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Archives: June 22, 2004

Army Abducted Guatemalan Children Adopted in 1980s

Bush vs. Cuba: The Quiet War (Democracy Now)

Salon: How secure is the Department of Homeland Security?

Untimely Death Rattles Fellow Soldiers

Des Moines Register editor: Cheney needs to step aside

A Counterweight Emerges (TomPaine.commonsense)

Media's reaction to White House comments remains strange (Ivins)

Democrat shrink takes unflattering look into depths of Bush

Politics and the Church - Bush woos the faithful with a religious fervor

Salon: Still smiting Slick Willie–NYT continues decade of Clinton bashing

Krugman: Noonday in the Shade (Ashcroft and RW Militias)

Should Sean Hannity Be Denied Communion?

Christopher Hitchens on Fahrenheit 9/11

Arizona Act office-- Volunteer opportunites

I'm Jonezin' bad for Mike Malloy

Are the newspapers only good for wrapping dead fish?

Jesus Christ and Honi the Circle Drawer: Separated at Birth?

Black hole more than 10 billion times the mass of our Sun discovered

Tonight's Thought

Korea crisis envoys seek way forward

Politics as a human meat market - TW?CN

Singapore's `nanny state' ridiculed

How do you pretend to be civil in a thread like this?

Israel's Intelligence Scandal - Irreversible Mental Damage

One Small Step

For how long were flags lowered to half-staff after 9/11?

California sues food companies over mercury levels in canned tuna

F911, Coolidge Corner, 5pm show: I will be wearing my "No Blood

Saw the Bush motorcade today.

Pittsburgh Area DUers: Wanna join my hockey team?

Any Seattle folks interested in a F911 movie party?

Howard Stern's "Private Parts" is on HBO NOW!

HAHAHAHAHA.......say goodbye, Jack Ryan.....releasing his records

BREAKING: Jack Ryan's (R-senate hopeful in IL) divorce records unsealed

This is what befuddles me about DU...

Wired does article on, hilarious story

I'd appreciate serious suggestions.....

Hardball (no Olbermann today): Robert Jordan former ambassador to

Lynndie England interviewed on MSNBC Countdown.

Hardball will have PAT ROBERTSON and PANETA on tomorrow.

Senator Byrd has an anti-bush book coming out

Any Polls regarding % of people who are now LIHOP?

Norville on MSNBC will have Susan McDougal tonight. I wonder what this

How much money for college do military enlistees really get?

I wanna be Fuddled

If Kerry ran a "restore government power to the people" campaign,

BBC Online Forum: World Is Pro-Clinton, The US Is Not?

Susan Estrich: Edwards will be VP

This Chart says it All (and then some)

Clinton's mention of Ken Starr is a rallying cry for the "troops" and

Have You Seen The "Wrong Then Wrong Now"

I got to shake John Kerry's hand today.

Did you hear that!? Keith Olberman's sub on Countdown's "Oddball?"

Clinton's Ego Sticks it To Us Again

Great Shrub Pictures

5 American GIs Dead, 7 Wounded In Iraq Today

Joe Biden kicks ass

can just any idiot freeper w/ a website get a book deal these days?

How many believe that any Democratic president would have invaded Iraq?

I've been brainwashed due to exhaustion - ask me anything

Kerry's emphasis on Science. From his website.

Third Parties on Right Could Be Problem for Bush

"I know how it feels to be beaten in jail and then photographed"

President Loses Support Over War on Terrorism/Video clip

The Trouble With E-Ballots

What's This About "Ronald Reagan Stem Cell Acts"

Bush Boilerplate - how Republicans go back for seconds and thirds on BS

Big news on FOX!

Parsing the recommended daily amount of torture? Has it come to that?

Is there a bigger hypocrite piece of shit than Mike Reagan?

What a bad day for Republicans and "morals"!

In this thread, blame Jack Ryan's problem on Bill Clinton.

The "marriage amendment act" is an election scam

So WHO was in charge in 1989 when Bin Laden became #1 in Al Queda?

Check out My Personal John Kerry Supporter Web Page!

If * got a bump from Reagan, shouldn't Kerry get a bump from Clinton?

Looking for the thread re: resignations under Bush

12 Step Program for Conservatives

Kerry tallest president?

"Some people call you the elite. I call you my base."

Did anyone just watch ScabBurrow Country.

HI -LA _RI _OUS Quote from RUSH!

If you are in Chicago, turn on WGN Ch.9 right now! Moore is coming up

when a soldier dies in Iraq we shoud put a flag at half mast the next day

What are the rules regarding deleting messages at DU?

"Please! Get out of here! I don't want to die!"

U.S. Rules on Prisoners Seen as a Back and Forth of Mixed Messages to G.I.

Rush to troops: "Be a man about it... You chose to be there"

Houston's RW Talk Host Guilty of Indecency with a Minor

WTF is going on here at DU?

"Mr. Vice President, your pants are on fire!"

"Now, what we have here is a failure to commun'cate."

Which will be more fun to watch when the debates come up...

So much for *'s Reagan Bounce, Kerry leads Bush in war on terrorism!!

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (repug, California).... ranting against

"The Connection : How al Qaeda's Collaboration with Saddam Hussein Has

Right-wing media attempting to change 911 Commission Report...

Letterman: Bush Iraqi update now.

Question re the Korean hostage

please close thread

I'm going to wake up and a man will have been beheaded.

ABC/Washington Post Poll Kerry 53% Bush 45%

The biggest lie of all - that * wants a democratic Iraq.

Hey guys I just thought of something.....Moore movie + RNC convention.....

What do you hate most about Bush?

Moore on Canadian tv (looking for link)

MSNBC F911 Review and Poll...

There are people sleeping in the street to see Clinton in NYC tomorrow.

How far left are you willing to go....


Please do not ask why we "hate" you

The History of US Oil Consumption (good read)

FBI is covering up key aspects to the 9/11 story

Anybody else remember what happened 40 years ago today?

Question about F911 Music

Breakdown of WP poll on Approval/Disapproval of Bush's Iraq Policy

Fahrenheit clips, posters, stills on MovieWeb

Why is it a crime?


I Registered 6 Progressives Today! Here is how.

Curious about DU'ers opinions on Ron Paul's latest column

nader picks peter camejo as running mate,hopes for green party endorsement

Will the Republicans ever be held responsible to history ?

Kerry seems comfortable in his own skin.

TV really is Dead...

Did anyone watch the "O'Really" Factor today?

Joe Conason (Hunting of the President) is on Tavis Smiley's PBS show Mon

Bush gives a "thumbs up" at the Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services Center

Illinois DUers: Barack Obama pic from 6/21 fundraiser

Oh... This Is TOO Easy !!! - Caption This !!!

Is anyone watching the Daily Show?

Wow! Just saw the anti-Clinton ad on Vanity, very nasty...

Unfreep this poll

Impeachment proceedings against the five Supreme Court Justices?

Watch NOW: Jon Stewart b'slapping Cheney's Qaeda-Iraq Linkage

Can everyone say PABAAH?!!! har har har!

Rasmussen-- Kerry 47%--Bush 44% and I Feel Good

Tonight was the BEST Daily Show EVER!!! DO NOT miss the rerun!!!

They just said on FOX that "Vice Presidential Candidate" has been picked

The BEST Daily Show ever IS ON NOW! Dont miss it!

Unfairenheit 9/11- The lies of Michael Moore

great article from rolling stone

i got a nickname for john edwards

Serious question: why did soldiers in Iraq torture prisoners?

Anyone else feeling loved today? WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?????

Since it's getting late and no one will notice

Day after the General Election Bush/Kerry 2004

Second Circuit Judge Tells It Like It Is: Bush Is Illegitimate

What will you do when DU is no longer allowed?

finally! an answer to the so-called 'big red map"

Are you in the market for some anti-Bush bumper stickers?

F911 news on local Tulsa CBS station. OK City is aparently 1 of 10

Just Got My Tickets For Fahrenheit 9-11 Through Fandango On-line !!!

Favored Brand of Communism?

"World War III has started...Soon it will affect every citizen..."

Radiopower Progressive Radio Network In Trouble!

The cops are up to something in NYC.

In New Tests for Fetal Defects, Agonizing Choices

George W. Bogus

Attention BushCO! F9/11 tickets Friday night in NYC are SOLD OUT.

Kerry calls for bigger investment in science and technology - Denver

Chicagoland Ch. 11 viewers - Howard Dean feature coming up.

Chicagoland Ch. 11 viewers - Jack Ryan's campaign craters.

CVC modified to include alternate Senate, House

Gov. Rowland (R-Conn) RESIGNS !

Bush's Ratings Erode as Anti-Terror Fighter

Tobacco buyout called windfall for the wealthy

dupe - sorry :(

Bush Considers Replacing Tenet More Quickly

U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq - 837 U.S. service members have died

Afghan soldiers move on province

Angry Iran tells EU to look at itself in the mirror on rights

Oil giant Yukos in talks with Moscow to settle tax bill

Ruling party (S. Korea) asks US to avoid Iraq errors on North

Senate Backs Ban on Photos of G.I. Coffins

Death Stalks An Experiment In Democracy (Public locked out)

Judge: Federal Sentencing Unconstitutional

Nobel Winners Back Kerry, Say Bush Ignores Science

Army sends media imagery from Iraq at push of button

Enron's Lay Wants to Meet Prosecutors, Person Says (Update1)

Minister emphasizes AEGIS goal - TW

Google censors text ads in new e-mail service

Case against woman (Lynndie "Thumbs Up" England) in abuse scandal delayed

Gas prices hit lowest point since May 3

Iowa man claims Army recruiter tricked him into joining military

Convicted Florida soldier pursuing conscientious objector status

AP: 1 Army Soldier Killed 7 Wounded

Turkey repeats warning of intervention to Kurds

Wages in U.S. Lag Inflation, May Blunt Bush Gains From New Jobs

California sues food companies over mercury levels in canned tuna

GOP Eyes Defense Bill to Raise Debt Limit

Al-Qaeda replaces Saudi Arabia chief

Senate Won't Overturn War Dead Media Ban

Afghanistan's Electoral Process Is Coming Under Attack, UN Says

Bush's Saddam trophy psychoanalyzed

Saddam torture victim awarded $88M

Al Qaeda Link To Iraq May Be Confusion Over Names (wrong again on link)

Annan Sees 'Alarming Resurgence' of Anti-Semitism

Australians tell Bush: stay out of it

Candidate Ryan says he won't quit over sex charges

S.F.proposes limited non-citizen voting

California sues tuna producers over mercury contamination

Lawmakers attend Moon ‘coronation’ in Dirksen Senate Office Building

Cool or what.? Toronto's straight Mayor on cover of Gay Mag!

Is it True or False?

Hey ladies! How is THIS for a personal ad?

I am doing the most tedious thing at work...ask me anything

I Wanna Be Fuddled

I DON'T have a drinking problem...

MY 500th Post

Frothing at the mouth to see F-9/11 later this week?

I wanna be Fuddled

The Hip Hop Convention was this last weekend

Is this screen shot from 'The New Avengers' (1977)?

Just heard blasting by my window:

My birthday story and the purloined shopping cart

I just found the first released sample of Rummy's Torture Memo...

Is anybody here rich?

Photo Of DS1 Showing Up For The DU BBQ At Matcom's

Why is the City of Detroit still in love with Queen

Wot Chew Lookin' at

Apple sells supercomputer sequel

Yay! New Mike Judge comedy next year!

Have you put yourself on ignore?

I'm about to run out of Vernors

Sick dog question?

What currency or national monument should shrubya's mug adorn?

Summer Olympics Preview: Synchronized Swimming

Oh Geeez, Edith

I'm going to F 9/11 with my own snacks and roll of quarters. Ask me why.

I rode a funicular yesterday!

Any Audiophiles here?

Any mountain bikers in here?

Web gurus: can you answer a question?

Anyone go to the gym and workout before work?

"Close Encounters of the Third Kind" on TCM now...

Has anyone mentioned that today (6/21) is Ray Davies' 60th birthday?

Best old time dead person?

Rhetorical Question - Yeah?

Easy movie quiz

Kimmel just took this quote from the Clinton interview out of context:

What's The Best-Tasting BRAND of Hot Dog (Store-bought)?

I am writing a paper and I need help finding information about...

Supreme Court: Name Privacy Not a Constitutional Right

Airplane maintenance reports ...

who is watching Jon Stewart? How sugary...

Are the Pistons being shut out of late night TV?

A short list of the greatest performances I have ever experienced

DU Chat Thread #138.4657

Bush, apparently performing selections from "Evita" or maybe "Cats"

Listening to Rush In Rio. Ask me anything.

Post your gratuitous cheesecake here!

lol this is some crazy shite

Why are those damn cheesestick wrappers so impossible to open?

Post your gratuitous beefcake here!

Most Important Attributes for a Leader of the World's Most Powerful Nation

Any Half-Life: CounterStrike fans here?

For the record: I, the DUer known as "iconoclastic cat," do not condone

What kind of shampoo/conditioner do you use?

Yay! watching greatest moment in close encounters! aliens cometh

Best old-time actor

Behold! The Rich Cheesgasmic Tomatoey Wonder of LASAGNA!

Today's best Movie Star

AIM chat tonight, please come

the uselessness of Larry King's one hour

What did Dave say about the NYC RNC ? something about a crooked election ?

Who should be Kerry's VP?

Best old-time Actress

Band that is most justly neglected by history?

The great hot dog debate!

When will the world end?

Are people who use the term "dork" dorks

And the latest "celebrity" internet porn star is...

Avril Lavigne ......Why?

Is that Cheney's secret lair on the Daily Show?

Test driving my new avatar

What was the classic rock song played during the F911 trailer?

A short list of the greatest performances I have ever experienced

Gov. Rowland (R-Con) pardoned by Bush for all past-future crimes.

Tiger Woods complains about course: ITS TOOO HARRRD!

Is there any way to fix an ingrained toenail other than the doctor?

It's De-lovely

I've 153 vacation hours saved up (& need some cash-out advice)

16 job applications submitted and still no job.

So I'm moving to Illinois....AND it's my 700th post!!!

Prettiest actress ever

What should be done with the ice-for-blood #*#*^*#^ debt collectrolls?

We're hosting a Kerry house party Saturday!

banned from freeperville in 10 minutes LOL

Kimmy Cash's "Cookbook for America".. Deaniacs, submit your recipe.

Tom Daschle

New ABC News/Washington Post poll: Kerry 48 Bush 44

kerry ahead by 6 or more points in 3 recent polls

Election Projection: Dead Heat - 269 vs 269

if Kerry picks Edwards for VP it wont be because of media

No, choose Gephardt, not Edwards

Why is the media pushing Edwards?

Kerry Event in Albuquerque Tomorrow Morning Cancelled...

Not off topic - stick with me - Anyone get a vile msg in their e-mail?

Does the phrase "Vice President John Edwards" sound good?

The Trouble with Optiimism by Michael Kinsley

Rolling Stone: What Next? [Iraq]

Grand Delusion (Richard Cohen)

Democrat shrink takes unflattering look into depths of Bush

Ukraine's Missing Missiles: Jane's Information Group Online

9/11 Credibility Gap : EJ Dionne

O'Reilly's Final Solution

ALTERMAN: CAN'T LOSE WITH EVIDENCE - Media To Clinton: You Still Stink

Special NYT section on Fahrenheit 911

Saddam Hussein Freed On Technicality

A War Without End

Book alleges Al Qaeda will attack US to ensure Bush win

Fear in the Workplace: The Bullying Boss

Streaker at Super Bowl Guilty of Trespass

SCHEER: Truth About Iraq Finally Has Its Pants On

Judge likens rise of Bush to that of Mussolini and Hitler

Mr. President, you have a credibility problem

Fahrenheit 911: On the virtues of not "moving on"

Alterman: With a straight face

Bush's 9-11 Problem --MUST READ!

Clinton 'Life' hot even in GOP-leaning O.C. (CA)

Jesse Jackson: Abuse of power makes U.S. weak

help Steve Bozak win the House!

Virginia Congressman Blocks US House Bill to Ban Horse Slaughter

Cabinet puts KMT before ultimatum over ownerhip of television stations TW

Cyber Outrage Over Closed Blogs

P2P Streaming Experiences Sought

Jodi Wilogren, Nedra Pickler, and the RNC

LTTEs urging they not relegate Iraq coverage after June 30

Today's Thought

The triune brain and good vs. evil

SA 'aggressively' seeking Chinese investment

Another Gloomy Article on US Trade/Budget Deficits

Gartner: Backlash against offshoring to vanish by 2006

Illegal Logging Flattens Cambodian National Park

Las Vegas Thirsty For Largest Wildlife Refuge In Lower 48

Fires And Haze Return To Malaysia - Visibility 3 KM In KL


Scale Insect Outbreak Withers Savannah's Scenic Live Oaks

48 Nobel-Winning Scientists Endorse Kerry - Reuters

Cuba Experiencing Worst Drought In History

Western Drought May Be Worst In 500 Years

President awards medal to former AIT chairwoman

US experts help with war game - TW

Time to Lead in Sudan--Center for American Progress

By Ashraf Fahim----Asia Times---"John Kerry's Sucker Saudi Punch"

What are the odds? Re - Handover of Saddam "to the Iraqis"

Pakistani madrassahs still breeding Jihadis

Berlin to ban neo-Nazi demonstrations

High School Students Use Deadly Assault Weapons On Police

ALERT! a non-gun related J/PS posting - Cops and your name

GUNS IN THE NEWS - June 22, 2004

what do IMO, IMHO, and N/T mean?

There's a spelling mistake in the lead editorial

I hope you had a nice few days off, Skinner.

I just signed in and as soon as I entered my user name...

what do lihop and mihop stand for? n/t

I'm still sorta new. How long has DU been around? Thanks.

Do you have a plan for fighting off election night disruptors?

Shin Bet arrests PA officer who facilitated Ashdod bombings

Not by Volvos alone

Israel fails to deliver on commitments to US

Fraud Fit For A King: Israel, Zionism, And The Misuse Of Mlk

PA militants strongly oppose Egypt's Gaza role

U.S. envoy: Israel must freeze settlements, dismantle outposts

Water Theft In Palestine

Poll: 64% of Israeli Jews support encouraging Arabs to leave

Arafat made historic error at Camp David - Clinton

The Pentagon clock problem

911 Commission shifts the timeline

“looks like that aircraft crashed into the Pentagon sir.”

Orland Park officials approve mosque

Sun-Times: Actress Jeri Ryan accused ex-husband Jack Ryan of insisting she

Anyone planning to go to the Century Landmark Friday to watch

Jack Ryan...Gotta Love Those Family Values!

Breaking: Ray LaHood (R-IL) calls for Ryan to withdraw.

Ill. Republican Senate candidate Jack "Mr. Morals" Ryan - Crash and Burn

Help me with this campaign sign, Palm Beach County

The Oviedo Marketplace in near Orlando is showing Fahrenheit 9/11

Three strikes and we're OUT ???????

Shopper the sea lion cleared for release

Court: FERC overreached in trying to replace California board

Rocket fuel found in milk in California

Oakdale in IN! (F911)

Veteran Minnesota Republican backing Kerry

Negative Bush Ad Runs While He's in Ohio.

John Kerry in Canton, Ohio on Friday (6/25)

Panel pushes for lower business taxes

Panel urges business tax cuts

OH man! Just heard Reps Chris Bell and John Culbertson on KPFT...

Jim Nickerson meetup! (4th Cong. District) June 28th, 7 PM

Austin DU'ers, Fahrenheit 9/11 is going to be at Alamo Drafthouse!! n/t

Bryan Kennedy official announcement tomorrow

lol this is some crazy shite

We need to get Chomsky on the Daily Show!

Need Help Debunking

Tough Crowd lammo

Mike Webb Show has Scott Ritter and Norman Soloman soon (10:15PST)

Look What is on Jack Ryan's WEBSITE!

Happy news re: Air America! Cabbies like it!

The "liberal media".

Iran captures "Coalition" ship. Viet Nam hype all over again?

Could someone tell me about Jack Ryan?

Chris Hitchens and AP: what gives?

Rumsfeld's Power Grab

Letterman is transcendent tonight

Time for Bernie Ward....And I must check out Jon Stewart (Daily Show)

white house or outhouse?

Daily show tonight

Can criminals judge?

Local newsperson tours Guantanimo

CT Governor Rowland resigns

AP rips Clinton's new book

AbuGhraib attys will blame "most senior" WH, Pentagon officials

"Worse than Watergate" - reading it now and am infuriated...

World Bank rebuked for fossil fuel strategy

7:57 C-Span - Very interesting guest on Afghanistan and terrorism in Iraq.

Hill won't release abuse dossier for risk of offending US

Who influenced your present politics most?

HMOs can't be sued for damages

"morning sedition" has a funny program today. I am learning to love

Should there be a law on presidental(and VP) appearance of impropriety?

"When he was in office, the country was prosperous, people had jobs...

Someone getting married?

FOX News is running ads for Moore's film during Fox and Friends

I have a request: Is it legal and possible for somebody in DU to

Bushes Tort reform my Ass. Look at what happened to his

LOL Freeper admits he/she voted for OBAMA. . .

I am glad that Clinton resists being Ophraized

The REAL reason why the right is attacking Clinton's book

Freeper motto: "Just because you have the right to do something... "

Why Aren't Pro-Death Penalty Catholics threatened as well?

That's it. I'm whipped.

Putin's mystery statement solved : UPI, looks like a bunch of pre-war

Four more Marines killed yesterday.

Ray Talliafero reveiwing F911 now on KGO.

Is this true??

Don't Believe the RW Negative Hype: Big Dog's Book is Selling

This weekend the Green Party will let us know if they back Bush or not!

Krugman Nails Ashcroft's Extremism--Again!

The Republican's devious plan for public schools

The Daily Show on at 10:00 AM EST (9:00 in some markets)

How can anyone say that the Big Dog has a credibility problem.

Imus this morning....

DU this poll (should saudi's be trusted in war on terror)

Anthropologist Scours Jungles for MIAs

So Bush touts premarital counseling for the poor?

BBV: please call Congress this morning re Rush Holt speech

President Kerry should seek prosecutions.

John Yoo (wrote the torture memos) nailed in deadly debate

Stephenson Resigns Campaign | Joins Bev Harris in Nationwide BBV Investiga

I did a bad thing.

More * parsing Re: Saddam hand-over...

Kerry Cancels Trip to New Mexico

AP/WP Poll: Bush Loses Advantage In War On Terrorism

Fun with Freepers - "We Freepers Carry..."

Cheney in firing line over Nigerian bribery claims

bin Laden to WMD

NY Promoter Wants Springsteen to Upstage Bush

So do the Greens endorse Nader for the chance of Federal Matching Fun petition makes the news! (sorry if dupe)

Kennedy: America at Risk of Nuke Attack

Wolfowitz on the hot seat NOW (10am EST) C-Span3

(Un)Covering Torture We have done our best; now we need your help

Has Kerry ever directly mentioned the Neocons?

The reason why forcing marriage on the poor is a bad idea

Digital Bugle Plays Taps When GI's Can't

How I shut down a coworker who was pro-torture

3 times- Wolfowitz testifying about Saddam harboring '93 WTC bomber

Daily Show comin up at 10

Scathingly bad F911 "review" from MSN via Slate

WOW! CNN reporting "Sharp Increase" in terror incidents

It's 2007 - Bush Releases His Memoirs as Ex Prez

I am not quite sure if it belongs to GD or DU... anyway...

Kerry Embracing Clinton's Economic Record

Wes Clark on CNN right now

Terrorist Report from the State Department

Noonday in the Shade - Ashcroft Awful Attorney General

Cindy Bashes the French----AND Spreads Their Quotes

Wingnuts must be flipping out over Clinton's...

Iran to Prosecute Detained British Sailors

Local Paper: Protesters lash out at Bush, Cheney on economy, war and more

Bradbury sued by Shakespeare for 'Something Wicked this Way Comes'

Am I evil for looking forward to June 30, for a silly movie?

John Kerry in Canton, Ohio this Friday!

My goodness - Bob Barr said something that I kinda thought was decent!

A poll: Who sees the Kurd v. Turkey/Saudi v. AlQaeda/Israel v. Palestine

Big Dog on Oprah thread. . .

If You Were Michael Moore, What Would Your Next Movie Be About?


more info on the slithery Cambone

BBV: Mischelle Townsend to retire immediately

Anyone listening to Howard Stern this morning?

Could Gavin Newsom be the next Bill Clinton?

This is uplifting..


The Bush-Kerry dance.....

bush master plan...the gutting of america.


Last Night's DAILY SHOW should be news all by itself

Anybody else get an email about Kerry being "honored" by the

Hey, don't forget to send in your Kerry Contributions..

WJC: My Life - When Will You Get Your Copy?

Not only did Jack Ryan take her to sex clubs. . .he tried to control her!

A message to those who ask for help in debunking someone...

Zell Miller is at it again

Bush Lies on HMOs Exposed by Al Franken

Washington Post: Where is Bush's Strength?

Could someone please tell me what Clinton said to the reporter

Cnn just reported the the So. Korean Hostage was killed

Seen this? Kerry as a high-school rock & roller?

Hill won't release abuse dossier for risk of offending US

Do you think Clinton wanted to invade Iraq in '98?

I'm not kidding: Study finds Drudge Report centrist of all media outlets.

Review: Moore, Gibson Films Share Traits

How Religious Right is the US going?

Do you think we will have a terrorist attack on June 30, 2004?

BBV being discussed on O'Franken right now!

*ush wants to destroy the school system, privatize it so Religion can be

Re: Northern Sun ad on AAR

DUer's aren't the only ones drawing parallels between Bush & Hitler!

George's report card

MY SPIN on the beheadings...

Sources to take with a grain of salt and/or wait for confirmation

A Hard Hitting Satire - Bush Guide

Need proof Bush didn't kill terrorist so he'd have excuse to invade Iraq

Wow! Kerry and Hunter S. Thompson hung out today!

drudge is whispering that the DNC chairmen wants Edwards as VP

Odd point about the South Korean Execution Video

I'm Gettin Creeped Out Now !!! - My Interesting 'Query Failed' Message !!!

Even if Kerry wins the economy still won't get rosier overnight..

Clinton said he wanted to fire FBI directer Freeh but was afraid of what

The Longest Day

NYT under-counting Clinton book buyers?

Lou Dobbs to cover voting rally, Dean on Randi Rhodes today.

Al Franken wants proof of "New Pearl Harbor" Quote!

Repubs out another CIA source...

Did you hear Al Franken's Laura Bush's "profanity" laced speech??? LOL!!!

New Kerry ad

check this out, an interactive flash/info site about the trade towers...

Is torture EVER acceptable in interrogating terror suspects?

How long before the beheadings don't matter anymore?

Cheney given an "out" per alqeada/saddam links... will he take it?

Did I call it right with Jack Ryan or what?

After the Handoff, Nothing But More Trouble

The DU Guide to Understanding Republicans

Would Bill Clinton be able to swing what Jack Ryan wanted?

After the Handoff, Chaos

Would we better better off or worse off?

I am curious. Did Obama have a good edge over Ryan before this story?

Today's Press Briefing by Scott McClellan: "that would be horrible news"

GOP to change name ?

WashPost: So how about that economy?

Is right-wing talk radio panicking ??

Heads up, Howard Dean coming up on Randi Rhodes

40 protesters, carrying signs: "Bush You're Fired" and "Outsource Bush"

pro-choice in military

Clinton approval rating 62 percent in WaPo/ABC poll

Help me debunk: Clinton had 3 chances to catch Bin Laden

Has anybody visited the WhiteHouse home page today? COMPASSION

Was the thing on O'Franken factor about Laura Bush cursing real or just a

what is your least favorite thing about the US's system of government?

What's the status of the captured US soldier?

MSNBC adds a little 'color' to Kim Sun-Il execution

Randi Rhodes is hosting Howard Dean

Black - Box - Investigators: Coming to a Motel 6 near you soon:

The War Against Terror

bush wants to screen everybody for mental illness

Help debunk this rightwing email, "Tax Facts"

Anybody listening to Randi Rhodes? She had Bush* pronouncing

Just called the local Art Movie house in Orlando about Fahrenheit 9/11

Army Specialist On Bush Detail Fired For Coming Out

Ohio election-terror scam?????????

Canadian Conservative e-mail spam - borrowing ideas from Repubs.

How does the senate and congressional Primary thing work?

Hezbollah and Michael Moore?

Bill Clinton will be on Oprah's show today at 4 p.m EDT.

Democrat Shrink Takes Unflattering Look Into Depths of Bush

LOL Ldotters show how ignorant they are RE: Jack Ryan/IL senate race

DU this Poll! From the IL Leader

Clinton supporting war in Iraq?

Email from my Rep: Not yet prepared to support impeachment

Eastern Time Zone DUers: BIG DOG ON "OPRAH" -- NOW!!!!

Al Qaeda - creation of U.S. government

Something DEEP is going on in the Senate right now

Canadian Freepers -

Nancy Skinner of Ed Shultz radio show right now

Paul Bremer is a real "glass half full" kind of guy...

MSN homepage

If Greens think their ideology is superior, then why nominate a non-Green?

Scarborough Challenges Moore to Interview

School district to cut 150 teachers PLUS librarians ect...Thanks to BUSH

People better wake up "Western drought worst in 500 years "

Two obvious Bush scams

Why did DailyKos de-link DU?

What do you like most about the Iraqi war?

Non-partisan, F9/11 review

I think everyone can agree that this is TOTALLY unneccesary

The Healthcare system in this country will collapse in about 4 years

Proud to be an American?

What do you all think about the O'Franken Factor?

Millions For A Funeral After Death - Millions For A Book Before Release

Wolf Blitzer will be talking about Fahrenheit 9/11

A Good News Report From The South

Count Wolfowitz: "We didn't break Iraq; Saddam Hussein broke Iraq"


Idaho DUers and others.

I love Polls (ABB, Iraq and Bush's base)

NPR: Wolfowitz: Iraqis: "We don't care if you torture us."

Nuclear nonproliferation...

How much does a Korean beheading interest the US press?

Damn, I would love to have unlimited time to hear and ask clinton

Why no threads about the Korean hostage's beheading?

BIG DOG on OPRAH in St Louis NOW

(it aint over yet) AP Sues over Bush Military Records

Caption the man-chimp afeared of the microphones

Bush: "I deserve a second term because...

15.8 Million People Watch Clinton on 60 Minutes

(Former) Gov. Roland resigns and you can hear a pin drop

Randi is happy - she is a cartoon:

Randi running down the antics of the Repugs

BBV: Research on Senator Ensign's electronic verified voting legislation

Howard Stern might be off the air now. The senate just passed the bill

Did * just say "terrorists want to spread their DARK VISION...?

Another conservative sees the light!

Looking for the article that rated news sources . . .

Biden is hilarious

War of words between Saddam defense lawyers and the Red Cross...

Iraqis will have legal custody of Saddam - US will keep physical custody..

A RW Radio Host spoke some truth today.

Blow to hopes for FH 9/11 in small towns

Most "presidential" President of the last 50 years?

I HATE being right about bad stuff. Hope I'm not this time.

What conservative in the world could sell as many books as Bill Clinton?

Conflict: Schwab is an AAR advertiser, BUT Charles Schwab is a HUGE...

BR news: Kos and bloggers thwart anti-Moore effort

clinton on oprah right now

Jon Stewart Daily Show (repeat its great) 6PM central

CNN Crossfire.....Novack....

Did the president just refer to ...

The Journal Inquirer (Manchester, CT) ran my letter to the editor today!

A Child's ABCs of Terrorism

Bad news re: F9/11 in my area

Time for a "Take A Kid To Fahrenheit 911" campaign!

Canadian Election: Martin's Shadow Cabinet. & Americanizing

BBV: anyone go to the rally in Washington today? nt

Call Regal/Edwards to show F 9/11 at their main theaters!

Caption the Cheney's visiting their sweat shop

Anyone heard of ACT-Ohio?

Deep GOP Divisions On Anti-Gay Amendment

Did anyone hear Mario Cuomo say this on CNN? The Bin Ladin's

He He...Clinton sure knocked Ronnie off the front page!

OK, we know they hate Moore and Franken: what do they think of Jon Stewart

Jack just on local news...

Clinton Interview Helps CBS Blow Past Weekly Competition

Cong. Ray LaHood (R-IL) says US Senate candidate Ryan should withdraw

"A week ago he (Ryan) was just a loser, now he is unelectable"

FAIR Alert: Fox News Spins 9/11 Commission Report

New Hampshire gets 3 more F9/11 theaters

Cannot find e-mail for Al Gore. I understand he is getting ready to make,

kerry plays guitar

Apple iTunes Music Store - Clinton's "My Life" Audiobook

Really surprised at my belated birthday gift from my wife

So-the CORRECTED terrorism report is now out. Terrorist attacks increased.

BBV - Rush Holt on Lou Dobbs. Also, DU this CNN poll, re: BBV

Democrats have been knocking the wind out of the conservative media...

Is Pew Research Center conservative/Repub?

Moore certainly has no need to make up his own facts.

MSNBC on-line poll finds 72% of respondents plan to see Fahrenheit 9-11!

Clinton's "rage" at that dipshit BBC reporter was right on

Anyone else see the Clinton "blow up?"

Whatever happened to updating the U.S. power grid . . .

quick I need a smarting reply based on fact on why Clinton can't be

Flags at half staff on July the 4th?

Bob Somerbys week of destroying Timmy Russert

When this S. Korean guy was begging

"SaveFOXnews" Japan

Here's how Clinton will help Kerry.

Bush claims right to waive Torture laws

The Bush Pub Crew have tried everything and they are still losing

Lou Dobbs poll: Should paperless e-voting be banned?

Now that Clinton's book is out, he should help Kerry out.

I just watched last night's "Daily Show" on the 7pm re-run.

Does Bush have ADD? Attention Deficit Disorder?

For those of you that have not seen Couric's Moore interview,

This is begging for a Caption!

It's started, Amerikkka the police state

Can the Media protect us from Michael Moore?

Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 9/11" comes under right-wing attack...

Senate Keeps Ban on Pics of GI Coffins, 54-39 (LAUTENBERG)

Okay, I'm really worried that Jack Ryan's Going to Withdraw

Todays Traitors (Dems who voted against Lautenberg)

CNN poll on torture

Why Do We Still Have States?? Why Still Electoral College?

Health Insurance cooperatives

Breaking News... Journalist Embedded on Death's Door / not Geraldo (video)

Homemade "Kerry/Osama ''04" sticker.....

For “Whore of the Year”, I nominate NPR's Jackie Northam…

If Oprah would SHUT UP clinton

If Bush drops Cheney and picks Colin Powell or John McCain

MSNBC front page "Bush Loses Advantage"'s a "keeper"

What if: Kerry 49% - Bush 47% - but Bush

Help debunk this rightwing email: Tax Facts

The Right to Remain Silent? Should You Have to Give Cops Your Name?

Oooh, Pat Robertson's on HardBall!!!!!!!!1

MSNBC Poll- Who will you vote for?

Nightline: The day Kerry killed a man (Vietnam)

US Flag Code: Does anyone else follow it or is it just me?

The Democratic Party has SO MUCH TALENT! (Lots of PHOTOS!)

Comic links Osama to theaters not showing F911

OH man! Just heard Reps Chris Bell and John Culbertson on KPFT...

Question about George Soros and pac's

I'll be jailed in Alabama - no free speech, denied by the AL Supreme Court

Oh this is funny and true:

NBC Nightly News Exclusive

Beheading is a horrible shocking practice but what did God ask of Gabriel?

When Kerry is sworn in in January, what is first thing you want him to do?

Hmm, Kerry and Edwards in private meeting today

Have you guys heard? AP is suing for access to *'s TANG records

UN Slams US Over Iraq Funds, Spending Open to 'Fraud'

Why is this not big news ???

I feel like I have found gold on line; however, others may think it is

My latest article made Michael Moore's Must Reads!!!

Great Bumper-Sticker: WHY ARE REPUBLICANS...

FL trying to shut down some Canadian Drug firms. They are resisting.

Why Not Ralph? (Here's why, from the man who should be the Green Choice!)

Liberal vs Conservative, one word

Law professor, husband slain in Mosul

Has Fahrenheit 9/11 been officially rated R or PG-13 yet?

how much more American soldier slaughter before we STAND UP ? (PHOTOs)

Howard Dean will be on Randi Rhodes today

Where do you guys get your news from

(from the archives) DU Exclusive: antigay amendment will not pass Senate

Who destroyed the audio tape after 9/11

How would bush have handled the Cuban missile crisis?

What was in Saddam's letter that they blacked out?

Ashcroft subpoened records of women...

Who the hell votes "YES" in a poll about torture being ok?

Terrorism and abortion rights

Ralph "The Fly" Nader: Neoconservatism's Last Best Hope

Amy Goodman's Nasty Streak

Greens and Lefties.....DON'T ENDORSE NADER.

race, power and education

The DU 9/11 reading room

Who's ready?...

Crocs cash in on crackdown

Interior ministry in Russian region seized

46 Said Killed in Attacks on Russia Govt.

Insurgency boils up in Thailand

CIA only had "handful" of spies in Iraq

NYT,Wilgoren:Kerry Vows to Lift Bush Stem-Cell Research Limits

Conn. Governor Announces Resignation

Bush loses advantage in war on terrorism

Security firm's $293m deal under scrutiny

Iraq transfer to be low-key

U.S. Soldier Killed in Baghdad - Nine wounded

LAT: How Supreme Court HMO Decision Affects Patients

Kerry raises much more than Bush in May

DR Congo rebel leader flees

Transitional insecurity on Iraq's streets

Police Arrest Man Linked to Wilberger Case

CIA: No Iraqi officer link

''Rebuild or Retreat: America's Strategic Dilemma''

Koreans flood wrong Al Jazeera Web site on hostage

Book alleges Al Qaeda will attack US to ensure Bush win

Lecturer (University Dean) and spouse killed in Mosul

Cutting of 293 O'Hare union jobs denounced

Bush loses advantage in war on terrorism

South Korea Negotiating With Jama'at Al-Tawhid Over Kim Sun-Il’s Fate

Englewood councilman to resign seat

Emergency Law for Iraq’s ‘Democracy’

National Institutes of Health probed

Embattled Connecticut Governor Resigns

Ukraine's Missing Missiles: Jane's Information Group Online

EU-US deal on Galileo

Iran to 'prosecute British sailors'

S.Korean Hostage in Iraq Wins More Time

U.S. revises terror deaths; They double

Senators' Wealth Shows in 2003 Reports

Mitt’s message to the nation on gay marriage: Don’t Mass. it up

Watchdogs: Anti-Bush Group Breaking Law

Eleven injured in Algiers blast

Berlusconi alleges election fraud

War fears as DRC rushes in troops

Iraqi Militants Reportedly Behead Korean

U-S will transfer legal custody, but not physical custody, of Saddam

US Criticized for Withholding News of Kim Abduction

Judge Certifies Wal-Mart Sex Bias Suit

UN states told: 'Don't hide behind secretary-general'

State Department announces rise in incidents, and in persons wounded world

Iraq-al Qaeda 'link' probably unfounded - WH official suspects name mix-up

Deal Reached On Trial For Eric Rudolph

57 Killed In Russian Border Attack

Powell Announcing Rise in Casualties, Incidents, From Terrorism

Justices void state laws on HMO suits

White House Releasing Interrogation File

Saboteurs Blast Oil Pipeline in Northern Iraq

Clinton candid on Oprah

NYT: Fear in the Workplace: The Bullying Boss

Aids an economic time bomb, says Sanlam

State Department Reports Increased Acts of Terror

Florida woman dies from mad cow disease

In N.Y.C., choice words about 'choice'

Bush/hungarian President press conference thread...

US overseer Bremer travels north in farewell trip with Iraq's president

In a sea of school choice, a city's schools fight back

Congressional Leaders Call on Investigate Medicare Bill All

Fear in the Workplace: The Bullying Boss

Bid to push Nader out

Swiss Court Allows Gypsies to Sue IBM Over Alleged Holocaust Link

Fans Line Up To Buy Clinton's Book

Pentagon's Wolfowitz says Iraq is no U.S. quagmire

American soldiers (two) killed in attack north of capital

South Korean shows ANOTHER orange jumpsuit...

Bush Flirts with Nuclear Disaster, Kennedy Says

Pentagon Seeks to Void Iraqi Telecoms Deal-Report

Panel says some poor defendants don't receive adequate legal representatio

Ex-wife of GOP Senate candidate alleged sex club forays

Globe and Mail: Liberals take six-point lead over Conservatives (Canada)


Kerry campaign says Bush plays with truth on terrorism

Inmate populations skew representation (FL-Skews Cong Districts R)

Plan would shut down spam-sending computers

Alberta health care reform details to be revealed on Wednesday

(Ukraine) Sailors claim Abu Ghraib torture

Arms exporters 'ignoring promises about poverty'

Eight US soldiers among 17 killed in Iraq

Saddam victim, now in Pittsburgh, awarded $88 million

Court: FERC overreached in trying to replace California energy board

Anti-Semitism rising, Jews in France ponder leaving

U.S. Will Hold Saddam Even After Transfer

Al Qaeda Link To Iraq May Be Confusion Over Names

A Wreck Will Be Hard to Drive (Dahr Jamail in Baghdad)

[Supreme]Court rules Intel may have to give papers to EU

Duplicate post. Sorry mods

UK: Barclays triumph in Telegraph bid

Senate Backs Ban on Photos of G.I. Coffins

Army sends media imagery from Iraq at push of button


Poll: 64% of Israeli Jews support encouraging Arabs to leave

Desperate Potato Growers Say They'll Pitch a 'low-Carb' Spud in January

Coke's Chief Marketing Officer Stepping Down

White House Disavows Interrogation Memo

Bush touts premarital counseling for poor

Senate Rejects Cuts in Missile Defense

Republicans rebuke LaHood for asking Ryan to step down

Dublin Lord Mayor to attend anti-war protest

Hijackers made jetliners ‘invisible’

U.S. Limits Gift Parcel Deliveries to Cuba

Calls for Blair to Quit

Kerry Embracing Clinton's Economic Record

'Anomalies' in first private spaceflight revealed

Iran to charge captured Britons

U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq - 840 U.S. service members have died

Doubts over British firm's Iraq deal

U.S. Ambassador Says Israel Must Freeze Settlements and Dismantle Outposts

NYT, pg1:Top Commanders Face Questioning on Prison Abuse

Haiti After the Press Went Home Chaos Upon Chaos

Flurry of suicide attempts at Guantanamo

Thirsty Las Vegas Eyes a Refuge's Water

48 Nobel Prize winners back Kerry

U.S. approved use of dogs against prisoners

MPAA Won't Allow Cuomo to Represent 'Fahrenheit 9/11' Makers

Carlyle Group embraces Telecom

Rocket fuel chemical in California cow milk

Large Explosions Rock Fallujah in Iraq

Mary-Kate Olsen being treated for eating disorder

Images Of Soldiers Killed In Iraq Fuels Debate

Mistrial in Transgender Teen Killing

Wal-Mart faces huge sex-bias case

Iraqi Militants Reportedly Behead Korean

Afghans behead Taliban in revenge for beheadings

Private Media and Venezuelan Government to hold Dialogue

UN slams US over spending Iraq funds(so far spent $11B of Iraqi oil money)

NY Promoter Wants Springsteen to Upstage Bush

Swiss court allows Gypsies to sue IBM over alleged Holocaust link

WHO warns of polio epidemic as virus spreads rapidly across Africa

Bush Says Free World Not Intimidated by Beheadings

Kerry Cancels Trip to New Mexico (Off to DC for Senate Vets Benefits Vote)

Board Upholds R Rating for 'Fahrenheit'

Texas Republicans Urged to Drop 'Christian Nation'

Wolfowitz says Iraqis not overly concerned with abuse issue

Guantanamo suicides followed arrival of new general - General Miller

AP sues for access to Bush Guard records

Did Ashcroft brush off terror warnings? (Ashcroft lied under oath?)

Pentagon's Wolfowitz Says Iraq Is No U.S. Quagmire

48 Killed in Attacks on Russia Government

Senate Passes Bill Raising Indecency Fines for U.S. TV, Radio Broadcasters

Senate Hikes Indecency Fines, Tightens Ownership

Global resurgence of anti-Semitism alarms UN

Cigarettes Rob Smokers of 10 Years of Life

SA Democrats nuke $50k CMS, trial desktop Linux

Is your sexiest celeb the same as your prettiest?

True or False: If you got your Nina then we know you're straight trippin?

Is this healthy?

Advil Lavinge

"Curious George Rides A Bike"...but this monkey doesn't get scratched

Perhaps the most egregious example of Republican stupidity ever:

If you had to choose between painful death and...

Report: The 9/11 Commission Could have Been Prevented!


Things you like that aren't cool

She's A Sweetheart!!!!!!!!!!

white house or outhouse?

any cat people here? . . .

My heart's racing. My cat just scratched my daughter, and her eye

WJS:Thongs sell well.

Check this cool Bush* bashing picture!

Resistance is futile (No Repug husband is taking a Borg into a sex club)

Good Morning DU!

Just give me wild, passionate sex.......

I watched the most amazing documentary on HBO: Heir to the Execution

What are some arguments AGAINST free trade?

Caption: Walk? Who, miow?

What movie am i thinking of? (mind went blank)

Im Rick James...

Skip a kegger to help pay for the Anti-Michael Moore movie

Vietnam man hopes for hair record

Cow In Police Custody Linked To Headless Chicken Case

Did you miss me?

David Sedaris or Sarah Vowell?

Twang's the Thang!

High resolution pics of Bush at the presidential podium

Didn't Chandler look old?

Philadelphians: Friday 8:30pm - Fahrenheit 9/11

The secret life of GWB

I'm just a Goddess, ask me anything

Register to vote and get FREE BEER!!!! (And Please DU this Poll)

Three Inmates, Two With Artificial Limbs Escape From Nashville Jail

I don't know about you guys, but if I were married to Jeri Ryan...

Homeowners group goes to court over plastic birds on man's mailbox

I am the God of Non-confrontation. Don't ask me anything

what shouLd i get for Lunch

Handbag fingerprint scanner to deter thieves

Ben Affleck wins a Ca. state poker championship-going to World Series

Theives Steal Soap-Filled Truck: Make Clean Getaway

Superbowl Streaker Guilty Of Tresspassing

Anyone remember when Dick Lewis was watching?

Not Only a Joke - It's Wishful Thinking as Well

Warning: low-flying vulture

Burglar Gets Stuck In AC Vent

What is the funniest thing you have ever heard when you are about to

Couple of scares right now: please send your best thoughts, prayers, etc.

I'm afraid if I post this I'll be banned forever from DU

Tennis Fans--Marat Safin lost; On the women's side, Dementieva

Have you had cicadas where you are?

Ronald Belford Scott Appreciation Poll

Underage drinking and the Fifth Amendment

NYC Duers, don't wait to get your F911 tickets

Most average song of all time

Deep, thought provoking question for the day:

Woman Settles 'Toilet Phobia' Lawsuit - She Fell Off Of One

Is this picture Yahoo's longest running #1 ever?

When humans are long dead, What things will baffle aliens about us?

I am the King Of Paperboys! Ask me about paper delivery!

Pretend your a troll, what conservative board flamebait do you use?

Motorist Pulls Over Deputy in Tennessee

AND...the #1, #6, #7 Amazon best seller is...........................

I really, really want to see Spider-Man 2, but I feel guilty

'The Partner', by John Grisham

'Panther on the Loose' Is a Cat

What is a reasonable charge for closing a real estate deal?

What three things are you INDIFFERENT about with your religion?

i spent 3 and a half hours on my knees tonight...

What Team Would You Like To See Shaquille O'Neal Traded To?

Man trying to break longest hair record last washed his six years ago(pic)

Tithe now, and get this handsome BUSH IS LORD t-shirt

Anyone ever have Irish poteen?

The notables who post here...

Any DUers that live in the area around Savannah, GA? F-9/11 meetup?

Fact or Fiction?

What should the GOP change their name to?

Check out George and the Pope

Man Doesn't Cut His Hair For 31 Years (Pic Inside)

What Should My Girlfriends Username Be?

DU webmasters: what is your favorite FTP program?

I just bought my F9/11 tix!

arrrggghhh crazy kid

Max tested negative for Heart worms!!!

German telecom companies hide antennae by turning them into crucifixes.

What happened on the day you were born?

Happy Birthday to one of DU's Favorite Artists.

My hubby just fedexed me a surprise birthday present.

The Rabbit Died....!

Holy cow did Jon Stewart blow Stephen F. Hayes out of the water last night

How do you fold fitted sheets?

who in here today was lucky and didn't get summer school?

I'm listening to the one song that makes me happiest in the world

Things You Don't Want to Hear Before Surgery

Kids In The Hall fans: Your favorite skit?

Savage Love fans - how do you read it?

Top 20 Pop Albums of 2005

DU this poll: Do you plan to see "Fahrenheit 9/11"?

Sex Charge Spices Senate Race. (Trekkers must read)

Not such a beautiful day in our neighborhood

A news story about low-carb mania and Krispy Kreme got me thinking.

I have a cat problem. HELP

Things you must believe to be a Republican today

Hey, look, another * joke:

Battle of the Beatlesque Melancholists - Aimee Mann vs Elliot Smith

What kind of spam do you most dislike?

How do you envision pop music in 50 years?

where should i go in san francisco?

Man Robbed After Answering the Door Nude


What was your favorite course in school.

I only have 80 more posts to reach 5000....Ask me anything!!!! Please!!!!

Got my copy of "My Life" today

Anyone else love muppets?

Photoshop software question

Help us pick a couple of new items for our shows/online shop, please?

Oneighty, your book rocks! Sharing a couple of passages.

Where can I rent stand up comedy videos

The New Ministry is Everything I'd Hoped It Would Be!

Does anyone know where the former presidents went to school?

The Flag on the Home Page looks like my Flag!

What is your favorite SPAM

I'd send some example designs to a client last week... should I follow up?

Would you quit fighting crime if it meant shtupping Kirsten Dunst?

Most annoying sports personality ever

The Beatles have miraculously reunited--they will play one Beatle tune

Saddest Television Commercial Ever

What is the greatest line any character ever said on TV?

Hi...I'm having a nervous breakdown! Help!

I just had a root canal. Am I going to need the pain meds?

What summer movie are you looking forward to most?

The clock on my computer runs slow.

My Name is George W. Bu$h and I'm a CAPTION-a-holic

as the stomach growls of all CAPTIONs

Daily Show reminder: watch Jon rip neocon hack Stephen Hayes

Anyone know if I can buy Clinton on Oprah today on VHS/dvd?

simmer down now; and, CAPTION

Neil Gaiman's "American Gods"

Most telegenic President of the last 50 years?

MINARDI SCORED A POINT!!!! (U.S. Grand Prix race)

Motorcyclist Killed In Collision With Turkey Buzzard

Bowie hit in the eye by lollipop

OMG.. cuteness overdose...

Uh-Oh the Revenge of the Attack of the Greek Salad

Freeper asshole in Virginia writes pro-Rowland letter to Hartford Courant.

Rocket fuel found in milk in California

Which anti-* bumper sticker sounds better?

Nuggets of DUer rage make for some great song lyrics

ARG!!! Anonymous ftp permissions

John Edwards likely to be selected on Thursday night

Who has the most posts on DU?

I'm sleepy.

What happened on the day you died?


the 1983 US Festival

Step two has begun - I've got a therapist!

Report: Olsen Treated for Eating Disorder

Man divorces and sues wife because she used to be ugly...

Marine Uniforms Discarded On Maine Fence Pose Mystery

PING gay DUers

This is the song that goes through my head the most lately

England 4 Croatia 2

Where should I go in Athol, MA?

Another Favorite Bumper Sticker Thread...

Happy Birthday Bruce Campbell!

My god, I sit near "The Cackler"

Yet another dieting thread

who IS that guy in the IMG commercials -

WWJD? If he were alive today, would he...

I have a business question...

What are you having for lunch?

When it comes to Garlic....

Republicans want to know...

I am just godless, ask me anything

Guys, a question for you

This is the funniest thing The Onion has done in a while...

I'm a Troll...

Term life insurance: good or bad?

Which of these is a "Stepford" First Lady?

You've all got to think for yourselves!

Sundance Channel to Air Anti-Bush Documentary

Do we have a God of MST3K Trivia?

% - )

Where should I go in New Orleans?

Trendy new religion or scam hijacked from ancient sect?

for SLB: Fav Aimee Mann song

We all know what you say about your cats...

What should my (hypothetical) boyfriend's username be?

Bigger Longer & Uncut terra report of all CAPTIONs


I have a new personal theme song.

19 golfers hit by single lightning bolt!

DU chat thread

Let's all pretend we're trolls. Post your innocent GD flamebait questions

Suggest a rainy night movie rental (please)

Now, what IS your definition of sexy?

Anyone here drive a Toyota Matrix?

Timeless anti-war songs

Let's all pretend we're NSMA. Post your flamebait questions here!!!


Your Favorite Way To Refer To Bush

Lollapalooza tour cancelled due to poor ticket sales

I am the God of Hellfire! And I bring you...

Favourite student night club song?

What music are you listening to right now?

I Met President Clinton - Book Signing

I am the God of Trivia. Ask me anything, for I know all!

I voted yesterday!!! AND today!!!!

I am the god of ROCK trivia! Ask me anything, foolish mortals!

Have you ever been beheaded?

Hottest model ever? (Male or Female)

Anyone know anything about cellulitis?

DU Jews....

Who has fallen for the "low carb" ripoff fad?

Sexiest female celeb right now

PLAYGIRL Magazine to Hold National Election for Sexiest TV Newscaster

car maintenance question

Man, I've felt like crap all day!!!

Perhaps I've missed the latest update, but has anybody heard....

Pieces of stupid canned rhetoric that make your blood boil?

A question for "freethinkers"

News that may seem depressing but is really not: I'm getting a divorce.

Most despised tv commercial person

the undisclosed CAPTION

The numbers show Canada is a nation of big, fat liars

Why is Barney ALWAYS trying to get the heck away from GWB?

Where is the Israeli/Palestinian forum?

Hottest Actress right now

Kerry raises much more than Bush in May

will the real pessimist please go back to Crawford

Kerry Cancels Trip to New Mexico - Vets Benefits Vote in Senate Looming

What Reagan bounce?

Kerry Embracing Clinton's Economic Record

Lincoln, NE wants Cheney expenses paid back

Bumper sticker idea

Wesley Clark on C-Span now. !2:08 pm EST.

Very funny right wing poll results on Bush's plan to screen and drug us

a non-biased question and comment about Edwards

Kerry's latest ad

Bush leads North Carolina poll, but Kerry's numbers still good

Are AOL Members Conservative or Progressive?

List of twenty Bush flip flops

Who do you THINK is going to be the running mate?

Thanks dArKeR, your contribution of $100 has been approved - Step up to

Breaking: Rep. Ray LaHood (R-IL) calls for USS candidate Ryan to withdraw*

Terry McAuliffe favors Edwards for VP (drudge)

Lou Dobbs to cover voting rally, Dean on Randi Rhodes today.

It's the War, Stupid.

I just got a call from the local Dem party!

Ok, this is too funny. Dean and Herbal Essence ad. LOL

Why Is Nobody Mentioning Tom Harkin?

Who knew the repuke candidate for senate in IL used to be married to Jeri?

Three ways to pick a VP

Green Group endorses David Cobb for President!

Kerry Veep Select: Hunter S Thompson

A Blast from the Past...

Clark on with Wolf rignt now. CNN

ABC News: Kerry has secretive meeting with Edwards

Is it likely a new Terrorist attack will decisively effect the Election?