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Archives: June 1, 2004

They play up the small and play down the big

An empire of denial

No Apologies Accepted: Beating Bush is never having to say you´re sorry.

Krugman: Dooh Nibor Economics

EXCLUSIVE: USA-backed Colombian invasion of Venezuela imminent?

800 dead in Iraq...but that is ok as long as George Bush gets his gun

Fox News caught setting up biased news story?

Which philosopher(s) do you most identify with?

Nigeria is Vodacom bosses' doom

Good editorial on the looming oil crisis....

Pension Under-funding Is the Emerging Global Dragon

OPEC Has Already Turned to the Euro

Chinese censors targeting online computer games

Egypt tells Arafat: Reform or be removed - report

?Preventive Warriors.?

A tip for my friends in Florida

Okay, the Pioneer Press says Kerry's lead is only 4 points...

Austin DUers! Tuesday night is Kerry-Oke Night!

BREAKING NEWS! Monorail train catches fire at Seattle Center

BBV in NYT Magazine

A vote for Walt Brown is a vote for...

dan briody on now!

What's with Brian Williams' eyebrows and eyes?

July 1st in Iraq


Even Some in G.O.P. Call for More Oversight of Bush

Anyone have any information on Mitch Daniels?

On the day Safire pens "Progress in Iraq", 5 U.S troops are killed!

Anybody read "Bubble of American Supremacy" by Soros?

Bad as Shit

Is it moral to require young people to kill for a college degree?

Meanwhile in the Archdiocese of Mpls St Paul

Anyone else confused by the musical chairs on the Iraqi National Congress?

anti-American protest/boycott in BELGIUM: bush* the KILLING master (PHOTOS

I saw something interesting on CNN today....

America's Abu Ghraibs - only a few soldiers indulging in pranks?

That POS Tucker Carlson


Kerry's pets

Fallujah already an Islamic mini-state

What's * gonna do when Kerry comes to take occupancy of the White House?

Penny's from heaven

Who voted against the war?

Let's revisit Ashcroft's phony terror alert

Is the current global conflict a continuation of the same clash

When is Kerry going to make his VP choice?

Flashback: JFK's Alliance for Progress (Latin America)

McCain on Ofranken rerun right now 11:11PM EST

The lying game

Lots of booing and hissing during the Star Spangled Banner...

Clash of civilizations --' I'm not seeing much civilization in Am today'


al-Qaida Continues To Kill Americans. Another Wretched Bush Failure.

The Republican Noise Machine

Seattle Monorail in flames!

Bush Campaigns with Unprecedented Lies

Defreep this map. GWB ahead by 10000 votes???

Zogby survey in my email.

Easy-to-Spot Air Security Might Be Easy Target


Diebold, a Great and Patriotic American Corporation!

Read my lips! On June 30th we will hand over full power.... (nt)

daddy bought him the United States Supreme Court - Paul Begala

An interesting little dialog with a war veteran

The discrepancies in the reporting of US casualties in the Iraq War.

Iraq and the Conservative Crackup

Some good analysis of recent poll numbers

Props to the Timberwolves

Kerry shut up on Venezuela (Part II, continuation due to length)

Anyone remember all that Repub support for Clinton's attempt to assasinate

Nelson DeMille - Up Country (A message to DU Veterans)

I just watched "American Valor" on PBS ... very moving

Freepers debate the use of violent brownshirt tactics

Anyone see the story SF Art Gallery owner attacked?

Names for Right-wingers, please list.

Nazi AOL releases 'new' poll with Bush ahead in Ohio

Will History Be Kind Or Harsh To Bush*

Bremer, the IGC, and a tinfoil hat...

CNN: Anderson Cooper says the US is in Saudi Arabia to help pump their oil


I think my fundy father n law will vote for Kerry!

Another Memorial Day cheap shot at Kerry

Is something up in the financial markets.....

God... Ed Koch Is A Jerk

Negativity SOOOO Early and SOOOO Over The Top

2 Kerry converts

I am starting to worry if we can win.

Republican Survivor

Saudi unemployment rate 40%. And 6 million foreigners working there

Dean's first column..."Electronic Voting--Not Ready for Prime Time"

Can a legal corporation be the President of the US?

Kerry in Portsmouth Va today - shook his hand Twice

Walmart's secret agenda to subvert 3 year olds?

What do you think of Kerry's new slogan?

Where hot young conservatives meet for fun and romance

Do You Hate *?

Draft Dean for VP

WOW...Protest in Boston...Army recruiting office (photos)

Help? Looking for a Bush/Baker connected biotech research firm

Let's start a Pray for Kerry website !

"These Dogs Don't Hunt" Kudos to Jen6 and SoCalDem. Cartoon.

Why do the people who fight for our country get nothing when they get back

Which religion is closest to the truth?

Bremer threatens to veto Iraqi choice for president

Democracy in Iraq: Bremer threatens to veto Iraqis choice of president

Afgans wary of Karzi dealings

Draft Dean for VP

CNN: Police adviser: Snafu in Najaf

Iraqi Translators Face Death to Work for U.S.

Uprising Has Increased the Influence of Sunni Clerics

NYT: U.S. Shifts Focus in Iraq to Aiding New Government

Forecast For Jobs Will Factor Into Vote

Drug Discounts Beginning Tuesday, but Sign-Ups Lag

Boots made for backin' Bush (Nancy Sinatra backs *)

Oil price jumps in wake of Saudi attack

Amid new crisis, US troops in Haiti prepare to hand control to UN force

Secret UK plan to woo young Muslims gets catcalls

Bomb Kills 16 at Shiite Mosque in Pakistan

Breaking: Fire On The Seattle Monorail

Iraqis Condemn 'Meddling' US in Presidential Row

WP: Dates on Prison Photos Show Two Phases of Abuse

U.S. Shifts Focus in Iraq to Aiding New Government (Mission "Redefined")

(Australian) Defence chiefs come clean on abuse

NYT: In Much of the U.S., Soaring Fuel Prices Are Starting to Hurt

Kerry targets Republican stronghold

WP: Army Investigates Wider Iraq Offenses

Making Hay Out of Straw Men

At Least 5 More G.I.'s Are Killed in Iraq

Roy Moore says he won't ask Riley for any favors

Poll shows Bush, Kerry in statistical dead heat (in MN)

Debate Over Budget, Taxes Divides GOP

Costa Ricans protest over U.S.-Central America trade pact

Ignoring Iraqi Death Toll Labelled a “Holocaust Denial”

How Abu Ghraib torture victim faces final indignity: an unmarked grave

Worried Democrats work hard to keep Nader off the ballot

More HIV-positive gay men are having unsafe sex

Australian PM surges to election-winning lead: new poll


Kelly's Heroes , The Dirty Dozen, The Great Escape...

I'm here to testify for reprehensor...

Is anyone here "anti-Nader" because he's a Lesbian?

I have a small dillema

What movie should I go see tonight?

favorite "adult" toy?

Questions about attending a Hindu Wedding

Agh, just saw one depressing satellite image on the weather channel

Quinn's new favorite perch . . .

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Favorite N*Sync Singer

The Idiot's former teacher on Air America right now - A great listen

That's it!!!!! I'm catnapping Quinn!!!!

I am looking for a picture of *

Caption thread:

For the Philosophy freaks: Wittgenstein's Poker; Have you read it?

Who's watching the Willie Nelson special?

Holiday weekend almost gone, Who wants a WooWoo?

I am crying over something that happened 25 years ago.

The holy city of _____ ?

for out door hemp growers in the northern hemisphere-

DU Business owners

Best pop song with a flugelhorn (Difficulty: no Bacharach)

Queen pimping for Jaguar

Did spammer's take the day off?

TV Alert: Air America crew on Tough Crowd 11:33pm EDT Comedy Central

Help please! Clear Channel banned songs list?

Where is my remote?

Tacoma man(had 2 warrants) arrested for stealing $1.29 lighter

Listening to The Beatles Revolver right now. Ask me anything.

Oh Lazarus,

Composer Bill Brown's website

Happy Memorial day from my neighbor's dog...

OK, who photoshopped in Rummy's Head?

OK, I'm changing my sig line, so I SERIOUSLY need your help:

Wanna make Sean Hannity cry?

Unlikely McDonald's Happy Meal toy promotions

I saw a wild orca this weekend (pic)

Neil Young: Love him or hate him?

Introducing Spud-U-Lite, the first low-carb potato

Which kind of spam do you open/actually use?

Four Injured During Post-Baptism Fight (Baptismal After-Party Gets Crazy)

Willie Nelson & Bob Dylan singing "You Win Again" right now on...

A piece of Back to the Future fanfic that I have been contributing too.

In Your Video Collection, What Genre Of Film Do You Own More Of?

What's the best way to dispose of/recycle obsolete computers?

A 50 foot tree fell on my house.

Prostitution capitol of North America?

THings that I am grappling with right now.

How does one become an abrasive person?

Definition of a bastard

I went to Lowe's yesterday and bought a $400 already assembled BBQ. I

70 Smoke Free Hours for Me!

Gloria Estefan issues global threat: "The rhythm is gonna get ya"

Cry to Me

What kind of jewelry do you expect to see Kobe wearing?

Our cats are acting like we abandoned them

the OFFICIAL lakers/t-pups thread

DU Musicians. Do you have a site where.............


The "Most inappropriate/offensive use of smileys in a post" thread

Who was your favorite Beatles singer?

What is the best way to serve a Republican?

My 50 foot tree was assaulted by this house today

Caption this!

Anyone know the meaning of D-day and the actual numbers engaged in battle?

Movie Thread

I'm starting a VAST LEFT-WING CONSPIRACY. Who wants in?

I got a kick out of this site

Nader's Numbers (from

Forget the polls, check the markets

Democrat Sees Parallels to '94 Elections

"Rolling Sissy" Motorcycle wanna-bee's support Bush...what a laugh

Clark, Clark, Clark!

Iraq war vet puts up fight for Schrock’s House seat

Kerry 'Flips Off' Vietnam Vet (Ted Samply of Vietnam Vets Agnst. Kerry)

It Took Months, But "War Hero vs. Draft Evader" Is In The Echo Chamber

I'm in Ohio and was polled today

Dooh Nibor Economics-Krugman, NYT


The lying game

Milbank: Making Hay Out of Straw Men

Let us pray that God speaks to Bush

Usurping the power of the all powerful invisible man.

Making Hay Out of Straw Men (Bush lies about Kerry)

N.Y. Times apology feels hollow

It's Time for Regime Change at the New York Times

Diebold goes where IBM wouldn't

Hawks Eating Crow: GOP media types had it with Bush, seems to be true.

Still trying to figure out why we went to war

Electronic voting not ready for prime time

David Brooks: grading the president

Will Pitt and

Wizards at odds

The day Clinton betrayed this Country, And nobody said a thing...

Sonia Gandhi's Speech (May 15)

Allawi in agreement

I can't believe Bob Novak wrote this.

Trouble in GOP Paradise for Bush

Never read Tom Friedman again

SCHEER: Electorate Is Wising Up to the Iraq Blunder

George "Cannot Tell the Truth" Bush

The lying game

Pres Hole [(cartoon)]

The Great Escape (blackout on Saudi flights after 9/11)

BBV campaign

Gallo coming to the table in June. PLEASE sign petition ASAP!

Heard on NPR this morning...

judge says abortion ban is unconstitutional

Virtual House Party for IN 2nd Cong Dist

The Firing Line 2003: Rory Peck awards for photojournalism (video)

US Media and todays Kerry's "protect from Terrorists stored nuke material"

When will US media note the 26 Iraqi "Ministers" will steal for 2 years?

Bush has Saddam's gun. Media can't let go of Clinton's penis.

O_o Did I just hear an ad for General Steel on AAR?

Anybody know how Consumers Union lost control of the phrase "best buy"?

Name that baby: Cicada?

Today's Thought

who's going to see Harry Potter this weekend??

Dooh Nibor Economics

Manufacturing Index Improves in May

Labor market improves - for CEOs - pay up ave 27% to ave $4.7 million

Crash coming? The fed seems to think so.

Dark Energy Tied to Human Origins

Toyota testing fuel cell hybrid with their Highlander SUV

New high-resolution(2.6-gigabyte file)camera nears virtual reality ability

Boston Globe anti-climate change propaganda op-ed

why is the "superstorm" impossible?

The Firing Line 2003: Rory Peck awards for photojournalism (video)

Chechen POWs maltreated (graphic images)

Eight Russian workers kidnapped in Baghdad

Ammo question: cheap 30-06 / non steel core?

Three Months and Two Weeks...

GUNS IN THE NEWS - May 29 to June 1, 2004

Remember the pizza dude who shot the guy 15 times?

Buffalo spammer gets 3.5 to 7 years (Spitzer in on it)

AWB/firearm inaccuracys in the news...

Hey guys!

Why was my thread here deleted?

Use of the DU logo...

Why was my post deleted?

Locked in GD2004: Really disappointed we can't discuss the Polier article.

Can the mods edit a post after the expiration time?

Has DU been going down lately, or is my browser freaking out?

A question about purchasing items in the DU store.

Border police capture Driben murderer

Rafah counts cost of Israeli onslaught

111 Palestinians killed in May

The foul stink of Lieberman pollutes the air again

Israeli Arab rights center calls for ban on talk of transfer

Tommy's Granny

European Spooks Say Mideast Terrorists Needed State Support

Selling their childhoods

Enron Traders caught on tape (proof CA was manipulated)

Calling Progressive Musicians in IA

Volunteers Needed for Kerry Rally

I'm trying to figure out this MN travel ad

Time for a new Pistons thread! 6/1/04

PD Poll: Voinovich has big lead on Fingerhut

Truck Dumps 30,000 Eggs On Houston Highway

Report on Kerry visit to Green Bay

So, who else was elected to represent Washington at the Convention?

John Howard, George Bush: war criminals

Opinion polls; so you say they've never asked you?

Joe Wilson on Mike Webb now (10:10PM PST)

CBS 'Whore' Evening News - 'Memorial Day, Bush hoping to capture the

(BBV) New York Times Magazine: A *Really* Open Election

Andy & Bev - I need help

109F/42C degrees in Nasiriyah. Why is Bush is murdering your children?

How much is that in candy bars?

Just how much is the Bush family worth?

Why did Bill Clinton tell Letterman that Saddam had WMD?

When will "Fahrenheit 9/11" be released?

Something to ponder on....

Iraq Presidential Musical Chairs


Al-Yawer, a Sunni, named Iraq’s new president

UL cutting more staff

Al-Allawi has the power - al-Yawer has the title of President.

My choice for Iraq President

Zogby's now measuring how likely anyone will change their mind

Have you "given aid and comfort to the terrorists" today?

I'm back from Vacation - what happened last week?

Australia's Media Watch on prisoner abuse scandal video

Fvking american fundies. when will they learn?

"United we stand - Divided we fall"

James Bond is on board...

OK. Don Imus endorsed Kerry. So why did he show his truck

Wow, oil refinerary profits revealed by caller on C-Span

The first thousand (dead soldiers) is always the hardest.......

A presidential withdrawal:

Memorial Day In Baghdad - TOO MANY DEAD Names To Read - Plans Altered

C-Span 7:46ET: Hitchens on. Looks drunk and confused.

KRUGMAN: "Beyond the routine mendacity..."

SF Art Gallery Owner Beaten ... by Patriotic Americans

Democrats need to call for Greenspan to go

The lying game

Thomas Friedman on Morning Sedition ...

Job cut plans rise

Political Dilema Emerging--what do the Dems do about it???

The Washington Blade has all but outed Bush's campaign manager

McCartney speaks out against war

What are the chances of taking back congress?

"..vouchers actually has its roots in an effort to continue segregation.."

Everyone not republican is Al Qaeda

Elderly wells are bubbling again

aWol can't even read. It's too painful to watch and listen to his torment

The point folks are missing about the movie "The Day After".

Bush's Saudi Airlift Just After 9-11

Fahrenheit 911: the ignition temperature

Supreme W. Court?

Gen Anthony Zinni on the Diane Rehm Show now ... link

"Iraq is the central front in the war on terror"......BULLSHIT george.

Bush's Air Force One advantage

Here's the latest Repuke spin on Social Security

Hm. The Idiot is on ABC,NBC & CBS in Tulsa but not Faux...

Iraq's Pachachi : "It is a lie... I am not a stooge. Honest (Yea. OK. Sure)

Orcinus on the "Osama for Kerry" spin machine

Pre-order the Kitty Kelly book on the BFEE

In case you were away and missed the scam.....

Rove Phones Brazile, and other BEA tidbits

It's a terrible week (Memorial/RFK), and this young'n could use advice...

Freepers wear tinfoil, too: "Nick Berg was working for Michael Moore!"

Repub National Convention Schedule

Anyone remember an item (analysis) of WHO was receiving Faith-based

Have we started "harvesting" landfills yet?

Rush must absolutely HATE Franken...

best website for Air America stream?

DARRELL SCOTT TESTIMONY - Do what the media did not

Memorial Day ceremony with bush*...

Best Tarantino Movie Soundtrack

Open Debates

Question: Does the popularity of the SUVs and high-priced sports/

mr behemi is the one that made the decisions...I did not

I really think the neocons will pull this off despite the continuous death

Did This Paper Just Make a Statement About Bush & Sadam's Handgun?

Imagine we are starting all over. How would we structure America?

Does anyone have the affiliations of the new Iraqi interim cabinet?

Have you seen the cult Internet hit THE MEATRIX?

Operation Gratitude...

Republicans and Bush Supporters: Anti-American?

DU this poll:

I'm a Kerry Operative and damn proud of it...

"Operation Blessing", Faith-Based charity or frauding the Government?

The GOP's 11th Commandment

wouldn't it be ironic if gas prices end *'s career?

SEC to hire shrink to improve staff's morale

No matter what happens in Iraq, Bush & Repubs will try to spin as victory

Senate Dems have $1 million advantage over GOP rivals

Any thoughts about the info being released today on Padilla?

NPR: drug companies NEED limitations on liability (tell your rep, NO!!!)

Kelli Arena is the secret love child of Michael Jackson and Ahmad Chalabi

Email the Whitehouse to protest....

Bush keeps Saddam's pistol as trophy (are you "effing kidding me?)

Canadian Election Day 10 Update. Libs-34%, Cons-30%, NDP-16%

Did Howard Stern comment on Karmazin's resignation this morning?

Bush was so happy to say that "Alwai thanked the USA and

Concerns Rise Over Chemicals as prepositioned weapons of mass destruction

BBV: Cleveland Plain Dealer: Touch-screen voters should vote absentee

this mother of a gay son couldn't take it anymore . . .

Five years ago companies were looking for ways to cut refinery output

Alterman: Buffoonery in context

How will you console your conservative "friends" on November 3rd ?

So the Freepers are having a tough time getting Nader on the ballot, eh?

Vote TODAY in South Dakota for Stephanie Herseth!!!

What is the most outrageous conspiracy theory

Heard on NPR this morning...

DU this poll!

Common Cause President Chellie Pingree on New Yorker PBS story

Report Card on NCLB

It's fear vs ????.....

George Soros putting his fortune behind a new cause: Ousting Bush

Randi Talking about ovation for Rumsfeld in Arlington

80,000 bikers , 7,000 for smirk

Al Franken does the greatest Rush imitation !

A few questions for Limbaugh and the "dittoheads"?

Freepers turn on Jordanian Christian lying about faith to save his life

same gang

On alienation and missing Mike Malloy

Nightline 6/1: Hey, who are those guys? (new Iraqi leaders)

Names Names Names - 2 JK June Concerts

Incredible article on the media's performance during the runup to war

puter driver question pls

The foul stink of Lieberman pollutes the air again

Kerry was on Ed Schultz's show

Some great info on the new players in Iraq

Cheney wants example of the Patriot Act being abused.

Can they sink any more? "Kerry's picture in VN Commie museum."

Idiot Hannity now bashing Kerry for his plane design!

Kerry has gone "positive" again with his new ad....

Bush's Rose Garden Appearance Proves ONCE AGAIN

"Clinton/Gore had SEVERAL chances to whack or capture Osama"...

Bush Hopes to Mend Fences With Allies

If the DOJ has the goods on Padilla, why don't they charge him?

E-Voting Machines have "Private", not Federal Certification

Just watching the first couple of minutes of Crossfire....

It's 103 degrees on June 1, 2004!

How scary is this?

Venezuela: Kerry's Done It Again!

New inside-joke abbreviation?

Phil Angelides v. Arnold

Looks like Kelly Arena had a Sucky weekend.

Denver DUers: Bush speaking tonight at the Phipps Mansion!

"I think he speaks well, and he's got a good lady behind him."

Crossfire: Tucker says that Carville is "whining like a little girl",

Another question for our resident Biblical scholars...

george, you ain't nothin' but a PUNK!...........cartoon.......

Did your PBS station show documentary "Be Good, Smile Pretty"

Why doesn't Air America go public

KCAA - San Bernadino: Randi Rhodes most popular program

What do you think of Chuck D? He impresses me a lot. as a needed voice

Judge rules against the Partial Birth Abortion Ban

CBS Evening News: Exclusive Tapes; Enron busted defrauding Californians

Bush shakes the hand of an Iraqi who had his hand cut off

Venezuela: Fear for Sale re:Choice Point (Greg Palast)

Does Bush want to lose? Oil prices are a clue.

Why Don't Real Men Wear Lace Panties.......or Vote for Kerry???

Oh my God!! Only liberals complain about gas prices?!?!

Which President in the last fifty years did the most for minorities?

Interesting twist to the Fahrenheit 911 distribution deal...

"Comedians Joke About the Campaign-Friday Night"

Pandering gone wild: * is actually a girl now!

Abstinence-Only: Does It Work?

Randi Rhodes quits Air America...?

The News Has Gone Stale

Canada may have the world's largest source of crude oil

Watching Kerry on the Newshour, the lightbulb goes on re Leo Strauss

Bush: "Some didn't stand up and do their duty"...

Dallas Police PAC endorses Frost (D-TX) over Sessions (R)


Why isn't anyone pointing out how Bush refused to fund $87 billion

Anyone have the link to the story of AAR beating Rush in the ratings?

Kerry Says Bush Did `Too Little' to Stop Al-Qaeda

Kerry Operatives Working Hard To Keep Nader Off Election Ballots

Cheney Slams Kerry for Patriot Act Doubts

Why tear down Abu Gharib?

Randi Rhodes just had a wonderful

The oddest way to make a living

Iraq's new "Government"

South Dakota GOP are disgusting pigs

Dear Mr. Kerry, if I were you, I'd do the following RIGHT NOW:

So, who else will be a delegate to the National Convention?

Rush Limbaugh's claim that "Liberals want America to fail."

I can't believe that someone wrote a book demeaning Jimmy Carter.

Wearing red on Friday to oppose Bush?

"The choice this year is between Empire and Democracy" (a great read!)

friggin bushie wants to build schools in Iraq and cut funding

Iraq Prisoner Photo of the Day

Kerry Wardrobe help me change it

I don't believe that Kerry flipped off a guy at the wall.

Shocker in Twins Custody Row

Rumsfeld declares that the Bush Thousand Year War has only just begun!

Judith Miller : FULL OF Blind Ambition (New York Magazine)

Santorum's response to the draft..

Greens involved with the party: Convince delegates NOT to endorse Nader!

John Kerry On China, Oil, and Bad Guys

So, after 2 years in a military brig getting the "treatment" Jose Padilla..

John Kerry's Long Shortlist -- Veepstakes

How many here are sick to death of hearing about Ralph Nader?

Having a little problem with, "Support the troops".

To all those who think they know what a Christian is.

Which primary candidate most deserves a post in the Kerry cabinet?

Christ Matthews should be fired for lying!!!

Peter Camejo Organizes Green Party Support For Nader

if bush is a true christian, then he knows he's going to hell

Venezuela: Kerry's Done It Again!

Disappointed in Bill Richardson - re Padilla case

Never mind. Delete.

Should the president have the authority to issue this executive order?

Don and Mike show and H .Stern playing CD of Bush's verbal blunders

Oil prices jump AGAIN

Anyone know why B* Sr. Pushed Clinton at War memorial??

bu*sh logic ? "The victor will never be asked if he told the truth."

Sen. Kerry, please ask Bush why he allowed LOOTING of Iraqi nuclear sites

Here they go again, 9/11 is Clinton "fault"

Working on new webmercial - need verifiable quotes

Accenture win's 10B contract, problem is they are outsourcing

I'm Tired. Pick Me Up. NOT A Vanity Post.

Camera hog, not a hero (Rudy Giuliani)

Michael Badnarik wins Libertarian presidential nomination

DUers...Post Your Political Cartoons Here

Will Bush the Beheader use terrorism to become America's Pinochet?

British DUers: WHo are the Liberal Democrats?

POLICE ATTACK CROWD in SW Baltimore Sunday May 29th 2004

Krugman: "Dooh Nibor Economics"

Democrats and White People

Saw another Kerry bumpersticker today

Tweety Preening: CHALABI & Judy MILLER the Convenient Fall Guys

Oliphant:Kerry's Mideast Policy is miles from Bush's

Rate of Mental Illness in US is Staggering

In comparing Iraq and Vietnam:

Ken Lay..Ahmed Chalabi..Bin Laden?..I think I might have met them once

WOW Federal judge permanently bans Bush administration from . . .

Turn on CBS News NOW. Enron tapes.

Bush loses in November. What will/Will there be?A power struggle in theGOP

That Nazi Moment

Kerry is a Vietnamese Communist Hero, it's true, would I lie to you?

"Dispelling the Myth of Darwinism" conference

How comfortable are you now with Kerry as the nominee?

Venezuela Signature Repair: Both sides still claiming victory.

Which "Accidental President" could have won in his own right?

Josh Marshall.....Kerry aides admit policy will be like that of Scowcroft.

My God, the Hopeless Obscenity of this Presidential Election..........

Has an election ever been held during martial law?

'It's Time to Get Over It' John Kerry Tells Antiwar Movement to Move On

Question for our resident Biblical experts

Kerry has legal team to investigate voting machines... more on Diebold

Swift Boat Veterans Issue Cease and Desist Letter to Kerry

how bush* dissed OUR WWII Veterans to build his own WAR monument

Pope ready to forgive Bush, but Kerry can't receive communion?

Any links to CBS "Enron Tapes" video yet??

"Full Sovereignty" | and other Tuesday TOONs

Do liberals force their views on Christians?

Which belief has caused more evil in the world?

Supreme W. Court strikes again! (5-4 decision on Miranda rights)

Something big coming. Something bad. Very soon.

Dates on Prison Photos Show Two Phases of Abuse

Chechen chief's son dies

Iraqi Foreign Minister Off to UN, Seeks Sovereignty (Zebari)

Turkish court refuses to hear suicide bombings case

American dream shriveling on the vine

For Iraqis, a Symbol of Unkept Promises

Army Investigates Wider Iraq Offenses

Brent Crude Oil Jumps After Saudi Attack Adds to Supply Concern

Rafah counts cost of Israeli onslaught

EXCLUSIVE: USA-backed Colombian invasion of Venezuela imminent?

Car Bomb Explodes Near U.S. Base in Iraq

Truckers question risky job

Bahrain, US sign free trade pact

In face of differing views over U.N. resolution, Bush calls German chancel

Syrians feel bite of U.S. imposed sanctions

Kerry defies history, targets Virginia

25 killed in explosion as Iraqi president is named

The lying game

Reports: Julia Roberts to have twins

Kerry Will Target Threat of Weapons (of Mass Destruction -Russian nukes)

U.S. Sees More Militant Attacks Ahead of Afghan Vote

Sponsors: Few seeking Medicare-approved drug cards

U.S. Said to Propose Militia Pullout Plan (over 72 hr period)

U.S. Welcomes Creation of New Iraq Gov't (Condi)

Women in charge (over half of Colorado businesses owned by women)

Bush Seeks to Broaden Fight Against Spread of WMD

Australian jailed under new anti-terror laws for plotting with al -Qeada

Food that kills - like tofu made from paint

Iraqi political experts unimpressed with new govt

FBI's handling of fingerprint case criticized

US:Details of Investigating Into Abuse at Afghan Jails to Remain Classified

World to see Afghanistan's fabled gold

America's Last Confederate Widow Dies

American contractors' role in Chalabi raid revealed

Mandela retires from public life

Shocker in Twins Custody Row

Explosions Reportedly Kill 10 in Baghdad

Judge: Bush Abortion Ban Unconstitutional

Narrow loss will do, says Diedrich (Republican for S.D. senator)

US dissolves Iraqi governing council, installs new interim government

Kerry Launches New Interactive Web Feature: 'Learning Your ABC's:

Cuomo: GOP convention to be ``very, very good'' for Giuliani

Governing Council dissolved, new cabinet takes over: coalition

Bush enjoys travel advantage on taxpayer-financed Air Force One

Judge: Bush Abortion Ban Unconstitutional

US job cuts stage second monthly rise in May- report

More job cuts at Kodak

Judge Calls Abortion Ban Unconstitutional -- one state down, 2 to go

U.S. Marine Killed in Western Iraq

15,000 artifacts still missing from Iraq Museum: director

Haiti's U.S.-Backed Government Survives on Foreign Troops, Aid

Antiwar Protest At Alliant Techsystems

Thumbnails of Iraqi Leaders

Radical linked to eco-terror group claims refugee status in Canada

Grain growers unlikely to regain Iraq debt

Bank of America laying off mortgage office workers In Wichita (90 jobs)

Pachachi turns down post as Iraq President

Spanish Judge Issues Warrant for Algerian

More than the SAT: New Program Emphasizes 'Abilities'

Bush, Pope Look to Put Aside Differences

Senators claim 60 votes for legislation allowing reimportation from Canada

Third of detainees who died were assaulted

US to give information in Padilla dirty bomb case

Lethal radioactive machine stolen in China

Fox News gets foothold in (Canadian) House of Commons

Two Poles abducted near Baghdad, Polish army says

Jordan Urges End to Flow of Iraq Treasures

Ranks of the peace movement grow, enlisting a number with military ties

Aussie PM forced to apologise for misleading Parliament on Iraqi torture


Bush Pre-Election Promises vs. Post-Election Budget

The Shrub has arrived: Air Force One lands at Buckley Air Force Base

Manufacturing Index Improves in May

U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq - 806 U.S. service members have died

RNC Unveils New Kerryopoly Web Game

Japan's Secret Epidemic (shame/failure leads to social withdrawal)


Pentagon Can't Seem to Kill Idea of Draft

Bush may need broader campaign

'Dirty Bomber' Targeted Apartments

Crude Oil Price Hits 21-Year High

Enron Tapes Air Dirty Laundry

AP: Army noted Geneva Conventions violations in Iraq prisons last fall

Partial Birth Abortion Ban Declared Unconstitutional

Kerry: Nuclear Terrorism Is Gravest Threat to U.S

Costs for Iraq War Eat Into U.S. Deficits

Bill Clinton to Promote Book on CBS (60 Minutes 6-20)

U.S., U.K. Offer Time Limit on Foreign Force in Iraq

Chinese army preparing large-scale military exercises aimed at Taiwan

The Wrong Man

Radio Station Suspends (Republican Candidate's) Pro-English Ad

U.S. backs new Iraq leaders, says they are not puppets

Howard Dean Starts Syndicated Column

Michael Moore covets July 4th fireworks (distribution deal close)

Federal Abortion Ban Struck Down in Court-Planned Parenthood press release

CNN: Karmazin steps down as President/COO of Viacom...

Frist to Delay Action on Lawsuits Bill

Long ceremony fells a dozen band members (GHW Bush spoke)

Al-Yawer Named Iraq's New President

E-Mail Revives Calls to Probe Halliburton, Cheney

Flint film fest snubs Michael Moore

Catholic Priest Barred: Allegations He Abused Girls Studying to Be Nuns

Bush Rolls Out Operation Comeback

CNN Breaking (AP): Two propane trucks stolen in San Antonio

Cheney Slams Kerry for Patriot Act Doubts

Bush Sr: War malaise may hurt re-election hopes

Contractors Sometimes Stretch Their Deals

Searing Uncertainty for Iraqis Missing Loved Ones

Kerry's support for Israel repels Arab voters

Iran Says It's Building Stealth Missile

Bush Focusing on Faith-Based Initiatives

U.S. Awards $10B ID Contract

Bush says he had little contact with Chalabi

CBS: Enron traders "caught in the act" manipulating CA energy markets

ABC: 5,000 Marines Set for Rapid Deployment (to Iraq)

'Fahrenheit' has elder Bush boiling

Trey Anastasio on Charlie Rose right now

Is homosexuality a perversion?

Just who was it wrote that idiotic poetry?

email question...(kinda in a hurry, need anwser asap if possible)

"CB4" or "Fear of a Black Hat"

Truth or dare game!

Knock-knock (rather large graphic)

Oasis - "Live Forever"

Now this kind of magic I could use!

Just saw 28 Days Later, and I have a question...

im so tired of all this sh*t thats going on in the world...

Far-right blogger gets the smackdown!

Top Ten Reasons Why Letterman's Car Won Indy..

YAWN Good (Tuesday) Morning DU!!

Has anyone seen Cuban_Liberal?

81 Y.O. Drives Through Restaurant Killing 1

Ok..I'm lost in the

Dragonfly encounter - totally OFF topic ANYWHERE, but nice.

I took the weekend off at DU - did anyone miss me?

Martha Stewart: It all makes sense now

You know, one really shouldn't ash in soda cans, while drinking another...

Bad morning DU!

"Patriot Act II" seeks to block Johnny Van Zandt performing "Free Bird"

Pizza man saved by gun, but fired for packin' heat

This is 599... What should I say on my 600th post?

Dean, Kerry, Moore, He-Man, Mr.T, and Hulk Hogan in an anti-Bush game?

why haven't campuses erupted this spring?

Is cheerleading a sport or something else?

Wig halts New York rollercoaster 75ft up

Orthodox Jews Worry Water Isn't Kosher

Paddy Wagon is a derogatory term!

Lost wig causes Cyclone to stop

Library book returned after 70 years

Does Anyone Know Why The World War II Memorial Took So Long To Build?

DU'ers who are crazy about hockey... We might suffer a lockout!

Help!! I have a Hero Complex!!

1 1/2 years later the psycho WEDDING NIGHTMARE continues-the photos

Weapons of Ass Destruction.

Is everyone back yet?

Anyone know where I can upload a pic?


La Cucaracha.

what's the deal with African spam about money?

We're going to see John Kerry tomorrow

Do You Find Yawns To Be Contageous?

"Who's Sharing in Wal-Mart's Success?" - Common Dreams Article

Jackass: The Movie

Drunk Students Adrift on Raft at Sea

"The Highest Form of Politics."

Who wants to talk about Thursday?

4 more days until the Bush puppet marches once again

Pat Boone knows who is to blame.

Hey, where can I get DU stickers from?

Breaking the habit

What does your mantle look like ?

CONFESS!!!! What is your confession?

Which are the best high schools in the U.S.?

CONFESS!!!! What are your pets bizarre habits

buck naked/butt naked

why are most of Air America's advertisers the same ones that advertise on

Getting Ready to Buy Tivo

Are Munsingwear "penguin" shirts back in style?

Bizzaro nails it

My 84 year old grandmother said during *'s speech

30 days from now...

As you get older do you notice that you sort of become a lightweight ?

Sooo, for what DID you sell your sole?

If you lose your keys in a lake: forget it, they're gone

I went out to buy underwear on Saturday...

LAST DAY AT THE OLD JOB!!!!!!! Bush is a monkey

What are you doing today after the holiday weekend?

What is the WORST pizza you've ever had?

Who wants to talk about the day after tomorrow? (I'm a psychic )

So, Anyone Seen Any Cicadas Yet?

ME: "Sorry, you have the wrong blood type." -- THEM: (BEEEEEPPPP!)

resume question for hiring managers, recruiters, or other resume readers

She's high. And she loves you all.

Here's a simple yes or no question

Have you ever heard a scream so vivid and real...

Just hi. And I love you all.

Now they have remade Salem's Lot

My friend got busted for possession.

Author William Manchester Dies at 82 (Churchill & MacArthur Biographer)

Win a Year of Web Hosting while building a Party List

who is the best floppy hat bedposter of them all?

Why are you a Liberal / Democrat / Centrist ?

Political kitten joke

China places conditions on Britney tour

The Cataleptic Abyss of all CAPTIONS!!!

Mystery Hand Unzips My Fly

CAPTION the open taunting of war dead

The Stepford Wives 2004

I must admit, I haven't loved all of you. . .

Col. Dave Hackworth coming up on Air America next n/t

Is there a way to circumvent the password security on a Compaq laptop?

Another simple question, You have a week to live,

Your bellybutton: Innie or outie?

Have you ever had a dream so vivid and real...

I'm a scotch operative and I'm proud of it!

anyone here that has TITANIC Adveture Out Of Time? I need some help on it

Ronald Regan spent his acting career being upstaged by a chimp.

The party house in Ocean City Maryland is now closed

looking for Anti-Bush avatars

What Does Your Voice Mail (Answering Machine) Message Say?

Please help?

CSS and/or HTML in my "template" tab? WTF does that mean?

Proud Mamma bragging again!

It's raining men! In pieces...

I was looking for smiley galleries for smilies such as this...

Who is the best sloppy fat bread toaster of them all?

Best Tarantino Movie Soundtrack

How many Receptionists/Admin Assistants/Exec. Assistants on DU?

Do spammers deserve the death penalty?

Dig this cast: Asia Argento's "The Heart Is Deceitful....."

I'm making freezer jam-tell me what you know

Why Do Most Conservative Sites Lack Comments/Boards?

Today I voted Republican.

Computer advice--internet questions

Who wants to talk about "The Day After Tomorrow" (there will be spoilers)


What should I do.....

Who is the best copycat thread poster of them all?

Canadian election related - just met the Lib candidate

BE THE FIRST to respond to this thread!!!

The GHWB Simpsons was on yesterday

Pure Imagination

Tylenol, or whiskey?

a few photos from our trip to Fenwick Island, DE

Anyone know what the "Farenheit 911" poster look like?

new Hannity advertiser Schering-Plough Healthcare Products

puter driver question pls

I've made a very important decision in my life!

Popcorn, Old Maids, Crunchies and Microwaves

What Are Carbs? Survey Finds Many People Don't Know


So what movie did you see this weekend?

I'm being watched!

I never thought my life could be anything but catastrophe . . .


I just ripped my boss a new one.

just cast my first vote...

I just had the most Wondrous Boat Ride!

Kobe judge bars use of the term 'victim' at trial

Old Mr. Rabbit born June 1, 1911

Bumper sticker............

Fans of Good Eats / Alton Brown

Most people don't even know what crabs are

Most people don't even know what carbs are

Seeking help with Cyclamen...

Caution's subversive song of the day

Global warming doesn't matter since...

Ooooh I Love Being Sucked Up to

To All DU-ers In Trader Joes Territory...YOU MUST TRY THIS!

Message to Parents of Struggling Kids: Let Go

Woman describes self-Caesarean

Just got my DU Bumper Sticker. Should I put it on my car?

Watching Star Trek: First Contact. Ask me anything.

Unlikely Bible based movies (

"The Day After Tomorrow"...for real.

Is it possible to agree with certain parts of many ideologies?

Mystery Hand Falls From Sky

Best FOOD Network Chef?

Most unintentionally funny line from a movie this summer

Picture of a Fish.

Summer is nice, because....

"Let's Roll"

What's the first AND last DVD that you bought???

Family's lost cat found nailed under floorboards

How does one go about obtaining a patent on an invention? n/t

Sally's Apizza in New Haven, CT

Can I get a W00t?

I am so damn sick of hearing about the "obtusity epidemic"

Who'd like to fondle my cod piece?

Who'd Like to Fondle My Codfish Cake?

Anybody willing to take a look at my new resume?

For those interested - Great interview with Trey Anastasio on Charlie Rose

Just got my Kerry for President lapel pin - ask me anything!

Reports: Julia Roberts to have twins

My cat ate all your Damn fishes!

A Softer Bush, (warning ! It's from a sexist site )

I am so damn sick of hearing about the "obscurity epidemic"

If one more Christian tries to convert me...


'Sorry' sign to ease road rage

I am so damn sick of hearing about the "obscenity epidemic"

What US cities have the best public & private schools?

What's your price? How much to vote for *?

Lookin' down from a brand new perch.

Need advice re: salon etiquette.

Would you install Windows XP on the following PC/conditions:

What do you feed YOUR goldfish?

This is soooo crappie.

Welcome to South Dakota thinking!

An avalanche of sad stories and poor grammar

Film buffs: don't miss "Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring"

Lost and Found....What have you found?

I bought underwear on Ebay. Does that make me weird, sick and perverted?

I just have one question.

David Sedaris is going to be on Anderson Cooper 360 tonight ...

Anyone here ever watch "Mission Hill"?

I made it...

DU Gathering Sunday, June 27, 1pm Volunteers?

cafepress sellers

That walmart commercial

What is your favorite type of commercial?

10 year olds casued $500,000+ in damage.

It's daytime, but I'm singin' the blues in the night...

Reports: Steve Roberts to have twins

Anyone see 'The Bicycle Thief'?

For bass players only.

So. Mom's got Alzheimer's. Now what?

Did I mention I have a cat.

Report: If Oral Robers Has Been a Twin....

My li'l buddy

Economists - what's going on here?!?!

Post a descriptive sentence from a favorite work of fiction

I collect state quarters and today I got a Florida...

Most people don't even know what carps are.

Looking for good / cheap 30-06 non-steel ammo

Man dies after winning vodka-drinking competition

I'm thinking about getting a Toyota Corolla, is this a good choice?

High School Angst Movies!

Anyone else shit scared of going to the dentist?

Top 10 Shows that Started Out Great But Ultimately Sucked ...

I am so damn sick of hearing about the "obesity epidemic"

Post your patio, yard, pond, flower garden pics

LOL, "But I don't have nearly enough cats..."

Is there any free anti-spy software?

So much for movie ratings... "The R Card"

Anyone know when the hell the Daily Show is coming back?

Caption Condi

Honky Tonk Lemonade

Submit cool indie band sites here, please.



Open your mouth a little wider when you speak.

Be the FIRST to NOT REPLY to this thread!

Weirdest neighbour you've ever had?

My plaice? Or yours?

Sooo, for what would you sell your soul?

share your spider relocation success stories..

What Do You Call Your Mom?

I put a pond in my backyard over the weekend

Sooo, for what DID you sell your soul?

Somebody that went to Bible school help me out.

How many generations of your family attended college?

Do you wear glasses (or contacts)?

Caption the King of Headaches


Looking for opinions re: Teen Sex

What's your favorite novel?

So, now that I've been elected to the Democratic National Convention

Your Top 10 favorite TV shows ever

How old were you when you first saw porn?

Give me two words you are SICK of hearing

ME: "Sorry, you have the wrong number." -- THEM: (Click.)

ALL of my patients cancelled dental appointments today - 3 hrs notice

Bush To Legalize Carbs For Atkins Sufferers

Bush could be accused of conduct unincumbent

DUers in the "other" 30 states

In five words by Langston Hughes, Kerry aides hear slogan

Edwards a hit as possible veep pick

View John Kerry's new ad here.

Kerry Unveils U.S. Defense Plan in TV Ad

That Alexandra Polier - what a tart. It's old news. It's not useful.

Clark supporters helped push the "Kerry intern" story

Really disappointed we can't discuss the Polier article.

The ABC's of Bush-Cheney negative ad campaign

Disgusting blogspot ad

Clarkies, get your WesPac video here:

Why do Dumb People Vote Bush? Can Kerry Target Stupid Voters?

So what is Kerry's new slogan?

Kerry visits Portsmouth for Memorial Day parade

When do the SD polls close?

Narrow loss will do, says Diedrich in S.D.

One Way McCain Might Run for VP

Report on Kerry visit to Green Bay Wisconsin

In Democratic Strongholds in NJ, voters not yet strong on Kerry

I'll tell you this...Alexandra Polier ain't no Monica Lewinsky!

Do you think they are already planning Kerry's Impeachment?

When will Kerry pick his VP?

Where to find John Kerry's positions? Running into 'swing' or should

If there's one thing that could turn me into a repuke...

Flip-flopper in Chief


What if McCain were heading the GOP ticket

Does Kerry support the notion of runoff elections?

The Kerry 'Intern' Speaks