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Archives: June 23, 2004

The Maxwell Affair

Chechnya: We are not your enemy in the war on terror

OK, admittedly speculation, BUT

Jonathan Freedland (Guardian Utd): Two nations under God: Bush and Clinton

College kids "taking back the media"

Truthout: Freedom, Incorporated

Paul Krugman : Ashcroft's Hidden Terrorist

Another Gloomy Analysis of the Economy (Is Greenspan worse than Bush?)

Salon: Michael Moore terrorizes the Bushies!

A global order based on justice

Podesta on O'Reilly

Tonight's Thought

How does one invest in gold?

China wants HK to unite

Malaysia blasts EU for canceling ASEM over rights concern

Hackers deface DPP's Web site - TW

Why was my post in response to the linked one removed?

Flight AA 77 a UFO?

Democratic Pig Roast and Polkas in Westmoreland County PA

Whats the spin on Kerry's vote today?

Congressional cafeteria staffers pay for their forced holiday

Letterman coming on right now

"Nightline" on NOW

You Pick for the Most Effective Label for Conservatives.

Head lopping: Never happened before Bu$h

Got an email from Pickles...My reply is first then the actual email

Senate Repubs play political games with Veterans' medical care bill...

For Christ's sake, Bush's repetition is so f-ing ponderous...

The Role of the Democratic Party in the 2-party system--and our role.

Please take a moment and check this out:

Apparently I got called a terrorist

to combat nader

George Bush I's 1988 Political Ad

Here's a picture of the FReeptard and his family that got the DUer

Marine uniforms on fence pose mystery

Larry King Tribute to "Mattie Stepanek" on now on CNN....9PST/Midnite EST

Out the Freepers

How many more? Watch his parents/picture

Canadian election predictions?

My job is Propogandist.

Contractopoly - The Game Of Global Economic Manipulation

On W's Political Tombstone: "Now Watch this Drive"

what would you like kerry to do once he wins

How do you feel about Monica Lewinsky today?

Nice flash presentation from the UK.

You haven't seen a "shred"? Allow me: (FIXED)

Toxic Pollution Rose 5 Percent in 2002

At 55, I still don't have enough obsenities

The top two stories on the Washington Post website are

Clinton Interview w/ BBC

Kerry makes a splash.

"My Life"

Did anyone post an audio clip of Stern's show today?

Chicago DUers Jack Ryan is about to come on "Chicago Tonight" (Ch. 11)

Did you watch CNN Paula Zahn? Victoria Clarke saying that prisoners

I just wrote a song parody about Connecticut's soon-to-be ex-governor.

Bruce Springsteen to Upstage Bush in New York?

Clinton to raise funds for Columbine memorial.

Any see Olbermann? FBI witness comes forward to 911 commission

Biggest "DUH!" of the day? Poor get lousy representation in court. Drunk..

Podesta blew it on O'Reilly

MSNBC Countdown: Did Ashcroft lie to the 9/11 Commission?

Will the 9/11 Commissioners Cave ?

Anybody see the latest Newsweek (F9/11 article)?

What can we do to ensure a Kerry win?

West Coast, don't miss The Daily Show with Jon Stewart today

Newsweeks' Michael Isikoff screws up his own lie on F911

It's official: R rating sticks for F 9/11

Kerry Has Secretive Meeting With Edwards

Rock 92 might play my protest song tomorrow morning, ask me anything!

Is John Podesta really the vampire Lestat?

Kerry, Edwards held "secretive" meeting today per CNN.

Help Center for American Progress Claims vs. Facts Database

Waiting in the Rain for Clinton's Book

Round up... recent Family Values gopers whose masks have fallen off

Oh Gaawd.......check out these bu$hisms.....ROTFLMAO!

anyone see the Peter Jennings blooper?

Is it important that your government be honest and truthful ?

Do you know the story about REIES LOPEZ TIJERINA? LatinoUSA's (NPR) story:

Evidence Collection: Did bush "explicitly" link Iraq to 9/11 ??

Why is White House waiting so long to come out with torture documents??

Did Gore Vidal Dis F 9/11? A friend of mine says he did.

There are Freeper Sleepers here.


CSPAN2 replay Sen. Kennedy/Mitt Romney gay marriage Q&A now

President Bush: "I will never order torture."

Creative Writing: What If * Repented?

There's an old political saying

What do democrats stand for?

Anybody heard about another bad car bomb in Baghdad/News from Europe

Andrew Napolitano on Jeri Ryan: "It's her fault...

Latest Iraq-Al Qaeda "Evidence" Proves False

Who's reading the book?

more like daddy than we know

Assault Weapons Ban - Drop it already, will ya?

"My Life" - the AP does it again.

Family Fight: My Sister from Florida

Should we make a "too much power in one party's hands" argument?

Should we have pool: bet on how much W's poll #s drop after 1 wk of F911

Is Kerry really lying low?

Bush and Pickles enjoying a "Black Music Month" performance

Salon: "Michael Moore Terrorizes the Bushies!"

Oh how deliciously ripe the irony is...

HELP NEEDED - proof of disinformation from Rove, Rush, and O'Reilly...

Fandango: F-911 accounts for nearly HALF of ticket sales!

"The Passion", "Fahrenheit 9/11" and "R" Ratings...

Could Kerry prosecute members of this administration,

Fahrenhooch 90 Proof: The Logical Fallacies of Chrissy Hitchens

Got a call from the Washington Post

I just saw the BBC interview with Bill Clinton !

LOL IL GOP candidate for the House poses with a racist on her site!

I know the VP is not formally announced til the convention, but in the....

I love Bill Clinton

I can't wait to see F911 BUT since most of us on this site are

To be honest, I don't think Ryan's divorce case should be public

My God! I watched part of Hannity and Colmes for the FIRST time

Chris Hitchens' (now infamous) Moore Article Shredded!

The female sub for Keith Olbermann today...

Less is Moore

Ever notice all the Cards the Bush Team uses are Negative cards?

Oh Please, Oh Please, Oh Please, Get The Day Pass And Check This Out !!!

Aaron Brown to Wolfowitz.........."Fuck You"

My "why Kerry asked McCain to be VP" theory

Neutralize Nader. Contribute to Michael Badnarik's(LP) campaign.

Update Your Bookmarks! The Al Gore Support Center Has a New Forum!

13 Polls (TIA adjusted): Kerry leading by 5.7%

Students forming gang to disrupt F/911 viewing

Perspectives: The History of Beheading

Sam's is selling Clinton's book for $18. No lines.

Why do I have to go to a R/W GOP lovin Fundie church to cast my vote? Do

"Fahrenheit" gets widest release ever for a documentary: 868 theaters

Fundie Freepers plan on disrupting F 9/11....

Pedophile Politicians Scandal-(intvw streaming now)

Why HMO angst is a hard issue for Congress


Patient Rights Bill Said Going Nowhere

Mom held after baby left in motel drowns in bathtub

Texas Democrats blast Bush over patient rights

Kerry Has Secretive Meeting With Edwards

Budget Reform Vote in Doubt

We've lost a very special person today, mattie Stepanek.

Heinz Kerry Agrees She Married Well

US chastity crusade gets cool response in secular Britain

Toxic Pollution Rose 5 Percent in 2002

CNN: U.S. raises figures for 2003 terrorist attacks

Honduras May Use Territory As Escape Point (FL-based anti-Castro groups)

WP: Rev. Moon Honored at Hill Reception (Lawmakers Say They Were Misled )


S. Korea Leader Apologizes in Hostage Case

Boeing and India's premier space agency to make satellites

U.S. Official (Wolfie) Cites 'Progress' but Sees G.I.'s in Iraq for Years

Utah High Court OKs Non-Indian Peyote Use

Taiwan urged to buy US weapons

Rat-poison bags found close to reservoir's inlets - TW

National Institutes of Health Scientists Broke Rules, Panel Says

Energy concerns focus of ministerial meeting - Asia

U.S. Alters Its Plan for Exemption At Court

U.S. Marines Prepare to Leave Haiti

FBI wants to bring Saudi cops to U.S. soil

CIA Wants Cheney Out of Senate Intel Report

Newly released FBI documents confirm librarians' concerns about FBI snoopi

Gore to accuse Bush of intentional distortion on Iraq/Al-Q ties (Drudgie)

Abu Ghraib Tactics Inspire Torture in Neighbour Egypt/IPS--New WMW

DeMint wins GOP Senate runoff in South Carolina

NATO to feel heat on Afghanistan at Istanbul conference

U.N. compromise on immunity for U.S. troops offered (by US)


WP Bush Loses Advantage in War on Terrorism

Ethics Panel Takes Up Bell’s DeLay Complaint

Senate Votes to Repeal Media Rules (more bigger media)

Prisoner Abuse Bush Order

WP: Spirited Debate Preceded Policies (Pentagon Lawyers Urged Restraint )

Lobbyists pay for access: K Street Dems give voting info to GOP whips

Abandoned pets find haven

Nader Again Refuses Dems' Request He Quit

Clinton Book Lacks Salacious Details Readers Want

Lee Kuan Yew says son will do good job - Singapore

Namibian president expected to arrive in Cuba today

Kerry Drops Campaign Trip for Senate Vote That Wasn't

Prisoner Abuse Bush Order (actual full text)

U.S. tortured Afghan detainees

BBC (early Wednesday): Rumsfeld agreed (to) prisoner threats (Gitmo)

WP: Quality of New Jobs Caught in Election-Year Debate

Bush Claimed Right to Waive Anti-Torture Laws

Low-Carb Diets Unhealthy and a Ripoff, Experts Say

dupe - delete

What are YOU?

"First Dog vows Revenge"

The Tragedy of Right Wing Children

What's the most non-corporate and progressive group,etc?

some light on why lollapalooza tickets weren't selling...

I think that I am nostalgic for the 90's.

Anybody heard the Velvet Revolver album?

Battle of the bands: Taking back Sunday VS Thursday

Do you like the Cure?

Nomah hits a grand slam! Ortiz and Manny also homah!

Ever ran from someone that wanted to kick your ass?

Certain..... KITTENS! Were Weaned Too Early....

Farrell's 'Huge' Manhood Cut From Film

How much does it cost to rent furniture?

What are liberal sexual morays?

Certain... DUers were weaned too early

Who is the superior drummer?

Posted to GD: My just-written song parody about Connecticut's governor.

what music will you be playing when chimpy loses to kerry?

Question for plant people

OH YEAH! F9/11 commercial was just on.

Being a great writer is romantic - I suppose

Time to go to the Beer Garden

I got the BIG DOG'S book, 40% off at my local indie bookseller!!!

Don't blame me, blame the Pepsi commercial that planted the ear worm . . .

AFI: 100 Songs 100 years on CBS

75-year-old walks, hitchhikes across country


A little brag

Coca-Cola C2 - is it worth the price?

Has everyone been paying Microsoft for their double-clicks?

Good news, I am going away on Friday! I won't be here!

Daily Show Thread

I am the walrus. Ask me anything!

Finally! A recent photo of me.

Can you believe it? MORE freeper jokes!


Connecticut DUers: the Clay Bird opens in Hartford this weekend

Anyone watching the Stern E! Show?

I'm really, really tired

Anybody in NYC heard of "The Bravery"?

Do you know anywhere to upload mp3's ?

Got my Fahrenheit 9/11 ticket! Friday morning at 11!

Draft Bruce!

Is it just me?

Woohoo! Vernon Reid playing with Paul all night on Letterman!!!

I just recompiled my kernel...heh heh....heheheheheh

I now have an even dozen people on my Ignore list!

Finally got concrete proof of what a dick my co-workers S/O is..

What caused the hole in the ozone layer over Antarctica?

While on the subject of Regal cinemas... Regal sucks.

"I'm a man....but I can change....if I have to

What the hell is with all my typos tonight?

DSL problems.


I Am The God of Hellfire and I'll Bring You....

Ladies and gentlemen, your, uh...Charlotte Bobcats.

I'm so productive!

Helpful Household Hint

Can anyone recommend a good book for learning Dreamweaver?

eewwwwww... graphic...

Waking Life, the movie.

Welcome to Gripetown: home of the gripe about anything thread

I must get this off my chest

I hate Wal Mart commercials.

Battle of the bands: Me and my buddies garage band VS Creed

whats the song in the F911 trailer?

I just spin-cycled a spider to death

So what are your friend's nicknames?

I just realized who the Olsen Twins remind me of...

More encouraging news from DFW...

WWN fake news: "Oil found under White House, Cheney has drilling rights"


Who is stay up to check out the meteor shower possible in the wee hours?

Now that I can play a half-decent B-flat on the ukulele,

We've lost a very special person today, mattie Stepanek.

Who else had an exceptionally shitty day?

List of American Film Institute's 100 Greatest Movie Songs:

I must get this off my chest....


Who outscored * on the SAT or ACT tests? his scores inside

i'm torn about 'LAST COMIC STANDING"

theme from good the bad and the ugly - is a man song? True or false

Holy Jebus! I got a major sunburn *Warning, PHOTO INSIDE*

Battle of the bands: Franz Ferdinand VS Jet

Anyone here drive an 83 cortina? I bet Fenris does.

What are liberal sexual morals?

New Beer: Anheuser World Select.

Jagger & Richards have leased "You Can't Always Get What You Want"...

Why did you pick your Avatar? (The inside scoop!)

Potential Gathering Spot for Western PA Duers - Polkas, Pig Roast and Beer

Did you know that Fay Wray is still alive?

Where can I host a picture to post to the web?

You would NOT believe what I did to my cat Abbott

Bush with three fuzzy microphones and a head on the wall

OK guys, PLEASE recommend a good comedy out on video.

Some thoughts on A Love Supreme, John Coltrane and my Recovery.

I am a Coupon Goddess, ask me anything.

What song reminds you most of the 90s?

I am the God of Helsinki, and I bring you...

Hoobastank sucks!

I need DU'ers Help/Advice re: My Car Got Hit!!!

I am SO bored.

Things That Sting for $600 Alex

The next morning - what's the worst drink to be drinking the night before?

What's your favorite genre of 1970s music?

Do you ever get lonely on DU?

Active Major Leauguers, who if retired today,should make the Hall of Fame.

Who's in the "Red Beard club"?

Popular Band/Group/Singer that you can't stand?

Post a picture of YOUR twist-tie art!

US Senate Sim is looking for a few new senators!

Most Influential Women?

Kerry campaign responds to revised terror report

Are the independent ads backfiring?

Today is the big one year anniversary for Dean and his supporters

Roll call vote on the media gag

127, 470 signatures turned in today for Rush Holt. Picture.

McCain refers to Edwards as Vice President (jokingly)

Kerry fund-raiser in Birmingham (with Edwards) postponed

Dean will be Kerry's veep!!!

"Al-Sadr's Success a Product of Washington's Policies"

Bush and Osama- Made for each other? DAWN (Pakistan)

Ballard Street channels the Bush* Administration today

Rate this Yahoo op-ed ( Fahrenheit 9-11 review)

Gene Lyons slams another one out of the park

"President's China Cabinet" WTF????

Unbelievable! "Your License, Your Urine"

Raiding Iraq’s piggy bank

Alterman: Wanna buy a bridge?

Conason: 9/11 Panel Becomes Cheney’s Nightmare

Ambassador of Death, Right-Wing Death Squads, Drug Smuggling

Morford: Because Dubya Said So!

Global Eye: Blood of Victory

Am-Bushed - Turns out peaceniks were the real patriots all along

When coercive interrogation becomes torture

Yo, Canada,

Has O'Reilly

Rex Reed: Moore’s Magic: 9/11 Electrifies -- MUST READ!!!

Dick Cheney and the $5 Million Man

The situation in Sudan is horrific. Can't we do something?

Krugman: A terror plot in Texas, and Ashcroft is quiet

Bush's $1.7 Trillion in Tax Cuts Hurts Schools, Spurs Tax Hikes

Help block drilling in New Mexico's Otero Mesa!

Who watches O'Reilly?

hey bay area DUers

Where can I see the press briefings?

Did AP assign a child to report on "Fahrenheit 9/11?"

Push to Allow DVDs to Be 'Sanitized' Alarms Studios

Poll: which TV anchorman do you want to see in Playgirl?

American remembered in Berlin for helping people escape the Nazis

Air America Radio advertisement: Verbal (dis)Advantage

What happened to the cookbook/recipe thread?

The Fed's Hyperliquidity Endgame

SEC Wants Increased Oil Reserve Disclosure - On Voluntary Basis - FT

Mike Leavitt's Election Protection Agency

Toxic Release Totals Up 5% In 2002 - Biggest Increase On Record

Lomborg Quits Danish Government Post - Guardian

High Tide

Activists climb Masontown(PA) smokestack to protest Bush policy

UK - Insurance Industry Threatens To End Flood Coverage In Some Regions

France Unveils Tax On Guzzlers, Bonuses For Efficient Cars - Guardian

Stop the Plunder of the Tongass National Forest.

Bush Administration Blocks Information on Oil, Gas Drilling on Public Land

Gene Mutation Found In Muscle Man Toddler

The FreedomCAR Farce

Beheading fakery.

The end of violence? (Sudan)

Earthlife strike back at nuclear plan - SA

Two million Zimbabweans to go hungry, says UN

'Rail network essential for Africa'

I thought that this was interesting

Agree or Disagree: Time to Get a Gun

The Corrupt Australian Sword Industry: DEFEATED!

GUNS IN THE NEWS - June 23, 2004

Take the challenge!

Please edit a post for me to protect my privacy

I just went into your site on the home page F-911 showings in the

We need a "DU Glossary"

Skinner: a heads up

I'm Baffled

About profiles

What is the highest number of posts a thread on DU ever received?

Isn't there a place on the site...

Palestinian factions criticize Egypts role

Security forces thwart major terror attack in Jerusalem

IDF envisions 'remote control' border with Gaza

Egypt issues PA with two month ultimatum to reform

Israel Won't Promise Egypt Strike Halt

100 troubled Chicago schools to be reconstituted with new staffs


Pan Handle for Kerry website

LA F911 - Pack the first midnight showing at Universal Citywalk

Study: Wine State's top agricultural industry

Bill aims to deny appointee Kerry post

F911 Benefit 6/24 in Cambridge

F911 Saturday 2:30 Oakdale

My 1000th post and I want to share it with my fellow MN DUers

I haven't seen the F911 trailer on TV.

Rep. Pryce is cleared over PACs

Any One Else Here Going to Dublin OH to See F911 at AMC 18??

GOP group backs new state tax on business receipts

Wawa vs. 7-11: Time to settle this once and for all....

Need to contact Regina Montoya-Coggins

Houston F9/11 House Parties (5)

Fundraiser for Richard Morrison in Pearland, TX

Central Texas list (mainly Austin) Farenheit 9/11 parties on 6/28

Austin For Kerry Meetup Thursday June 24

Texas DUers and the Flag

Wimberley Event with Jim Wright-- 3 p.m. Sunday 6/27

Job Opportunity: Organizer for Peace, Justice, Nonviolence

Don't forget Seattle's Pride Parade this weekend

Kitsap/Olympic Pen.--F911 will show on Bainbridge Is. (Lynwood Theater)

Leahy chews Ashcroft and spits him out

Torture and Moral Relativism

President Bush on Feb. 7, 2002, outlining treatment of al-Qaida and Taliba

Have any of the beheadings other than Berg actually been videotaped?


CNN Poll- Will violence decrease in Iraq

Why are only the democrats mentioned in the WP's story on Rev Moon!?!

Abu Ghraib images bring lessons closer to home

I hereby call on all freepers, wingnuts, and bible-thumpers.....

FOR Kerry not just against Bush...a Deaner's perspective

great, great, great idea to stop disruption of F911 this weekend!!

It is getting harder for me to hold my feelings of anger in.

54 Reasons not to re-elect Bush. Reason #1

Inserting rationality in the hysteria of terrorism...

12 === You didn't think we would forget did you?

What Price Freedom? (Ashcroft...again)

cogressman listen to rev. moon tell them how he saved hitler and stalin

campaign ads

9/11 communication failures still baffle FAA, Defense officials

I cannot draw, so could one of you creative people

NYT "F911" review: MM "credit to republic"; Bush, Mrs. Lipscomb

NYT Editorial today on need for a patient's rights bill....

Has The F 9/11 Site Been Hacked???

NYT Seelye headline: Clinton Draws Adoring Throngs!

"Missionary Lizards": Christians hunt dinos to prove THEIR side

Can't sleep...That pleading from the Sout Korean is haunting...

Are Liberals That Capable of Defeating the Fascists?

Conservative hypocrisy regarding Saddam (and Castro and others...)

Fascination with Clinton and Monica returns...

S. Koreans shocked, angry over beheading

Athens treasures to miss Olympic deadline

Is it just me or does that picture of O'Reilly in the nazi uniform...

Kerry supported the war.

Post State Dept. Reporter Questioned in Leak Probe (Plame)

IBM 'helped in Nazi mass-murder'

Is our pResident a disgrace or what

MUST READ:LAT's Kenneth Turan's "F911" review ("J'accuse!")

Playgirl: Vote for Anchorman you want to see nude

I have Clinton nostalgia and bush fatigue and I don't know

A real spinmeister on CSPAN's WJ now

Propaganda is free...News, you must pay for..

7 more days until we give Iraq back to errr Iraq!

If I were a Republican, I'd say what I wanted people to believe - even if

Has one air strike that was instigated by er solid credible intelligence

Why are the "conservos" so 'generous' to the poor "Eye-rackees"?

OK... This week Fahrenheit 9/11, next week the Plame Indictments?

If the records of Bush's cocaine use ever come out

Internet Under Surveillance 2004 . . .

New, corrected, Terrorism Report is still... INCORRECT!

schrub* reminds me of one of my earlier girlfrinds,

I hate to bring this up, but.............

I'm impressed with myself!

Big Dog on NPR Morning Edition!

I'm free, so I will quote

Wolfowitz: There wasn't much we could do about it (9-11)

Brazil passes universal basic income

Tom Toles Cartoon: A Connection

CAN YOU HAVE IT BOTH WAYS??? under attack?

Wonder what the lying bast*rd will do to us today

Doonesbury | B.D. is a PO'd GI

"I'm optimistic about America because I believe in the people of America."

Militant Vows to Assassinate Iraq Premier

Is there anyone reading Bill Clinton's' book "My Life"?

I need the link to stream AA

Wolfowitz says American troops could remain in Iraq for years

U.S. Will Hold Saddam Even After Transfer

Walmart women:Always low wages?

Va. Governor Can Offer Lessons for

10:02: Listen to AAR (Unfiltered): Talking about Wolfowitz... it is

Best way to pass a piss test

Help! I need ammo to combat Hitchen's scathing review of F911....

"My Life" may give Hillary boost

Bush on CNN...

Anyone go to Blogdex? Why are so many of the articles and blog

Joe Wilson (rep, R- South Carolina) - NOT TORTURE? we have

Environmentalists Lose Missouri River Case

Anti Recruitment Poster

Rummy "out of loop" on 9/11, but had put himself in it?

Afghan Detainees Routinely Tortured and Humiliated by US Troops

I'm looking for the George HW Bush coincidence list

Growing Calls to Get All U.S. Troops Out of Iraq

Why do we let Mayor Daley (Chicago) call himself a Democrat?

BYRD ALERT!! Now 11:20am EST

Hill's introduction of Bill at his book party. Kinda funny. *g*

Everyone here/Give YOURSELVES a standing ovation!

S. Korea President Speaks About Beheading

Any proof out there as far as Reagan admin funding Hussein?

Coulter Trashes Nancy Reagan

Bush's Breathtaking Allergy to Truth - another fine example

When would Bush launch a nuclear first strike?

Mattie Stepanek dies at 13 (Child poet succumbs to muscular dystrophy)

LOL, fundie brother in law just called, he's gonna see F-911!!

The most pressing issues facing our nation...

Proposal Would Give N. Korea Energy Aid

The Difference to Me about Kerry and Bush in Iraq

And now for my 4000th post I give you...

Anyone seen the new Kerry Ad on Health Care?

Liberty Bound

Heard on the Horizon: Calls to Get All U.S. Troops Out of Iraq

LOL Drudge is desperate. . .he has listed every market where

Can someone tell me how to do a screen capture in IE 6?

Bush said he can "suspend gevena" convention re: torture

help! Does anyone have the link.....

Dumb Question: Is Slate a Trustworthy Source, Liberal? nt

Sixteen things I would be willing to vote for instead of George W. Bush:

It looks like Josh Marshall will be back tomorrow

Callifornia DU'ers

Clinton's Revenge: Living Well

Flashback: The Office of Strategic Information.

AP Sues for Access to Bush Guard Records

Wow, my hubby just called & I got my first hate message

Quick, someone tell Drudge Clinton's book broke a 1st day record!!

Well, the media is screwing us again....

Heads Up. MSNBC: How Abu Gharab Prison Scandal endangers Bush's reelection

US war crimes immunity bid fails


Bigger than Harry Potter

Remember THESE Bush Gems?

David Brock on now AAR

Put in your one cent to take back the house!

give Judge Calabresi a gold star

did Dan Rather lie about Saddam "kicking the weapons inspectors out?"

I stand for 8-10 hours a day. Why is standing limited to four hours? D.R.

Which VP candidate choice is Nader most interested in discussing?

Would This Be A Fair, Or Unfair Statement About Bill Clinton

Hey Freepers! Heres MY President!

Listening to Max Cleland on AAR...

The United Police States of America

did Dan Rather lie about the weapons inspectors?

Tell Cheney: Prove It or Resign

Nader's AZ state director hanging with Repugs

nader revealed

Appeal for assistance re: veterans

Should Congress fine parents who use profanity in front of their children?

What will be the October Surprise?

Chi Trib: Bush official's food bank comment prompts resignation call

Here's Drudge's goddamn fucking mystery bracelet

need neotech/zonpower info

Joe Biden to Bush - Cheney and Rummy bright but dead wrong.

I have earned 100 Kerry Points from my personal Kerry Page!!!

Saudis offer terrorists month to surrender

we finally left Vietnam after 14 years (PHOTOS of exit strategy)

Any links to employment in Iraq?

I am really worried...(Moore's Film)

Question needs an Answer, RE Korean Kid Beheaded

Does anyone know the name of that guy Randi Rodes was talking about....

How much money would you want to retire on?

Wow - just was on Yahoo...

CNN Money: Stock market points to Bush loss in November

Senate Procedure Question: WRT the Delayed Vote

Has anyone here have the BBC interview of Clinton that he lost his cool?

Parallel Universe

F 9/11: Are the trailers being shown in theaters now? In front of what


A Corporation That Breaks the Greed Mold

Rising insurance costs

Re Jack Ryan: American public is soooo immature about sex

"Open-mindedness" is a myth, and rightly so

Bush on September 11th

Bush Admin makes Goldwater look sane.

electoral maps

Dean for VP

The Cross in Space guy also claims to have led The Chimp to Jesus!!!

Will bush* ever learn how to correctly say Abu Ghraib?

The Trouble With E-Ballots - ("Wally" O'Dell + Diebold)

Nader or Cobb ?

Kerry frustrated by GOP-postponed vote. WTF?

Pelosi: Congress Must Investigate Prisoner Abuse Allegations

RNC Convention: NYC Times Square Security Drill (Photos)

I just heard this on CNN: Health care costs stabilized under Bush

Election between church and state

Jack Ryan to stay in IL Senate race & launches new ad blitz-

Has this been debunked anywhere?

Clinton book breaks first-day sale record

Question for Greens who support Nader...

Randi talking about the hatred in Saudi Arabia

Ten Cities to Host Benefit Showings of Farenheit 9/11

Sun Moon "Coronation" in Congress??

Why are African-American Dems letting themselves get slimed by Moon?

Ashcroft Sued For Classifying Docs

I saw this at David Brock's Media Matters site about something O' Reilly..

Nader Again Refuses Dems' Request He Quit :^(

Ashcroft's Reclassification of Information Is Illegal

Urgent request

Green Party folk: This is probably worth reading

Drudge is falling over himself

Was Clinton's greatest accomplishment defeating the VRWC

I hate when I buy something with a rebate and don't get rebate...

Arizona Naderite BUSTED conferring with Republicans

Vote for Teresa Heinz Kerry's Cookies!

Can anybody help with info on *'s war on the vets?

So FOX is running with the Moon Coronation story and guess what?

Didja hear the one about the Freeper who voted for Nader?

Fury in Fallujah after US air strikes...

Here's the next guy right wingers are gonna beat up on

Blitzer: Talking to Intelligence Guy Who Blames the Chimpster

F911 review: The war is not meant to be won—it is meant to be continuous.

Randi Rhodes is being an ass today

Hannity: "People Think I'm Evil."

Does anyone know anything about the CBC meeting with Nader?

A few quotes from Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis to

Anybody know anything about the Council of Canadians?

Kos: AZ Nader coordinator hangs with Republicans

Apparently William F. Buckley Jr. reads

WOW! Ron Reagan in NYT this weekend!

Don't Let This Blockbuster Story Die! (+ View Video)

John Kerry leads Bush in Arkansas Poll 47 percent to 45 (Clinton bump ?)

Are Freeps against police enforcing DUI laws? (interesting FReep thread)

CBS News Talking to "Anonymous" CIA Official

Well, Faux just mentioned the Coronation of Moon...

Is the Marquis de Rumsfeld about to be tipped over?

The only Nader thread DU should allow in LBN is his decision not to run

Caption the man making an obvious political ploy

Experience with KnowledgePoints?

Randi taking on lefty

F911 widens debut to "unprecedented" 896 theaters

The only threads DU should allow in LBN is stuff I agree with

I was listening to Market Place on NPR

Hi du'ers. I'm only 8 years old

Clinton's book and Nader

Asinine letter in my local paper today

What are our chances of taking back the senate now? Your assesment.

Presidential Team or not?

"Freedom of Press" ranking: U.S. drops to #31. Afghanistan drops 30 pts.

Republican VALUES

Nader Urges Kerry to Pick John Edwards as Vice President

Anyone see an article about a 24 yr old in charge of the Iraq Stock Market

Were any of the tortured Iraqi prisoners convicted of anything?

Wolfowitz on Hardball right now. n/t

Bush Resume E-mail - If you haven't done so already, pass it along

Reagan & Bush = Hoover

Let's DEMAND that ABC talk about the Moon-Bush connection.

Bush Wages War on Sanity, Reason, Logic, and Common Sense

Clear channel's latest hate talk radio station - Atlanta's WMAX...

Am I correct....F-9/11 on DVD by September?

Rightwing charges CBS/Amazon plot to sell anti-Bush books

ABC Talking About Moon & Congress Right Now

Power of Mischief - Food for Thought

Top 10 better uses of seven minutes in the classroom on 9/11

Good idea a little late

A month later: What's the consensus on Cosby's comments?

How stupid does BushCo think we ARE, anyway???

Did Ashcroft Brush Off Terror Warings

I hate when the media calls Shrub a compassionate conservative

Sarasota principal defends Bush from "Fahrenheit 9/11" portrayal

Will the FCC's plans to raise penalty rates for profanity change anything?

Is the U.S. winning the war on terror? CNN Poll

Who else are they telling about my drugs?

Rather than leave the country, why not just forfeit citizenship ?

A very thought-provoking quote from Clinton's book

Would a Clinton resignation have kept Bush out?

Freepers seem disinclined to "Freep" F-9/11

Nader *endorses* Kerry/Edwards?!

I was against the Iraq War, but...

Al Gore To Accuse The Bush Admin Of Distortion Tommorow

Al-Zarqawi reportedly threatens to kill Iraqi Prime Minister Allawi

Worst Right-wing talk radio host

MOVELEFT.COM blog topics

What happens in Iraq one week from today ?

Torture: Bush Reaps What Kennedy Sowed

Republican Senate defies Bush, votes to add 20,000 troops to Army

The worst bumper-sticker EVER!

A Liberal Texan's review of F9/11...

Tell me about the beheading scene in F 9/11 if you've been.

Is Hate Taught In the US School System?

Embedding Their Hopes In RFID

30 pages or so into Clinton's book (possible spoilers)

Carlos Santana cries media racism - re: neglect of Elvin Jones's death

Shrub Tops NIXON: I Am Not a Crook/Torturer

Countdown Close for Kerry Campaign's Contributions...

What the F*** has Nader done in the past 3 years...

Hitchens vs Harry Thomason on Hardball NOW

Bush Hides Documents About Environment, 6000 + public documents removed

I was just was on C-Span and made some folks mad !

House Approves Defense Spending Bill

Bush ordered torture, using their code-phrase "military necessity"

Kerry only needs 24 states... Can he win these?? I think so

when people claim islam is a violent religion?

Ambassador of Death, RW Death Squads, Drugs: Bush's Plan for Iraq?

The Politics of Fear

Uh...does everyone know about the Cross in Space?

I think it's time to abandon the "blood for oil" argument.

What will happen the next time an American is kidnapped

My Rant About The Media (Never Forget)

Experimental P2P Streaming of Thom Hartmann Show - keep kicked please!


Catholic DUers: help me take back my church...

You may not like the smell of your wife's stool, but do you smell your own

Nightline: Kerry is the "Manchurian Candidate"

Was Nader holding his ass when he left meeting with CBC ?

Who 'kicked out' the weapons inspectors in Iraq? The facts.

Democrats File Anti-Nader Suit In Arizona

Republican Dirty Tricks in the Senate

OK. Which one of you guys did this? Who is the pooper?

Re Jack Ryan: American public is soooo immature about sex

Official's Comment on People Using Food Banks Prompt Call for Resignation

what LINKS would YOU recommend?

Press Complaints Commission for US?

Contact your Senators against military spying in the US.

A CHALLENGE to all freepers, wingnuts, and bible-thumpers.....

Let's face it people. Naderites want Bush to win...

What are the chances that Democrats will take back the house this year?

Ambassador of Death & Drug Smuggling: George Bush's Plan for Iraq

Just back from F-911 - first showing

What's the deal with this Wolfowitz fellow ?

Bush leads in this poll, lets change it, please vote!!!

Bush calls HIV/AIDS an "addiction"

Democrats for Bush?

Dry-Drunk President Losing His Grip

I am new here. What the hell is a Freeper?

Bill Clinton on Charlie Rose's PBS show tonight (Wed)

Have Republican business owners hired people recently just so the......

Does the difference between Banana Republicans and Log Cabin Republicans..

What do you think of this "brand" of gun control?

Roadside blast kills 3 near Baghdad hospital

Annan seeks to evade Sudan blame

Hollinger sells Telegraph Group for 1.3 billion dollars

Iran official: Sailors to be freed

WP, pg1: On a Hot, Dusty Road, a Young Soldier's Last Battle

US not against outsourcing, wants opening of markets

Bombing Falluja - Who ya' gonna' believe?

Official Says U.S.-Trained Afghans Beheaded Four Taliban, Then Retracts It

NYT: U.S. to Offer North Korea Incentives in Nuclear Talks

Outgoing Bremer spends quality time with Kurdish fans in northern Iraq

Gypsies can sue IBM over Holocaust

NYT, Seelye: Clinton's Book Signings Draw Adoring Throngs

US launches airstrikes after beheading

Clinton had friends, enemies in Carolinas

Judge Approves Record Class-Action Case Against Wal-Mart

Search began with a stubborn detainee (Rumsfeld torture techniques appr'd)

U.S. Withdraws UN Measure on Immunity for U.S. Soldiers

Armed forces hit by HIV - Africa

South Africa a human trafficking hub

Saudis Try To Flush Out Al-Qaida With Claim Of Amnesty

Witnesses can be forced to testify - Canada

New York Subway Passenger Is Shot and Killed in Third Shooting in a Month

Bush to give $20M more to AIDS program

Al-Zarqawi reportedly vows to kill Iraq's Allawi

Toxic chemical pollution up in 2002, EPA says

Design sought for 'Groping Arnold' doll

Police still can't force Mainers to spill names

Ariz. Dems to challenge Nader's ballot signatures

Iran Says It Frees British Sailors

Jury Suggests Chicago Tycoon Forfeit $30M

General promised quick results if Gitmo plan used at Abu Ghraib

Charges Dropped Against Students Accused of Taping Teacher (to chair)

Facing Defeat US Withdraws War Crimes Immunity Resolution

Juror Dismissed In Scott Peterson Case

Al-Zarqawi Vows to Assassinate Iraqi Leader (edited for length)

U.S. Amends Plan to Ensure War Crimes Immunity

French Filmmaker Takes Own Stab at Bush

NYT: "Fahrenheit" Ads Use the Fuss the Film Is Causing

Antitrust Group Blasts $2.6 Billion Merger of RJR, B&W

Statement on Taliban Beheadings Retracted

Vatican condemns Chinese arrests

American Italian Pasta will cut about 100 jobs, close plant

Norwegian Oil Workers Strike Escalates Amid Fear of Short World Supplies

"U.S. Drops U.N. Bid for War Crime Shield" (no immunity from global court

Saudis Offer Militants One-Month Amnesty

Va. Governor a Fiscal Model for Kerry

Kerry Calls Bush 'The Greatest Divider'

Ernst & Young Says U.S. Drug Price Controls Likely

Biden Urges Bush to Seek NATO Help on Iraq

Michael Isikoff, Newsweek Deceive the Public About Fahrenheit 9/11

Two arrested in AOL spam scheme, prosecutors say

Cream Made from Breast Milk Reduces Warts - Study

Movie Ticket Prices Hit All-Time High

Harsh Terror Tactics Eased After Concerns (By Bush Admin)

Most states outpace Texas education funding

N.Y. law would limit owning wild animals

WP:Post State Dept. Reporter Questioned in (Plame) Leak Probe

Kerry Slightly Leads Bush in N.J. Poll

Warm critical reception for 'Fahrenheit 9/11'

Trade Official: China Car Imports by 2010


NYT: Book by CIA Officer Says U.S. Losing Fight against Terror

Humanitarian groups are espionage targets

U.S. Kills 20 Foreign Fighters in Iraq, Official Says

US toes fine line in Iraq between quagmire and quick pullout

Ladysmith Black Mambazo Member Killed

Hybrid Owners Get Service at Dealerships, and Likely Nowhere Else

Feds designate water vital to bull trout

Bush to Draw Protests in Ireland Over Iraq

Stolen Passports Still Used to Enter U.S.

New Charges Added in Enron-Merrill Case

Senators Battle Over Iraq Abuse Memos (GOP trying to stop memo release)

(Mass) Senate approves bill creating special election to fill Kerry's seat

Outsourcing Firms Focus of Unions

US Again Urges Americans to Stay Out of Saudi Arabia

Differences emerge as (Colorado) GOP Senate candidates debate

US losing war of wills for democratic Iraq

Senate Votes to Force Bush to Report to Congress on Iraq Progress

Catholic Lawmaker Debate Ensnares Colleges

Government may have broken law re: asking airlines for data

Kerry's Long Flight to Say 'Aye' Runs Into a Storm of G.O.P. Delays

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 23 June

O'Keefe hangs tough on Hubble

More False Information From TSA

Wolfowitz says Chalabi behavior "puzzling"

US To Erase Iraq's Historical Legacy

House considers subsidized benefits for members, staff

Clinton memoir sets record for first day sales

Ontario Considers Building a Nuclear Plant

Stocks point to Bush loss?

Co-Editor of Newsweekly in Tijuana Slain

Sea and air ports will stay under foreign control

BBC issues new reporting code

Pentagon Official hints at base closings

LAT: Push to Allow DVD's to Be "Sanitized" Alarms Studios

New Hampshire Hailed in Obesity Fight

Felons Paid in Voter Registration Drive

Ashcroft sued over FBI whistleblower case (Sibel Edmonds)

Justice Dept. Disavows Memo on Torture

White House Wants Saddam Tried as Soon as Possible

California says 200 teachers helped kids cheat on state exams

Halliburton tries to limit fall-out from investigations

Bush, Torture and American Values in Iraq

U.S. Trained Afghan Troops Behead Four Suspected Taliban, Official Says

Beheading of Taliban would be war crime - HRW

Justice Dept. Rewrites Prison Advice

Afghan detainees routinely tortured and humiliated by US troops

ABA: End Mandatory Minimum Prison Terms

NYT pg1: White House Says Prisoner Policy Set Humane Tone

Arar Inquiry Continues

Sugar Substitute Splenda Dominates Market, Now Targets the Home Baker

GOP senator wants Saddam trial this summer, White House non-committal

Standing ovation for Bell

Candidate's sex life roils Senate race

Clintons book full of kudos for Bowles

Gore To Accuse Bush Admin. Of Intentional Distortion On Iraq/Al Qaeda...

Politicians no longer avoid separation of church, vote

Heard on the horizon: calls to get all U.S. troops out of Iraq

Korean MPs want Iraq plan scrapped

"Moore’s Magic: 9/11 Electrifies" (Rex Reed in NY Observer)

Nader Urges Kerry To Pick Edwards

Male Marital Outlook Linked to Upbringing

St Paul urges more copulation for couples in sexed-up Bible

Korean hostage kidnapped in late May, video shows hostage criticizing U.S.

Nelson wants Venezuela's voting system reviewed

Saudis offer terrorists amnesty

Caffeine-free coffee tree is discovered

Microsoft patents body power

(CA) Senate committee rejects beach smoking bans

WP p.A01: Rev. Moon Honored at Hill Reception (the whole story!)

Slow Tech Spending Forces Cancellation of Comdex

Fahrenheit 9/11’ ban? Ads for Moore’s movie could be stopped ...

Democrats Screen 'Fahrenheit 9/11' in D.C.

Rising U.S. Homeownership Brings Woes - Study

For those who wish they were someplace else (You know where)

DUers, what is your record for the most time you've been on DU, nonstop?

Cool towns?

Poll on support for Gay Marriage

wanna build your own classic pleasure boat? . . .


AH I'm Paranoid now!


help please - cannot get avatar to "take"

Canada RULES at hockey!

connected to wireless, cant connect to p2p network, now life is teh sux0rz

Cheney dropping out? Arlan Spector to fill the spot?

I have an interview in the morning!

Something just occurred to me listening to GEORGE MICHAEL.

I Just voted for JIM THOME 25 Times on the All-Star Online Ballot!

What is eZula?

The perfect gift for the fundy who has everything

If you could go back to the high point of your life...

12 === You didn't think we would forget did you?

Just when I thought it was safe to come out - the RR commemorative coin

cheap, simple webhosting?

Question for the women about my most hated commercial ever

Who's high school picture is this?

Athens treasures to miss Olympic deadline

Who's running this Mickey Mouse organization anyway?

Rats!..I can't find the link that shows which theaters are showing

USAToday: 3.5/4 Stars for Fahrenheit 9/11 (post other reviews you find)

Playgirl: Vote for Anchorman you want to see nude

Good Morning DU!

What should have Mary-Kate eaten?

Man Couldn't Afford Funeral So He Stored Father's Body In U-Haul

Could W get a nomination for BEST ACTOR in a Leading Role?

I found a portal to Screaming Lord Byron under my desk. Shall I enter?

Just diagnosed with pneumonia!!

What is with all the PINK TIES?????

For those who use VistaPrint

Creepy Site-o'-the-day

Child killer to be New Zealand's only boxer in Olympics

nice MDA tribute to Mattie Stepanek . . .

It's my six month aniversary with my special guy!!!

Senior Prank Involving Dead Cats & Deer Leads To 7 Teens Arrested

14 Year Old Charged With Second Slaying In Ohio

Dylan & Willie Nelson to tour minor league ballparks this summer

Mmmmmmmm TACO PIE!!!!!!

F9-11 song "I'd Love to Change the World"

Satanic cult link to cemetery staff 'suicides'

Anybody going to "F 9/11" in Oaks, PA at 11 AM on Friday?

I'm gonna stump all of you: Take the Caribean Geography Quiz

Sir Paul's bad vibrations rock the Hermitage

Is Adrian Zmed the worst actor ever?

Update on my scary week

Miniature madams grace Smithsonian gallery

Bush a dry drunk?Hmmmmm

Pontiac Vibe vs. Toyota Matrix

We lost a good Democrat last night: Curt 'Judge' Icenogle dead at 109.

Take Me To a Sex Club

MidSummerNightsDream tonight......

Little Georgie's Report Card

new Oxyrush advertiser GNC (also a Savage Weiner advertiser)


From Last night, AFI top 100 Film Songs List

No spam for 10 days and counting.

How many times do you think you'll see Farhenheit 9/11

Priests Pray To Placate "Sweating Deity"

I need advice on Cat Food.

Change to dollars

Post something political here...

Any fans of the group "Faun Fables"?

Problem with F-9/11 site or is it just me?

Because friends don't waste wine when there's words to sell.

Wanna see a 320 lb woman?

What a boneheaded caption I made!!!! (Caption Michael Eisner of Disney)

Great anti-Bush bumper sticker

Give me the Cadillac of captions, please

Need help. Anyone familiar with

What should I do while waiting for the cable guy?

Gorilla Runs Amok In Berlin Zoo

Space 1999 on DVD...finally arrived at my door...!

I'm bummed! Anyone tape Oprah's show with Bill Clinton?

walk the CAPTION talk

Motorcyclist Sets 'Iron-Butt' Record

9,999 Posts

Who is going to be in Milwaukee for the Green Party convention?

What speeds the healing of acid-burned throat tissue?

The baby food that should be banned!

More DU BBQ pics

Remember this Reagan Bumper Sticker

Scum Of The Earth, ask me anything!

Should the gov't give Saddam's $750K to his family...or GROVELBOT?

the new iraqi fLag

Caption: the face of torture

What is your highest level of education?

I've found the WMD!

Scott Ritter coming to Napa Valley!

Can someone tell me how to do a screen capture in IE 6?

You guys better be careful...

This was my morning belly laugh of the day.

Man Sorry For Dowsing Jesus Statue With Gas and Setting It On Fire

We're too broke to buy Bill's book, but

Is anyone planning to see Hairspray with Michael McKean as Edna Turnblad?

Feel like being a lab rat?

Should I let my mother in law forget my wife's birthday?

Question for the recent Freepers registered at DU:

Rome, Athens, or (fill in the blank):

George W. Stern

Just saw the Best. Jesus.Bumper.Sticker.Ever

well ! i just made my day

Any non-political predictions on F 9/11's opening weekend take?

GM Z-71 owners, got a question

Help! Does anyone have the link....

Situational homosexuality?

I'm Going to Venezuela!

What music most reminds you of college?

Anyone use synthetic motor oil?

How much does if it bleeds-it-leads news bother you?

LOL - FARK farks the Big Dog

Teens Banned From Movie Theater For Having Sex During "Dodgeball"

Does Ashley Judd seem like an uppity pain-in-the-ass to anyone else?

I just found out our work cafeteria failed inspection

Best way to pass a piss test

Hey - please don't let my quiting drinking threads turn you off

Dumper or Dumper

What's your sense of humor most like?

When does "My Life" come out in paperback?

My recent music listening has become all '70's, all the time.

Which Anchorman Would You Like Most Like to See in Playgirl?

communist i live with calls into work sick....

Top Spanish Matador Gets Gored, Thrown And Trampled During Bullfight

Favorite convenience store?

Just bought my F 9/11 tickets for 11:05 AM Friday in conservative AR!!!

What does "trollied" mean?

Ok- I can't go into the state forum, the admin forum, or the bugs forum

I'm walking clear across the country!

When God lays his hand gently upon the Earth

In this day and age, I think anyone who burns popcorn at work....

Mechanics: Help! I'm not stupid. Just ignorant. (car maintenance # 2)

jpgray's Magic Weight-Loss Wonder Diet

No more Gmail invites left....

CAPTION Miss ______________ 2004

Ok, DU is really messed up now

Any Cleveland-area Fahrenheit 9/11 movie-goers on Friday?

Alternate Timeline scenario. Patriot Act struck down in 2002.

Favorite anti-bush t-shirt?

Hitler is to painting as...

I prevented a savage murder this morning!

Is LynneSin nutso?

"As God as My Witness.......


Which are you more often: The Dumper or the Dumpee?

Post #400

Fox: "Bush blows a kiss to a small crowd in Seattle"

WHY do you build me up (Build me up) buttercup, baby

I prevented Michael Savage's murder this morning!

Is Adam Duritz any less annoying as a giant bunny ?

Top 100 songs from US movies....

We Surveyed 100 Americans....but we forgot what the question was

CONFESS!! If we could see your office/cubicle-could we tell you're liberal

I Hab Peanud Budda Stuck To Da Roop Ob My Moutd

Oil Addiction sculpture


You know that *crunch* sound you hear in your ear when a Frito...

Situational Homosexuality/Heterosexuality

Any DU Cad Drafters/Engineers/Architects out there? Autocad

Are there still corner stores?

Funny (and a little scary) e-mail:

Weight Loss Perks Up Sex Life - No More Erectile Problems

In New Test For Fecal Defects, Aromatic Choices

Just saw a local fox review on Fahrenheit 9-11

German Toddler Has Huge Muscles Due To Genetic Mutation

Which TV Anchorwoman would you like to see in Playboy?

I'm the lead singer of my band, I get all the girls to take off their...

new Hannity advertiser (also a Savage Weiner advertiser)

Forget fried Mars: "Ukrainian Snickers" is the way to go

Why has no one started a "Happy B'day Screaming Lord Byron" thread yet?

Okay, so I'm peeking around the edge of a building

My music listening has recently shifted to an all 70's all the time gear.

Help! My cat won't stop farting!

Funny Bumper Sticker I saw this AM


Am I haunted?

Which word is less annoying?

Opera Tickets turned out to be "interesting"; what to do about it?

If you were duplicated in a Star Trek style transporter accident...

I found a portal to another dimension under my desk. Shall I enter?

Help wanted with computer question

Forget politics. Lets talk about SEX.


Just got my George W. Bush Farting Doll, ask me anything.

Gamers: Let's talk about addiction

1000 Posts!!!!!!!!!!

Anyone here ever read Burroughs "Naked Lunch"?

The History of The World - humour.

Anyone like those news Priceline commercials with

Yeah !!!! out of the 700 club and back to the better world

Apparently, Pepsi has left "Under God" off their "Patriotic" cans...

Forum Girls!!! Little help please....

Veterinarian Sucked The Fat Out Of Pumpkin's Hips


The movie "Head Office"


Oh, the humanity!

Sleazefest 2001

Cheesy songs that make you cry.

Look at the tree-hugging hippy crap going on over at DU...

Stupid warning labels for 'morans'

Anybody else here refer to Michael McKean exclusively as lenny?

Name an actor/actress who

Ahhh!!!! I missed David Cross on Howard Stern today

$100,000 Offered to J.Lo and Marc Anthony If They Can Stay Married for 18

Farm Girls!!! Little help please....

I need a new cook book

My Aunt Just Had A Baby And She's Worried About Breast Feeding

Basketball Jones. I got a Basketball Jones.

Farrell's 'Huge' Manhood Cut from Film


Fat Bottomed Girls!!! Little help please....

Which DUer is most likely to poop in their bosses office?

When do you get that "OH CRAP!" feeling?

I was just reminded why I don't like most Eagles songs.

I'm new....

And now, who are your current celeb crushes?

YOUR MISSION: To post something that will shock NothingShocksMeAnymore!!!

Arnie Palmer Gets 'Presidential Medal Of Freedom'?????

Who here is a BOFH or a BOFH fan?

ever have one of those seLf destructive moments?

Is Robb a dingbat?

Mother Complains About Film Shown At "Film Summer Camp" - Bare Breast

all jazzed up with CAPTIONs

Would you take an 8 year old to see F911?

When Bush loses the election, who will he call: Dr. Phil or Dr. Laura

Women; Do you walk alone at night?

I Feel the Need to Piss Like a ___________.

Ladies: What is YOUR signature color of lipstick??

I am nursing a wild baby bird that fell out of it's nest

WARNING: This is weirder than any story Matcom has EVER posted!!!!!!

Famous Last Words

Other than your own name, whats your favorite DU name??

Who is going to be in Boston for the Democratic Convention?

Gen. Wes Clark--On a Mission towards Greatness

in Virginia , Kerry's name will be first on the ballot for elections

Atticus: Eyes turn to Clinton as US Ambassador Who quits Britain

New Poll: Bush approval at all-time low in NJ--Kerry leads by six

Another good reason for Edwards as VP(I'm not campaigning here)

The Great American Restoration...June 23 announcement by Dean

‘Get your ass out’

Over 225 sign up in first 24 hours for Band of Brothers 4 Kerry Newsletter

Almost Four Hellish Years of Bush - Can you Imagine Four More?


The Subtext of John Edwards

I used to think Kerry would pick Gep--now I think it will be Edwards

Nader Urges Kerry to Pick Edwards for VP

New York City is Kerry Blue (Donations map)

If the 2004 Presidential election were held today*...

Since NOONE REALLY has any idea who VP will be:

"Kerry's Lingering Insecurity" - Passing the national security threshold

Kerry Can't Afford to give the GOP and Media Any Ammunition

Laura Bush challenges Theresa Heinz-Kerry to bake-off

Wolf says VP choice down to 2

Nader Urges Kerry to Pick Edwards for VP

Any new battleground polls?

Would putting Howard Dean on the ticket get us NH?

Pretty soon there will be a lot of disappointed partisans

I hear music playing.

Why I'm a Green Against Nader

Now that it seems to be down to 2 potential VP candidates,