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Archives: December 27, 2004

Common Dreams: US to Take Bigger Bite of Iraq's Economic Pie

Undercovered - Newsweek...

Herbert: Shopping for War (Must Read of Mad Rummy/Boykin Plans)

As it turns out it, is all about oil

BBC: Iraq's tourism chief eyes the future

Immigration poll...

Ignoring orthodoxy, Argentina rebounds

Demopedia down?

Iraq, 9/11, Drugs, Cheney, and Watergate Two

Online Petition RE: Voting Problems

Notes from the 12/21 hearing at Warren-Trumbull Public Library

The Ukraine Done It Now It's Our Turn

Five LTTE in the NY Times today about election fraud.

Why neo-cons cheat: Jane Jacobs "Systems of Survival"

A blast from the past...Anybody remember Fredda?

Why didn't they do something about the Cuyahoga malfeasance/mistakes

No Stolen Democracy blog/asking Senators, like Kerry, to not certify!!!

Kay Cobb to replace Charles Pickering ....not good at all!!!

Conyers Letter to Triad asking for cheat sheets....4 pager

Predictions? What will tomorrow bring?

Is there a suit regarding flagrant malfeasance/voter suppression of minori

Not just Ukraine, Romania too got a revote. Challenger won.

GOP Officials Try to Squelch Recount Efforts in Ohio, Washington

"Hacking the Vote in Miami County" by Dr. Phillips

NY Times letter says voting company rep. manipulated tabulator

Tod Rapp (Triad) is selling ballots and chads from 2000 election

Whats the latest on New Mexico Recount? Fraud is clear there-Kerry won

Vigil at John Kerry's house ...Coalition Against Election Fraud

Homeland security shunned by small counties

Why does my laptop go into hibernation just moments after I unplug it?

1 assumption, 1 f act and one conclusion

Islamic Web Site URL's

Does Dick Cheney PURPOSEFULLY model himself on Potter?

A response to Michael Crichton's poo-pooing of Global Warming

What are they freeping now?

Is there any way to contact MSNBC executives and tell them

One war-related death every 20 seconds during the 20th Century

Interesting Roman/American Republic Comparison-Chalmers Johnson

On the History channel they are talking about Aramegeddon

Fauxnews is calling the mess hall attack..

Quiet Demise of the U.S.' Ultimate Weapon Is Bittersweet for Its Keepers

Clinton quote on Daily Show re-run (before "election")..."When people

My observances of the Religious Right...

A question here, if I could have some input

Is AEI a "psy-ops" tank?

Had one of the best Christmas Holidays ever...

Anyone have any friends or relatives out in S or SE Asia

HELP please

My letter to my Senator on SS reform

Can soldiers in Iraq read DU?

Why this war is good

A GoodJob Day in America, 2009 - by Mr. D. Fatwa

Matt PUDGE and Dan COOLTER "Get Along" with Each Other

What should the new name of Canada be?

What percentage more or less did you spend this Xmas? If you are comfortab

Who's ready for some Werbe? A good warm end to a good cold cold day.

12,300 Dead------------Let's Bomb Somebody---Anybody

Just a crazy question...

Drudge headline: Biblical Disaster

The number of dying around the world is really starting to scare me.

More time on evening news spent covering football and holiday shoppers

It's Such Hard Work >>>

Bar codes are the Mark of the Beast!

What the Republicans were saying when Clinton attacked Bin Laden

What sould the new name of the USA be?

things to send the GOP (or DLC) in the prepaid envelope when they beg for$

I saw Tom Brokaw the other day...

Republican Con of the Week: Bush Misleads on Iraq, Doesn't Mention Oil

Worth a Thousand Words

Today, Right Now, the Flag of the USA:

Wal*Mart, a typical corporation, not an EVIL one...

An Eyewitness Account of Fallujah / cameraman from Lebanese Broadcasting

As it turns out it, is all about oil

US commander says 'clear' more troops needed in Mosul for Iraqi poll

Kidnappers want $25 million ransom for Turkish tycoon

Afghan Warlords Find Places in Provinces (Given Governorships)

WP: For Bush, Key Foreign Policy Goals Intersect

Flight Diverted Over Passenger ID Theft

Brothers Elected to Congress Head to D.C.

Bin Laden inquiry to widen

Former US security advisor rebukes administration over Iraq invasion

China Says Situation in Taiwan Straits 'Grim'

Islamic Site Shows Attack on Mosul Base (link to video too)

WP: Army Chief of Staff Is Third Major Visitor to Troops in Iraq

UK Times - British help is on the way

Connecticut job market sparks worry for 2005

Dollar Near All-Time Low Vs Euro (Tokyo - Monday)

Iraqi Foreign Minister signals violence could delay election

ABC News: Bush Sends Condolences to Asia, Offers Aid

Salazar Calls for Bipartisan Cooperation ("bloody fight" If Rules Changed)

Top Iraqi general rejects Bush's criticism of his troops


Yushchenko claims Ukraine victory | BBC

Ultrafast Supercomputer to Simulate Nuke Explosion

Calif. Evicting Renters From Pristine Park

Kerik's 'Dept. of Corruption'

Chinese police break up Christmas Mass, arrest priest

1.7 Million Iraqi Kurds Sign Petition Asking UN for Autonomy Vote

Insurance companies may take years to count cost of disaster

Man charged with murder after pregnant woman's fetus dies

Drug companies issue Michael Moore alert

Britons' Belief in God Vanishing as Religion...Replaced by Apathy--Telegra

Obscure European Westerns: Greater Travesty?

The family medical drama continues

Redskins and Gibbs find another way to lose. "Prevent defense"

My parents are idiots.

I don't know what MSM stands for......

Dammit. I miss MrsGrumpy already

Went to my in-laws for Christmas so bascially had nothing to eat today

Really stupid poll question

2,000 MAN

Mythbusters is on! Yipee!

Any DU members carbon dating each other?

Have the Japanese gone too far?

Have you seen that Tivo commercial?

Generic flame war thread.

Should I get piss ass drunk tonight?

Has anyone heard if the tsunami hit Bali?

So, what's with the Yule?

Steroids & Janet Jackson top MSNBC's 2004 scandals (NOT stolen election)

Have you ever paid Skittles to kick another DUer's ass?

If you had obvious contempt for seemingly all DUers...why post?

If you take a pumice stone to the soles of your feet a couple times a week

What's your favorite Kong stuffing?

Any DU members mating each other?

Has anyone ever heard of a band called the Queers?

Have you ever paid off other DUers to kick your threads?

I have Phantom Handle Syndrome.

If you have to ask, you'll never know!

The 1st thread I posted got over 100 comments!

Am i weird?

"good on you"

HEY! I never knew..

Your goofiest Christmas gift?


Hi haven't been here a few days, it's been a weekend and 1/2

DUers Premonitions

Have you ever paid off other DUers to kick your nads?

The DU it working right now?

I find it funny when....

James Wolcott on Dr. Phil's MTP appearance today....

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES -- Pilot on tonight 10 PM ET

Want to hear something weird?

Yee hah! I've added catfish to my tank tonight!

If you're making a DVD from your vhs-c presentation, and if you already

What would it take to get you to be a republican?

Damn You iTunes Playlist!

Why get pizza delivered, when you can have one right here on DU!

Mom decides 2004 is shittiest year in history.

Threads you would like to start, but are afraid they will be locked!

Heads up: is anyone interested in doing Memorial Day in Fayetteville?

Inventors!!! .... no, seriously

So you call in a pizza to be delivered, and the guy who takes your order

I miss Revolutionary_Acts04

An error occurred during processing.

Sumbitch.... I just finished a class project -- 81-freakingwonderful pages

Oh to hell with TV.

Congratulations antigone382!!!! OUT of the 700 Club!

Anybody else see Lemony Snicket yet?

The Daily Show is on right now

Just when you thought the Freepers couldn't get any stupider...

You know whats fun?!?!

For those who are just joining us.. - WORST XMAS GIFT EVER RECEIVED

Big McJimmyLou BouncyKleeb

Just saw the "Manchurian Candidate" based on reality...

Arabic music videos!

Do you remember the first thing you ever posted on DU?


Now that I'm fully under the power of...

last year I lost more than 75 pounds and it wasn't bad at all

Nobody's watching this stinkeroo Dolphins-Browns game?

6-8 inches, thanks Weather man, you jerk off!!

11-year-old brother + too much Xmas candy = Please kill me.

What are you NOT wearing right now?

Speaking of blind...Was Daredevil a dumb film?


I got my first Locked Thread!!! Yippee!

Did Bouncy Ball ever take pictures of her neighbors

I'm back, I'm back. I'm BACK!!!!!

I just went into the hot tub while it was snowing

Fess up: It's the end of the year "guilt be gone" thread

Strange XP issue

Aw, Crap!

The Roches

Anyone here wanna kiss my ass?

Hey, look at me, I want to feel important!

Fucking delivery guy

Okay, who posted that make-a-snowflake link, a few days ago?

Anyone ever wake up with your arm straight up in the air?

Christmas @ the right-wing fundy in-laws'. Aristus needs some love.

Knob Creek bourbon

OK, who's played Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets on PS2/GC?

Let's start a "Pompous Condescension and Self-Affirming Indignation" Group

I just built a website

Biblical scholars: Could you tell me which chapter of Revelation speaks

found copy of Lynne Cheney's "Sisters" — SO WHAT

Bailey's zero gravity bar commercial

I need a second job....any ideas?

Would you take a pre-inauguration gig?


Snow in Boston. Lots of It. And the Meterologists F*cked up again.

One of the BEST anti-war songs I've heard in a long ass time

What does this T-shirt mean?

Best Chappelle Skit:

Anyone awesome at web searching and feeling bored?

This just in: Grandma Neebob gives Bob Jr. the Factor for Kids

John Coltrane: one amazing talent!

It was 1944, and the young Phillip Glass was staying in New York with...

What's the worst gift you have ever gotten?

Newest articles at MOVELEFT.COM as of Dec. 26, 2004

LOST fans: Anyone think the characters are really dead and don't know it?

Sweet! I just got that awesome movie Bedazzled on DVD!

Anyone Know How to Remove a Chevy S10 Radio??

If you could go (back) to school to study anything what would it be?

I just had a panic attack.

Have you ever used a sockpuppet to kick your own thread?

Anyone see "Meet The Fockers"?

Is the fundies' God like Tinkerbell?

Reggie White, homophobe, now shoveling coal in hell. . .

I'm Glad Paul Hackett Isn't President Of The United States

Letter to the Editor

I think some people have gone slightly mad

interesting graffiti on boston train ...

Great Christmas gift from my left

What we must do to take our country back.

Romania got a revote as well (not just Ukraine). Challenger won.

2004 Nobel Peace Prize Winner Wangari Muta Maathai

Political blog

Don't change horses in mid-stream, huh?

Kay Cobb to replace Charles Pickering ....not good at all! Racism....

Is the DLC Pure Evil?

About Jan. 6th...

More on the saga of my RW Brother & his wife

4 Ways to Find Out What’s Really Happening in Iraq

How the Corporate Media will help the DLC in the next election

Fox: "Bush Spends Vacation Plotting Second Term"

Kerry fans -- did Kerry say he was attending the Inauguration?

VP Candidate Edwards last seen in Real Estate Office putting down $$$$$$$'

Bumper sticker sighting - God Bless W.

There IS a social Security Crisis!

The power struggle over Rumsfeld

The many ironies of the Novak affair (Plame)

The many ironies of the Novak affair

Merry Bleepin Christmas: Elaine Cassel packs it in

Nobody But Bush: The Media Calls Another Election(JAN 2004)

US election fraud scandal looms? (OLD article)

Christian ideals and Republican policies

Naomi Klein: Yes, you must pull out - but also pay for the damage

Leonard Pitts: We Believe What We Want - Facts Be Damned

Why Some Politicians Need Their Prisons to Stay Full

The Myth of National Victimhood

The Top 100 Rules of the New American Way of War

Latin America is no joke

Gingrich: As defense secretary, Rumsfeld is a success

History Will Show U.S. Lusted after Oil

Action Alert from J Jackson and the PDA !! Email these senators NOW!!

And in other news - top stories in 04, editors v. readers

Super Size Me

Why does media print GOP lie that there is a problem in Soc Security ??

Yerkes (Observatory) On the Block

Was the nation not ready? Did they have no juevos?

America A Rogue Nation At Buenos Aires Climate Talks

2 Women Lead Chile's Presidential Race

Ukranians: which guy offers social benefits, which guy cuts them?

There's a particularly vile disruptor in LBN tonight.

Isn't it time to release another batch of Hate Mail?

I would like to thank you for the "hide thread" feature.

thread deleted, no moderator message

"Just went into _____, it's scary in there"

Eyewitness Describes Gaza Shooting of British Student

First Jewish settlers agree Gaza move

Egyptian Columnist:: Develop Relations with Israel

The secret evil of 9/11

Imagining The Truth....

Ohio Visionary Sees Solution for Unhappy Democrats: More E-Voting...

Will electoral count be on C-SPAN today?

Hey, Ditech! Humor! To lodge election fraud issue in public mindset.

Everyone: The very second my Butt itches, I will post it


Focus Your Energy, And Make This Story Be True

Lawsuit Before Ohio Supreme Court

Will Pitt HELP URGENT!!!!!

Good morning, It's MONDAY!! .. WILL, Do you know what time the

Houston builder donated $9 million to Republicans in 2004 elections

Gary Beckwith on TV networks' refusal to release exit poll data

did anyone just hear Arnebeck on Hartmann's show?

Electronic Election Results Reporting (Doc on Diebold - interesting)

Reverend Jesse Jackson writes to PDA base

A Pact With The Devil Comes Due....

Powell talking Ukraine

Everyone: The very second I hear something, I will post it

Dec 12 Boston Election Protest Rally - Audio Download

New OBL tape: pre-emptive news diversion for the MSM?

OK you lawyers -- here's more from the Arnebeck suit

William Pitt is Furry Bastard still in tact?

New Mexico, youth vote

LA Times article today about christian women terrorists...

Must See Video - Ohio Election day tactics - {actual footage}

Does someone have the text of that MSNBC comment on the filing?

Formatted Media Addresses

Just got off the phone with a bunch of the people involved

The MSM ignores election fraud- should we contact the foreign press?

vigil in front of WH??? of Cheney's house....'get out of Edwards' house'??

Thom hartmann on AAR NOW!! 12/27

Peter B. Collins subbing in for Ed Shultz - talking about election

Everyone Sign the Revote Fla & Ohio Petition?

Hey, a picture of our Rev. and Mrs. Moss!!!! We need more like this...

Kaufman (TX) County Election Scandal

An Awesome Collection of Links about Fraud 2004!

Olberman dismisses Curtis....but had "Heads Up" from Kerry Lawyer

Atty Cliff Arnebeck will be on Thom Hartmann in an Hour

Jesse Jackson, my new hero.

Something about fraud in Pravda


Must See Video - Ohio Election day tactics - {corrected Link}

Sent this to representatives in Congress, Repukes all...

Time for KO

Action Alert: Email these Senators with one click NOW !!

Reuters: Iraq Rejects U.S. Talk of Adjusting Vote Result

We need the 2000 votes for minor party candidates by Florida counties

Florida had more touchscreen machine fraud than Ohio

Blackwell blocks precinct books viewing until AFTER Jan. 6th

Please vote on whether Congress should contest the election

Monday 12/27 Election/Fraud/Recount thread

A Modest Proposal

OK, update but with absolutely no new information...

Cancelledl NY TImes

Truthout report w/ link on the Kerry filing

"Another third-rate burglary" - by Richard Hayes Phillips, Ph.D.

Warren County Ohio DUer's

New Olbermann blog 12/27, with full text statement from Kerry lawyer

Analysis of Kerry/Edwards Motion to Intervene - SCAM-O-RAMA


Blackwell meets Rove: one scenario.

WBAI 99.5 NYC to cover MSM protest in NYC during 6pm news

Blackwell no like interviews

How well do you feel the New York Times has provided adequate news?

What was Hartman just saying about GWB wearing a defibulator

Dear Will Pitt and DU

Guy on CBS says: "Exit polls held up, Kerry would be Prez"

V-O-T-E-R-G-A-T-E Postcards for the WhiteHouse Cause We Care!

Small update for everyone who helped me compile resources for John Kerry

DU...we need information on Datamaxx

Part IIIa. To believe Bush won the election, you must also believe...

Cuyahoga Cty - 2000 Bush Tallies Used to Fake 2004 Tallies?

LA area DUers: Help me out here

Any ideas on how to boot Romney in 06?

Spellcheck is bailing on me.

An Open Letter to All Prospective Triad, Diebold, and ES&S Whistleblowers

Pennsylvania's big-city mayors have trouble with the law

Why Pat Toomey Lost

Inquirer: Casey Pressured to Run for Senate

Does anyone have "the journey to wild divine" game/biofeedback computer

Thanks to the DU, we're making change happen! You're the best!

Buying Blue this year

Are Rotarians ignorant?

Year in review remix by Hard Knock Radio

The Heathen Speak

I Just Got Nominated

FYI: links to earthquake monitoring sites

new Hannity advertisers Joint-ritis, Capital One

Jet Is an Open Secret in Terror War

New Terrorist Group Alert

Amazon polls on Crichton's book are getting FREEPED

To repeat a question posed by a Vietnamese in Harper's Mag,

Free Land in the Heart Land

Drug Pushing...


To Regressives: Did Clinton do Too Much OR Nothing against Al Qaeda?

Branson planned Mandela mission to prevent Iraq war

Very good news from Latin America.

Is the fundies' God like Tinkerbell?

Bush left in the cold by climate allies/ Undeniable Global Warming

Fear Dims Christmas Eve in Baghdad

Republicans on Air America Radio

Could'nt sleep last night.

Give Bush a brain (game)

Bush proposes "adjusting" Iraqi elections

"We broke it, we own it"?

Tsunamis and Bush: Evidence of an Amoral Universe Without Justice or Mercy

Iraq war comprimising US ability to deliver aid to tsunami victims?

For those of you that haven't yet

Scalia Talks Trash ... scary ...

"across the country, republican heads explode" (TMW)

Republicans - The only people who truly 'wag the dog'

Reasons for tsunami?

Bush left out in the Cold on Kyoto - Yes!

Iraq - Frog in the pot analogy

Melissa McDermott on CBS News

Republicans claim Iraq and Osama weren't worth it (during Clinton's term)

Why is TNT pushing the child tax credit?

Wow. C-span finally has programming on the tsunami.

When We fight among ourselves, it distracts from the REAL GOALS, 3 of them

Revealed: the UK's secret terrorism agency (The "Armageddon")

Help wanted ads asking for police officers for overseas missions

When We fight among ourselves, it distracts from the REAL GOALS, 2 of them

CNN: US has released $100,000 for Tsunami victims

The giant Sumatran earthquake of 1833

look out! smirk will be "thinking" all this wk at the faux ranch

Killing and What It Means To Be An American

Quick! Go to volcano cam! Mt. St. Helens just ejected a pyroclast!

Help tell those "Christian" ID -folks the truth...

Nicki, where are you ???!! She might be Phuket..................

Just spoke with my friends in Sri Lanka....

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg on radio now

Global Warming, Pollution Add to Coastal Threats

Remember, the rest of the world is on our side...

Fedlog: There's a scam artist born every minute and TSA pat downs

Bush's Christmas message and present, to be unwrapped by the fire

USA Today: "Scary Scenerio: FLU PANDEMIC (12/22/04)

AOL charge on Aiding/Abetting Securities fraud - prosecution deferred 2yrs

Where is the Video Story on CNN.Com

Costas-Gravas movie "Amen"

Not Enough Religion...How morality affects Religion

Let me get Americare straight....

smirk said: "democratic countries do not wage aggressive wars."

So... Should U.S. Insurance Companies have to pay off

Intriguing Eyewitness Report from Phuket, Thailand

What does this slogan mean? NO BEER FOR OIL

So, What would it take to file anti-trust action against Wal-Mart?

Links Needed

racist David Dreier opend his mouth - where's the super glue?

Thom Hartmann filling in for Randi Rhodes today

15 million dollars????

Oil-for-Food "Scandal": How the Neo-Cons Hyped a Non-Story

I voted for Moral Values

More levity to relieve the sadness today. Ben Sargent cartoon

Pre-caution I use when I fly....

Iraqi insurgency says Bush's reelection boosts their cause

Anybody ever heard of Donnie Fowler?

To inject a bit of levity. Cartoon about Rummy from Non Sequitur

How was Control Room?

My Inusurance Just went up 9.1 percent.

You should hear what Thom Harmann is saying about Scalia and Thomas!

Drug companies issue Michael Moore Warning / Poll

More 1st person acct. from Phuket, Thailand

Just read TIME magazine - turns out we have * & his brain all wrong

Most Underreported Stories of 2004

College Republicans sharpen their marketing skills preying on the elderly

Interactive Iraq map project

Drug Warning: Stay Away from Michael Moore!

Like the Democrats of the 1970's, todays Republicans are out of touch.

We're all sitting around waiting for someone else to do something

I love DU!

I just donated to the IFRC

Ukraine minister of transportation found dead

Videos of the Quake waves from Sri Lanka and Phatong.

Greetings to all new Hare Krsna DU'ers

Greetings to all new Christian DUers!

Greetings to all new atheist DUers!

Big Business Lied To Voters, Says FTCR

Just saw anti-abortion ad on CNN (equates abortion to missing children)

Complaining to the FCC versus Media corporations - more effective ?

I thought Bremer changed the Iraq flag last year? What happened?

This was on my Netscape home page as Breaking News.

Holy Ghoul Batman, It's sounds like bull to me

Is Saddam Hussein legally able to run for office?

Today's NYT pullout YEAR IN PIX - plenty of Iraq - not one NYC RNC protest

I'm intolerant of intolerance...

Is "family" another word for "hate"?

Whole Island of Sumatra Moved 100 feet

* ponying up a big 100k

Joseph Farah Predicts Second Coming Based On Earth Being 6,000 Years Old

LA Times article today about christian women terrorists...

Glad Christmas is over so it stops being attacked.........

Just a dumb question

OK, the unmentionable: What does earthquake mean to CA-west coast?

Well, has any of our press picked up on Rummy's statement about PA

what will kill us first?

**Oxfam Asian Earthquake Emergency Response: (donate)

Why did Clinton keep up the bombing of Iraq after the first Gulf War had

The left are condescending

Possibility of a tsunami in the Atlantic basin...

Very small asteroid passed closer than some satellites

Truthout eyewitness report of the Asian tsunami

Even in my conservative suburbs, I am still seeing Kerry/Edwards stickers.

Sir Arthur C. Clarke

new Hannity advertisers Welch's, Progressive Insurance, Selsun Blue, more

Chance of Ateroid impact now at 1-37, up from 1-300

Orthodox priests 'selling prayers', claims Russia's Patriarch Alexey

What's worse, a natural disaster killing 21,000 or an avoidable attack

Steinbeck's Hometown to Close Libraries

George Carlin on the Gulf War

GPS at work - a way to make sure employees are doing their job

"We bought it, we own it"?

Best organization to use for tsunami contributions?

I think there should be a chnage in SS

Rumsfeld's October 12, 2001 Slip About Missile Hitting the Pentagon

Who would you rather have running Ukraine?

NYT: xmas bush1 pardons for Iran Contra and other CRIMES (PHOTO)

NEVER FEAR! Bush "monitoring" earthquake from his "ranch"

I guess that Bush orchestrated coup attempt wasn't a good move after all

1888? "Corporations are fast becoming the people's masters"

A majority of quakes could be manmade

"Why did the Almighty take my daughter away?"

Tsunami Caught On Camera In Thailand

Have you met anyone who has voted for W?

Ukraine, Yushchenko, his wife (Bush employee), the US and Soros

WTF!? "All the planet is vibrating."

For pessimists only

Lumber on Mars? Can anyone explain this JPL photo?

Is the benign neglect of religion the way toward a more civilized society?

How to Donate to Tsunami Victims?

Do we want the dollar to sink like it is sinking right now?

List of agencies helping quake/tsunami victims

Anybody here make bigos (Polish Hunter's Stew)?

A final "Thank You" to all who offered Beef Wellington advice

Best uses for leftover roast beef?

Canadians gather aid for Asian quake victims

Bush left in the cold by climate allies

Latin America is no joke

Militants Say They Taped Mosul Blast

Iraq's Top Sunni Party Withdraws from Jan Vote

Suicide Bomber Kills 9, Wounds 39 in Iraq (Mon.)

Iraqi top general to Bush: My troops didn't run

Former French hostage: Iraqi militants wanted Bush re-elected

U.S. Soldier Killed by Roadside Bomb in Iraq

Bloomberg.............Indonesian Earthquake, Waves Kill 14,000 Across

Blair quizzed over holiday at home of tobacco chief

American Actor Aude Freed from Pakistani Prison

Bookies list 'Blair to go' odds

Jordan acquits 'terror plotters'

Iraqi Kurds petition UN for independence poll

Sunni party boycotts Iraq polls

They Won't Stand on Common Ground -LAT (CWA)

Iraqi National Guards abducted, officer says

Gingrich: As defense secretary, Rumsfeld is a success

Rumsfeld's slip of the tongue: OMFG.

Fewer foster-care youths await adoption

Bush Spending Last Week of 2004 in Texas

Rome discovers a new breed of tourist

China hit by Earthquakes

Rebels blow up Iraq pipeline

Conn. Governor to Undergo Mastectomy

Israelis hold candidate Barghouti

Yahoo Goes Racist: "Asia Officials Failed to Issue Warnings" (Tsunami)

George Carlin entering Drug Rehab !!

Intelligence Agencies Face Staff Shortage


Steinbeck's Hometown to Close Libraries

Tidal Waves Kill 23,700 in Nine Countries

Bush Plan Could Imperil Tax Write-Off for New York

Lesbian Minister to Challenge Defrocking

Blair ally in African coup plot (latest update)

At Least 23,000 Die in Tsunami

New GOP Senators May Back Filibuster Limits

Two moderate earthquakes rock Philippines

Five shot dead in Iraq

Cuba reaches goal of 2million tourists in '04

Gay Marriage Amendment Not Coming Soon

Kurd families flee murder wave in north Iraq town

Ukrainian Transport Minister Found Dead

Rumsfeld Says PA 9/11 Plane Shot Down

Poll shows troops in support of war

Russia and China to Hold Joint Maneuvers

US Marine shot by police after killing transsexual prostitute

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday 27 December

BOOMER BUST | Now they're changing how America retires

Mortuary Unit in Iraq Trying on Marines

Martin pledges $1 million for tsunami victims

Yanukovych Vows Challenge in Ukraine

Jazeera TV: Bin Laden Tape Backs Zarqawi in Iraq

U.S. Pledges Initial $15M for Asia

Two U.S. soldiers killed by roadside bombs in Iraq

Injured Valley Soldier Critical of War in Iraq ("just put Saddam back")

Forgotten locomotive, the pride and joy of Perón's Argentina, found by UK

FDA OKs Ecstasy Study in Cancer Patients

US comedian George Carlin in rehab after "too much wine and Vicodin"

Adoption activists protest Fox show

US Says Militants Lurk in Horn of Africa

Powell Hails Ukraine Election

Wash. governor's race: GOP mulls next step, demands voter list

Catholic Church Launches Two Pronged Attack On Gay-Marriage

Pentagon Channel targets troops

NYT: Argentine Leader's Quirks Attract Criticism

Asia Officials Failed to Issue Warnings

To Treat Autism, Parents Take a Leap of Faith

Newsmaker of the year: Riggs Bank

Bush Monitors Earthquake Damage From Ranch

California Domestic Partner Law Effective Jan. 1

New GOP Senators May Back Filibuster Limits

If you post a response in this thread I will punch you in the dick

soft or crunchy cookies?

Sirius Owners...What Are Your Favorite Music Channels?

All These Reggie White Threads Today Made Me Realize Something

I Wanna Be Much More Like You

Any other horror movie fans out there? Here's what I got for XMAS....

I'm watching COPS on Court TV

What if your sockpuppet took over?

Meet the Press fans: anyone think the hosts are dead and don't know it?

Unhappy holidays

If you have high cholesterol and/or blocked arteries

Any DU members dating themselves?

Dammit. So I got all this plutonium for Christmas, but no core...

Hit Television Shows...Who's Success Surprised You?

I came here to chew bubblegum and kick ass......

anyone else . . .

What movie do you think reflects the feeling of the present?

My God, 13,000+ died today and america just blinks

anyone rest their arm on top of their head?


"Come to the monkey island for a fine meat tenderizing"

Did you give any gifts that went over like a lead balloon?

Who here bawls, and what's their average?

Nightowl DU'ers - check in

Would the US invade Canada to take away our post-X-mas boxes?

What Snow on Long Island?

Coming to a Grocery Store near you soon: Self-heating Coffee

What do you do when there's a REALLY obvious disruptor

Poor Bear!

Gotta get ready for work but had to stop and say that today may be one

Casino That Bought Cheese Sandwhich and Cane Buys Naughty Kids' Gifts

I've hit my 500th post.......I think I should go to bed........n/t

Bill Murray didn't mind wearing Speedo

Did you get gift cards you can't use? Check this out....

OK. Ignore me; message me. I will start a thread calling you a "weenie."

It's my 200th post! Ask me anything!

Mexican doctor amputates wrong foot

Government rant...

I overate last night and have been sick at my desk this am!

What do you find worse when watching a DVD?

A tsunami is a giant, watery explosion

A post about buying a town got me thinking...

G*D Damn SNOW!

I saw the STUPIDEST bumper sticker yesterday!!!!!

For $1.5 Million You Can Buy Your Own TOWN! - It Even Includes A Brothel!!

Do any re-gifting this year? Confession is good for the soul.

OK this is going to be good IMHO = War of the Worlds

OK. It's 39 degrees in St Pete FL and I'm damn cold.

Question about setting up a charity: 501 (c)(3) status

Give a man a match, or set him on fire

Have you seen Little Nicky, the cloned cat?

Optimist of the year

Ugh. PC ran all night just fine, froze on me this morning with a constant

ACCEPT IT: The Muppets are the greatest artistic creation of our time!

Joke of the Day

What's up with Buzzflash?

Deleted post

photographers: Do you enhance or not?

The true mark of a childless couple: we haven't opened our presents yet

Mount Doom, The Yellowstone Supervolcano

Have you seen Little Nicky, the horrible Adam Sandler "film"?

What is the best translation of the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu?

What does the Mark of the Beast look like? (Idea for tattoo)

Hung For The Holidays!! How Did I Miss This??

Online Casino Buys Naughty Kids' Gifts

What does THIS shirt mean?


Mr B wants to move!!! I don't want too!!

24. Who thinks Nina Myers is really dead?

I know Christmas is over...

I am watching the bond marathon...

It's been a long December and there's reason to believe...

Do you ever do a search of your screen name

Happy Belated Boxing Day! - a question.

Who invented the term 'algorithm' and why?

Pennsylvania Town Dropping Processed Meat (Giant Bologna) For New Years

tech help needed

Actual summaries of best-selling novels.


Anyone know anything about FCC requiring sub-basic cable packages?

I fought the law and the law won.

I thought the law and I won?

Ok, so I got a gift certificate to Best Buy. What CDs to get?

I fought the law and I won.

****Happy Birthday John Amos*******

Somebody talk to me

The "All I Want(ed) For Christmas" CAPTION

The "Family Values Balancing Act" CAPTION

****Happy Birthday John Stamos****


I Just Got A Root Canal-Ask Me Anything...

What Movie/TV Show Is This Line From?

Google Zeitgeist: Top searches of 2004

The illiterate media on "Is bacteria behind your heartburn?"

Just had a nice left-wing DVD spooge (The Hunting of the President, etc.)

Anyone seen the movie version of The Phantom of the Opera?

Moving up my "all time best" list, "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind"

I'm leaving for New Orleans in an hour!!!

Just found out an attorney I've used (a relig. jew), will not read the NYT

Should I be worried that my transparant acrylic paint smells just like

Need cat advice!

I'm trying to get up to 1,000 posts, ask me anything...

Faster, Pussycat! Links! Links!

fat is the new Satan

And now. your moment of Zen.

Beach songs

Pick a Roommate In Hell for Reggie White

I fought the paw

Who Would Have Thought - The Movie 'Dodgeball' Was Funny As Hell

Team seeks to make endoscopy pleasurable

I did something HORRIBLE over Christmas weekend and it's eating me up.

Isis and her Uterus are soon to be parted....(kitty pic now included)

****** ATTENTION!!!!!!!!!! ***********

I think I just spoke to the most worthless person on the planet

I fought the lawn.

Who's tried googlewhacking?

OK. Random thought - who here bowls, and what's your average?

And now. your moment of Zod.

Okay, I need some advice. UNCLE!!!

I just found this rare, collectable CD...

What would cause your legs to become swollen and hot?

Winter display leaves neighbors cold

How Many Miles Does Your Significant Other Have?

The house of sand and fog

Post fun Christmas pics here!

Jesus the Vancouver Police can't even not kill people at christmas

And now, your moment of Jen

And now, your moment of Zen

And now, your moment of Gin.

I lost a rare collectable CD, ask me anything.

And now, your moment of Len

I'm asking for relationship advice on DU! Should I...

New satellite radio owners check in!

And now, your moment of Ben

Comments that make you end a conversation with someone....

Where is our big election story we're supposed to have today???

Vince Neil's face lift-see it on VH1!

The White House welcomes you to "a Season of Merriment and Melody"

Hey everyone have a good holiday?

Lance Armstrong named male athlete of the year

And now, your moment of Ken

And now, your moment of Wren

I bought some cat litter from Osco's!

And now, your moment of Zep

And now, your moment of Zed

George Carlin entering Drug Rehab !!

Somebody here is being excessively weird...

So, like...yeah.

And now, your moment of Ben

Why does Thom Hartmann drop his voice or go to a gravely pitch.

William Pitt is Furry Bastard still in tact?

Matcom News == Deer Breaks Into Store, Visits Bathroom

Anyone else notice the latest hypocrisy from Fox?

Tomorrow, Mary Ann in color: "Gilligan's Island Season 2" DVD in stores

In which we discover, that tv's "great" Lost, to be honest, sucks.

Why does this picture make me think of something that is

Upset Lost Fans. Feel Free to hack and shred *MY* writing

Movie Trivia. (Name the movie these lyrics are from)

Pick my evening plans

Drink Coke Play Again

It's been a sad Christmas.

T-shirt from my brother-in-law for Christmas

My Do-It-Yourself Project For Today (w/pictures)

John Hurt is one great actor...

A legal question on rights to old media?

I self-checked out my groceries today..

I know what I'm doing for winter break....

One of my coworkers was in Sri Lanka.

One day I'm just gonna SNAP

Conjecture about "Chronicles of Riddick"


Gratuitous snuggly kitty pictures!

I don't know why I have such a block about returning library books.

Greetings to all new Hare Krsna DU'ers

What is it with men and dresses in these days of business casual?

"SIDEWAYS" I saw the most perfect movie Saturday and again yesterday.

What should we have for dinner?

Why is everything blurry?

Grammar Question

will I get my 1000.....????!!!!!!

Praise someone you know in this thread. Talk about how wonderful they are

Which do you hate more?

I spend time with a hot DUer. Should I reveal her user ID and/or name?

Remember folks, ZombyWoof Loves You

Anyone with AOL saddened at the Welcome Page?

Hybrid car question. Which one should I buy? Anyone own a Prius?

Buy Blue

Over and under on whether or not they'll find coke or steroids in Reggie?

What is a good price for tires for a car?

Has anyone seen "The Aviator" yet?

A few pics of bushbots in my neighborhood, if you dare to look

How do you print your digital photos?

Famous Last Words

I just want to say I don't care how any of you choose to live.

What Do The Following Celebrities Have In Common?

If I were someone's sock-puppet, whose would I be?

I think I lost my wallet.....

I'm still getting Christmas cards, and some of them

2004: Your Year In Review

Cheesiest Song of ALL TIME:

Assuming we reincarnate, who/what/where were you in a previous life?

How many miles does your car have on it?

Am I getting old when I have a conversation with my boss

What is your favorite Cookie?

You're so Vain

Give a man a fish, or teach him to fish?

Songs with both male and female lead singers.

OK. Be honest! Do you have me on Ignore??

the gal i'm falling in love allready is in a relationship.

I love Jeff Lynne and ELO... That's all I'm sayin'

Sirius or XM?

I'm using Firefox & I can't log onto DU...

Best Line From a Movie

What celebrity do I resemble most?

I propose a new smilie

Bill Hicks Fans: DVD now available in US

I love DU!

I'm now taking nominations for the best song by JIMI HENDRIX


Retail sales much lower than expected and I blame all of YOU!!!

My mother thinks its worse to have a Fat daughter than one

My sister got engaged on Christmas Eve

What are your plans for New Years Eve?

Okay it's official, my husband is an a**hole! - Warning long rant!

Anyone else read "He's Just Not That Into You"?

Hey RandomKoolzip and I were quoted in a Christian Blog - cool!

Who can (re)explain public key encryption for me?

CONFESSION TIME: Post the dumbest thing you've ever did and told noone..

These guys rock

Greetings to all new atheist DUers!

I propose DU's Grovelbot as DNC Chair!

So, I got a wine-making set-up for Christmas.

What does the expression "feet of clay" mean?

Bud's pecker bumps, need some help...


Maybe I'm too soft. This is about HATE. (Re-post -- explanation within.)

I just want to thank all my friends on DU

Best Power Pop songs, suggestions?

How do you handle non-veg gifts?

My Jesus Coming Back Scenario

Greetings to all new Christian DUers!

The Poet and the Madman

Question for Atheists and Pagans

More then one manifestation of "God the Son"...

Something forgotten in the "Doctors Leaving state X" issue of the

Personal healthcare accounts?

Arthur's Seat arrow pinpoints Bronze Age living

Tentative Agreement In LA Gay Cop Bias Suits

Anti-Gay Bullying Denounced In Christmas Sermon

Gay Marriage Remains Thorny Issue For Canadian Politicians

School Says Gay Student Sexually Harassed Others

The DU flap about Reggie White's death

Jets Silenced; Patriots Handle Business

A Big Thanks To The Houston Texans!

Holmgren saves job

Canada Laying the boots to Sweden 5-1 in the second at the WJHC


Ok, so my dog's "special Christmas toy"

Pets with diabetes

Introducing the new kitten to the old cat.

Anyone else have (or had) Ferrets?

Nancy, Kerry filing today

A little taste of Esoteric Astrology (Alice Bailey)

John Kerry - Talks About Discrimination, Equal Rights, and Civil Rights

John Kerry - Speaks Out About "YouthBuild and AmeriCorps"

John Kerry - 2004 Democratic National Convention (Part 2 of 3)

John Kerry - 2004 Democratic National Convention (Part 3 of 3)

John Kerry - 2004 Democratic National Convention (Part 1 of 3)

I was at, the site that tells celebs politcal donations

Does your family think you are nuts?

digital camera resources

Can you imagine if..

Is the DNC facing a real purging???


Pondering the state of the Democratic party

GWBush Parody Alert: Comedy Central Now

PHOTOS Show George W. Bush Seriously Ill Physically

Evidence Mounts: Rumsfeld capable of signing own signature. lol

Add RTV (Russian Dish TV) to the RW media brigade....

Tsunami Waves Kill Over 20,900 in Asia

C-span ,are you watching election coverage now with this guy named

Class warfare is endorsed by GOP/media when its rich screwing middle class

Use of "official time" for union activities drops

Unlicensed lawyer worked on USDA bias claims

Kinda late, but where do we stand on the guest worker initiative?

Aren't we all forgetting something here???

Just when you thought CNN was reporting on the election fraud...

I propose DU's Grovelbot as DNC Chair!


Rumsfeld cannot be fired because....

I find this funny coming from a Republican

Action Alert: Email these Senators about Vote Fraud NOW !!!

Which high profile Dems openly support gay marriage?

Rumsfeld's strange Christmas Eve statement...

If you had the ear of the Dem Leadership: what would you ask or tell them?

Is GWB Attempting to "Fix" the Iraqi Election ?

Its the 27th!! Houston, are u still there?

GOP magazine blasts "vulgarized neoconservatism"

Dean says usual pendulum swing may not happen easily this time.

Bumper Sticker: Bush / Orwell '04 Ignorance Is Strength

The Al Gore Support Center Endorses Donnie Fowler For DNC Chair supports Dean for DNC Chair

Smacked up side the head by a Republican!

So...Where's the Emerging Majority?

the GOP understands (and manipulates) the national mythology

You don't wanna pay higher taxes? Then YOU'RE unpatriotic, not us

Sharpton vs. Novak on Crossfire, 3:30pmCT, CNN nt

McLaughlin (of TV's McL Group) turns against Bush

Why is George. W. Blush so red in the face?

"The Emerging European Influence" powerful, true Dean column today.

If you could ask a conservative one question,