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Archives: June 10, 2004

Salon/Blumenthal: Rewriting the Script (Reagan's presidency)

Think tanks shrines to the double standard

Epitaph and Epigone (Dowd)

Salon: Nader's Republican Pipe Dream

Coming of Age Before Reagan

Journalists should have been more skeptical about Iraq war buildup

World Socialist Web Site: Ronald Reagan: An Obituary

The Contented Cynic---by William Marvel

Paper Ballots, Hand Counted? - A question for your election officials

partisan Google???

Why does Dennis (a small "man") Miller still have a show?

EU agrees to AMD request to investigate Intel again

Score! Accenture Blocked by House Committee

India facing skilled labor shortage

What is China's beef with Chen?

Dear hard-working, under-appreciated mods,

A small curiosity...

Voluntary pullout of Gaza Strip settlers to start in August

Cosby Gets Cheers, Lerner Gets Death Threats

The Flight they say didn't happen

SF mayor's gay marriage stand brings out Hollywood heavyweights


Dayton-Montgomery Co. KERRY Office Open!

Here in Austin Reagan Procession trumps severe weather

The Bush Crime a Month Club

Woooo Woooo

four more days untill 1000 days

"I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him!"

Meanwhile...Back in Iraq...

Why don't they bring back the $100,000 bill for Reagan?

WOW! The most partisan funeral remarks I've ever heard.

Help me with my list : The Reagan reality . . . .

I have a beef with some of these mourners

Could someone help me out

does anyone realize

Ron Jr.

Go Here - Too Funny

CNN Exposed....

Antonio Banderas : "Spain right to pull out of Iraq"

What's Going On? Who Died? I Have Not Watched TV This Week.

dickless is on the tube talking out his smirk

there will never be another freak like ronald reagan, seriously

Just read it and it really is that SCARY (Torture Memo)

DFP columnist on RR: Lack of concern for poor a dubious legacy at best

The BFEE stayed away from the capitol today.

so did Chaney drag Nancy up to her husband's casket for a photo-op?

Reagon and PATCO

Reichwing-has tax breaks; Kerry should push for $10.00 min wage

those who forget reaganhistory are doomed to repeat it....

Reagan TV/Radio that doesn't suck

Wolf Blitzer sucks!!

Article on the Protocol for Presidential Funerals

It is said that this has been a good week for Bu$h.

PFAW Flag Amendment alert

Geezers! Was St Ronnie a version of "George Wallace Lite"?

More on Ron Jr. — someone give this guy a talk show!

Reagan Jr. blasts gotta love it...

No to Nader

Here's something to stare blankly at & drool besides reagan's coffin:

This schmuck on Tweety's show now, the former head of

Anybody else hear William Pitt on WPFW today?

The Dumbass Files: Dumbest Things Ever Said On FR

Question about volunteer organizations

Did they really have to send a freakin' 747 to pick up Reagan's body?

partisan Google???

A Nice Guy's Nasty Policies - Robert Scheer

Anyone a subscriber to Zogby or Gallup?

How into politics is your significant other?

For once, I disagree with Will Pitt. I watched ...

I Haven't Watched or Paid Attention to Any Reagan Stuff all Week!

Should I pursue my master's?

non-political? Pistons or Lakers

Remember this thread....?

I just got a story picked up on Majority Report!!!

I have kept the television turned off this whole week and won't

That's it, I've heard all I can stand regarding what a great...

It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, World

The Onion: Reagan's Body Dies

Very Disappointed

New book links Atta, drugs, strippers, Jeb Bush, flight school.

The White House culture that led to prisoner abuse

Ted Rall v. Greg Palast: Who had the better Raygun tribute?

DU this poll about Reagan on the $10 bill...

I found this on FR and was amazed! it must have been a troll posting

Howard Stern: "There could be rocks in there for all we know"

LA TIMES - Kerry Has Solid Lead Among Voters Nationwide

Please read this quote from Darryl "Warmonger" Worley:

Navy letter to the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth

Funny Onion bit....

I'm reading Guns, Germs, and Steel and came across this

Humour - 'left' vs. 'right'

Anybody see Tweety and Fineman spinning tonight?

Move up from that simple tin foil hat!

Say what you will about Reagan (and I'll likely agree), but consider this.

Lets put it this way we need to make Reagan's funeral the GOP's. . .

Nightline doing Reagan...but more critical

DU this stupid Hannity poll right away.

We need to make Reagan's funeral the GOP's Wellstone's memorial

GOP and neonazis collecting sigs for Nader in Arizona:

Poor Freepies. A $10 Reagan Is All They Got.

O'Reilly is saying that it has been reported that Clinton is livid. . .

The Dreaded L-Word

Go Vote In Hannity's Poll!

How Like a Republican

GOP says N.Y. would be swell with Zell

My 9-year-old's essay "Why George Bush Should Go" gets an A+!!

Barbara Bush looks like she just finished digging clams


This should be on Reagan's tombstone...

Hey, have you all heard the big news?

A Treat for DU'ers who don't remember Poppy Bush! He will speak at Funeral

Conservatism's Crawl Toward Fascism

We need to lobby Rosalyn and Jimmy Carter now

The Republican Party is the party of Lincoln...

Heard an amazing report this evening on CBC/Radio Canada--Kirkuk

William F. Buckley still says "Negro?"

Reagan played decisive role in Saddam Hussein's survival in Iran-Iraq war

Nightline is actually pointing out some of Reagan's bad points!

A Special Song to Remember Ronald Reagan - My Heart Bleeds!

FOX News Alert: Reagan still dead.

Does Reagan rise from the dead on the 3rd or 4th day?

Nightline evaluating Bonzo's regime

Here is the Reagan Fountain Memorial in California

We should use Friday to help correct problems that Reagan created...

rush is promising to play the misleading wellstone clips tomorrow

Do you consider From the Wilderness credible?

BIG NEWS FROM LBN: Justice Department bracing for Supreme Court defeat

Ronald Reagan and homelessness. The connection?

"Dawn of the Daddy State " (The Atlantic)

Celebs pack 'Fahrenheit 9/11' Special Screening in BevHills

KEEP THIS KICKED, Use the flag in a protest rally and go to JAIL.

Bye Now

o'reilly says reagan spent 6 billion on aids

There were hardly any blacks at that Reagan funeral.....

Regardless of politics,I feel bad for Eva Braun

Hate to sound like such an "EvilDUer" but

Today's ugly truth toons

Repukes Are Trying To Create Their Own "FDR" In Reagan

Does anyone have a link to article about permanent Iraq bases?

Was anybody here brave enough to watch Michelle Malkin on Fox?

Poor Nancy.

Anyone seen ""Orwell Rolls in his Grave" yet?

Peggy Noonan orgasms live on national TV

Sam Donaldson skewers * publicly.

CIA COUP D'ETAT: Bush, Cheney Indictments in Plame Case Looming

All this drooling over Reagan is typical Republican slight of hand.

The Daily Show - A rogue organization has been supporting

Just wondered what the deal was with the "riderless horse"

Bush Evil Empire to be Overthrown by CIA?

Urgent Request. Refuting someone. Need links to conservatives critical

Vernon Robinson: Illegal Alien - a perspective

hannity wants to know if we agree to have Raygun on the $ 10 bill

Urk, I didn't 'get' Letterman's joke about the "Bush Lie"...just now

If they rename the "Pentagon" to the "Reagan"

Bush Is No Reagan, But...

I was just insulted by a freeper! And it Felt GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This website only for radicals?

On CNET: "Nowhere to hide: who really reads your e-mail?"

Bush Twins may give campaign speeches

Would You Date a Republican?

Sorry, but I'm embarrassed by all the Reagan butt kissers here.

Don't Just Question Reagan's Lunacy.

Congressman Bill Lipinski Close to Retirement

The White House culture that led to prisoner abuse

TIA now verifies flight of Saudis

Major Layoffs At Wilson Greatbatch

CNBC Cuts Ties to Professional Wrestler (For Munich Nazi Gestures)

Critics question Reagan legacy

Shia cleric seeks Bush apology for Iraq atrocities

Judge Rejects Passenger Data Lawsuits

Attacks on Iraqi pipelines, oil installations, and oil personnel

Offering Ministry, and Early Release, to Prisoners

Court Hears Nuclear Waste Dump Clean Up Case

Dutroux judge's phone 'tapped'

Polish Army Confirms Its Soldiers Were Killed in Mortar Attack (rev story)

11 Chinese killed in Afghanistan attack

UN resolution fails to win Iraqi hearts

3 jailed for school torture

Police union's picket line halts work on convention

Group of Hub anarchists converges on G8 Summit


Economy provides no boost for Bush

Poll shows dissatisfaction with Bush

Ex-Detainees Sue Companies for Their Role in Abuse Case

Labour fears third place in today's elections

Engines used in banned Iraqi missiles found in Jordan

The U turn that saved the Gipper

Higher-Ranking Officer Is Sought to Lead the Abu Ghraib Inquiry

U.S. General: Iraq Police Training a Flop

US military to cut back troops in Germany

Bob Woodward Criticizes Iraq Reporting

Skinheads fight their 'holy war'

NYT: Between 2 First Families, a Complicated Rapport

Florida orders new purge of voter list

MND warns attack could come soon - Taiwan

Kerry Has Solid Lead Among Voters Nationwide

U.S. PPI delayed due to new calculation problem

Bush opens new rift over Middle East plan

Religious Leaders Would Be Allowed More Freedom to Participate in Partisan

Crown Prince launches attack on conservative Japan

Move Seen to Press Banks to Deal With Embassies

Rescue team thwarted by Bromo's fury - Volcano Indonesia

House Panel Votes to Block New Nuclear Weapons (A Bush Loss!)

WP: Religious Groups Resist Change in Tax Laws

Largest US Embassy slated for Baghdad.

Auto unions warn of China overcapacity

Dismay at attempt to find legal justification for torture

Can we just start calling ******, "he who must not be named" or Voldemort?

I was trying to be nice...

"Until totalitarian towers crumbled"

March of Dimes enters fight to keep FDR on dime.

Onion - Kerry Names 1969 Version of Himself Running Mate

Good thing Reagan wasn't a Jew

Oh thank you so much, ignore is back

Can you tell me where my country lies?

The new language adopted by the Republican party platform in Texas,

The Triplets of Belleville

Berman/Bragga relinquishing some daily duties on "Enterprise"

Bush-Zombie Reagan in '04

Blazing Saddles is on the Family Channel

Who likes the smell of fresh laundry that's hung out in the sun to dry?

sssssssshhhhhhh-I can't make Reagan jokes in my house

How I will honor Ronald Reagan on Friday

Who likes the smell of fresh farts???

what do you do with thin skinned liberal pals too timid to speak out?

Fuck You Very Much, The FCC


4 decades of Peter, Paul, and Mary on PBS.

Should I pursue my master's?

non-political? Pistons or Lakers

The Titanic In 30 Seconds

Picture instructions with no words

Well, since everyone's been showing off their pussies. . .

Serious Ronald Reagan Poll..............

Should I pursue my master's?

What's really in Reagan's coffin?

This pic is hilarious.

Rhino releases another Ed Wood classic on DVD...

need a link to spybot and adaware please...

Hey! I just made up a joke! (timely topics, too!)

"More people should see this. Their opinions of matcom may change."

So, I gotta make a speech at my friend's wedding next month

Rediscovering my music collection during this "No TV week."

Can I come out of my basement yet?

Improving IT industry? Nope. But that's okay, some demand is returning.

The Offical Bush-ZombieReagan Website

Just for the record....

Its the Michael Jackson ep of South Park!

Wow! Reagan is like Lincoln!

instead of putting raygun on any of the money...

What's YOUR problem?

Gotta love this great land of ours

Whose Game? Anyone know any good lawyers?

It was my birthday yesterday

Once again, Jon Stewart shoves it up Ashcroft's butt!

Any dog psychologists out there?

Cool thought on Nightline "Reagan helped those most that needed it least"

To other DU pacifists

Why is Rush Limbaugh sending his people to Milwaukee?

Mexicos worst criminals listen to Mozart and get aroma theropy...

Is Hannity making money from us?

Parking officials face off with furious English drivers

Bush had a nice tie on today

"Reno 911!" It was all a bad dream?!

Hey, have you all heard the big news?

Everyone hear should check out a band called DJ in food for DJs

"I see by your outfit that you are a cowboy"

Why do people use spyware?

How Many Members of DULL are around tonight?

Is it possible to boil an egg too long?

Caption this non-* related photo.....

My dog just nabbed a couple of buffalo wings


Absolutely Fabulous!

Is this for real? launching a Trabant from a Carrier catapult?

Who else hates hard-boiled eggs?

Can Cat's eat Potato Chips?

Are all of Kid Rock's songs about Kid Rock?

I'm content with my paleness.

A Compliment She Won't Refuse

Indiana Jones and Raiders of the Lost Ark

Christopher Walken on Letterman right now

Enough about Reagan, Bush, Iraq, let's Zen out.

Ruby Don't Take Your Love to Town

Let's DU this poll to annoy punk ass Hannity.

Please describe yourself using only one word. weighs in...Reagan supporters, hide this thread now...

Don't you just love the smell of fresh laundry?

I saw the weirdest movie in the world last night (coarse language)

I just watched "Secondhand Lions" on DVD.

Win a Dream Date with a Dingbat!

Ever heard of

Has anyone noticed how...ahem...short-term visitors from across the aisle.

Who else here is a FARKer?

Dutch tanker spills 9000 gallons of pig blood on German highway

OK...You've got a smoker - will it be Ribs? Or Brisket?

What was #1 on the Billboard R&B/Soul chart the day you were born?

"Do Democrats believe their own predictions?"

If Kerry were to announce his VP choice early next week...

The Freedom of Choice Act - The Best Way to Protect Abortion Rights

North Carolina may be better than we think

What bands will play at the Republican Convention this fall?

LA Times Poll Shows Kerry With Solid Lead Nationwide 51-44

Please go to and vote in the poll

Sam Nunn for VP approve or disapprove?

The oil factor- Frontline (India)

Defining torture

Justifying torture brings shame to U.S. - Toronto Star

Hedgehogs by Arianna Huffington

Onward Christian soldiers

The Roots of Abu Ghraib

The torturers among us

A Lovely Cover for this Week's "Portland Mercury"

Billionaire banks on defeating Bush

Ed Garvey: Right wing now hijacking PBS by moving to control content

Asia Times "Iraq: A Perplexing Predicament"

The sailors on the carrier really DID request Bush's photo-op

Honors for President Reagan

Fight Fire With Compassion

A Tough Time for 'Neocons'

Washington is now free to give up on its East Asian allies

NYT: Between 2 First Families, a Complicated Rapport

Chomsky on Reagan's Legacy -- by Amy Goodman

The Wal-Mart Myth

A Neocon Job

Gorby had the lead role, not Gipper

WaPo Op/Ed: A Plunge From the Moral Heights

Put Reagan's Image on the Black Budget

RE: Crossing the Line

Timothy Garton Ash (Guardian Utd): Beyond the west

How to make the G-8 "club" a little less cozy

Tortured reasoning

What if W Were President in WWII?

Dissenting on Reagan on Latin America

'Obstruction' charges not sticking

I'll Piss On His Grave

The myth of Al-Zarqawi

Security obscures why administration sought memos on uses of torture

Spite the vote?

Molly Ivins: The day the Constitution died (must read)

CBS poll: most believe amendment has no place in election

Text of Bush News Conference

The Gang of Four (Limbaugh, Gingrich, Falwell, Hyde) - WHOA!

An American in The Hague?

NOTICE: Documentary-makers seek Chicago '68 DNC attendees.


That dumb-ass blond on Fox

Pagan people: Need some Totem help/input.

Hey Mobile / Palm Users, I need your help PLZ!!!

How do you control your anger?

FUN FACT: Titan and Ganymede are larger than Pluto and Mercury

Kind of morbid, but... the Deathlist

Euro Falls on EU Clash, Rate Speculation

Reagan Legacy - Budget lies- so "improving" deficit is due to high est.

U.S. Import Prices Rise by Most in a Year (1.6% in May -twice forecast)

SCO financial losses mount

May PPI Data Postponed

Fed May Double Rate Target for 12/04 (to 2% - but some guess 2.25%)

Apple Launches Faster Power Mac G5 Computer

Politics hold sway in Biscuit logging, wilderness plan

British Fuel Cell Company Scraps IPO Plans - Reuters

Volcanoes Keep Rumbling In East Java, Sangihe - Reuters

Wisconsin North Woods Rapidly Losing Native Species, Biodiversity

Study Ranks Bush Plan to Cut Air Pollution as Weakest of 3

Did Eco-Collapse Bring Down The Khmer Empire? Archaeologists Probe Angkor

Brazil Starts DNA Bank for Endangered Plants

Aquatic Plant Clogging Venezuelan Center For Oil Exports

Green anger as Sellafield misses EU deadline

Longest Antarctic Ice Core Ever Recovered Reaches Back 740,000 Years

Man's Best Friend(border collie) Is Also a Good Listener(like apes/dolphin

Demand For Hybrids Prompts $5,000 Dealer Markups, Waiting List Auctions

U.S. researcher warns MOX fuel plan is too costly - JP

Bangladesh An Ecological Basket Case

Go ahead, talk to your dogs

butylated hydroxytoluene:a proven,potent.anti-viral agent:Hep-C,AIDS

27,000 Pelicans Disappear From N. Dakota Wildlife Refuge

Human Rights Watch: Bush Policies Led to Abuse in Iraq

A tale of infidelity, murder, God and SMSes

Flight of Namibia's air traffic controllers

Africa crashes rich nations' party

Newly named Liberian rebel chief dies

Cars fall as bridge collapses in China

Ex-Mitsubishi Motors president arrested over fatal accident

Ex-banker held over money laundering - JP/HK/CN/CH

Shinjuku strip faces reckoning - JP

Bush Security:-plane almost shot down as controllers do not tell Security

My object all sublime....

Today's "Reading Pleasure": Racists See Faces

GUNS IN THE NEWS--June 10, 2004

Confession leads to murder charges in dispute over tennis shoes


Help Brandon Shut Down Bryco Arms

24-hour camera surveillance in city is part of bigger plan (MD)

"'No Guns' Signs Come Down in Ohio"

Can I do this?

no question, just a compliment

can we rename this place to "Reagan Underground" for a day

I just spent 3 and1/2 hours typing in a new post in the science forum.

Hmmm...buggy -- "edit time expired" after 3 seconds?


Is It A Violation of DU's Rules

Just curious

Google and Yahoo searches on DU+username

Can I ask why a post was deleted

Maybe I missed it... Why are my PM's being sent regular email?

The Address For Protest Is Labor's Headquarters

Israeli, Palestinian advertisers push 'campaign for peace'

Haaretz (Thursday): Rightist MKs protest plan to compensate settlers

An aria for Allah

A pessimistic strategic future

Israeli shells devastate Lebanese farms

Feds Exaggerated Padilla Case? - CBS

GOP: Budget vote could cloud Obama’s horizon

If anyone is interested

The Language of Neo-Cons

Jim McGovern Campaign Event - 6/15 - 7:30 pm

'Mayor for all Allentonians, rich or poor' remembered

Ex-solicitor testifies in grand jury probe

Ex-Phila. official, lawyer charged in ticket-fixing

Win an autographed John Kerry campaign poster: Allyson Schwartz site!!

Win an autographed John Kerry campaign poster: Allyson Schwartz site!!

Will Kucinich be allowed to speak at the June 19th state convention?

OK -- Official DU/Wisdems Gathering -- 10 p.m. Friday

Fahrenheit 9/11 Opens June 25, here in WI

Anyone from Janesville?

Bush plans Washington state visit June 17

Seattle folks, come see the Seattle Lesbian and Gay Chorus

66 Things to Think About When Flying Into Reagan National Airport

Question: Has MSNBC posted the document that Ashcroft refused to provide?

OFranken giving Palast hard time on AAR rerun

a question someone asked me today that got me thinking . . .

Another Incredible Scoop "From the Wilderness"!

Which one of these does not belong with the others?

Fed Appeals Ct says no more secret trials...IN CONNECTICUT!!!!

Why hasn't anyone mentioned the Reagan admin's courageous attempt...

I saw the Daily Show with Biden's scathing remarks at Ashcroft.


What if Reagan's casket fell, he rolled out, he got a head injury . . .

What the hell is an "arbitrage?"

Lets call a spade a spade, the NeoCons are FASCISTS by definition.

Someone please send Faux News a box of tissues.

I wake up at 5:58. I pour a cup of coffee with one eye open. I log on

How long before a movie is made about Abu Grahaib?

Oh M-gawd! I just realized the possible parrarel between

for a very interesting picture of bush and

The Gimp vs the Gipper--W's Reagan Mistake

For those of you in the UK (or if you can get BBC)

I wonder how many more listeners AAR has obtained in the early

Old Reagan Movies on Turner Classic Films Channel....ALL DAY

I'm sorry, but I feel bad for some conservatives.

Rove wants Dubya to declare 6-months of mourning for Reagan....

Racial element to the Iraq "war"

Archeology BIG find

how long til toby keith records 'win one more for the gip"

Study Finds Senior Exams Are Too Basic

Tenet was hung out to dry on dubious information

Excerpts from the ENRON tapes. These bastards are unbelievable!

I will NOT use reagan currency

Senator Frank Lautenberg on AAR right now (8:28 a.m.ET)!!!!

George Orwell on Nationalisim

So is he in the Ground yet?

Fox, you've got to love them: The "Greta Poll" on Ashcroft

WOO HOO! Latest LA Times Poll: Kerry 51; bush* 44!!!

To average voters, does Reagan make Bush look even worse?

Puke alert: NCLB "statue" unveiled

Funny Raygun and Air Traffic Controllers thought?

Phil Grahm on CNN Just said Ronnie balanced the budget in 95!

What's going to happen to Asscrack?

enough, already about RR. how many have read R. Clarke's book?

Why Isn't Ashcroft Imprisoned?

Cuomo on CSPAN right now

MoDo: "George W. Bush is a bummer"

Torture in Iraq - Let's Tell the Arab World How We Feel

My New Ronald Reagan Armpit Tattoo!............

It's Morning In America...again

Wonkette is hilarious today

I despise Juan Williams

Mario Cuomo rockin' on Washington Journal

Page 69 in Richard Clarke's book is fascinating.

Religious Right denies lifesaving aid to Africans

How Will You Spend your Federally Mandated Day of Mourning

Basic Knowledge or Trivia Pursuit Knowledge?

I fried an egg this morning and Ronnie's face appeared in the egg

Dowd: Bush the bummer trying to syphon off of Reagan's image

LA TIMES Poll: Voters Shift In Favor Of Kerry. 7 Point Lead.

Is the media starting to point out the absurdity of the Reagan funeral?

I do believe that this proloooonged funeral and RW worshipping of RR

Howard Dean on FOX news at 11:30 this morning.

What should the Republican slogan be?

14 Bases in Iraq? Links?

The Compleat Gentleman, New on the Conserv. Book Club

Pew Survey: Only 29% of Republicans Trust FOX News

What, Me Worry?

The real significance of Reagan for the Republican Party

Did anyone sign to approve this ad by True Majority for Arab TV?

Humvee blown up by an IED in iraq

Compare and Contrast: Why Reagan's Death is Going to Hurt *.

Clinton vs Reagan

We will BURY the G.O.P. along with their's hammer time

Do Federal Employees really need another day off?

NOTHING can be worse than this! NOTHING! you'll see

(CAN) Why are the New Conservatives running such wierd ads?

Look, people, "Unfiltered" in AAR has the best compilation of anti-RR

To be a Republican in 2004: E-mail

Freepers and the French

AAR "Unfiltered" having a spoof of Kerry on vacation with Teresa

Does anyone believe that if Andropov or Brezhnev had lived thru the 80's

So how much is this costing?

reason for Abu Ghraib torture >>> money

Reagan TV coverage still going strong

Reagan scripted funeral to last detail

You CANNOT tell the Truth about Reagan WITHOUT bashing him

Calling all Show me Staters...

bUsH news conference today

Josh Marshall: Bush campaign's clinging to Reagan sign of desperation

Repubs confuse "uniting" their Party with "uniting" our nation....

As is often the case with a Dowd piece...

Must read-Rall shares his hatemail from hannity's brownshirts!

Deeper meaning to our grief (Great LTE About What We Are Really Mourning)

The Pub Sheep should get over it. Bush is not in the Best Interest for us

Nancy Reagan emerges as public icon

Ted Rall coming up next on AAR

In case the unthinkable happens and George gets a second term...

This is too good: Alan Colmes used to be a STAND-UP COMEDIAN

Democrats willing to compromise with Repubs about Reagan on currency?

How would you have planned Reagan's Funeral?

A new "October Surprise"?????

Ironic media worship of one flag draped casket. Where are the others?

New Bush Ad planned: Reagan saying "Win 1 for the Gipper, George"! poll: Enough with Reagan's death already?

In case the unthinkable happens and George gets a second term...

Rumsfeld 'told officers to take gloves off with Lindh'

Robin Williams Peace Plan

Reagansploitation is HERE: “George, go out and win one for the Gipper.”

bushgang spied on Hans Blix

Whose God Do You Serve?

MUST READ:Women seeking abortions were tricked!

A nice place to commemorate Ronald Reagan...

Jobless Claims Up but Recovery Still Seen

Change on Air America's website...Good or bad news?

United States Cited As Violater Of Workers Rights

The further diebolding of our poll votes on

Planes Crashing into Buildings - Fatwas on Website May 2001

Jeb gives 2.4 mil. to film/TV - vetoes 1 mil. for alt. energy research

A nice place to commemorate Ronald Reagan...

DUer's of color: Would you stand in line five hours to pay final respects

Franken takes the gloves off and will go at Ronnie today

I HAD A HORRIBLE THOUGHT (re:Fahrenheit 9/11)

Who should be on currency - my two ¢

This Guy is so graceless its just not funny...

New Hannity Poll:

Rumsfeld 'told officers to take gloves off with Lindh' (and Berg?)

Are there any right wing pundits you can tolerate?

L.A. Times Ohio poll has Bush leading 45-42

BBV: If you agree with this, let me know

David Brock and Franken on O'Reilly (O'Coward) Show (email)

Does anyone have a quick list of the

Photo: Bush Checks Out Hamid Karzai

Please read my LTTE before I send it in.

Bush kissing up to the "cheese eating surrender monkey"

Craig Unger on O'Franker now.

im building up my post numbers

WOLFUCKWITZ just walked past the coffin with a CRIPPLED SOLDIER

Prevaricating PNAC'ers new Book of Sociopathological Mythology

Here's a poll that bears scrutiny and perhpas participation

Detainees' Medical Records Shared

When will the creeps get tired of playing with the Dead Reagan?

Winning the Battleground states.

Call To Action - 9/11 - Channel that Anger

Bush and Chirac Break Any Tension With a Joke About Food (NYTimes)

Did you hear where PARIS (France) wants to outlaw/forbid SUVs?

Bush is A Rovian Republican

Headlights on in honor of RR?

Jennifer Granholm is pretty cool...

anyone else feel a draft?

93 years old

Why do Americans always dress like they're headed to Reagan's funeral?

LA Times: Kerry Leads Bush by 7

Most Reagan Mourners are overweight, some disrespectful of flag

"We Will Brock You" right now on "O'Franken Factor"

"I hope Kenny Rogers is in good health" - Witty Reagan Commentary

On AAR (Unfiltered) they suggested to NAME the deficit REAGAN.

Reagan: A Contrary View

The Las Vegas strip will go dark tomorrow night for RR??? Oh, give me

New Bush book to drool over! -- "Bush On The Couch"

A Tribute to Ronald Reagan - in song

Would you like to see President Ronald Reagan on Mt. Rushmore?

Bill Clinton for SCOTUS. What do you think?

Robert Kennedy............did media forget???

In Central America, Reagan Remains a Polarizing Figure

CSPAN 2 now (et) DNC panel on the Irq situation...ex soldier and general

Anti-Reagan comments on DU make my local progressive weekly

Reagan won 68 Medals He is Greatest.

When the DRAFT starts, this War will come to a Screeching Halt

Would we be better off if there were no political parties....?

US Directed Terror Attacks Against Saddam! (NYT)

DU this AOL poll on Reagan

Holy Smokes - Bush favorability drops 18% in one damn day!

Congress preference DEMS 54% GOP 35% LA times poll

Reagan a Compassionate man. Some facts.

Markets Closed on Friday...Follow up

What's up with Dubya's legs in this photo?

What a schmuck....

And Another Thing

An Edsel Not an Empire -- Conservative labels Bush "total failure"

Ted Rall on Hannity (transcript)

DU member Oscar`s writings re: BHT as an anti-viral on 1st page of google

Cute cartoon -- * says bye-bye

All DU AOL members

David Brock reminding us to sign the petition to get Limbaugh off AFR...

"Nightline": RWR and stem-cell research

LA Times Poll: Kerry lead grows to 7 points

How long can Bill Hemmer's (CNN) Reagasm last?

The Electoral Vote Count: Bush 273, Kerry 231

Just want to say - tomorrow is 6/11

Howard Zinn on NOW (3pm et)

The Efforts To Rename Every Building After Reagan Are Cynical Ploys...

Good Gawd! Look what my obnoxious brother sent me! article in Alternative Press...

PLEASE DU this forum

O'Reilly quotes fictitious French periodical as evidence of $$$ lost...

Welcome to the O'Franken Factor - you're a pinhead - GOODBYE!!!!

I thought the chimp* put a hold on his tv commercials?

Bush answering questions on CNN from reporters.

On July 1...will the US forces be the occupation force? the private

RAY CHARLES!!!!!!!!!! WE WILL MISS YOU, SIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

More deserving of a week of mourning:

Freep THIS poll!

Comparing Reagan & Bush Using A Baseball Analogy

DU this poll on Clinton at Raygun's funeral!!

How did you feel about Gorbachev in the 80's?

Bush holding hands--what to make of these photos?

Hot new fashion trend, liberal patriotism.

Unfreep this moronic poll!!! (Reagan on Mt. Rushmore???)

Just because you say it, doesn't make it so....

Appropriate use of RR name: The Ronald W. Reagan Memorial National Debt

Are the Geneva Accords the same as a Treaty

Clearly Reagan was nuts at the end of his Presidency!

How many times will Bush mention 9/11 and the war on "terror" tomorrow?

Check in here if you oppose Reagan AND support thoughtful criticism AND...

Who remembers when Ray Charles was on Sesame Street?

Wes Clark says BushCo have taken wrong lessons from Reagan -- on NPR

Why is it "unpatriotic" to show the flag draped caskets of fallen soldiers

online link to Bush Press Conference? help?

I used to like the History Channel. Now I feel they are propagandists

What impact did Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein have on you?

Did G.W. Bush approve this ad?

Anyone got some facts about Welfare?

"Booty Chirp" Ad campaign for walkie-talkie phones

Do you make an effort to buy French?

Lester Holt on MSNBC just said...

bush says nato troops unlikely

Great website mentioned on Randi today.

Randi talked about a guy who watched his father tortured to death

Reagan had a Democratic Congress

How many minority faces have you seen in the Reagan lines?

Great Soros interview..

DU member Oscar, writings re:BHTas a potent anti-viral on 1st page google

What moment of the 80s epitomizes the decade for you?

Gore's remarks are death blow for Penelas' bid (from Deutsch Campaign)

bushler declares himself dictator

CNN cuts off a John Kerry Ad to goto Gorbachev

GO VOTE for "stamp" in Hannity's poll

Randi Rhodes thinks that Led Zeppelin is swill!

criticism I found of Reagan

Reagan's Humble Beginnings

OMG Bush is taking questions!

A great article on the Chimp...

The Electoral Vote Count: Kerry 227 - Bush 177

What is the President of Afghanistan doing in Chicago?

Saddams Gun: which story is it???

Howler: EXCRUTIATING story of Reagan in decline in 1986, from Cannon's bio

54-35% LA Times Generic Congressional Poll....Wow!

Why the hell is Las Vegas honoring Raygun?

Anybody Been To

Nightline Changes Program to Ray Charles Tribute

If you were a Republican incumbent, would you be worried about re-election

GOP pays to get Nader on AZ ballot - $3 per signature

The further diebolding of the Hannity poll:

MSNBC - Economy is doing great ! Why isn't it showing for Bush in polls?

We need to start a movement to have Ray Charles put on the $10 bill!

Have Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin heard?

Ron Reagan: "My father crapped bigger ones than Bush"

In Search of the Liberal Media 

So, what do you wish would happen with all of this reagan stuff?

Was Bush lying when he said he told them to "obey the law"...

Freeperish pro wrestler fired from CNBC for Nazi gestures in Germany

Please forgive me. I have TV off.Missed the Bush* manic press

Did the Bushies leak the "torture is O.K." memos?

Who's still left of *'s "coaliation of willing"

Ron Reagan on ChickenGeorge Bush

OMG, he did it again!

Today's Non Sequitur cartoon

pResidet Bush Killed Ronald Reagan..! by denying stem cell research.

Al Franken interview with Amy Goodman of Democracy Now!

Rock & Radiation, not Ronald Reagan, Brought down the Soviet Union

Does this article remind anyone of Crossfire, Capitol Gang & Fox ?

"Remembering Reagan" (Courtesy of BartCop).

The Money Changers: I propose the "Hall of Fame Rule"

The Gang of Four (Limbaugh, Gingrich, Falwell, Hyde) - WHOA!

Some very worthy quotes to share and use for ALL of us these days

Why is Bush so insistent on taking questions only

Someone please tell Randi Rhodes interest rates

Donna Brazile: "Gore right to criticize Penelas"

Interesting thought... what if Nancy / Ron Jr came out and said...

Presidential Smarts?

Just bought a bunch of Ray Charles over at itunes, ask me anything.

Out of the Mouths of Babes (CBS Evening News)

Question about Bush administration "miscalculations"

Which of the following seems most alarming?

Dupe...posted at the same time

Did Nixon ACTUALLY request the Big Dog to deliver RN's eulogy or what?

Representative Jane Harman (D-CA):shocking memo APPEARS TO JUSTIFY TORTURE

Armitage lays down the law to Austraia

Children of the 80's - did you seriously fear WWIII under Reagan?

A picture is worth a thousand words.

A list of positives about Reagan

OUTRAGEOUS - Check out what Reagan's Press Sec. Said About AIDS

Is there a link to a video of *'s G8 speech and Q&A session today?

The Melodrama of the Reagan-O-Rama


Does anyone have a Link to Dim Son's DISASTROUS Press Conference today?

Are we a Kleptocracy now or just a Plutocracy?

About those new Enron tapes.

C-Span2 -7:25 pm- Project for Excellence in Journalism. Interesting. n/t

Poll: Big Labour Losses

If Shrub Inhales/Exhales, Tweety Sez It's "An Amazing Moment"

State Dept. Understated Terrorism Attacks. You gotta see this!

Randi Rhodes is making me laugh

Wingnut "letter" from Saddam and my response

BREAKING NEWS: Ray Charles Dead at 73

Tribute to Ray Charles in The Independant. (Read it if you can)

Look at his feet.

Do you think Shrub suffers from "I'm not good enough for daddy" problems?

Perfect Reagan Tribute: Natl Day of Mourning Federal Holiday

The Explosion of the 9-11 Truth Movement -- U.S. Media's Dirty Little Secr

Major, major bush "Flip Flop" today?

Will cameras be allowed at Saddam trial ?

You mean you didn't say one derogatory thing about Reagan

U.S. Corrects Terror Report...Attacks actually went up

Remembering Reagan - Killer, Coward, Con- Man

Mulroney of Canada (the phony) on with Wolf loving Reagan on CNN

This American Life: I'm From the Private Sector and I'm Here to Help-Iraq

you won't believe what that scumsucking hemhorroid tweet just said

prediction: manic Bush will try and co-opt "optimism" tomorrow,

Protest Pics from the G-8 Summit..

Are democrats not welcome at Reagan's funeral?

Cruelest hoax

If I was Nancy Reagan...

What states will Bush lose that he had last time?

What impact did the movie Spies Like Us have on you?

Who is going to win the Daily Kos Senate race?

Dumbo thinks he's Mandrake the Magician!

Leno joke compares Bush govt. to Nazis

Micheal Moore Hates America

You think your vote doesn't matter? Bozeman MT election hinges on 2 votes!

Jayson Blair: Bush "will go to extraordinary efforts" to win 2nd term

Reagan's Death is Detrimental and Harmful to Bush

Barack Obama for president!

My wife got a call today from the Repub Natl Committee - catch this!

Lets' put these strong feelings about Reagan to constuctive use.

Fahrenheit 9/11 tickets available!

What denomination should Reagan appear on? (bill)

Republican Admitting They're Toast!

URGENT - Monday's House Bill 4520

Petition to remove Rush Limbaugh from Armed Forces Radio

Bush gives into cronies again!

What denomination should Reagan appear on? (coin)

When is it OK to start talking negatively about Reagan?

Looking at this WP pic of Reagan parade, looks like 10s NOT thousands!

Gorby pays his respects.

Rename 'Love Canal'...Reagan Love Canal'

Laura Bush hooked on "Spice"

Changes you would make at Air America

more PHOTOS of the 'throngs' of adoring reaguns fans in DC

Did the Bush Campaign Just Admit That Dems Are Ahead by 10?

What impact did the movie Red Dawn have on you?

Did We the People win the Cold War (through our culture) or did Raygun?

Is anyone here seriously planning to visit Reagan's grave--and piss on it?

Randi says son Michael gave a John-John salute? And Anderson Cooper

Finally. The truth about Cheney REVEALED!

My nephew just got orders for Iraq - I really want Bush* gone

Senator Leahy's Opening Comments During Ashcroft's Testimony on June 8

What's going to happen on 6/11 prediction thread

MEME: Why do you liberals blame America first?

Initial jobless claims rise to 6-week high

"That ought to comfort you. We're a nation of law. We adhere to laws"

Billionaire Soros Banking On A Bush Loss: AP

Very thought provoking article on the specialness of America & Americans.

Did you see Hannity's Bait 'n Switch?

Conservative "Logic" on "Liberal" NPR : P.J. O'Rourke

Regan on $10

WTF? who has a link to the interview where babs bush dissed MLK ???

Bush's demeanor today is =frightening=

Runoff: Greatest U. S. President (1789-Present)?


PROOF that Bush SIGNED a directive authorizing use of TORTURE!

America, you cannot handle the truth !

Ray Charles sang at the RNC in 1984.

Gun Question

Terrorist Attack Statistics Are Bogus, Terrorism May Be At 20 Yr. High

Blew my freeper boss out of the water (re: Reagan worship)

This Friday night's MOYERS - NOW , looks especially good!


A Neocon Job

Report: U.S. can ignore torture treaties

Army Commander Escapes Attack, Nine Dead in Karachi (Pakistan)

UK interest rates rise again...

Menino to fight pickets in court (Boston Labor Dispute At Convention Site)

Lawmakers Troubled by Rowland Allegations

FCC OKs $1.75M deal with Clear Channel

The Bu**sh** answer to "From Bush, Unprecedented Negativity"

House Panel Votes to Block New Nuclear Weapons.

Bush opens new rift over Middle East plan

Polish businessman rescued from captivity in Iraq returns home

Leading gay activist murdered in Jamaica

Democrats, Interrupted: Kerry Campaign Rocks On

Most Reagan Mourners are Seriously Overweight

Lexington soldier killed in Iraq (new KIA :( )

N.C. Teacher Fired for Milk Experiment (chugging)

Sure Fit sets more layoffs (300+ jobs)

Chicago Sun-Times: Padilla's 'dirty bomb' harmless, experts say

Deadly power plants? Study fuels debate

Iraq Group Shows Turk Hostages, Wants Firms Leave

Wes Clark says BushCo have taken wrong lessons from Reagan -- on NPR

US post-transition legacy in Iraq will be negative, ex-adviser laments

Union shielding sought from 'offshoring'

Coca-Cola accused of links with child labour

US lost 4,633 jobs offshore in first quarter: Labor Department

Controversial Commando Wins Iraq Contract

US Air Force chief calls for European competition

Israeli shells devastate Lebanese farms

General in Iraq Abuse Probe Seeks Removal (wtf?)

Human rights groups file racketeering lawsuit over Iraq abuses

Gunmen take police station in Najaf; U.S. military plans to scale down ope

DU member Oscar`s writings re: BHT as an anti-viral on 1st page of google

Mother Told She Must Remove Religious Garb or Leave Yng Children Unatended

Iraq war was 'immoral', says Tutu

War has not increased Australia's terrorism risk: Armitage

U.S. Troubles Move North

Alleged Libyan plot to kill Saudi ruler investigated

Full story on Ray Charles' passing (bow my head in respect)


NYT: (Reagan) Fiscal Legacy: Favoring Tax Cuts...Tolerating Deficits

Police union's picket line halts work on convention (Democratic)

Cop was killed for his gun, authorities say

Libya outraged at NYT article on plan to kill Saudi ruler

Powell urges Latham to drop Iraq troop deadline

Taiwan: "No plan to attack Three Gorges Dam" (as Pentagon suggested!)

Gore's remarks are death blow for Penelas' bid (from Deutsch Campaign)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 10 June

initial unemployment claims rose to 352,000

Reading, writing, and ... war?

UK local elections

URGENT - Monday's House Bill 4520

Rumsfeld May Extend Scope of Iraq Abuse Probe

General: Less Combat in New Iraq Mission

Security precaution hits subways: Is it too much?

Guantanamo List Details Approved Interrogation Methods

World Oil Demand Growth At 24-Year High - NYT

Bush jokes about Iraq war tensions

May PPI Data Postponed

NY Mayor Cleared of Gay-Marriage Charges

G8 summit winds down, clouded by trans-Atlantic acrimony

Biggest EU election gets under way

Rehnquist Panel Launches Judicial Review

Protest Pics from the G-8 Summit..

Action alert Provision Would Allow Clergy to Endorse

Health Insurance Firms Block Parity Bills

GOP says N.Y. would be swell with Zell

Music stars record anti-Bush protest song

British man finds murdered daughter-in-law in fridge

Boot display canceled because of controversy

Bush and Chirac Break Any Tension With a Joke About Food (NYTimes)

Ingushetia no longer welcomes Chechen refugees (+ more on Chechnya)

Nader Submits Signatures for Arizona Ballot

Army withholds chemical attack antidote

Bush: Officials Told to Stay Within Law

Fox News Poll: Kerry Leads Bush (poll taken June 8-9)

Bush's shuffle to the centre

Martha Stewart seeks new trial: gov't lied (MSNBC)

Bush, Blocked by France, Gains No Ground on Iraq Debt (Update3)

Religious Group to Condemn Abuse in TV Ad

Republicans Upset Over Bush Plan to Use Reagan Images, Speeches in Ads

'Force-fed' democracy won't work

Even as economy recovers, undecideds tilt toward Kerry (CSM Poll)

Once a rival, Edwards staying close to Kerry

US U-turn on upbeat terror report

Feds Want More Alaskan Land for Drilling (387,000 more acres)

Tour to Register Voters, Recall Slayings

Human rights group finds Abu Ghraib cover- up

Dane Claims He Witnessed Afghan Abuse (2 years ago)

Linux star Torvalds moving to Portland (Oregon)

Purging of rolls to go slowly (Miami Herald)

In Pivotal Case, Bush Backs Off Rule That Eased Phone Line Fees

Sudanese tell of mass rape

'Barbarians at the gate,' warns Vancouver mayor

'Enslaved' woman to return to India

Think about life without the US: Armitage

Livingston set for narrow re-election as London Mayor

'Or' could stop release of state felon voter lists

Billionaire Soros Banking on a Bush Loss

A Tough Time for 'Neocons'

Bush leaves G8 facing bad political news

Bush: Saddam's Pistol Now U.S. Property

Research Shows Dogs Can Comprehend Words

When the doctor is also the executioner

Conservative Author Rails Against Colleges

RFID-enabled license plates to identify UK vehicles

OAS to investigate Haiti coup, Aristede ouster....

Ray Charles has died

Poll: Kerry Leads Bush by 7 Pct. Points

Australian Inmate at Guantanamo Prison Charged by Pentagon

Government Running $344 Billion Deficit

Baltimore Plans 24-Hour Surveillance

Clearwater security worker killed in Iraq

Christian group wants South Carolina to secede

State Dept. Concedes Errors in Terror Data

Fight over E-voting riles League of Women Voters

Woman pleads guilty to harboring girl in Pembroke Pines home

Baby Wombat!

Bush has a new running mate . . .

take a factory tour . . .

Need help....

I just rated a song called Anthrax as: "Love It"

Kerry names 1969 version of himself as running mate

Kerry names 1969 version of himself as running mate

Woman auctions off voodoo doll of husband

Let's hear it (again) for The Daily Show!

Want to piss off a freeper? Say you support Reagan being put on a dime

So I had my job interview today...

A song for all of the Enron employees who screwed California.

Britney Spears "Blows Out Her Knee" doing scene with Snoop Dogg

There are 8 things wrong in this picture. Can you find them all?

Futurama Inspirations (Bless you late night TV!)

anyone know this group Bright Eyes?

What this country needs is a K-Tel golden oldies compilation CD.

Anyone see the trailer for that movie, "White Chicks"?

Chalk this up to early morning boredom

Have you ever made someone an offer they couldn't refuse?

And here comes the Bride Of Dracula herself!

In "honor" of Reagan-"We've Got A Bigger Problem Now"

What is politics? (joke)

I'm alive

When you can't remember someone's name

Important; Quick Loss Diet Plan

Handcuffed Suspect Steals Unmarked Police Car, Escapes

Handcuffed Suspect Steals Unmarked Police Car, Escapes

Man Threatens To Kill Airport Employees Over Missing Marijuana

Flying toilet leaves its mark on luxury car

Pay tribute to Raygun's funeral by

700 club

A Bloom County Treat for today's state of affairs

Keep tryin Fox

Gratuitous morning kitty post . . . .

It's raining cats and dogs here in Chicago. I was soaked when I walked...

A's move into first place

Man's Dead Body Lies Undisturbed For 20 YEARS In Apartment

DU Buddhists...I'm looking for resources for my kids...

For the office, "terra alert!"

But enough about Reagan, how about J-Lo may NOT be married

Gooooood Morning DU!!!

Worker Dressed As Devil Saves Teenager

What should I do?

Tractor-Trailer Driver Thought Brick Wall Was Highway Exit

Millions flock to corner Taco stand

Irish Music stars record anti-Bush protest song

Government Contractors are forced to take unpaid day Friday

Matcom's Body Lies Undisturbed For 20 YEARS In Apartment

I'm tired, lonely, depressed and angry

Teacher suspended for washing student's mouth out with soap

favorite moe from the simpsons line.....

Riemann Hypothesis proven?

The one thing that Charlton Heston could not pry from your cold dead hands

This just in......

Can you help me diagnose this problem with my son?

Court: Woman Seriously Injured By Foul Ball Can't Sue

Are any North Florida theatres going to show Fahrenheit 911?

Woman Busted Driving With Pet Alligator On Her Lap

Tonight In Search Of:THE most elusive man of the 70's

I really want to cry here.

Motor homes---- Arghhhhhh

If Susan Estrich is a liberal...

New FReeper book, in the tradition of Falwell's Clinton Chronicles

Caption: easy on the egg fried rice..........

Bushgame - a very funny and informative online adventure

What is a catafalque?

Museum Not Appreciative Of Bush* Painting Made With Artist's Semen

Where Did The Time Go?

I haven't cried yet over the Gipper. I'm afraid it might happen...

You are being hypnotized....

Rename the Pentagon the "Spendagon"

Acrobat saves teenager in ferris wheel drama

Stalag 17

Are you familiar with the "Booty Chirp" Ad Campaign?

Cuban bartenders shake their stuff

Caption: Nostalgia special, "the slippery slope"

Caption: Mossad chief sells Junior new Rolex

Win an autographed John Kerry campaign poster: Allyson Schwartz site!!

My former roommate is going to Iraq :(

Caption: That tickles!

Caption: "Usually we stick the knife in the other side"

Caption: Got one in my size?

Caption: Smarty Jones lost his jockey?

This Sign Cracks Me Up Every Time I Drive Past It...

Wile E. Coyote - The perfect GOP Presidential Candidate

DU gathering at the WI Dem convention!

Caption: "Usually we stick the knife in the other side"

OHMYGOD: George Bush says he reads DU everyday!!!! (make your own!)

Interesting trend on p2p sites I visit...

Caption the twister doing the chimp!

Saw Triplettes de Belleville last night

What will be the first words out of Bush 41's mouth when he...

Which Of Your Parents Was The Good Cop & Which Was The Bad Cop?

Saw my first W slash bumper sticker

A joke

David Chappelle as Rick James in a James Bio-Pic? Maybe....

Caption: Putin names Enron top suspect

What the...???

As I procrastinate, I find myself laughing at this pic:

Caption: Junior points out celestial omens to G8 men

Bruce Springsteen is now officially my favorite Dem male celebrity

Guilty 80's song pleasures?

I want to share with you the MOST beautiful picture in the world: ENJOY!!

Caption: Junior leads the G8 men up the garden path again

Celebrity baby picture - Can you guess who this is?

Caption: Junior & Co stranded on the mudflats

Will Iraq be fielding any Olympic Athletes this year?

The Gimp Strikes Again

Mike Gallagher- What a putz

Burning Man...anyone here been?

Now THIS is a great ad for a car!

What's your favorite time of day?

Are DUers unfairly besmirching 'tripe'?

While we are on the subject of dogs......

the chain gang of all CAPTIONs

Shout Out Make Peace

Captions: It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

Check out today's Bush cartoon

Ben Folds is Rockin' the Suburbs!!

Bob Boudelang's Eulogy To Ronald W. Reagan...

Help! I'm addicted to domain names...

What is the tax rate for 50 million dollars?

Smoked monkeys! mmm mmm good

woohoo! we kiLLed another hannity poLL

You must now address me as the Reverend DS1

Does your dog "run" in its sleep?

Anyone else going to see Van Halen in Greensboro tomorrow night?

Today's Boondocks is great!

Research Shows Dogs Understand Language

"This is not a drill!"

Check out this toy president site

Dupe Apparently. lol

Shrub makes new friends....

Question for Mozilla Users

ignore--testing a photo link

Cats Is Useless...

Awesome bumper sticker I saw at work yesterday

Finally, having e-mail has paid off!

Two words: Royalty Sandwich

And you thought your commute to work this morning sucked.

When a New Yorker Runs out of Black Tank Tops.

A little ray of liberal sunshine at a Houston B&N...

Just joined BOMC - getting newest Chomsky, Zakaria, Huffington

GOP Primary Winner Dies On Day Of Vote

Paging "Reverend" DS1 - I Sliced My Drive Into The Pond. Can You Get It???

Can someone post pics of Nancy Reagan wearing her Harry Caray glasses?

"No more thumbs coming down the pike..."

POOP on Dennis Miller!

I got my first hate mail!!

Anyone ever heard of the band Ulan Bator?

Is it getting less paranoid in here, or is it just that

How do you do a screen-grab on a PC?

Would you change your name?

Tell me somethin' good.

Favorite deli meat


Cajun stuffed homeless chicken

Anyone know what that cool tune from the Geico commercials is?

Cheney at the State Funeral...I'm counting...1-2-3-4...four chins.

Apologies to Spelling Freaks for misspelling EXCRUCIATING

Hoist the W

I just entered the 700 Club and found out that I am doomed

The Problem with Kellogg's Corn Pops® Cereal....

fixed...delete mods...

What is all this business about the THONGS of Reagan supporters in DC?

I embarrassed a dear coworker today.

Late night funny men... Who's THE funniest?

Who's funnier, Conan O'Brien or Craig Kilbourne?

The Gallery Lust Thread.

Castellated Usufructs

RandomKoolzip - where have you been?

What should St. Ronnie be the patron saint of? What is his domain?

You know when you have been on DU too long when....

How do I teach myself how to use a sewing machine?

How many ways are there for saying "nothing?"

Damn....You Know...I need to start clicking on all the Pop-Ups.....

Reno911 -- This show is hysterical.

Ferraris don't grow in trees, you know.

A Very Sexy Female Coworker Emailed The Following To Me Today

Cajun stuffed boneless chicken

Jack Parr died last night....anyone here remember him?

Brigitte Bardot Fined For Attacking Gays, Muslims in Book

OMYMYGAWD, check out this great picture

Suggest some newer psychedelic music for me to listen to

Cats Are Useless

freeper in my French class! (rant)

Patti Smith is the Goddess!

3000 POSTS!

What do you think about Martian Weapons and Venetian Weapons?

The New Ronald Reagan building

It's not the heat, it's the humanity...

You know you put too much sugar in your coffee when...

What impact did Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein have on you?

"Fight Club", the videogame

Can streaming video be downloaded or recorded? Is it legal?

The Sovereign State of Virginia

It's not the heat, it's the homology

Reagan finally gives back to the gay community

Who has done more to benefit America?

Goldom's junk mail folder of the day

What would Fahrenheit 911 be in Celcius or Kelvin?

Have you seen the little piggies? Freepers are detritivore scum...

I know it's only Thursday, but what would you name this week?

Banks & The Post Office

Listening to the new Los Lobos album....well !

trof's driving tips: #2.

Bardot fined for 'race hate' book

The Linux Platform is Getting Fat

Today would have been my grandma's 96th birthday.......

My Settlement went through today . . . Ask me anything!!!!


My son's HS graduation ceremony is tonight. I hope that they dont

People never stop baffling me

Who else loves Vidalia onions?

My car was stolen last night -- in front of my bedroom window!

One punch is all it takes to kill

Is Pagerbear Is the Coolest Bear Ever?

Chappelle Gets His 'Freak' On

Who is more unstable...Dennis Hopper in "Blue Velvet" or George W. Bush?

What does it mean to call someone a 'Nancy'?

It's not the heat, it's the humidity

Father finds body of son's wife in fridge

I SO wish I could take a vacation next week...something HORRIBLE is...

When do you plan on seeing Fahrenheit 911?

I will NOT drink Greek Wine anymore, especially on a week night

Just beat the best game ever made.

It's not the feet, it's the hannity

"Mysterious Creature Photographed" - Photo HERE

A Hummer totaled my Nissan today. With me in it!

My cat pictures part one

I guess Hammity's previous poll didn't go his way. Good job people!

bleh, this was dissapointing

Alright, I Have To Ask - What's An Egg Fetishist?

Canucks: Brian Mulroney has REALLY gained weight!



River fans banned for Copa (Libertadores - Argentina) semifinal at Boca

Jamie Cullum -- "Different Kind of Jazz Star"

Caption THIS!

Duck Soup or Horse Feathers ?

Dressed-up pets thread!

Happy Birthday wishes to ZombyWoof!


Bardot Convicted of Inciting Racial Hatred

ex Midnight Oil frontman Garrett to run for office

Let's DU this one too. Come on people for the Gipper.

Jaysus Crist! Why don't we have FUN anymore! Where is there FUN!

A Generational "Thang" Ray Charles Death?

In loving memory: What's your favorite RAY CHARLES song (Part 1)?

Sirius channel 26 is doing a Ray Charles tribute

question about a tool song...

Van Morrison on Ray Charles

Ray Charles died? Time to push what's his name off the television.

Who Would You Rather Have A Beer With? Ray, Ron or George?

In loving memory: What's your favorite RAY CHARLES song (Part 2)?

So, I saw "Monster" last night

Happy Birthday, Dookus!

How's your handwriting?

Damn my beautiful coworkers

How to speak Southern, lesson number 1536

Who has the most punch-able face on TV?

What's the Most Disgusting Thing You've Ever Seen On Television?

Were you an athlete in school?

It's not the heat, it's the heredity

Soccer fans: Who's gonna win the Euro 2004 in Portugal?

Hottest TV Anchorman or Anchorwoman?

For the PC Hardware experts and enthusiasts:

OMG! Ray Charles has died.

is anyone here familiar with Marine Corps lingo?

Where are you..............

Movie, book, album, song titles that make you think of Bush*

Jimmy Kimmel's Show Kicked Off ABC

Anybody want to see what an elfwitch looks like...

Lakers are going to put the smackdown on the Pistons tonight!

Mayo, Hamilton trounce Armstrong in Dauphiné TT up Mont Ventoux

Welcome to my shit list, buddy.

The DU Gallery has been updated! (6/10/04) Lots of new pets!

Caption the chimp doing the twist!

Polygamy rife among town's cops

Thieves steal toilet - with man still in it


Tribute to Ray Charles, name your favorite song/s he did

Take this poll

Personality Do-Re-Me

What about Leon Panetta?

Kerry names 1969 version of himself as running mate

Stu Starky (McCain's Dem challenger) on Ed Schultz tomorrow...

WP Wonders Why Bush Doesn't Benefit from Economy

Nader nearly certain to be on Arizona ballot

Once a rival, Edwards staying close to Kerry

KERRY A NATION? Kerry covers health issues, jobs, military

National Poll Gives Kerry Solid Lead - LA Times

If I were Karl Rove...

New ARG Poll of New Hampshire: Kerry Gains Ground

Happy Birthday John Reid Edwards!

Questions about the legality of

Unintended Consequences

The MYDD site has been revamped!! MANY links to MANY polls...

Is Jello Biafra still pimping for St. Ralph?

Lapse in filing deadline makes McCain veep candidacy unlikely

Can We Get Lincoln Chafee to Speak at the Dem Convention?

* Campaign Strategist Slams LA Times Poll

Bush Gets Better Ratings in 3 Battleground States Than Nationwide

Clarkies: Wes at the ICC June-6-9 see who he hung out with....

Polling data for past Presidential elections - where can I find it??

The new Dean Dozen is out today. Here is the list.

Kerry leads Bush by 7 points in new poll

Federal Review Composite Poll (6-8-04): Bush 281, Kerry 257

Clarkies/those interest in FP-Former Peace Corps Volunteers for Clark site

How many people here have voted in the Daily Kos senate poll?

Wes Clark on NPR "Here and Now" Today! check local times

More from the LA Times poll. SWEET!

"BRING IN THE WORLD" By Wes Clark....Great, great, great! A must read!

Zell Miller may attend convention

What band(s) would you like to see play at the DNC?

Rachel Hunter prefers Bush

Kerry's message to voters if he picks Edwards: I fear nothing.

Interesting argument for Edwards.

"Nader's Republican Pipe Dream." by Peter Dizikes in Salon...

How do anti-DLC Duers explain Kerry's lead in the polls?

Kucinich to speak at Boston Pride celebration