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Archives: June 24, 2004

After we win the war on terror, let's have a war against misery.

Toxic pollution rose in 2002, reversing trend

US citizen Cassey Auguste, 22, murdered in Haiti

Kerry blames Bush for partisanship in Washington

NYT: Confessions of a Policy Wonk

Jonathan Schell on an administration of grammarians (TomDispatch)

Dowd: Attack of the Wolfman

Salon: The United States of Texas

New Values Debate Over Prisoner Abuse Could Hurt Bush - WSJ's Harwood

New terror report looks bad for Bush

New York Times and Cheney Once Were Sweethearts

Memo to John Ashcroft: Saddam Suddenly Looks Innocent

Japan is growing likelier to cast away pacifist Constitution

George W Bush, Bratty Rich Kid

Blumenthal: Reality is unravelling for Bush

Salon: Making American Forces Radio fair and balanced

WSJ: As the Recovery Gains Momentum, Democrats Are Forced to Refocus

Ashcroft’s big con: False confessions, coerced pleas, show trials ...

'Fahrenheit 9/11' Turns on Box Office Heat

Hey fans of The Corporation! Help needed!

American murdered in Haiti -- family needs your help

L.A. Times cuts 190 jobs

Tonight's Thought

Australia wrangles over US FTA

Wine sellers scrape the bottom of the barrel

Yukon swelters under hottest stretch recorded

Fugitive Liu wanted in Hong Kong

George Washington University honors ambassador Chen

Delegation gives thumbs down to purchase of subs - TW

Threat of war looms over DRC and Rwanda

Mafia mama sells out the familia

Chen holds China to its peace promise

Dems in tight races oppose gun ban .

Question re Post counts

where is an easy to find list of the rules when you need them?

Name calling

House endorses White House position on Israel, Gaza pullout

As California's population grows, pressure mounts on ag land

F9/11 Showing in Cincinnati

Unbelievable... maybe bush is telling the truth

Severe weather damage check-in!

Anyone seen the latest Feingold ads?

The Big Dog at Costco Issaquah, Wed June 30

Freepers at the Fremont Fair.

CBS 60 Minutes II - Looking at Gitmo and what rights do the prisoners have

Didn't the * administration deride the

Does anyone think that the Moon coronation was a SET-UP

Ron Reagan on Larry King tonight.

So. California Ralph's Supermarket Weekly Mailer w/ Clinton's Book

What can we do?

I got emailed FAKE rape photos from Iraq. Sorry, gang. Ignore post.

Rex Reed's (NY Observer) Boffo Review of F-911 (Must Read)

Rex Reed's review of Fahrenheit 9/11

Fahrenheit 911 special Thursday night on IFC

where the hell is 2004 perot?

John Gibson with Arnold Palmer

We've been lied to and betrayed! Election year sellouts!! WTF?

Is it just me, or is Nedra Pickler one of the worst Media Ho's out there?

The real reason Nader is runnig

Some Jeffersonian Gems...

Orrin Hatch is a WHINING POS

DUers, need your help correcting a repuke moron

Hey, when's Ron P. Reagan appearing on Hannity, O'Reilly, and Rushbaugh

Is the Berg video real yet ?

Its not about blood for oil its about democracy

MUST READ.... Tout Torture, Get Promoted

Faith-based bullshit, AIDS $ goes to also goes to bingo & movies

Anonymous sure does sound like a lot of DUer's to me

Just Out: NEW NY Times Review of "My Life"

Why do perfectly rational men do stupid political tricks ?

Who do you want Kerry to pick as VP?

Clinton: "It interrupted the natural order for me to be elected president"

I have a rich cousin who is against Bush

I really have a gripe about * asking for AIDS $$$ for Africa!

So, Newsweek says Gep might be the VP pick

Weird World Leader Question my sister sent me.

A question regarding Chris "I Gargle with Single-Malt" Hitchens...

Lonesome Dove Author, LARRY McMURTRY writes a glowing review of "My Life''

Is it me or is the Majority Report extremely amatueristic?

Rumsfailed has admited to War Crime

Camejo-Cobb debate at Green Convention

Just got a virus from the "New York Press". I sent them a nastygram

Robert Ludlum's next book: THE ABU GAREFF... er, SITUATION

Heads up for those who want to see Big Dog on Oprah

question about 9-11 and the Saudi flights....

I am not John Kerry's biggest fan...BUT..

I rarely go to Yahoo msg. boards but did today (re: F911)...there're lots

The False Promises of a Draft

Really crappy website: MensDailyNews

Ads for Moore’s movie could be stopped on July 30

Anyone else habing their putey slammed when they visit DU?

Hmm. Interesting. Dem Group Hires Felons for Door-to-Door Reg. Drive

Halliburton deducts funeral costs for former FDNY killed in Iraq

When did Daniel Schorr on NPR become Daniel Whorr?

Bush needs speech therapist

Isn't Gephardt the poster boy for Democratic failure?

Sam's Club for Business advertising on AAR?

Anyone Watching The Daily Show?

Is Kerry going to pick Gephardt ?

What is the difference between a Republican and a Moonie?

Sadly, I have come to the VP conclusion that you might not want

You know what I love about the "Abu Giraffe" video?

Why does terrorism always go up while Republicans are in office?

Schwarzenegger to Bush: DROP DEAD

114F/45C in Nasiriyah. Do you know where Bush is murdering your children?

predictable Gephardt poll: Would it change your vote?

FEC and F911 ads...their "justice" will not extend to hate radio

Big Dog on Charlie Rose now.

"What If" question concerning what if Bushie were president during the

Larry King : When does Ron Reagan come on ?

WHEN will Kerry announce his VP?

Another Ex-CIA op tells all

A sad situation involving children of undocumented workers. I

Witness THE POWER of DU!

Ron Reagan compares Bush to Osama!

Ronald Prescott Reagan For President

What is the order of succession on the Presidency?

Jon Stewart this evening..

Green Party watch.....Greens to choose between Nader and Cobb.

Bush Elected in Nov::: What message do we send to the World??

Straight up or down vote, Gep for Veep?

Clinton Memoir Selling @ Record Pace

Scott Ritter in Dallas 6/24, almost sold out. Glenn Mitchell on

Presidential preference poll

You know who Ron Reagan reminds me of?

Who Is this Idiot BO DIETL, & Why Does O'REILLY Cite Him as an EXPERT/

No war crimes immunity for US Troops.

Bush Claimed Right to Waive Torture Laws

"Woman leaves child in hot SUV while shopping"

DLC leader supports Vilsack as Kerry's running mate

Not sure if this is true (Kerry VP rumor)

Ron Reagan, Jr. "I am not a Republican"

Anyone catch Hannity & Colmes?

What would four more years of Bush do to America?

Kerry-REAGAN in 04!!

The term Islamofascist is inane (even by wing-nut standards)

I drink a toast to you, the bitter-enders

Fireworks, guns, and death

Isn't it ironic?

Is Fahrenheit 9/11 playing in your community?

MIND FUCKING Revelation In Blumenthal's New Article!!

Chicago '68 in N.Y.?

Modest Suggestion: Suppress our negativity should Gephart get the Veep.

Looking Back at James Jeffords - What a Hero and Patriot

Moon funds filter to evangelicals

Weapons sellers, Carlyle Group, to buy Loews theater chain-2 Billion $

Ron Reagan on Larry King tonight

White House staffers banned by Bu$h regime from seeing F-9/11

Newsweek says VP choice between Vilsack and Gephardt (please, no!)

Torture Justifier Bybee now sits on Federal bench.

Saddam Suddenly Looks Innocent

Wheee, it's official! The June 30th 'Handover' is officially bogus!

Heads Up: Read Anthony Lewis' article in the new NYRB!!!

Cattlemen too tied to US, says ag lobbyist

Didn't the * administration deride the

Would you say Bush is a divider?

House panel to block torture justification

Layton lays down the minority rules (Canada)

House panel to look at dental benefits

House poised to approve intelligence bill

Moore previews scathing Bush movie for Washington Democrats

Senate 'Watered Down' Indecency Bill - - Lawmaker (House May Kill It!)

Texas appeals court rules for congressman in lawsuit seeking to hold seat

House Panel Would Curb Gun Data Release

Foreigners Must Reapply Abroad for Visas

Al-Sadr declines invitation to join Iraqi political conference

House panel gives Bush his request of $2.2 billion for AIDS overseas

Reviews of Guantánamo Detainees to Begin Soon, Navy Says

Samoa to Deport Fugitive Priest Named in Newspaper Investigation

Lawyer: Red Cross documents show Saddam abuse

Bush Protesters Climb 700-Foot Power Plant Stack

U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq - 842 U.S. service members have died

Afghan detainees routinely tortured and humiliated by US troops

U.S. Drops U.N. Bid for War Crime Shield

November 2: Independence Day (new voter drive)

Alaska Republican Party Chief Says He Has No Plans to Resigns After Ethics

Movie, Music Stars to Raise Millions for Kerry

Conn. Gov. Seeks Distance From Rowland

WP: A Different Kind of Heat Wave (Fahrenheit 9/11)

Schwarzenegger, Confident and Ready for Prime Time

Attorney for man charged in terrorism plot says he was 'stripped of ...

Debate Erupts on Hill Over Abuse Documents

Environmentalist's murder puts Thai PM in the spotlight

Sony to expand R&D center in China

Stopping the swapping-Senators induce major copyright revise

Al-Qaeda's thumbs up for Bush

Melee erupts in crowd as Freedom Festival begins

Cardinal Says Denying Communion May Hurt

3 U.S. oil companies subpoenaed in Iraq probe

Other Nations Gaining on U.S. in Air Power - General

NASA Taking Chances on Space Station

U.S. Device Seen at Supected Iran Atomic Site (CT's Canberra Industries)

Alberta holds off on health reforms

'Fahrenheit 9/11' Turns on Box Office Heat

Religious Group (Focus on the Family) to Offer (David) Berkowitz Tapes

Oil exploration of Great Barrier Reef pushed by Australia

Foreigners With Work Visas Must Reapply for Them Overseas

Ron Reagan says he will not vote for Bush

Ron Reagan blasting Bush on Larry King right now

CIA insider says U.S. fighting wrong war

Food Bank Comment Prompts Resignation Call (More Bushie Compassion)

Risks, and insurance premiums, keep on rising in Iraq

Raiding Iraq’s piggy bank

(Bill) Thomas takes on (R) leadership (Over Religion in Politics)

Sinn Fein Accused (of hypocrisy) over Bush Visit

LEAKED TORTURE MEMO: URGENT:.Read, copy, circulate

Perscription Drugs Adverts for Pets (A new low... )

WP: U.S. Immunity In Iraq Will Go Beyond June 30

American Indian Prison Probe Reports 16 Deaths Since 2001

AOL engineer sold 92 million emails to spammers

Berkeley Weighs Legalizing Prostitution

Ahead of GOP convention, NYC mayor's criticism irks Republicans

NYT: Limits on Trips to Cuba Cause Split in Florida

Britons caught on camera as shots of cruise ship orgy shock Cyprus

Video shows LAPD officer beating suspect

Jeb Bush Not Anxious to Read Clinton Book (it's too big)

Ronald Reagan to Vote for "any viable candidate opposed to Bush"

Kerry urges NATO help for Iraq

Fired Muslim Trucker Sues Company (refused to haul beer)

NRA Seeks to End Some Hunting Closures (seek constitutional amendments)

Alex Witt drives me batshit!

June 23rd is June Carter's birthday.

2 Brothers

Don't you hate it when you get a wrong number call...

My dad will be going to Thailand for a year. I will take over his place.

7 of 9, if you marry me I will never take you to a sex club

Vegetarian Sucked The Fat Out Of Munchkin's Lips

June 23, 1973...

Regarding the editorial director at head office - last night's post

1st of a series: My Fundie Mom's Forwarded E-mails

Mmmmm.....Shasta Tiki Punch.

All Star game rosters (projected). More reasons that players should vote


Rotarian Fucked Up Bad On Rumpleminz

Former Girls!!! Little help please....

MANFRED MANN's "Pretty Flamingo." The most undeservedly forgotten hit...

Anyone from DC see Skinny Puppy last night?

Today, Bill Clinton came ringing my door bell at 7:05pm eastern time!

Listening to "The New World Symphony". Ask GOPisEvil anything.

ROFLMAO! New York Press author offers to LAY Ann Coulter!!

I've got a confession - I played hockey at work today for ten minutes

"Can you blow me where the pampers is?"

Draft Bruce to perform in New York Sept. 1st

It's a "Play-the-entire-Nirvana-catalogue" kind of day...

I just saw "Secret Window"

I heard "Do the LOCOmotion" on the radio today

Top 30 Songs by Gamble & Huff

Stupid computer setting question: HELP PLEASE

I am mentally ill.

I just purchased tickets to the Friday matinee of F-911!!!

Pete Townshend EAT YOUR HEART OUT!

I'm listening to ELO right now... possibly the best band...

Bad-Ass Early Beatles

hey whoever tried to IM me do it again, sorry

My boss did a walk-through today. . .

Are you mentally ill?

delete please

I'm gonna go rent the original M*A*S*H*


Men: what is your signature colour of eyeshadow?

Am I mentally ill?

I've got a confession - I played hooky at work today for about ten minutes

I'm smokin' now! My load of hickory came today. Cookin' hickory.


Tech help needed...VMware issue

So I had to re-watch this week's Six Feet Under

Nancy Grace, tv "personality"

Today in Laughlin, Nevada, temperatures were in the 110s.

Linux suppliers tackle security holes

How many ferrets are too many?

new Savage Weiner advertiser Lowe's

How many ferrets are too horny?

Here's four pics of where I'm living now

I'm baaaaa-aaaaack!!!!!

So my mother in law says....

Big Dog on Oxygen tonight

A joke

This is Quite the Place...DU

AH! I had a Wal-Mart on my knee for a year!

"DU is for fags"

OK we talked lipstick - any DU women get manicures/pedicures?

Colin Quinn: A new low

Listening to a Tish Hinojosa CD

Breast Milk Cures Warts!

I'm baaaaack

I just trimmed my beard. DAMN, I look good!

Fahrenheit 9/11: DO THE MATH for opening weekend

SBC will no longer sell residential telephone service in Missouri....

Women, do you wok alone at night?

I Wok Alone.

D'oh - sucked in at the video store again!

AH! I had a small wart on my knee for about a year - it's gone!

It's Going to Rain!!!

Al Jourgenson on Air America soon.


Watched "The Sum of All Fears". Ask me anything.

What's your favorite movie of the last 10 years?

It's an "Entire-Nirvana-catalogue" kinda day....

Fun Movie Coming On TCM In A Couple Of Hours

The Tubes, Boz Scaggs, and a guitarist in a gorilla suit: must be 1976

I don't know who's hotter...Paris Hilton or Nicole Richie.

Am I the only one in here that thinks Nancy Reagan Might endorse Kerry?

The Internet's Landfill Alternative

"Maggot Brain." Would any y'all like to bow down before Eddie Hazel's...


AIM DU chat tonight

Bought my F9/11 tix, however several shows for Friday sold out

@#!does anyone knowa site with a pic list(that can be used for sig lines)?

When you drink alone, do you prefer to be by yourself?

If you could go back in time, and travel an alternate path, would you?

Eastern Wisconsin DUers: Are y'all OK tonight?

Where Can I Buy Decent Luggage

I used to know the guy that played "Karl the Giant" in "Big Fish"!

Anybody see Jupiter near the Moon this evening?

How much money are two ferrets?

Nick Drake

Would I be better off if Gore was President?

I've finally surpassed populistmom.

Daily Show ripping on "Conservative punks" now!

Nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarheea.

I need some ideas, re: sick fur child...

Now, now. No questions about Central America, m'kay.. CAPTION

* finally figures out what aural sex is .................. CAPTION

Powell shows the Devil where to sign.... CAPTION

I think we should save welcomes

I'm getting Dish Network installed on Sunday

Dennis Miller will do anything for a laugh

We Didn't Start the Fire

Look over *'s left shoulder... NO CAPTION NEEDED

Podhoretz gets Medal Of Freedom? What next? Lay one on Stalin's tomb?

What a great picture!

Off the wall, lame attempt to start a flame war. Anyone hear Nader

laptop vs. desktop

Have you ever had a deer tongue sandwich with extra mayo?

Favorite John Cougar/John Cougar Mellencamp/John Mellencamp song

"Sell something unpopular" here

Recipes to Cook for Yourself

Look who came to see a movie!.....................CAPTION

POST #900!

What is your favorite Charles Mingus album?

So that I can be quoted in other media, let me say publicly that

Check out this beauty

The Dean Deception

Union for federal workers to endorse presidential pick this week

When Billl Clinton was president

Watch this speech.......listen to what he says. I hate the attacks.

Bill Nelson was giving his opinion on it being down to two

I'm testing-out a theory re: VEEP, Edwards, Nader, etc.

I am voting for the great Ralph Nader

Clinton on VP choice - on Charlie Rose now:

If Nader wants Kerry to pic Edwards sooo Bad why doesn't he add Edwards

does anyone NOT care who Kerry picks for vp ?

Gephardt may offer broader base for Kerry

This photo of the Chimp tells it all about how he is an ass

We got a handwritten card from a candidate to whom we donated.

Gephardt, political relic or perfect VP?

The White House Papers: NYTimes op ed (hard on Bush)

Same old song

Wag The Fag: With opposition to the war growing the GOP seizes on gays

(my beloved) David Denby on Fahrenheit 9/11

Douce France, by Hugh Fitzgerald

Rosemi does Bill (Clinton): A reader's daily chronicle

BBC Analysis: US drops immunity request

Senator Kerry missed votes 90% of time- Dolans unscripted

wildfirejo blog June 12th entry:

Baptism by Fire

Bush Ducks for Cover as NRA Opens Fire on Assault Weapons Ban - Huffington


Link to complete transcript of Al Gore's 6/24/2004 speech to ACS

Iraq spells bad Bush campaign news(Excellent read)

Guardian reviews Farenheit 9/11 reviews from US media

We fight, you pay: Costs of the Iraq war (asia Times)

Atlantic Magazine: Bush's Monica Moment

Cutting-Edge Commentary From Jonah Goldberg As He Slams . . . Madonna!!!

Call to action on electronic voting - Molly Ivins

A 'Sovereign' Iraq? Don't You Believe It

National Congress of American Indians Resolution

European Press Review: Bush and Rumsfeld Lack Credibility

The Wessler Family's Bronze Star

The New American Apartheid Part I

The Elephant in the Room

Readers share beefs with McDonald's

Fahrenheit maybe banned under FEC guidelines

ACTIVISTS let's do something about Tom DeLay NOW!!!!

Ed Gillespie in So Portland, ME on Friday (6/25)

Ron Reagan on Larry King

My mother went to see "The Passion of the Christ" a while back

So, you think Howard Stern or Scott DePace will have to pay the fine?

Bill Clinton on Charlie Rose (06/23/04) - mp3 & video

Sinclair Broadcasting ("Nightline" Boycott) Take Ratings Dive

Another film!

Pre-Employment Drug Screening Discussion

How did DUers foresee the Iraq fiasco better than the "experts"?

Who Here Thinks the "Ascension" process is beginning

Comparative Texas Job Losses By City

Changes in Work Visa Rules

US jobs revival - quantity not quality?

Black Rhino Numbers Rising - Two Subspecies Still In Trouble - BBC

Malaysia Air Pollution Data A State Secret - Can't Scare The Tourists!!

Fewer Than 100 Atlantic Salmon Return To Eight Maine Rivers

Worst national parks for air quality listed

Neighborhood awakes to sounds of moose calf killing

BBC (June 23): War crimes body to probe DR Congo

Kavaz center on Caucasus: Russian defense minister went to play war games

Gun Humor For The Day: 6/24/2004

GUNS IN THE NEWS June 24, 2004

Assaulting Common Sense

"Granny Get Your Gun" news article

To Serve and Protect – Itself

Is there a problem with the My Posts page?

I got this message when I posted. Thought that you might want to know.

Is this an appropriate post from a moderator?

Cleanup on Aisle GD.

Sorry, Skinner

Suggestion for buddy list?

don't know what your linking rules are

Is DU ready to have unfettered access to all posts, even the nasty ones?

Shin Bet pays thousands of shekels for return of stolen laptop

World Bank opposes int'l custodianship for settlements

rumors are swirling, Ryan to withdraw?

A toast to Sen. Peter Fitzgerald R-Illinois

Danny Davis??? What Gives?

Revised theater list for Fahrenheit 911, Gulf Coast FL area

Los Angeles DUers - Code Pink will be at the F-911 premiere at ArcLight!

bay area brunch

Any midnight shows of F9/11 in Orange County?

cheney in Iowa

Where to see Fahrenheit 9/11 in Minnesota (in addition to Lagoon)

Co-owner of gentlemen's club leads voter-registration drive

America Coming Together

Sanchez heads to federal bench

DUers in Austin/CenTex area to see F 9/11 Sat. morning.

Amazing!! Tonight's midnight viewing of F911 is sold out at Alamo

Another movie event in the Houston Area for Friday night....

South Texas recount fight not over yet, court decides

Houston DUers, F9/11, Edwards Marqu'E 23 on I-10 and I-610

Blood from Central Texans!

BIG changes in water rights are approaching quickly in Texas

DeLay vs. Morrison

Residents protest LU’s demolition of historic Appleton home

A Republican senior statesman recounts how the Party was hijacked

I've got my tickets to see F911 Friday night!!

Preliminary List of Speakers for Fighting Bob Fest, Sept 18, 2004 ...

ROFLMAO! New York Press author offers to LAY Ann Coulter!!

Wondered how many wouldn't want to read the Clinton book on account of

Nader's Camejo move was a betrayal of the Greens.

Did AnyOne See This Week's New Yorker Cover?

The Iowa Election Markets KNOW Bush will steal it. He's ahead 51-41.

hee hee, fun little link to put on your SN or homepage...

um, so has anybody seen the shirts of Reagan in a 'Che' like drawing?

Yes! F911 showing in Boise, Idaho!

You say Wahabi...

Good Job! Indie Theater on F911 "protest" - emails 6 to 1 in favor of film

Presenting the Reagan $10 bill

Hannity & Colmes transcript: "Michael Reagan: 'I Saw Him as Dad'"

Whoever debates Cheney better be prepared to make him pay through the nose

What a trade

And here you have it, our very own PROTEST BAND!

Conservative Indianapolis Star Ed.-More details needed on prisoner tactics

nyc republican convention/boston democrat convention

OMG! O'Reilly: Savage doesn't attack and Limbaugh "doesn't lie"

Thanks for the Memories: History of Saddam & US (excellent Flash)

The Kerry Record: Greens for Kerry

Maureen Dowd this AM...

GW Bush is required to fire Rumsfailed!

Draft Bruce to Play Giant Stadium during Republican Convention!

Do the Negative Events Against Bush

The right is cracking!: Moonie Times in Turmoil

Dare I say "flip-flops"?

can the neo-cons stage a coup on dubya?

Dude, There's More to the Story!

Anyone else have a bad feeling about June 30th?

Seems like the Boston Herald sinks to new lows on a daily basis . . .

Hey... Where's MoPaul?

Don't Vote Ralph . . .

Librarians set aside 'shhh' to speak out for privacy

20 year old dies in hands of police in Wisconsin

FEC may ban TV/radio ads for Fahrenheit 9/11 - meeting today

Has anyone seen any TV stories about Ron Reagan's interview ?(on

Hey, that stuff is back on W's chin

Whoa! Bill Hemmer on CNN asked a GREAT Question.....

Jimmy Carter for VP

C-SPAN WJ Caller talking about torturing Congressional Study: Gay Marriage Good for the Fed Budget

Reality is unravelling for Bush

I need a link to the quote when GW said he was not interested

Richard Morrison for Congress - Challenger to Tom Delay needs our support

another F911 Rave: "like a moron looking for a bathroom"

The Amazingly Awful Lou Dobbs....

House debate on 05 Budget - C-SPAN

Unfiltered is about to cover Moon's coronation ceremony

"Rebels and Redcoats" -- parallels to the Iraq War

Have you seen this junk? (Anti-Moore book)

Here's why we shouldn't try to appeal the right.

Reagan on Bush: "Lying Occupant of the Oval Office-similar to Bin Laden"

U.S. warned it could lose air supremacy

Could Agent Mike be "Anonymous"?

Vote in this CNN Poll

Rosemi does Bill: A reader's daily chronicle

The Chimperor unites Ireland!


Question for someone reading the Clinton Book...

Comparative Texas Job Losses By City

I am sorry - Winger chain email

Brutal terror tactics: How nations respond (csm)

"Anonymous" is still an agent.

Josh Marshall Not Back Until At Least Sunday 6/27

" Warm Critical Reception for 'Fahrenheit 9/11' "

Harsh methods detailed in memos signed by Rummey

Let's Hear It For John Kerry

"My Bush Would Make a Better President" - Mrs. Imus wants

Bad news for Jack Ryan, Jeri stands by her accusations! I think he is out!

my grandiose theory about the role of Rupert Murdoch and Fox.

Fahrenheit 9/11 Breaking records, Clintons book breaking records!

supreme court rules...

Molly Ivins bitch-slaps the media...

I was reading on line about F9/11

Anyone watching c-span? Rep. Stenholm (D-TX) just said "anything

Photos Show Destruction of Sudan Villages

69 Said Dead in Attacks Across Iraq

Photos Show Destruction of Sudan Villages

Don Imus on the Bushies

Are Republicans angry?

Justice O'Connor Honored for Service

Does PAGESIX know the difference between brother-inlaw and stepbrother?

U.S. drops bid to gain immunity for troops

Bush's credibility disintegrating

F 9/11 Breaking first-day Box Office Records, according to my local news

Habitat for Species Recovery Seen Wanting

Globe Needs System to Help Predict Climate

Here is how to be a lobbyist!

Is positive campaigning more effective than negative campaigning?

Saudis Offer Militants One-Month Amnesty

Did Prince Abdullah threated to crucify terrorists?

WaPo on "Fahrenheit 9/11" -- Moses a "public figure"

Does November seem like an eternity away?

TvNewLies has a plan.... but needs contacts! Please help!

Kerry Win Would Mean Special Mass. Vote

TvNewsLies has a Plan - but needs contacts! Please help.....

Man Happier About Switch to Mac than Conversion to Christianity

Could someone please help me debunk this piece of crap!

End Stigma, Give Food Stamps a New Name?

How did Ashcroft ever get elected to political office in the first place?

Iraq's to celebrate July 4th too? How Ironic...that it might become their

I switched from Wal-Mart to Albertson's

How's this for a bumper sticker idea, or a T-shirt?

The Glaring Contradiction

Day 2 - P2P Streaming of Thom Hartmann Show - keep kicked please!

Bush hires an attorney about the CIA leak

How low will *ush's numbers go?

Wolfowitz said reporters are sitting in Iraq making up news/something

Code Red: America's Five Most Polluted National Parks

should kerry use the clinton shift?

I just saw F9/11!

State Dept.: Torture Rules "Seriously Flawed,"Contrary to US, Intl Law

Darrell Issa (Rove's orig Governator) on Blitzer 6/24 @1148amcst

Flashback, for those accusing Ron Reagan ...

Darrell Issa (Rove's orig Governator) on Blitzer 6/24 @1148amcst

Count Wolfowitz on the Al Qaida - Saddam connection: "We know"

Will June 30th compare to April 30, 1975?

Korean beheading video is now online...:(

Anyone catch Christianne Amanpour on the Goebbels News Network?

So the Taliban destroyed ancient Statues and we destroy Babylon?

Neurotic breakdown of the right

I'm sorry, this just pisses me off...

MSNBC Poll should make Bush wet his pants!

Bush & PUBLIC appearances

If there were any justice in the world, George W Bush would be sitting ...

"More than 13,000 officers are scheduled to protect Bush in Ankara"

Gore On Fox News

Tongass Forest logging hours cut back due to fire danger ~ Global Warming?

'They said this is America . . . if a soldier orders you to take off your

Question about Kerry fundraising

So, who saw the latest police abuse video?

Under what circumstances would Bush drop Cheney from the ticket ?

Something to keep in mind about Bush's Plame testimony

I think Josh Marshall's scoop is Plamegate-related

After the Senate postponed Kerry's Veterans HC vote.

Franken has a "Move America Forward" guy on...

SCOTUS rebuffs Cheney. Sends case back to lower court. A victory?

We need Edwards

Complete the next paragraph of the New Declaration of Independence Pt 2

As I figured, the European Pulse on CNN was totally weak!

Scott Ritter now at

Why I don't support president Clinton.

Why I don't support President Garfield

Why I don't support President Fillmore.

Why I don't support President Harding.

Why I never supported Millard Fillmore...

ABC News/Washington Post poll has Bush trailing Kerry by 20 as far as...

Why I don't support President Newman

New Bible translation

Democrats Screen 'Fahrenheit 9/11' in D.C.

NPR Nay-sayers: A good "Morning Edition" today...

Franken already had Big Dog on?

bush is Jesus: AP photographer Dharapak worships bush, a new photo

watching South Carolina crumble

Ridiculous War-Spending Levels

I'm lazy. What time and where can I watch Al Gore today?

First it was Saddam's dead-enders.

"Le Monde Selon Bush"

Plame/Bush speculation thread ... what did they ask?

a description of how John Kerry got his Silver Star

Turkey explosions!!

Do stocks point to Bush loss?- CNN

What would cause the right wing pundits to reject Bush?

Why I don't support president Nader

PlameGATE?: Let's don't give in to that trivializing suffix

"Power concedes nothing without a demand....."

U.S Military destroys Babylon!!! Literally!

what happened to the lounge?

When does Gore Gone Wild come on?

Hey, Where did the Lounge go?

Please, please, please, tell me this judge is a Republican!!! Too funny!

CNN Behind the Scenes (very sad article)

what do you think

Breaking: SUPREME COURT Victory for Cheney

DUers, don't hate me because

A wild guess who 'Anonymous' is...

CNN online polls are rigged. I just voted 3 times on 2 different comps.

Poll: Bush the Warrior Prince:: In Charge of Real Generals; Good/Bad?

How about calling it the Plame-Game? n/t

Former Chrysler chairman changes support from Bush to Kerry

In Need of a Link

Now that tapes of Enron employees have proven that they

CNN JUST NOW: Bush "interviewed" this morning by US Attorney re: Plame

dead MIA WWII Out of the Blue: Finding Buddy

"The war on terrorism can never be won. Nor can it ever end."

Remind us again, how did we get here? A powerful reminder:

Bring voter registration forms to opening of F 9l/11

Posts re: possible converts

Deleted message

Anyone catch Christianne Amanpour on the Goebbels News Network?

Former US soldier speaks out on near-deadly beating at Guantanamo...

It's getting a might bit drafty in here

The Iraq resistance SPEAKS!

Michael Moore loses appeal against R rating for Fahrenheit 9/11...

another article on the "liberal media"

ABC News/Washington Post poll has Bush trailing Kerry by 20 as far as...

Clinton, Kerry and Kosovo: The Lie of a "Good War"

"Fahrenheit 9/11" has broken all NYC movie attendance records

"Iraqi resistence...multiple attacks"- "Israeli army storms Nablus again"

A Commercial I'd love to see John Kerry have!

Your not hearing voices

Let's contact Ryan's office and lend our support

Why is the Ron Reagan Bush Bashing

Breaking: Air Guard pilot will not face criminal charges.

Nader: Go to My Rallies, But Vote for Kerry

Banana Republicans:

Has anyone found an online Daily Show clip about Cheney

Why Keep Invoking Nader?

Did Judy Woodruff just say that John Kerry is getting help from a felon?

Is Stephen King a liberal?

US corporate media outlets distort truths about Canadian Medicare system

Bill Clinton and the Democrats worked so hard to control defiicits and....

Gallup poll RV Kerry 49-45 Adults Kerry 48-46 LV Bush 48-47

Hitchen's Orwell to refute?

Lets review today's events

Crossfire thread. 6/24/04


So the Nazi president is calling Liberals Nazis. Fuck these Nazis

Latest RW email from my repug brother,,Barf alert-longish letter.

Lets review today's events

What does LIHOP/MIHOP mean? ...nt

CIA Officer's Book Contends US Losing Terror War

Media Matters unspins Drudge.

Bad Day in the Middle East

Another LAPD beating of an unarmed black man

Paul Begala said Cheney might have been telling Lehey

First newbie to post an mp3 clip of Cheney using the F-Word

Should Imperial Amerika change it's National Anthem to the Darth Vader


FReeps can't even generate a protest at DC premiere of 9-11

Hannity is Trying to Bribe Flipper NOT To Vote

Lee Iacocca Changes Support From Bush to Kerry

Caption George and the Chimp

Right to Life is trying to pigeonhole Catholics into voting for Bush.

Big Dawg on Fresh Air

Bradbury:"Michael Moore is an asshole!"

I spoke with a friend who decided to vote for Nader this year

is bush dishonest or stupid?

US troops 'suffocated' Iraqi general

North Korean connection to counterfeit US $100 bills

Evil Busheviks try to ban movie - when do they start banning books?

The Truth as the Bush Camp Sees It

We Need Music and a Video to go with this SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What happened to the story about Ashcroft lying to the 9/11 commission

Is Kerry waiting until after the Plame indictments to pick his VP?

Bombs everywhere, and we get........"Dismissed juror #5"

Bush Interviewed in Gov't CIA Leak Probe

CNN QuickVote: "Will Iraqis be able to provide their own security..."

FEC ban on F9/11 ads abuse of power, YES, but will not hurt movie. . .

BBC to Launch Al-Jazeera Competitor

Sign the petition re Sudan

Poll: Michael Moore - Love Him? Hate Him? Go vote!

Does anyone think Gore is hurting Kerry with his fiery speeches ?

Video of the pleading Korean. Captors are wearing gloves!

Reminder: Michael Moore On Daily Show Tonight 6/24

US Senate blocks release of toture documents

Gore mentioned the Daily Show in today's speech!

I don't trust posters who don't trust posters w/no profiles.

Old post correlating education levels in states and Bush support

Is there a REAL Solution to Terror?

Amazing story! Friendly dog saves T.O. from murder rampage.

Tonights Network news is gonna suck for Bush

My Father-In-Law, gaseous windbag that he is, has said that

I don't trust posters with no profile.

Bush praise of ex-con turning her life around angers her victims

Have you read this AP article RE: Gore speech?

We're risking nuclear war in NK for a mere 2000 megawatts of power?

Michael Moore on Daily Show tonight

Roger Ebert gives F911 ***1/2 Rating!

Caption the Technological Illiterate

It is up to Democrats and Republicans alike to throw these scoundrels out

Go Vote: Should SC have forced */Cheney to release energy records?

Al Gore Says Bush Lied To Push For War

It looks like Cheney's duck hunting with Scalia paid off

Blumenthal's book on Clinton years is 800 pages. Clinton's on life, 900.

Howard Zinn urges ballot access for Nader

Dennis Hopper is bush supporter

would like to be able to rejoice

John F'ing Kerry vs. Dick F'ing Cheney:

Wolfowitz slams media as "Afraid" so they publish rumors

FCC rules overturned!!

I think Ron Reagan is just destroying the GOP

Drudge has Cheney's F U on his front page

Joe Biden and about Bush's interview on

"All I can tell you is I never saw it. I never believed it"

Judge caught masturbating by court reporter

Clinton on Larry King tonite; Jon Stewart on tomorrow nite

Clinton is on Fresh Air with Terry Gross tonight

9:30 PM tonight on IFC special on Fahrenheit 9/11

The cost of advertising

Gore should not shut up

Well, I guess the GOP can't play the 'unstable' card anymore

Dan Rather has still got balls!

poop. Delete this Wrong forum.

can you sense a "right-winger" before they even open their mouth?

Happy Birthday to Ambrose Bierce.

Our Own Private Patriot Act - Abuse of FOIA?

Wow! Gore Targeted In New Bush Ad

Cheney's use of the 'F' word coming up on CNN...

Comic relief: Have you seen the Emo Bush Game?

Funny, you never hear the Nazi-Americans using the 'rape room' excuse...

Need help finding Bush quote: flip-flopping on OBL....

US occupation has some pining for days of Saddam...

Well, Bush* really was sent by the Messiah! I have proof! Worship him!

Complete the next paragraph for the New Declaration of Independence

My letter to Senator Allard

what does john kerry stand for?

Porter Goss, new Director of the CIA?

Even Ron Reagan couldn't get in to see Farenheit 9/11

Reporter for CBS says Iraqi police may have joined insurgents today...

When I hear that our military strategy

Rev. Jerry Falwell says Bush is a "Born Again Christian"

F-9/11 vs The Passion (poll)

I'd like to send good ole Dick an email...

Larry McMurtry's Review of Clinton's "My Life" in the NY Times

Local Theather WANTS Farenheit 9/11, TRYING to get it!!!

Laughing at beatings, F-word in the Senate

Michael Moore will be on The Daily Show tonight!

Clinton, Kerry and Kosovo: The Lie of a "Good War"

Earlier today I googled bushmccain04 and was told it was recently

Bush needs Viagra

Well, just bought my F911 tickets for opening day!

Hot diggity, gas has gone back up by 18 cents! Anyone still praising *?

Deleted message

is al gore an asset or a liability right now?

Weeeeeeeeeee are the Wild-Eyed Co-a-lition-n-n-n-n-n-n...

Gore: Democracy Itself Is In Grave Danger

497 law professors signed...

Where are Bush's Missing Speeches?

9PM Tonight-Clinton on Larry King taking calls.

Reality is Unraveling for Bush:

Lou Dobbs SCOTUS poll. You know what to do!

What is a "Freeper"

Beheading is Saudi Punishment. Electrocution and Injections are Ours!

Did the Carlisle group purchase Loews Theaters this week

Thanks for the Memories: Saddam & US (Flash)

Strong Men Prevail in the World...That's What These People Understand

Thanks Cheney! I mean it!

does anyone know anything about "My pet goat?"

Local Theater's online F/9-11 survey

Wonkette has Cheney F Word Scoop

Jon Stewart & A Boo Gareff - last nights show - what a hoot!

BBV: Detailed article on problems with voting machines and officials

Curious George Goes To Grammar School


Ron Reagan with Judy Woodruff.

Coalition of the Wild Eyed?

It gets worse for Bush Ebert & Roeper on Howard Stern slamming Bush!!!

Lawyers call for arrest of Bush

When they show Bush on TV at his desk, wearing glasses

Instant Runoff Voting - a democratic solution to Nader/Kerry infighting

Nazi-Americans. Those are the people who support bush and his

You have to see this new ad!

Clinton goes to Ireland.. a contrast study

Joe Biden Is A Fool

TBTM Editorial: 'GOP web ad shows RNC's moral bankruptcy'

A vote for Nader is a vote for Nader, a vote for Kerry is a vote for Kerry

vote cheney's pottymouth to the top of yahoo news!

Should socialists vote for Kerry or Nader?

DU this opinion poll!

*A Keeper*: exactly how Bush built his false case for war


Stem Cell Research is Your Ticket Out Of Hell

Did you just see NBC Nightly News . . .busted FAUX and FRIENDS for. . .

Should Kerry pick Nader as VP???

Transcript of Gore's Speech Today

Great polls (PA)Kerry 48-43 (OH)Kerry 49-43 (FL)Kerry 48-42

Pornographic Approval

Speaking English in the United States

Call Bush-Cheney '04 and thank them for creating that ad.

Just saw F911

The Best Economic Indicator I Know: Concert and Tour Cancellations.

"The Abu 'Gareff' .../.../ tic-tic-tic /.../... situation"

Cheney uses F word to Leahy on the floor of the Senate

Contact Kerry over the new Bush ad - 202-712-3000

Wingers are by and large pathetic.

Who made the Hitler ad for the MoveOn contest? And why is Bush using it?

Who Killed Nick Berg? -- Iraqi Resistance says not them!

Vetwife's letter to Senator Frist

<<<>>> AG dispatching Federal Agents near you!

* /Cheney Attitude (warning, profanity)

Best Article Yet On 9-11 Hoax

Virginia is for Haters, Let the boycott begin

Twisters Topple Trees, Power Lines

Breaking News:Major Attacks in IRAQ from Insurgents in 3 cities on CNN!

Schwarzenegger offers Bush help (Arnold expects Convention role)

Ambassador of Death, Right-Wing Death Squads, Drug Smuggling

UK Diplomats Have Custody of Iran Captives

US 'tractor activist' is jailed

Rancorous House Votes Record Intelligence Money

Bomb Explodes Near Turkish Hotel Where Bush Expected to Stay This Weekend

Ambassador denies US poll pressure

Author of '02 Memo on Torture: 'Gentle' Soul for a Harsh Topic

Bush Seeks More Control Over AIDS Act

Zarqawi wife can't believe he is terrorist

Lawyer for State Dept Disputed Detainee Memo (WP Obtained Lawyer's letter)

File-Trading Bill Stokes Fury

Crooks for Kerry: Lefty group hires ex-cons to canvass

Large explosion heard in Istanbul-agency (CNN reporting a bus explosion)

Iraqis question unelected leaders

CD (lawsuit settlement) trove is proving short on treasures

FINALLY!! 2 Louisiana Congress members shift war view

CNN: There has been an explosion near a hospital in Istanbul.

Armed Men Seize Office of Turkish Airlines

Insurgents Kill 66 Iraqis, 3 U.S. Troops

LA hospital bans police stun gun use on patients

U.S. Struggled Over How Far to Push Tactics (In-depth re Rumsfeld!)

Victims upset at Bush's praise of ex-con

State Guard unit gets its second call to Iraq (Florida)

Soldiers Face Charges in Iraqi's Death

Fahrenheit 911 may be banned under FEC guidelines

Breaking News on CNN: SCOTUS finds in favor of Cheney......

U.S. Commander Happy with Osama Stuck in the Hills

Senate Blocks Bid to Demand Abuse Memos

Textile Maker Will Eliminate 312 Jobs (Layoff Update)

Pelosi Seeks House Minority 'Bill of Rights' (Hastert Dismisses Complaint)

U.S. Immunity in Iraq Will Go Beyond June 30

More than 20 killed in rebel attacks across Iraq, US helicopter downed

Ryan event canceled when Hastert bails

Justice Dept. Rewrites Prison Advice

CIA insider says U.S. fighting wrong war....MSNBC

Norwegian oil production may stop

'Drugs - not bombs - please Mr Bush'

Fahrenheit 9/11 filmmaker burns Harper

NYT - Surprise Drop in May Orders for Durable Goods

Poll: a Third of Employers Back Gay Health Benefits

Supreme Court declines to overturn death sentences

Iraq police stations 'attacked'

Judge Delays Rudolph Trial Until Next Year

Poll: Bush, Kerry Locked in Tight Pa. Race

Kerry fights label of economic pessimist, Challenges record of Reagan

Happy Women Have Healthier Hearts, Scientists Say

8 British troops handed over to U.K. diplomats

Church Teacher Banned After Gay Marriage

Hard News Becoming Hard to Find on TV

Anti-Spyware Bill Advances in Congress

Vote puts (mutual) funds through wringer again

Here Comes The Judge ( Judge caught masturbating during court)

CNN Breaking: Intense fighting in several Iraqi cities

U.S. Soldiers to Be Charged in Iraqi General's Death

BBC to Launch Al-Jazeera Competitor

Duck Hunting Trip w/ Scalia pays off

Limits on Trips to Cuba Cause Split in Florida

'Fahrenheit 9/11' Is a Red-Hot Ticket

At NATO, Bush to Lobby for Help in Iraq (not asking for more troops)

U.S. New Home Sales Up, Durables Down

Justice Dept. Rewrites Advice on Detainees

US experts say global warming faster than thought

NY death penalty ruled unconstitutional

Senate Republicans Reject House Debt Limit Plan

Supreme Court: Judges alone can't impose extra-long prison terms

20 Year old dead from hooding by police

U.S., Iraq agree on immunity arrangement for American troops

A Crowning at the Capital Creates a Stir (Thursday NYT Update On Fallout)

(Senate Candidate) Ryan Cancels DC Trip

Ryan 'reassessing' bid

Kerry Blames Bush for Partisanship in D.C. ( Wow, strong statements)

89 Die and 318 Hurt in New Iraq Attacks

Loitering law hits homeless (Jeb Bush)

Canucks star Todd Bertuzzi charged with assault after on-ice punch

Queue of newly jobless grows in US

Worst national parks for air quality listed

Kerry's chances against Bush better than '50-50': Clinton

whee!!!! cheney uses the F word in public!

CNN- Nader's Raiders back Kerry

Dementia risk 'increased by HRT'

Iacocca Changes Support From Bush to Kerry

Enron Misled Congress on Market Scheme - Senator (Cantwell)

FEC Declines to Rule on Filmmaker (Michael Moore) Exemption

Liberals Ahead; Layton as Best PM Picks Up (Canadian poll)

Congress endorses Bush pledge to Sharon

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 24 June

About 100 Die in Rebel Attacks in Five Iraq Cities

Gore Says Bush Lied About Iraq to Push for War

US court keeps stay on media rules

Bush Camp Hits Democrats' 'Coalition of Wild - Eyed'

Fighting erupts in Iraqi city of Falluja

Iraq handover likely to be low-key

Iraq Violence Takes Toll on Civilians: 1258 killed, 4317 wounded 5/4-6/17

Senate Bill Targets Internet Song-Swapping

Another prominent Iraqi murdered in Mosul

Bush questioned in oval office with lawyer re: Plame

CNN Bush may appoint new CIA director

BBC set to launch Arabic channel

Conference to look at how racism affects mental health

Rarely used reservists may go to Iraq

Calif. Lawmakers Oppose Gay-Marriage Ban

US Aids cheque marked 'return to sender' - SA

Justices, 5-4, Tighten Limits on Power of Judges in Sentencing

Corporate Governance Takes International Stage, but Americans Scarce

Kerry Leads in Ohio; Pennsylvania Race Deadlocked, Polls Show

Bush is cracking!

FEC Declines to Rule on Filmmaker Exemption

Iacocca Throws His Support Behind Kerry

Disputed Texas Congressional Race Back in Court

Germany to Help Train Iraqi Military

if a soldier orders you to take off your clothes, you must obey'

Call center in Eugene announces layoffs (206 jobs)

CNN/USA Today/Gallup Poll: War in Iraq a Mistake, Bush & Kerry Tied.

AP Lawyer: It's 'Curious' We've Had to Sue for Bush Records

Baqouba Sealed Off as U.S. Forces Lose Control of City

Author of Bush Doctrine Honors a Devoted Fan

Security a shambles ahead of handover (30,000 police officers face firing)

Schwarzenegger ready to power Bush campaign

Crude futures rise

Uninsured Patients Pay Far More for Hospital Care, Experts Say

Explosion in Turkish Capital Injures at Least 3, CNN Turk Says

(Sandra Day) O'Connor not confined by conservatism

Bush Backs Condom Use to Prevent Spread of AIDS

MSNBC- Bush Interviewed by Prosecutor in CIA Leak

Connection between child trafficking in Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia

Court Reverses FCC Media Ownership Rules

Testing of voting machines inadequate, election experts say

No Charges Vs. Pilot Who Bombed Canadians

'Keep the flock out of Tibet'

Cheney doesn't have to disclose Energy papers. according to SC

Airports Can Go Back to Private Screeners Next Summer

Golf course civics lesson: Texas Latinas foil PGA plans

Solicitor General Ted Olson stepping down

Otto Reich: Mastermind of coup d'etat against President Hugo Chavez

U.S. 'friendly fire' pilot avoids court martial

Laura Bush Grows Into Star Role

Mutation Found in 'Muscle Man' Toddler

Nader: Go to My Rallies, But Vote for Kerry

Gore Accuses Bush of Lying About Saddam/Al Qaeda Tie

State: Bounce Oklahoma jurist for "pumping it up" on bench

Tensions high for Bush visit

Four killed as tank crushes car (Iraqis on their way to Baghdad)

Switzerland Likely Used as Base for Financing, Logistical Support for 9/11

CNN: Cheney cusses F word at Dems in Senate

"Landrieu, Jefferson shift war view"

Sources: Ryan campaign explores exit strategy

'Saddam, US had pre-war deal'

Iacocca Changes Support From Bush to Kerry

dog toy or marital aid? . . . you decide . . .

Here's a life lesson I have learned tonight:

Has someone been bass taping you?

There's something horribly wrong about this Dubya / Arnold Palmer photo

Iraqis get a taste for Linux

Anybody else watching "West Side Story"?

What's the name of the movie that came out in France today about Bush?

You say Wahabi...

Does anybody else think the Miller/Budweiser commercial wars are stupid?

DAMN!got pic in my sig working. gotta shrink it to admin's recomend'.HELP!

What do you guys think of C2? (The new low carb coke)

Which state has the best public schools?

What do you use to clean between your teeth, if anything?


I didn't realize politics could hurt this much

Important poll...

Woman Sets Her House On Fire With Children Inside

Dominion Institute youth survey links political choices to music

OMG Has anyone seen that Freak, Ashcroft sing?

Gooooooooood Morning DU!!!!!

Woman sets fire to husband

New Pixies Dates - Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Philadelphia, DC etc

Scientists Uncover The Truth About 'Blob Monsters'

Anyone have a lemon coke recipe?

remember cachet perfume?

Man Swipes Cheerleaders' Cameras, Photographs His Genitals

Hilarious Flash on Saddam/US: Thanks for The Memories

"Only Dr. Hans Zarkoff...has provided any explanation"

You're so lame

you're so vain

While driving to work today . . .

Another Stupid Celebrity made a Sex Tape - Surprise its on the Net

I wouldn't even know how to vote in this Hannity poll

They are cutting down my beautiful ivy!!

I'm blowing off work for a baseball game today.

Do you know what's really maddening about jock searches?

Priest Chases Down, Tackles Man Trying To Rob Church Donation Box

What do you think that the Free Republic members are mostly made up of?

Hey... Where's MoPaul?

We lost power last night. Ask me anything before it goes out again.

Nudist resort residents pleased with "Simple Life 2" episode

How does one report a RW radio host for being obscene on the airwaves?

Yes Sir, I Can Boogie.

For those who love quizes: How much do you know about Heather Locklear???

This is my five-hundredth post.

Lead Walmart Plantiff Still Loves The Store

Booty time, Booty time, Across the USA...

Mitchell, Cohen or Young?

Aaaaagh, one more day to F911. Oh, the drama!

The U.S. built a military base over Babalon?

Does anyone know anyone in the Iron River/Crystal Falls area...

Farenheit 9-11 - Quick mail

Proximity shock collars for cats?

Create two ultimate concerts: One for Liberals and one for Neo-Cons

i have an incredibLe migraine headache

you will all be thrilled to hear that . . .

Playful dog defuses shooting spree plans

Born-Again Virgin? New handle, please....

question about

Anyone know of any new/interesting/good movies coming out this weekend?

OK - its HMO gripe time. I can't get see my new therapist, nor any other

Episode 4 of Republican Survivor is up!!

Breast Milk Compound Kills Warts

Do you know what's really maddening about job searches?

Court Convicts Obscene Text Messager

check it out

Post your political cartoons HERE!!

Man Crossed Out Curse Words, Inserted Religion In Books At Library

Rooney in Running for Sexiest Newscaster


Web Hoax Causes Muslims To Flock To Site Where Messiah Was Breast Feeding

GOOGLE this it's hilarious

If the repugs are so upset about F911 ...

Blacks (lectroids)


Caption: Mirror mirror on the wall who's the prettiest kitty of all?

Moonie leader 'crowned' in Senate

Harrison Ford changed his name, married a 7of9, & is running for Senate?

Editor of Mexico news weekly shot dead

Cheesiest Camper Van Beethoven album

My long haired mug

Post yer F9/11 opening weekend predictions here!

anyone see "The Year That Trembled" ?

Shots of cruise ship orgy shock Cyprus

Opera to tackle life of Gaddafi

Look at me!

Judge rules for Madrid gambler

Naked Britons on the high seas!

Look at Lee!

Living for 1 day on England merchandise

Scientists discover decaf coffee bean

Pot-Smoking Dominatrix Jumps Into Election

I'm in the 700 CLUB!

Look at Mr.C

All I gotta say is...LMAO

What does "spiritual" mean?

I'm anti-war, but I like military history- Am I alone here?

help on F9-11 ticket buying questions ?

If you kick this post, you will be cursed with 4 more years of Bush!


Kerry joke (or is it?)

Just how crazy ARE you?

I have to credit Chomsky for my new sig

Bob Dylan and Willie Nelson

Michael Moore will be on Howard Stern tomorrow..

Canadian SC rules prisoner justified in carrying a knife.

Love is a snowmobile ride across the tundra,

Argh!! I'm getting pissy

Mall Evacuated After Worker Sets Fire Trying To Kill Spider

Matador takes a goring

Woman Doesn't Want To Watch Soccer On TV - Stabs Boyfriend In The Head

Any Sufjan Stevens fans here?

someone friggin stole my lunch again

Milk A Moose For 2 Hours, Get Hard To Find "Moose Cheese"

Okay someone REALLY needs to rewrite Jack Ryan's website

Who saw Farenheit 9/11? Some of you must have seen it last night

'Birth cry' ('Big Bang') of the cosmos heard

Speed-bumps: Love em or Hate em?

Caption: Mioooow, who's says it's called doggy paddle anyway?

By God, my luggage arrived!!

Going back to college at 37

I got hungry, so I stole someone's lunch

Is there anything worse....

Why I don't support "Why I don't support..." posts

Fatal Car Crash - Woman Chases Her Ex & Girlfriend In Road Rage Incident

I'm going to see F 9/11 tomorrow in CT - who's coming?

Check out this beauty.

Stupid question for DU musicians

Bonne Fete de St. Jean Baptiste! (Quebec)

NHL: Todd Bertuzzi charged with assault

If Hitler had been a hot chick, we'd all be speaking German today!

Favorite punchlines...

She must be a Thelma or Louise...she must be a post-modern...

I'm actually looking forward to a superhero/comic book movie...

What's the first thought that comes to you with this photo?

Nice work by our moderators!

Conservative Group Claims Victory over 'Fahrenheit 9/11' (Stop Giggling!!)

Bush took a trip to Burger King

Franken has really hit his stride

Turkey explosions!!


Man (Voyer) Dumps His Stash Of Porn, Arrested

Tell me something funny about your pet(s).

If one of the codger Supremes retire soon, who should replace them?

Paging Mr. Matcom!!

Which race should we kill off first?

Something to watch for if you have the new Beastie Boys CD

am i crazy or did lounge just dissappear? nt

line up to CAPTION over there


Great news for Steelers fans - Myron Cope is OK.

I'm having a really hard time right now

Did you see what just happened at Wimbledon?

I got my new toy! (AlphaSmart 3000)

Cheesiest, Campiest Paul Verhoeven movie

Dallas DUers

I just had a "Norma Rae" moment at the Mall-wart...

Best Weekly World News cover in ages!

the Dave Foley's 'Hecubus' of all CAPTIONs

Fruit---Bad, Mutant or Just a Lie

New Bible translation

Photoshop Challenge: Put Ron Reagan's face on a $10 bill

The end of the world, or something silly I just wrote.

The perfect Mojito...

the 'if only' Nixon farewell wave of all CAPTIONs

Shooting Spree Averted By Wandering Dog

Tennis Fans--Venus Williams just Lost! Now who bet me she'd win it all???

the repeat announcement of all CAPTIONs

Ron Reagan Jr on CNN... "not a republican"...

Linux Geeks Server Ques.

All right. I have seen ENOUGH of this stupid-ass window sticker!

Nature question

Why does my browser keep shutting down?

Jeez - I just talked to my friend's sister (who is also a friend)

Bush, lookin' sharp and chipper after visiting his Leak Lawyer

LynneSin: Real Person Or Pynchonian Construct?

She Don't Use Jelly

she likes books ... we like CAPTIONs

Here's Bob

What Professional Sport Has The Worst Officiating?

Breast Milk/Penis Pump/Porn/Genitals/Theater Sex/Spider Fires/Moose Cheese

Old man arraigned for defacing hundreds of library books.

Howdy Doody: Man or Myth?

Want to know something that is REALLY COLD to do to someone?

If George W. Bush was a Star Wars character, who would he be?

Watching Air Force One

Crossfire interactive in a few minutes

Is Mike Judge (Beavis & Butthead and King of the Hill) a Republican?

I am hoping for a warm November.

Will Margaret Dumont vote democrat?

Happy Birthday Robert Hunter

Did Ben Folds attend the Vince Guiraldi school of piano?


July 15th: Party for the President - Should I attend this party????

Portugal wins!

Suggestion. RE: F-9/11 protesters.

How Do I Flash A Mob?

What do I do about my skin?

whats the big deal about F911 censorship?

Stray Cats Help Man Beat Drug Charges

Other People's Secrets: Report Them Here

The "S" word live on Fox; should I call the FCC?

Man Jailed for Dropping Pants in Court

My uncle passed away :(

Do you ever feel like you're being cheated?????

I'm exhausted. Should I exercise?

How do I do a flash mob?

My igloo is melting

Neat parody of Lord of the Rings.

CAPTION W clearly explaining his economic record and plan

i hate the touchpad on my laptop

End of Days: the terror, the terror

What bland non-response to my thank you email to Regal for showing F911

What's the difference between "fuck off" and "go fuck yourself"?

T'ain't no big thing to wait for the bell to ring.

How safe are our athletes at the Olympics?

Election poll

Abu Ghraib or Abu Ghreff?

What is your favorite Coors Beer Product?

XNASA in all his glory!

a Word of Advice to all you youngsters heading out into the world

Oklahoma judge "pleasures himself" on the bench with penis pump

What Will YOU Be Drinking The Night Of 11/02/2004 ?????

Ken (Jeopardy) just keeps rolling along.


Speechless Dylan Accepts Honorary Degree

This is what I dream about on lonely nights

Apu Nahasapeemapetilon or Apu Nahasapeemapetilan?

Machine Gun Kelly's and the Smoking Trumpet.

New Iraq Constitiution?

Anyone have a good lemon cake recipe?


Judge Pleasures Himself While On Bench With Penis Pump - Charged

First Lady Pickles explains how YOU can help get her husband re-elected

See if you can guess what this spam was advertising

I just read the Iliad, and I don't get something...

DUers at Clinton signings in LA this weekend?


This or That? Sex with Matcom or Fun With a Deer Tongue?

Does anyone here think I'm a troll?

my goodness, I'm a sexist pig - just like you men

NPR this PM Steve from Minneapolis vs Neal Conan...very funny



Here Comes The Judge ( Judge caught masturbating during court)

No. FU Cheney, and God help the poor horse you rode in on.

Has anyone been to "Myrtle Beach Area" in particular Murrels Inlet and

Which college courses are Freeper favorites?

who here has done, contemplated, or discussed doing what Jack Ryan did?

So M-jean, how has your first week of Lesbianism gone?

Is Saturn really a "people first" company?

CONFESS!!! The day you realized sex wasn't a dirty and evil thing.

Yay! I Get To Pee In A Cup Today.....

OK-- Fess up!!! Who's leaving work early tomorrow to see Farenheit?

Dumb-Ass things you've done. (Tech Folks will LOVE mine!)

what was the first thing you did when you woke up this morning?

Who's your favorite movie director?

Very cool web site about doing knots

Finally got around to reading the latest Le Carre

Help please.....

Has anyone ever asked you "Why do you ask so Many Questions?" Why

Why does my underwear keep falling down?

Next witty comeback for Evil Dick (since he's already used the "f" word)

Guitars: sling them low or high?

I'm off to gather up some houseguests...

Martina Lost at Wimbledon

Beautiful Photos of The Sun Ra Arkestra

Coffee Drinkers- when did you start? Caffeine preference?

Bad Names to Have

Farenheit 911 opens tomorrow in Austin Tx.

CONFESS!!!! A childhood memory you had from when you were younger than 5

Strange Things You Believed As a Kid (Return of a DU Classic)

CONFESS!! How Did Your Parents Embarrass You As A Child?

Who will win Euro 2004?

I miss card shops.. What do you miss??

DU'ers born in the late 60's (66 to 70) do you relate to your Parents?

Is there any song out there that you could listen to over and over...

a similar riddle to this has been here before but

You're a casting director in the entertainment industry.

Why Kerry? Here's one perspective.

"Borg" to help shift the Congress tide towards that of the Democrats?

W katsup......

Time-tested formulas suggest both Bush and Kerry will win on Nov. 2

Kerry Calls for Allies to Aid Iraq Transition

Gov. Dean to appear on Arnie Arnesen show at 12:30.

Bush "leads" Kerry 49-48 in Missouri poll

Here's another poll

Gephardt's votes against Welfare Reform, NAFTA , WTO

Where is Kerry today--June 24, 2004?

Why not Fast Eddie for VP - Gov. Ed Rendell of Pennsylvania

Are you concerned civil libertarians will fear voting for Kerry?

Kerry / Vilsack '04 ??

Crooks for Kerry: Lefty group hires ex-cons to canvass

In Hindsight: The Winners and Losers from our original field of candidates


Does anyone else want to share my rant about organizing

Aaaargh! I can't take it anymore! Who will be VP and when...

"If Kerry Wins, My Children Will Die"

I will vote for john Kerry regardless of his VP choice:

Fahrenheit 9/11 not being played at a lot of theatres????? Why?

Kerry Maintains Lead Over Bush in Ohio (Kerry 49%, Bush 43%)

Carlson loves Nader

TPM - advice to Kerry: forget chumminess, choose Edwards

Is Clark "Too Good"To Be VP?

Kerry's chances against Bush better than '50-50': Clinton

Media Whores don't want Edwards on the ticket (D.Brooks on NPR-likes Gep)

Kucinich supporters...check this out

Stalinesque Nader supporters violate the Green Party non-violence value.

Kerry Honors Reagan in Speeches to Dems