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Archives: June 21, 2004

"A Conflict Of Blood and Belief" (Daily Herald)

"Harkin Takes on Military Media"

"A Call to Impeach" LTTE Minneapolis Star Tribune

China's leaders need reality check

Richard Serra's image of Bush the devourer (after Goya)

Torture Policy (cont'd) - {scathing WP editorial re Rummy}

Why is Space Commando Gen.Meyers top Mil. Com. during ground war

Salon: Hail to the Moon king –no longer one of D.C.'s best kept secrets

IRAQ: Bush bullies Latham

Frank Rich: What O. J. Passed to the Gipper (Scathing funeral review)

etiquette?: OK to post info on upcoming Kerry fund-raising event here?

Where's All The Media Tie-in Programming For F9/11?

Bill Clinton on 60 Minutes - mp3 & video for those who missed it

Saudi investment chief downplays impact of terrorism

A small town in Oregon seeks salvation -- in frogs

NAFTA discussion with a friend

Nauru blocks protest over detained asylum seekers

Time to cut party from government

OK to post info on upcoming Kerry fund-raising event in WI state forum?

It appears that the war in Iraq is giving great cover to Israeli terrorism

WTC 7: "Classic Progressive Collapse"

Have we got our own Nader?

mock election, register and vote!

Hey Everybody, Mrs. Grumpy's in the hospital...

State Dem Convention DUer Pix!

Viagra, prostitution: Bush's legacy in Iraq

Arizona (major swingstate) apparently showing tie between * and Kerry

The right tries to deny Clinton's accomplishments...

Has anyone ever heard of the 100th Monkey?

Fresh contoversy surrounds situation at Guantanamo Bay... Developing...

Hillary was quite the attractive lady when she was younger, I'll say

Frist Denies Gay Marriage Vote Timing Political

Re Bush's "Sanity or Mental Health Surveys"

8:58 p.m.Laura Flanders: wonderful program. WalMart CEO makes 60 million

Kankakee veteran says Kerry's the one

Bush Made His Bed, Now Let Him Lie in It

Hilarious Ad - this made me laugh so hard

The Official Three Cheers for Bill Clinton Thread. We all miss you.

Allawi, the new Iraqi PM, IS A MURDERER, but he is our MURDERER.

I want to thank all the DU veterans and military families for speaking out

What is Space comandos name and why is he head of : Joint Chiefs of Staff

F911 in North Jersey?

Drudge says fresh contoversy surrounds situation at Guantanamo Bay

is Air America in a bad way?

to defeat terrorists you must make them kill their own

Did fat head Bossie's ad ever run?

POS * is a robot!

Must watch Jon Stewart: Coalition Promises (Ricardo "Dirty Sanchez")

Enough of the Clinton threads!

What is Space comandos name and why is he head of : Joint Chiefs of Staff

OK, when is the Commission going to investigate US ties to Al-qaeda and

Bush's Tell-All Memoirs

The best was to thank Clinton for his 8 years of service: Buy his book.

Is There Anything "Penis" DRUDGE *Won't* Run?

Getting ready to click on the Peter Werbe link

West Coast 60 Minutes--Clinton thread

Dele if dupe-Clinton interview w/Guardian(UK)

Select a Candidate Quiz (from Minnesota Public Radio)

Fresh contoversy surrounds situation at Guantanamo Bay... Developing...

Lindsey Graham on AAR news: pleading with Europeans to send troops

cant the repukes come up with anything new...Kerry taking money

In Jeb Bush Florida Pill Freak Rush Goes Free...

There were two GREAT episodes of Penn & Teller's "Bullsh**" tonite-

A Response to an email to a theater about Fahrenheit 911

No Peter Werbe tonight...on

Heads Up. Susuan McDougal on CNBC

So now, a member of Saddam's elite group MAY HAVE BEEN directly

Would you buy Clinton's book? CNN poll

1.9 million votes by black voters not counted in 2000

Help!!! I'm in a reality warp.

So, no anti-Clinton ad on 60 Minutes?

Let's Sit Back and Wait

Kidnapped South Korean...

Will freepers celebrate if the South Korean is murdered?

I got a letter from Tom Tancredo last week.

Listen to Randi (repeat from Friday)debunk O'Reilley's trying to trash AAR

Why hasn't the body of Paul Johnson been found? Is it me, or is this

Check this out..Bush to screen all americans for mental illness

GOP avoiding investigation of prisoner abuse

All this crap with the new connection Iraq/AlQaida is just continuation

Granny D running for Senate

From the mouth of my babe

If Libertarians had been in power in America for the last 50 years . . .

"Army Wife" is not the toughest job in the Army!

Signs of Facism....

israel wants to use kurds against arabs (kurdistan ping)

Anybody saw the press conference with the 9/11 Families on C-Span

The National Lawyers Guild calls for the prosecution of President George

Please email the experts regarding the Bush job numbers.

*sigh* Doesn't he look "presidential"???

Take Note, Mr. Bush*: War Crimes Act of 1996 (US Code 18-1-118-2441)

Sex, sex, sex, sex, Osama, Saddam, sex, sex, sex, sex...

Just got attacked by a Repugnant-can. down at my pool.

Truly Arab Views

Republican proposals if * wins

Where have both the towers gone?

The Lies of Dick Cheney Part XXIV

Fewer Republicans Trust the News, Survey Finds

Now I'm startin' to worry

Holy Shit. I just watched 1984, and it blew me away.

Susan McDougal is right. Something that I have always hated about Clinton.

Clinton's book will HELP Kerry: women will remember he is sexy, men

Dan Rather, you failed us all again tonight for 60 minutes..

New Republic Editors 'Regret' Their Support of Iraq War

Newsweek will "debunk" F 9/11 in tomorrow's issue

Dick Cheney is Underscrutinized and Underexposed

Help ! I need proof of Bush's friendship with the Saudis

I need a good anti-bush t-shirt... pronto!

What inspires you to do whatever you do,...

Would you order the death of one innocent child

The brilliance of Bill Clinton

UK troops accused of mutilating Iraqi bodies

When your donations fund insider perks

What is Space comandos name and why is he head of : Joint Chiefs of Staff

Kidnapped South Korean...

After Two Years, Lawyer Goes On Trial In Terrorism Case

WP: An Educator Learns the Hard Way (rebuilding universities in Iraq)

Blair Facing Backlash Over Europe/Scotsman--New World Media Watch

NYT: New Iraqi Leaders Consider Emergency Rule

South Korean in Iraq pleads for his life

Panel criticizes military spending - TW

Indian troops kill 5 rebels along Kashmir border

The `sex priest' stuns Argentina and titillates it

Voters head to polls in separatist Georgia region

Moore Defends Not Releasing Iraqi Prisoner Torment Footage

Torture Policy (cont'd) - {scathing WP editorial re Rummy}

How Mandela helped Clinton survive scandal

Oil-workers' strike slashes Norway's output 10 percent

Australian women try to delay births to get cash bonus

Seal off Westminster: security chiefs

Mugabe-men sneak into Britain - Zimbabwe

WTO rules against Washington over cotton subsidies

Senate Democrats Want Ashcroft Memos

US Said to Overstate Value of Guantánamo Detainees

British troops 'tortured' Iraqis: report

Beheading website shut down

Town honors civil rights slay victims

Coalition ahead of Labor: poll

India, U.S. Set to Propel Space Cooperation

U.S. Is Quietly Spending $2.5 Billion From Iraqi Oil Revenues to Pay for [

Guild: Bush Should Be Tried For Role In Torture

WP: (bush*) Judicial Nominee Practiced Law Without License in Utah

Newsweek: 9/11: Who Was Really In Charge?

What You Don't See at Olympic (National) Park (Washington)

Michael Moore set to take the heat from 'Fahrenheit 911'

Judicial Nominee Practiced Law Without License in Utah

NYT: Exaggeration Seen on Value of Guantánamo Detainees

Rebels kill 14 policemen, four civilians in Nepal

Bomb squad link in Spanish blasts (Gov't tie to Madrid bombing)

What to see tonight? Super size-me or Control Room

Attn July/August Boobies!

Woody and Soon-Yi

Some folks I know from this list...

How do I post pictures with earthlink?

HAPPY SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Parking shopping carts

need a new So Cal team to root about..the Dodgers?

The heart of Bill Clinton

Andy Richter?!

I have to admit it: I think Bill Clinton is hot

Pick a number between 1 and 52 (nt)

This is pretty cool

I'm out of the 700 Club! Ask me anything!


Too-Ra-Loo-Ra Too-Ra -Loo-Rye-Aye

Granta's "The Family: They Fuck You Up."

I just came home from an anime convention, ask me anything!

What I got for my special father's day...

A dear freind gave me Richard Rorty's "Achieving our Country"

Oh geeze This HAS to be the funniest dead guy du jour on six feet under!!

OK, I'll admit it: I like Air America's ad for the Museum of TV and Radio.

My dad beat cancer. He is now officially a cancer survivor.

The Salem's Lot remake is on

LMAO, check out this mock election

Fahrenheit 9/11 playing at theater at Great Lakes Crossing Mall

What happens when a freeper doesn't pay his trash bill?

Message to lurking right-wingers

I'm an Australian...and I don't vote!

I ate nothing but hamburgers today. Ask me anything!

So how long will the flag be at half mast

Are you a hammer or a nail?

I'm takin a break - entertain my ass

Tina Brown, CNBC---segment on Faren. 911 coming up ....

Let's hear about S/O's Dad's who hated you

Can anyone put these in order?

Has anyone here ever listened to Drudge?

Are you a hedgehog or a fox?

If you placed all freepers brains end to end......

I still laugh when I think of the title, RUSH LIMBAUGH IS A BIG FAT IDIOT.

Does the world really need another political blog?

What does it say at the top of a freeper's ladder?

Here's some rather bizarre humor....

Term papers and end-of-semester projects at Freeper University

Which is your favorite credit card company?

Death scene in tonights 6 Feet Under was an fff'ing hoot ! Spoiler!

Sunday Night D.U.L.L. - Other DULLards, please check in.

I just posted my 100th reply!

My brother is very sick with an organ failing disease

new Sealab 2021 is on!!!

psst... want a leather office chair & floormat for $28?

Anybody tried to buy advance F 9/11 tickets for Oaks, PA?

I ate nothing but HAMBURGERS today. Ask me anything!

Do you ever feel a little sorry for isolated thunderstorms?

Anyone Watching 'Last Comic Standing'

How do you cook a Cornish Hen?

If all the freeper women were laid end to end...

Is this a sex thread?

LIFE Magazine: "The Roots of Country Music."

What's a better search engine?

Anyone watching Denise Austin on Larry King?

We interrupt this post to bring you this important message

"I brake for Rapture". Anyone else watching "Six Feet Under"?

Does it bother anyone else when a store "offers" you a credit card?

Proud Lefty's lovely 14 year old daughter had a great idea-POF

Alright, which one of you did it?

Which McDonald's character would you most like to pummel?

One last golf thread, please read, even if you're not a golf fan

La La La La Lola

How many freepers does it take to screw in a light bulb?


Hey Canuck Amok - going to the gathering if it's in Seattle?

So I made 1000 posts - Ask me anything about professonal wrestling

Do you like "The X-Files"?

Right, that's my sig addition

For fans of Mark Crispin Miller - you can see him in NYC

Tanning: Outdoors, Indoors, Bottle, Spray, or Not At All?

White Castle burgers are piss-poor cycling fuel...

How about the Guinness diet?

Goldfrapp: Yea or nay?

I saw the movie "What the Bleep Do We Know?" last

Tonight on The Freeper Channel....

Has anyone else read the Traci Lords book "Underneath It All"?

Strange characters in emails - HELP

Phil Mickelson's loss is all Bill Clinton's fault. T/F?


What is your credit card number?


My people piss me off!

Finally, a freeper joke that I like to bring back every few months....

Freeper insanity......


matcom's BBQ PICS are up! The real ones for a change

Listening to Van Halen's first album. Ask me anything.

what should men do when they go bald?

My Dad is going to open an asparagus farm in Argentina.

Mrs. Grumpy in hospital, please leave pm's for her return!

Why is Mosses going to vote for John Kerry?

Democracy for Indiana ... "rebuilding the party from the bottom up."

A Poor Man from "Hope" got trashed, a Peanut Farmer from GA, Got Trashed,

Kerry courted McCain? BS BS BS BS BS BS BS

DEAN: my interview archives...

C-Span John Kerry on women

Kerry says Iraq war has made us "less safe."

Michael Moore on Dean: "we thought Geez, this guy is kind of a prick. "

Father's Day gift: Convincing my dad to change from Bush to Kerry

DU'ers are the BEST! I made it into the Sunday paper!

"Lousy town, lousy demonstrations ", Creative Loafing 6-17-04..

Troops better off at home (NZ)

Wounded and Dead Sometimes on same flights from Iraq

The Smearing of Michael Moore

George Bush and his associates and allies guilty of war crimes,

Haiti: Last chance to end cycle of violence (AI press release)

Why the Catholic Hierarchy Is Picking on Democrats

Haiti After the Press Went Home

Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11 comes under right-wing attack

Dry-Drunk President Losing His Grip?

We can't prosecute only 'small frys'

Cheney needs to step aside for good of Bush, party (USAToday)

Illegitimacy haunts Iraq adventure

"The Weakness in the White House: The President"

Iraq, Al Qaeda, and what constitutes a 'relationship'

BARN BURNER - "The Bush Empire"

Cheney needs to step aside for good of Bush, party

Foreign Policy for a Democratic President: Means Over Ends


Intel Officier Who Teaches Torture Comments on Abu Ghraib

Iraq prisoner picture of the day

Emily's List airs misleading ads

How Reagan Armed Saddam with Chemical Weapons

Wearing Red on Fridays - Legitimate/Effective Protest Action?

Will Bush re-appoint W. David Hager to the FDA? Help stop him.

Did anybody realize the slip that the Anti-Clinton ad may have

'Uncovered: The Whole Truth About the Iraq War'

I'm curious about a story heard on NPR today

Air America financial situation

LA Artists plan "October Surprise" events...

Today's Thought

Proof of the value of science

Fun quotes from Sagan

Apple's appeal fails to bear fruit

Clinton ko's Reagan in First Round

BLM pines for opening more Alaska land to drilling

Please don't think I'm nuts, but...

First International Diesel Retrofit Project Awarded to Mexico City

Sustainable Energy Institute Event: Bush & Kerry -- Competing Visions

Database Gives Public Access to Recent History of Conservation Measures

EU Energy Chief Seeks To Win Skeptics Over To Nuclear Pwr

If no difference between a proton and a hydrogen atom what holds H-2

Confused birds find skyscraper mazes deadly

SpaceShipOne to launch (or take off??) in 30 minutes! (9:30 est)

Picnicking family finds girl hanging in tree - SA

Pakistan Emerges As Threat To Regional Stability

UN Nuclear Watchdog Strikes Compromise on Iran

Zim cops arrest 78 women

GUNS IN THE NEWS - June 21, 2004

Guns and sporting events...

.50 Caliber BMG; Saturday Night Special Edition For Economy Terrorist!

This morning (June 21) DU is EXTREMELY slow. Any particular reason

Could we devise a way to notify of available audio & video captures?

Mark : Mark All: Feature not working here in the city of Townsville

posting terms

Changing fortunes lead Soviet Jews from Israel to Russia

Sharon asks Jewish Agency for aid in relocating settlements

Barak’s Follies Finally Revealed


Ex-PA minister decries its corruption

"Peace, Propaganda / Promised Land" FSTV

Annan: Jews must feel UN is their home

It appears that the war in Iraq is giving great cover to Israeli terrorism

hug and kiss Palestine goodbye

Thai worker killed in gun attack on Gaza Strip settlement

Did the passengers of AA 11 embark the wrong plane? Part 2

Segal convicted of all counts

U.S. House race gets nasty early

Why Floridians should vete Republican.

Quarter of voters will use unreliable machines

Two more Iowa theatres added for F-9/11!

The Freeps will be protesting F 9/11 Opening

F911 Tix Theaters not 100% accurate - ACTION

MA Duers: Kerry House Party this Saturday

FOX 25's V.B.

The Onion is coming! The Onion is coming!

Who's more vulnerable: DeWine or Voinovich?

Bush in Cincinnati... LMAO... an appearance at the TALBERT HOUSE???

Clinton doing a book signing on July 5th at National Constitution Center

Everybody go wish slutticus...

I got to speak w/one of the Killer D's!!

Houston Conservative Talk Show host pleads guilty to indecency...

Velma's State Convention Report

Sanchez Open To '06 Run

Any FW Duers out there?

Do not concede Texas to Bush!

Question Re: Darrow's 2 for 1 sale....

MKE Kerry Fund-Raiser Jul 18/ Lakefront Brewery;pls HELP w/$|volunteer!


EXCELLENT Clinton Interview From The Guardian (UK)

In 10 Days, We'll Be The Hawks & They'll Be The Doves

Concerning former Iran hostage lawsuits, I just wondered who they should

The "liberal media" is working overtime to discredit Moore

Just surfed some other media outlets. Read what is really going on in ME

‘Pak, Saudi aided 9/11 plot’

Strange but possible hypothetical "what if" question re Iran

Please support Michael Moore

Afghanistan: The Forgotten War

from Brian Eno . . ."The Long Now" . . .

Just wanted to introduce myself

9/11 Classroom behavior finally explained!

I saw "Supersize Me!" yesterday, ask me anything

Accidental click at google gave me this for IMPEACH!

The Twin Towers ...

Reagan's book sold 380,000 copies, well the Big Dogs sell 10 times

Wonder if the Iraqis know this?

Woo Hoo !!!!!! Eleven in a row !!!!!!

NYT, pg1: Walter Reed "rebuilding bodies violently torn apart"

My opinion of the Bill Clinton 60 Minutes interview

My very angry letter to the AP concerning Kerry's downtime

Is this what Josh Marshall meant?

Howard Stern: I'll do everything I can to get people to see Farenheit 9-11

Bell (D TX rep) who filed a complaint against Delay wasn't allowed to

They didn't even Know if AL Zarqawl was in the home bombed that killed 20

AAR "morning sedition" Robert Rich, discussing his book and assorted

[Bush] Judicial Nominee Practiced Law Without License in Utah

Anyone know whether Bloomberg has endorsed Bush?

Since we are all posting our angry LTTE, here's mine

When government officials break U.S. law

Anybody else having trouble with DU being EXTREMELY slow this morning?

studies show who the dumbest president is....

Looking for video

Let's assume there is an Iraq/Al quadea connection

Tired of slanted news programming: my letter to the "news" desk

President Bush's Blind Spot - Saudi Arabia

Turn It Loose ?

"this administration never said that the 9/11 attacks were orchestrated...

Abu Ghraib's prototype

Anybody listening to Unfiltered in AAR? It has been great! talking

I was running a forum with no rules

Me thinks the National Parks must be doomed: director on C-Span

The Bush* 'mafia' knows they're 'untouchable'

"The great lie of the 2004 election campaign is Iraq." (Australia)

Harvard Law Professors Urge Congress to Review Interrogation Policy

Fox news: Con. Governor to resign tonight....

L.A.Times Picking Up Wingnut Comix ("Mallard Fillmore" & Other)

I hope we're not getting our F-911 hopes up too much....

every lie is not the same

You thought the American Public School System was bad? Check out Japan....

Excellent interview on Buzzflash this morning...

MM gave Howard Stern a screener of F9/11 this weekend...

Soaries (Election Assistance Commission) Confronts Voting Reform Obstacles

Philly Inquirer: Clinton's memoirs not believable!! Grrrrrr

coverage of Spaceship One

Connecticut Gov. Rowland to resign

A crazy RW caller C-Span: allow ONLY MILITARY vehicles on the streets in

Tired of Terrorism

I say today that we must have

GREAT Response to my Theater Farenheit911 email Here it all is:

Anyone catch the Big Dog on 60 minutes last night?

No SC cases today?

Do you think Republicans wish Reagan would have died over a few weeks?

Why are Dems Davis and Cummings Cozy with Moon?

Delicate situation: coworker's brother, contractor, killed in Iraq.

Who cares what Kerry /Teresa owns?

US warns against 'fortress Australia'

Ashcroft: Bush may break all rules (Doctrine of Necessity)


The Anti-Clinton Ad By Citizen's United

Why The Media Hates Michael Moore

Iran Confiscates U.K. Military Vessels

Messing with Ballots-treason

Four Americans killed in Iraq ambush (6/21/04)

Judge Declares Abu Ghraib Prison a Crime Scene

Listen to "funny news" in AAR now. It is great (12:07 ET) n/t

War on terror never going away, top Army chief says

Will "Fahrenheit 9/11" have anything WE don't already know

WIRED NEWS: Heavy Betting on Election Domains

We did it! We did it! Our Governor is Gone!!!!!!

Matt Lauer interviews Micheal Moore

Karl Rove Dines At The House Of Gay Folks...?

Okay, this site has to be a joke, right?

Charities' Tax Breaks Scrutinized

Clinton Character Counts

did the chimperor really ever refer to the soldiers as

SO- Has Tricky Dick II Come up With Proof Yet?

Rumsfeld said there was more abuse including murder and

Kinda late, but dija see Starr?

Link between Saddam and AQ

Kerry (bumpersticker) moment on the boulevard today

Connecticut Gov. (repub) to resign today

C-SPAN: BBV live at 10:15am EDT

Right Wing spawn avoid Iraq: Why aren't Mike Gallagher's kids in Iraq?

I just received this e-mail from a friend in PA about F 9-11 film...

RWers should make up their mind about moral relativism

can't stream's Thom Hartmann Show -- anyone else?

Nader Chose His Running Mate

Nader chooses Camejo for VP

Hail to the Moon king (Rev. Moon Coronated in Congress) WTF???

Damn, some Bush yard signs in my Plano, TX neighborhood got ambushed!

Rasmussen Poll: Kerry Jumps To A 3 Point Lead

How do you think F9/11's $$$ will compare to other summer flicks?

Enemies of God list.

Take the world's smallest poilitcal quiz

Breaking News: Bush owns World! actual ...

Are you glad to see me or is that an eyeball in your pocket?

Is this Mike Malloy on Al Franken?

Has there been any news of that Korean hostage?

Relive those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days leading up to Iraq War!

Newsweek: Some 9/11 commission members "flat out dont believe" Cheney

want to know the real poop on OUR national parks

What are your favorite examples of Repubs attacking fictional characters?

Saudi Cleric: Polytheism = Murder

want to know the real poop on OUR national parks

CW Gives Big Dawd up arrow; Cheney, down

Protest - Wearing red on Fridays

Should Sean Hannity Be Denied Communion?

Kerry/Bush Money Stats

Ladies and Gentlemen of Connecticut, meet your next Governor!

Gaddafi Regrets Reagan Died Without Facing Trial

Martina wins first Wimbledon match!

Katie Couric put in her place by Michael Moore.

Clinton vs Reagan knockout first round

Clinton Memoirs Slammed As "Boring"

Can the President issue pardons for INTERNATIONAL crimes?

Guild: Bush Should Be Tried For Role In Torture

Attn: Kerry camp -- freepers are getting "leaked" emails from Heinz Founda

Need a source for "I don't know where bin Laden is and don't care" quote.

So how long did Bush sit in that classroom on 9/11?

Was Bill Clinton impeached or not???

Flip-Flops for Kerry

SCt HMO decision: know why HMOs want Fed not State Ct jurisdiction?

sorry double post

Bumpersticker seen today: "God Forgive America"

Having my own personal bumper sticker printed.

Was it part of a set up?

Saddam "gun...more than a gun": "phallic equivalent of a scalp"

The difference between Clinton's Lies and Bush's Lies:

It appears that the war in Iraq is giving great cover to Israeli terrorism

Who would win a fight between Bill Clinton and Mighty Mouse?

Could Hillary kick Laura's ass?

"Bush is satisfied with where we are, but Kerry believes we can do better"

An example of a dumb f@ck who supports Bush.

New article on Air America problems

Vivendi Universal Games laying off... it's ugly here

Carmike Cinemas and FH 9/11?

Bush plans to screen whole US population for mental illness (July)

I hear that Obama's IL senate opponent has to release his court records...

Help me keep my mouth shut, * supporters over cube wall

Is bushco trying to provoke Iran into attacking the US so they can declare

An open letter to neo-fascist propagandist Ann Coulter (Oldie but goodie)

All right, when is Josh Marshall coming back?

Katrina VandenHeuvel is on Ed Shultz radio show (4:20 eastern)

Top Ten priorities of the Kerry Justice Department

Vulgar Pigboy on Vacation at his Lawyer's office

The Wash Post going after RUMSFELD full tilt. A must read.

New bush ad-pessimism never created a job--and neither has Bush

Why you must see F911 on opening night: who wants to come here the next

Kerry endorsed by 48 Nobel prize winning scientists

just gota call from repug representitive

Moore is most damning to the news media

could/should Democrats run the Fahrenheit 911 movie at convention?

Anti-Iraq War people and Kerry

Check out this cartoon from 1998. It's eerily prescient...

Four U.S. Soldiers Killed in Attack West of Baghdad / Picture

Crossfire: Tucker just let something slip

Coulter and O'Reilly don't have 937 pages between them!

Do you contribute to NPR?

Legitimate use of "Democrat party"

What do these two headlines have to do with one another?

Clinton's biggest political sin

Military discharged 770 in '03 for being gay

Electoral college! Can Kerry win?

Third Parties on Right Could Be Problem for Bush

Why are Israelis in Iraq

Palast: A Million dis-counted black votes, '04 could be worse

American Conservative Union lifetime rating for senate democrats in order

Congressional Black Caucus to lean on Nader

They are using torture to manufacture Iraq-Al Qaeda links

Patronize Marcus Theatres -- F911 is a go!

3 new (I hope) Abu photoshops

And the drumbeat for a draft grows a bit louder in the background...

could clinton kick bush's ass?

Nader selects loser joke just like him as "running mate"

N.H. Lawmakers Tell Congress "Don't Amend Constitution"

CSPAN 2 - Senate voting whether media can cover deceased military

Do you take action or are you a wanker?

Questions about Nader....

TBTM Radio #42: 'Fabulously Wealthy'

Hannity Sez KKK Members Should Be Banned from Public Office

Father of accused soldier calls Bush a coward

George Soros Columbia Commencement Speech-awesome

Ron Jr comming up on Hardball now. n/m

Randi Rhodes is talking about DU!!!

We should expect a Chinese invasion

Something to Make you Laugh

separation of church and state

The China Price

It's Clinton's fault!

Kerry trampling Bush on trustworthiness and tied on terra

more psycho cops

Tom Coburn campaign ad (OK) would be funny if weren't so disgusting

Does anyone have the Clinton book signing schedule?

AP Poll: Most Rate Reagan Over Clinton

Freepers lament our growing police state

Kerry breaks 300 in electoral vote survey (Bush* at 232)

How many DU'ers out there are denied the healthcare....

DU Arizona Poll - Will you read Clinton's book?

Supreme Court gives gift to Bill Frist.

A website devoted to Stupid Security

WOW video of Robert Jacob murder in Riyadh!

Lawmakers Back Media Ban on War Dead at Air Base

when should united states use the force

Kerry wants a vacation?

Who does Bill Clinton sleep with?

why I disliked clinton

Now that you awesome people helped me find the picture I was

Democracy for Wash, MoveOn, Jay Inslee, reserve Seattle theater.

CNN poll: Which president is more polarizing?

Irish not impressed by Bush photo-op plans

Why, oh why, Does Kerry not attack Nader???

Resist Fascism. Refuse to show your ID to the police.

Hunting of the President

And for some good news, as I take the pulse of a Pentacostal

what do you fear more, muslim fundamentalism or Christian fundamentalism?

Atrios snags new GOP talking points! Get 'em before CNN does!

When Cheney Cites the Use of Weapons of Mass Destruction

Image-Conscious Al Qaeda Chats With CNN

The loss of America's soul...

Mommy, why did Bush send 800+ US Soldiers to die in Iraq?

So what happens when cult leader Sun Myung Moon dies?

Florida youths being abused in privatized facilities. Kudos to our paper.

CNN "Arab Pulse" show - sound blocked out - when I tried to display

CNN showing dead soldiers on T.V.

I look around and see people with money

This is a F*cking joke right?

Yay! A DU'er on AAR!

HMO ruling by supreme court can affect us dramatically...

Hardball: Repulsive Blankley (W Times) saying that Clinton will be

Tonight on ABC nightly news....WTF!

What does the bible say about the poor?

Matt Drudge, oh the hypocrisy (and irony)

"Peace, Propaganda / Promised Land" FSTV

Reagan's connection to Mississippi Burning!

Why should Bush care about us so much that he'll give us all mental exams?

On protecting your kids from Bush

ABC Poll ---Clinton bounce for Kerry leads Bush by 8 head/head

9/11 panel: New evidence on Iraq-Al-Qaida

DU This Poll QUICK!!!!!

During Nam, Bush had a dose of "Cold Feet":: Does he still have it?

Alternate energy vehicles

just shutup and die

Solider Dismissed After Revealing He's Gay

What President Al Franken did in classroom on 9/11.

Dean lauds Nancy Reagan in her quest for stem cell research.

Even in TEXAS: Department of Peace resolution approved by State Convention

The "terrorists" threatening the South Korean sure wised up

HERSH: PLAN B (Israelis, Kurds, and losing Iraq)

Which James Bond villain does Dick Cheney remind you of?

FTW / Ruppert: Peak Oil Revisited – The Bill Collector Calls

Deleted message

I need help

Question: Bush's New Freedom Commission on Mental Health

Unbelievably inaccurate, deceptively disingenuous news... (another video)

Why O why couldn't Bill Clinton be PERFECT?!?!

Pope singles out Madonna & Dresses Down Spanish PM Over Gay Marriage

John Kerry meets Hunter S. Thompson

What do Liberals & Conservatives agree on?

Ann Coulter disses Ronald Reagans Widow!

BBV: please call Congress tomorrow morning re speech by Rush Holt

NPR Morning marriage more of a wedge issue than we thought?

The Kerry States, or, Handicapping the Nov. Election

No More Good Morning America, Thanks Charlie Gibson..

Scott Ritter/Dallas, June 24th! Anyone near Dallas, do not miss this!

What exactly IS al Qaeda, anyway???

MSNBC: ‘Fahrenheit 9/11’ is this week’s must-see film

Update on Diebold / Blind: Racketeering case brewing

Have there been any Islamic leaders condemning the beheading...

BARN BURNER - "The Bush Empire"

Minx Tia Carrere is on board!

I look around, and all I see the Birth of Nazi America. I see people

What does the bible say about the rich?

Rehnquist, Scalia, Kennedy, Thomas and O'Connor.

Any update on the fired DUer?

Howard Stern PRAISES Fahrenheit 9/11 (audio)

"Saddam Stole My Pretzels!" | and other truths in TOONs

a revelation regarding the ultra-conservative right and Constitutionality

What exactly is the difference between a liberal and a progressive?

Health Care and Stagnant Wages

A suggestion to progressives thinking of voting for NADER...

Who are the Democratic Hotties?

In this thread, we write Fox News

Doctors find SARS virus in tears of patients

Australia commited to join US `Son of Star Wars' program

"The Weakness in the White House: The President"

NYT: US...Trying to Isolate UN Population Unit (abortion issue!)

WP: Report Faults US Action on Nuke Proliferation (and security)

Head of US forces in Iraq to be questioned in prisoner scandal

The good patriotAnti-terror rules mean new hassles for U.S. financial firm

U.S. Envoy Pressures Australian Party Over Iraq

China Urges ISPs to Pledge 'Patriotism'

NY Times errs in Clinton book review

Israeli warplanes overfly Lebanon drawing retaliatory fire

Judge Declares Abu Ghraib a Crime Scene

Bodies of 4 US troops found in Sunni Triangle?

U.S. Said to Overstate Value of Guantánamo Detainees


Prime minister says government could impose martial law in some parts of I

Court Passes on Calif. Air Pollution Case (a win for environmentalists)

British troops "tortured" Iraqis: report

New Qaeda chief is Saudi ex-police officer

Foul Play Suspected After Man Washes Ashore Tied To Sons

Tonight on ABC nightly news....WTF!

OIC Condemns Johnson’s Murder

NYT, pg1: Clinton Bk Puts Familiar Foe Back in Conservo Sights

23 foreign fighters killed in Fallujah (new spin on Fallujah strike)

5 Kurdish rebels dead in fight

Kerry: Bush Puts Ideology Before Science

Freed inmate dies after 3 days in lobby

Iran Confiscates Three British Warships

Third parties on right could be problem for Bush

Cheney needs to step aside for good of Bush, party (USAToday)

You'll pay, US lawyer tells SA government

Child abuse arrests hit Aussie church

Doubts over Saudi al-Qaeda blow (questions re: Johnson's missing body)

Japanese schoolboy writes apology in blood

Medco Layoff Hits Quietly (900 jobs)

Saddam's handover 'within days'

Arar case called difficult to crack

AP Poll: Most Rate Reagan Over Clinton

Book alleges Al Qaeda will attack US to ensure Bush win

Saddam may face death penalty

Prison Abuse Lawyers to Question Generals

Israel Training Kurdish Commandos in Iraq - Report

Castro Warns Bush Against Launching Attack

'Twentieth hijacker' in September 11 plot held in Guantanamo

Wal-Mart's June Sales May Miss Upbeat Forecast

High Court Limits Patient Rights to Sue HMOs

Former Vivendi Chief Arrested


Vivendi Universal Games Announces ReOrg and Cost Reduct (350 jobs cut)

$25K Will Get You Into Bush Party $25K will get you into Bush party

NYT:Obstacles Don't Keep Kerry from Seaside Break (he's rich)

Mayors to Gather in Boston for 72nd Annual Meeting

Shell's Slow Down Leading Up to Labor Day; Huge Profits

Kerry Outspends Bush in May by $10 Million

Bush's Latham criticism wrong: poll

London faces rail, subway strike

BBC NEWS: Private craft rockets into space

Pentagon to release Rumsfeld 'torture' memos

Reviews Don't Dampen Clinton Book Buzz

Bad Blood Remains Between NYC & Republicans

Teen detained in attack on homeless man set ablaze

Neoconservatives lay low, hope for Iraqi democracy

Shell to Cut Summer Output at Bakersfield Refinery, Papers Say

Conn Governor John Rowland to resign - CNN

First U.S. human mad cow patient dies

Four U.S. Soldiers Killed in Attack West of Baghdad

Kerry Taps Vernon Jordan for Debate Talks

Random Searches Coming To (Wash. state) Ferries July 1

Apartheid Victims Set Hopes on U.S. Lawsuit

Bush escapes blame for high gasoline prices

Cantwell calls for release of more Enron e-mails

U.K. Navy Investigates Report Iran Seizes Its Boats (Update4)

UN slams US over spending Iraq funds

Impeachment manager Barr set to publish rebuttal to Clinton's book

Supreme Court allows lawsuit in Catholic priest abuse case

Aristide was drug lord, U.S. claims

Bush Pushes Marriage Plan, Raises Cash

Israeli agents working in Iraq's Kurdistan, Iran: report

'Now Europe Must Act'

Nader selects Peter Camejo as running mate.

Prison Abuse Lawyers to Question Generals

Halliburton feels financial strain of Iraq work

Shooting death angers Iraqi family

Soldiers Lawyer Wants Bush on Witness Stand Over Iraq Abuse

Iraq Might Welcome a Strongman

High Court: HMOs Can't Be Sued Under State Law

NYT: Internet Ad You Are About to See Has...Read Your E-Mail

Evangelist Won't Help Receiver in Ponzi Case

Hotmail Blocks Gmail Emails - slashdot

Lawyer: Lay Won't Be Indicted on Charges

Funds' New Sales Pitch: Trust Us...Really

Support for Bush's War on Terror Slips, Poll Shows

Drudge: Liberal Radio Network AIR AMERICA In Deep Financial Crisis

The Carlyle Group Agrees to Buy Loews Cineplex

S.C. Death Row Inmate Loses Appeal

Plan B: The Kurdish Gambit (Seymour Hersh, New Yorker)

Court: No Right to Keep Names From Police

Quality of U.S. jobs declining during recovery

Owners of Supremacist Meeting Hall Say Blaze Was Set

Torture Survivors to Gather in DC, Oppose Use of Torture by US

Bush Faces Major Test at UN on Exemption from War Crimes Court

Irish Lawyers Call for Protests Against Bush Visit

new Hannity advertiser (also a Savage Weiner advertiser)

Auto Focus

My first on-line date...

What is silent....and smells like worms?

how's this for a setlist/repertoire

If it's 3am Eastern Time, what time is it in Australia?

Cheap Thrills Post: Oops!... It slipped off again

ok late night chat, if youre curious stop on by, we're good people

Just wanted to introduce myself

Dumbest Fundy Tract You've Ever Seen/Read

faster than a speeding bullet

please tell me this is a photoshop

Why is my dog singing 80's glamrock in his sleep?

instant controversy . . . "The 100 Greatest British Albums" . . .

Elephant Soccer!

Indian Spiderman Will Wear Sarong To Fight Crime

SPAM of the day

Doctor Jailed for Billing for Sex

Planned parachute jump for Reagan's 94th birthday scrapped


anyone remember tooncis?

Good Monday Morning DU!

When I'm playing any game with Mario now, I'll think of this...

Station Wagon Drives From California To Argentina On Restaurant Grease

Anybody watching Jerrry Springer right now?

West Palm Beach DUers! F 9/11 get together?

Any Hungry Ghost fans?

Favorite Candy Bar???

Man Stops Deputy For Speeding, Entire Family Jailed

Bumblebeez 81 - what do you think?

Man Lay Dead In His Driveway For 4 Days - Pinned Under Van

My neighbour just had the greatest fight!!

REPOST - Rush Limbaugh Fiction - Rush's new wife "Hillary"

Student Dozes In Class - Forced To Write Apology - In Blood

Morimoto is in town and I couldn't get tickets!

Understanding the newspaper you are reading.

I think it's about time to update the Hatemail Bag.

Calling Loretta Lynn fans

Need help with a book idea I have...

Farenheit 9/11

Dad Says Streaking Son "Just Showing Off" During Phillies Game

hey Tech folks, how much faster is broadband than dial-up?

Happy 60th Birthday, Ray

SpaceShipOne has landed!

I crave a Primanti Brother's sandwich

Happy 56th birthday to the vinyl LP!

Thanks DUER'S, see what you went and made me do

Favorite Dead Kennedy

From the school of Dain Bramaged Customer Support

The "cup check" of all CAPTIONs

Found a peanut, found a peanut, Found a peanut just now

Anyone else get Ovation on cable?

Ketchup or Catsup?

My cat Abbott has a favorite color: Purple

Brief Portland, OR Sunday Report

CRAP!!! Williams Sonoma gives ALL to Repubs!!!!

California Dropout Scores Perfect 100% On GED

Whatever happened to Larry "Bud" Melman?

My Texas State Convention report is up...

I'm about to hit the 400 mark, ask me something!

NnnnnnnnnnOONAN! Noonan NnnnnOONAN!

Burrowing Catfish Threaten Canals

looking for a new career? . . . check this out . . .

What album covers do you recall?

LA Artists plan "October Surprise" events

Our oldest has to go to the vet...I'm nervous

Would You Order The Death Of One Innocent Baby Yak

What's your favorite fruit/vegetable?

Repugs with too much time on their hands

17 down, 104 to go!

lionesspriyanka's Mother Will Cause Me To Have A Nervous Breakdown!

The fact that it took 46 years for private industry to

What are your favorite albums of 2004 so far?

Boatload Of African Migrants Wash Up On Spanish Nudist Beach

Man Wants To Put A Starbucks In Lizzie Borden's Home

Martina wins first Wimbledon match!

Are you having problems with Burping Sheep?

True Bravery

Caption the flatulent gasbag...

Since I'll be going to hell because of lunch: Which should I have to eat?

CNN OUT on DirecTV

Few women get mammograms...........


An older lady gets pulled over for speeding...

We were meant to live for so much more...

bush* the optometrist toon

The 100 Greatest British albums/Observer Music Monthly

Anyone know much of America's soybean crop is exported


Euro 2004: Gotta love the English Fans!

Cat picture HEAVEN!

So, what is the age cut-off for a baby boomer?

I smoked it but couldn't inhale!

Who would win a fight between Bill Clinton and Mighty Mouse?

Looking for a good travel destination review site.

Who is getting Clinton's new book tomorrow?

I am writing this at Vanderbilt children's hospital, ask me anything

I HATE Email Hoax Warnings BUT - Pass This On To Everyone On Your Email!!

Does this woman have ANY compassion?

Schwarzennegger Smokes Cubans, Larry King Wears Depends - Star Trash Art!!

Do You Ever Find It Really Hard To Be Nice To People?

14 Dead Rabbits Found Hanging From Playground Equipment

Man Shot Over Who Was Next In Line At Cafe - Dead

I'm losin' the juice to my ol' relic computer.....

My Mother Will Cause Me to have a Nervous Breakdown

How often do you start a new pair of Speedos

Common Errors in English Usage . . .

Working for a corporation is so fun.

BonJovi Ex Bassist Puts Memorbilia Up For Auction - Nobody Wants To Buy It

I need some financial advice.

Check out my donor star!

I just bought the Marx Brothers DVD set. Ask me anything

Hey Ladies - Now's your chance to bag Rush Limbaugh

Dude, I am on such a reply roll

What is your favorite flavour of potato chip?

How do you pronounce 'ih8thegop'?

My trip to Yellowstone: privatization sucks

I'll Say It Now...I Fucking HATE Bruce Ratner

Wow. Someone sprayed General Discussion with jackass gas today.

Happy Birthday Slutticus!!!

Who is your favorite Survivor Hottie?

How do you pronounce 'Dookus'?

i sLept for 18 hours yesterday

Am I having seizures?

Question for Stephen King fans.

Movie popcorn antidote, anyone?

I fell and I can't get up!

Will F911 be playing in your city?


My Passport is Expired!

Who remembers Happy Days....


What's the best punchline?

Best Underrated Pink Floyd Song

Anybody ever watch the LINK channel--world music?

Here is what we have to look forward too

Back pain advice

Breaking News: Rumsfeld discusses Abu-Grab w/ Shrub

Terrorist Attack? Nope. Just A 74 Y.O. Driving His Car Through The Airport

I've been brainwashed due to exhaustion - ask me anything

Sometimes I want to see stupidity

They'rrre herrre...

anyone have comments re: Broadband phone service (Vonage)


the truth about the republican party

How do you control your appetite?

Musta been a republican driving

Elephants playing soccer?!

Okay, as a white 32 year old guy, what music should I crank up tomorrow


Could Hillary kick Laura's ass?

Who would be your dream Real Time with Bill Maher guests?

Favorite protein/meal replacement bar?

Ministry's Anti-Bush CD Comes Out Tomorrow!

How do you pronounce "Dolo Amber"?

What are you snobby about?

Clothing category crisis...should a man wear women's jeans??

What is your way of transportation most of the time?

How often do you start a new thread?

Which of these do you look for more in a potential mate?

Dogs' sense of smell: New disease-fighter?

Ukraine's 'pork fat with chocolate' dessert a tasty substitute for suicide

Favorite Dead Kennedys Album

Mommy, why did Bush send 800+ US Soldiers to die in Iraq?

Joy to the World... 3 Dog Night?

Father's Day from beyond the beyond

Skynyrd fans: 2-CD "Lyve" in stores tomorrow

I got a tatoo!

I'm Meeting Pres Clinton Tomorrow - What should I say

Howard Stern raves about Michael Moore's new movie

How did you guys like Salem's Lot, Part 1?

And the winner of the California Poker Championship is....

Even more freeper jokes! Can your heart stand it?

How about an ocean front home in Rosarita Beach ?? Under 24K

Has DU text size changed to smaller font for you too ?

Poker With Dick Cheney


I'm Baaaaa-aaaaack! Anybody miss me?

that Jeopardy guy (possible spoilers)

Can you just say you're gay to get out of the military?

Manboobs, disgusting or ok?

Just got an RNC fund-raising letter. What do I put in the SASE they sent?

Hey - what happened to everyone's favorite DUer?

I saw "Super Size Me" over the weekend. What did YOU see?

'Babylon 5' creator has written a Star Trek series that excludes Berman

Clinton Book Signing - NY 5th Ave B&N

Monty Python?

Alright, I've had it! Give me everything immoral that's in the Bible.

Things you disagree with your religion/belief system on

Goddamn lazy cat...

Wagon Christ - Sorry I Make You Lush

Let's say that you are a pilot during the Vietnam War. ...

Well, I'm 25 today...

Another Boston DU BBQ?

Name me some beer companies that don't give to RW causes

Austin area Duers - Farenheit 911 this Saturday.

The 3 things you like MOST about your religion

Our Guinea pig is dying.

Well It's official. I have a drinking problem and I am quitting drinking

Lois Murphy running for Congress in Penn., newest DKos 8.

Do Lessons of the Past Inform Our Perilous Future? (CMB)

"Dean Stumps for 3 candidates" Excellent write-up about Sunday's rallies.

AP And Reuters Put Out Hit Pieces On Kerry's Down Time (And Praise Bush)

US Election Atlas Mock Election update.

From Feb...favorite books of our candidates. Most interesting.

I need a link...

Vernon Jordan to Lead Kerry Debate Negotiations

Western Governors Support Regional Presidential Caucus/Primary

48 Nobel Prize Winning Scientists Endorse Kerry

GOP offensive put small dent in Kerry's image

Vernon Jordan to Lead Kerry Debate Negotiations

For Comicstripper: VP poll

New NPR Poll: Bush Leads Kerry 49-48 Among Likely Voters

Michael Moore on Dean: "I think Dean's a good guy"

RNC attacks Dean and Kerry for being divisive

Dean: Party needs to be rebuilt from the ground up

Quick request

Series of commercials for MoveOn to consider

Agree or Disagree: The election is Kerry's to lose

Republican Steve King said the torture is like a "fraternity."

Article points to goods reasons for Clark as V.P.

Kerry may just have to work a little harder for the progressive vote

Why progressive sensibilities get ignored in a presidential election

Nader Taps Green Activist As Running Mate

Nader chooses Camejo because they "share the same goals for economic