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Archives: June 12, 2004

"New Yorkers were not always behind Reagan"

President basks in Reagan's reflected glory

A Case for Immediate Withdrawal from Iraq

Besieged, Bothered, Bewildered - and Busted

Blackout demonstrates impact of electricity generation on clean air.

Eco-tourism fades away in Hong Kong

Bolivian Congress backs poll on power industries

US rebuffs Labor bid to heal rift

China's `SARS hero' still missing, fears of retaliation mount

Beijing's high-handedness filling HK with fear

Little Love For Bush At U.N.

I'm very tired of the Reagan hate threads

Hi guys...

Cell Phone Experiments in Airliners by Germer Rudolf

Who's paying for Reagan's canonization?

I received another of the

What's the poop on Forciea (Former Moe, Wellstone consultant)

Horns Cobber Vanderbilt 15-3

PRIME opportunity to goof on FReepers (photo thread on FR)

Sick GOP scum pimping Reagan before he's in the ground

Dateline NBC

Deep divisions remain between * ,world leaders

According to LA Times, Kerry has significant lead over Bush.

Have Janeane & Sam discussed Rush?

DU up this "Who will you vote for" Greta poll...

Who are the guys standing in the truck in front of the procession.?

Demonstrators march on the day of Ronald Reagan's funeral

Friday Night Tinfoil: The Day After Reaganopia

Today begins five days of mourning for Rush's marriage

If Rush divorces do the terrorists win?

Who's next?

Paula Zahn has not shut up ALL DAY!!!!!! Do Not Watch!!!!

I wonder...

Sex with Rush Limbaugh

Torture Interrogation of Terrorists: A Theory of Exceptions

Fatass announces divorce Friday 7 pm after Reagan week

Ladies: would you "do it" with Limbaugh for Millions of $$?

Bill Maher's Comments on Reagan Winning the Cold War

Murder and torture for profit

Hard Right Calls for Bush to Stand Trial for War Crimes

Baroness Margaret Thatcher

Mike Ruppert on Coast to Coast last night...along with another

All 3 Reagan kids are suppose to speak at the West Coast Edition of the

William Greider on Majority Report - Air America..

I'm watching the Reagan motorcade pass by...

Freeper reactions to El Rushbo's divorce

Reagan should be on the $3 bill

Wonder what America's bill will be for the funeral?

Somber skies see Reagan home to California

House Approved Preemptive Strike on Iran??

Rush will keep on whackin' it

Remember folks - turdbucket blamed some bad apples for the abuse

Sheesh!! I turned on the news

Ed Meese can go to hell!!!!!!!

OK, helicopters over the motorcade, this is just getting bizarre

What they were thinking at the funeral. Fun for the whole family!!!

Is it really $1000 to pass by Reagan's casket???

The State Funeral smoke screen

Anyone catch Ron Reagan Jr.'s little dig at Bush during his eulogy?

OOO Ron Jr just took a shot a Bush

TAKE THAT! Shrubya!!

He Is Risen

DU this CNN Poll. "Too much coverage" of St. Ronnie's death?

HOLY CRAP ! It's 7PM and there's nothing worth watching on TV !

Dear God. This minister is freakish on the funeral coverage.

Imo, the best funeral of all time is Princess Diana's funeral.

Hey, you in swing states or Republican-leaning states ...

Michael Moore: Blair is next in line for a movie

When should we pull out?

Observation of a couple of stupid remarks re Reagan's Funeral

Free Republic Banned me....

cartoon says it all about Reagan

Hee hee. That chaplain just did a mock-Thatcher voice!

FOX will edit Ron Jr. out of the commemorative 16-DVD funeral set!

Repug had to FedEx because Post Office closed [Reagan Day]

Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail '04

Hey, I just counteda a 19 gun salute! Was anyone else ....

Thank koresh it's over.

Did Jennings just say that?

Ronald Reagan as the Good and Faithful Servant of God?

Canucks! - Coronation Street moving to prime time!

A co-worker was chosen to keep an Arbitron log

dupe...please delete

Mike Moore Hires Lehane & Fabiani To Man Farenheit 9/11 War Room

So how much do State Funerals cost?

Observation on Rush's divorce - Since he went off O.C. and started

How much Reagan at Repug convention?

Woh Ronald Prescott Reagan just said. . .

All that talk about marital faithfulness between Ronald and Nancy...

Why is the media doing this?

So why can't Iraqis fire guns at weddings?

..anybody have a video clip of Ron Jr.?

It's finally over

Just bury the old bastard already

Anybody watching the McLaughlin report? David Corn talking right now.n/t

If you have a website, link to "The Daily Howler."

For the record: Russert's explanation of October Surprise

Yea!!!! Time to return to our Regularly Scheduled.....

Frontline, Son of al Queda.

Please someone post Kerrys response (re: McCain VP)

If everyone is really as sick of Reagan coverage as they claim...

Nancy truly loved him

Hell of a shot Ron Reagan

CNN ignores Ron Jr. remarks...King, Brown, nobody will touch this with

Is this "great outpouring" really about Reagan or. . .

Will they please bury Reagan and get over it?

Was that Jane Wyman that went up to the casket a minute ago?

Reagan remembrances boost Bush (Vote now - Kerry at 58%!!) wtf!?

*chuckling* And now, the news at Ten...

Am Shutting Off Tweety Now ----------Feels So GOOD!!!!!!!!!

What would the media have done . . .

I actually got an e-mail from Michael Reagan once...

Basic Human Building Blocks Which Advance Our World.

Al Gore connection to Fred Phelps Group??

Gorbachev is on Nightline right now... this going into Guinness as the world's longest funeral?

Right about now God is reaming Ron's ass....

is it just me but does anyone else think

Koppel just played Ron's statement about

Looking for a link to Ron jr. speech

* and Co. worried about Nascar dads. Forgot Soap Opera, Oprah moms!

A little musical diversion for Radiohead fans....

Limbaugh to divorce wife.

Dissing Michael/ADOPTION Is a Bad Thing n/t

HERE is a picture to get choked up over

As I watch the repeat of the service on cspan, I notice as the Clinton's

I find it very appropriate that banks closed today

Need help with a pic from Funeral Week.

This weekend is crucial for John Kerry.

a random bit of fighting back, not much, but I'm very pleased with myself

William (mr virtues) Bennett's Domina speaks out

Unwittingly, one of Reagan's eulogizers revealed Bush's phoniness

Transcript of Ron Reagan's speech

Rove focus group to Connect Bush and Reagan fall flat

When Bush Sr. dies ...

Get ready for this one: "Pray The Vote" (Presidential Prayer Team)

My opinion is that this 6 day funeral was mainly about helping bush*

After Nancy's gone, will Ron Jr. run for office as a Democrat?

Nancy Reagan looks PAST done with all this

I feel depressed...I will have to vote for Kerry because he still

Jury Deadlocked in Sentence Phase of Terry Nichols Trial....

Go take this poll on

It's time for Ronald Prescott Reagan to seek political office.

Will the cameras follow Nancy into her home and spend the night?

So, how many dead troops' coffins were ignored at Dover since ....

WOW, the white house press corps USED to be journalists

Did Bush Speak At Reagan's Funeral?

Freepers on the Ron Jr. slam on Bush

MSNBC talking about Ron Reagan's shot at Bush*

REMINDER: PBS documentary NOW focuses on Tom DeLay

Phelps and his Klan protest Reagan's funeral??

For those who watched, who Wasn't at the Funeral? Might be interesting .

The Day the Constitution Died

Remember TENET?

Ron Jr. speech....Did Nancy know that was coming?

Today was the first time I've actually felt concerned . . .

Bill Clinton, the real "Great Communicator"

Did seeing Ron Jr. slam Bush on prime time television make it worth it all

Does George Bush want to be ruler of Australia as well ?

Anyone catch the shot Ron Jr took at Bush Jr?

Why does Air America keep inflicting these right wingers on us?

My Thanksgiving ploy, and McVain for VP

Bill Clinton caught sleeping at Raygun's funeral...

There's not a Republican dry eye in the house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got to talk with a random solider in Iraq.

I really hate to kick Oxy Rush when he's down but...

Why didn't Reagan address PEAK OIL?

Did Ron Jr. just slam Bush?

Why all the fuss about Reagan

Favorite editorial cartoonist(s) ?

Wow, I actually feel very sad for Nancy, while watching this...

Please post here if you support Nancy Reagan

BBV: CA SOS recertifies TS-voting machines in two counties

if I wanted to know what freepers thought, I'd f**king go there

How Reagan Got Elected in the first place -- My little tribute

Who should Japan apologize to for starting WW II?

TIA adjusted Poll numbers: Kerry 53.16%, Bush 46.84%

A bizarre story but the Dr. interviewed has testified before Congress.

Dateline NBC

U.S. trade panel defies NAFTA, rules Canadian lumber injures U.S. produc

Woh Ronald Prescott Reagan just said. . .

Iraq cleric 'calls for new start'--BBC

WP: Bushes' Distinct Views Imprint Praise

Dissident convicted of `subverting state power' in China

'Fahrenheit 9/11' Director Has Blair in Sights

Gay Marriage Showdown Set for California

Social Security Forecast May Spark Fight

Man jumps from helicopter at Grand Canyon

(Sioux Falls) Mayor Reacts To Gateway Layoffs (300 jobs)

Poll: Mississippi should reopen civil rights era investigation

General (Sanchez) Granted Latitude (to Interrogators) At Prison

Republican Congress Tightens Purse Strings

NYT:US Religious Figures Offer (Abu Ghraib)Abuse Apology on Arab TV

Moore interested in making film about Blair's role in war

WP: Iraqis Put Contempt For Troops On Display

Army Policy Bars Interrogations by Private Contractors - NYT

Afghan election delay is new blow for Bush campaign

College Students Favor Kerry, but Apathy Grows

FBI warns 10 cities about demonstrations

SYDNEY: Latham criticised over policy reversal on Iraq

UN inspectors: Saddam shipped out WMD before war and after

Jury deadlocked in Terry Nichols trial just down the road, no death penalt

Heads up for Ray Charles show on PBS's Ammerican Masters

300th Post, My Birthday and a GREAT GIFT!

Stupid Cat Tricks......

The Pretty Things......

Should I or should I not post Bill Hicks' dark poetry about Rush?


"Blue Velvet" is on The Movie Channel tonight...

The Thomas Alva Edison Game

Best Junky Fast Food

Please be gentle, it's my first time.

IMPERIAL DOGS : "Reservoir Dogs" meets "Star Wars"

My 6/11 prediction came true

How much would I have to pay to have someone punch

Here It Is, Post 1,000

Sneakin' Up On 1,000 Posts

Question about a well known nutritional/bodybuilding supplement?

Possibly the worst thread in DU history

Ginseng for energy?

Nick-Nick is in deep trouble tonight. (Long rant on wayward dog).

Whee, he wrote back to me!

Reptiles, Repugant, Replusive,Republican are on the same page

Impeach Reagan

I'm Takin' a Shit, How 'bout You? (re: RAYGUN Funeral) n/t

What's that, girl? You say Timmy's trapped in a mine shaft?

Just moved ~ 7 cubic yards of dirt. Ask me anything

So I was looking around for a site to buy THIS

anyone else like making up other personas, no not like DID

coolest part of the Reagan ceremony...

I want to go here for vacation

Any good FREE virus scanners out there?

Lets do the Weimar again!...saw "Cabaret" once again.....

Okay, who else LOVES sugar-free popcicles?

Is Sonic Youth a "Jam" Band or Not?

today i washed my car for the first time since october...

DON'T look at this picture

Listening to Ray Charles. Ask me anything.

anybody here use an online movie rental company

Ok...spoil me...anyone see The Chronicles of Riddick Today?

Another poll to hit

Margaret Thatcher: the scream poll

Wow, just found out a girl I was friends with in highschool is in porn,

Hee hee! Jay Leno just slammed Fox!

The world really is ending (at least for movie buffs)

Fox Announces New 24/7 "FART" Network To Salute Reagan


Hey, Rush! Ann Coulter is available!

New Game -- ID my Avatar!

Where should I move to??

Wow, JAWS is on...

I am not drunk, ask me anything, neo lies!

Eats Shoots & Leaves

Kleeb's Drunk, ask Duckie Anything

Unbelievable 3D Renderings

Advanced look at Charlie and the Chocolate Factory poster

I just added 38 RAY CHARLES songs to my Internet radio station.

Happiness is... new P.J. Harvey, Skinny Puppy and Sonic Youth CDs

Why isn't polygamy being defended on DU?

new Savage Weiner advertiser Motel 6/Accor Hotels

Mo money; mo problems

Computer question- HP

Yikes McGee - Music to counter drooling necrophilia

Save me the trouble: What Hollywood stars showed up in CA for the burial?

I have a craven for a calzone

Why would a cat puke and/or piss on the floor?

I'm thinking about putting my wedding ring in the jewelry box.

Check out these links!

So who has the lead right now divorce-wise?...

Creeping Ends Tonight!

Men: Would you have multiple wives if it was legal?

How much should a brake job (all 4 wheels) for my Plymouth Voyager run?

A question about Reagan's funeral protocols

Man, I Hope this Works! (Pic of the New Kitten!)

Is it safe to watch TV now?

Any Stewart Copeland fans here?

Doncha' EVER get tired of the "hatred"?

Movie Hopping... anybody do it?

I'm Counting Days

Who has a good marinade recipe for steak?

So tonight when I picked up my tips...

If you knew you were going to die next month, what would you do?

Someone tell me not to give up

Ladies: would you "do it" with Limbaugh for Millions of $$?

ReaganPaloozia is over......

Delegates to Presidential Conventions

Colorado GOP Loses Redistricting Case

Campaigns Drawn to Political Labels

FEC Cites Sharpton Campaign for No Report

Ralph Nader Meets with Leaders of

Demonstrators Protest Iraq War in D.C.

Bush, European Leaders Remain Divided

Reagan Death No Boost for Conservatives

Officials Defend Punch-Card Ballot

Democrats Hope S.D. Win Is Fall Harbinger

Bill Allows Mixing of Religion, Politics

Florida Offers Guidance Felon Voters

Comedians on the Political Campaign

Lapse in filing deadline makes McCain veep candidacy unlikely

Florida Not a Given for Bush This Fall

Billionaire Soros Banking on a Bush Loss

Clerk in N.M. Gay Marriages Loses Election

Florida Vote Officials to Talk Felon List

Elections Chief Calls for More Secure Vote

Two Ohio Voter-Registration Workers Fired

Sen. Kennedy Loses Bid to Remove Pryor

Economy Provides No Boost for Bush

Nader Qualifies for Presidential Run in Arizona

Social Security Forecast May Spark Fight

Poll: Voters Say Iraq Didn't Merit War

National Mourning Helps Bush Politically for Now

Reagan, Bush Contrasts Are as Telling as Parallels

If you could fill Kerry's campaign staff and cabinet with DU'ers....

My husband's yelling at the tv now

Ron Reagan Jr. justed slammed Dubya and the annointed ones

Video of Reno speaking out for Castor.

Ron Patrick Reagan blasts Dub! (in a way)

Info on Ron Fournier

McCain -- WTF!!! How many more straws can Kerry pile on?

Just what are swing voters?

Can someone explain their horror regarding the AP 'McCain Veep' article?

Look, folks - Kerry doesn't care what you think of the McCain VP issue.

poor exit wound strategy

Reagan, Race and Remembrance


Dark days ahead for Tony Blair

To tell you the truth, I think Reagan is my real daddy | David Horsey

Stage set for David and Goliath battle

The Burning Legacy of Ronald Reagan

CPTer back home in Iowa

The real story behind Alex Penelas's secret dealings with Republicans

OUR CARIBBEAN: ‘Fruitful’ chat with Powell?

Saddam Will Miss Old Buddy Reagan

Ronald Reagan in Truth and Fiction (and Yes, He Doomed the Crew of the Cha

Bush is known to fellow Bonesmen as "Temporary."

Make the Greenleap! (feedback)

Reeves on RR

Ronald Reagan Started a War That Rages Today - WSJ's Henninger

I'll Buy That Dream

They Aren’t What They Used to Be

The Truth That Is Non Sequitur, Part III

UN inspectors: Saddam shipped out WMD before war and after

New Messiah crowned in US Senate Building | Portland Indymedia

Call Joe Biden! Tell him to press onward with Contempt of Congress charge

NOW w/ Bill Moyers - Ashcroft torture memos, Tom DeLay, more (video & mp3)


Today's Thought

Awesome Music!!! Chicagoans (and others) take note!

A thought for those feeling over-Reaganed

Could casino tribes buy back the country?

"Forgive our debts as we forgive out debtors" - ????

OMG my little town in FL is on theFBI's(possible) ecoterra list(ecotera,ec

Global warming threatens Skeleton Coast

FBI warns of ELF eco-terrorism (Jeff "Free" Luers protest)

"Make the Greenleap!"

Telkom can't explain its tariffs - SA

Malaysian leader defends gift to Mugabe

Ammonium nitrate sales remain unrestricted

Thinking of carrying concealed? Read this-

John Kerry " I'm not looking to be the candidate of the NRA"

Who is the scummiest NRA board member?

Stupid free republic threads: what Is Bush, Cons. and Cons. forum FOR?

I am sending a private request to you, EarlG

Skinner, I think you need to ban this user

Is posting news and opinion items to GD Campaign 2004

Hamas terrorist nabbed at his own wedding

Another Round Goes to Arafat

When an olive branch doesn't mean peace

Palestinian gunmen raid UNRWA offices in Jenin

Hamas: Attacks against Israel will continue after Gaza pullout

P10K Founder Ken O'Keefe in Israeli Jail for entering Gaza

Field organizers wanted

Shall we get together a group to go see Fahrenheit 911 in Chicago?

Senate race opponents attack Deutsch's ties to drugmakers

Central Florida DU'ERS (Want to get together for the Fahrenheit 9/11)

Another risk to state's water supply

Phoenix Canariensis: One Man's Nuisance Is a $20,000 Palm

Do a write-in Vote for David Ortiz on the All-star Ballot

Kerry comes to Lansing

I can't believe this

John Kerry in Kalamazoo

Convention Report:

Should Black People Thank America for ending Slavery?

Finally...'Smiling Thumbs Up Nazi Girl' TOOTHPASTE!

Will we be ready when the GOP siezes power?

Was Prince Charles asleep?

The "Saved" Controversy

What for us will replace the "thumbs up" sign?

Abu Ghraib prisoner metal sculpture - (Must see)

Canadians! THE RHINO PARTY IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!

Ron Reagan re. his mother's views, from Apr., 2003, Salon interview

Bad news - I came home to visit my folks - there's a sign in the lawn...

British, French, Germans, Canadians, Spanish, Greeks, Japanese, Irish,

1:10 a.m. Eastern: CNN rebroadcast -- Patti speaking, Ron up next

On CSPAN 2 right now: Look what's been going on this week...

Due to expressed appreciation

So who has the lead right now divorce-wise?...

Confession leads to murder charges in dispute over tennis shoes

FReeper giving Bernie Ward a lotta crap...

I just sent Bernie Ward the transcript...

Alzheimer's patient ordered to mental hospital

Top ten signs you're a Christian fundie

Ex-radio exec [and AFA official!] to do time for child porn

Teen accused of suffocating baby with chili powder

Does al-Sadr have a plan up his sleeve?

Any website shut down for a price (free market Russian hackers). Hmm...

An American Love Story - Nancy and...

Who else wants South Carolina to secede?

6/11/03 a look back at: Grover Norquist at his Harvard 25th Reunion

FreedomFlynny - Limited re-to her letter for getting Du

Doncha' EVER get tired of the "hatred"?

Hick's charged with 'war crimes'.. why no Geneva rules then ?

America is Constipated

Condi Rice family legend

Did you see how detached Ron Jr.

My letter to a local paper in response to R.W. nutjobs...

DJ Fired for Celebrating Reagan's Death

Hail the Great Leader! Paleo-Lib article on Reagan and State-Worship

In case anyone was wondering.

Ron fooled us all didn't he? He NEVER really was the President

If there's a negative legacy I have, it's all of those damned court shows

Smiley Thumbs Up Nazi Girl should be in bush's campaign ads

Video of Ron's slam against Bush (WMV file)

Christopher Hitchens

Lynne! Ramsey! GOPisEVIL!? Any chance for a Philly Meet-Up?

I love Ron Reagan Jr...



Your daily dose of GARBAGE.

New Rules trap old Immigrants with Old Secrets - Marijuana convicts

Fighting by the rules the G.O.P. wrote, is NOT sinking to their level

A Message From Reagan's Brain:

The Toxic Waste has been Buried

We should look for one iota of truth .......

# of DUer's increase?

Quick:C-Span 8a.m.: Aid for African Nations: very good program. Sad.

President plans to visit, give speech to military ..........Florida

Even in death, Red-Ink Ronnie continues to spend our money

U.S. General Acknowledges That American Goals Have Not Yet Been Achieved

The NYT strikes again..likens Kerry to a "caged hamster!"

Oh man, the gushing over Reagan is everywhere!

What's the incentive for being a good person?

Have you seen this yet? You better have a barf bag nearby.

"Official Guy James Show" thread --please keep kicked

If McCain decided to run against Bush again, what % of vote would he get?

Brit Hume Jumps Out of plane with bush 41

Prez Bush, Reagan Shooter Hinckley Are Cousins

Software problem imperils voting recounts (What a mess in Florida)

It's NOT Safe to Come out Yet! CNN whore's away with James Taranto

I want to hear Republican leaders stand up and apologize...

Can Someone Post A Link to Ron Jr's Entire Eulogy,Please?

Get Your War On - Humour

Reagan, Race and Remembrance - Reflections on the American Divide

All the world's a stage and we mere extras ...

Not enough vacay this week for Bush-he's back at Crawford

I'm Not Sure Whether I'm More Proud

Slight change needed in W* campaign commercials:

Does Reagan finally win Oscar for his performance in "The Funeral" ?

Fine by me NBA

Talk about your irony...

DUers listening to AAR (10 ET):Babs calls Bandar "Bandar Bush!"

10 Reasons why Reagan is closer to Bill Clinton than he is to Bush!

The Onion's cutting room floor, bloopers and out takes

Any one see Nancy's face when Dick touched her?

Fucking Stupid RW Dipshits

Secret documents: US interrogators are above the law

The irony of Drudge's Weekend Web site

Yahoo Photos interspersed pics of Reagan in the Bush slideshow

The REAL Ronald Reagan funeral was in Simi Valley - On C-SPAN now

While going through the CIA's dumpster...

Will Bush using Ronald Reagan during the campaign succeed?

Another Friend of Bush Could Be Out of Office Soon

Bob Huggins DUI

OMG, just saw the latest GWB ad

Do you think we'll start getting REAL news now?

Anybody got a transcript of Rev Michael Wenning

"Ring of Fire" with Robert Kennedy Jr. and Papantonio (10a.m.ET) now on at

Just saw an ad for Farenheit 911 on E Channel

Is your support for the war increasing or decreasing

My rebuttal letter regarding the myth of "liberal media"

How much of Michael Reagan's RW politics do you think is an ACT?

They did it! Reagan's face will be on the dollar! No, not joking.

US government faked Bush news reports /Actors hired for video

Before I stop hating, I want these people to apologize to America:

Comparing Bill Clinton and George W. Bush on jobs.

Thinking out loud

NY teacher "could be punished for criticizing Ronald Reagan" NY POST

If Kerry Wanted Mccain then I feel better about Clark

A Drunken Elephant on Convention

Is it O.K. to Ridicule Rush, or should we wait till he's in the ground?

anyone see patti reagans face while * was talking

A curious conservative contradiction about spending

Weekend at Ronnie's

Remember all these pictures..................?????

enron tapes transcripts please

Bringing the war home. From BuzzFlash

Censorship from where you thought you would least expect it!

Who should apologize for Godzilla? (poll)

Michigan Passes Country's Most Far-Reaching New Anti-Choice law

Does a "Peace President" have special *emergency* powers too?

Worm is turning

"This is Hell" discussing the torture memo and the civil suits to

Administration must come clean on torture memorandums

Anyone catch CNN's coverage of the "Funeral"? It was a Bush 04 Ad!

Is the media responsible for our invasion of Iraq?

Be prepared to see Ron Reagan Jr. out there slamming Bush.....

Doubts over web filtering plans !

Should Black People Thank Jumper for not posting insulting threads?

Does anybody have the guest list for Sunday Talk Shows?

Shortly after our next presidential elections

Bush seeks to "loose the angels of the submerged chaos" at the Euphrates

Is the GOP the largest pyramid scam in history? And if so . . .

DC Statehood

Kerry supports stem-cell research, and what sane person wouldn't?

BBV: opinion of AccuPoll machines?

If America does apologize, will you think better of "her"?

Is This Thumbs-Up Some Sort Of Secret Recognition Signal?

Jesse Jackson speaks truth to action

Vote For A Strong, Intelligent, Courageous Leader

Buzzflash: Jeb AGAIN stealing election for brother

Something in Ron Jr. speech just hit me...Re: "thumbs up."

Whats the BEST and WORST thing about AAR?

Who else is chomping at the bit waiting for the Plamegate indictments?

How do you rate some favorite DUers?

Limbaugh announces end of marriage....

The cost of living and the price of death

SALON: Lone Star Loonies

My John Kerry t-shirt Target story

Venezuela and Touch Screen voting (A bizzarre story)

Moore recruits kings of spin to counter critics

Yesterday's Day of Mourning

Will IRAQ blow in Bush's face before election?

North Dallas area here, heavily Repub--barely a mention of Ronnie this wk.

McCain offered Dem VP slot and he rejected it?

The Right-Wing "leg humping" of Ronald Reagan is Hilarious

"Oil, Power & Empire:Iraq and the US Global Agenda"

The need for a personality cult in American politics

SF Chron: Homelessness barely existed before Reagan

Conflict of Interest

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow looks awesome!

New "Most Wanted" playing cards

suggestion for an artist

The true facts about what really happened to Saint Raygoon!

What do you think of the concept of personal responsibility?

Hatred toward the United States

Keep this Ray Charles thread kicked for five days

Funeral Arrangements for Ray Charles

Abu Ghraib--help us apologize

OMG! Breaking News from CNN/FOX/MSNBC

Ron Reagan Jr. has slammed * previously too!

WaPo released 3 new prisoner torture via dogs photos WARNING GRAPHIC

In Mourning for America

Would you vote for a bi-partisan Presidential ticket?

I think Kerry will announce his VP in the next 7-10 days. . .

What to do about Iran?

Limbaugh getting divorced

Rummy & Saddam shaking hands

Serious Philosophical Query: Do we really need leaders?

Imagine the scene, 30 years hence:

Limbaugh Says 10-Year Marriage at an End

Assassination of Reuters Cameraman, who had uncovered evidence...

C-Span is Showing LBJ's Funeral

Lets see, 3 days from Friday...Reagan should be appearing again, right?

Only a few hours left to get in some eco-terrorism, you krazy lefties!

Right's new journalist poster-boy

Proof My Kitten Is A Democrat!

Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 9/11" Reviews Freeped on IMDB

Gotta get some feedback on why only Dems are hurting in Ga?

How often do campaigns have to file with the FEC?

Terry Nichols spared the death sentence....again. good thing he's white

The Picture we can all remember Ronnie by

Torture Pics lead to large Kerry donation

A Proposal

Hey, anyone been playing this during the last few days? If so, I'm

Is anyone here an Economist?

Ah, gotta love those conservatives...

Just how godam long do we have to go on kissing Reagan's ass?

DNC door-to-door. I gave $20

Poppy's warning to Son in Speech at Reagan's Funeral

Bush supporters

Are the Democrats taking the Minority Vote for granted?

The new torture pictures from

The Republican Party Died With Ronald Reagan

A question about not paying taxes as a protest.

Michael Moore's War Room Will Fight Back Against GOP Attacks

Was Chalabi involved in Iran-Contra?

I wonder if bush knows we're comin' to kick his door in?

I'm not fan of Ronald Reagan - but if one compares

Is the Democratic Party Losing the Black Vote?

I'd rather take Reagan over Bush any day

Jesse Ventura has been quiet. Where will he will be on the election? nt

Hats off to Nancy......Will Not Focus on politics!!

Photographic PROOF of Abu Ghraib MURDER! WARNING!!! GRAPHIC!!!

You will not believe this Sun-sentinel editorial: Bush NOT above the law

I talked to my gun-loving, black hating, conservative Uncle today....

Why I hate Freepers

MSNBC: Rush Limbaugh announces end of his third marriage

The detestable 'logic' of Elitism

BBV: Fla. Voting Machines Have Recount Flaw

Boston Globe/Knight Ridder: Ron Reagan sent a warning to President Bush

Is US like Germany of the '30s?

"Bush/Cheney 2004: Steady Torture in Times of Crisis" - a free ad for Rove

Whose face on Mt. Rushmore?

How feasable is energy independence?

The Passion of the Raygun....

Reagan's Homophobia Killed My Friends

DUer DEMVET-Oscar`s: BHT as anti-viral gaining public/google interest

"Gay Pride"

Question for those knowledgeable about UK politics..

Make the Greenleap!

Okay, I just saw CNN blame the fall of Poland on FDR

Time: Bush Wants To Spend Next 4 Years As The "Peace President"

How Come Rush Can't Hold On To His Women?

George H W Bush Will Reenact His Bailing Out On His Crew Tomorrow I Hear

The Sadness on the Face of America

"The Death of Ronald Reagan" - an E! True-Enough Hollywood Story

deploying to Iraq

Bury Reagan AND the BFEE – Ancient Ancestor Style (rant).

Important we thank cinema chains showing Moore's Farenheit 911

Afraid to post Dem bumper sticker on my new black car...

Why CANADA is NOT an option to avoid the DRAFT: link to Smart Border Dec.

An insidious Repuke dirty trick to derail Kerry?

What will the eulogy be for bush when he dies?

Senate race opponents attack Deutsch's ties to drugmakers

Bush isn't going to win. He's damaged goods.

Mission: Defraud,Desecrate,Derail, Destroy,Defame,Degrade,Defile,Depress

Ronald Reagan on Indians

Religion as a crutch in changing times.

BBV: The most OUTRAGEOUS irresponsible officials yet

Exit Polls - please ask the Zogby organization to conduct

"Spite the Vote" - a Must Read

Call Joe Biden! Tell him to press onward with Contempt of Congress charge

Why do we rejoice when others suffer?

Statisticians and elections specialists: If you had some really nasty data

More (NEW) Abu Ghraib Prison Photos [GRAPHIC WARNING]. . .


From Guilt Trip to Hot Wheels

Kurdish parliament backs UN Iraq resolution

DUer DEMVET-Oscar`s: BHT as anti-viral gaining public/google interest

Two U.S. Soldiers Hurt in Helicopter Crash in Iraq

In Shift, Rebel Iraqi Cleric Backs New Government He Had Once Mocked

Military construction may have damaged ancient Babylon

Breaking on MSNBC: Iraqi deputy foreign minister slain in Baghdad

(RUSH) Limbaugh announces end of 10-year marriage (Family Values Alert!)

An Oil Enigma: Production Falls Even as Reserves Rise

OMG my little town in FL is on theFBI's(possible) ecoterra list(ecotera,ec

Saddam Will Miss Old Buddy Reagan

Top US general approved pressure tactics on Iraqi prisoners: report

Cleric fears Shia divisions in Najaf

Iraq's deputy foreign minister slain in Baghdad

Miami TV invites terrorists to talk...planned attacks on Cuba & Venezuela

Afghan polls delayed for a second time


Fed's Rate Increases May Come Quickly

Young Christians debate message in new film, Saved!

Drugs Given Away by AIDS Patients in U.S. Prolong Lives Worldwide

Researchers say endangered mouse never existed | Billings Gazette

Deaths of 3 women make Florida townsfolk nervous

Balcony barbecue ban gets decked | Seattle P-I

Drug Company Influence Under Microscope at Annual AMA Meeting

Diversity Plan Shaped in Texas Is Under Attack

Transfer of Power to the Iraqis Is Said to Be Well Under Way | NYT

Hacker offers to shut Putin's website

Baghdad fumes as the Americans seek safety in 'tombstone' forts

Ireland prepares to restrict citizenship

Lottery mania has ticket sales moving at 622,000 an hour

Teens - Especially Dropouts - Among the Hardest Hit When Jobs Are Scarce

As cheerleading has evolved, so has danger to students

Switzerland lifts freeze on $1.6bn linked to Yukos

Three killed in Kashmir terror attack

Arafat losing hold on his people

Health lobby blocks mental health parity

Hate crimes against Arabs near pre-Sept. 11 levels (in Texas)

Nobel laureate barred from representing Kazemi

Candidates plug into Net's power as never before

American Man Shot Dead in Saudi Capital

Airbus inks $2bn deal with China

New Messiah crowned in US Senate Building | Portland Indymedia

Six die in Nigeria oil delta

Congo 'Coup' Leader in Hiding as Doubts Emerge

At Abu Ghraib, U.S. has lost track of dozens of detainees

Iraqis boiling mad over power woes

Patriot Act is praised in mailing. US attorney steps up advocacy of law.

Young Christians debate message in new film

Men Have Biological Clocks, Too

U.S. Marines Killed More Than 80 Militants (Afghanistan)

Saudi builds women a city

Steroids: Baseball goes slow

(Henry) Hyde stands firmly with Catholic Church

American engineer kidnapped in Saudi Arabia

Former Mayor Marion Barry Seeks D.C. Council Seat

Al-Qaida Claims U.S. Slaying and Hostage

Balancing children's safety and sex offenders' rights

Oil flows in central Africa

Clinton's Portrait to Be Unveiled Monday; First by Black Artist

Fla. Voting Machines Have Recount Flaw

Mid-life crisis? You must be 60

California now plays smaller role in presidential politics

Police called to quell students' massive food fight

Poll: Edwards Favored As Kerry VP Choice

Anne Frank would be 75 today

Sanchez let guards freely use interrogation methods

U.S. Retools Hussein Pleasure Palace as Camp Victory

US Plans to Release Another 650 Prisoners From Abu Ghraib on Monday

Spanish documents or Spanish homework?

(Kimmitt) Acknowledges American Goals Haven't Been Achieved in Fallujah

Interrogators Hired for Iraq Despite Ban

Army policy bans private interrogators

Justice Kennedy urges democracy abroad

Proposition to take DNA at arrest stirs privacy fears (on CA's Nov ballot)

Baker resigns as UN peace envoy

Serbs admit 1995 massacre of Muslims

Hostages' throats slit by Iraqi insurgents

German parliament sells its national flag to brothel

Rx for W: Electoral Surgery - an exploration of Bush's psyche

Kerry Behind the Scenes: Restless, Multisyllabic | NYT

Three-day party starts in River Oaks for Bush 41

Namibia union threatens to seize farms

Economy rise unheeded

Kerry calls on Bush to reverse stem cell policy

NYT: Bush Aide Watches Polls and Public Perceptions

Howard Dean Reflects on Presidential Bid

Okla School Dist. Changes Dress Code In Suit Over Religious Head Coverings

How the military treated some inmates at Abu Ghraib like 'ghosts'

Drinking and Driving a Way of Life and Death in Louisiana

Calls for Blair to quit

US Christian ad stands by Iraqis

Is it just me...

They finally put Reagan's corpse in the damned ground

Canadian election tidbit: The irony! The irony!

now if I were a prayin' kinda guy, THIS is the kind of prayer . . .

Ron Reagan's slam at Bush (WMV File)

Confession leads to murder charges in dispute over tennis shoes

Finally...responsible journalism...

Top ten signs you're a Christian fundie

Please DU this ignorant small town South Carolina poll...

Classic Sci-Fi movie on AMC later.

Help! Need Title And Artist!

The Twilight Zone DVD Volume 2, "The Monsters Are Due On Main St"

Insomniac Thread

Man plunges from Canyon copter in apparent suicide

Clip from "Blade Trinity" (aka BLADE 3) online here:

A's win 6th in a row (6-1 over Pirates)

Should my first poll be about a serious issue or just fluff?

I'll Eat Anything For Money

I can't sleep. After a pleasant distraction, I'm now bored.


Jennifer Love Hewitt's bra is impervious to ForrestGump's X-ray vision

Ladies: would you "do it" with Limberger for Millions of $$?

Alzheimer's patient ordered to mental hospital

Serious question here...

BEst quote I heard this evening?

new Oxyrush advertisers Washington University, Nature's Bounty

It's OK to smoke dope, England fans told

Pray for Reason

Mystic River-WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED???? *Spoiler Alert*

# of DUer's increase?

Just when I thought it was over....

They say we're young and we don't know...

Who Was the Greatest President of the 20th Century? (This is funny)

Fine by me NBA

"Bush Cremated Accidentally" - news from

Yea! DSL ... ZOOM!

EURO 2004 is starting today!

Bob Huggins DUI

Listening to Led Zeppelin's Houses of the Holy. Ask me anything.

DarkPhenyx has an Introverted Intuitive Feeling Judger (INFJ) personality

Dashboard Confessional condoms?

OK: DU is bogging down for me right now .. even WITH DSL ...

I bought a 1936 FDR campaign button at our state convention!

Bathingsuits and summer

Happy Deathday Reagan

I'm eating Easy Mac. Ask me anything!

Teen accused of suffocating baby with chili powder

Caption: Poppy accepts Best Supporting Actor nomination

We're Going To See Seinfeld Tonite On The Strip!

Really AWFUL Travolta movie is on in 2 minutes.

Britney Spears to Launch New Fragrance

How many discs are in your "to listen to" pile?

(Post) Midnight Sinus Headache Blues

The Hip Hip Hurrah He's a Jolly Good Boy Rush Thread.....

Martha! Queen Bee of the slammer!


Take Me To Your Matcom

Who would win a word comprehension competition

Ronnie the Piranha

A very good, extensive DVD review site: DVD Verdict

the ugly mugfest of all CAPTIONs

Caption: Royal baby gets flushed down the pan

Computer security poll

How will you celebrate Bloomsday this year??

computer gurus: Getting a new one, need some advice

Late Entry for "Bands at the Dem Convention"

Police investigate Malone-fan Game 3 incident

A religions question

TV Cameraman Killed While Covering Dangerous Intersections Story

Bob Boudelang on Reagan

fingering the culprit of all CAPTIONs

Because you have nothing better to do

Why is it I can find "Buzz buzz buzz" by the hollywood flames...

Pittsburgh DUers, mark your calendars!

World Stupidity Awards! Please vote!

What are the vocab-expansive words that you use the most?

Keanu Reeves Caught in Drive-by Shooting Drama

Dick Cheney is a robot!

Ladies: would you "do it" with ForrestGump for Millions of $$?

My grandfather died Thursday night

Funny Anti-Bush Flash Video Game!

Best things you can get for free

What music have you been listening to for the past few days?

So, how can I best ribb my Dad for his conservative party sign

"Alice in Chains" - Anyone else miss this group?

How Sam Donaldson punked Ronald Reagan.

Any Dar Williams fans here?

how should my summer hair be

Does anyone know what the rating for F911 will be?

Todays Non-Sequitur

Britney Spears to Launch New Fragrance (It will be called "Le Ho")

Hey, where's the "DU Gallery"?

San Diego DUers, let's hook up for F911!

Han beat Norse

I GOT CHUD II!!!!!!!!!

geez red sox. how about a little help?!

Man beats horse

Eeeek! Fundie p's will be here in 45min!


Any Swingers To Suggest?

(rant) Why can't people take care of things, or fess up?

So last night my buddy decided he needed to give me a talking to

Funeral Arrangements for Ray Charles

"So I tied an onion to my belt, which was the style at the time...

We won three prizes at a raffle!

you can call me mo, you can call me joe, you can call me schmo

Final Cut Express ...editing software Question...?

This seems short Cap, have Colin make sure North isn't skimming.

How come Mobile, Alabama never moves?

Was Reagan's trademark smile the first sign of Alzheimer's?

Rant: People who can't be bothered to vote.....

Kerry Boobies!

A challenge for gothic designers

i too am computer shopping, and i too need help...

BJ Fans: I'd Post Pics But That Would Be Against The Rules

BJ Fans: Some Great Pics for y'all

VH1 has a great new series coming your way!!

Proof My Kitten Is A Democrat!

#2 Final Cut Express ...editing software... Another Question...?

Mulholland Drive or Bridget Jones?

How Do You Write (Or Type) The Current Date?

Does anyone else remember when

It is THE most PERFECT of days out there right now!

Wedding gift etiquette

I think something's wrong with me, more than the usual.What could this be?

Als-heimers, or Ahlzheimers?

700th Post Special: What turns your stomach most about the 700 club?

The Rush Limbaugh Mockery Thread

Quiz: What's your spiritual type?

Looking for a crew. Who wants to.........................


My lil dawg Winky is in terrible trouble. She's broken her little foot...

Put Your Wrasse On Display


INVITATION: SF Bay Area DUers, East Bay Open Studios

Who should apologize for Godzilla? (poll)


Finally! A reality series I can get behind

A challenge for graphic designers.

Speaker wire question

Brands and companies that have gone down in quality

This must be the day for it...Dammit, I'm sad about this...

Canon D10 or Nikon D70?

Let's go the other way: FAVORITE earworm ever

Ipod question


Have you tried this artificial intelligence 20 questions game?


Anyone have info/suggestions about portable CD players?

Because people have a need to glue things to other things

Bob Novak is the king of dooshbaggery

Anyone ever play Tropico.

Anyone here in Maine with DirecTV?

Imaginary Films....Movies that were almost made

LBJ Fans: Some Great Pics for y'all


Coming up at 8 eastern: Dead Woman Walking: The Karla Faye Tucker Story

Dog breeds most prone to biting

the down-on-your-knees boy of all CAPTIONs

OMG! Breaking News from CNN/FOX/MSNBC

Any swing music to suggest?

Best early Beatles?

Name your favorite movie ever!

If the Monkees did their own tunes would you respect them more?

Saw Tortoise last night and the night before...

Name the weirdest movie you have ever seen

Central Florida DU'ERS, head over to the Florida State Forum

The man at TruValue would NOT wait on me!

My husband killed himself this morning

How do I convince my general prac. doc to give me what specialists won't?

Reagan's saddle a poor fit for Bush

Reagan a Topic in Bush, Kerry Radio Speeches

Fla. Voting Machines Have Recount Flaw

Poll: Edwards Favored As Kerry VP Choice


Bush's opponents drift into the political paranormal.

The real democrat in the race

Potential Kerry Running Mates Vie to Sing His Praises Loudest

Saddam Is From Mars. Is Kerry From Venus?

Democrats strike back on faith issue

Campaign Theme: Bush's shuffle to the centre

Kerry's Mideast policy is miles from Bush's

Conservatives Downplay Rifts With President

'Steadfast' Bush's amazing flip-flops

McCain's Resistance Doesn't Stop Talk of Kerry Dream Ticket

Reaching Out to McCain

Afghan election delay is new blow for Bush campaign

What John Kerry lacks

Kerry Pays Respects to Reagan, but Takes a Swipe at Bush

Kerry Firm in Economic Stance

Bush Shares More With Reagan Than Just His Sunny Charm

A wartime resignation

Democrats and Dean: what might have been

No communion for contrary Catholics: a good idea?

Taking it to the streets

Reagan's Lessons for Bush and Kerry

Bush, Kerry, and a battle for Catholics

For Bush, a good week

Annan criticizes policy of preemptive defense

Undecided Voter Is Becoming the Focus of Both Political Parties

Kerry looking to dissatisfied Republicans for an edge

Religion on the stump could add a new dimension to election

Even as economy recovers, undecideds tilt toward Kerry

Film and Election Politics Cross in 'Fahrenheit 9/11'

Bush Aide Watches Polls and Public Perceptions

State Polls on the Presidential Election

Kerry on Radio Pushes Stem Cell Research

A sampling of public opinion on this year's elections

Veepstakes Polling Method

Bush Youth?

Bush diplomatic show produces mixed political results

2004 Campaign Achieves New Levels Of Phoniness

Editorial Roundup - Wed Jun 9, 2:23 PM ET

Bush, Kerry political ads can't handle the truth

Well 6-11 passed and nothing happend Musta been Reagan Fatigue

MSNBC poll opposite of headline!

McCain will not be VP. quit your whining.

Bush Campaign Cranks Up Attack Ads on Kerry

College Students Favor Kerry, but Apathy Grows

Rasmussen: Bush 47 Kerry 44

Should the rule against spamming the message board be repealed?


I just heard a real wingnut saying he would vote for Kerry!

10 Reasons why Reagan is closer to Bill Clinton than he is to Bush!

I still think Kerry should choose Dean as VP

Farenhiet 9-11: The Reviews

Kerry is speaking out in favor of stem cell research

In divorce papers, Jack Ryan faces no-win situation (Obama opponent)

Kerry behind the scenes: Restless, Multisyllabic

Nader's Arizona petition signatures contain 92 percent Repukes!

Don't look now--Ralph Nader is doing even better than he was at this point

Should Kerry be a slave to the polls?

Jello Biafra for VP?

Oprah for VP approve or disapprove?

Jay Hardin made a mistake, and he wants to tell you about it.

What do you think of Ron Reagan Jr being on the ticket?

Kerry representin' in the ATL

A brag on my good friend PassingFair, who has just been named to

Why would Kerry consider McCain when he can choose Clark?

Bush Looks to Head Off Kerry's Criticism

TOONS: Why Does Bush Have Happy Feet?