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Archives: June 19, 2004

The C.I.A. as History's Editor

A Progressive Declaration Against Terror

First Endorsement for Kerry

Salon: "You're the best!" "No, YOU'RE the best!!" (How pundits sell books)

Why are we now so afraid of Uncle Sam? (Canada)

Guatemala and the Forgotten Anniversary

This takes ya back...

Pew Brookings Climate Conference Webcast

`If I'm a woodpecker, Lien's a worm,' Chiu declares - TW

Democrats dismiss China's HK bluster

PRC `police' arrested after complaints of espionage

Machetes (and Road Rage) in the News

Question for both pro and anti-gun posters.

hate to bother with a silly question or request, but

Israeli Arabs credit fence for newfound prosperity

911-Downsizing al-Qaeda Ops

State of California, Department of Justice

(School) Antidrug program with Scientology links to be investigated

Statement from senator Coleslaw on the federal marriage amendment

Is Ohio the Florida of 2004?

In defense of sluts

Alliance Atlantis -- F911 to open in Toronto, Vancouver, Victoria (?)

every time i see *

Mensch! Bist du einen Sitzpinkler oder einen Stehpinkler?

"Ban Farenheit 911" idiot on WJFK FM in DC now

Matt Lauer to Michael Moore

Ron Reagan up next on Dateline

Whose account of the flight of the Saudis would you believe?

Michael Moore and Ron Reagan Jr. coming up on Dateline NBC.

Okay, this Ron Reagan interview is good BUT

BREAKING: Giovanni Adds Matt Lauer to List of People Who Can Suck His Nuts

Great interview with Ron Reagan!

Transcript of Moore's interview on Dateline

Does anyone have any notion what embeds had to agree to to get access?

I have a question about Senate procedure

Moron on Dennis Miller show likens Iraq & Afghanistan to Music Video

Let's face it, Repukes are good at naming things

I have a question about grand juries

Drudge shows right wing attempt to capitalize on the beheading

G W is NOT an obnoxious drunk

Air traffic controllers on 20/20 and Madonna talks about her anti-war

Dan Rather on Larry King discussing Clinton interview

Bush lie shown in Minneapolis Star Tribune letter

The only thing we haven't tried is to get along with other people and get

Did we know about the Teargas in the hijackings before yesterday?

911-Citizens Watch on CSPAN 1 NOW!!!

if anyone hasn`t been to

US killed hundreds of Iraqi civilians in “precision” strikes (SAVAGES!)

Bad Boys, Bad Boys,Who Ya Gonna B'lieve, Who Ya Gonna B'lieve

Olbermann (countdown) today: link between Osama and Saddam

I wanna hear some macho tough talk from Kerry

Sick, Sick Americans buying children in Cambodia for sex

Center for Cooperative Research ...updated 9/11 timeline and news

Bush and Cheney say, "who you gonna believe - us or your lying eyes.?."

I am tired to the bone, and sick to my very soul.

BBV - Jasper Co., SC Finds 1500 'Ghost' Votes

BBV - Jasper Co., SC Finds 1500 'Ghost' Votes

White House Caught in Web of Deceptions

GOP moves could silence complaint against DeLay

Canadian DUers: Need Advice

Man, I love this place!

Women are still not treated as equal citizens under our Constitution

Are we ever going to know what REALLY happened before and on 9/11?

What is our policy in the Middle-East?

Bush Crime Family and Bin Ladens: still partners?

Ron Reagan put it "out there" that if Bush changes policy on stem cell

Where did the word "beheaded" come from? I mean the "be" part....

Michael Moore On Letterman Right Now (10:56 Central)

Heads up! Michael Moore on Letterman tonight

Can we get Sean Hannity to tell how many days 'til election ??

The real reason Bush is trying to link Saddam to al-Qaeda

U.S. being made laughing stock

Do you personally know a better qualified person than Bush?

Book: Clinton Recalls Sleeping on Couch

Bush, Cheney and Ashcroft have killed the dream of Peter, Paul & Mary

Paul Johnson's family seems rational

Republicans Schedule Vote On Anti-Gay marriage Amendment

John Snow helps an uncertain supporter of Bush "defend his position"

Do repukes just like "snuff films"?

John Edwards: Pretty cool in Houston.

Well... Just last week, Saudi's claim attacks were done by Zionists,

Here's another message for the NYC protesters...

Just saw "The Hunting of the President" Documentary

A few thoughts on Gettysburg

1 American life = x Iraqi lives, solve for x

Fox Fans Favor Bush 65% to 28% CNN Fans Favor Kerry 63% to 26%

It was an angry -- at last -- yet calm and philosophical Bill Clinton

Fox News Poll---Clintons approval rating rises

Transcript of Ron Reagan on Dateline

As we get older and older

Does Anyone Have the Stomach to Watch Dennis Miller?

Did Bush forget Paul Johnson's name?

Molly Ivins for VP! Wouldn't ya love to see her on ANY ticket!

Kerry needs to stick it to Bush....

Psychologically speaking, why do Pubs -- who 'hate govt' -- blindly defend

Opinions on "Roger and Me"

Does the Left hate Bush as much as the Right hated Clinton?

Ashcroft's bloodlust spitting on the law again...

Matt Lauer

"Secret Message to NYC Protestors"

Forget the Democrats: Bush Losing Support Among Republicans

So Big Dog warned Dubya about OBL and Dubya "switched subjects?"

What is your prognosis for Saudi Royalty?

Do you believe in Free Speech?

Where in the world is Matt Lauer?

BBV: Please make a selection...

Why do days like today bring out the worst in disruptors?

Yet another BIG piece of info the Shrub admin is hideing!

I called an AM "Oldies" station today.....

The 2004 Election - A Popular Referendum (Mandate?) On Facism?

NCLB conflicts with FCAT results....failure of schools begins in Florida

Question for Muslim DU'ers

Transcript of Lauer's interview with Moore

Is PETA correct in claiming Iams is cruel to animals?

Going to see Michael Moore tommorow

Let's debunk the Citizens United ad

Barry Bonds - 'Boston too racist for me'.

What's the old left? What's the new left?

Pasco Beverage to cut 360 workers

Latest horror could destroy President of divided nation

Iranian refugee sets himself afire in Ky.

Foreclosures up from last year (DFW area)

9/11 Plot Reportedly Hatched in 1996

Ottawa 'acted appropriately' over Arar: statement

Pelosi: 'Bush Administration Misrepresents

Coca fields to be fumigated following Colombia killings

Top warrior dies in Pakistani raid

Leaders of 9/11 Panel Ask Cheney for Reports That Would Support Iraq-Qaeda

9/11 Panel Ask Cheney for Reports That Would Support Iraq-Qaed Ties

WP: Bush, McCain Look Beyond Differences

At Ray Charles's Funeral, Voices Rise and Tears Fall

Saddam’s wife assembles defence team of 20: report

Tory release questions Martin's stand on porn

W.T.O. Rules Against U.S. Cotton Subsidies

Virginia police arrest 12-year-old they say brought rifles and shotgun to

Mortar kills soldier about to come home

Canada won't keep troops longer in Afghanistan

Leaders of 9/11 Panel Ask Cheney for Reports That Would Support Iraq-Qaeda

Accused CIA Contractor has History of Violence

Bush Adviser Toured Abu Ghraib: Visit Was Seen as Sign White House Wanted

China Will Not Back U.S. on Immunity from New Court

82 Million in U.S. Lacked Health Insurance -Study

Bush told he is playing into Bin Laden's hands

Up to 400 GM layoffs expected

PM pushes election on terror

BLM to Greenpeace: End action in Oregon forest

Russia 'Warning' on Saddam Puzzles U.S (State Dept says "huh?"

Moore Film Title Angers Author Bradbury

In defense of sluts

Subiaco Cemetary is where we laid him down....

Do you take too many online quizzes? (A quiz)

They're pulling someone out of the Gorge


Ye-e-e-e-e-a-a-ah-h-h, Bo-y-y-y-e-e-e-e-! New Beastie Boys soon!

I'm going to whine in a date bar.

Monk (season opener)

Father's Day, a sermon, by Frank Casper back from a free-care Health center Doc at 9 on a friday night

Does anyone have a crush on me?

I'm going on a date to a whine bar.

I spilled an Orange Crush on me!

Do NOT reply if you have a crush on me!

Mensch! Bist du einen Sitzpinkler oder einen Stehpinkler?

Any Richard Buckner fans or familiars here...????

I've got my spine I've got my Orange Crush

It took awhile

Does anyone want to crush me?

Any Buckler beer fans here?

Any Milt Buckner fans or familiars here...????

I'd like to ask a very very simple and very very odd favor to you people

There's A Crack In The Windshield

A weird toking for haiku?

Bored? Want a good laugh?

Would anyone noticed if I ironed my Ex?

Does anyone have a crush on ME?

Saw the femme my friend wants to set me up with.

Top songs of all time and the artist who performed them

What kind of dog are you?

Bumper sticker I laughed at today.

ever see this one? You can't spell Patriot without "a riot"

How do we get to the DU member photo forum?

Someone come here and beat some Zen into me

It's 93 degrees in my family room

Watching one of the all time great movies

Am I weird for liking tofu?

Listen to howard stern online

Heads up! Micheal Moore on Letterman tonight.

How do you keep a homemade hamburger from slipping/falling apart?

A western Washington newspaper said there were 100's of protestors in

Listening to Chicago Live at Carnegie...ask me anything!

Do x-tians notice the irony?

The Great Friday Night Drinking Thread!!!!

I just saved $4 and an hour and a half.

hey, this is an interesting porn email sender name

Central Florida DU Gathering (Fahrenheit 911 film)

Peter Murphy or Love and Rockets?

Why is disco evil?

So is Alvin Lee in for a comeback with Farenheit 911?

So I got one wall almost painted and realized I had the wrong paint.

Winows ME is the worst operating system ever created

what's a good pic hosting site...?

What's in YOUR ice cream soda?

Today's Soup to Nutz, comin' down on Shrub again

Preacher Hair... Someone Explain It To Me

It's time for a DULL Friday Night Party Check In!

Yikes, now its WMI's

I am listening to Rush's Hold Your Fire. Ask me anything.

Ahhhh Friday night at work and "John Barleycorn" plays in the background

*What* Was I *Thinking*?!!

Bosox fans! Sox down 7-2 put 7 on the board in the 5th at SF!

"I wish I was a fly on your wall"

No offense but.....SOME vegetarians....&%$#!!!!

Quiz (if you dare): Which Personality Disorder Do You Have?

Weirdest Weddings That You've Been To....

Those wacky tv evangelists!

Quiz: What movie Do you Belong in?

Today's right-wing asshole bumper sticker

Why doesn't my modem work?

For NW (and all) DUers! Favorite Pacific NW Big City!

The best song about heterosexuality ever written

Can someone recommend to me a good Gin?

Can someone suggest a good website for free clip art?

What CD/Record should be made into a film?

I just bought 3 DVDs for $25 at Hollywood Video

LA Lakers: Jackson's done, Kobe and Shaq want out

Things that make you say WTF ????????????????

Dogs: Housetraining

Bush loses limb in mauling by cats!!!!!!!!!!!!

Any Bill Buckner fans or familiars here...????

Its my birthday today... Rough year..ask me about my CD of Take it Back

Was anyone here a draft resister in the Vietnam War?

Drag Shows...

Has anyone here really saved money with GEICO?

Double-Sided Dynamite! (Pre-Beatles Edition)

Politics and romance: Could you date someone apolitical?

Double-Sided Dynamite! (The Beatles Era)

Most beautiful stretch of road in the US

Earl Scruggs Is God.

This is depressing (MST3K news)

Can we get Val Kilmer to do another comedy someday?

Pool Party at Matcom's House! Woo!

Who's your favorite child singer/group now forgotten by society?

Movie Thread

I Collect Old School Vintage BMX Bikes

What's your favorite disco song?

Lets see if I can get this right--A caption needed

West Coast DU Gathering

I'm going on a date to a wine bar. .

Unity Now!

Anti-Bush window signs

If Kerry is going to be President and Saviour of the Democratic

Bush has spent $7 out of every $10 dollars collected, asking for more

Michael Moore On Letterman Tonight

Kerry adopts Edwards' ideas

The Stars see FOUR Stars

Are Harris polls reliable? This one gives Bush lead...

Bush has 4 times as much cash on hand as Kerry.

Edwards Says Bush to Blame for Iraq Aftermath

Howard Dean will headline St. Louis rally Sunday.

Two brief excerpts from Michael Moore's July 2004 Playboy interview

Alterman: Slacker Friday

Statement from American Baptist Churches, USA

The Soros Slander Campaign Continues - The Nation

Fact-checking Moore's political broadside

Guardian's Julian Borger: "Bush Told He is Playing Into Bin Laden's Hands"

Job Mart USA

Where has America gone?

9/11 WATCH

Packaging the Iraq invasion (Review of Paul Rutherford's book)

Kerry turns his back on democracy in Cuba.

Vanishing case for war in Iraq

US Paranoid and Isolated as Green Zone Policy Fails! (prostitutes, etc.)

Bush Spin Continues on al Qaeda Link (Corn/Nation)

Latest horror could destroy President of divided nation

(Montana) Former Republican Party chairwoman: Elect Democrats

Borrowed Time - Bush

Scathing Bush Expose--by CIA's 'Anonymous'

NYTimes editorial: "SHOW US THE PROOF"

Why They Lie – and Get Away With It

NY Times says "Moore's Film is Factual"

The ugly side of Ronald Reagan

My letter to CBS /Aanti-Clinton advocacy group's plan to air ad on 60 Min

Alan colmes is the most pathetic, miserable excuse for a liberal ever.

And Then There Were Four - EU's Monti to Recommend Sony BMG Merger

Dream about Marc Racicot

Cult of the Bird Man

Anybody know the etymology of "beheading"? seems to me "de" would

Is tomorrow the end of the world, or Monday?

Today's Thought

OK, Let's Try It This Way (2) (Solomon's thread on mysticism)

Another Mystical Experience.

Steve Jobs: 'I never did it for the money'

Company Plans To Build First Trash-To-Ethanol Plant In Ohio

EU: Biodiesel solution for animal by-products

Singapore cops apologize for detaining 3 tourists

KMT staff face December layoff - TW

Cops start arresting soccer officials, refs - SA

NRA Calls Jim and Sarah Brady Liars

Can there be a forum created to discuss marijuana issues?

search function

Welcome back, Skinner, and thank you

Peres: Leave the Settlers Under Palestinian Sovereignty

Compensate settlers for what?

Former head of PM's office accused of incitement

British lawmakers say were shot at in Gaza, no injuries

Israel's Intifada Victory

Central Texas toll road plan amounts to double taxation

Really amazing article about an incredibly generous woman

The Russians told Bush about Iraq

Don Evans: "The President is committed to helping displaced workers"

Flag questions

Next Target for Bush: Somalia?!

What ever happened to Mike Malloy?

Whenever I mention I'm Canadian on Fark

Can Canadians be swayed by terrorism

Someone post a poll for me.

WHAT is this Al Qaeda website?

So where's the "Putin, WTF, are you kidding" thread?

Some very nice pictures (nude with candles)

Home for Megalomaniacs

BBV: why we should just stick with paper

Bush told he is playing into Bin Laden's hands

Victory Tour continued

Frame it like this...

AOL users, take this poll

Andy Stephenson campaign update...

What's a creeperer name than Freeper?

Is Bush were raised in a middle class family-- Elwood P Dowd

Sept. 11 Commission Becoming Campaign Factor

White House Accused of Intimidating Media, Lawyers

Bush Touts Qaeda-Saddam Ties by E-Mail, on Stump

More Than Half of Bush Coffers Spent

Edwards Says Bush to Blame for Iraq Aftermath

Plan Would Pay Tax Whistleblowers

Really interesting information from a May CPA poll

"blind faith in this administration has been a losing strategy"

"The Hunting of the President": will be showing in Chicago in August. And.

Bush Gets Boost From McCain on Iraq

The West May Go On Trial with Saddam

Let's play "If I was Karl Rove"

The Putin-Iraq Connection: Is This How It Went Down?

My Optimist Is Bigger Than Yours

Have you bought your Fahrenheit 9/11 tickets yet?

Heads-Up! CNN will replay key segments of 9/11 Commission

is there a 10-second delay on this site?

9-11 Comission WED Hearing on NOW - C-Span 1 - 10 a.m.

Kerry Still Standing Despite Ads' Damage

HELP! Look at the link-corroborated *bush email campaign this butthead

Israel swaps prisoners all the time! Why can't we? If one life is so

Internet Ads Go After Cheney's Daughter

Powell: U.S. Should Remain in Saudi Arabia

Bush quote on fundamental reality......

please mr. bush, no more beheadings

Sudan & Chad: humanitarian emergency

Anybody listening to "Ring of Fire" on AAR? Talking about home-ownership

So the US is going to send more military to Saudi Arabia?

line-up for "This is Hell" -- LIVE streaming begins at 10am EDT

"You're the best!" "No, YOU'RE the best!!" - Salon on talking head whores

Help! Link? Wes Clark book, PNAC memo on 6 more countries to invade

Stars and Stripes letter: Can Fox News be trusted?

People were murdered on 9/11 and that is terrible but with

NYC DUers... F911 opens Wednesday 6/23!

Everything I need to know about John McCain I learned from Patty Hearst

Effect for Kerry's campaign: warm and fuzzy feeling...WATCHING CLINTON

So, Mr. Bush; “Now you’re ‘John Hammond.’”

I don't live in AZ,

Hillary Clinton urges full effort for John Kerry

Exactly what IS the meaning of 'American Justice'?

Anyone seen this site: It has some great stuff

Is the Letterman-Michael Moore interview on the internet? nt

Was Matt Lauer fed questions by the White House?

The Document Sean Hannity Doesn't Want You To Read

U.S. Missiles Kill 20 Fallujah Residents

Criticism of some Americans in Saudi Arabia

Paul Johnson is a tragedy, however...

I had forgotten how powerful the is...

John McCain, Bush's smiling and ebullient enabler

I am watching a Brit travel through Iran.


Character Counts. Clinton Loaded.

Latest horror could destroy President of divided nation

Soldier: Commander Tried to Change Test - abu Ghraib (Calif.)

Kean and Hamilton ask Cheney to turn over reports that he claims....

Ldotters vs. Ron Reagan

ALERT! The world is NOT safer thanks to GW Bush and US policies

Sec. of St. of Nev. Dean Heller talks about prostitute's positions

is there anymore info on Putan's June suprise support of *ush.. ??

Guardian UK: Bush told he is playing into Bin Laden's hands

"It's a fight between right and wrong, good and evil." - McCain

is Zarqawi the new bin laden?

While we are waiting for the Guy James Show , listen to this

can anyone tell me....

Prostitutes are regular visitors to the Green Zone ( write on the mirrors)

Show Me State bans sexy billboards

Its no jobs stupid

I'm now convinced Josh Marshall's "bombshell" involves Plamegate

Bush and Putin make me think of Hitler and Stalin.

Bush’s VA To Close Hospitals While VA Officials Shop At The Sharper Image

What is the Iraq war?

Street Sweeps

Maybe we should have one masochistic DUer per RW TV whore.

Are latest political movies propaganda ?

great eric blumrich rendition of Bush's Army War College speech.

Democrats just let Cheney & bush* lie for a whole week

June 19th. Nothing yet. No bombs, meteors, tidal waves, navies firing...

How do you talk to a man that talks to god but doesn't talk to me?

Cult of the Bird Man

Bush's Menacing Guards at War College Speech

The RWN's are way off base on why we hate Bush, lets help them

GOP moves could silence complaint against DeLay (the ethics thing)

Fahrenheit 9/11: Who has been able to get tickets so far?

DU this poll on the official Florida State House webpage!

Man Sued for Fake Abortion Referral Service


Cheney to use Putin's crappy warning on Iraqi attacks on US??

Actually this generation has had

Just wittnesed unbelieveable Fox propaganda

Do you know repugs who are willing to go see F911...?

The McCain trap (my post from May 19).

China Will Not Back U.S. on Immunity from New Court

You can't wage war on a concept. There is no war on Terror

A great site for debunking chain letters

The Master Thread of Bush Failures (cont.)

LTTE from a KBR employee in Mosul

9/11 Commission on C-Span right now

Do You Have To Be A Numbnuts To Like Bush?

So the New York Times reviewer thinks Clinton lied about Real Estate?

Disgusting game that need attention.

Character Counts--Here is Bush lack of Character

Saddam knew if Bush elected the plan was in place to invade

"We have nothing to Fear but Fear itself. "

is the United State's foreign policy becoming racist?

NYTimes editorial: "SHOW US THE PROOF"

ready for another bush bashing mega-book ?!!!

Quotes Republicans Need To Learn

Shorties but cuties :-)

They tell the big lies...and we feel guilty over the little ones.

Flip flop When I was lied to about WMDs I changed my mind

STRAWMAN! Who cares about Saddam/Al Qaeda? What about the 9/11 LIHOP?

Russian back up for Bush

F911 handout picked.... Chomsky on the topic of the US backing of Saddam

In preparation to see F9/11

Ever heard of Mark Lombardi? (tinfoil hat alert)

Bible verse that debunks Repukes' nosiness

Unanswered 911 Questions - The odd- the sad - and the ugly

I heard on TV that Clinton wants to sabotage Kerry. True?

'In Other Words' from Franken's show on Friday was hilarious

BBV: Rough draft of BBV commercial

The Olympics and the election season.

Can anybody help me find a picture of an Iraqi child who was

My hubby met this brilliant artist just the other day!

CNN has 9/11 investigation story on air now

Anonymous CIA agent to release book charging Bush

Of the Gipper, the flag, the 4th of July, and the Dork

Repub candidate came to my door on a Segway

The Economic Bill of Rights

Jerry Fallwell's White Citizens Council membership

Bill Richardson for Kerry's VP!

'Fahrenheit 9/11' Becomes Political Lightning Rod

If you were told to leave a country would you?

Does this seem odd to you?

Bush's 9/11 telephone logs don't exist

Why don't we email Andy Rooney & have him rant about the anti-Clinton ad?

Does Anyone Here Use 'Progressive Secretary?'

Clinton's Place as a Role Model: Advice from the Big Dog

"An Open Letter to the Anti-War Community and Public-at-Large on Nick Berg

last half-hour of "This Is Hell" Listen to indictment of Negroponte

Western drought worst in 500 years

"Anonymous" intelligence author says al Qaeda wants Bush to win...

Interesting Sunday Morning News Talk Show lineup

watching msnbc

Hate group membership on rise in GOP South

About the elections

FOX was reporting about how Clinton's book could help Bush's election???

I just mailed Zell his photos back

Oil Giants Get UN Oil - For - Food Subpoenas

Iraq's invisible man (A 'ghost' inmate's strange life behind bars)

Ever Notice that Cheney talks out of the side of his mouth?

Debate hints


Ever wonder if Pharma co's kill assisted-suicide bills?

Party for the President! Bring Glowsticks and Electrodes

Kinda' monopolizing but its been awhile

This has sure been a rough week

Capital Gang (CNN): Sen George Allen is the guest

ACTION ALERT - Email MoveAmericaFoward to THANK them

They say it takes a certain type of individual to survive DU ....

Bush takes football from Cheney

ken lay to be indicted

Drudge's Homosexuality

Howard Dean wows crowd, again, in Chicago, just as he always did.

Johnsons body

reverse-ban Michael Moore!

Republicans - the American Terrorist Party

Gonzales testimony a sign Plamegate investigators targeting Oval Office

Where are the Images of our dead Sons and Daughters? NOWHERE!

Saudi Arabia - the beheading capital of the modern world.

At what point in their reelection campaigns did Carter and GHWB fall

Question re: 9/11 commission and F9/11

Oh...come on...didn't some of you read Ludlum or any other "spy novels"

How do the Saudis know the "terrorists" killed Paul Johnson if....

Old painting from the Crusades is prophetic

Who was Prisoner "XXX" that America hid from the Red Cross ?

I'm a rebel. Deal with it.

Big Dog on Booktv Saturday and Sunday

Why is Ray Bradbury defending Bush?

Full text of the memo justifying torture has been leaked

The Zell Miller / Lester Maddox connection

will our republican gang of thieves, liars & killers escape prosecution?

"official Guy James Show" thread please keep kicked!

BUSHNAZIS are coming! BUSHNAZIS are coming...Paul Revere & his horse

To those who still refuse to accept LIHOP or MIHOP...

Mad As Hell!

The Chickens came home (to SA) to roost

Replay of 911 Wed. hearing on C- Span now 10:00 AM

Moore's next movie: Sicko, about health care

Who is the most accurate ? AP or Al Jazeera ? AP says 16 dead..?

Question about "The Big Lie"

Are Arab terrorists the ME's version of Freepers?

George W. Bush: "Flip-Flopper" In Chief

"Is this real world, or an exercise?!!?!" - Randi Rhodes

"I see the Promised Land!"

is bush* drunk/drugged ?? PHOTOS

What Level of Humbleness, Humility, Empathy is "Bush W" at?

Why is everyone so Pissed OFF?

who is your ideal candidate

Madonna say smirk and Saddam are "alike"

Is Sen.McCain "being courted by Dem. J.Kerry to be his running mate" ?

My friend is accusing Bill Clinton of being a chickenhawk

2004 Olympics

Ashcroft/Patriot Act nab another dangerous terrorist!

Who here remembers how Reagan scoffed at Jimmy Carter over

The Fight of Our Lives

Moving my sons to Costa Rica to escape the Bush military

Democrats forge edge with registration drives

What is the significance of *beheading* a human being?

What is the significance of the ORANGE jumpsuits??? ANYONE?

BBV: A Recently tombstoned poster gave me pause for

Did anyone see that insane re-pig Dennis Miller on Leno last night?

WHAT is Josh Marshall's big story, and WHEN will it break?

This is the last straw.

Just got a letter from my Representative, Jerry Nadler, D-NY

Republicans Defeat Effort to Subpoena Justice Documents on Torture

Paul Johnson's remains NOT found?!

Zell Miller's Prostate Removal Surgery

DC on Tuesday, Rush Holt, rally for verified voting, delivering petitions.

NY times bashes Clinton's book

Some People Still Don't Want You To See My Movie... From Michael Moore

Does everyone in your family vote?

Fake numbers of terrorist attacks. Are the job numbers fake, too?

My husband is missing, thanks to George W Bush

DU this Bush/Kerry Poll in the Bible Belt, Please Vote!!!

Mari333 | Secondary Post Traumatic Stress | Let's DU more than PRAY...

Making Peace With Al Qaeda

CIA's 'Anonymous' writes Bush Admin exposé...

Kerry turns his back on democracy in Cuba.

U.S. Troops Clash With Iraqi Insurgents for Fourth Day

NYT p.1: No Saudi Payment to Qaeda Is Found (by 9/11 Comm.)

WP: High-Profile Attacks Force Pakistan to Confront Extremists

US soldier dies in shoot-out with Iraqi insurgents

Private rocket plane aiming for space flight prize

Web Denies Death of al-Qaida Leader

Warlords spur fears of Afghan civil war

Lawsuit sours business for syrup maker - Archer Daniels Midland

Newsday Named in Inquiry (inflated circulation numbers)

Blast destroys house in Falluja, 20 Iraqis killed

Senior US intelligence: Al-Qaida may 'reward' Bush with attack

Marshmallow error lands woman in shackles

LA Times: Rice & Tenet to Be Quizzed Again on 9/11

US choppers drive Taliban out of Afghan district

Iraqis the last to get a slice of rebuilding pie

NATO force with 3,000 British troops to go to Iraq: report

can anyone tell me....

Security is cited in deportation case

Actress in Guantanamo protest

Teenagers arraigned on charges they fatally beat homeless man (NY)

Kurdish leader says Turkey now accepts autonomy for northern Iraq

Chinese military `expert' warns of Taiwanese terror

British MPs 'fired at' in Gaza

More Than Half of Bush Coffers Spent

Cuba travelers face a deadline to return to U.S.

LAT: Unveiling the Face of Abu Ghraib Scandal (Chuck Graner)

New Republic Editors 'Regret' Their Support of Iraq War (WP)

FOX was reporting about how Clinton's book could help Bush's election???

NYT p.1: Politicians Face Censure from Bishops on Abortion Rts

3,000 more UK troops for Iraq

Ex-HealthSouth CFO Gets 5 Years Probation

Bush Lincoln Bedroom guest "Kenny Boy" Lay to be INDICTED

Latest horror could destroy President of divided nation

Sexism charges rock bank (Merrill Lynch)

Used cooking oil is as good as gold

Bishops draw a line on censuring politicians

US paranoid and isolated as Green Zone policy fails

AP breaking news regarding bombing in Fallujah

Friends, Family Decry Shopping Mall Plot

US paranoid and isolated as Green Zone policy fails

China tells Bush to face facts on Iraq

Violent rallies were feared

Orbiting Astronaut Hears Daughter's Birth

"It was loud enough to shake the house" (meteor in Missouri)

Leaders of 9/11 Panel Ask Cheney for Reports

Anglo-American ties "never better" - outgoing U.S. envoy

OIL INDUSTRY Repairs to Sabotaged Pipeline Are Delayed

Small-town families did not expect war on terror to hit them so hard

Saudis Search for Slain Hostage's Body (officials retracting story)

NASA: Astronauts to get putty for small holes

Indictments of Enron's Lay Expected Soon

US current account deficit $1.5bn a day

GOP making gay marriage a hot-button election issue

Kerry Leads Bush by 3% in West Virginia, this is very good news folks.

NYC Police Shooting of Unarmed Man Casts Light on City, Industry Piracy

Swing states make Edwards favourite to partner Kerry

U.S. Missiles Kill 20 Fallujah Residents

Little blue pill emerges as big seller in Baghdad - Viagra in demand

Hopkinsville ethanol plant hailed as environmental breakthrough

US occupation of palace irritates Iraqis

Poppy's bagman Farish quits top London posting

On 9/11, a Telling Seven-Minute Silence (WaPo re: F911)

EU agrees historic constitution


Anyone ever heard of Alliance Tractor-Trailer Training Center?

I still miss Lane Staley

This is a great game to take your frustration out on Bush

Once every six months Maddox makes me laugh till I puke

Did anyone here learn English as a second language?

Arsenio Hall

"Hillary Swank" cannot be a real name.

I'm going on a whim to a date bar

No DU insomniac thread tonight ?

What song/sound rings your cell phone?

I have a question about "Fahrenheit 911"


Help! I'm feeling murderous!

I am being bombarded by opera, mariachi music and hiphop

This is absolutely the last time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DUers coming down from doing cocaine, AIM chat going down

Understanding Neil Young

In The World

Hey everyone! Today's ASTEROID IMPACT DAY!

La Vie C'est La Vie

Who will win the U.S. Open?

That's When I Reach For My Revolver

Everyone Is Good

WTF??? Can people be this cruel???

My cat caught a mouse in my kitchen! Mixed feelings.

Anyone else having nightmares about severed heads?

A coffehouse around me is hosting ambient DJs. Should I send a tape?

The dumbest seller on eBay!

Mullet hunting in Springfield!

Say what you want about Kucinich

Who likes fashions from other eras??

Last night I was talking to God

Baseball Baseball Baseball Baseball Baseball Baseball Baseball Baseball

Canadian Football Canadian Football Canadian Football Canadian Football

Satire: Just in Case you plan to attend...

Soccer, Soccer, Soccer, Soccer, Soccer, Soccer, Soccer, Soccer, Soccer,

is there a 10-second delay on this site?

Video Basketball Video Basketball Video Basketball Video Basketball


I have three less teeth today, than I did at this time yesterday.

Do you like my new epithet/acronym for Saudi Arabia?

I just made a homemade cherry coke...ask me anything

seems the future ain't all it was cracked up to be . . .

It's FUNDAY!! Obligatory FUNDAY thread from Saginaw, Michigan

What, is Kobe blowing Jerry Buss?

New varieties of Coke (or Pepsi) that should never be made and released:



Do Not try this at home...

Funny story about a fundie and a strip club, caught by the news

Bring Me Coffee or Tea

Question for DUers who used to be or are currently in Pizza Delivery:

Brian Wilson...I've said it once.....

Dogs are clever I tell ya!

A new reality show coming soon

I am having Triscuits and instant coffee for breakfast. You?


Sexy sexy sexy sexy sexy sexy sexy sexy sexy sexy sexy sexy sexy

How much does it cost to open a small indie movie house?

I'm off to eat WilliamPitt's house and burn down his dog.

The new Beastie Boys CD is a Leftist Dream!

Goddamn Twitch

Pagerbear sings! Live!

Hey, cigar smokers:

Don't you hate it when you have the best joke ever and can't word it?

Who is holding the biggest cups?

I'm off to fuck matcom's dog and burn down his horse

Mrs Matcom Just Left With The Dog And Said FUCK

I'm off to eat matcom's dog and burn down his house.

Old-sk00l arcade players, what's the 3 initials you always used?

What's Kraft Dinner?

Can someone design this bumper-sticker or point me to someone

I'm off to fuck Matcom and his dog

Police: Bank Robber Forgets Getaway Car

Shameless plug: My Michael Moore column

DAMMIT! Will Missed The Damed Dog!

Dogs are best eaten with sauerkraut, pickles, horseradish, and catsup

"Funny" Fundie Quotes

Canadian DUers...who should I vote for?

Judge defines 'wooden stick'

How do you talk to a man that talks to god but doesn't talk to me?

Who should I cook for dinner?

A Canadian Bets $110,000 that Bush wins Re-Election

Man, the Discovery channel sucks a bucket of wet shit!!!

It's movie night at terrya's. Just came back from the video store...

Do you have a lot of thyme on your hands?

Do you believe in roasts?

Fashion Dilemma!!! HELP!!!

I just took a shot of Nyquil. Ask me anything.


David Frum, neo-con superstar, has a twin brother we didn't know about..

Do you have a lot of slime on your hands?

Goin' Back To Cali

DU lawyers--ever tried a case in the press?

Do you have a lot of time on your hands?

Old Friends who want nothing to do with you

Is there a good simple MPEG editor out there in freeware land?

Phil Jackson won't return to coach Lakers next season

What would Gandhi cook for dinner?

Some very nice pictures (nude with candles)

Very cool photo of lightning over Seattle

Are the ATL Braves finished. . .over. . . done? nt

Solstice party weekend takes a turn for the worse

Any xbox live players?

Do you have a lot of grime on your hands?

did you whittle down in the wrong state?

Cincy Reds Gabe White back!!! Dump Danny Graves...

Shameless plug

Your Air America top 5 shows.

Do people in rural areas marry/want to marry earlier?

I'm going to be sorry if I go buy this sillyass thing from Kmart, won't I?

The Universe will cease the day I die

Barry Bonds says Boston's 'too racist' for him

Moose Update -- Moof Caught It This Time!

There's some anoyinng girl at my cabin.

Dick Cheney marionette

Orwell was a hack!

Holy Crap!!! I'm watching a rerun of Boy Meets World...

I can feel the evil from 8 miles away

Dick Cheney marinade

5 Reasons why the Left Coast DU Gathering should be in Arcata...

Does anyone here use mobile virgins?

So what's on the girl today?

I fell in love with a baked potato; that's when I started to dance...

T-minus 12 hours until my vacation!!!

Did you settle down with the wrong ape?

Help Wanted: Need Tongue Sewn Back On

I'm the only one in my house and I'm nekkid

Ricardo Montalban as an Indian on "Bonanza"

Needed to cheer up and this always brings a smile

did you settle down in the wrong state?

Anyone ever have problems with Wellbutrin? (Side effects)

I'm randy ---tell me what you think

Michael Moore On File Sharing - Video

Favorite song from South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut

What's the funniest thing you ever heard a kid say?

Good songs with really stupid intros

There are 20 thousand million dust mites at my house & they're all NEKKID!

Vietnamese fisherman survived for 14 days adrift

Mouse Update -- The Doofus Caught It This Time!

there are 20 DUers at my house and THEY ARE ALL NEKKID!

Baseball Euphemisms for Sex

OK, which Quentin Tarentino movie character is George W. Bush?

Anti-Bush art show June 19..Topanga, CA

Cool-ass pictures of the Pistons championship parade

Did you settle down with the wrong date?

Got my F9/11 ticket online for the 25th,

How should I start a new exercise program?


Tech suicide - need advice on new monitor, scanner, & CD player

Bush Crime Family Links

For which Yalie would you rather vote for President

Quickest route from Austin to Houston, anyone?

I have a serious HOMO problem.

I Have A Serious HMO Problem

Do you honestly think Michael Dukakis will provide for this country...

Anyone watch "Monk" last night . . .

Do you ever worry that politics distorts your reality?

Best Beastie Boys album?

So what's on the grill today?

Techies- I want to share my broadband Re- Wireless router?

Just tried "C2", the half-the-sugar, half-the-calories version of Coke

Your weekly reminder: THE SOUL EXPRESS is on tonight!

Does anyone here use Virgin Mobile?

Ayn Rand ---tell me what you think

What should I cook for dinner?

Best Outkast Song

Sometimes I hate what my job requires of me.

Should Kerry pick C. Montgomery Burns for Veep?

I just graduated with a 2.1 MA (hons) Psychology. Ask me anything!!

Who on earth actually watches GOLF on TV?

Ok, I am doing a clean install of Windows ME and it keeps freezing

Words That Sound Sexual But Aren't

Amazon Women on the Moon Fans?

Ugh! Anyone know how to get rid of spyware for free?

HI, I'm at Matcom's house!


Kentucky Fried Movie Fans?

The Mormon Masturbation guide, (really!)

eleven years and a baby on the way

DUers, What is your CURRENT favorite song?

DU EXCLUSIVE!!! Exclusive photos from Matcom's BBQ!!!!


Golf Golf Golf Golf Golf Golf Golf Golf Golf Golf Golf


Realistic Headlines You'd Like To See In The Coming Weeks

Not a pity thread, but I need some hope.

Growing coffers embolden Kerry

The VP selection for Kerry that would CLINCH it

JFK was right the House of Reps IS a can of worms(republican worms)

This election will be decided by Iraqis and Al-Queda. Not Americans.

Americans Too Optimistic to Settle for Bush's Economy

Jeff Seemannn polls?

Anyone know....

Kerry Looks Smart While Searching For A VP

WP's King: McCain as VP would have alienated grass-roots Democrats

West Virginia: Kerry 47% - Bush 44%

When oh WHEN will we stop eating our own?

Pollkatz trend lines predict 15-18% Kerry landslide in November

The Failed Seduction of John McCain

Most Devastating Segment of Fahrenheit 9/11

Reminder: Clark on FAUX tonight ...also, June travel schedule

Bush 51, Kerry 41 among likely voters. Harris poll.

AP: More Than Half of Bush Coffers Spent

Texas Demos urge John Edwards to run with Kerry for White House

Kerry's VP test --who could assume the Presidency immediately ...

Have you given to any of The Daily Kos 8?

Gephardt for Labor Secretary?

perfect VP candidate

"Lieberman - sensational VP choice in August, underwhelming in October"

Petition: Bruce Springsteen vs. George Bush on TV?

Fox now...Edwards is the favorite. (Clark not mentioned).

Clark for Kerry DC fundraiser a HUGE success!

What will "Bushian" come to mean in the future?

Deanocrats-turned-Naderites: you're pulling a Sharpton.

Why Does The South HAVE To Have A Southerner To Vote For?

This Clarkie saw Edwards at the Texas Dem Convention last night...

In hind sight if you could change our nominee to Edwards, would you do it?

News just said Kerry and Edwards don't like one another

CARTOONS: George Bush/ Movie Parodies

Why does the right wing continue to hate Clinton?

The Kerry/Clark "Country First" bus tour