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Archives: December 28, 2004

Illegal Immigration's Destruction Of the Middle Class

The Best Defense Is a Good Offense (Anthony H. Cordesman)

Dining with Rhinoceros (Ionescu's play for today's Murika)

Unprecedented Joint Russia-China Military Maneuvers

M$ Windows XP Professional Bugging Device?


CD rates fail to rise yet the Fed has interest rates up to 2.25%

Did North Korea Cheat?

Hostage shoots captor

Can this be pinned?

Israel Frees 159 Prisoners in a Gesture of Good Will

Who’s Afraid of Tariq Ramadan?

Shalom slams Abbas' stances, compares them to Arafat

Gazan launches Web site

Think Again: Middle East Democracy


KO will talk about Kerry/Edwards...

will this article help things any ? It's from 2003 but it looks...

Stopped counting at 11 threads concerning K/E and KO n/t

McTigue filed the motion. Hoffheimer made the comments.

I don't understand the publicity factor in all of this....

Eloriel/Delaware County???

Is Kerry on the voters' side or Bush's

If Kerry releases a "clear" message.........

Help - Seeking Ohio exit polls & Triad tech admission

New KO Blog at 7:45 PM

deleted - sorry guys

I am going to take a break for a day or two.

The Kerry-Edwards attorneys DID NOT FILE A LAWSUIT TODAY!!!

Just get the Triad tech in a sworn deposition testimony, and I'll be happy

WTF! I just watched Oberman! Disappointed in the Kerry Legal Statement

Clearly No Fraud: 3,100 Perry County Voters Registered on 11/8/77

What Are They Hiding, And Why?

KO/Fineman Analysis: We're F*cked

Where is the blaster to all Congressman to join this legitimacy party?

For those who expect immediate results on election fraud READ THIS

It's almost as if Kerry/Edwards is saying...

Call for Exit Poll Data

Just ONE question on today's events and this board - that's all

Daily Vigil at Kerry's House starts tomorrow 12/28......

Unusual Link.... on Keith Olbermann's Latest Blog Entry

Hmm. Exit polls right in Venezuela and wrong in U.S.?

Video Clip - Countdown for Monday 12/27

Listen to the Recount Ohio Team's Radio Ad

Clearly No Fraud: After 100% Precincts Reported, 18,615 more votes!

I hear there are some depositions being taken on Wednesday re: Ohio

"Blackwell Requests Exception to Investigative Rule,"

Kerry only needs judge's approval for expedition, not yours! ---->

We are the voice, we are the pulse,

I don't like "conspiracy theorists"- how about "lunatic fringe"?

Hey!!! Somebody called a meeting of the DUDQ and didn't tell me!!!

Anyone know the link to Orange Co. Florida thread of couple of days ago

ABC picks it up!!!: Ohio Official Refuses this the story?

Woo! Almost time for COUNTDOWN!

The lawyer on KO is NOT the lawyer who filed the motions today


NOW I SOUND SCHIZO, BUT DO NOT GIVE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Self-Inflicted Gag Order or What's Blackwell Got to Hide?

I need info on the Triad family

Kerry's lawyer was being truthful when he said no fraud. Right.

Arnebeck suit NOT THE SAME as the Green/Lib/Kerry suit

Alternate theory on the 'other' lawyer on KO tonight

Kerry's flip-flopping lawyer..........WTF?

This will get your hackles up...

If Senator Harry Reid steps forward as the one Senator ...I will eat

I predict dems lose 20% of base to new party...

Did you know Olbermann is being "Watched"?

Going out on a limb here... but I heard good news on Countdown tonight...

William Pitt & others please explain Kerry Lawyer Statement on KO...

YAWCOO - Yet Another Warren County Oddity Observed

Sometimes people here have a lot of hate and disgust for average Americans

Clearly No Fraud: Where did Cobb's 40,000+ votes GO?


Why do you guys watch KO? or MSNBC, for that matter?

Can we stop a Fascist Revolution in America?

George Bush! I CHALLENGE You to Donate Your $40MM in Inaugural Funds

What the fuck is going on in here?

So where is Dennis Kucinich?

Olberman SUCKS!! He Just tried to Kill us OFF! He won't succeed!

New Media Comm. - Have we looked into these guys yet?

BRAD BLOG: 'Bloggermann' Keeps Shoveling...

Call for DOS scripting expert to fight fraud

eFax Senators to Demand They Investigate the Election Fraud

Alaska Recount Problems

LOL WTF! Look what I just got in an email from someone at FreeRepublic


Rep Steve King responds (finally) ie; the Delay vote

Ugly chic or just ugly ?

Has anyone seen Soldier-taken photos of Iraq

Christian Reconstructionism: Theocratic Dominionism Gains Influence

Some 50 million poor displaced by India's dams in the last 50 or

the "terrorist insurgency" | fighting the election or the occupation?

Countdown on MSNBC...

It just hit me watching Countdown. Bush is to politics as

An increasing trend:From middle class to food stamps

Just saw "The Aviator" what did you guys think?

Hands to Southeast Asia

WESLEY CLARK on Hannity and Colmes in a FEW MINUTES! (12/27/04)

You know people, earthquakes happened before Bush stole the 2000 election

Inauguration Day Schedule

More from the Mars junkyard (new Opportunity pics)

Melting Ice-Caps Should Create World-Wide Earthquakes-

A reminder: 31,000 died in the Iranian earthquake a year ago yesterday.

Sometimes I just have to listen to Lionel

What are you doing for the SouthEast Asia Victims

has left, DU, etc been 'had'?...Ukraine exit polls 'good', now-->US backs

BBC World covering bio-diesel.

i'm bored,

Monday BEST of MALLOY Thread ALL Truthseekers welcome

A Couple Of Tsunami Questions, If I May !!!

The First Drunk's Inagural Ball Gowns....

Saw a bush voting neighbor in the grocery store line today

How it all Began (humor)

This president will surely rot in hell



Please rate this story on Yahoo. (Blackwell) Top 10 Most Moronic Stories of 2004

Photos show George Bush seriously ill?

Martha Stewart's Christmas Message (would Ken Lay say anything like this?)

The " I Hate Walmart " T-shirts back in stock


The American Dream your tax dollars at work...

How much longer will the right refer to the "liberal media?"

Dereuglation of that's what we wanted?

Occupation Watch - December 27

Melting Ice-Caps Should Create World-Wide Earthquakes

Which future is better for Ukraine?

Which of these groups is most dangerous to the religious right?

How does one return home when one is cast out, literally, naked after a

I take it personally when Republicans attack my Family

who owns a "mezzaluna" or "ulu" blade/board combo?

FARC (Columbia) seeks UN help in peace bid

USDA Probes U. of Nev. Animal Treatment

Israel Frees 159 Prisoners in a Gesture of Good Will

US$3 billion Sino-Venezuelan trade boost to reduce United States' strangle

Explosives Suspect Has Guantanamo Review

NYT: One-Third of the Dead Said to Be Children

US, British holding 10,000 prisoners in Iraq

U.N. Probe Points to Iraq's Oil-Smuggling

Ukranian Transport Minister Shot Dead

Putin Sets Up New Governor Voting System (w/warning about US presence)

Iraq's Shiite leaders disagree on whether new government should be religio

Mosul attack 'an inside job'

NYT: Pentagon Is Pressing to Bypass Environmental Laws for War Games and A

Officer released from brig for 'scrounging' (6 Months in Brig)

WP: Gonzales's Journey: From the Stands to the Heights

Tsunami Caught On Camera In Thailand

Chavez Predicts $3B in China Trade

WP: President Cautious In Issuing Pardons

CIA resists request for abuse data

Supermarket Giants Crush Central American Farmers: NYT

Ousted Fannie Mae Chairman Awaits Pension ( $114,000 a Month for Life)

WP: Sunni Party Pulls Out of Iraq Vote As Doubts Grow

2004 MN4 asteroid risk eliminated

Dollar Falls to New Low Vs Euro

Next Ten Commandments Battle Brewing

Ohio Official (Blackwell) Refuses Interview Over Vote

No Future for Textiles in 'City of Looms'

Hunt Is on for Dramatic Tsunami Pictures


I saw "Phantom Of The Opera" on Christmas Day. Have you seen this film?

Which DUer should be voted off the island?

The Mars Volta - Anyone heard of them?

I've got a Naughty Liver!

oh my God...the WWF is getting worse....

What do you think about the tsunami?

Battle of the three letter acronym bands.

Ugly chic or just ugly ?

What celebrity should I have for dinner?

Favourite Christmas Commercial?

The "slow" part of your life is over when:

My wild kitty has gone missing...

The worst part of graduating, or leaving, college is:

Well golly gee whizz, it's 13 Friday 2029!

What gifts do you WISH you got for Christmas?

What is the universe?

Should the broken records of steroid user players stand?

Ack! I'm not that blind (yet)! How do I get rid of

At birth, a Dalmatian is always pure white

For the first time, Skittles just threatened to kick my ass!!!

Hilarious flub on "ABC News Now"

Everyone who said a prayer for my Dad yesterday.....

What video game are you best/worst at?

Dreaming baby

LASIK surgery veterans: Thumbs up or down on your experience?

Artists, I need a funny anti-fox graphic (anti O'Reilly OK) for article..

Christmas is over, can we STOP with the Christmas commercials?!

Do you know any kids who act like brats at Christmas?

The twelve hours of "Dark Star" thread....

William Flugly is one hung bastard - flame away!

I've seen a lot of posts about Reggie White, re: homosexuality

Is this true?

Wes Clark up after the break (now) with Colmes ....supposedly

What do you like best about Christmas being over?

Say a prayer, cross your fingers, toes or dance

Now I know how Bush became President

"Dark Skies" fans-do you think Cheney, Wolfowitz and Rumsfeld are

New Years resolutions

When does a cat/kitten normally enter her first heat?

How should I spend my pathetic New Year's Eve?

Any accountants out there? If you CHARGE a medical bill

I've got a Bad Liver!

I gots me a chestful of loving Eclectus.

The FreeperDetector wants YOUR job approval rating for President Bush

Anyone use to watch the horror/soap "Dark Shadows" w/ Barnabas Collins?

Simpsons Dialogue Trivia!

Choose my poison

Greetings to all new Christian DUers!

How old were your dogs/cats when they died?

Anyone Recall Fletcher's Castoria?

I feel like getting tipsy...

Book person, movie person, or music person?

Who you tryin' to get crazy with ese?

Waking the Dead fans

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

I changed my avatar!

You'd think I'd have earned a toaster by now...

Freakin' Spyware!!

William Hung is one fugly bastard.....flame away

Anybody like to get drunk (or high)

Whoever invented boxers with buttons in the front is a GOD DAMNED IDIOT!

I thought I wouldn't DU during my Xmas vacation, but...

I want my Marmoset!

Freeper archetype spotted.

What is your favorite disease right now?


Ok, Bi-polar people: Im on a mood swing and Ive been up 35 straight hours

Celebrate life (mine being 35 years + 7 years experience) with me,...

LADIES: If it would magically restore America's democracy...

Now is the time for all the hard work

What the heck is wrong with my cats?

Does anyone feel sorry for Lindsey Lohan?

Wish me luck, tomorrow is my EEG...

Country/alt country/singer-songwriter- fans...check out this site....


I am eating leftover goose. The wing is the size of a brontosaurus rib

Uh, Oh.

Aviator or Life Aquatic

Dennis Miller Now Spokesman for NetZero

Anyone recall Vick's vapor rub?

What can I make with a Toaster Oven?

Do you think the human species were meant to hibernate?

How old were you when people you knew, peers or friends, started to die?

How many here like music artists of the opposite sex more?

Does anyone interpret dreams

Lombardi would have been ashamed of Reggie White

I need moving advice, please.


More Freeper Values

anyone have a link to a free version of Photoshop?

I feel like utter shit

GW was walking by a young lady selling puppies. He asked

The Wheels On The Bus Go

I took Doan's PM on an empty stomach...ask me anything!

Favorite Ali G skit?

I just gave three cats a bath, ask me anything! n/t

If you could eliminate one holiday, what would it be?

What was the sexiest movie ever?

Post your final Favorite Albums of 2004 lists

DU kitten experts, HELP!

If you get into a 20 or under Express line at the Grocery store....

Okay, forget about me. What celebrity do you resemble most?

What movie is extremely overrated, in your opinion?

What movie is extremely underrated, in your opinion?

Saw a bush voting neighbor in the grocery store line today

Seen the new King Arthur? Your favorite Camelot/Merlin/Arthur flick?

Group proposal: Liberal Christian Strategy Forum and Support

Predictions for 2005

Earthquake-Tsunami Heartbreak Puts Our Lives In Perspective

The Creepiest Doctor poll

Christian Reconstructionism: Theocratic Dominionism Gains Influence

The Tsunami, God, and the Problem of Suffering

Is there more SIDS at Christmas-time?

Vince Carter - 23 Points, 5 Assists In Debut For Nets

Kitten experts, please help!

John Kerry -Kilvert & Forbes (Kerry's Small Business And Lessons Learned)

For AngryDemocrat - A Genuine Nice Globe story

Iraq Insurgency; Sunni-Shia-Islamist Jihad

No more lives wasted being 'PC' (in my local paper)

Artists, I need a funny anti-fox graphic (anti O'Reilly OK) for article..

Has anyone seen Soldier photographs from Iraq

Hyperbole aside, what is the current state of State/Church Separation?

Chimp "monitors" earthquake damage from TX -- drafts script?

U.S. is smallest contributor of economic foreign aid

Clueless Assumption: Why isn't Kerry doing anything about Ohio voting?

Any one see Ron Reagan on hardball dismantling monica crowley

Did Kerry lead the GLIB'S Out on a Tree Limb and then Cut It Off?

From now on we are "progressives".

The Freepers get upset about the use of Eminent Domain

QUESTION: How did CLINTON do so well in the "RED STATES" ???

Just another day - Just another photo op

Plan for Social Security -familiar Bush strategy -Dem rejection needed now

Deals, but no debate, in Congress

Some quotes from 2004...Some great ones re: Fox News

Stop the Hate: Islamo-Fascism's Battle Against Moderate Muslims

Tank girls: the frontline feminists

NYT: The Cabinet of Incuriosities

A Matter of Justice and Honor

Dirty Diversity: * Minority Appointees (used) as tools of . . . power

Arianna Huffington: Will the GOP nuke the Constitution?

Polygamy? It makes good tax sense

Congress has stiffed earthquake detection program

What is a good volunteer administration program?

Have a quick one to share and ask... re free speech issue.

Why do online newspapers require logins?

Roadless Rule may be in peril

Lobstermen Sue Over Possible Link Between Malathion, Lobster Die-Off

Tsunami Effects Threaten Maldive Islands - Some Rendered "Uninhabitable"

39,000 in CO, MN & NM can get 100% of their energy from wind

Israelis arrested in Jordan confess supplying arms to Sudan rebels

Homeowner kills intruder

woman kills live-in boyfriend in self-defense

Shots Fired At Bayonne Range Prove Smart Gun Technology Works

What happened to this post in the Lounge?

Please unlock this thread.

Have question why somebody's response to my post was deleted?

I dont think the locking of this post was appropiate

One more for you (Im going to bed I promise)

You have GOT To Be Kidding Me

Thank you for locking Demopedia.

Inserting images

will someone please close my account

Question? Why is it considered okay to viciously attack Kerry ?

Have you seen this one?

Why was this thread locked?

Official PA TV: Killing Jews is mandatory

Kicking Jewish Racism Off The Internet

Israel Plans Turning Separation Wall into De Facto Borders

Pentagon bldg. damage: (this isn't the ASCE report)

The Real Fallout from this Election...

Self Delete -- Dupe

Voter claims lots of legal Iowa Dem voter absentees voided unreasonably

"When Did Bush Know?"

1/20 is too late. Spend this weekend at your Senator's residence.

LOL, so this is it?

Holiday Visits: What Did Everyone Learn About Awareness of Fraud?

The Greatest Cover-up of All: Vote Fraud in America

Election Fraud in America

A Moderate Republican and his blog

A lot of Republicans are not actually Republicans

Legal question: does "motive" really matter with the cheat sheets?

Make list of Senators to contact re electoral certification on Jan 6:

"According to Blackwell's official count...!!!"


my weekly attempt to keep morale high

How many people REALLY believe that fraud occured?

William Pitt's words are very, very wise...

a bush campaign site you should view for a laugh ....

A list of top senators, with contact info, to encourage bravery on Jan 6:

List Blackwell's crimes here...

Ideas needed: Gather forces - take it to the streets on New Year's Day

William Pitt are you ready for today? Who da Judge and how Hairy

Bush Orders Ohio Revote (satire)

Voting Problems Strike Mozilla Firefox 1.0/US Presidential Elections Poll

IF Bush is subpoened...

What Possible Justification: Reprogram Triad For Presidential Race Only

Internet Vote Fraud: TRIAD has Means, Motive, and Opportunity

thom hartmann talking about mitofsky

With Blackwell's new actions, he's handing us the stick again:


Supreme Court of Ohio is mostly Republican?

SOMEONE for the love of God go to Fairfield County Ohio and demand to know

WE THE PEOPLE Democracy Rally 1/3 Columbus

Today's Free Press Article Explains It All

Hacking the vote in Miami County (Ohio) - Richard Phillips, PhD

Are we spending too much time on DU?

I am a conspiracy theorist

Is there a legal precedent for Blackwell to get protect. order he seeks?

How is the exit polling data being held back?

Democracy had already ended in Texas...

The old becomes new again. Election fraud is the norm

Ohio Official Refuses Interview Over Vote

Just now on Letterman, Dave asked Howard Stern: " how DID Bush win

What ever happend to the FBI?

"Rule of Law! Rule of Law!"

All of us here have been waiting for a hero, a real leader!

Don't read too much in what a surrogate has to say...

Yes, Big Eddie is on, but his topic for the day is Tsunami

Prediction: Bush will be inaugurated in Jan......however

So, our policy on Fair Elections is like our policy on Proliferation...

"Need I remind you how [their] elections were held in the US...?"

what if DU goes down in a crisis? Should we exchange cell #s asap

Nothing in the MSM about the Kerry filing? Should we Blast now? ? ! !

GOP could seek new governor election

I don't care if we don't prove fraud by Jan 6 or Jan 20 or whenever

ABCNews: The completion of the recount will not bring an end to questions

New article from Bellaciao


Which judge has been assigned the

Greens Should Raise Money Immediately for New Ohio Post-Election Exit Poll

Lets petition our Dem representatives and Senators for

Is this the behavior of innocent people?

Ohio Recount: Bush Still Wins

Ohio Recount Over 88/88 , JK picks up 300 Votes "Officially"

Why don't we push "honesty" with the christian republicans?

With MaxineW as 1 Rep, and Kerry as 1 Sen.....what else is needed?

Florida Citizen Recount Part 2

Obama was on AAR - old Best of Randi Rhodes

Ballot Loser Files Suit Against Senator Bennett

Site reports that Maxine Waters will contest the electoral

"Impossible" Phantom Votes in New Mexico

"An open letter to Senator John Kerry"

The American Contract is Broken - we are now free

Freepress article - "Ohio GOP election officials ducking subpoenas ..."

Republican playbook in action. It's not over in Washington St.

Tribute to John Conyers on Oakland, CA Theater Sign

New symbol of fascist America

Elevator speeches: You've got someone's ear for 10 seconds, what

Check this out: Another current (pertinent) case of Arnebeck's

It may take months to prove, are we all up for it?

So I'm watching C-Span

ACTION ALERT: NM Counties to Begin "Clearing" Voting Machines?

Is there a site keeping a comprehensive eye on Ohio?

If only 3% have been recounted, and K/E gained ~300 votes,

MSM Article: USA Today: Election Day leftovers

Forget Kerry... He's forgotten us- RANT

Ohio Recount -Officialy Over- Ends in Laughable Outcome

Why is it campaigns are covered as horse races, but when the fix is in

Fraud in Lucas County OH

? Will Pitt (or anyone that has any idea) - Kerry Lawyer Files/Ohio - Is

Hartmann talking Ohio election fraud in the next hour

Bush still the POTUS: US donation to world disaster = 2 Iraq hrs.

Will Pitt....

Susan Sontag has died

In defense of John Kerry

Thank you WilliamPitt thread!

The Nashua Advocate Tries to Resolve Apparent K-E Statement Discrepancies

I was sent this pic suggestion for a Sign at my march in NYC

Why Election Reform Can't Wait! ... Strong Statement Worth Reading!

Karl Rove to be subpoenaed in OHIO matters...yessss.....

Tell your Senator you absolutely will NOT support him in his next election

Election Fraud Is Dangerous, Why Was It So Important That * Win?

Anyone have a numbers estimate for the 6th?

Has Arnebeck filed his memorandum to Moyer yet?

It took me awhile but I finally figured it out! The Milkman is Kerry!

Bush to be subpoenaed...

Blackwell's refusal to testify

Election Protection Coalition 12/27/2004 Update

Beyond Will's allegory: The one and only true 'winner' on '6 Jan 2005' is?

Tuesday 12/28 Election/Fraud/Recount thread

TIA -- What do you make of this email sent to me?

Reality Check - Thieves Don't Return Stolen Goods

If the GOP isn't worried about Conyers, why are they attacking him?

"John Kerry And Pals Still Working To De-Legitimize The Election" ~ RW Rag

Blackwell is afraid to be deposed - What's he hiding?

New Media Comm info thread, part 2

Let's talk theoetically for a few minutes

Heads up: Research project on New Mexico for the next couple of days

January 6th will answer all our questions.

Finally! We can now get 100% of our energy supplied by wind

Anyone here have contact with Coordinated Campaign

DOS scripting help needed

Looking for a webhost with ready to go blog software

Cleveland Browns - worst season ever??

Anyone going to the Jan 11 party in Austin?

Y'all doing anything fun for NYE? Anyone in Houston area partying?

Anyone attending the Jazz funeral for Democracy?

I actually liked Reggie White.Am I biased

What should I tell a Bushita after a post like this about the Tsunami?

those images on TV.......Asians cradling their dead children........

Book about how WalMart is destroying the earth. on sale at WalMart

What chaps my ass about Tsunami coverage.

Hemp is good food. n/t

"After Fallujah, How 'Bout Making The US Safe?"

Should I keep my mirror shield up?

Delusional Bush

Sigh....this is depressing for so many reasons I don't know where to start

Fly the friendly skies of Torture Jet Airways

Wasn't some major info in the 9/11 Comm. report supposed to be revealed

It's official--Rupert M is an IDIOT

I believe in trickle UP economics

Wal-mart -> Put your $$$ where your mouth is.

Trees on Mars? (pic)

2005 Predictions -- what's yours?

Official PA TV: Killing Jews is mandatory

Is Kerry's OH laywer giving a coded message...or not???

5 Jewish girls under house arrest for attacking Palestinians

Who at DU Hunts?

America finally makes amends for Nazi Gold Train looting

Is this too stupid ?

'Today people regard convict ancestry as a badge of honour'

BBC's The Power of Nightmares

Places to send donations to quake victims.

Medieval mural's tales of sorcery

RON SUSKIND: "The Cabinet of Incuriosities"

24/7 cable coverage of tsunami = no news about Iraqi mess/Ohio Fraud nt

Help me out here

Mike Malloy on "Happy Holidays" hype

Has anyone heard anything from Diego Garcia since the wave?

Is 'Patriot Day' the worst freudian slip ever made? Hell, yes:

I'm looking for that good things from liberals email

Hate Crimes Against Gays On The Rise

"If we give up now, what have so many troops died for?"

US Aid for Tsunami $15M; Bush inaugural $40M; Iraq $6M/hour

Salinas, CA : A Town Without Libraries

Was this earthquake accurately predicted?

FEMA in poor taste: Tsunami for Kids Game

KKKarl to Be Honored on MLK Day by C.O.R.E.

"Raw Deals" or "Who Controls What"

U.S. pledge for relief less than 1/10th of 1% of cost of war in Iraq

HEY! All of my "winger" relatives are now "Conspiracy Theorists!"

Homeland Security whistleblower ignored

Possible explanation for the George Bush back bulge

Here's what's wrong with the Repukes, glitz over substance:

US Martial Law and Domestic Detention Camps as of December 1, 2004

Wal-mart would like you to destroy it....

Which organization is the best to donate $ for Tsunami...

**Election: has everyone here contacted their Reps? If not...PLEEEEZZ

Update on Ukranian minister of transport found dead story yesterday...

PatriotBoy covers the Inauguration

BBC seems to have been the "network of choice" in the disaster.

Sad, but our invasion of Iraq has left the US unable to exert good will

Tsunami now hits Somalia, Kenya, Tanzania coasts (many dead)

Donation Sites are Very Busy - But just keep trying , there are many.

that 15 mil that smirk is going to send

Stand and Fight

What Are They Hiding??? (the media)

I had a long talk with filmaker who wrote the script for "Bush's Brain"

How Christian is George W. Bush? Evidently not very. Only $15m for tsunami

Email "Democracy Now" to vote for election fraud as most important.

Abramoff, Tribal money, and skyboxes

The chopping Bloch

I can't believe the tsunami death toll is up to 55,000

Cold war (and 'war on terror') a ruse by Neo-Cons?

"Christian Legal Society" campus club seeks to exclude gays

Regulating the Internet?

I just realized someone bought me a "star"....

A letter I didn't send to the NY Times ombudsmen re: Judith Miller

Incredibly sad days ahead for this young boy

Don't let this keep happening...

New Years Time Sq "Crystal Ball" has theme: "Hope For Wisdom"

Fear of the flu sparks sales of sickness remedies (Tamiflu - Rumsfeld)

Tsunami victims not warned because of tourism woes

Purple Hearts Gallery

Should pharmaceutical companies be allowed to advertise on television?

U.S. to control more Iraqi oil and economy

Metal Air Fuel Cells are energy source of the future

If what I just saw on the History Channel about North Korea is true...

a heart-wrenching picture from the Asian tsunami

"Career soldiers solute Bush"

Make Bush donate Inauguration funds for diasaster relief.

why don't they GET IT!?

here's the letter I am sending to * to ask him to cancel his inauguration

Could you start a small business and succeed now ? linking to Red Cross disaster relief.


Freepers on Susan Sontag's passing

Eisenhower is my kind of Republican!

how long until "Liberal Arts Colleges"

The Voice of the White House . . .

Tsunami victims deserve nothing......

Who should pay for Inaugurations?

Dennis Miller now plugging Netzero nt

Senate Address by Sen. Huey Long . . . February 5, 1934

Evening news didn't report forest rule change, i love holiday news cycles

If you had the opportunity to redesign government, where would you start?

Outsource CEO's, Not Workers

How long before bushie boys minions put a stop to this research?

If you think a 9.0 quake was human-induced, you are a dumbass.

DUers, need your help

First Hand view of Iraq situation

30 year-old Iraqi woman's view of life in her Country: Losing freedom,

Judge In Alabama who wears Ten Commandments on robe.

Why I posted about the dams in India displacing 50mil+ people.....

How will George W. Bush be remembered as a President?....

When we look at the sorrowful figures of the mothers who lost their

Susan Sontag is dead.

So, our colleges are too liberal? We became the greatest nation on earth

Woman sues over "Nothing" job

Overseas aid - is there a site that says who's given the most,

I Tierd Of AirAmericas Best of Shows.

WooHoo! In your face Portugal!!

Khao Lak

Can anyone show me where to get info

Should we write to George's people and the media &"suggest"

The planet rang like a bell - something to think about

THE TRAIN | this would have been a HUGE story...

More 1st hand tsunami pics

CNN: so Wrong, but so Funny.... ("depressed?")

Ohio Democrat Tim Ryan Blasts Bush Adm. On House Floor (Video)

EZ-Pass fines speeders?

do you believe in Hell ? is Bush going to Hell ?

*Suppose* Democrats' biggest problem was an idiot/bigoted electorate...

Here's A List of Charities You Can Donate To for the Tsunami Relief Effort

Love the haters? Tolerate the intolerant?

how many people believe election fraud occurred?

Tsunami Deaths........ Blame the Muslim countries.........

Where did the Bush Crime Family get their money (initially)?

Green Bay wants to fly the flag at half staff,

Reggie White CON-spiracy.

A message to those of you pissing on Reggie Jackson's grave.

$15 million for tsunami victims. $40 million for Bush's inauguration.

Here we go again...

Attacks on DUer's families and loved ones

Treat others like we want to be treated is WRONG...It should be

Friend with relative in Iraq. Says most suicide bombers are men who have

Think the Christian Right hasn't called for murder? Think again.

bush* cuts force closure of Randall Homeless Shelter in DC (PHOTOS)

Each American is giving 12 cents to the relief effort in the Indian Ocean

Is Iran Next?

Kerry gives second concession speech

Yushchenko's wife worked in the Reagan & the Bush 41 White House.

US (NOAA) now claims foreknowledge of tsunami.....

I just created a petition concerning Bush and tsunami relief

The Bin Laden Tapes

Outrageous Hannity posts?


Pim Fortuyn and Theo van Gogh - Assassinated by Extremists

I wonder if Clinton was president and he was on his ranch, biking

The Left is not enough of a thorn in the side of the Right

Toby Keith: CNN "very liberal."

Susan Sontag quote, September 24th, 2001

Houston IndyMedia story says Bush "bulge" is a defibrillator

A message to those of you pissing on Reggie White's grave.

The 14 Defining Characteristics Of Fascism by Dr. Lawrence Britt

There is no lumber on Mars

Earthquake: Coincidence or a Corporate Oil Tragedy?

Donating to the Red Cross is easy, if you're registered at

The DU THINK TANK Proposal Needs Your Support

The Parables of Porn

Chocolate or Sugar Fried Pies

Anyone have a rotisserie oven?

Refugee claimants rush to Canada to beat deadline

Am I the only french canadian in here? Female?

Attack on Iraqi police kills another 12

Sri Lankan family wiped out by tsunami (Lost 43 Family Members)

Ohio Official Refuses Interview Over Vote

CIA resists request for abuse data (Boston Globe)

ONLY 44% NOW BELIEVE IN GOD [in Britain]

NYT: Connecticut Governor Undergoes Surgery for Breast Cancer

Ohio voting official fights subpoena

Russia joins China in first war games

Ex-official tells of Homeland Security failures

Cattle Video Stirs Kosher Meat Debate

Clerics 'ban' New Year in Somalia

Quake rattled Earth orbit, changed map of Asia: US geophysicist

Bush Directs OSI To Find "All Manner of War Criminals" HAH!

President Cautious In Issuing Pardons

Putin aide slams Yukos sell-off

Asia Struggles with Disaster Aftermath, 50,000 Dead

Financial markets seek to assess cost of tsunamis

Americas Trade Target Lost in Politics

Galena to apply for permit to build nuclear power plant

US Says Militants Lurk in Horn of Africa (including al Qaeda)

Refugees Rush to Canada to Beat an Asylum Deadline

NYT- Venezuela Agrees to Export Oil and Gas to China

Report: U.S. is waging `war on immigrants'

US official to Turkey to discuss differences over Iraq (Armitage)

British Soldier Found Shot in Iraq

Powell: U.S. is not 'stingy' when it comes to aid

Clark County canvassers to review absentee ballots - WA

Susan Sontag, Leading Intellectual, Dies at 71

Asia Buries Tsunami Dead, Death Toll Climbs

Reuters/ABC News: Asia Struggles with Disaster Aftermath, 50,000 Dead

US not stingy over aid: Powell

Mississippi: Window into future of abortion debate

More gays targets of hate, state says (FL)

Bin Laden Says Fighting in Iraq Muslims' Duty - Web

Rebels Strike Iraqi Forces After Bin Laden Call

"Insurgency in Iraq 'will not end': Powell

UN Official Backs Down: Rich Nations Not 'Stingy'

Base Infiltration Won't Prompt Big Changes (ok more bombers will come)

Iraq Sunnis fear bombs not bin Laden on poll day

Activists plan 1-day boycott on spending

Atlanta mayor threatens to fine country club for not recognizing gay partn

Palestinian Women Triumph at Polls

Flu crisis 'could be contained' (Tamiflu - Rumsfeld)

Australia Pastors Convicted for ‘Vilifying Islam’

Asian Death Toll Rises to 40, 000

U.S. Consumer Confidence Rebounds in Dec (much more than expected)

Former Packer Reggie White Dead at 43

Rebels Strike Iraqi Forces After Bin Laden Call

GOP demands voter list in Wash. county

(Davenport, IA) Bank foreclosing on downtown Clarion Hotel

SF Questions Judge's Impartiality In Gay Marriage Case

Florida Citizen Recount Part 2

Thousands more US troops sent to Baghdad to secure elections: general

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 28 December

U.S. Citizens Killed in Asia Identified

Want a Ticket to the Inauguration? Call a Democrat

Complaints flare over soldiers' mental health care

Ethics committee to investigate Rep. Jim McDermott, D-Wash.

55-Year-Old Has Triplets for Her Daughter

Mayor proposes opening legal brothels throughout Lima

Protesters say presidential vote flawed

Susan Sontag, author and activist, dies at 71

Mississippi's last abortion clinic persists

Patients jabbed with illegal botox

Santy Worm Hits AOL, Yahoo

Iraq edges towards civil war ("playing the ethnic card")

Cox (D) Files to Begin Ga. Governor Campaign

That Line at the Ferrari Dealer? It's Bonus Season on Wall Street -NYT

Campus club seeks right to exclude gays

Elderly Woman Freezes to Death - trying to save energy costs

Vioxx. Celebrex. Now Aleve. What's a Patient to Think?

Consumer Confidence Highest in 5 Months

Storm Causes Mudslides, Floods in Calif.

Swedish newspaper: Tsunami warning was stopped

Pentagon: Rumsfeld misspoke on Flight 93 crash

Ohio Recount Ends, Shows Votes Closer

Tsunami Death Toll Climbs to 50,000

2004 not best of times for Halliburton, EDS, El Paso

U.S. Relief Package to More Than Double

Electricity, gas shortages fuel discontent in Baghdad

Rural Emergency Crews Fear Proposed Rules

Kyrgyz (ex-USSR) public suspects U.S. diplomat of preparing revolution

Lawyer claims FBI informer linked to McVeigh bombing

Outrage as Iraqi beheading shown at concert (in Japan)

'Ghost' jet used for terror suspects

Yushchenko calls for blockade

U.N. official slams U.S. as 'stingy' over aid

Gay and Straight Men Alike in Body Image Hang-Ups

Bush Biking, Relaxing at Ranch

AP: Online casino strikes again, buying naughty kids' Christmas gifts

Navy SEALs Sue AP Over Alleged Abuse Photos

Quake rattled Earth orbit, changed map of Asia: US geophysicist

Reelection Honeymoon With Voters Eludes Bush, Polls Say

Nazi chasers will also hunt modern-day monsters

Dancing in Heaven, I never thought/I'd ever get my feet this far...

Who's watching Howard Stern on Letterman?

I'm watching Howard Stern kick ass on Letterman right now

Celibate Life.

I miss this show....

Just got back from the Election Fraud --- I mean results-- forum.

He pounded the table for emphasis. "My hand hurts!"


Oh, I did NOT need to see that....stretch mark close-ups in ads?!?

I'm two days off tobacco today

There are some things money can buy, for everything else...

Who's hammered on their week off?

My Name Is...

I'm off the phone for the I'm bored

I just sanded my legs. Ask me anything!

LOL funny

Hemp is good food. n/t

Most annoying TV drug ads

Which Is More Important, Shoes or Pants?

Do you wear your sunglasses at night?

Colorado Resort wants guests to bring guns, shoot villains

firefox won't let me be logged in to DU?

Oh my God!

I am scared of other people on DU


ok, here's an elementary economic question i have...

Why is it so hard for me to make friends my age ?

OK Fine. From now on you win. I will note the word this way

Live your life as if it was the last few hours or months...

OK. I give up! Thats three locked threads. I'm going to bed!

wood pellet stoves

Wrong time, not necessarily wrong place. Where are you , my buddies?

calling all family advice givers

Nude calendar sold to teach dangers of drug use

Stolen Car Found! - 23 Years Later

Man Survives 30 Foot Plunge In Car With Only Minor Injuries

I'm addicted to Demopedia!!

Sirius or XM satellite?


latest Tsunami victim numbers from chinese tv 85,000

"Cover me. I'm changing lanes." & hundreds of other bumper stickers

Grannies Arrested For Trying To Steal Whisky And Vodka

OMG! Jim Carrey is going to play The Six Million Dollar Man

hi - hi

8 Degrees Outside This Morning

Man Auctions Water From Cup Elvis Used

I just listened to four Sigur Ros CDs

He was my Christmas gift...he has no illusion left. He is like me


Serious or BP?

Giant cockroach among jungle find (BBC)

Astronomy Professor Suggests We adobt a New Calender

Google Gmail

I have told you people a million times.......

I was cleaning out some of my uncles things.......

You've Never Read This Sentence Before

6th-grader gives teacher 1-carat diamond for Christmas

Papal visitor who couldn't hold his tongue

Man Says Christmas Light Web Site Was A Scam

OMG! I just eliminated and just realized it!

France sniffs out truffle thieves

Has anybody seen a video repository of this tsunami tragedy.

Christmas is over at the Bunny Manor.

OMG!!!!!!!! I reached a 1000+ post and just realized it.

WHY are we getting so many spams for "CHEATING HOUSEWIVES"

Validate me

Scientists race to delevop synthetic poo-extracted coffee

Can Someone Explain The Game "Six Degrees Of" To Me...

Skiddley beebop we rock and scoobie doo

What cheap DVDs did you pick up from the impulse buy rack?

Violate me!

Check out my backyard astronomy guide

I got twenty pairs of underwear for Christmas

A silly poll

Quotes from three great leaders

MOVELEFT.COM latest articles as of Dec. 27, 2004

I have $2.13 left on my iTunes Account! What should I download?

How to pick up girls the easy, convenient hand puppet way.

Ugh. I hate video restoration.

Pod of 20 Whales Beached on Remote Australia Coast

Cynanosis- blue fingernails, blue lips

Is Your Christmas Tree Still Up?

What is your favorite freeper site?

"All Things" OR "All GOOD things in moderation"?

How do the DU Grammar Police feel about Bread's song Baby I'm A Want You

Anyone watch "Waking the Dead" on BBC America?

Which do you like better?

How are you doing today?

Favorite Terry Jacks song

Do I really give a crap what kind of person you are???

I just got the coolest New Year's card from the Human Rights Campaign

Painted turtle sneaks ahead in 'Illinois state reptile' race

I'm bummed i just screwed up my car on an icy road.

Go See Ocean's 12

NYE Shows Suck, and are a commentary on life in general

47 years ago today in the courthouse

The official "knee-jerk reaction to a misunderstanding" thread

Oh Crap, I'm now in the 700 club

Classic Movie Poll: Birth of a Nation

Man admits Christmas lights Web site scam

Knock knock?

Need that good things from liberals email

Semi-official DU Lounge New Year's Resolution thread.

tattoo pic

Bush gives wife dessert plates for Christmas

Who's a bigger chump -- Darrin Stevens or Maj. Anthony Nelson?

Are ya daft, person?!? (inspired by lioness and janespankz and chemicals)

I wonder how many of us feel sleep-deprived.

We won! We won!

Drug Dog Gets Laid Off - Can't Find Job

What Christmas Present are YOU raving about?

Ok so I'm watching The Karate Kid.. and..

Its all about the he says she says bullshit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Military Channel coming to a cable box near you Jan. 10

The "EXTREMELY Personalized Autograph" CAPTION

Liza Minnelli in New York Hospital After Fall

How many layers are you wearing?

Weirdest Christmas gifts....I got a blow torch from my mom

OMG..OMG..OMG I'm almost out of the 700 club!!!!

A question about my fung-shu plant?

Okay, what celebrity do *I* resemble least?

The official BLAME BUSH thread.

I saw a new car commercial

Am I the only DUer who thinks that it is

Star Wars Holiday Special: Oh, man, it is baaaad!

Do you own an iPod?

What are your New Year's Resolutions?

I bought a Marlon Brando three pack of DVDs last night

Favorite Mungo Jerry tune

Would you kill someone for 1200 bucks?

Senate Address by Sen. Huey Lewis, Feb 5, 1983...

hah hah, look what you can buy at Wal-Mart. Classic.

How terrible

A question about my new kitten

Ok, "X-treem" guilty pleasure movie thread

why can't my mind stay cLean??

religious relief or no religious relief poll:

Favorite OMC song?

Anybody drive a VW Jetta diesel?

Man Accused Of Sending Dead Rats, Birds, Used Condoms In Mail

I'm overly caffeinated, stressed out, cranky and snappy - LET'S FIGHT!!!

Someone - - - please kill me


Will Vancouver Island save Vancouver from the Tsunami?

perhaps (hopefully) a final note on Reggie White

Home decorating: Freeper style

I have no plans for New Year's- who wants to hang w/ me & Mrs. Beast?

Harry Shearer's "End of the Year "Le Show"" up now

Petra Nemcova clung to tree in Thailand for eight hours.

I'm conflicted. Do I buy this from Walmart or not?

I bought a Marlon Brando three pack of Stuffed Pork Roasts last night

If you are beautiful, you don't deserve my pity

Things I like don't suck. Things I don't like suck.

Susan Sontag has died

Supermodel Heidi Klum survives tsunami !!!

The "You've Got to be a (Fake) Football Hero" CAPTION

A moment of silence for Susan Sontag.

Today I go and return my uniform..

I just turned 50 on December 11th

I just realized someone bought me a "star"....

I want to crawl so far up a DUer's ass I could emerge from his mouth

Anyone run progressive websites and want to trade links?

If a tree falls on a Mime in a forest....

Sibila Vargas of CNN

Do they make

Who else has relatives caught up in rapture fever?

anyone else into "techniques of listening or interpersonal communication"

I got my first thread locked.

OMFG! From Time-Life! The Hee Haw Collection! Digitally Remastered!

Based on a discussion I eavesdropped on - Who's into a Hip Hop Group?

Star Magazine's most annoying people of 2004

When I die... I hope people will be horny about it.

I'm just going to say it: Family Guy is funnier than The Simpsons

What kind of things do you do that make you worry about your own sanity?

When I servants will kill themselves, too.

Is today a stat too? Why the fuck am I the only person at work?

Invisible person found dead

Why can't my house stay clean?

A few more days until the New Year

when I die, I want you all to...

Ah, nothing like a tsunami and swiss on rye!

Please explain Jewel. Also, what singer or group do you not understand why

Don't you just hate it when Sue Nahmi comes to town?

The Good News "network"

dont you just hate panty lines

when i die, i want you to dig me up

I'm a solipsist. So when I die you are all coming with me.

You're all a figment of my iMac AI

When I die, you'll all disappear

Where the hell has Underpants been?

Your taste in music sucks.

freaking neighbor -- to take that freaking rifle

wow my wife had a temp of 103 sunday night

Anyone know of any sites/resources to evaluate mortgage companies?

Dog Drives Truck Into Auto Repair Store

Free Shit - Guilt Free

I will never die. I am an immortal!

Man gets 20 days in jail for taking lug nuts off teacher's Jeep

Traumatic things Teachers have done?

best posts on DU

When I die...

Indianapolis Girl Missing

Christmas Eve & my sister's engagement (in pictures)

My favorite salmon recipe

Where's the DU Gallery?

Does anyone have the Oceans Eleven soundtrack?

Hey look at this! It's soooo funny

I'm almost at 4000 posts: ask me anything.

A great day!


Jesus loves you. Everyone else thinks you're an asshole

Just got back from Mars

That guy on the El today was an asshole!

I want to post a poll, but I don't have a star

Man is arrested after peeing into stranger's gas tank

Post your cute furry animal pics! Special points for bunnies!

I know you're an asshole. And I love you for it.

Finally saw the remake of "The machurian candidate"

I can't decide whether to blow my lunch or not -- HELP ME, DU!

Two Weeks Late --- The Jewish Version Of Outkast's "Hey Ya"

Describe Me in Three Smilies or Less...

Did the Repukes cause the Tsunami?

should sporting events be cancelled this weekend?

I'm going to a Buddhist temple tonight

For the kitty enthusiast!

did your HS and/or college class have a song?

Have any of you read the play "After Midnight, Before Dawn"?

Assholes who hate assholes and the assholes that love them

Who's the funkiest person you've ever known?

So tell me.. and I mean really..

Hey everyone, Amaya's back!

Just bought the Napolean Dynamite DVD last night.

famous people caught in the tsunami

I'm alerting on all "alert" threads now.

I'm alerting on all cat threads from now on.

I'm alerting on all 'I'm alerting' threads

Let's write a new Constitution for Jesusland!

inflammatory overtly alert 24/7

I am alerting everytime I see alert in a sentance

If you are bored, this will kill a couple of minutes

I'm spending my lunch on DU instead of eating

Matcom in the Middle

I am alerting on all TOADS ...

I'm scared of the other forums on DU

If we alert too much the mods will be swamped, so have some discretion!

Who is this Mr. Alfred Ert?

Anyone into flip flops

I'm alerting all overtly inflammatory threads for now on!

Guess what fellow DU members?

What's your favorite Vice City Radio Station.

Yuschenko won 51.9% of the vote...will

I can't decide whether to blow my nose or not -- HELP ME, DU!

Mensa: what do you think?

Janeane Garofalo is married?

I just want to say that I love my brother.

In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight ...

My Grades are in!!!

Are there any Fan Message boards for the show "LOST"?

What Kind Of Shoes Do You Wear?

Today sucks!

I'm in the 700 club and I just found out

A conservative is a liberal who's been mugged...

i AM posting NEKKID right now and YOU CAN'T STOP ME!!!

Some night shots I've taken of Salt Lake City.

G*DDAMN!!! Only 15 MORE DAYS!!!!

Windows "service pack" 2????? BSOD is a "service"?

freaked out (eerie indiana)

So, I just copied all my CDs onto the computer's hard drive.

I'm alerting on all ChavezSpeakstheTruth threads from now on.

I got M.A.S.H. - Seasons 1- 7 for Christmas

are you a soft or a hard person? (inspired by bertha's thread)

Help me out of the 700 club, ask me anything.

If your boyfriend/girlfriend cried when you gave them a gift...

I Can't Think Of The Right Word... It's Right On The Tip Of My Tongue...

A friend of mine had a massive heart attack Christmas Eve & is brain-dead

Malcolm in the Middle

Too many people are being assholes!

Hey! Been trying to meet you!

Anyone into Hippity Hops?

I'm not saying a word. Consider the source

Blue = Good, Red = Evil!

Surgery: To cut or not?

It's raining like a mother here in Southern California

DU Good Vibes Army: Update on my favorite Holy Guy.

If you had an access to a time machine for 1 hour.. what would you do with

The Green Bay Packers Are Pissing Off Some Vietnam Vets

Stop it or I'll post nekkid **, and you all would not want that!

I HATE Outlook Express and Hotmail!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm spending my life on DU instead of living

Uncle reunited with 2-year-old Swedish boy found wandering alone

Do you now, or have you ever owned a rubber chicken?

One particularly racist thread at FR

Matcom & one of his DU buddies were in my dream the other night.

Will Pitt is..

One final thing before I go to bed.

The latest from, as of Dec. 28, 2004

hey! let's play charades!

Any good "left-over turkey" recipes or ideas out there? Desperate!

Funny (and cute) kitten/cat pictures for your perusal...

Ask Me Anything

Best band from Seattle that never really went anywhere

I just installed some software that

My computer thinks it's 9:43AM, on December 31, 1903...

Do you think there will be a huge benefit concert for tsunami victims?

Toys that you had as a kid that would be banned today.

Can you change majors in College in the middle of your school year?

I'm not normally into celebrities, but I have quite the crush on

So, Dadcom Spent Xmas With My Fundie Sister - And Took THIS Pic!

News is sad and/or boring - The Princess Bride just started on VH-1

Ctrl+Alt+Del Comic

Best Bob Dylan Song of All-Time? -- Besides The Times They Are A-Changin'

I am really worried about my future right now.


You may be a "Baby Boomer" if you've ever heard your mother say:

Anyone into hip hop?

religious belief and no religious belief poll

When I Die...I hope people will be honest about it.

Lifetime is so funny

Does anyone remember the anti-masturbation Christian message board?

Who is the Matron Saint of the Lifetime Original Movie?

Okay, what celebrity do *I* resemble most?

A Serious "Banana Fanna" Question

OOOOH, what would you do with a drunken sailor,

The Creepiest Doctor doll

What happens if you lie about your name in the emergency room?

This is a bit messed up (sex offender where I work)

Corrupted wish game

It's time to play Threadkiller!!!!!!!!!!!

Ebert and Roeper Agree on Five in Their Top 10 List

Religious Affiliation May Lower Suicide Risk

Question for Liberal Christians and Catholics

Orphans: Ethiopia’s worsening tragedy

What does acquired autoimmune hemolytic anemia look like?

the apparently deep connections between cancer and stem cells.

Top 10 science stories: Mars water evidence leads list

There is no lumber on Mars

Hate Crimes Against Gays On The Rise

Mormon Leader: 'Gays Have A Problem'

$90,000 Fine For Golf Club That Refused Gay Partners

Are you out?

Touching story of Inke Dare from NYT mag.....

Anyone Catching the IIHF World Jr's (Hockey) ??

Updated Poll:Which teams will clinch a NFC Wildcard Spot?

NFL Season - FINAL WEEKEND - 4 Playoff Spots OPEN, 9 Teams in the HUNT

Updated Poll: Which teams will clinch an AFC wildcard spot?

Vikings: Tice back for 2005

Our menegerie...

thanks and questions

astrologers, does Kerry's chart show any indication he will fight BBV

How are humans related to whales and dolphins?

I am, again, appalled at what I'm reading

day after xmas.. 15,000 people dead..

A family member bought my daughter

Can Someone Do Me A Big Favor Please

Venting place to hide from the Deaniacs!

Taking a lesson from John Kerry about the election

Some night shots I've taken of Salt Lake City.

A Moderate Republican and his blog

Roemer is a former defense contractor lobbyist?

Continuously apply pressure

What killed more people, the tsunami or GW Bush?

Do Democratic Congress & Senate members even know about the vote fraud?

Thank GOD: "Bush expected to delay major tax overhaul" (MSNBC)

Ohio Official Refuses Interview Over Vote - What Is He Hiding?

Sunni Party Pulls Out of Iraq Vote As Doubts Grow

And I thought "Coma" was just a movie...silly me!

Interesting take on reason for Roemer's endorsement by Reid/Pelosi.

we have the on house member to contest the election

Ideas needed: Gather forces - take it to the streets on New Year's Day

Alternate and Subversive Yellow/Flag Ribbons

Why is it that elections are reported as race horses but when steroid time

Where to contriubute

CONSPIRACY THEORIES: how politicians keep you from asking questions

Question: Roemer wants to privatize social security and

Bush to Renominate 20 for Judgeships

The Democratic Party would do well to implement a LEADERSHIP School

Powell: U.S. Will Send More Aid to Asia, "chafes" at "stingy" accusations

They'll Try To Sacrifice Rummy

AP: Texas Democrats have fallen a long way in 40 years

The real "Hate" Party and what it has done to America...

TSA scales back executive awards, boosts screener bonuses

Two questions for the Democratic Leadership

Florida Citizen Recount Part 2

Where is the Democratc' momentum on Social Security?

Like what I'm seeing from new Dem leaders

something to ponder ...

A question for everyone

We don't need anything but....

Check out this link....SPYS LIKE US>>>Classic

I will give ZERO money to the Democratic Party if it..

A lot of Republicans are not actually Republicans

Puke Alert: Bush as great as Roosevelt

Campaign 2008: Democrats Must Work Smart

I have a Republican friend that constantly complains about Dems....

40,000 DEAD / Bush Goes on VACATION

Will You Ever Lose Interest In Politics?

insurgents who bombed mess tent responsible for 9/11, General Myers says

Liberals and Conservatives Unite!

Here's a poll to DU. "Are challenges to Ohio's presidential ballot


Al Sharpton for DNC chairman.

Democrats Need a Religious Left

Why would a whole bunch of Americans vote against their OWN SELFINTEREST?

Why Is It Wrong For Moderate Democrats To Reflect Their Constituencies?

What Democrat has the best grasp of the electronic voting fraud issue?