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Archives: June 13, 2004

For East Timor, energy riches lie just out of reach

Guantanamo Lawyer Wants Access for Clients

Reagan, fact and fantasy (Palast)

The Guardian: It's OK to smoke dope, England fans told

I couldn't have said it better myself.....

From Sinner to Saint (Nancy)

Legacy of wit and humour of an American Cheshire Cat

'Cutters' join fight against genital mutilation

Gambling on Voting

London Observer: We could los the next election, says Labour Minister

Tone for Abu Ghraib was set at highest levels (Dallas Morn. News) WOW!

Secret world of US jails

China's a dying tiger, to be feared in decline

The Reagan Legacy

The Death Of Americanism

Fight Fire With Compassion - Donald P. Gregg

Torture Incarnate, and Propped on a Pedestal

Frank Rich: First Reagan, Now His Stunt Double

Clancy and Zinni on Book TV (C-Span2) Right Now eom

PHENOMENAL READ: "Building the Greenest City in America"

Dogs May Help 'Sniff Out' Pollution - cool story

Anti-graft agency in HK looking into SARS shows - Rolling Stones

Will gunners vote for a madman or against assault rifles?

Uhhh...cleanup needed in GD

Thread order in LBN

Israel dangles new compensation carrot before Gaza settlers

this creeps me out

Was there another sinister reason for those fake 9-11 exercises?

Kalamazoo for Peace....join now, help stop the bush* WARS....

Kerry Rally in Columbus (Tues. June 15)

Harrisburg Area DUers...

Jef Hall's speech from Friday at the Convention

Puget Sound power users: good offer to sign up for green power

Mulholland Drive or Bridget Jones?

WOW -- Bush Has A Blog

Abu Ghraib not going away...Wash. Post story.

Military investigating itself an excellent idea.

What do Hispanics think about Sanchez and Gonzalez?

Repubs Angry at use of Reagan in bush campaign ads...for real

The Reagan

Stranger than fiction

What is the cost to taxpayers for Dubya to weekend in Crawford?

Will shrub age better than his dad? *scary pic included*

Reaganpalooza.....thank god it's over!

President Bush in Liberty, Missouri Monday at 1:00

DELAY: a shiver looking for a spine. HOW MANY of us are going to

"Bring the Noise" on AAR (10:09) PLAYING RAY CHARLES!!!

LauraFlanders(AAR) 8:10pm: JOHN DEAN talking about Plame affair and

What Reagan taught me

We are Reagan Youth

In the Spirit of the proposed Marriage Amendment

Fahrenheit 911 trailer on the Independent Film Channel

and he will jump with a parachute........?

Anybody else notice how obnoxious and off

President Clinton's portrait to be unveild

If the supreme court rules against Bush on Guantanomo Bay

Legacy Worth Remembering ( more Reagan

I predict that McCain will nominate....

'Why Adolf Hitler was a great Fuhrer.'' Goebbels

I just saw this outside my balcony...

What are the chances of Bill Clinton having something named after him?

Puget Sound power users: good offer to sign up for green power

Bush was not understimated. He was overestimated.

Did anyone just see new Bush ad? - he's Reagan now.

Fahrenheit 9/11 trailer in Repug hell ...

I sure liked it when the world was with us, instead of against us -

Darn it! C-Span: Jon Stewart's Commencement speech (12 a.m.)

Great Tony Blair picture

League of Women Voters & disability groups bought off, lobby for Diebold

Senator Joe Lieberman's tribute to Ronald Reagan.

Some of you wanted to see Reagan at 93

French Brutality

Who is a natural in the role of the Presidency?

"Lets face it... is anyone excited about electing John Kerry?"

Please rate this Yahoo! Story!

Found a good one,

GRAPHIC warning WARNING graphic

America is the sole superpower in the world today.It has

"Reagan Was the Butcher of My People:"

Now that the Reagan funerals are over the media now brings us....

The Covert Kingdom: Thy Will be done, on earth as it is in Texas

I would like to give thanks

"Tribute" toReagan I thought I'd share from another board (bad language)

You haven't heard the worst of abu-Ghraib

Michael Moore wants to do a film about Tony Blair.

What Happened To The End Of The World?

Has anyone here mentioned . . .

OK. We're definitely back in the '50s

Watching "Pulp Fiction" on IFC

Comedy Central for those of us w/o cable. "Reagan Remembered"

What's your definition of Racism?

Sunday talk show lineup.

Who is the leader of our party?

What kind of Democrat are you?


This should be read, in silence, by every American.

What is it going to take for those of us on the left to unite?

It's midnight. Reagan has risen.

Ok...I have to ask (one last Reagan funeral thing)

anti-Michael Moore campaign from the GOP, but they try to hide it.

Disgusting 'guest' on Faux utters 'N' word - no apology from host for it!!

How Much Money Do You Think Reagan's Funeral Cost Taxpayers?

Massive but Under-Reported Corruption of the Reagan Administration

Stern website: Howard is more influential in this election than Pillboy...

Where the F*&@ was Condi?

MEME MEMO: They don't make 'em like Reagan anymore...

Is anyone else convinced Cheney will be dumped?

Texas Republicans call for dismantling the federal government...

"Why Ronald Reagan was a great president, " by Boortz

Does Lieberman allow his religion to interfere with his political beliefs?

* meets the Pope.

Dime recovered from the future

Why are Americans so completely ignorant about the rest of the world?

WAKE UP! - Strauss / Neocons and Terror PLUS dire warnings

Sniper Shoots Three in Rural Southern California Before Being Shot Dead

Brahimi quits post as UN envoy in Iraq

Grenada tries to make mark at U.S. expense

Gunmen Kill Iraqi Deputy Foreign Minister

Porn or confession? Priest tells all

Senior Iraqi Aide Killed in Baghdad

WP: In Guantanamo, Detainee Fears Recorded

Iran Vows to Reject Nuclear Restrictions

Bush Asked for Vatican's Help on Political Issues (NYT)

Maytag begins Searcy layoffs: Company officials mum on numbers

Mass text messaging angers Italian left

Turkmenistan government covering up drug problem

Bomb disrupts Philippine independence celebrations

American hunger strikers protest lockout

Rebel barista with a cause challenges employee policies at Starbucks

Brahimi Quits Post as UN Envoy in Iraq

CSIS went to Syria for confession: Arar rep

Al Qaeda Claims to Kidnap American

WP: Nader Had Campaign Office at Charity

US army not to withdraw from Iraq after power transfer: spokesman (Kimmitt

'Hey Hey, Ho Ho, Those Old Protest Tactics Have to Go'

Clinton's Memoir Ushers In Different Wave of Nostalgia

Kim Jong-il wants to `dance' with US - Korea

Time bombs in the files - More memos on torture bedevil the Bush team

Bush's secret justice hauled into the dock

White House 'trying to help (John) Howard'

Bush Campaign: No Plans to Use Reagan in Ads

Chavez says Bush is his real adversary in August 15 recall referendum

NYT: Errors Are Seen in Early Attacks on Iraqi Leaders

Bush Asked for Vatican's Help on Political Issues

Did you know that Ronald Reagan was in a movie with Richard Nixon?

J&B Fans: Some Great Pics for y'all

ken wilber

Post Your Desktop

Another Reason to Celebrate

OK...Now a Nice Dark Song for the Lounge - Velvet Underground's "The Gift"

MASH fans, I need help! (WTF? W*A*L*T*E*R????)

Anyone read Caro's bio of LBJ?

What's with this guy?

Mr_B status

Mountains or Beach?

Kerry Boobies!!!!

Gratuitous copycat poll: To-MAY-to or To-MAH-to

New theory about Cheney. He's dead, They're using a hologram.

Movie coming up on FX channel, 'Meltdown'

Oh come now, all these BJ threads are so dilettante!

Which of the following would you most like to date? (partial nudity)

Space Rock Plows into Mrs. Archer's Living Room!

Anime Fans--which shows do you suggest out of these choices

The Democratic Underground Lounge Roundtable:

Go see the Italian film "I'm Not Scared". Go right now - out the door

Anyone watching the MTV Movie awards?

Trading Spaces Unglued (BLoopers)

Rules For Movies To Avoid

Guess the song game

Neil Young's song "On the Beach" is like audio heroin

Tonight: THE SOUL EXPRESS remembers Ray Charles.

this is a cool sight. politics, news, culture, etc.

Best Middle-Era Beatles?

Just watched Major League I and II. Ask me anything.

Nutjob radio host who said the world would end in 92-93 (or 94-95)?

Dia-bee-tez or Dia-bee-tees?

Reagan, Reagan, Reagan...

DULL and DULLer......Calling all DULLards

Tonight's SNL...

Has Karl Rove jumped the shark?

Ilan community revives wooden clog industry - TW

Supply your wishes for Poppy's parachute jump tomorrow:

Saturday night drink thread

Under the new rules--all songs must be about Reagan...even retroactively

Best song ever written:

"Hello Kitty" analyzes your stress level


Rock Me Gently

Civic or Corolla??

The 60+ Club:'s Saturday..what movies did you see and your opinions? (Spoilers)

Police called to quell massive food fight

My mother-in-law just made fruit salad for Lou Reed's ex-wife???!!!

OH JEEZE...Look what's #1 on Yahoo: (Historical Severed Naughty Bits)

Complete this sentence (from a TV ad)

Favorite Dylan songs?

I just watched Oscar De La Hoya get his butt kicked

Its a Wacky Baptist Science Fair!

Mid-life crisis? You must be 60

my uncle is finally back from desert-hell...

Just what every dad wants for fathers day - pix of Bush in flightsuit

Christians are being persecuted in the US!

Favorite Lou Reed song?

FARK: Photoshop a Star Trek character working another job.

Favorite Dwight Yoakum song

I'd Love To Change the World

So who here likes Kyuss?

What's with our Presidents' surnames ending in 'N'?

Great unsung heroes of the acting world.

Has anyone here never left the United States?

Favorite Movie Villain


Favorite British TV comedy?

"Outback Jack" -- what're the odds he actually from the Outback?

...And may he CAPTION in peace

Just saw the new Stepford Wives

Alice in Chains - Grunge or Metal?

Favorite G.G. Allin songs

Marilyn Manson-- Love Him or Hate Him?

Movie Quotes Thread

Ultimate 80's ballad

What sports are overrated? Underrated?

Putin Takes Bush's Side Against Democrats on Iraq

Bush Campaign: No Plans to Use Reagan in Ads

L.A. Times Poll-Voters Shift in Favor of Kerry 51 % Bush 44%

SUSA-PENNSYLVANIA Kerry 47 % Bush 46 %

Latese Election Projection tally Kerry wins 51.6 % to Bush 46.5%

L.A. Time Polls Ohio Kerry 45 % Bush 42 %

SUSA-Illinois Kerry 52 % Bush 39%

A real grassroots candidate in Florida. Great website, good pic.

Do You Remember When Bush Seemed Unbeatable?

NYT Op-Ed: Gambling Machines Software vs. Voting Machine Software

If Bush wins, who's moving to Canada?

Edwards raises $150,000 for Kerry in southwest Florida

Union members will pitch Kerry door-to-door

The Daily Kos blog 8 Candidates

Where in the World is Howard Dean?

I was in KARL ROVE'S face today!!!!!!

Latest in Veepstakes, Edwards in first place Gephardt 2nd.

Dignitaries Fault Bush Administration : Seek Change In Security Policy

U.S. plot of '54 led to 30-year civil war

Strib oped: Now we're paying for '80s foreign policy

San Diego Trib: Bush TV ads found more negative

Now that the adoration period is over...

Retired Officials Say Bush Must Go

NYDailyNews: The casualties of war (The Wounded-Great Article)

'West stokes war to prove blacks can't rule'

Poems about G W Bush all written 3 years ago.

Strib editorial: King George?

War Mongers

Toronto Star: Fahrenheit 9/11 turns up the heat

Freedom Friday - Wear Red

Send Email to Moore Movie Theaters

Are they SIRIUS?

Today's Thought

All about me....

No Guzzle, No Glory (Hummer owners persevere)

Japanese invisibility cloak 'augments reality'

Solar plants in Southern California: Electricity Too Cheap To Meter?

Wild ideas of wine farms realised with equity funding - SA

SA courts on brink of collapse: top judge

Intoxicated dad drives off ferry ramp with 2 kids in car (TX)

AssaultWeaponsBan---War Heros vs Walter Mitty's

Death Penalty poll

Requesting a "listen live" link for the only liberal talk radio program ..

Will I get tombstoned If I think ex-presidents deserve


Happy Birthday Skinner!

Front page: 2 articles' blurbs in a row end "Which is simply not true"

Trivial technical question

a couple questions on CU

Have the rules been changed?

Sharon, the Enigma?

Questions with no answers

Israel to bulldoze settler homes

`Do not have children if they won't be healthy!'

My Dinner With Pamela Gross-Finkelstein

MIHOP theories: an overview

Hopeful Penelas fights on

Kerry campaign rolls into Columbus, Tuesday the 15th!!!! Be there!

Kerry bicycling in Alleg County North Park Saturday 6-12

Iraq War Supporters Lose in European Elections

BRAHIMI (UN envoy who "selected" Iraqi government) quits!

Radiation therapy outlawed during the Olympics.

OH JEEZE...Look what's #1 on Yahoo: (Historical Severed Naughty Bits)

Group Seeks Change In Security Policy

If you could pick the Republican Congressional Leadership......

I Suggest A State Funeral For Johnny Carson, When He Dies

How the military treated some inmates at Abu Ghraib like 'ghosts'

Errors Are Seen in Early Attacks on Iraqi Leaders

Will the "Surprise" take the form of a faked meteor strike?

Do you think Reagans Death, Had anything to do with

Poppy lookin' a little scary

The only real questions that remain about Iraq are.

Nate Clay -- LIVE streaming now -- liberal talk radio

The Star Trek federation's utopian economic system is:

Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Poppy and *

Well, I am so excited!!! DU rescued from the clutches of the last 9 days.

9:05 ET C-Span - Interesting. Ms. Shaaban expresses the Syrian point

Eric Margolis' latest condemnation of Bush regime

Colin "The Spinner" Powell on MTP.

9:35 C-Span: Ghassan Atiyyah from Iraq: I wonder what his thoughts

Accepting the 'Mark of the Beast' ..... for the convenience of a drink?

US 'meddling in Australian vote'

the peasants with pitchforks are coming up the road, their torches flaring

Kerry's Senate activity

Stars and Stripes letter: Impeach Bush

Ronald Reagan Commemorative Silver Dollar...PUKE

Reagan Funeral Leads to Friday Night Jumble

The way to succeed as a Conservative

OMG...Mitch Daniels...the reason he needs elected


Doonesbury | B.D. shops for a leg...

Reagan in a positive light...Kerry should use this Reagan quote:


Reply of asscrack on C-Span now

Greg Palast ('Best Democracy Money Can Buy') on Tavis Smiley (realaudio)

Info Cascade seems very negative for Bush this weekend

Why isn't Kerry exposing Bush about the draft ?

So, less than 48 hours after the funeral........

Godzilla versus the Liberals took 13 minutes before Faux asked Powell about Regan!

C-span is replaying Ashcroft's testimony in front of the Senate

Rating Reagan: A Bogus Legacy

C-Span 10:03: for those who want to watch Ashcroft and his helper


our choices... then and now

There's something to be said about funerals...

A letter to the Bush Campaign about Ronald Reagan

Two Sites that I promised I'd Post

'Big Brother' evictee stages live refugee protest on TV

Multiple Articles on Torture in one swoop

Disgusting 'guest' on Faux utters 'L' word - no apology from host for it!!

Do we still have one POW in Iraq? I recall one soldier was captured...

If Faux is any's safe to turn the tv back on!

Hold my hand.....the Sunday News Shows are about to start here.

Cuba: Comments on Reagan weren't official

Anyone Have Ratings For News Shows Last Week ?

What War On Terror??

Here's some Raygun qoutes. He was some guy eh?

What the president SHOULD have ordered.

If there won't be a draft, what's the 28 million for ?

MUST WATCH! Sen. Leahy ripping Asscroft on the CSpan site...

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia(AP) The body of a man, possibly a Westerner, was foun

Here are a couple of pertinent details of Geneva Convention

Remember this? Bush STOPPED Torture compensation to former POWs

How many people did Saddam torture?

Multiple diplomats and military blast Bush foreign policy

8:11a.m.RW caller on C-Span: I don't care what they do to the prisoners.

THIS WEEK. A special segment on basketball! ABC runs The Finals.

bushgang tries to rig Australian vote

Who was assassinated in Iraq yesterday and

Just saw Kerry's commercial on health insurance

Regime Change

watching Idaho crumble

Ron, Nancy, & Sidney Omarr, the Astrologer

Agency Is Seen as Unfazed on Atom Waste

Poor persecuted flag-wavers

Bush Asked for Vatican's Help on Political Issues

Is anybody watching this Black forum on Regan on NBC now? n/t

Reliable Sources: Simpering press except for E.J. Dionne

US Free Trade Agreement will make Aussie drug prices rise

Grapefruit-Sized Meteorite Smashes Through New Zealand Home

During these dark days, here's something to inspire you.

Satellite Sisters: do they belong on Air America Radio?

Official Clinton portrait by Simmie Knox to be unveiled Monday

How amenable are you to the idea of McCain as a running mate for Kerry?

Holy F**K! Juan Williams is going for The Joker's throat

Congratulations to the DUer's out in front of the corporate media...

26 former diplomats and military officials says Bush must go!!!

John Ashcroft, Torture, And Some DU Oldies-But-Goodies

Jodi Wilgoren's Kerry piece in NYT is transparent: Kerry is like Bush

I wish The Jim Jones Movie would aire...Jonestown...That would

How the Right Wing is Turning America into a One-Party State

FAUX news is broadcasting live from Bush's parachute jump....

Text of Ron Reagan's speech -- link needed

did you know that 24 soldiers died last week?

Exxonmobil suit gives speech and poo poos peak oil

MM filmed abuse while making F 9/11

Congressional leaders attend coronation of Moon? WTF? Someone

to honor OUR soldiers lives: the few PHOTOS....

Bush's "Place of Light Foundation"

Ewwww : Warning Will Robinson..danger danger

Gitmo...The latest trendy neocon vacation spot

CNN: Shrub's Handlers Debated How To Handle Reagan Death

Benefit Art Auction Aims to Unseat Bush

How come the Army can afford this - and not body armor and decent housing?

Rita Cosby of FAUX saying that Gitmo prisoners are abusing soldiers

Do You Know Larry Everest (Oil, Power, & Empire)

Thank God for Henry Waxman

GW Buxh IS the lord

I'm sorry, but can't he say ANYTHING right?

Banana Republicans - book being discussed in this thread:

Can a Kerry executive order over-ride a Bush executive order?

I got a fundraiser letter from Nelson Friday.

"It's all down to likability"

Blair religiously insane

No ethical dilemma behind the ban on stem cell research.

Anybody watching Leslie Blitzer's CNN show today? Details, please?

Jump to 2 hours and 45 minutes into Ashcrofts Testimony.

Is the Senate Judiciary Committee going to demand memos tomorrow?

John Stauber discusses "banana Republicans" in 15 min!

* Nominated for "World Stupidity Award"

How much do looks matter in presidential politics ?

Todays Bad Reporter...(Great Cartoon!)

Is there a key to spotting a Freeper

Bumper stickers and solidarity

Guess what? Zapatero's party winning again.

BIG: 26 ex-diplomats and military leaders say Bush must go...

Bush Is A Four Letter Word

Does the Bush regime have a new ad out ?

G W Bush - like poetry in motion

Bush "As Crazy As A Sh*thouse Rat" Says French President Chirac!

AP: McCain Rejects Kerry's VP Overture

Is the new Iraqi president off-message about Abu Ghraib?

Could I recommend a moisturizer, Poppy?

Brahimi quits post as UN envoy in Iraq. Media sticks head deeper in sand.

How to Defeat a Dittohead

Powell admits books can no longer be "cooked"


The Wash Times is critical of BushCo! the sky is falling, folks!

CIA Accused of Delaying Prewar Iraq Report

Has anyone seen Control Room?

Newsweek CW gives Ron Jr Up Arrow for dissing * in eulogy

Why was Dershowitz so wrapped up in Torture so long ago?

Former President Bush has Mid Air Orgasm.....PHOTO

Artist & collectors donate for auction to get rid of shrub

Baghdad Fumes as the Americans Seek Safety in 'Tombstone' Forts

Jump to 2 hours and 41 minutes into Ashcrofts Testimony.

Meet the Press footage

as June 30 nears, Iraq just gets worse by the minute, but we must stay.

This sounds like a helluva book - Pretext For War

Should the Carlyle Group be seized and disbanded.

Watch out! Babs & Poppy are going on a Vodka bender!

MPs Urge Blair 'To Admit to Mistakes on Iraq'

the biggest hoax with admin, is bushie going to church

Kerry-REAGAN for '04!

Picture:Shrub carries Barney again....Barney reported scared to death.

anyone know what's on 60 Minutes tonight?

As midnight approaches, my thoughts have turned from weighty matters to

Ralph Nader Meets With Leaders Of "" Group

never mind......dupe

John Edwards and Teresa Heinz Kerry on C-Span NOW (6:35 edt)

Stars Praise "Fahrenheit 9/11"

People are saying that the second Bush is trying to be the second Reagan.

Quick way to silence the defenders of Ronald re: AIDS

Newspapers riding out complaints over online registration - AP

BBV: Gambling on Voting (the Odds Aren't Good)

Kerry, Bush reopen election hostilities after Reagan mourning

Canadians for Harper...

Does your flag fly at half-mast?

Daniel Webster on the DRAFT, c. 1814: slaves to govt. folly, "wickedness"

How do you discuss politics without turning people off?

Michael Moore bashing and theaters harassment.

Are there any factual errors in Farenheit 911?

Is 60 Minutes Going To Let The Sibel Edmonds Piece Disappear ???

Please take a moment to send an email to these people WRT Fahrenheit 911

Farenheit 9-11 Distribution....well. I AM suprised.

Washington Journal Question...Is the US a Christian nation??

It is time to shove this in the media's face.

This video MUST be seen. Posted by Fear in another thread

60 minutes is useless this week. Just reruns.

Let's be honest about Ronald Reagan....

Thread Designed Specifically for the Republicans to use Against us

Please read this message....

Has anyone called for Ashcroft's head?

Ben Shapiro, a bushgang wannabe

I met Amy Goodman yesterday!

I hope I'm still welcome

Bush Flip Flops (letter to Minneapolis Star Tribune)

"Why do you hate John Kerry so much?" Do you ever ask your typical

WaPo's Dana Priest will be online live Monday

The Corporation -- Zinn, Moore,'s a documentary made for DU

Republicans hate government and are the wrong people to have in office

New Poll: Finals!!!

Why do repubs think we dems have to be "tolerant" of

One of these war criminals is not like the others

Trailblazer, Durango, Jeep--choose from these makes ONLY

Last night I think I finally turned an Air Force guy against Bush...

George Bush - War Criminal?

Bush 41' s jump delayed...

Lynndie England wants 100 witnesses from Cheney on down testify.

MUST SEE: Anybody Catch Today's 'Non-Sequitur' ??? - Perfect !!!

Ron Reagan's views of George W. Bush.

Does al-Qaeda exist?

Donald Rumsfeld's responsibility for torture may be

Thinly veiled homophobia WRT to HIV/AIDS rant.

Nude bicycling breaks out all over

James Bovard "terrorism and tyranny" C-SPAN 2 now

A Rant about Poppy and the Bush Royal Clan

I guess now we know where the McCain as VP rumors are coming from...

Another poll to DU

"IF" the GOP dumped bush, who the hell do they have to replace him?

Thus wrote the prophet...

What Nation will topple the bush regime? America hasn't the guts

We need talking points against Bush

Time Mag Blows Location of CHEENEE's Undisclosed Location (Ho Hum)

Smash the Reagan vs Carter myth!!!!!

Well, who is the biggest whore, republican kiss-ass Democratic Senator?

Bush's June Surprise (what do you think of this?)

Why should I vote for Kerry?

Is YOUR country a protofascist state? 14 points to consider:

Voting For President Should Be As Secure As A 25 Cent Bet In Las Vegas

FreeRepublic's "Thug from Upland" wants a "correction" from Tamara Baker

Explosions rock central Baghdad

US-Australia alliance will survive, ambassador says

British battalion 'attacked every day for six weeks'

Errors are seen in Early Attacks on Iraqi Leaders - New York Times

Please delete thread. Wrong forum. Half sleep. Sorry.

Migrants Bury Children Murdered in U.S.

Britain allows non-essential diplomatic staff to leave Saudi Arabia

Controversy rages over land nationalisation (Zimbabwe)

Edwards shines in Florida, poll

Security in Iraq is Mainer's business

Ex-valet withdraws (Prince) Charles story

US to keep 4,000- 5,000 prisoners after June 30

Powell: Australian Exit from Iraq Won't Hurt U.S. Ties

Grudgingly refunded

Iraqi prisoners should be released July 1: Red Cross

One U.S. Soldier Killed, Two Wounded in Iraq

Grapefruit-Sized Meteorite Smashes Through NZ Home

Nader campaign run out of charity office: Violating election rules?

Alcohol cited as problem at prison (Abu Ghraib)

Two U.S. Soldiers Hurt in Helicopter Crash in Iraq

Toronto Star: Fahrenheit 9/11 turns up the heat

Shiite Slum Proves Tough for U.S. Troops

Irish Examiner: Abducted American faces torture from Islamic militants

Key player in Dean campaign brings skills to Castor's Senate bid

How al-Qaeda leader slipped through the net

Redefining Torture (Time Mag on Leaked Memos)

Rights defender fighting cynicism (Louise Arbour)

Powell unhappy with 'big mistake' in terrorism report

China, Zim 'in weapons deal'

Bush Asked for Vatican's Help on Political Issues, Report Says

Iraq President Won't Destroy Abu Ghraib Prison

Bush presidencies: two men, two roads

Sunday Division Has a New Equation | LA Times

New Messiah crowned in US Senate Building (Sun Yung Moon)

A critical juncture for Boeing and Machinists | Seattle Times

Russia Sees an AIDS 'Explosion'

Call for audit of Africa's debt

US has to realise Europeans want strong world role:French FM

Bush to parachute solo for 80th birthday

White House Reconsiders Its Policy on Crisis in Sudan

Michael Moore: Plan for Blair movie was 'a joke'

Accounts conflict on who knew secret (former OR Gov's underage sex abuse)

In visit to Chicago, Nader rips Gore, Reagan and praises kids

Attorney: Matthew Shepard killer's trial poor | Billings Gazette

Area grocers, union stock up for a fight | Sacramento Bee

When the Bush Energy Policy Confronts Ancient Art | NYT

U.S. Says Iraqi Insurgent Attacks Will Continue

'West stokes war to prove blacks can't rule'

Drinking, driving a way of life for many

New war on emissions

In Bad Company

Top Iraqi diplomat assassinated

Former Diplomats, Retired Military Leaders to Call for Bush Ouster

Nader Had Campaign Office at Charity - Situation Raises Ethical Questions

Court of Appeals Reinstates Anti-Affirmative Action Petition Drive

dupe sorry

Soldier who robbed bank receives help

Intelligence: The Pentagon—Spying in America? [NEWSWEEK]

Saudi press fumes over Libyan 'plot' (to kill Crown Prince) | BBC

Blair, Schroeder, Chirac Allies Tumble in EU Election

Baghdad Car Bombing Kills 12, Wounds 13

Iraqi professor gunned down (yet another assassination)

Soldier's defense team wants 100 witnesses from Cheney on down for Abu Gra

Kinshasa (D R Congo) faces rebel ultimatum | BBC

Is 60 Minutes Going To Let The Sibel Edmonds Piece Disappear ???

Iraqi General: US Helped Us as We Used Chemical Weapons[Rumsfeld, Reagan]

Major railways shake-up planned (UK) {Lab. undoing privatization damage?}

Fast-Tracking Flyers [TSA announcement about speeding security -TIME]

WA. POST: Justice Dept. Memo Says Torture 'May be Justified'

Another assassination in Iraq...

For blacks, a different (Reagan) legacy

Interrogation abuses were 'approved at highest levels' THIS DOES IT!

Elder Bush safely completes 80th-birthday skydive | Houston Chronicle

Voting trends shift in metro counties | Denver Post

John Kerry joins Latham attack (Aust)

How America armed Iraq

Bush Opens 4th White House T-Ball Season

No 'Weekend Warriors' as U.S. Towns Count Guard Dead

World turns attention to Darfur

The secret world of US jails

Camp X-ray memos tell of life in the cages | Sydney Morning Herald

Edwards Raises $150,000 for Kerry

Retired Officials Say Bush Must Go

Panel to review 1979 anti-Klan slayings

NEWSWEEK: White House Memo About Interrogation Prompted by CIA Questions

Nazi commander 'was CIA agent'

'The student is gone; the master has arrived.' (another torture report)

Fla. Voting Machines Have Recount Flaw

Bishops in Colorado for crucial dialogue | Denver Post

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette: Clinton Presidency Rated Mostly Good

In rare public dialogue, Saudi women talk rights


Al-Qaeda website shows killing - Robert Jacob

U.S. says al-Qaeda targeting Saudi regime

(Moore) Documentarian kept quiet after filming U.S. soldiers abusing Iraqi

Advance orders propel Clinton's memoirs to top of bestseller list

Website launches campaign to deter Fahrenheit 9-11

British PM facing more misery in European polls

Newsweek: Intelligence: The Pentagon—Spying in America?

I just saw the Lindsay Lohan/Harry Potter skit on SNL for the second time.

Do we really need a "tell-all" book about Marvin Gaye?

DU Insomniacs: Spanish American War Re-enactment/DU Chat Going On

Lean on Me.....Ronald Reagan's America?

I Suggest A State Funeral For Johnny Carson, When He Dies

Tell me you don't think this is messed up.

participate in a survey lately

its late, I am a wack, just ask me anything ok

I need that Barton Fink feeling!

Favorite Reno 911 recurring bit

Back from computer hell, ASK ME ANYTHING~

The Church of Porn

I need to cut back on my DU time

Help! How do I find the....

I guess I'm going to have to stop giving people the middle finger...

Surprising facts about James Bond

Who is the oldest DUer?

The Sunday Morning Drinking Game!

American flag removed at Le Mans

This race should be interesting

DAMN! Bloody Mary's Taste Sooooo Good On A Sunday Morning!

Crawford: Bush I to conceive child

I'm going to be on TV

The Great Communicator

Spanky the Clown Arrested on Child Porn Charges

The Star Trek federation's utopian economic system is:

I can't be there in person but I'm listening via the Internet

Best-lookin' Dog:

What do you get when you mix RC Boating, Naval History and Robot Wars?

I'm finally back on line.

Is the raygun pukefest finally over ?

Have you ever Tuned A Piano, But not a Tuna Fish?

I can't be there in person but I'm listening via the Internet

Disgusting 'guest' on Faux utters 'L' word - no apology from host for it!!

I'm baking split chicken breasts and eye of round roast.

for all you cat lovers....have you ever read Paul Gallico's The Abandoned?

Have You Ever Milked A Cow?

I got an effing $50 ticket this afternoon...

I was cutting the rug at a place called the Jug with a girl named

"Stay the course"

We're putting the women and children (and the kittens) in the boats...

Suggested Poster

Tommy and Dick Smothers are on PBS right now

One more medical Q...

A better way to walk.

I wish The Jim Jones Movie would aire...Jonestown...That would

I'll see you all later.

I'm looking around for a new laptop. What brands do you recommend?

I'm spanking my chicken breasts with the eye of my round roast.

What's for lunch?

where's the gallery link?

So, uhm, are you guys drunk?

Now back to round-the-clock coverage of George Bush skydiving:

Kids Plead, Advise in Letters to Presidents

What first name has a U.S. President NEVER had?

Just fired off this letter to the editor

Am I the only person who thinks DEVO should reform?

Saw "Terminator 3" on HBO last night, ask me anything.

DU tech gurus: Wireless internet router question

I never done a "Ask Me Anything" Thread

Should I get a handicap license plate/mirror hangy thingy?

USA vs Grenada World Cup qualifing game today

Anyone else gonna watch Wells pitch against the Yankees today?

Grapefruit-Sized Meteorite Smashes Through New Zealand Home Photoshop Contest: Unlikely PBS shows

France playing England in Euro2004 right now.

Buy a robotic Ayn Rand

This is a special place.

Any way to save keg beer?

Have you ever milked a cat?

Any way to save Yogi Bear?

Woman marries a month after being stabbed by husband

Horniest aviator?

If you see a person parked in a handicapped spot at the grocer's

Legal question, would like some input/opinions

What's your favorite Jimmy Stewart movie?

If you see a big meteor parked in a handicapped spot at the grocer's

SoCal gathering - June 27?

Meteor-sized grapefruit devoured in Manhattan Deli

My dog used to like to take one on a

the balancing act of all CAPTIONs

Thinking of you tonight, DeForest Kelley

What is the best anti-spyware or privacy software?

how much is that doggie in the CAPTION

God damn it the regular computer is busted

Dude, your finger smells like CAPTION

I need a little help with a computer problem:

Guess what I just found in the basement of my apartment building?

Who's the King when Q.E II bites the grass?

I spent a week with Amerikat's kittens!

LOL, welp, I'm sick, and I'm taking the LSAT tomorrow.

Who's funnier: CanuckAmok or HEyHEY

We come from the Land of the Ice and Snow.

England 1 France 0 !!!!

A Bar Where Customers Strip

France v England (Result)

Help needed - this week's "big" article

the Borgia family of all CAPTIONs

Zomby's Great BBQ Cookout and Pool Party Extravaganza!!!

Question for Classical Music types......about music at Reagan Funeral

no CAPTION is bigger than life

Sappy story in NY Times

the Cirque du Soleil of all CAPTIONs

Why do they get to me so much?

What do you think of people who....sleep around

What do you think of people who... don't sleep?

Horniest avatar?

what stories from Bayou Folk are the best

On A&E: Biography -- Mama Cass (right now)


Did anyone just see 60 minutes?

Its a sad day for America when

Cleaning a flat panel monitor

So, has anyone else ever seen "Begotten"?

Fahrenheit 9/11 trailer

AAAAHHHHHHHHHH! Jump on if you have ever been TOTALLY MISUNDERSTOOD on DU!

Listening to Disc-1 of The Jimi Hendrix box set. Ask me anything.

Hey!!!! Commercial for Farenheit 9/11 just played on television!!!!!

Who is/was the luckiest boy in the world

Which of THESE have you done?

Horniest Aviator?

Name a suitable punishment for stealing my Sunday paper

Any men ever feel like this?

WIll Fahrehheit911 outdraw The Passion?

Just got Phish's last album, "Undermind"


Let's Get It Started - bragging about the PISTONS!

Six Feet Under premiere tonight!!!!

Buddhamama's 3rd DU Anniversary (plus a day)!!!

Avatar with the horniest human being?

DU Chat!

Anglers Charged With a Shocking Crime

Mmmm! Beer-battered chicken and cheese fries.

When was the last shooting in or very near your neighborhood?

Upstairs neighbor compulsively vacuums 2-3 times a day

Who else gets depressed around this time, on Sunday?

EURO 2004 France 2 England 1: England fans disgusted.

Why can't I meet a woman who looks exactly like Louise Brooks...


The "Howdy!" thread:

Has your DU Reputation changed over time?

Who's better looking, HEyHEY, or Canuck Amok

Quiz: What sex is your brain?

Awful stuff you'd STILL rather do than see further tributes to Reagan


Need a suitable punishment for a bad Zomby Woof!!!!!

" Blade Runner " gets better every time you watch it.

On Monday, June 14, I begin my 10-day journey in right-wing hell

Relationship advice... for a good friend, please read.

Which of these have you done?

What is your favorite Monkees tune?

the best BBQ sauce!

What real-life mystery would you like to solve?

What do you WISH you had a reputation on DU for?

Most shocking football (soccer) game ever

Vocal support -- Jamie Cullum and Karrin Allyson reassert the jazz singer

What band do you like that is not well known?

What do you have a reputation on DU for?

How many couples are members here?

Happy Birthday Skinner.....

What do you think of people who... sleep late?

Press Release: John Kerry: Supporting Stem Cell Research to Find Cures

Kerry swipes at Bush rebuff of stem cell research

White House Race Causes Investor Jitters

Transcript of June 12 Democratic Radio Address

Nader Had Campaign Office at Charity

Kerry: We Must Lift the Barriers that Stand in the Way of Science

Please....No More Senator from Arizona for VP threads.

Democrats fear effect of divisive Senate primary race (FLA)

Riding polls, Kerry renews race after Reagan rites

Center for Politics

Wouldn't it be great!

Bob Graham's daughter steps into political arena

Ads of Both Campaigns Zero in on a Typical City

WHEN will posts blatantly attacking Kerry be banned here?

Bush, Kerry campaigns bear Reagan's signature

Benefit Art Auction Aims to Unseat Bush

An unlikely leader for the anti-Bush offensive

Kerry, Speaking Softly About the Big Stick

I'll see you all later.

Poll shows CAFE standards a low factor in presidential race

My last weeks toons, time to move on

Will Reagan's Death Bite Bush In The Ass?

Kerry Keeps Recruiting, McCain Keeps Resisting

Ad Execs Say Bush, Kerry TV Spots Boring

The media has won. They did it by headline distortion.

TV Alert: Tonight at 6:30 PM ET and 9:30 ET on CSPAN

Former officials to condemn Bush foreign policy

Bill Nelson likes a John-John ticket.

Howard Stern having impact with crusade against Bush

Teresa Heinz Kerry is now speaking on C-Span, 7:15PM.

Bush twins could give speeches, first lady says

Gore's backing revved rivals, Dean says

"Keep your eye upon the donut, and not upon the hole"

Is it Gephardt? (VP per US News Washington Whispers)

Should Kerry come clean about Skull & Bones?

Edwards C-SPAN now - WHAT AN INTRO!

Kucinich Takes Roads Less Traveled in Bid

Nader Had Campaign Office at Charity