to be stealth just like Kerry

A gift of inspiration: A plea for our "leaders" to join us on 6 Jan 2005

John Kerry's Address to Supporters at Fanueil Hall

Exit Polling Methodology

Is Bush insintance on Iraq's election a ploy to divert from vote fraud?

Triad/Rapp GAG Gift! 2000 Palm Beach County Butterfly Ballot replica

The Myth of a Divided America (video)

Petition Posted at yahoo groups election fraud site

Was TRIAD testing out new Total Election Management System?

Was there any mention about MSM's suit against Blackwell

OUTSTANDING MUST READ letter from Republican to senators

ES&S quote: "touch screens...can be easily manipulated"

William Pitt...Thank you and please keep us informed!

Ohio numbers support claims of Triad fraud

No Holiday Ballots for Vote Thieves. Conspiracy?

notes from a *blue-stater* . . .

Blandin Expansion - Possible New Jobs In Grand Rapids Area

Do I upgrade or buy a new computer?

Forensic analysis of overvotes to determine prepunching for B*?

I think I might get drunk tonight...

Hey, where is the Malloy thread????? n/t

I've got a brilliant idea, lets profile US Army/Marine recruitment trends

Merry Blue State Xmas from SNL

"Exuberance" This is great.

Hey FOX state run GOP news... CHRIST WAS A LIBERAL!!!!

I WILL wish everyone a Happy Holidays today and throughout the season.

Paving the Amazon with Soy

Bush bubbly juice

If you pass this convoy you will be killed...

Some good news for a change

Why is it that other nations and their people can

Political Attacks Against Venezuela Continue

i'm watching "gone with the wind"

A Christmas witticism from our fearless leader

"Tempting Faith" - interesting documentary

ACLU Lawsuit Confirms President Bush Ordered Use of Torture

One Tin Soldier

Merry Christmas to All

Laurie Mylroie on c-span while getting ready for Christmas

Bush talking into tie video, anyone have a link?

what in the hell did scarlett o'hara

Jesus - I love you

Lech Walesa- "America failed its exam as a superpower"

Christians have prayed for peace for 2000 years. Why do they do

The Real Bush's Brain/ The Speechalist/Video of Humor

Oh brother, can't believe I read this

The Popes Christmas message??? Is there another Great Lakes Region?

KleoKats 2004 Kristmas Greeting...............

Who still thinks that the Democrats are a viable opposition party?

Bimbo on CSPAN asserting that no one ever said that the biological

Willie Nelson: "Whatever happened to Peace on Earth?"

Can someone with tech skills help me out?

The Christmas Truce

SAME-SEX MARRIAGE -- Lawyer says gays are 'unfit'

Stretching the bounds of scientific feasibility to their breaking point

Laurie Mylroie Drunk on CSpan "Again"

These things I know are true...

Christmas is the nexus of Christian fundamentalism and capitalism

My present from my brother-in-law.

French hostage recalls his ordeal

Bogus questions for Rummy

Texas School Group Questions 'Spread of Islam in America'

Another group gains a voice at the Polk County courthouse.

Merry XMESS, another asinity of empire.

A holiday message to any lurking right-wingers who may be around today.

The Mess Tent Bombing

Christmas in Iraq... courtesy Jesus Bush

C-SPAN dingbat ... Jesus gave us our luxuries in this country ...

RFID proving to be less than worthwhile, says Walmart supplies

You know that video of Bush at the press conference,

I think America's reckless War on Iraq is producing a counterforce

When Rumsfeld, during his recent trip to Iraq, to bolster the morale

Heh. Got freeper dad-in-law f-911 for christmas.

Fort Bragg Paratroopers Released From Confinement

If you knew an asteroid was going to wipe out life on earth in 3 years...

Only in America: parenting - real parenting - is *news*.... lol

One of the great achievements of the PNAC fanatics is the identification

Pat Robertson wants stoning for UFO seekers

Peace On Earth

Did the reporter, or did the reporter not, help frame

Thou Shalt Kill-- a great Christmas Message from a Col Ralph Peters.

Have you seen Comet Machholz?

Just watched a smashing special on Channel 4 (London) about the Bible

Have fundie right wingers impacted your view of christmas?

"Former Republican." The two sweetest words in the English language?

Freepers encourage rape and torture of young Iraqi girls...yeah they do...

Are Republicans more like Scrooge or Mr. Potter?

Merry Christmas DU, Love, George & Laura Bush

Shall we wish the Freepers a happy holiday?

NPR: It's always about values. Well, almost always.

Marine charged with assaulting parents

Which liberal "gloated" after the Mosul attack?

4th-grader arrested for having scissors at school

Is "Christmas Under AttacK" just a Fox News theme,,

Is it like an American duty or something

Christmas Gift: Bright Idea for Iraqis.

'Peace on Earth' song by Wille Nelson on piano

What Will Stop An Evil Empire?

Any Theologians or people smarter than me out there?

Wal-Mart elected "Grinch of the Year" for 2004

Suppose you could create a liberal version of Fox News.

Queen Sends Christmas Message of Tolerance

Is the DLC recruiting Republicans as to replace the Democratic party?

Interesting ...PHOTOS Show George W. Bush Seriously Ill Physically

Why people vote Republican

Merry Christmas to all of you!

I'm getting ready to start cooking the turkey.

Soul food recipe website

Christmas morning breakfast....old family recipe for scones

Israel Detains Nuclear Whistleblower Near Bethlehem

Recovering Kabul Still Faces Big Problems

Ukraine Court Ruling Clouds Rerun Vote

Hamas makes strong showing in Palestinian local elections

The Bottom Line on Overhauling Social Security

U.S. lacked formal Iraq post-war plan: Army historian

AP: Ex-Hostage: Rebels Wanted Bush Re-Elected

Baghdad Truck Blast Kills 9, Injures 14

China deliberates secession law

U.S. forces kill Sunni scholar in Iraq, clerics say

Three Iraqis killed, two wounded in car bomb attack near Najaf

Two key terror network members captured in Iraq

Five schoolboys killed by Vietnam War-era explosive

Federal doctors lack whistleblower protections

Turk Shipping Magnate, 3 Others Kidnapped in Iraq

U.S. Official: Syria Should Worry About Invasion

Rossi Might Contest Election Results (WA State)

Program Coaxes Hospitals to See Treatments Under Their Noses -NYT

Spitzer, in a Shift, Will Yield Inquiries to U.S. Regulators

Bush Calls for Compassion on Christmas

Entrepreneurs cash in on "orange revolution"

At least 13 Iraqis killed on Christmas Day, as Bush thanks troops

Democrats plot strategy to rebuild battered party (Miami Herald)

WP: Kerry's E-Mail List Continues to Be a Valuable Resource

Ansar Al Sunnah Army Gains Clout, Nearly Outshining Al Qaida In Iraq

Feds Take Aim at Government Corruption

AP: Ghost firms hinder oil-for-food probe

Guard, Reserve troops await Iraq call-up

Insurgents infiltrating coalition, US says

LAPD experimenting with facial recognition software

Military Update: Army National Guard seeks to boost recruitment

NYT - U.S. Is Suggesting Prominent Posts for Iraq's Sunnis

'Motor City Madman' Ted Nugent turning Texan

Bush cites 'message of hope'

Governors Unite in Medicaid Fight

CIA removing documents from National Archives

Bush inauguration fever hits Washington

Prisoners were experimented on (say lawyers of French Gitmo detainees)

WP: Army Historian Cites Lack of Postwar Plan

Anonymous Man Gives $35K to Homeless

Bush Gives Wife Dessert Plates for Christmas

Ex-hostage: Militants wanted Bush re-elected

Pope begs Jesus not to abandon humanity

Asteroid 2004 MN Impact probability now 60 to 1

Dad tries to sell Christmas gifts on eBay

Airman rescues woman, child from river

Birth of Christ reminds US soldiers of their mission in Iraq Rumsfeld: Iraqis Must Defeat Insurgency

Gunmen Kill Professor of Medicine in Baghdad

Merry Christmas to the East Coast/It is now my 500th post

What is the name of this song?!

Anyone ever goose a cook?

Fairytale of New York

On this Christmas eve...a song

If you are a soccer mom or dad or like me have nieces and nephews

another joke. Funny or not?

Happy Chrismahanukwanzakah DU!

Merry Christmas ---

A man took his wife to the rodeo.

Guess what my pop and me are going to eat tomorrow--and no one will

Don Rumsfeld and Santa . . .

Insult response thread.

techies, what's your feeling about this OQO mini personal pc? (link)

He's gone...............

Hendrix fans...a query...

Merry Christmas Eve DU..

My favorite graphic from Betty Bowers

I am listening to 'A Very Ally Christmas'

Merry Christmas to all

I just made a thousand posts. n/t

"This is the greatest thing I never wanted, ever"

ALERT: New disease hitting the South and mid-West!!

Happy Christmas, fellow DUers. You people are the best!

Please don't forget to wrap your pet's packages!

This is what I want for Christmas; I bet you do too!!!

Does anyone open gifts on Christmas eve?

I need ZombyCoffee!!!

What's the name of this song?! Part 2

Ha ha! It's 1 am and I'm still up! Screw you Santa - I just drank your gin

Hold me

I gave $5 to a homeless person standing on the street corner with a sign

I realized something

Since when does Christmas Eve = Vasectomy stories?

Sh*t....again this year....Its NOT FAIR!!!!

I just got back from midnight mass and now I am all churched the fuck up!

So, people say that it is Jesus' Birthday.

I made and sound

WoooHoooo Power back on here finally! Good and bad news-need hugs

Would it be immoral to give my son some Benadryl...

Note to self: DU Lounge slows way down on Christmas eve

This Christmas, remember: Every Ku Klux Klan Begins With Kay.

Make your own Gummy...well, anything you want!

Fill in the blank: If you want to make a million dollars, _______________

Cheney Relishes Children

Merry Christmas Everyone !

For my 1000th post, I want to send Holiday greetings to Skinner...

Act of Love for Christmas

Some Old Man Tried To Break In My House Last Night

So this is Christmas and what have you done ?

May I gloat? Who likes acoustic folks and country music?

Hallelujah!! I feel the spirit of Christmas as I enter The 700 Club!!

What keeps your heart beating?

Merry Christmas, dammit!

It's snowing right now... IN SOUTH TEXAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~~~~ Christmas morning brunch thread ~~~~

calling all Douglas Adams fans . . . (and curiosity seekers) . . .

The semi-official "Can't wait for X-Mas to be over" thread

"The Terminal" gripe - spoiler

Walmart sales must really be down this year

Gave Kitty Cat Max and Little Miss MoneyPenny their holiday catnip ...

Know what? Soulseek suck fucking ass

Santa didn't come to my house?

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.

My freeper in-laws gave us O'Liely's book for a present

Merry Christmas, My Fellow Lizards

Anyone else have a child who ...

The two Yules.. Wait, what? The two yules. Hold on a minute

My Holiday treat for everyone!

I'm so proud of my Dad - Supporter of same-sex marriage

Microwaved Kelloggs Low Fat Granola Whole Grain Cereal w/Raisins

Who wants to see my yule log?

It's 52 degrees in FL. and I'm quite cold. Do you think it will snow?

Best gift reaction. Ahh to be 7 again.

i'm watching "gone with the wind"

What I got for Christmas

Just came upstairs from watching "I love the 80s (Strikes Back!)"! Man,

New recruit letter the folks back home on the farm.

Merry Christmas to DU Land!

Merry Christmas, everybody!

alright Christmas is over. let's take down the tree and

why does bugmenot. com bounce me off everytime I enter a site? Bah Humbug!

It's Christmas! When Will Jesus Bring The Pork Chops?

Merry Christmas!

December 25, 1960, Eagles defeat Packers for NFL title!

DUers, I wish you Peace, Happiness, and Harmony

My freeper Sister gave me a Bullet for Christmas

My Christmas Present To BigMcLargeHuge

LA Area DUers

Will you be reading or posting at DU on Christmas day?

My Christmas Present: Meet Bratwurst!

Fabulous Christmas -- and you?

Et's-Lay Art-Stay a Ig-Pay Atin-Lay Ead-Thray

I'm a man of reason, and they say

My hands still smell like garlic

1:40 p.m. and I just woke up for the day.

McDonalds is a grody place

Anyone seen Motorcycle Diaries?

SO is playing with a flame-thrower in kitchen

I don't celebrate Christmas, but wanted to wish those who do a Merry

Da Jesus Book

Is there a forum for Greens like DU is for Dems?

Oh abandon thread!

but we had snow on Wednesday

My dog just ate a tomato from my kitchen counter

Don't buy Whiskas Meaty Selections unless you want really fat cats!

Okay, So Whaddya Give?

What's with people who never say anything nice to you?

Just read that Kobe told detectives on record, "Shaq pays off his girls

How many languages do you speak, including English?

SNL TV Funhouse from last week...

Merry Christmas to my Dad - got a call - his office is flooded

A Great Time: my Ex brought the kids over!

Haha, we got the "Electric Sex / Major Award Lamp" from my brother

Jonathan Winters: A Christmas Carol on PRI

I need more 80's Christmas Songs

Julian Is Going To Die

Guess what I got for Christmas!

HA HA! A log just rolled out of the fire onto the floor...


MORE ON penguins... (Sorry, didn't want y'all to miss the joke)

What the CAT gave my husband for Christmas!

LOL! My cat just smacked her head against a door trying to pounce a bird!

I've just been kicked from my family's Xmas because I want to bring

Fairytale of New York

what a great Xmas eve dinner until...

Anyone get more practical gifts than techno-gimmicky junk this year?

Happy Holidays to you all!!

Posting in the lounge vs posting in the groups

If you believe in reincarnation....

I just spoke to my cousin in Italy

Japan Scientists Find Gay Penguins In Captivity

How do you fix a garbage disposal?

requesting a little avatar assist...


The bible acted out with legos

ZombyWoof: Christmas 1977!

My Non-Christmas-y Christmas.

Ooo...The teaser trailer for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory looks sweet

How old were you when you found out who santa wasnt real

Junior & Pickles hope today is "a time of joy and peace for each of us."

A dual use Christmas gift...

A Series of Unfortunate Events - go see it!

Did You Get What You WANTED For Christmas?

Yes, it snows in Hell.

Tonight, THE SOUL EXPRESS is five hours long!

I already took down my Christmas tree

The coping-with-Christmas-leftovers thread

What's your favorite "ethnic" music instrument?

My Christmas dinner w/ DU

Best Steve Martin Film?

Key Lime Pie = H E A V E N

Holiday Greetings From All Of Us

Repuke inlaws "did quite well in 2004" (financially)

Anyone here familiar with Julia Douglas?

He just vacuumed my bedroom

newest articles at MOVELEFT.COM as of Dec. 25, 2004

Best "Steve" Film

The most annoying present your kid(s) got

Teach us to say "Merry Christmas" in a foreign language, please.

We Watched Shrek 2 Last Night

What would you rather get?

question about donating blood, bisexuality, etc.

HTML help with vertical line?

What is Arby's "meat" made out of?

Why I am not a mormon thread...

Republican Christmas Card!!!

Merry Christmas

Sam and Max Hits the Road

Reformatted, I now have a lean, mean version of XP! I'm happy!


Okay, So Whaddya Get?

I'm breaking out of the 700 Club!


SNL was never live.

Congratulations RagingInMiami--you won

Rare snow blankets South Texas

What language(s) in addition to English do you speak?

I'm not going to wish people "happy holidays" anymore

what in the hell did scarlett o'hara

Tea thread!

Best Sam Waterston film?

Any new iPod owners as of this morning?

What is so great about this 'iPod' thing?!

Best Steve McQueen Film?

Best Steve Guttenberg Film?

Post the favorite gift you GAVE to someone.

Stupid barking dog

*** Official Raiders are kicking KC ass thread ***

I have just been caught by my 10yr old Santa believing daughter!

My cat just ate some cheetos

Since Bon Jovi uses Duracell, I will never use Duracell. Ever.

1970 VW Bus for sale....

How many vanity threads, on average, do you post here a day, and


Jesus - I love you

What does this mean?

We should remind evangelicals...

Jesus "Sell all and give the money 2 the poor" Luke 18:22

Quick Pic: Dione and Saturn

Asteroid With Chance of Hitting Earth in 2029 Watched 'Very Carefully"

Mars Weirdness - Something Cleaned Rover Solar Panels

Don't Blame The Gays

The wildlife are enjoying Christmas breakfest

Adventures of the Space Pomeranian! (warning: incredibly cute)

symbolism of Christmas, a thought

73% of doctors in poll say miracles can happen

Reincarnation website.

Made my yearly visit to church last night.

The first DU Photo contest seemed to be sucessful...

Will Yushchenko be a political ally of Bush?

Christmas Eve Combat

Update on the DFA phone cards and their delivery.

The Real Bush's Brain/ The Speechalist/Video of Humor

a new word for * friendly dems: neodems

Paper shed Light on Bush-Blair "secret talks"


Let's just tell the truth about the Republicans...

JOY TO THE WORLD!!! ~ Kerry to unconcede?

edwards fought tooth and nail against kerry concession (thread #2)

Father Andrew Greeley calls neo-cons 'war criminals'

Democrats need to be as 'honest' as Republicans

I cant find a link but what do you guys think about Kerry 's email list

Dean / ACLU debate (rerun) on C-Span1 NOW (5:20 est)

Wanna bet? Wanna bet?

Do you think the Dems can nock off Rick Santurm in 2006?

The Democrats are ready for some big changes and you may not like them

The Way Things Really Are -- MUST READING esp. for new DUers