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Archives: June 18, 2004

Top Ten Things You Never Knew About Mohamed Atta

MP killed in attack one day before departure

Iraq images jolt Chile to count victims of anti-communist torture

Torture and Democracy

Global Eye

Whopper: George W. Bush

DC-June 22 - National Rally for Voter Verified Paper Trails -Passage of H

Defending Reagan, Forgetting Her Job

In Indonesia, media on the payroll

Rush Limpball is accusing

Blogger Will Confront Fox News' Roger Ailes

why are some people so unlucky, and others have it made?

Broadcasting Corp of China selling off assets stolen by KMT: DPP lawmaker

SA 'losing millions' in DRC

Why can't I find a thread I posted a while back?

Beitar soccer fan convicted for shouting `death to Arabs'

Arafat: I accept Israel's Jewish character

Museum chronicles Palestinian violence

Because They Are Jews

New 9/11 Timeline update (sort of)

Tampa Bay - Protest Karl Rove and Jeb Bush tomorrow, 6/18

David Brudnoy: Fahrenheit 9/11 "repugnant filth"

Michigan unemployment rate spikes in May

State's voters split on 2004 Presidential race

Any protest over Bush coming to Ft. Lewis?

Nevada Nuclear tests might resume

Calif. Sues Enron for Price Manipulation

My's being defiled!!!!!

Does the line item veto still exist?

Interesting reaction to a DNC canvasser.

James Hirsen on Hardball RE: F911

Bush: 'Numerous Contacts' With Terrorists Justified War...

anyone watching comedy central's 51 greatest smart asses?

Did anybody see O' Reilly tonight?

Poor ole Rush has had a rough go of it in the past few months...

Senate Votes to Add 20, 000 Troops to Army

$10 billion Homeland Security contract awarded to ex-pat Accenture

paula zahn

Help! I have to use gas to run my car to get places.

John Dean

I have questions about this notion of impartiality in the press...

Bush heading my way....question.

Olbermann (Countdown): Bush*'s poll numbers UP? and opinions on the war

Help with debunking "Abdul Rahman Yasin" - Richard Miniter

He has been buried for almost a week now, time to raise the flags

CARPE DIEM Mr. Kerry: "White House misled world over Saddam"

* talking out of his ass

Janet Jackson's TIT is in the DEFENSE Bill!!

Reagan's Memory Honored With Sharp Increase In Federal Budget Deficit

blogging about Reagan

DemoTex (with captain hat on) tries to dispel some 9/11 misconceptions.

Americans and Sexual Sadism

Majority of corporations paid no taxes?

Well this is crude...

For those w/o cable, Jon Stewart's "War on Error" clip (Terrorism report

Bill O'Reilly goes to F911,only lasts a quarter of the way through.

The faith factor: Should religion matter at the polls?

Any one see the "librul moovies" stuff on the news"

"Forgive me, I was wrong on Iraq ": Anglican Bishop

Another Jon Stewart classic: Undead Presidents (Clinton's portrait,

Report Says U.S. Has 'Secret' Detention Centers

Deborah Norville, Sam Donaldson, and Clinton...

Republicans admitted that Iraq WAS about oil?

F*ckin' A-holes! 22% of CNN Respondents STILL Believe Iraq/911 Connection!

Look at all the right wing criminals who have been forgiven

Debra Burlingame: "No one knew where these planes were...

Political payback for Shrub's kind words? (Clinton)

Anyone want to see a Rev. Moon propoganda video?

Groupthink cause of War in Iraq failings

Anyone heard Randi today when the fireman called?

Refuting Attacks Against Michael Moore

is this "i hate joe scab " night?

Faux News on the NY Thruway

Has anyone put the time line from the commission

Encyclopedia Brown and the case of the Smirking Chimp

Do the media whores care that * has put us all in dire peril?

Bush's Words Come Back to Haunt Him - LISTEN

WHERE CAN I SIGN LETTER against the stupid RWers Farenheit 9/11

Man, I hate Ann Coulter!!!!


Scarborough compares anyone supporting Farenheit 9-11 to Terrorists!

This Saturday, Chicago, Bridging the Gap..Dean, Jackson, Schakowsky


No Shades of Grey Here; Republican Friends Poll

Physician, Turn Thyself In / A must read From New York Times

U.N. Admits Mistake in Iran Nuclear Report (hmmm I wonder why they made

There's been a split in the Workers World Party.

Real Electrodes. Not "simulated."

A supposition regarding W's medication

Herbert: Doc * cites as hurt by malpractice is a quack

Fahrenheit 9/11 question

Remember when Pat Buchanan told his followers to get their pitchforks ??

BBV - Jeffrey Dean concealed assets /failed restitution

THE ONION: "Report: 9/11 Commission Could Have Been Prevented"

Are the sneaky little terrorists squatting in the corner plotting....

Margaret Cho is cracking up Dave Letterman, re: Bush

AOL poll on Moore

57% of Americans think the situation in Iraq is going well.

Why are so many of you goobers watching Scarborough?

Josh Marshall story speculation

Saddam "provided a permissive environment for al-qaeda..."

true that Kerry must spend all that he has fundraised by July 26?

Are we still considered a "superpower"?

Charlie Rose on PBS is nothing but an organ for neoliberal propaganda!

perfect candidate !

Conservatives "counter" Michael Moore

A-holes! 22% of CNNers Polled STILL Believe Iraq/911 Connection!

Rumsfeld theory - Am I Crazy???

Have You Noticed? Reagan Has Disappeared From The Media!

Michael Moore will send free books and dvds to service members in Iraq

Regal has pulled F9/11. Apparently they want to hide the truth.

"LISTEN" to bush say Saddam had NOTHING to do with 9-11 HERE (audio)

So what do you think is going to happen to Saddam?

When did Bush "jump the shark?"

Ray Bradbury Burns Michael Moore Over "Fahrenheit"

Bush: Rumsfeld is "doing a FABULOUS job."

Does anyone here HONESTLY believe that if Bill Clinton fessed up

Bush Notes - Atrios peruses aWol crib sheet from today's cabinet meeting!

the lethal consequences of Bush & Cheney's insistence on repeating the lie

God I hate Joe Scaraborough!

Is there a list of the Democrats who voted today?

WTF is Cheney doing giving the order to shoot down?

Did I hear the news correctly? "Cheney thought HIS shoot down order

Silly FOX mistake today...

I'm slowly but surely convincing my Republican father to vote for Kerry

Sexual Misconduct? What Do You Think About This?

DC-June 22 - National Rally for Voter Verified Paper Trails -Passage of H

Utah To Buy into the Paperless Voting Scam - ACTION NEEDED!

F911 dropped from 100s of theaters??

Texas unemployment drops below 6 percent

vicente fox threatens america if we harass illegals

number of screens of Michael Moore movie vs. "Day After Tomorrow"

WTF?? Moore's film being pulled from theaters? Truie?

Fun with the 9/11 "official story"

How many more will die to make Bush's* Rich Friends Richer?

The Torturer-in-Chief (read this)

Make sure people know that WHORE Joe Scarborough is most likely a murderer

Explaining why we should all be for Kerry

three stories that TV news didn't touch until Michael Moore forced them

Do you believe Joey Scarborough is a murderer?

NOW w/ Bill Moyers - Pentagon undercounting actual troop casualty #s, more

PBS's Frontline, "The Plea" -- I'm sickened

Saddam agents arrested over murder (Kirkuk's Oil Chief)

Kerry: 9/11 report casts doubt on war

Polish Solidarity co-founder dies

US Gets Cosy with Taliban's Point Man-ATimes/New World Media Watch

Greenspan Nomination as Fed Chairman Approved by Senate

Montana to Fight Ruling Declaring Public School Funding Unconstitutional

WP: Patriot Act Provision Invoked, Memo Says (Asscrap lied)

Judge keeps most documents sealed in Senate candidate divorce case

In Indonesia, media on the payroll

Moscow court upholds Jehova's Witnesses ban

Powell 'willing to serve second term'

China puts off torture inspections

For single guys, more hurdles to adoption

(Supreme) Court's door open for more voucher cases

Iraq Could Resume Limited Oil Exports by Friday, Analysts Say

Iraq: After June 30, Detainees Must Be Charged (HRW)

Latest Developments Yahoo! Photo AP Photo Israel Launches Gaza Moat Plan

Kerry's Search: In Depth, In Secret

Restaurants Closed for Opium Soup, Stews

Out on the Mojave: space shot for the common man

US army officer charged for murder of Sadr follower

Bush Tried to Project Strength on 9/11

Bush defends his credibility on Iraq-al-Qaida

Sex films help panda get pregnant

Martial law threatened for Iraq

'Zero' protection from nuclear codes: Codes were 00000000

GOP Senators Block Subpoena on Memos but Prod White House

Environmentalists lose in key House votes (re: snowmobiles in Yellowstone)

ELF Officially Claims Responsibility for Blaze

WP/Milbank: Cheney Authorized Shooting Down Planes

Annan Opposes Exempting U.S. From (Int. Criminal) Court

Western Drought Beats Dust Bowl, Could Be Worst in 500 Years

Senate Votes to Add 20,000 Troops to Army

Mexico Candidate: 'Woman' Favorite Animal

Bush Allies Till Fertile Soil, Among Baptists, for Votes

Mel Gibson No. 1 thanks to Jesus

NYT: Panel Says Chaos in Administration Was Wide on 9/11

A perfect storm of issue films

Homeless man in Texas set ablaze, attack caught on videotape

new Savage Weiner advertiser Genesis Financial

Roaring cheers during the more political moments of Patti Smith's show !

Joke: The Best Job In The World

new U2 album info

Anyone here working as paid staff on current congressional races?

new Savage Weiner advertisers, Tyson

Why do cows lick car door handles?

justin bradshaw fired from CNBC

Holiday Road.....


Help needed help with my Mac --

I found the evilest company in the world

Leek jibe attack man faces jail

Any Bad Religion fans here?

Is tonight's Celebrity Poker on Bravo new?

Cooking thread

Sleep habits. What are your requirements?

Man sets record running backward

Eeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwww!! Jeffrey Dahmer's parents are on Larry King

Boys more likely to have dyslexia than girls, study shows.

Heading to Italy and need a translator

Anyone here got a handle on Yes lyrics?

13 down 108 to go!

The neighbors are GONE -- THE BAR IS OPEN!!!!

The 'Guys from the future' South Park episode is on again

I just cleaned my oven. Christ, what a pain in the ass!

The Passion of the liberal_veteran

I've been at my new job almost a week now...

THANKS Everybody

KadeCarrion is baking banana bread....*drool*

"You're Watching The Science Channel. That's Right... The Science Channel"

I am so excited----A new stove!!!

What Rush Limbaugh is doing TONIGHT!

Ok, so I listened to Dark Side of the Moon last night

What do you do during a power outrage?

Who has been on Jeapordy or tried out for the show?

Playahata health update.

New scanner advice PLEASE

i have rediscovered the joy of "Battleship!"

I just narrowly escaped widowhood...pretty scary

Moderators: Why WASN'T my thread locked?

Woo hoo...

How D.U.L.L. of a lamer are YOU?

Anyone heard or read a Dodgeball review yet?

Help! I Need Computer Help!

You have to read my freeper friend's email to me.

Remind me never to watch Comedy Central's "Graham Norton Effect."

This is the day of the expanding man

That was strange....

inarticulate state-of-the-world rant ensues

The olympic torch passed in front of my work today..

The best episode of Family Guy is on

What do you expect of Spider Man 2?

Weekly World News Headline

Who's the drummer on Letterman?

What was KISS thinking when they unmasked?

Mary Lou Retton: great gymnast or beneficiary of international politics

So I'm downloading Testify by Rage Against the Machine

Did Larry King actually just say,

all the guests are's BRAUNSCHWEIGER time....!

Letterman skewering Bush tonight

Cool website

Analyze this!

"We are sorry that Our President is an idiot."

Stare at these croutons for 10 seconds

The "Colin Ex wouldn't know good music if it bit him on the ass" thread

Boondocks has been great this week!

Hey, didja hear?

Margaret Cho's on Letterman tonight!

Holy is Vietnam rice-paddy humid here

Interesting "P.S." in Michael Moore's latest e-mail.

The "Francisco Franco sucks" thread.

What is in battleknight's 3rd post?

My cat likes to rollerblade

And the lamb finally lies down in Kaohsiung

Thursday Night D.U.L.L. Getting To Know You Thread

Weird Sleeping Habits

pirates now on amazing two game winning streak.

I just pooped on myself

How D.U.M.B. of a llama are you?

Protest Bushco - Wear Red on Friday - protest undeclared wars

An apology for all you guys in the lounge...

Best New Shows: North Shore & Last Comic Standing

Has anyone tried the Gillette M3Power Razor?

My Cat Dosen't Poop

I am eating an apple turnover with cream

My Cast Iron Skillet: Am I Commiting A Cardinal Sin?

HELP!!! I need advice from anyone and EVERYONE reading this!!!

Eewwwwwwwwww! I was looking up sample photo quality...

HELP!!! I need advice... PART 2

Two more posts until 4000

My yak just pooped on a crouton.

Fox: Walking the fine line between hilarious and just plain stupid

Why is every overhyped sports hero (R) and every superbabe (D)?

I'm fixing to start Catch 22

What weird things does Catshrink like to eat?

I can't sleep. How about some true confessions?


I just graduated high school!

A poem for everybody

F*** I'm Depressed

Cheesy "Hair" bands you still have a soft spot for...

Exactly how wrong is it to date someone who works for you?

Some flower photos

Is it ok to plot revenge on a jelly fish who stang you at a young age

My dog just pooped on a frog.

do most DU'ers have more than one identity on DU?

My frog just pooped on a dog

Should we have a seperate DU sports forum???

Had a scary mole checked out at the dermatologists today. Benign.

What should I wear to Matcom's party?

"The Future of Rock and Roll" all over again!

Favorite song about food ?

Sirius users: Can you listen to AirAmerica online?

What do you do during a power outage?

Everyone, flamingyouth needs your love, prayers, and/or good vibes tonight

HELP!!! I need advice... PART 3

Cubs SWEEP the Astros!

Was Jerry Mathers (Leave it to Beaver) killed in Vietnam?

A Stupid Question About Insurance Benefits.

What's your favorite epithet for Microsoft?

What weird things does your cat likes to eat?

Wedding for Chelsea?

Creepiest actor ever?

Aren't there laws against this?

Headed to NYC with my sweetheart in two weeks!

A Plea for Prayers

Democrats have plenty to talk about in Kerry running mate debate

Kerry demands secrecy amid VP search

Bush, Kerry to have two moderated debates, one town-hall meeting

How about Ann Richards for V.P.?

Don King supports G Bush?

I'm worried about the Kerry campaign.

Gephardt's career is over.

Huge Pew Poll: Bush Over Kerry 46-42 (Iraq/Favorability/Women Up For Bush)

Any Of You Think You'd Beat bu$h In A Debate? (Serious Question)

Insider reports show Gephardt likely VP choice

Some People Still Don't Want You To See My Movie - Michael Moore

9/11 panel plays at terror games . . .

NY Times: The C.I.A. as History's Editor

A Time for the Truth - A Challenge to the NY Times

Forgive me, I was wrong on Iraq

Stop deceit on 9/11 ties :Cheney misleads

BRIAN DICKERSON: Outrageous, yes - but it's hardly news (OMFG!)

A Nation of Cheaters

The only photo that links Iraq with Al Qeada

The Ronald Reagan Effect?

E.J. Dionne Jr.: 'Democratic resurgence: Mood swing in the heartland'

Staring at the Emptiness of Brother's Death in Iraq

Think Again: No Link? Who Knew? -- by Eric Alterman --June 17, 2004

When Bad Journalism Met Government Lies

Blind Into Baghdad - Atlantic Monthly

Thom Hartmann...good guy

The Big Lie

Good LTTE In Canton (Ohio) Repository

Executive Privilege/Torture

Latest horror could destroy President of divided nation

Bush 'should be arrested here for war crimes'

Need a laugh today?

Fisk: Iraq, 1917

McCain for VP - on Bush's Ticket

DC/VA DUers: Kerry town hall meeting in Alexandria

Help make F911 opening weekend HUGE!

9/11 families hold a press conference today a 9am

The problem with David Brooks.

How much of an impact does Cable "News" have on Americans?

Randi talking about ratings

What's happened to weird?

Astrologers: Dubya and Michael Milken have similar natal charts

The most endearing quality of spiritualism to me

Astrologers: June 2004 update from Ed Tamplin

Hey...anybody got any summer recipes ...lets share!

Current Account Deficit Swells to Record $144.9 Billion in First Quarter

Kerry Proposes Raising Minimum Wage((1997's $5.15 to $7.00)

Consumer Prices Rose at a 5.5 Percent Annual Pace last 3 months

Farmer leaves crocs to starve

I say a proton is not the same as a hydrogen atom.Does anyone disagree

Both parties have acted badly concerning global warming

'There's a lot of misleading going on'

Iraqi Leaders Would Consider Martial Law(may need US Troops to do so)

Students corner chancellor - SA

Rare pig disease hits CT - SA

I want a Sweeping stun gun to target crowds of deer!

GUNS IN THE NEWS - June 18, 2004

Cars in the news - June 18, 2004


Gun Control and Corporate Mercenaries

I love EarlG too!

Why hasn't this thread been locked?

Can we have more characters for subject lines?

Could you put this on the front page as a gathering?

Report: Palestinians fire new type of rocket at Sderot

Arafat through the back door

The Nightmare Comes True

Disengaging Resistance

Yasser Arafat:he"definitely"understands that Israel must retain its Jewish

Top Terrorist Killed; Carbomb Attack Thwarted

Israel's perpetual emergency has become a political tool

Israel Plans Remote-Control Border After a Withdrawal From Gaza Strip

Israel - A State Of Mind

Salon Tabletalk brainstorms the 911 commission reports

Meanwhile as we are in Iraq...

9/11 Tapes Reveal Ground Personnel Muffled Attacks

Did American Airline officials lie on Amy Sweeney 's phone call?

Putin Says Russia Gave U.S. Information About Potential Iraqi Attacks

Improvising a Homeland Defense

Court sets release of Ryan's divorce file

Who will win the GOP nomination for Senate?

Former inmates get civil rights restored

F/911 in san jose opening night?

A reasonable request

Bill Clinton book tour to be in LA 6/25/04

Ted Kennedy getting his own TV Show

Mitt Romney Flash Movie

ROLL CALL: F911-- 5pm show at the Lagoon theatre on June 25

Austin DU meet up to see Fahrenheit 9/11?

Gwen Moore for Congress

F911 controversy could work in our favor....

Yes!!!! They are going to show F911 at a theatre near me!!!!

New Information Shows Bush Indecisive, Paranoid, Delusional

Resource Watch . . . another Soros initiative . . .

What are those round dot things on the inner parts of his eyes?

Since the Senators quashed the

WP op-ed:Vaclav Havel calls for action re. N Korea human rights

More than 1/4 of Tennessee's "under 65" without medical insurance

cheney keeps going

Mel Gibson named Forbes mag's "Most Powerful Celebrity"

Anyone have Lexis/Nexis and can check this for me?

Today's BS Excite Poll - Who would enhance the Kerry ticket more?

I Agree With Cheney on Iraq and Al Qaeda

HELP! . . . need a summary of Reagan's record . . .

Andrew Greeley on the abortion issue and Catholic voters --

7:00 a.m. C-Span WashJnl- 9/11 report.

Isn't today the deadline for Paul Johnson?

How do Republicans maintain the charade ?

UPDATE on Regal Cinemas and F-9/11

WOW! Anybody watching the "Today Show"? Showing a clip of Ron Reagan's

I would like to send a Thank You out to the Freepers, Scarborough, O'POS..

My Fears for Planet: Shell Boss's 'Confession' Shocks Industry

Pentagon seeks OK to spy on Americans

Elaine Chao offers proof that she can memorize, repeat, copy, paste

Buchanan to Write Anti-Bush Book

Corporate Taxes Provisions

NYT pg. 1: Commission's 9/11 timeline, including a.m. graphics

Cuomo Backs PG-13 Rating for Moore Film

Those Iraqi's tortured had BIG ones (probably).

Two really disturbingly odd Bush photos

The Black Hole of Fox News

Olbermann vs O'Leilly

CLINTON'S COCK IS BACK! And Faux News is exposing it!

Please Help! DU this poll

I got the NYT delivered to my door today

Sweeping stun guns to target crowds

Chelsea to 3-time loser, junkie Rush...

Kerry Sharpens Attacks Against Iraq War

Bush's cheat sheets (via Atrios)

David Brock on Lynn Cullen 10am EDT - here's link to listen

Wedding for Chelsea?

Hey... Will Pitt's been quoted in the Sydney Morning Herald!!

9/11-The figurehead is exposed W only discussed his "message"

Christian Version of American Idol to joke

Power Struggle at the MOONie Times

Anything in F911 that we here at DU don't know?

Patriot Act Provision Invoked

Bunnypants* is no Tough Guy: Look how he makes his fists

There's an interesting thing about Bush Sr. on the new Simpsons DVD...

Will Cheney ever be held accountable

GREAT show on Air America now..."God and personal responsibility"

Bush's choice: Liar or incompetent

Florida DUERS!! Chuck Colson, old Nixon creep

I got 2 free tkts to F911 for Pre-Premier Show

Evil Dick "probably" knows information that the 9/11 commission does not?

So let me get this straight, Putin says Iraq to attack U.S. after 911

a bombshell perhaps more intriguing than JM Marshall's

Kennedy Show to Rekindle Berliners' Fascination

Panel's findings suggest flawed justifications for Iraq war

Pulled from theaters? No! "Fahrenheit 9/11" to open early in NYC!!!

Butterball Cheney Blames Media For Blurring Saddam, 9/11

Operation MediaSmash has started

Anyone know this group, JINSA.ORG ?

Anybody hear Condi on NPR this AM?

Who in their right mind... would recommend Mr Corruption Cheney

Everybody needs to CHILL OUT ; re:F9/11

brainwashed or fooLing themseLves?

A Time Comes When Silence is Betrayal

Granny D Wants to be Senator D

DU Experts - Need Help re: 1993 WTC Bombing

The neocon movement and Kerry

Bush Insists on Iraq-Al Qaeda Links Despite Report

Wow, check out Kerry's Plane

Orrin Hatch strikes again... no subpoena of DoJ memos....

So what's up with this media blitz?

"The press, with all due respect, (is) often times lazy" -Cheney. . .

Whenever Bush visits a military base between now and November. . .

Regal Entertainment (United Artists), F-9/11 & You

Anybody watching the House discussing the Accenture 10B contract?

JMM's sub at TPM, gives bleak, sadly accurate pic of Iraq's future

Strip Gay Bishop Of Office if there is to be peace in the Anglican Church

The Putin News: A mountain out of a mole hill

Bush's "communications problems" on September 11? BULLSHIT

WMD = WMD related programs; Saddam/BinLaden contacts

The Putin announcement = Farenheit 9/11 deflection..?

Supporting the troops is fine and good, but...

Most annoying thing about Cheney: He still thinks we believe him.

89540 have pledge to see F911 opening night at


Check out this poll. Good God...

Imperial America: Gore Vidal Reflects on the United States of Amnesia

Annenberg objectivity?

Is there a pattern here?

The infamous Grover Norquist every Wednesday group meeting.

P.D. Fired CIA Contractor 14 Years Ago

Michael Moore sightings?

Cheney on Atta/Iraq Prague meeting "It's never been refuted."

I'm pretty disappointed in the media, Re: Paul Johnson...

Bush in Florida Sept 11th

Bremer can't wait to leave wonderful free New Iraq

Funny Contradictions observed

Jackass USA today editorial disagrees with 911 panel

Comments please on this theory of Putin's support for Bush

Take action for health care this Saturday Nationwide demonstrations

POWER POLL: Will you buy Bill Clinton's Book?

11:00 EST Piehole ALERT! * to speak to audience of...

I've decided that Ann Coulter is the Marilyn Manson of punditry.

Do you personally know a "conservative" Democrat?

At least one of Putin's cabinet ministers dispute him.

If (and it's a big if) Kerry loses in November, I will blame...

I feel for Paul Johnson's (hostage in Saudi Arabia) family...

Pardon Me? Whose On The Dubya List?

Can anyone name a documentary that DOESN'T have a point of view?

Bush seems to have endorsed Abu Ghraib in broad principle....


Does anyone here know of any country.....

Smirk went to Iraq with a turkey and came back with a gun

US gets cosy with Taliban's point man

That pic from Michael Moore's site is hilarious!!!

Pressure from WHITE HOUSE on prison interrogations detailed!

Putty-toot AGAIN comes to shrub's defense

PLEASE! Vote for Teresa Heinz Kerry's COOKIE recipe!

12:45 EST BYRD alert c-span2

LOL! Franken points out Bush's verbal tic "inotherwords"

Ray Charles Funeral On NOW Ch. 4, and 7 PST !! n/t

Probe Finds IBM altered document

Don't you think for a Kerry Ad, they should show Bush at

Jesus has a talk show -- Really

Terror alerts to air on weather radio

Guess which President gave this speech ?

MESSAGE from Michael Moore re: RW campaign, 6/18/04

100 men for Hamilton - 20 men for Reagan

Why Goerge Bush could win in 2004


Yesterday"Scarborough Country" FULL-ON anti-Moore Character Assassination!

paul johnson beheaded

Dan Senor - Creepiest Human Being Alive

So, How Quickly Will Westerners Flee SA?

Did McCain volunteer to speak in Washington state or was he requested?

BuzzFlash has Reagan as Hypocrite of the Week

The ultimate UNITER move for Kerry is to appoint bush*

Sweeping stun guns to target crowds (& other obscene pacificers)

Would Bush crack under torure ?

Roger Ebert: '9/11': Just the facts?

New poll Kerry 47 -- Bush 44

Is America better off with Saddam gone ?

Al Queada wanted us to invade Iraq, I think...

AOL Election Poll...Oh My Gawds...

Joe Conason on Air America

Clinton-Hunter Ken Starr's litany of partisan donations

Al Franken and Conason: describing what they did during the hunting

Never mind. Please delete.

Al Franken's dittohead friend: How dumb can he be?

Paul Johnson died, but who cares

Who will be Bush's VP nominee?


Conason talking about "Hunting of the President"

Stewart Smally on AirAmerica now

Are we just go to raise the American flag

ABC- When Hollywood Attacks (Tidal wave of "Liberal" movies)

Stewart Smally on AirAmerica now

CNN: Ex Delta Force Guy talking about Saudi Arabia (telling it like it is)

Jones (from MONTY PYTHON) on Rumsfeld approving torture. FUNNY.

Saudi Arabia and the Haiti example

Clinton: Affair 'darkest part of inner life'

Where to I find information about sending a care package

Beheading a big boost for Bush

Headlines I'd like to see reported...

Isn't it a bit hypocritical of our gov't to condemn beheadings...

Nothing like a brutal murder for the lurkers to show themselves...

Putin (Last Year): There were no international terrorists under Hussein.

Fahrenheit 9 11 swag?

Bush linked Iraq to 9/11 in letter anouncing war to Congress

Al Franken: Bush's "inotherwords" tick in a song!!!! Wonderfully funny!!

A Man We Can Trust

I have been trying to post "light" things today. News too horribly

My letter from Marcus Theaters re: Fahrenheit 911

Ok-- so why was Putin against the U.S. invading Iraq

How many Americans will be beheaded under Bush?

CNN plugging book that says fundies are best fathers.

Why do we have so many people in countries that hate us ?

Will Iraq behead Saddam Hussein in our name?

Saudi Arabia and the rise of anti US militancy. Why no discussion?

McCain is stumping with Bush. Now stop the "McCain for VP" threads!

BOUNCE YOUR BOOBIES TIME on Randi Rhodes!!!! n/t

So what ever happened to Bush's 6 = 1 x a week policy speeches on Iraq

MUST READ: plans to screen whole US population for mental illness . . .

John Kerry in Colorado on Monday.

How many of you think the Paul Johnson situation is only a smoke-screen

Dear Guy in the White House:

Republicans trying to obstruct jusiice and coverup Bush* War Crimes?

The Evacuation of Saudi Arabia

Ironic: Saudi Royals sponsored Wahabianism and AlQaida to keep their

Whatever happened to Saddam's body doubles?

Living under bush has sure been exciting huh?

Heads Up: Michael Moore On Letterman Tonight

2 beheadings, 2 different countries, 2 orange jumpsuits.....excuse me?

I have a question....

I'll say it: Any pictures, yet?

I know this sounds cracked, but

Halliburton throws over two little fish in Nigeria bribe scandal

What ever happened with the Iraqi Wedding we bombed?


Why is media so quick to label this "Al Qaeda"?

Bush's spin of presenting strength and calmness on 9/11 doesn't work

Attending "Farenheit 911" premier this Friday

Johnson Murder: Suddenly Everything Changes Again

I am going to volunteer now, at the Kerry event in Colorado.

How many of you think the Paul Johnson situation is only a smoke-screen

Bush a thief...this was in todays local paper opinion line

Looks like we may not be the only 'super power' anymore!

In book, Clinton says he warned Bush about al-Qaida

Silly media

Nothing on Randi Rhodes yet about the latest beheading

"Remaining Awake Through a great Revolution" (Martin Luther King, Jr)

Homeschooled kids at conference slam Bush - 2nd year in a row.

And They Die Daily Now

Is the New Stun Gun for Crowds a threat from the Bushies?

Senate votes to add 20,000 troops to Army

Juan Cole: get ready for Iraq to disappear from TV

McCain turns into head cheerleader for bunnypants.

anti-gay is really racism

This Putin statement about Iraq attacking U.S.sank like a rock

Doonesbury: father in Iraq....

Kerry Says 'Can-Do' U.S. Needs to Raise Minimum Wage

CNN International: Iraq "Won't Hesitate" to Impose Martial Law

How much better are we than the Beheaders?

why do days like today make so many people self-righteous?

Ed Schultz has picked up on the Shrubya screenin the US Population

Atrocities are not personal, they are just business.

Court closes within the hour -- no Plame indictment (yet)

OK, this is a DU diversion from beheadings...

Where do you vote for radio ratings?

New TBTM Flash: 'Flipper!'

So, are the Saudis Still Our Friends?

Need help confirming this re Paul M. Johnson

Salon: America's Blankness -- Bushist Militarism Has Exposed US Weaknesses

So, when do Hostages, Terrorists, Beheadings, Evil, STOP Making The News?

CBS analysis: Cheney almost certain to stay as VP

Randi: we should have gone to war with Saudi Arabia... and they

Where's Kerry? Seems like he should say something about Johnson

Did anything else happen today other than you know what?

The Reagan Bounce scares me...

Mr. Johnson's killing goes beyond politics. Murder is just murder.

What Is In the Very Very Graphic Post By Will Pitt?

Is it possible to be Pro Logging and Pro Life at the same time?

Hey Minstrel Boy and/or Toronto-area DU ers! F-911 Tix for ya!

civilians in the middle east: why??

OK, did ANYBODY here buy the Alan Colmes book?

Is there a site that has a collection of Bush's quotes..

OK - now we know Al-Queda is in Saudi Arabia

The media is misrepresenting the 9/11 committee's findings.

Repugs don't want you to see violence in Moore's movie but want you to...

Anybody knows how to vote for the Arbitron ratings for AAR?

I had the pleasure recently of speaking to 2 former german POWS

Senate Votes to Add 20,000 Troops to Army

Enough!! It's nose holding time again.

Perle in August 2002 Claimed Atta Met with Saddam

Rice: What the 9/11 commission meant to say

Does Putin want Bush to stay in office because he is easy and stupid?

For how many years has the US played footsie with Saudi Arabia?

Tucker Carlson debuts tonite on PBS/Ken Starr will be guest

I think this whole Putin thing is a crock of sh*t.

Booker School video was on Aron Brown Thurs night I plotzed.

Poll - Which Prez would've handled 9-11 better than * - NY Daily News

The way you are supposed to feel (GRAPHIC WARNING)

We haven't even cleaned up our mess in Afghanistan

WHERE IS KERRY? No public events today?!?

A Respite from Evil. Too much to ask?

What did the National Jackass have to say about the Johnson beheading?

I have a question about the effect of raising the minimum wage:

Lou Dobbs covering a story on the outsourcing of security in Iraq...

Gephardt for sec. of Labor - not vp

Who likes Dean for DNC Chair

I need links of pictures and videos of Paul Johnson's beheading !

Bush: "We have to hunt down these people before they hurt others"

The News ""ALL TERROR" . mission accomplished

God... Randi is whipping ass.

Murdoch's campaign donations (complete list)

they found his body

Hey DUers What Can I do to Help John Kerry ?

I can't take it

Right Wing Bullshit Alert: "WHAT connection between Saddam and 9/11?"

A really horrible, cynical thought about the Paul Johnson murder

* ad during US OPEN : "pessimism doesn't create jobs"

Why Does Al Qaeda Continue to Help Bush?

Paul Johnson = LIHOP version 2.0?

Weee! Look at me! I'm on the internet - I can say anything I want!

Mercs in Iraq & Afghanistan screwed by the PATRIOT Act!

When the hell are flags going to stop the half-mastness

Short range rebroadcasting of Air America Radio

Clinton warns * about Osama; * , not interested, changes subject

The mystery of Zarqawi's amputated leg

Accidental disclosure of Comical Bush Notes

The assassin in Saudi Arabia has been killed...

MORE BUSH LIES in a campaign letter to my email addy--how can I make them

The nuance irony

Her spinning finally did it. Turned my brains into Rice Pudding.

Attention fellow New Mexicans--just heard the DNC Platform

From George Washington, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson to Bush.

When Randi said Fox only had 850k listeners, surely she must have meant in

"Uhhh", it's another George W. Bush soundboard!

I am getting really offended by these Bush = Chimp

FRAncE and gerMany... i am telling you, dont do it

Connecticut Gov. Rowland must testify

Orrin Hatch is a COPYRIGHT NAZI

Where is all this "evidence" Mr. Cheney?

Al Qaida Leader Killed!

Bush is to blame for the beheading as much as Saddam is to blame

Fox removes "Poll: Bush Numbers on Iraq Improve - Thursday, June 17, 2004"

Looking ahead, are you ready for gas rationing ?

Does anyone know if F911 is having a sneak preview tonight

So, New Zealand.

"The only liberal in talk radio who's got ratings is me..."

CBS to embarrassed by the Putin story to even mention it

No Mention of Putin on NBC Nightly News

beheadingings are BAD . . . Now watch this DRIVE!!! nt

"Voting" for Aribtron ratings?

"Bush doesn't need a permission slip to defend America!"

Iraq interrogator wants to speak out, afraid support of Dean will hurt.

Which war will be won first ~ War on Drugs or War on Terra

Saudi Arabia is about to explode.

Anybody watching the NewsHour? Shields really slammed Bush!

I am so disgusted

Johnson deceived Americans about attack on ship in Gulf of Tonkin....

Its been a good day for Bush

Is capital punishment a crime?

BOTH these beheadings were blamed on the prison abuse scandal


Hearing about Paul Johnson's murder makes me so damn mad

Fellowship Baptist Creation Science Fair

Re: Johnson - The more we refuse to hear, the more dramatic they will get

'Fahrenheit 9/11' Becomes Political Lightning Rod

Michael Moore should release Fahrenheit 911 on dvd simultaneously

Democrats court rural voters

Since Michael Moore got his abuse footage from an embedded reporter...

If Kerry wins what will happen to the Presidential Prayer Team?

Would you let Bush use your Toilet? If by sheer chance the man

Anybody seen this link????

BBV: Bad News "

Get this: Citizen's United anti-Clinton ad to run this Sunday on CBS

John McCain today, "Bush...has led with moral clarity"

Paul Johnson would be alive but for the actions of the Bush administration

these video beheadings are designed to detract from our own mad killers

Two questions for Friday eve.:

Bush* & Company guilty of treason re: Saudi Arabia?

Ldotters lose their heads over beheading!

What's going on in the Kerry Campaign?

Tom Flocco: Rookie In Command Of National Mil. Command Ops Center On 9/11

BBV - Does Diebold have some pull with Google?

I found it weird that bush* referred to Mr. Johnson as "Paul"

so a few guys got many innocents have we killed lately?

Weird. Darth Perle's only campaign donation in 28 years is to a Dem

Bush uses atrocities of Saddam to justify war. Some use Bush to explain

Tucker Carlson's PBS show premieres tonight

Right-wing and Rush Limbaugh logic : Another man killed in auto accident

Jim Thompson CNN ...Did anyone else hear his comments about

Global warming raises stinkbugs

"Neoconservative Playhouse!" - a video dripping with Wolfowitz

"casualty irrelevance"

BBV: Andy Stephenson to be honored

Rocky Horror 911..

Googled banned me for saying "Bush = Liar"

Michael Moore on NBC's Dateline tonight at 7p (central)!

F911 Supported By the Facts - NYT and IHT

Warning: Very Very Graphic

Ron Reagan smacks * linking to Reagan in Tweety Interview

Picture of beheaded man

How many of you no longer watch TV?

Capitalism: Right or Privelige?

Daniel Wolff slams Michael Moore . . . hard . . .

Americans Too Optimistic to Settle for Bush's Economy says Kerry

Rumsfeld changed NORAD intercept procedures pre-911.

Clinton shaking JFK's hand

TV reporter confronts gay activist that she felt disrespected Reagan-WOW!

Vietnam question regarding what's going on now--can anyone help?

MUST READ: plan to screen whole population for mental illness . . .

Iraq 'won't hesitate' to impose martial law

I see a hooded man holding a machine gun who looks very white

BBV: Well...what do you know! Voter Verified Paper Ballot!

QUICK>>>DU this poll about 9/11 and Iraq...lower right

Here it is, folks: Take Back The Media, Version 2!

The life of an American is worth more

Who I feel sorry for...

Colin does not have integrity and Condie is not articulate


So, it's happened. The death of one person has become meaningless to us.

Why do days like today bring out the worst in DUers?

Poll for DUers who oppose same-sex marriage.

My New Flash movie "Mourning FOR America" Reagan Vs Bush (Best so far!)

How many of you are FORMER Republicans? (lurkers are welcome)

BBV: The EAC - Brings Back Part of Cast Responsible for Electoral Mess

The Spin Is On, Bush Is Gaining! Here's why.....

Are there still people who DON'T think bushco did 9-11?

I have health insurance/ I don't have health insurance

"Orange Alert! Orange Alert!"- a song for John Ashcroft...

Wayne Madsen email says Plamegate impending indictments "buzz" in DC

BBV: Legal action with ACLU over Florida felon purging

"The SMIRK of FREEDOM" | the latest TOONs are here

It happened. . .Paul Johnson was beheaded by his captors.

Renegade Afghan Overruns Provincial Capital

Prominent Polish Democratic Socialist Dies

Oscar checking out: will hang around until 5:10 A.M. Eastern Time

Michael Moore & Ron Reagan Jr. on Friday Night's Dateline!!!!

NYT: U.N. Agency to Rebuke Iran for Obstructing Inspections

Several Iraqis Killed in Clashes South of Baquba

NYT p1:To the Minute, Panel Paints Grim Portrait of (9/11) Terror

Bush 'should be arrested here for war crimes'

NYT: House Approves $140 Billion in (business) Tax Breaks

Major TV-ad buys heat up Senate race

Power grid operator raises hurdele to power line plan

Haitians invited to advise on aid (Jeb Bush)

So far, Bush's loyalties outweigh VP's liabilities - USAToday

Defying White House, Senate Votes To Add Soldiers

Colin Powell 'willing to serve second term'

LAT: Air Authorities Were in Chaos, 9/11 Panel Says

Iraqi official says martial law possible

Israel wants moat along border between Egypt, Gaza Strip

WP: Forbes Names Mel Gibson Most Powerful Celebrity

About 1,000 Fla. Soldiers Expected To Train Afghanistan Army

Pressure at Iraqi prison detailed (new allegations re Condi aide)

Rebel Militias Capture Afghan Provincial Capital

WP: Pensions Face ($278 billion) Asset Gap ($18 billion in l999)

Machine company plans 296 layoffs

3 dead in Sudan student riots

200 Norwegian oil workers go on strike

[German] Conservatives under fire for Holocaust law

Rice: Bush Consistent on Iraq-Al Qaeda Links (NPR)

Germany gets licence to shoot -civilian aircraft

CNN Radio reports Johnson has been beheaded....

Breaking news: Al Qaeda militants behead U.S. hostage Paul Johnson

Putin says Russia gave U.S. information about potential Iraqi attacks in t

Sept. 11 Commission Becoming Campaign Factor

Singapore warns preachers

Madonna Urges Her Fans To See Michael Moore's 'Fahrenheit 9/11'

10 Die As Warlords Overrun Afghan Town

Senate votes to add 20,000 troops to Army


Saudi Forces Kill 3 Militants in Riyadh - Arabiya TV

Afghan Town Falls to Rebel, Foreign Troops Attacked

Insurgents Kill 1 American soldier and 3 Iraqis in Attacks in Baghdad

CNN International: Iraq "Won't Hesitate" to Impose Martial Law

Town pins hopes on a bulletin board

House OKs snowmobiles in West's parks

US groups want Moore film banned

Qaeda leader in Saudi Arabia killed

CNN Breaking: EU Leaders Agree On First Ever Constitution

Cheney insists Saddam, al-Qaida linked

Gonzales testifies before Plame grand jury!

Russia 'Warning' on Saddam Puzzles U.S.

The Big Lie

Governor, President May Disagree Over Haiti Policy

U.S. Said to Lack Votes on Immunity from World Court

Prosecutors Seek to Keep Trial of Eric Rudolph in Birmingham, AL

Variety: New York to get "Farenheit" two days early

Senate Republicans Set Showdown on Gay Marriage

Bear's hospital visit turns fatal

Americans more upbeat about Iraq, poll shows

Jesus can't be boss

al-Qaida Leader Killed in Saudi Raid

Limbaugh: "Their goal is to use the big media and the law to stop me!"

Putin Says Russia Warned U.S. on Saddam

Iraqi Minister Vows Action After Bombings (Slit throats and cut off hands)

Burge unit had torture device, ex-cop hints

CNN Breaking News: Russia warned US of Iraq terrorism

CIA Contractor Charged Under Patriot Act in Novel Use of the Terrorism Law

Experts: Radiological Weapon Attack 'All But Certain'

Bush Gets Boost From McCain on Iraq

Catholic Bishops Will Decide Individually on Communion for Politicians

Internet Ads Go After Cheney's Daughter

Bush campaign setting daily dollar record

WP: "Realistic" (Star Wars)Tests Ordered (but deployment OK)

Australia 'party to bugging of UN'

Internet schools fall short on tests (Florida!)

Rookie In Command Of National Mil. Command Ops Center On 9/11

The West May Go On Trial with Saddam

Annan says he opposes US bid for ICC immunity (For war crimes)

Chad fears spread of Darfur war

Bush ads drive up Kerry's negatives but leave him standing

Halliburton fires two consultants

Experts not behind reversal on Plan B (Politics!)

Biometrics - great hope for world security or triumph for Big Brother?

9/11 Tapes Reveal Ground Personnel Muffled Attacks-Rummy changed procedure

Kerry Proposes Raising Minimum Wage

Bush Censure by Envoys May Be a First, Historians Say

Former inmates get civil rights restored

Hillary Clinton urges full effort for John Kerry

DiCaprio campaigns for `Fahrenheit 9/11`

CBS Airing New Anti-Clinton Ad

Bush plans to screen whole US population for mental illness

Alleged Johnson kidnapping ringleader has been killed - CNN

Vermont nuke plant shuts down after fire

CNN: Cheney blasts media on al Qaeda-Iraq link

White House accused of intimidating media, lawyers

White House Lawyer Questioned in CIA Leak

Pope Urges Maximum Protection of Marriage, Unborn

Pressure at Iraqi prison detailed - "pressure" from the White House

Newborn found in portable toilet

Breaking News: Al Qaeda militants behead U.S. hostage Paul Johnson

Catshrink has 4000 posts!

My daughter (3) said something funny about Bush

you know you have hit rock bottom when

1000 posts

Pre-order now, people, Daily Show book!

I have a blister on my typing finger.....

Just A Song Before I Go

Stills of cartoon characters.

What's it mean when all you think about...

As an architecture student, I must say this:

Show Me State bans sexy billboards

I've been up for 32 hours straight.

why cats suck..

goodnight DU

why am I not sleepy?

ok you insomanic idiots, theres a chat going on for all you

Ok. It's official. I'm delirious.

Oscar checking out: will hang around until 5:10 A.M. Eastern Time

Who's up?..... and why are you still up?

DRays Tie Yankees !!!!!!!!!!!

DRays Tie Yankees !!!!!!!!!!!

Mel Gibson named Forbes mag's "Most Powerful Celebrity"

'Third sex' get their own restroom at Thai college

KMFDM (mumble, mumble) MORE AND FASTER (mumble, mumble) RIP THE SYSTEM!

Should we have a seperate "Cats" forum?

new Hannity advertiser Airtran (formerly Valujet)

First American Idol, then Christian Rock Idol!

Good Friday Morning DU!

This about sums up the worker boss relationship in Bush's America.

N.J. Assembly OKs Ladies Nights at Bars

The official if you don't like cats, don't read the cat threads thread

Tired of Cat threads? ...Here's a Manly Man's Cat.

Bear's Virginia hospital visit turns fatal

"W" Ketchup

Cartoon: Steve Bell on 9/11commission's findings

What are you saying with your Chinet plates?

Ayatollahs or Shah nicked Bacon's triptych?

Don't Ask Why. I Can't Stop Laughing at this picture. What A Great Photo

Caption: manacled ankles or fashion statement?

I'm going to jump on the bandwagon, I'm f**king depressed too.

I forgot to ask - Did anyone watch the MTV Movie Awards?

Question about spyware

Hey, finally! This is my 700th post...

Report: Women Love The 4811 "Hanky Panky" Thong - 'Feels Like Lace Butter'

How many people have cats and dogs?


DAMN, I cant wear my thong to work anymore

For the women who have given birth

Its not my fault I cheated on you - Its Genetic

Earwigs! Eeeeeewwww!

Happy Birthday to the cute Beatle!

Register to vote and you can get free beer

anybody get word of the day?

Identical twins break same arm on same day

Caption: that stick, self defence I think...

You ever have one of those days where you sleep so deep....

Condo President Fears For Safety Over No Pet Rule & 85Y.O. Woman - Quits

I'm thinking of a number between 1 and 100

Transgender Republican Themed Movies You Hate?

Senator Frist Attacks Elmo

Straight Themed Movies You Hate?


Everybody have fun tonight, Everybody Wang Chung tonight

CAPTION Satan and his Apprentice

Are you fucking kidding me? The Phone Company

At 14, Matilda Is The World's Oldest Living Chicken

After Eight Years, Man Takes Elevator to Freedom

PING Linux & Unix geeks, sysadmins etc

sus' Left foot for veep!!

Gay or Strait ?

Boy's Bike Swap Leads To Dad's Shooting

Dehydrated Water For Sale!!!

I have a crush on a dead woman

Matcom's birthday present -- which color do you like best?

So none of you slackers are going to the protest at the RNC on Aug 29th?

A serious question for the lesbian DU'ers with children?

"Scotty," Last of star trek cast tfinally get a "Star" on the walk of fame

Check out my Al Qaeda/Iraq connection cartoon

Michael Moore will be on David Letterman tonight

S-L-O-W day at work. Step right up and ask anything. Really, anything.

89 yr. old leaves apartment for first time in 8 years-elevator fixed

Best Asexual Films Ever Made....

CAPTION the Seismic Detection near Mt. Rainier

I think I've had too much coffee this morning

Which Late Night Ad do you hate the most?

No tongue; only CAPTIONs

I'm getting in the shower

KRYPTO? The Animated series? You have to be kidding me!

Did you ever hear of any people who were chastised by a big web

songs about lies and lying liars...

Just saw this bumper sticker:"Sportsman for Kerry"

What's worse a lonely heart or a broken heart?

Any long-term I.T. unemployed out there who are all of a sudden

Your favorite band sucks.

Late night talk show polarization.

in my own snoring woke me up...

taLk to me

"Terrorists won't listen to reason."


"There is no question that Saddam had Al-Qaeda ties."

Take this cnbc poll...would you buy clintons book

Hey fellow DUers regarding beheading

For a Friday, it's very quiet here. Maybe because of the awful news.

Getting laid off next month, ask me anything...

UN_FOLD: a unique design challenge . . .

Someone told me Madonna changed her name today....

Amendment-to-be song

Video shows homeless man being set ablaze

Bush: Well the reason I believe their is a relationship between Al-qaeda..

Gay and Lesbian Themed Movies You Hate?

Let's all take a deep breath and contemplate dignity, confidence...

Embarrassed Officials Had No Idea Rap Video Was Being Made In Their Jail

Watership Down- A great read

What Would the Fundies Think If Ragnarok Happened?

anybody here on Wellbutrin?

Mega Millions jackpot is $121 million!

Teeth Brushing habits

A caption

Commercial space travel next leap for mankind?

Clapton parties at Chuck E. Cheese in New Orleans . . .

Chamisa's Learned A New Trick

"I didn't know we had a king."

I just want to go in a corner and cry my eyes out


Big ass warning! This is not a joke!

World News Now Polka, coming up in just minutes

Fight Over Parking Spot Leaves Man Dead

Robber Politely Asks Customer For Getaway Car

Cool... Bill Pullman on board.

Anyone taking beta blockers for high blood pressure?

White Chicks

Did anyone read Michael Moore's interview in Playboy?

Believe I've seen the most bizarre bumper sticker ever (non-political)

AAR listeners

Damn fundies- all of you

"I'm Afraid Of Americans"

Information teleported between atoms "SPOOKY"

I'll be right back - I gotta pee

I just bought David Bowies greats hits

Someone suggest a good champagne to me!

VH1 just showed the footage of H.W. vomiting in the Japanese PM's lap!

Love got twisted

The chimp's helicopter just flew over my house



i was taunted by a freeper

Romanovsky & Phillips - Even years later they still make sense...

Surf the net while surfing waves

My daughter (13) said something funny about Kerry

Getting laid next month--ask me anything!


So A Union Steelworker was driving by My house

WABC's All American Survey for Week of 16 June 1964

What caused you to develop a crush on someone here at DU?

Wife of Utah Jazz coach dies after battling cancer second time

If you could be me, LynneSin, for the day - what would you do with me?

Gay and Lesbian themed movie you LOVED.

Where's Limbought?

The Truth Doesn't Go Way!


Cub fans - Sammy Sosa is back today!

Please forgive me for saying this, but...

Do I wanna know why there's 16+ responses to a pee thread?


FINISHED! - Rush Limbaugh's NEW Wife, "Hillary" - By Request

Confess! Which DUer has a crush on my yak?

Reality shows that never were.

bio-blowback of all CAPTIONs

What Do You Folks Think Of My Bumper Sticker Idea

Simpsons Season 4 DVD!

Anyone out there catch yesterday's Phish show?

Confess! Which DUer has a crush on me?

Update on husband with the three week old fractured leg

Who cares about Yale...I graduated from Silly Putty University!

So matcom, what time are we cooking your dog tomorrow?

I just mowed my lawn...ask me anything!!

Officials Say Music Video Filmed in Jail

ELE-Cam Live at 5:56 PM EST

Woo Hoo!! Thunder storms in NW Washington!!

Have you ever won anything?

After Eight Years, Man Takes Elevator to Freedom

Do you believe in goats?

El Paso not happy about being labelled sweatiest city in US

Any H.R. types out there? Getting screwed out of promised pay!

Best 'transition period' Beatles album?

Nice! We're having thunderstorms in NW Washington.

dating/birthdays question...

Tectonic crushes?

Platonic crushes?

Very Simple PC LAN Question from a Very Simple Guy

Provide your own punchline to this joke.

Grateful Dead..>Deadicated. Best. Cover. Album. EVER.

Office Lotto Pool

Caption the asshat.

Has anybody ever used a "Cinva-Ram" to make construction blocks?

Caption: arrest Uncle Jonathan for Riggs' scam? Whatever next?

Michael Moore and Ronald Reagan Jr TONIGHT on Dateline.

This is an all purpose copycat post. I couldn't decide which post...

Animated Emoticons/smilies...

Paihia, New Zealand

Matcom DU BBQ Update!

Why does everyone wanna BBQ MATCOM's dog??

I just alerted my first post in GD.

CD Mix fifteen fav tracks to lay down on a blank CD?

OK Everyone!! It's Big Dog Clinton Weekend!!

This Is Your Brain On The 80's

Atomic particles 'teleported'

Have you ever worn anything?

Tongue Tip Severed During Kiss

Best Tubes album

Like A Rock...

Have you ever woven anything?

I am getting really offended by these Bush = Chimp

Hair nd unwanted hair curl...

I just bought my tickets for F9/11 next Friday!

How come Canadian geese are more family-oriented than humans?

German 'Samurai' on the Loose in Woods Near Berlin

Just wanted to thank Du'ers

It's time for the Shemp fans to stand and be counted


Fundies to make their own version of American Idol.

Quiz: Completely pointless quiz.

A game won't break out at this fight

If you could invite 10 well known people (from any era) to a party

DU my Reagan poll... it is slowly being freeped

Heard the stupidest damn commercial on the radio while driving

Teutonic crushes

Just received this e-mail. What does it say?

For Insider. A movie thread.


Christian Version Of American Idol Could Soon Hit TV

Orlando DUers! I'll be seeing F-9/11 on Friday the 25th!

What weird things do YOU (or your family) like to eat?

I had a weird dream last night....

Almost the complete Letterman Kerry vs bu*sh comparison bit.

Confess! Which Crush has a DUer on it?


What's all this I hear about Clinton sleeping on Tim Couch?

Canadian or UK DU'ers, tell us about your health care system experiences!

David Cross = Hilarious

My new blog! (+ a lil' DU contest)

It's my birthday today, I'm turning 14 ask me anything.

All-new "Monk" on tonight!! "Monk" marathon all-day!!

**SHAMELESS PLUG*** Just finished a new song

Quiz: How old is your inner child?

Do you need a hug today?

When's your birthday?

Top 10 Albums in Rock that no one would agree with

tonite! 1 night only! Jimmy Lafave

It's Friday!!! Is it too early for a drink?

Update on BIG disagreement with wife

Any coin collectors in the house tonight?

Tennis Fans--any predictions on Wimbledom????

US Open-Mickelson leading. Tiger one below cut. Curtis coming on

So, to what extent does sexual orientation evolve over one's lifetime?

"you are just a fat fucking slob who doesn't give a shit about herself"

WOO HOO!!! I Got the day off!!! Ask me anything...

Anyone seen "Saved" yet?

Christopher Walken video

Give someone a smile - Post a good joke

Do you like your scanner, sound card, CD burner, VCR, DVD-recordable, etc?

Farewell To Ray Charles In L.A.

The Golden Rolling Hills of California.

In 1 hour, 45 minutes, I graduate for the last time.... and you all

I'm looking for good recipes and permission...

Do you believe in ghosts?

Putting the Reagan years in perspective:

CONFESS!! (but no names please) Do you have a crush on someone here at DU?

A good reason why to watch "The Simple Life".....

Web Hosting Special Offer - $1 first month to try

I summon all to toast VelmaD

please delete--dupe

Vice President Spitzer?

mcCain to stump for bush today

Pathetic. Just utterly pathetic.

Who was the "frontrunner" to be Gore's VP in 2000?

I Think It's Down to Edwards and Gephardt

How is this for a long shot VP?

Alternative Kerry ad: PNAC's need for a "Pearl Harbor"

Kerry and the Catholic Bishops

Simple question: Which campaign has more cash on hand??

Is Kerry pursuing "swing voters" for strategic reasons? Is that wise?

BREAKING NEWS: My dog rumored to be potential running mate

Buchanan on Imus - Twisted Logic

Prediction: The Vice-Presidential nominee is........

Will anyone not vote for a Kerry/Gephardt ticket?

Wes Alert - tonight on Faux

WaPo - Clark's stock plummeting

What Did McCain Leverage From Bush After His Flirt With Kerry?

Ever Noticed The One Name NOT Discussed In The Media

I think my repub co-worker could vote for Kerry

DID Kerry court McCain?

Edwards blasts Bush record in visit to Queen Village deli

Kerry Calls for $7.00 Federal Minimum Wage

The Ronald Reagan Effect? (new Harris poll has it Bush 51%, Kerry 41%)

Senators up for Re-election 2004

a question about (and also TO) Nader voters

Is John Edwards the one?

Edwards stock down as Kerry team focuses on foreign policy VP

Don't be too sure Kerry will own the debates

See Dick Run, Part II (American Prospect says NO to Gep for VP)

Kerry's VP process near completion, Edwards stock UP, Clark DOWN (sludge)

Regardless of who you support who do you think the VP candidate will be?

Had lunch with John and Teresa Kerry today. They are FABULOUS!