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Archives: June 25, 2004

Senator Kerry 1992: His Report to the CFR about the BCCI-scandal

Salon/Conason: The Salon Interview: Bill Clinton

I wish John Kerry had given this speech or that Al Gore was our candidate

Washington's Anti-Aristide Game Plan for Haiti

Krugman: Errors on Terror

Terrorism? PRC need only look in the mirror

Noam Chomsky

Celibacy and the city

Herbert: Cooking Up a Crisis (Misinformation on Malpractice payments)


Guardian: Bush will have nothing to celebrate if he comes here (Baghdad)

the TRUE 9/11 Leafleting Campaign!

Today's Thought

Hotmail follows Yahoo in offering more storage space

Is there some way that I can figure out what $10,000 in 1972

Okinawa halts research on Korean victims of 1945 battle

China gets serious about Australia

Arms talks leave Wang unsatisfied - TW/US Subs

Bathhouses head toward extinction - JP

Gungeonites! I need a little help.

Should Dems challenge GOP to a shooting match?

Have LBN Rules Been Relaxed?

Mideast Quartet backs Egypt pressure on Palestinians

150,000 people expected to attend Gay Pride Parade

Abu Ala pledges to unify security forces in two months

Documentary about Howard Zinn at the Coolidge Corner Theater

Michigan Libraries FoIA'ed by conservative law firm

Reality TV comes to Pennsylvania

Drivers for PantsOnFire mobile needed

Portugal wins!

FYI all,

Michael Moore on at 8:00 PM EST

The mainstream press has discovered GITMO

Joe Klein on Zahn

Voting doesnÕt matter, hereÕs why.

Local theater showing F911 at 12:01 tonight

Heads Up: Michael Moore on the Tonight Show tonight,

KPFK, 6:22PM..... GWB questioned in oval office re: Val Plame...

how to counter the GOP's 'wild-eyed' ad campaign

I'm NOT a Nader supporter, okay? But...

PUKE ALERT: School principal supports Bush on 9/11 handling

California Nixes Anti-Gay Amendment As Conservatives Push Congr. For Vote


Big Dog inna house on Larry King!

Heads Up: Fahrenheit 9/11 Special - 9:30 EDT

Why are the Pubs Promoting Whineyness and Anger in America?

I love the right's idea about using the dems.' words against them.

Guy James Show topic this week: "You can't be a devout Christian and a


Christo Cocaine donates money to Bush

OUCH-Bush has 34% approval rating in Pennsylvania among indys

Just got my latest email from BushCheney04.

Republican e-mail on Social Security

Repukes want to make it illegal to advertise F-911

Do you think the Plame indictments will wait until Bush returns

I need some Oppo links on WND.

NYT Wilgoren/I hate that bitch

The Coulter Challenge (Ann looks "haggard and clinically insane")

In one hour, I'm off to the midnight showing of F-9/11

Oh wow, I get to see F9/11

Anyone know why Cheney used the "f" word?

Does Scarborough realize he's helping Moore's movie?

Tit for Tat, what RW nuts said abour Kerry's cursing

Toon that will live in infamy

Stirring up trouble online

Freepers applaud the colorful language of Evil Dick

Bush was pathetic at the Commerce today. Did anyone hear his speech?

Did Bush really call Aids an "addiction"?

Why don't we go to bat for the ex-felons who have paid their debts

Larry King Live talks to President Clinton tonight on CNN!!

Theory on lack of protest permits in NYC for the RNC

Will FOX News pundits talk about HIV/AIDS as an "addiction" from now on?

Democratic leadership watch F9/11

Michael Moore on The Daily Show 6/24

Seeing Farenheit 9/11 in Georgia, am I safe?

F911 in Tallahassee; Jeb's goons to be out in full force

O'Lielly: Parade magazine says he didn't lie after all

So, apparently Cheney got his money's worth....

Do you know why they decided not to put Reagan on the $10 bill?

I wish someone would walk up behind Cheney and...

Hey, With Cheney's Recent F-Bombs In The Senate

Whoa, F-11 sells out in Lubbock Texas!

America is Polarized beyong belief! I never thought I'd see this but

Confirm or deny. Mel Gibson is a co-producer of Fahrenheit 911.

Concert For Kerry: Dave Matthews Band etc...

Nightline now: More like civil war than ready for handover

Michael Moore is on the Daily Show....NOW!

Bruce Springsteen's concert during the Repug convention.....

Justice Scalia did something good for a change.

Democrats know how to fuck.

Minister Blasts U.S. over Guantanamo Trials

Full Gore speech here:

Yes, George, as you have said 1000 times: there must be a consequence

what should happen to lyndie england and the rest

How are Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and O'Reilly

Anyone know the latest Bush poll numbers?

What Star Trek said about US torture in 1995

Where will F/911 be playing

Its time to sue the FEC

Gore Speech Proves Bush & Cheney Lied About Iraq

Leno got in some good Bush/Cheney zingers tonite....

Good interview with Clinton on Larry King

Federal workers' union endorses Kerry

Does anyone else get the impression...

I have just viewed the video of the beheading of Kim Sun-il.

Research question: Where is F9/11 showing across the country?

Help me out, please.

A Nagging Thought

Proof GOP backing Nader in Oregon

I just saw Fahrenheit 911 in Denver

Focus turns from the "liars" to the "lied to." What will we do?

is Gore speech audio available online for downloading?

This is not a time for pessimism and rage... (Republican {ō} maneuvers)

Rosenstrasse--another movie recommendation

Has anyone seen Gore's speech on C-Span? Later tonight??

The Religious Right Brainstorming Thread

Al Sharpton on CNN 360, talking about Religion and Politics

BBV - Diebold To Buy Federal Election Commission!

It really toasts their little Nazi cookies

Do you agree with this analogical example?

Ex-convict/felon/common criminal G. Gordon (flipped-his) Liddy

Summer of love 2004

Bush/Plame "interview" -- legal ramifications

The Mirror has gone to crap since Piers Morgan resigned!

Bill Clinton is a beautiful, beautiful person.

Michael Moore Responds to Citizens United

See Jon Stewart kicking Cheney's Ass ie. the "pants on fire" clip

So this is restoring Honor and Integrity??? Great read from todays local

Linda Chavez Opposes Minimum Wage Increase, but Doesn't Know Minimum Wage

Poppy Bush fired Nazis from Repuglican Party (1988)

Drudge hid Clinton's boffo book sales -- and the right-wing followed

I am truly upset at the Kennedys.

Ahhnold in '08

Vice President Fuck

Bush: "We want to make sure our radars work well"

On the ground reporting from Iraq

Who can photoshop a bumper sticker with the new RW slogan?

Back from Hunting of the President + Q&A with Joe Conason

How Many Theaters Are Playing F-911 In Your Areas?

What is Saddam guilty of?

Despite being war mongers, freepers seem shit scared of the draft

Eric Alterman: The Real Ralph Nader

BBV: Testing of voting machines inadequate, election experts say

Why do the NeoCons divide us with Anger? Don't they realize they weaken

Remember: Invite (& pay for) a moderate friend or family member to F 9/11

It has begun

My Fahrenheit 9/11 review (rough)

Speechless in the East Village: My F911 Experience

And on the Hannity Board, they think we should be gassed!

If ("WHEN"???) Kerry wins in November....

Not smart, Georgie.

Conservative group using FoIA in battleground state

You can help the family of a torture victim--

Would you support a law limiting an individual's yearly personal income?

Asheville Dems, post the particulars of the F-9/11 opening there tomorrow.

Bu$h implodes; Cheney explodes.

How long did it take Pub Lurkers to find out here on DU that they were in

I didn't just see Fahrenheit 911

"Lord of the Rings" Trilogy of films: Racist?

Just got back from Fahrenheit 9/11

Campbell's to layoff 400


U.S. official: North Korea threatens to carry out nuclear test

Firm to start cleaning Boca anthrax site

Legal experts slam torture policy process

FEC declines to rule on f911 ads

Lockheed effectively scuttles merger with Titan

Marcos blocks screening of film

Gore: Bush Lied About al-Qaida, Iraq Link

Iraqi's Governing Council Grants Itself New Leadership Role--New WMW

Activists slam Shell's corporate practices

BBC (late Thursday): UK alarm over Guantanamo trials

China, Japan retrieve 542 wartime chemical bombs (WMDs)

Teamsters Chief Quits Bush Trade Advisory Group

WP: The Other Reagan Legacy: Outspoken Son Ron

Colo. Senate Hopeful: Lower Drinking Age (Brewery Magnate Peter Coors (R))

More US ships and planes heading their way to Asia

Christians in the West outsourcing prayers to India

WP: Adversary's Tactics Leave Troops Surprised, Exhausted

Iraq war will cost each U.S. family $3,400

60s free-love bastion to vote on prostitution

Senate votes 99-1 to increase indecency fines

Nader likely to miss Indiana ballot

Wolfowitz: Sorry for comments about reporters in Iraq

Ralph Nader tells Canadians not to vote Tory

CNN: U.S. could send more troops to Iraq (15,000 more)

WP: Cheney Dismisses Critic With Obscenity (New-Explicit Language (R))

NYT: Iraqis, Seeking Foes of Saudis, Contacted bin Laden, File Says

Federal judge apologizes for comparing Bush's rise with Hitler, Mussolini

Anyone mention that today (June 24th) is Mick Fleetwood's 62nd birthday?

Order your wingnut merchandise now!

I'd love to change the world

Reach Out and CAPTION ... Pickles, 'superstar' ...

rode along with my right wing manager toady . .

I have never felt fatter than i do this week

3 month old Kittens.... Do they have a setting between "off" and "high"?

I finally had enough courage to leave my bunper sticker on . .

Damn I hate my sister...

Hey time for new DU merchandise...

ABC FINALLY brought back Kingdom Hospital.

How do you imagine folks explain to kids about Viagra, etc, commercials?

Can someone tell me the name of the group that Mari333 belongs to?

PLAY BALL!!!! (Not Safe for Dial-Up)

F911, S-F con, or Tchaikovsky?

Have any Cub fans noticed that Ron is a lot edgier this year than he

Kerb-crawler banned from driving

Dubbing Sux!

Christo Cocaine Donates money to Bush

What's for dinner?

In 24 hours I'll be watching Fahrenheit 9/11, I doubt I'll sleep tonight


The F 9/11 song

Just Fixed the Kitten's Dinner and...

What artists said what you "needed to hear" but only had a few albums/cd's

Supposing there was reincarnation, what were you in a past life?


If your pet could talk right now, what would it say?

OMG - incredible version of "In C" by Bang on A Can on WNYC now

Random Names Thread

Anyone here been to Angkor?

My Freudian slip is all pink and frilly!

I'll be Bach.

Cool, my paper chain started an election pool

Is there a way to "save" a show from C-span on PC?

Is Kerry too WILD-EYED?

pork and peppers

Which commercial do you hate more

When you see an SUV...what % of time is there only 1 person in it?

THE DAILY SHOW IS ON - Michael Moore tonight, people!!!!!!!!!

What to do in a terrorist attack

After 6 months on DU I'm about to enter the 700 club - HELP

I'm late to the game (as usual), but "The Fog of War" RAWKED.

Did Jon Stewart mention Cheney's F-Bomb tonight???

For Mick Fleetwood's birthday: FAVORITE FLEETWOOD MAC TUNE?

Orlando Drafts High Schooler Dwight Howard #1 Overall

Tell your adoption story here

Has anyone else read the book "Pimp" by Iceberg Slim?

Friendly word of advice Re; Viruses

Got drunk last night and woke up with a bottle of cooking oil next to the

Check out this message I put on a local board!

How many times do you hit the snooze on your alarm in the morning?

Need a break form all the tension?

What kind of ass are you?

Who's a good party host?

Election poll

Thanks, Markdd!

I just bought my tickets for Fahrenheit 9/11. Ask me anything!

Bass! How low can you go? Death row. What a brother knows.

six days til I start my travel intensive summer!

Beltran dealt to Astros

My local TV news just did a segment on "Fahrenheit 9/11."

Did ya know Jim Carrey is going to do "The Six Million Dollar Man?"

"Good morning Sodom and Gomorrah....

WhiteHouse.Gov has a really lousy search engine

I love Japanese culture, do you?

How soon before "Fuck yourself" becomes an acceptable part of speech?

I'm making spaghetti for dinner.

Who wants to embarrass a freeper kanagroo court over Smirk & Iraq?

Led Zeppelin. IV. Side 2. Discuss.

I survived conservative hell!!!!!!!

Do nice guys finish last?

Most Liberal City in North America

Can someone recommend a good book on basic NUTRITION?

Which novelty toy would you buy?

FUCK. How Do You Tell Your Dad He Shouldn't Come Visit?

Drunk kitties

The Idiot Son of an Asshole

Where is The Magistrate?

Tell us an interesting fact about your town.

Who's your favorite Arthur?

Who's a good web host?

Rancher unveils Indian site kept secret for years

Someone said to me...You know Creative People drink and do Drugs more

Y'know what's sad? People will actually BUY this...

How many times has someone on DU accused you of being a Freeper?

Okay, so I'm kind of back! Not in the extreme, but sort of.

ARGH!!! How do I deal with SO's unconscious sexism?????

What games do you like?

Bad things to say at a party?

"Instead of 'ass' say 'buns'...

IT'S SATURDAY - King Missle

Is it me or are the Baby Einstein videos a plot to brainwash our kids?

How many "I just saw F 9/11" thread will be in GD tomorrow

I put my cat on a diet and I actually think it's working!

Supposing there is reincarnation...what are you coming back as?

Post your favorite guitar

Name My Unborn Daughter

Bow down before Princess Madeleine of Sweden

Mac OS X security myth exposed

Farking around with fireworks.... Post your memories here!

What interesting things to see in Singapore?

Who's your favorite Author?

Quiz: What was Thomas Edison's first PATENTED invention?

MSNBC Veepstakes: Clark 1st, Edwards "distant" 2nd--week 6

CLARK on MSNBC Fri 10:15 a.m. EST, Anderson Cooper CNN 8:00 p.m.

Moveon announces it's first four candidates

Clark on Hardball Fridy night . Yipee!

Does VP choice really matter?

Nader likely to miss Indiana ballot

Yeah! I can go with Kerry/Gephardt!.I can do this!

New Mexico governor interviewed as possible Kerry running mate

in new Bush ad he compares himself to Hitler -- inoculation !?!?!?

Vietnam Vets Against Kerry?

Latest Dean Dozen

Persuasive and passionate. 'Fahrenheit 9/11' is both. It's also Michael Mo

ABC's Jennings tries to knock down Guantįnamo walls

Matthew Rothschild (The Progressive): A New Low for Nihilism

Above the law

ANALYSIS Moore's assertions supported by record

Forbes list of best..and worst..citys for singles is out.

Who Will Save the Children - Mark Morford

An open letter to the Catholic bishops from David Batstone letter: But what do you expect...

Another genocide, more international inaction


find the bizarre bush quote in this article and win a prize!

Attack of the Wolfman---Dowd

Bush needs the allies he ignored before war (Palm Beach Post Editorial)

Mark Ames: The Coulter Challenge:

WP Editorials on SCOTUS Cheney ruling

A GI Bill for the next generation

Peggy Noonan: what I saw at the evacuation

US doesn't control roadways, borders, or key cities in Iraq

"You sir, are no Kennedy, Reagan or Clinton...(MUST READ)

Our $8 trillion headache

Dick Cheney -- not someone you want to F*** with (Satire)

Please Protect the Animals From Aaaahhhnold in California!

hit this poll (Film911) will hurt bush

Getcher free anti-Bush flyer here!

Cheney needs a "F* yourself" Google bomb

Scott Ritter kicked ass last night!

Michael Moore On The Daily Show - Video

Two Thoughts for today

Informal survey

We played on a ouija board last night and talked politics...

Those "record" Home Sales in May......

Coral Reefs Down Globally By 50% In Last 40 Years

EPA Ad Campaign Touts Efficient Homes, Ridicules Idea Of Efficient Cars

New Research Supports Power Of Ocean Currents In Climate - Science Daily

Ontario approves Niagara hydro expansion

European Glacial Retreat Rates Highest In At Least 10,000 Years - BBC

With Trees Gone, Alaska Villagers Hang Hopes On Summer Tourism

We live in a sick society.

FoxNews: Priest beats up would-be robbers.

GUNS IN THE NEWS-June 25, 2004

Lunabush's Dumbass Friday Joke of the Day - in the Gungeon

101 Things that Skippy isn't allowed to do in the Army.

An interesting piece on national DNA registers..

Is There A Traffic Problem, Gentlemen?

How do I "hyperlink" in my sig line? n/t

Another heads up

My I make a small suggestion?

Why was ConservativeLurkers post deleted by the mod in GD?

so I'm moving, how do I change my address

Can I second CatWoman's suggestion?

U.S. lawmakers: Use Israeli bullets for training only

Arafat refuses to concede powers

BBC and the Middle East - The Story Tv News Won't Tell

Standing Against The Claws Of The Wall

World court to rule on West Bank fence July 9

Nasrallah: 'Mistake' led to deaths of 3 IDF soldiers

Arbel: Evidence clearly shows that Sharon took bribes

Cash, clout and rot

Jack Ryan is TOAST

Ill repukes killing their own

I just saw my next Senator (Obama) on the nightly news

Tampa (and Miami) awarded federal grant to help fight violent crime

Widow, 80, spends night in jail

Rave Motion Pictures showing F911 is Pensacola!

Schwarzenegger Wants Strays Killed Faster...

F911 - Revere Saturday June 26, 12:45pm

"Charges dropped against suspected bank robbers"

Just back from the John Kerry rally

Pics from Scott Ritter's lecture

F911 in Central Wisconsin?

Where are all the "F**k The Supreme Court" Threads?

Is Bush sneaking in to Baghdad June 30th - Guardian speculates?

The three most common non-factual slams against F 9/11 in its reviews

Bwuhaha! I just used the Shrub/Cheney site to send this letter to editors

Hang in there, Jack Ryan!!

Do my eyes deceive me, or are there no "I've got Clinton's book" threads?

Should the minimum wage be based on regional costs?

June 30th..the magic day..

I went to a midnight viewing of Farenheit 9/11 with an audience of 1500!

Tim Berners-Lee gets some bux at last

Iraqi Defenders Kicking US Butt In Baqouba

Watching Big Dog on Larry King

Ashcroft dispatching teams of federal agents to 15 cities

Cartman for Vice President!

Cops Kill Suspect W/ High Tech Hood

Where our taxes are going: to the Pentagon, $416 billion for next year

A Frank Exchange of Views

Just saw F-9/11 - midnight showing

Getting a history lesson

Can't they count?

Please vote and help Olbermann!

"Fahrenheit 9/11" -- Link for finding the nearest theater

Praised by Bush, Woman Said Still in Debt

Fahrenheit 9/11 ((((((((SPOILER))))))))))))))) {{{{{{{SPOILER}}}}}}}

join the coaltion of wild-eyes!

Macbeth (er, MacBush) ready to roll at Dromoland Castle....

When the War on Iraq started, Joe Lieberman said it was a just

Does anyone else feel that there are a number of similarities between the

Yahoo critics summary of F-9/11 shows average grade of A-

Conservatives Groups Help Ralph Nader

Dan Bartlett posing as reporter?

I'm annoyed by the mainstream "Farenheight 9/11" reviews

Praised by Bush, Woman Said Still in Debt

Did Shrub talk to the special investigator alone!?!?

Gannett Movie Critic F911 Review - You'll be Surprised

If Cheney has no ties to Halliburton, why is he....

Go Fuck YourSELF Dick

9/11 Commission Misses FBI's Embarrassing Al Qaeda Dealings

After nearly four decades of the Women's liberation movement,

Apparently Bush thinks the Irish are as f*cking stupid as Americans!!!

hey y'all, be sure to get your ivans today.....

White Chicks, ' Moore in Spotlight at Box Office

BBC: Moore film divides America

Update on F911 theaters. Picked up by AMC!

Any RW response to Cheney's F-bomb attack?

Poll: Should the homecomings of the war dead

Heads up: Alex Bennett streaming right now free on Sirius

hey vice president fuck yourself, my son has other priorties besides war

New Bruce Elliott Poll

We need a new DU goal for November:

Michael Moore on Democracy Now --- streaming now

Bush is a bum, LITERALLY!! - - Content Warning: Many naked bike riders

Choices, choices....F9/11 playing at 17 theatres in the Toronto area...

Local paper reviews for 9/11 all seem to think some facts are doubtful!

MIchael Moore on the Early Show - CBS NOW - 7:40 EST

Caller told c-span about ad on the Bush web site this morning.

Mr. Vice President, your pants are on fire. /John Stewart-Video clip

America's History of Torture

U.S. Army Told Not to Use Israeli Bullets in Iraq

Condi, June 30th,"real prospects that this government could be derailed"

F9/11...what do you expect to see today on the news...?

Conservatives Seek to Help Ralph Nader

So why is Ted Olson resigning?

MUST SEE:W's "Coalition of wild eyed" ad

We should all start using the term "wild-eyed" ...

W getting nasty with a journalist in Ireland - AAR aired clip

difference between when kerry said F and when DICK said it....

Yahoo news...

Anyone have that link to where F 9/11 is playing?

DU this poll!

It is time for Miller to be thrown out...

Bush FINALLY speaks the truth!

Daily Show clip: Ah-Boo Gareff A must see!

FoxNews.Com seems to be ignoring F 9/11 --- following the neocon plan

Daily Show clip: Ah-Boo Gareff A must see!

Most of our "problems" could be solved very easily..

FoxNews.Com seems to be ignoring F 9/11 --- following the neocon plan

The Washington Post printed Cheney's EXACT words!

U.S. Economic Growth Slows

Iraq Violence Takes Toll on Civilians

Went to the book store last night

Irish reporter hammering chimpy on CNN International 1020pm pst

Isn't calling a woman a Feminazi like calling a black man an AfroNazi?

Confirmed: Zell to speat at RNC Convention

"Michael Moore Is a Big Fat Stupid White Man''

Oklahoma judge caught using a penis pump as he was presiding at trial

My thrill of the morning was ????

Richard Clarke's testimony backs up Michael Moore on the flights...

Did Zell Miller vote for Gore or Bush* in 2000?

Am I seeing things? in BreakingNews a few moments ago I saw

London Daily Mail review of The New Pearl Harbor

Do you think the media get it yet?

Question for Texans

Bush* Your attack ads aren't working because[fill in the blank]

The Governator Wants to Kill Puppies (Seriously)

Wild-Eyed ad doesn't even show Bush* in action (another {ō} move)

There's More to the Story Dude - Flyers for 9/11 Showing

Fox & Friends laughed at the LA suspect beating video?

Today It's Bill NELSON or VILSACK

Taking my GOP friends to F9/11 - MY TREAT

Did you hear about Howard Stern's F911 Scores promotion. . .

Sean Hannity must be stopped! (Playgirl Poll)

CNN terminated Michael Moore interview.

Since when was encouraging democracy actually policy?

Michael Moore on Howard Stern coming right now

Conservatives Try to Get Nader on Ballot

Al Franken Exposes Bill O'Reilly Deceit on Saddam

Spin dry toons

Does Anyone Know? - Is Cheney Donating to Families

Breaking NBA news!

"I saw Shrek, and I believe it's more factually accurate."

BREAKING: Chicago media outlets reporting Ryan to drop out at noon!

Does Anyone Know -- Is Moore Donating Anything to Families?


Pics from Scott Ritter's lecture


Smoking Gun has a copy of the petition to remove the pervert judge

Jay Inslee On Now

Liberals Are A Bunch Of Spineless Wimps!

Tom Delay

Can anyone help me find a good site re: Mark Lombardi's art?

Question about Kerry's middle-class tax cut

Alaska Special Session Legislature approved $1.00 a pack tax on cigarettes

A coworker of mine just said Michael Moore is full of delusional facts

How the "Wild Eyed" attack ads have worked on me.

Can someone please give me info about this Defence of Decency Act??

Homeland Security left a message attached to my doorknob

So there I was in the cafe, listening to two guys discuss religion...

Wooo Hooo - MALLOY on CNN

Bush takes yet another swing at France...O'Reilly boycott to follow?

Michael Moore on TDS w/ Jon Stewart last night... "A Liberal Nation?"

Favorite name for Plame outing affair

Bill Clinton Ron Reagan, and Mike Moore on the O'Franken factor!

Shame on Tampa Fl..........arrests 80yr old widow.....

I saw something in * during that "interview" this morning

US Lawmakers: Use Israeli bullets for training only

When does Bill Maher be back on HBO?

Has this poll been DUed, or is the tide finally turning?

computer question

Army told not to use Israeli bullets in Iraq

Has Bush* and Cheney's income risen in the last three years?

Solicitor General Olson submits resignation;

Right Wing Campaign Against F/911 enters a new phase

Jon Stewart of Larry King Tonght 9PM eastern

Right wing radio is crowing about WMD found in Iraq

Ron Reagan Jr. rocked on Air America! Michael Moore up now!

Have you been reading Boondocks this week?

Tee Hee--Fox news has Bush winning FL,PA,OH,MI

WTF?!? Bush's Carlyle Group buys Loews Theaters - No F 911?

OH BOY...The knock at the door revealed...

Words we will never have to hear again....after Jan . 2005


Can the FEC ban ads for F9/11???

Caption the seersuckers

Need help finding a * quote

Michael Moore on Howard Stern

Could someone please provide a link to Ron Reagan Jr

Would you support a law limiting a CEO's yearly income...

Biggest GWB doublethink quote I've ever seen... from CNN

Running total for the Iraq War....

Franken has Michael Moore on right now...

Anecdotal comment on "Iraq Handover" from friend.

Fresh Air Clinton Interview

Has anyone run into trouble going to see F 911?

Imagine taxing assets instead of income.

Michael Moore: The Traitorest of the Traitors!

Married DU ladies - have an affair with /me/!

Who's Politically Correct Now?

Iacocca switches from Bush to Kerry?

I got a letter from Dubya! Yeah!

Please DU This Poll! MSNBC F911 Poll!

Hm, a question just popped into my head, is F911 playing in any other coun

Are the Monica threads a reflection of how much we miss the Clinton era?

Friends, DUers, countrypeople, lend me your minds...

CALL TO ACTION - call the DNC NOW and ask them to boot Zell Miller

Does anyone here know if F-911 is showing in other countries???

Please, someone, tell Al Gore to shut up

Get your F911 tickets NOW!

Latest GDP chart flips you the bird

ha ha, look at this picture of Ryan

F9/11. A report from Bush country (aka Dallas, Tx.)

Quick! Anybody got a link to the Miller/Alterman interview?

Are Bush's numbers improving?

is anyone watching CNN right now...?


Deleted message

Hartmann PeerCast Stream is up!

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful - Oh it's so good to hear from an.......

Cheney, classy vice president.

Stevens says Limbaugh got no help from him

Michael Moore: This is a Liberal Country.

Perfect example of why internet polling will NEVER WORK.

Everyone seeing F911 today listen up, damnit!

I'm burning Speical Edition Chomsky CD's to hand out at F911 today

54 % think the war in Iraq was a MISTAKE?...that's the wrong word

Steroid Arnie: Puppy Killer?

Are you nervous about seeing F9/11?

Crossgates Mall, Albany NY F911 tonight who's going?

We just got back from seeing Fahrenheit 9/11!

FoxNews.Com seems to be ignoring F 9/11 --- following the neocon plan

See the Chimp alienate the Irish people with his ignorance and arrogance!

Et Tu Cheney - the death of W

Know why Frist is bringing up the FMA in July? This is his only chance!

Above the law and proud of it.

Did I hear right? Nader said to vote Kerry but go to Nader rallies?

Okay, time to line up the Repub quotes about Lautenberg

Breaking news! USS candidate Jack Ryan (R-IL) to withdraw from race

Latest wingnut spin: Clinton admin. linked Iraq & al Qaeda first

MSNBC: Tenet was interviewed by Plame investigator "about a month ago"

Schwarzenegger Wants Stray Animals Killed Quicker (Saves CA Money)

DU this Gephardt Poll, they are ganging up on us!

Discussed yesterday - but I can't get over this friggin' Bush/Cheney ad!

Went to buy tickets for F 9-11 at lunch and no luck :( New Orleans

Goin' to F911 at 4:45 in Dallas, Tx

They were double checking ticket stubs for 9/11

"Isn't It Time" - great new NDP flash movie

What's with all these Fox polls?

3 things I think of regarding Michael Moore.......

Would they sacrifice (assassinate) Bush to further their agenda?

F911 gets CNN's Political Play of the week

"Bob Novak! Tweaking everyone on BOTH SIDES!" - Judy Woodruff

For Your Discernment: Berg Killed by Americans

AP Reporting: Its official that Jack Ryan is out of the race

Bush in Ireland for US-EU talks

I like the "F911" reports as they come in from across the country

Bush and Cheney to make two "official visits" to WV on July 4th

Where can I see the Bush interview with the Irish interviewer???

Zell Miller will speak at the Republican convention in NYC

Could someone edit my letter before I send it out?

Please help me with the New Bush Hitler ad

got tickets for F911 for tonight in tallahassee--hope we aren't

Crossfire: Fahrenheit 9/11 is the topic

Calling all Calif. animal lovers!! Time to RECALL Arnold the pet killer!!

Plame timing question.

Portland, OR downtown F9/11 SOLD OUT FOR REST OF DAY!

Have you seen the CNN poll today?

Moore vs. Clarke

F911 - Midnight Thursday - North Dallas - Loews

MoveOn action plan for seeing the FH9/11: Talking points, wear blue, etc.

I'm gonna miss all the F 9/11 action

Dennis Prager, hypocrite and author of "Why Democrats use the F-word"


Clinton's book.......Gingrichs' List words

Goin' to the movies tonight - what does my T- shirt say

CAP Debunks critics of Moore's film concerning Saudi Flights & other Items

Hundreds show up for F911 in Oklahoma City

Dave Matthews working the votes!

What would x-prez Ronald W. Reagan think about this?

We played on a ouija board last night and talked politics...

SOLD OUT F911 Los Angeles (Century City) -- 4 shows

Wanna defend the sanctity of marriage? Criminalize infidelity.

Free ticket to F911 tonight in Omaha

bush's health care policy was stolen from the hitler playbook

SOLD OUT Fahrenheit 911 in Nashville, TN

so what's the rebuttal the the rw "clark ordered the saudi flights!" line


How graphic is the beheading scene in F 9/11?

What happened to the bloke whom the Freeper got fired?

Just saw F911 in South Texas. Awesome!

REMINDER: The Washington Post is SITTING on 1000 torture photos

WAIT FOR IT: By Next Week, Zarqawi Will Have Orchestrated 9/11

When Bush Says God Talks to Him...

How could anyone that calls themselves an American not vote in November?

What is the best choice for Kerry's VP?

Anyone watching the Irish TV interview?

INSIDE JOB: Unmasking the 9/11 Conspiracies (ship date: June 28)

My sister just sent me this comic :)

F911 in Florida

I AM Excited About this movie!

"Kerry's Coalition of the Wild-Eyed" web ad at

LIsa Meyers will tell us what's not true in F/911....coming up on MSGOP

Fahrenheit 911

Sock it to this conservative radio poll in fundy South Carolina

Do you think the draft will return after the election?

SOLD OUT for the day Fahrenheit 911 in Daly city, Ca

In a Police Chase, the Lights Can Be a Tip-Off/L.A. Times Lopez

My sister has finally melted down and said something so stoooopid......

Just heard

Will neocon protesters interfere with Farenheight 911 at theaters?

GDP growth rate revised DOWN

Surprise--GDP not 4.4 as announced actual number is 3.9, inflation higher

I finally figured out who the "father" of conservatism

If F911 ad was edited to eliminate the Shrub face, would it

Tenet testified about Plame incident a week before he resigned.

Did anyone just hear Chimpy on AAR?

F911 in Rhode Island 1 PM show

Carole Coleman's interview with Bush

Fox and CNN/Gallup in on the FIX!

Here's a Clear Channel Station poll for F 9/11, DU it, por favor?

Michael Moore Hates RW documentary rebuttal

Tears, exhaustion, and a special place in hell for G.W. Bush

Take a Conservative Family Member , Friend, or Coworker to F 9/11

Against the term the 'EU Three'

Moore said to Jon Stewart last night the Bin Laden Family had invested

Moncia History here not good

Reaching into history, for an antidote to Cheney's eff-you...

Report: Nader's AZ Petition Drive Piggybacked On Anti-Immigrant Initiative

Army ad before Fahrenheit 9/11 showing

Reminder if not seeing F911 Tonight: Jon Stewart On Larry King Tonight

DU this Fahrenheit 9/11 Yahoo poll

What's Is George Bush's Worst Nightmare?

Just saw F9/11 here in Brooklyn.

F911 Screening Report

Daily Show clip: A-Boo Gareff Must see!

Wait a minute! What was 7 of 9 doing married to a right-wing nutjob?

Wanna see some REAL spin (Moonie Times)?

I wish people would stop with the supposed good economy.

Cheney: if it feels good, do it!

George of the Bungle

"Go F * * K Yourself! " No, Dick, you go and f * * k yourself and ..

Michael Medved trashing FH 9/11 on CNN NOW

bush's great uncle was Hitler, the Bin Laden's old family friends

When Cheney told Leahy f*** yourself....Leahy should have said

F 9/11question for anyone who saw it

Where are you going to watch F-9/11 tonight?

Did anybody see Andrew Card saying Cheney should apologize for swearing?

Just Received This Email From Kerry's Campaign (Re Ad On Bush Web Site)

Does anybody have an audio link to Cheney's...

Wes Clark On Hardball

Civility Drops to a Low Point in Congress

F911 in New Hampshire

Count Wolfowitz Discusses Iraq Transition on "Ask the White House"

PLEASE watch Lisa Meyers on MSNBC -- coming up

Kerry Needs to Re-Do His "Health-Care" Message

Buy this teddy bear and receive your very own FBI file!

M Moore National On-line Town Meeting

F9/11 at the Grand Lake Theatre in Oaktown

Deleted message

Why did Bush campaign put Bush picture in with 'wild eyed dems'

All 8 showings in three theaters in Denver and Boulder tonight Sold Out!

Fahrenheit 911 in Tallahassee has large crowd for first showing

Argh. The company I was chief pilot for years is closing down...on local

Which Party is most dismissive of the other when they are in control ?

Can we get Zell Miller into a kinky Paris sex club?

I would love to see Bush* prosecuted for his crimes but if a foreign

cheney and the f word

This Fahrenheit 9/11 craziness makes me so happy!!! Thanks Mike!!!

Anyone ever listen to Phil Hendrie....

MSNBC Poll: Is "Fahrenheit 9/11" an honest portrayal of President Bush?

Deleted message

quick...defreep this poll about F9/11...

Medicare is planning a lottery for people with cancer, multiple sclerosis

You wanna make your trip to see Fahrenheit 9/11 really count?

Sorry to break it to you all, but we're all traitors!

Senator Leahy had it coming

DU this Denver Post poll on F 9/11

Leahy should apologize says Cheney

Just a reminder - the "Arab hijacker" myth is just that - a myth.

When you're cornered,

Invitation to the

Here is a photo of George & Barbara Bush with the Messiah

Are you a liberal?

When will it be the "right time"?

Krauthammer: Cheney should be commended for "earthy authenticity"

There will be no compromise ! This is a fight to the death !

Anyone know how Nebraska's responding to F9-11? Any first-hand-accounts.

U.S. Readies for Draft

Does Clarke contradict his book with this quote?

Streisand's new lyrics for Kerry fundraiser: G.O. People

The Washington Post made history today !

ABC "fact-checking" F9/11...coming right up

(O) Zell Miller

Bush "Hitler Ad" is clever way to stomp on Move by Disinformation

Are Democrats REALLY upset about Cheney saying 'fuck'?

Jon Stewart on Larry King


A British view on Fahrenheit 9-11

George W. Bush is a disgusting piece of shit and always has been

"Coalition of the Wild-Eyed"

Farenheit 911 protesters? Hand them a PRETZEL !!

Just saw F11 in Woodbridge VA

I am so proud of my self. I was the first to purchase a ticket to F-9/11

Fahrenheit 9/11, Gore and the Black Caucus

16yr old Danish girl deported from the US

My Letter To The Editor on F 9/11 Movie

The Irish are revolting!!!

LBN! Variety: Boffo sales put doc in running for No. 1 spot!!!!

What is the smallest town F911 is playing in?

Anyone Catch *'s Interview With The Irish Reporter?

Century 16 at Eastport in Portland has sold out F/911 all day...

F911 near SE Ohio, SW PA, SuperNorthern WV?

Lisa myers' hatchet job review of F911...please email MSNBC

Corporations Are Not All That Bad

OMG- I'm in Fahrenheit 911...

Could we be more organized with F/911 posts?

Rumsfield the Torturer

The first exchange in the 2nd United States Civil War

My review of Fahrenheit 9/11

freepers buying tickets for shrek 2 and sneaking into F-911

Todays Poll MSNBC Is Farenheight 911 an honest portrayal

Check out this Republicon rant...

Wow the people at freerepublic are probably all KKK members.

My Pet Goat?

The Coalition of the Wild-eyed is World-wide.Let's give 'em Wild-eyed HELL

Fahrenheit 9/11. A Review. There are things in this film.... (Long)

‘James R Bath’ OMITTED from Detroit Free Press ‘Fahrenheit 9/11’ Review

Lewinsky "adulterer" blames Clinton for "ruining" her "life"

There is nothing American about American Express.

Cuba After Castro?

M. Moore is topic on Crossfire


9/11 Commission Overlooks FBI-Quaeda Coverup

What is with people posting their exact locations?

What does an abortion do?

Ready for this? The Conservative Film Festival

My source says Bush is in trouble in Plamegate

Packed house for 9/11, 1pm showing in Central Florida (Plus a Freeper)

Stupid Repug Stole my Kerry Lawn Sign

Is Bush going to be in danger when he goes to Baghdad next week?

IF it goes badly for Cheney he may opt for exile.

anyone have an mp3 of Michael Moore on Stern today

Help me DU this poll

Where is Russia? Germany? France? (non-F911 related)

'Embedded Patriots' They explode big lies.

How much money will 'Fahrenheit 9/11' take in this weekend?

If we take our country back, list heroes for the history books --

F911, first day, first show, Sacramento, California

"F9/11 Could Have Been Prevented!" | and other TOONs

F-911/Audience size/reaction for your area

Federal Workers' Union Endorses Kerry

Mideast Violence Hits Dollar, Lifts Gold

NYT lead story: Attacks in 5 Iraqi Cities Leave...100 Dead

NYT: 4-3 (state ct.) Ruling Effectively Halts Death Penalty in NY

N.Korea nuclear test threat casts shadow over Beijing talks

NYT: Ruling on Media Only Irritates Big Owners

Claycomo to benefit from Ohio job cuts

GOP eyes taking marriage from courts

Conservative group using FoIA in battleground state

9/11 Commission Misses FBI's Embarrassing Al Qaeda Dealings

UK alarm over Guantanamo trials

Bush Interviewed About CIA Leak - WaPo

Layoffs will take heavy toll in county this summer

Peace activist loses application for Bush arrest warrant

Mafia 'mamma' betrays husband to destroy clan

Mainstream Web sites spreading back-door infections

White House apologizes to Ohio business owner (compassionate embezzlement)

Ron Reagan Says Bush Misled U.S. on Iraq

Tampa (and Miami) awarded federal grant to help fight violent crime

Court Throws Out Media Ownership Rules

Norway's oil strike forced to end

Eyewitnesses: 30 US Troops Killed In Fallujah; Five US Choppers Downed

BBC: Defence giants' tie-up unravels

Iraqi Sovereignty Won't Extend Online

First Qtr. Growth Slashed, Inflation Up

Ryan camp hangs tough as GOP brass plot his exit

Rumsfeld pushed for FBI probe of Sy Hersh in 1975

Dem. Senator Zell Miller to Speak at GOP Convention

European Parliament head seeks to overturn EU-US passenger data deal

See the Chimp alienate the Irish people with his ignorance and arrogance!

Schwarzenegger Wants Strays Killed Faster

Solicitor General Theodore Olson to Quit

Military prosecutors accuse alleged paramilitary fighters of rebellion

Ford Will Lay Off 1,200 Workers Next Year In Closing Ohio Plant

Chill in North Korean nuclear talks (nuclear test threat)

Dallas public health expert found dead at desk

Venezuelan Oil Minister Says OPEC to Decide Upon Output Hike on July 21


Web Infection May Be Aimed at Stealing Financial Data

Al-Sadr's Followers Declare Cease-Fire

Report: Consumer Confidence Up in June

Cost-Cutting on Drugs Has Health Cost

Gay couples face hurdles as judges interpret law

1st-Quarter Growth Slashed, Inflation Up

U.N. Says Opium Production Is Rising

Ties tighten between religion and politics

Rumors fly of military draft

Surprise! Miller to speak at GOP Con.

Bush Pledges to Pursue Turkish Kurd Rebels in Iraq

Nader's Dubious Raiders

Researchers warn of infectious Web sites

Rebellion in the G.O.P. Sinks a Bill

UN Rights Envoys Seek Access to Prisoners of U.S.

Kucinich has (Colorado) state support

How much has Bush repaired US image?

"US court blocks media ownership reform"


Post editor defends printing of obscenity

Owens will help write GOP platform

Ohio a Good Campaign Backdrop for Kerry

90 dead in tanker horror smash

Seoul blocks beheading video

Guantanamo tribunals are not a fair trial, warns Attorney General

Wal-Mart, Rite Aid settle false billing charges

Friendly Dog Prevents Killing Spree?

Iraq war support plummets but Kerry benefits little

Bush to Seek European Support in Iraq

What to expect from the summits

Bush, Kerry Offer Ideas on Technology

Waxman: U.S. Imposes New Limits on Scientists

Now It's the Presbyterians' Turn to Wrangle Over Gays and the Church

NYT Wilgoren/Deaniacs Lining Up to Support Kerry

U.S. Launches (Third) Airstrike in Fallujah

Can self-rule bring security?

Dutch jail Frenchman for plot on U.S. targets

New Clashes Erupt in Falluja and Baghdad Bomb Kills Iraqi

UN bodies mark International Day in Support of Torture Victims

Explosives Found at Istanbul Airport Before Summit

Sarasota principal defends Bush from "Fahrenheit 9/11" portrayal

Texas pollution increases, but dirty air not the biggest culprit

Kerry's Campaign Theme Is Leaning Toward Center

Sen. Miller to Speak at GOP Convention

Democrats Offer Republicans a $145 Billion Resolution to Asbestos Lawsuits

House Blocks Democrats From Seeking Larger Refunds for Power Price Gouging

New York to Close Area Near G.O.P. Convention to Traffic

Sen. Levin Blames NATO Reluctance on Bush (chickens coming home to roost)

NYT:Lottery Planned for Test of Medicare's New Drug Coverage

Poll: 54 Percent Say Iraq War a Mistake

Governor seeks repeal of California animal shelter law

Bush says Europe Supports US on Iraq

CIA Head Interviewed in Leak Probe

Greece to Add Elevator to Acropolis in Time for Olympics

Militias destroyed 56,000 Sudanese homes, U.S. says


It is official! Jack Ryan has dropped out of the race!

We'd use notwithstanding clause: Tory MP

Cheney has no regrets for cursing Leahy

Sen. (Zell) Miller to Speak at GOP Convention

Black School Bus Driver: Kids Dress As KKK

Bush Adviser Rice, CIA Head Interviewed in Leak Probe

Three-Star General Put in Charge of Army Probe of Abuses at Iraq Prison

Two U.S. Marines killed, one wounded in Afghanistan

'The liberation of Baghdad is not far away' (interview with insurgents)

Conservatives Try to Get Nader on Ballot (Yahoo/AP)

NYT:TestimonyTies Key Officer to Coverup of Iraqi Death(AbuG)

Legal Scholars Criticize Memos on Torture (very poor professional quality)

Fallujans deny al-Zarqawi in their midst

Bitter Hamilton Liberals back NDP instead - CBC plans to sue for Kerry divorce records

LAT: (Cal.) Gov. Wants to Repeal Law Favoring Pet Adoption

Bush faces a hostile reception in Ireland

Irish lawyers' petition demands Bush arrest on arrival

Kerry spokesperson calls on Bush to apologize for use of Hitler on website

Cheney Says He Has No Regrets for Cursing Leahy

Judge to be sacked for using penis-enlarging device in court!

CNN Breaking: Jack Ryan Withdraws from Senate Race

Boffo sales put Fahrenheit 9/11 in running for No. 1 spot (huge opening!)

Hollywood Concert Raises $5M for Kerry

Scientist Sees Space Elevator in 15 Years

Conservatives seek to help Ralph Nader

Bush pleads for courtesy [Washtimes]

Americans in Kabul hold fundraiser for John Kerry presidential campaign

Noam Chomsky and Howard Zinn Plan to Vote for Ralph Nader

'Destroyed' Lewinsky Speaks Out on Clinton Memoir

Syrian link to Pakistan nuke sales investigated

Ralph Reed's gamble (secret lobbying for Indian casino)

'Fahrenheit 9/11' a hot flick in Dallas

WAAAAH! I gotta wait until next weekend to see Farenheit 911!

It really was a miracle for this American missionary

who here is gonna be in NY for the Republican convention?

Wow, DU, it has been a long long time

I put my cat on a radiator and I actually think it is working!

I put my cat on a diaphragm and I actually think it's working!

Which should I read first?

Anyone watch the Graham Norton Effect tonight?

Rugby (New Zealand vs. England )

Has anybody heard/read bout perchlorate in milk?

PROOF: Cheney can open both sides of his potty mouth

It's that time again, Tune in to World News Now & Everybody Polka

Dali-Escher do Guernica

Have you been vetted?

11 pm and it's as bright as noon!

Scientific types..explain this to me..

Who are Freepers favorite authors? Literature.

You guys ever watch timesquad on Cartoon Network...

Interesting co-inky-dink.....


Robbery Suspect Bleeds To Death Escaping Crime Scene

Widow, 80, spends night in jail

Yahoo Movie User Reviews Of 9-11

Best love song from a movie.

What Should I Do About This Friggin' Crap Fest!?

93 Year Old Bachelor Finally Marries

Baby's Diaper Absorbs Snake Venom

I'm happy to report that the number of theaters is growing. . . .

Dupe - please delete

Renaissance fresco uncovered in Valencia

Condi Rice is angry

Goooood Morning Everyone!!!

Things NOT to say to your co-workers

FYI-It appears that Barbara Streisand is a Democrat

Marshmallow fan stuck in jail

A knife! He's got a knife!

I watched "Something's Gotta Give" last night: Hated the ending(spoilers0

Howard Stern thread. Michael Moore on today.

Lingerie Parties Turning Out To Be Big Business

Dogs playing cards-seriously

Why are cold greasy dishes more revolting than warm slimy dishes?

Is sus a dirty girl? God thinks so

There are 10 kinds of people in the world

Spyware Question

This Would Make You Crap Your Pants

David Gilmour...Guitarist Extrodinaire...

Who is your favorite DJ?

I know it's generally considered bad form...

Help Request: Anyone ever organized a neighborhood watch?

I SAW A SIGN!!! Even God is seeing Farhenheit 9/11 tonight

FOUND: A picture of GOPisEvil, sus and m-jean03

I'm buying an X-Box. What games should I get?

Never been to San Francisco -- tell me about it

wild-eyed coalition t-shirt

Bush FINALLY speaks the truth!

I am getting SPAMMED by the Kucinich Meetup campaign.

take a date to see F-911

I need a cartoonist....badly !!!

Who's your favorite Arthur?

Kiss my what?

F 9/11 Isn't The Only Movie BUSH & ROVE don't want you to see!

What should I wear to go see F 9/11?

Who's your favorite auteur?

FCC Fines Dick Cheney $250,000 For Using The "F" Word In The Senate Floor

Bus Driver Reports Children Dressed In Full KKK Garb

P.G. Wodehouse fans--have you ever seen the Wodehouse Playhouse?

The Wicked Cool Ego-Boost Thread!

my tomatoes are begining to ripen

How come nobody told me there is a NEW BRIAN WILSON CD!?!?

If you happen to be home, put on SciFi right now

Question about Mozilla Thunderbird

Who is your favorite Dancehall artist?

Woman Received Oral Sex In Parked Car - Charged With Crime Against Nature

Favorite kind of little 6 packed donut?

no more 700 club for me...

Who flirts with sus more? m-jean03 or GOPisEvil

Thomas the Tank Engine - Picture of a Fascist Paradise?

My sunburn is itching like crazy!

A song that exemplifies how the Bush administration affects lives.

Oklahoma judge caught using a penis pump as he was presiding at trial

i stayed home today

Dogs are socialist, cats are libertarians

Going to see F911 this afternoon

Condo Association Seeking Court Order To Stop Woman From Feeding Squirrels

Biggest Public Figure-Related Pet-Peeve

What are your wierdest psychedelic experiences?

If I had a couple of extra bucks for a digital camera...

Geeks Fight In Court For The Right To Be Called Well, Geeks

Anyone have the joke about school prayer?

Teacher (With Brain Tumor) Wants One More Essay From Hundreds Of Students

Rumsfeld fighting techniques. Maybe this is why condi rice is angry?

Breaking NBA news!

There should be a head exploding smiley.

Hi ho, it's off to see F911 we go. Post those pics here ...

Rate Moore's yahoo pic a '5'!

Harry Potter: Racist, Sexist or Homophobic?

question mozilla and firefox.......

F-911--4:00 p.m. EST at Hartford, CT's Cinema City. Anyone else going?

Rabrrrrrr's official "12 months to June 25" thread

at last, god's on my side...

I just paid off one of my credit cards

Oh, my God! They've trained KITTENS to be their new wave of terrorists!

If you've read "Kissing Hank's Ass" (or not), you must read this!

In 3 hours, I will be kindling a lost love.

Something about this picture I love..... I don't know... CAPTION?

To the rearrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...........CAPTION

Coffee, Tea or a Flick of my Bic

Old Radios.

I am having no luck with my lunches this week.....

South East Florida! F 9/11 tonight!

I got good news about my puddy-tat!

hit this local newspaper poll......say yes it will hurt bush (f911 film)

Screaming Lord Byron: Racist, Sexist or Homophobic?

Penis Name Generator

Freeper at my local library needs to get a life!

Screaming Lord Byron: Rapist, Satanist or Hemopheliac?

5 hours until F9/11 and I have acid stomach

CBS signs on for INXS reality show

One for the "Go Figure" files

Let's have a frank discussion of views...

"'You don't own me, masturbation!'"

F911 - Revere Saturday June 26, 12:45pm. Any MA folks interested?

How would your opinion change

who cares about jack`s" fung" time in chicago!!!!

Boomer after school snacks ?

In 3 hours I will be kind to a lost dove.

In 3 hours (or less) I'll give blood

Anyone remember "Yankee Doodle Dandy" hamburger joints?

She's Got to Be Somebody's Baby

My computer is SOOO slow!

Al Hedges is who?

So, last night at work this guy comes to the door wearing ....

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my local independant bookstore

My hose was too long. Now it's just right!

I just masticated. Ask me anything.

Who isn't Al Hedges?

I'm masticating right now. Ask me anything!


Clapton's Strat sells for $959,500 at auction

In 3 hours I will be masticating with my pet goat.

"My Pet Goat"

At what time are you seeing F9/11 today?

I just absquatulated. Which means you can't ask me anything


What's your porn star name?

When will you see F-9/11? I bought my tickets over lunch for 7 PM


Do You Have Any Idea How Far I Have To Drive To See Michael Moore's Movie?

I just made a scented vitamin E moisturizer creme! Ask me anything!

Can some savy DU'er help me so I can play on DU Longer

Sheryl Crow Kicked My ASS Last Night!

Analogies HERE

Who Wants To Count To Infinity? The Race Is On!

WooHoo going to see Fahrenheit 9/11 now 2 times this weekend

I just saw F9/11...

The Stewpid Dumas Moran of all CAPTIONS!!!

mozilla backup of email...questions....

When will Garage Queen reach 500 posts?

Anyone else have the day off?

Theatre was packed where I live to see F9/11 in Connecticut!

Tired. Soooooooooooooooo tired.........................

CONFESS!!!!! What movie have you seen the the theater the most???


"Compared to war

Shower before Sex??? YES / NO

What's Your Stripper Name?

To see Cubs game or F911??? that is the question.

Who is Al Hedges?

Spin the wheel and see if you win a lifetime suppy of CAPTIONS

I love San Diego!

So, how many years did you lie about it, before you did it?

The Port-Tormented World of all CAPTIONS!!!

What would Brian Boitano do...

Yoohoo! Calling Anarchy1999!

It's a Howlin' Wolf kind of Friday

Aww why don't you go CAPTION yourself

Debate with fundie co-worker about strip clubs. Who's right?

Caption: Travel budget cuts: Chimpy flying Economy to Ireland?

Any tips for a startup job interview?

navigate your drunk ass home

Are you currently wearing women's underwear?


Pigeons lead to hidden Renaissance fresco

Beware the Beast Man's 1000th Post Extravaganza!!!!!!!

Screaming Lord Byron: Racy, Sexy or Homoerotic?

The light-hearted, no-flame male/female question box

credit card question...for the knowledged on such things

Michael Moore is a big fat stupid smelly idiot

Report: More Mothers Are Starting Garage Bands

What are the last 4 digits of your social and mother's maiden name

The Wicked Cool flame another DUer thread

College Scholarships For Skateboarders, Duck Callers, and Tall People

Can I put myself on 'ignore'?

Oh happy day!!! My student loan is now PAID IN FULL!

Official Stevie Wonder Thread

We're having a thunderstorm

Homestar Runner vs. They Might Be Giants................

Forbes list of best..and worst..citys for singles is out!

Help me help a friend...

Now you can pretend to be pResident Bush!!

Fahrenheit 9/11 kicks ass!!


according to this site, DU is 16% Evil, 84% Good . . .

Post your ignore list...

Prisoner told to pay electricity bill

I just watched it. Michael Moore is a god.

Finally! 1000+ Posts!

Now I love Rhandi even more because she's a DT fan!!!

Can you legally

Do you use your hand, a pen, or other object to guide you as you read?


I just noticed that I have very odd DU habits.

What does the person next to you taste like?

Sunday 06/27/04 - 12:30 pm

Finally met that cute teacher girl

How will I ever make it through the movie

Whut do you spell like?

Tennis Fans! Mysinka just lost. The #2 and #3 women's seeds

So I have outstanding news

now everybody, have you heard?

Any *Band of Brothers* Fans Here?

What Operating System do you use?

Does anyone know where JohnLocke went?

GOD DAMN - my boss has a herd of hot daughters

Yellow Warning on the same day as F-9/11's debut

Man Faces 23rd DUI CHARGE

Is anyone excited about seeing the movie tonight?

Oh No! Just found out my dog is a Neo-con!

Turn Up the Heat: A National Town Meeting on Fahrenheit 9/11

I find this oddly disturbing (picture)

What drink do you smell like?

On the phone in the bathroom:

In case anyone cares, Britney Spears is engaged.

Oh, Lordy, the French audio track for Star Trek VI is *so* wrong!

I am sick over this email I just got

Poker with Dick Cheney

Help! I've got blasterworm and another virus too (re???x)?

What Do You Smell Like?

Getcher free anti-Bush flyer here!

MAJOR Internet Explorer security hole TODAY. Protect your PC!

The oldest profession.

please oh please oh please

Best Name Generator EVER: Rich White Republican Name Generator

I buried my husband yesterday

A poll

Dodge to try to get back into the Police car market with Hemi power.

Mmmmmm...Fresh, Homegrown Organic Maters!!!

Wheeee!..... I Had a confrontation with RW nut job today

Just gave a theater that wasn't showing F 9/11 the finger.



I am such an idiot!!!!!!

it's been said before, but it certainly bears repeating:

Does anyone know where I can get a t-shirt with.....

GRRR...I hate being strong-armed for contributions at work!

David Beckham screwed up AGAIN

ZombyWoof's Official 6 Months 'Til Xmas Thread!

I'd Love To Change The World

Coming to Dallas onSept 9-11: American Film Renaissance (Puke Alert)

I just saw FAHRENHEIT 9/11 and am still feeling kinda shaken up.

favorite tv Catch phrase?

Wow...Depression and Anxiety really is a dark hole


Do you have any nasty habits?

Know any beatnik jokes?

IF everybody was kung fu fighting...(_______)

Demi Moore get's vocal at Fahrenheit 9/11

What really cheesy songs do you HAVE to dance to?

so if Jimi Hendrix is standing next to a mountain....

What do you think of PORN?

Sleepytime Gorilla Museum

Can you grow a peach tree from the pit in a store-bought peach?

Cat time: 52 day old Sumatran tiger cub

Notice how no one ever says "Bush's Penis" or "The Benis?"

In 3 hours, I will be rekindling a lost love.

Multiple DUgasm thread!

Fudge stripe's Official "4 Months Til Halloween!" Thread

I'm going to go shave now. Don't touch my stuff while I'm gone.

What Is Your Middle Initial?

What Do You Taste Like?

Preserving the sanctity of marriage: Britney engaged

How many letters long is your full name...

Insulting Name Generator

Best Psychedelic record of all time?

Who do you smell like?

Euro 2004: now France lose

Farenheit 9/11 STANK UP THE JOINT

Bush Joke

I'm Listening To Our Very Own Squeech On CD

Graham on short list to be Kerry's VP (more vp confusion)

How long before we hear how Rove has Kerry's campaign

Massachusetts Politicians Fight Over a Kerry Victory

What group that comprises and that the Republican party caters to ...

MSNBC will report on results of VEEPSTAKES at 11:30 n/t

Federal Review Composite Poll: Bush 281-Kerry 257

Do you think this is an omen?

Here It Comes !!!!

Kerry and F-9/11

Clark Seeks Funds to Campaign(for Kerry and other Dems)

Here's something I'd like to see happen...

Hollywood concert raises $5M for Kerry

So, in Oregon, you make a smudge on the date, and correct it

GOP Sources: Ryan to Abandon Senate Bid

Is there any high profile GOPer we can have address our convention?

V.P. rivals in Iowa as nation watches

Look who's down with ABB!

THIS will be the Jack Ryan spin...


I'd rather be Wild Eyed...

Zig Zag Zell to Speak at GOP Convention

Oregon conservatives helping Nader

Poll at Ohio Kerry Rally ...Edwards wins

Ugh, anything but this...

Does Edwards have a PAC, like Clark?

I wanted to say something about repubs supporting Nader

Can we get Ronald Reagan Jr. to speak at the Dem convention?

New Bush Ad: "Kerry's Coalition of the Wild-eyed." What do you think?

Hmm, unintended consequences of the "Vote x Beer as Pres

Roanoke (VA) Kerry supporters select VP preference

DUers, another thread re- Bush's "Hitler ad"!

Events and fundraisers for our candidates.

LaMarche chosen as Green VP candidate

Conservatives Seek to Help Ralph Nader

Senator Kerry should read this. Not written by a Presstitute

Anyboby watching Clark on hardball now?

Graham and Clark