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Archives: June 28, 2004

Dowd: "Are They Losing It?"

US should recognize its true ally - TW

HEALTH: Big drug companies geared to profits rather than research

Same shame, different site: the Afghan gulag

Gary Younge (Guardian Utd): Politics gets personal

Lest we forget the other reason the Turks don't like the US

Intelligence backs claim Iraq tried to buy uranium

Herbert: A Second Opinion (US 12th out of 13 in health of population)

Iraq's new govt must abide by American-made laws.

The real Enemy Within: Creeps who write things like The Enemy Within.

BBV: ES&S Official Says "Touchscreens Easiliy MANIPULATED!"

9 out of 10 Film Reviewers Back 'Fahrenheit'

Screw the Media; think for yourselves, out of the BOX

New Censorship Bill Turns Parents into Prosecutors

Thailand plans to privatize mass communications

Is a defending Fahrenheit 9/11 forum possible?

House blocks refunds in Enron case

Hey, kids, head on over to the Lounge where

The note my mother wants my niece to send to my Republican uncle

who should I back?

Any El Paso DUer's?


Help with LTTE: Give me some "Eff" words to describe Cheney

What happened

Is there video of the Green Party convention anywhere?

Did you ever vote for Reagan or Bush 1?

Whatever you do, do not buy a Bush Voodoo Doll!

My blind brother thought I was a voodoo doll, God Damn that Pin hurt!

Fahrenheit 911 sold out in San Diego

The US Supreme Court is about to decide whether Guantanamo is above the la

Did I mishear?

Iraq Insurgency Showing Signs of Momentum

Topic A with Tina Brown on CNBC guest hosts Al Franken and Arianna Huffing

Anyone else have a repug family

One way all Americans can fight terror

Be on your guard

God Dammit!! Don't the Dem's remember? It's the economy stupid.

Hey, I don't like Bush any more than you do

LOL! They're on the attack again: Kerry's Divorce Records

The genius of Michael Moore is that he...

The fundraiser scenes from F 911 disturb me.

Don't you just LOVE freeper logic?

didn't see spitting-- but, they arrested our moveon worker

Bush caught in lie about the 9-11 wtc attacts

Emotions stirred by film

Michael Moore on 60 minutes starting west coast now!

What we're up against

Should Hannity be fined by the FCC?

Sounds of explosions in the MD suburbs of DC. Early fireworks?

The three great conservative lies

Any Post-F 9/11 Film Discussions at Your Cinema?

Concerning fahrenheit 911 and PNAC.......

F 9/11- the phone number?

for example, take my wife... please. (yes, another F911 thread)

Will Pitt quoted on Moore's website

Why was Bush allowed to visit Booker Elementary School on 9-11?

Michael Moore is not a hater

my 9 year old wrote this tonight

Too strident? Consider this....

The genius of Moore

Is the Bush approval rating of 34% just a rumor?

Are more movie locations being added? There were only 41in TX now 61

reality check! bush* will get ONE vote

F 9/11-The Temperature In Fort Worth Texas

I believe F 9/11 will put us on top

What happened to that pizza guy with a neck bomb?

Che Guavera movie previewed at F 9/11 !

Is Michael MOORE Better Looking and Smarter Than Matt PUDGE?

Werbe on now - 9 p.m. mountain time

Cheney said it.

DU this poll

Any media types gushing IN FAVOR OF F911?

Did MMoore open up a can of worms with F9/11?

Heightened Security Alert Had Just Been Lifted (at WTC before 9-11_

India Daily says of F911-"US Freedom of Speech passes first test!"

9-11 Questions (200 very key questions)

Know the enemy – Neo-cons defined….

Here's the choice Earnhardt comments From the Freeper Thread they hid

I debunk someone who claims F 9/11 is based on lies

encouraging weekend in the burbs

F 9/11 - R rating was appropriate

A F9/11 report from Indianapolis

Arianna Huffington has her own show?

New book: Deserter - AWOL's military diservice and mistreatment military

Reminder to Canuck DUers: You have a federal election Monday. **VOTE**

I think the War on Iraq may very well have opened the

When is the international release of F911? Gonna do HUGE #'s in Europe

You just know that Murdoch or Sacaife are working on a doucmentary

"F-9/11 is full of Lies!" - My Response.

It's 9.33 pm PST, and no F9/11 topics on Fox

Writer challenges rightwing to debunk facts of Fahrenheit 9/11

Were the people of Iraq better off before Saddam? Need links....

In f9/11 removal of Maj. James Bath's name and report

Police at F9/11


What kind of effect do you think F 9/11 will have on the polls?

Lies about F9/11 #'s, BFC made $21.6 in its entire run, not its opening

F911 - Mother - in-law didn't want to watch our kids

Turks rally against Bush. (Photo)

Let us Pray....

Constitutional Party Whackjob on CSPAN right now.

F9/11 - Did I hear one of the soldiers mention Napalm??

Freeper meltdown concerning Yahoo! F911 coverage

How do you refute news footage?

Pug sister tired of "Utah mentality"

Peace Rally in Kansas City today in the Plaza - then Amy Goodman

stupid question

Drudge claims "Dodgeball" made 60M so whats the big deal about F 9/11?

What part of the whole Iraq War situation made it "WRONG" for you?

I would like to see F911 again. It is the kind of thing that needs to be

Bush Gets Bad Marks in Genext poll

Peter Werbe discussing F9/11 right now

anyone have a concise explanation for canada's election woes?

Calling all Canadians! Will F9/11 have any influence on our votes?

Has the invasion and occupation of Iraq ...

Red-Hot 'Fahrenheit 9/11' a No. 1 Hit Across America :$21.8 million

WGN radio discusses F 9/11 at midnight, CST

RW Radio host, here in Dallas, had 3-4 anti shrub callers in a row!

I said this last night but I will say it again: First thing Kerry must do

My 22 year old son just watched 9/11

Has F9/11 Made DU Mainstream?

Tell us your F911 - Freeper protest story...

A leftist ICON posts on DU and you guys.....

Saw F9/11 twice this weekend; more powerful the second time

Something to think about regarding Iraq and terrorism....


What will a Lame Duck Bush do?

Lets create 1000 Michael Moore's

Just had a *heated discussion* with my best friend about politics

Check out this email I got from a FOX DJ...who is this guy?

Al Franken on CNBC right now.....10:30 pm, CST

How I know the election is lost

Ok 2 rumors ive heard... One about a rape and one about a DUI ..

Farentheit 9/11 Sold out in Raleigh, NC all weekend. Drove to two theaters

Why do these beheading threats always drive away bad W news?

Heightened Security Alert Had Just Been Lifted (at WTC)

An important fact we must not forget, regarding F9/11

~Shakespearean Insult Kit~...from

This is what a rw nutcase just posted at another site about MM..

Why are sealed divorce papers fair game now?

why has this story gone down the memory hole?

Nationalize the assets of Carlyle and Haliburton!

U.S. Device Seen at Iran Nuclear Site! (made in the USA)

Sleight of Handover

MOORE--Movie a big hit in red states

F911: Did you miss any of these DU threads?

Get this: On local news, 90 yr old woman skydives to show up Poppy AND

Who needs analysis and reason in war when you have the Power of Prayer?

The freepers pulled the Earnhardt thread!

Mandatory Proletarianization and American-Style Health Insurance:

Crazed freepers outraged by F911 success, plan theatre blockades

how are we so damn smart???

"Walking On Air" Song in F 9/11?

Hey Freep, what you gonna do when the TRUTH comes for you?

I heard the "revolutionary" song from Les Miserables driving to F911: WOW!

How many paychecks are you away from homelessness?

"Let the Eagle Soar" is No Joke

Bush and Bath

Venezuela: the Gang's All Here Replay of Chile and Nicaragua?

Multivitamins reduce anti-social behavior

Why was Bush allowed to visit Booker Elementary School on 9-11?

Sept. 11 commission says two hijackers got help when in U-S

Bush Caught in a Lie About the 9-11 WTC Attacts

U.S. Marine held hostage in Iraq

FT: Evidence of Niger uranium trade 'years before war'

NYT(reader rep):Report,(Clinton)Review..(violated pg1 "sanctity")

Clarke: Iraq war an 'enormous mistake'

Senators cancel visit to Middle East this week (Weren't ALLOWED In Iraq)

Family friendly TV group growing at its 5th anniversary (COMPANY FRIENDLY)

CIA puts harsh tactics on hold ..(If a dupe, please delete)

Drudge after Kerry divorce records. Using Ryan as a precedent.

Shiite Tribes Gather for War on Fallujah--New World Media Watch

China's bullying tactics like Nazis: Lee - TW

American Killed in Attack on Australia Plane in Iraq

(Australian) Democrats film attacks Iraq involvement

Kerry Won't Cross Picket Line for Speech

US concerned about group in Philippines linked to al-Qaeda

Evidence of Niger uranium trade 'years before war'

Victims of Afghan Attack Are Registered Voters

Chirac leads resistance as Bush courts Nato allies

WP: Iraq Occupation Erodes Bush Doctrine

Families, Deep in Debt, Facing Pain of Growing Interest Rates

Fla. AFL-CIO Splits Senate Endorsement (Because of protester mistreatment)

As Bush Confers With NATO, U.S. Is Seen Losing Its Edge

Urge to drop democracy grows in Latin America

NYT: White House Aide Hard at Work as Bush's Eyes and Ears on Right

Serbians vote in presidential poll

Unsolicited Advice From the Far Left (Nader Says Moore Like A Beach Ball)

Dean: Most Americans Now Oppose Iraq War

Missing Marine from Salt Lake City suburb

Reports say billions of dollars of Iraqi money unaccounted for

"The Passion of the Christ"?!

Interesting Revelations from F9/11 (spoilers):

I am listening to a SIX hour Clinton speech ....

Taxidermist doorbell

Game Boy Advance...

can someone please tell me

"Hey! Weren't you that 'Roof is on Fire' guy!"

Clark on CNN NOW...on Iraq........

Don't put it down Best one around

I have seen the future, and it is yak!

What's your favorite product placement in a TV show?

I have seen the furniture, and it is yak!

Goin' Back

Is it legal to shoot photos inside a public building?

Is there something offensive about this "Soul Collector" TV movie on now?

Music hath charms to sooth the

Help! Need Pics - Anti-Bush*

Just a thought: what would John Lennon, if he had lived, thought of

simple things are often the best

Why is Andy Richter playing a father to teens?

F911 is a smash of historic proportions

Why don't you take me to the smokehouse......

I just want to send a big thank you to the Weinstein brothers

Something I put in my livejournal: Pro-Life=/=Anti-Abortion

Just went to some Off road Races...

For those who saw F9/11: Anyone interesting hanging outside your theater?

Fan of the movie 'Hoosiers'? The finale is coming up on ESPN Classic

DU Gardeners! Your expert input, please!

I met Michael Moore today, ask me anything!

Well, well, well!

Dale Earnhardt Jr. tells his crew to see F9/11 day before the race.

Biscuits & gravy: Food of the gods, or deadly toxin?

I have had,...enough.

My yak lives on prime real estate

Well, well, well!

Bootleg Toys

Crutchfield: Better than the rest, or is there better?

Do me a DU favor?

Let's buy aircraft carries

Since when did Wrigley stop making normal gum with sugar?

Any other guys think "The guy code" is a load of shit and not abide by it?

Walla Walla Onion Rings and Antonio Carlos Jobim

Do you believe in luck?...................

So are you gloating over F9/11 box office record?

AHHHHHHH......YUCK,I just saw......

Truth or Dare?

My stuff is finally at the new place. Now all I have to do is unpack it!

Nice to kick some Longhorn ass! Go Cal State Fullerton!

Goddamnit I want a smoke!

Six Feet Under tonight.. WTF?

New (local) Mac OS X vulnerability : Passwords in Swap files

8:30 on Sunday and I'm fucking bombed

Who's your favorite DUer with the letters 'DS' and '1' in their three-

I'm tired of talking about F911. How was "White Chicks"?

Truth or Dare?

Heads up! NOW with Bill Moyers is on.

XM or Sirius? anybody have them?

My 500th post is coming, ask me anything!

Any Pantheists, potential Pantheist, or Anti-Pantheists on board tonight?

I'm exhausted and depressed

California DUer admires the big, red, throbbing thing

YOU'RE INVITED: George's 58th Birthday Party - July 6th.

So how was everyone's Gay Pride Sunday?

Next Must-See Movie: "Silver City"

The official DS1 worship thread

I just rode 100 miles on my bicycle!!! Ask me anything.


Caption Rummy!

Worst thing about F9/11

It's been rainin' too much...damn deadly skeeters are swarmin'.....

So what does everybody have planned for the 4th?

Favorite Pitt

Watching the Yankees-Mets game on ESPN.

SHOCK! HORROR!! Decadent Suburban California Democrats Eat Dolphin!!

Political Poetry Corner

It's official, I am the most left-out DUer here, nobody makes a list with

Nader has the hairiest neck I've ever seen on a non-monkey

Favorite Moore

Hi. My name is Duckie, and I'm addicted to ice.

DUers you'd like to have a beer with?

Hide your kids and avert your eyes, its a DU pic post

Goat's 7 minutes:Ad, by an issue group, on "Leadership"

Log Cabin Repubs at Orlando Pride (hilarious)

Wes just got mike jacked on Cnn! They just cut his volume

Department of Peace plank ratified at Iowa Democratic State Convention

I just gave $40 to the Russ Feingold campaign

How secure are Bush and Kerry web sites: An Analysis

Could Dems end up winning the battle but losing the war?

CNN cuts Gen. Clark completely OUT of the 11:00 p.m. Replay of CNN ...

I am sick of people tearing down John Edwards.

ok, wouldnt normally say this but media really do seem scared of wes

Nader: Is he really a threat w/o the Green endorsement?

Interesting Interview with Australian Politician Carr about US

Cheney gave voice to administration's attitude:Sheryl McCarthy

Boondocks is going places no one has ever gone before...

Another Bloody Week Grisly Rituals in Iraq

Torture: How far can a government lawyer go?

Abandon the Battlefield!

Picture too funny

Top Ten Questions Ralph Nader Asked Potential Running Mates

Clinton's Biggest Gains Not on Conservative Critics' Radar

Fahrenheit 9/11: A Conservative Critique (a good read)

Carol Coleman's interview of Bush in Ireland

The Gold Diggers of Baghdad

Pucker Up Untying the Knot

Robert Fisk: "for Iraq 1917, read Iraq 2003. For Iraq 1920, read Iraq 2004

Fundraising & Internet tools for politics

6.28.04, Brooklyn, NYC - Turn Up The Heat: Town Meeting on Fahrenheit 9/11

Howard Fineman Lying Again on Today Show

What in the world is going on at Air America?

Tom Brokaw just said Bremer "got out of Dodge."

Iraq media deception - link to site that Documents our media bias

Air America reorg under name Piquant, LLC to avoid owner Cohen personal

So, Juan Williams has decided that an early handover is a boost to Bush

NewsDay lies-01 vote study w/ USSC statewide over/under w/intent=GORE win!

Researching streaming media providers...

Today's Thought

Have you seen the butterflies this year?

Microsoft's reprieve from sanctions (120 days to provide inter-connect)

NYT: Families, Deep in Debt, Facing Pain of Growing Interest Rates

FED moving from 1% to 2.25% by Dec 2004, and 3% by May 2005, is not a prob

Given Chance For Land Policy Alliance, NRA Blows Off Own Toes - Chronicle

Sun Micro to Roll Out Major Java Software Advances

Uber-Conservative Oz Politician Now Left Of Peter Garrett On Environment

Congo Basin Forest Protection Conference Collapses For Lack Of Money - AFP

Scientists say watching TV hastens puberty

(First in Nation)Pollution Rules Targeting Manure (Dairies to Relocate?)

Salt water spills

Mobiles (phones) cut sperm count, says report

Ray McGovern: Asking Anonymous

Are the Canadian elections today?

GUNS IN THE NEWS - June 26-28, 2004

Undecided on the assault weapons ban

NRA clout is outgunning Feinstein-Assault weapons ban renewal in doubt

My last day of BIG FUN in the gungeon.

Can you please transfer my star to this account

In LBN: To avoid duplicates ...

Heavy traffic today? It must be the Canadian Election!

Re TahitiNut's request...

Links to the DU Photo Gallery?

What do the gold star people have access to as far as other

Please remove SoCal DU gathering from lobby.

IDF blows up two empty Apt. buildings in Khan Yunis (GAZA)

The price of the winning equation

Two killed in Qassams strike on Sderot; Israel vows to act

Arab journalists protest as colleagues face trial for incitement

Soldier killed in Gaza outpost bombing

Israel among 7 countries offered NATO 'partnership'

One killed, several hurt as Qassam rockets hit Sderot (Haaretz)

LP makes Illinois Ballot

Analysts: GOP unlikely to win Ill. race

Who has the skinny on Feeney's old turf? Re: Oviedo wetlands

Questions for Castor and Deutch supporters

Fla. AFL-CIO splits Senate endorsement

Surprise Hit in Hollywood: The Action-Figure Governor

George Bush & the Unification Church

July 6th...another Southern CA opportunity to meet up......

WBZ 1030 News cites F9/11 as a "so-called documentary"

WAAF Morning Show Fascists

THANKS and here's my F911 report

Guess whose 70th birthday it is??? (6/28)

2758 nude people on Cleveland's East 9th Street pier

What no F911 thread?

Philly House Race Among Tightest in Nation

Sensenbrenner Campaigns On Taxpayer Dime

Local soldier's reaction to Fahrenheit 9/11 - The News Tribune

FYI - Spontaneous applause In Seattle for McDermott in F911





So Which Is It? Supreme Court Destroys Democracy, or Upholds It?

"...draft-dodging, Ivy League jock loves...playing commander-in-chief."

When is Bush supposed to come back from overseas?

WSJ-Dems lost Florida cause abortions "Literally" cost them voters

F9/11 is the best 3 documentaries I've seen in a long time.

Supreme Court struck down Miranda today

Turned over sovereignty --- "Mission Accomplished" my ass!!

Only 21 of 80 Iraq Oil Fields developed (Newsweek - July 5th)

How is TV news playing the USSC decisions?

Photos of the F 9/11 crowds from Moores website

A little news tidbit you will not see in our media

Bremer's last moment edicts......anybody heard them?

So I guess the SS can come for us all, now, eh?

Where can I find these numbers???

Handover my Ass........

Doesn't "I have never ordered torture" sound a lot like "I am not a crook"

Will Rush, Hannity,O'Reilly BITCH about F911 Today?

Startling new CNN poll on Iraq handover!

Washington Post says Bush Doctrine a flop

Canadian DUers, what do you expect from today's election?

PHOTOS and Newspaper Headlines from Ireland...bush* not welcome.....

Supreme Court Round-up (more Good than Bad)

Iraq Handover Question

If the Saudi flights were legit, then why the denial from the White House

DU freeped CNN poll: Will a sovereign Iraq be friendly toward the US?

The Stealth Handover

Bear with this foreign's opinion of the US legal system.

HA! "President Bush can now honestly compare himself to Lincoln...."

Things you have to believe to be a Republican Today


Nader Supported by Republicans - reported on C-Span

"I wouldn't have done it if I didn't believe it was the right thing to do"

RW radio; lowest of the low in reviewing F9/11...

Is it time to buy a gun in America?

Any F-9/11 Reports from Military towns?

Did someone ask about Green Party Convention video?

another stupid question

You can now be held without being charged....

The Supreme Court ruled AGAINST BUSH today

The reason the Senate didn't back the CBC in the disenfranchised voter

LOL, Did anyone tell them Jack Ryan dropped out? Sex workers to NY for GOP

funny anti-bush game

Anyone having problems with AAR stream today?

Who's Got the Charts About the Bush vs. Clinton Economy From CBO?

Anyone having problems with AAR stream today?

Mother Encourages Photos of Coffin

Who is attending MoveOn F-911 house parties tonight?

In Anger, Ordinary Iraqis Are Joining the Insurgency

Peace Activists Plan to Counter Recruiting by Military in Palm Beach Schoo

Question about Jack Ryan's pullout

Nixon announced end of DRAFT 32 years ago today: June 28, 1972.

Saw a really cool thing yesterday ~ The PEACE BOAT

Vatican: Okay to vote for pro-abortion politician

F9/11 - weekend box office results

What Bill Clinton told me Friday (Obvious, but needs to be repeated)

The United States Has Lost its Moral Authority

Move over MORANS, it's now COUP DE TAU!

Any links debunking John/Theresa connection to Heinz Co.

The Real Clinton Legacy

A die hard Republican sees F9-11

The Bottom Rung On The Employment Ladder

Lawmaker Wants Airwaves Be Sold in Auctions

How Stupid Is Wolf Blitzer

How long till Bush has a meltdown?

Bradley Whitford's campaign donations (full list)

Nader has the hairiest neck I've ever seen on a non-monkey

What is the difference between propaganda and persuasive truth?

Bush and "the removal of obstacles to global economic growth"

When you vote in November, pack a lunch, bring a book, and STAY..

Incendiary 'Fahrenheit' Is No Box Office Bomb - WaPo

Republicans React to "Fahrenheit 9/11"

Damn, who pulled that freeptard thread?

Headspinning spin from the RW talk show machine:

F9/11===awesome message--Kansas view

Why are we Americans Afraid of the Truth/Reality?

HELP! where did the "fat cat/my base" quote take place? not a roast

Is anyone else having trouble with the DU spell check?

How would the media have reacted if Ah-nold had won the Palme d'or?

The most dangerous duo to challenge Smirk and Co...

Interesting comment from my quasi-conservative friend re: F9/11

Six Bazillion Dollar Cheney!

Folks, I know it can be fun, but let's not feed the trolls, mmm'kay?

Catechism of the Catholic Church

Iraq Handover to be today not the 30th.


cnn breaking news....confirm official announcement

Dick Cheney and the $5 million man

PHOTO: Viceroy Bremer Slinking Out of Iraq.....

Jude Wanniski, no RW nut, REAMS Colin Powell's cred

If the cops were watching a peace group in Cali, how many feds are watching

Iraqis don't want to be occupied by anyone

Ashcroft’s Gulag

For perfect attendance, the prize is pain

Kudos to CBS news.

Freeper DJ needs some help re: F911

"US man killed by one in million shot ": Baghdad

My Favorite Yahoo F-9/11 Reviews

Why is this no surprise? Billions lost by Iraqi CPA.

What language was the transfer ceremony spoken in?

" A two-hour political attack ad"

Active U.S. Hate Groups in 2003

How to diffuse news of F911's popularity? Sign Sovereignty over to Iraq

Should you have to post your age in your profile?????

Now that another Glorious Milestone in the Democratization of Iraq

FBI Warns Of Possible Terrorist Attacks In Movie Theaters

Gee, what happened to the "new Iraqi flag?"

NATO Leaders Agree to Train Iraqi Forces

F-9/11 21.8 million over weekend...

Am I the only one who heard "early handover" and my first thought was. . .

Check this website out...

Iraq, Afghan Wars Will Cost Up to $60B

Bid to Control Government Spending Fails

Rice: Saddam's Army to Be in New Forces

Talk Radio Comes to Baghdad

re: Iraq Sovernity- where has our press been all this time? Are they

Degree of Sovereignty Depends on Violence

Does a Sovereign Nation have the right to Expel an Occupying force?

The Carlyle group buys Loews Movie Chain

So, we're handing Saddam over to the Iraqis...

Frist Won't Criticize Cheney for Cursing

CSpan caller says Saddam should be 'rocked' to death, who do you suggest?

DU this: Did the United States make a mistake in sending troops to Iraq?

When does the US turnover the "reconstruction contracts" to Iraq.... ?

OK, something's up. "Zarqawi" was "captured."

Can/should Lion's Gate Films buy a sponsorship on Earnhardt Jr's car?

Who here still hates Michael Moore?

9/11: I have come to a hard realization that supports a decision.

opinions please on no child left behind program

Isicoff lying his ass on Morning Sedition on F-911

Now we can declare Glorious Victory! Can we have a big Parade now?

They tried to smear the messenger But These facts support the film.

Anybody get this RW email supposedly quoting Andy Rooney?

Drudge Dredge:

DU this poll

Didja Notice that they used the Old Iraqi Flag at the Swearing In?

John Kerry Talking Points/Sound Bites for reference, pls

So does Michael Eisner feel like an idiot today?

What are the unsubstantiated rumors surrounding Chimp?

Airline captain friend of mine "sees the light."

josh micah marshall article. what do you think it means?

Vest Wing: The Banned Picture

More examples of how Cheney & Bush hypocritically and regularly cuss

I would like to shake the hand

go read Josh Micah Marshall and tell me what you think! n/t

Insurgents: Any Iraqis who oppose the American-backed government

So does Michael Eisner feel like an idiot today?

Bush: "Iraq a 'tormented' nation last year" Guess who was doing the

$20 billion missing in Iraq, from oil deals!!

Sucides/suicide attempts rising

Many Latinos Unhappy With Political Issues

Does any know much about The Koran or Mohamed?

Sovereignty transferred in Iraq (two days ahead of schedule)

Proof that murderers shop at Wal-Mart

F 911 already online (file sharing)

Another Book: A Pretext for War

So.. What's the book on the Supremes OKing Enemy Combatant

Michael Moore coming up NEXT on the Today Show . . .

NY Daily News columnist calls Bill O'Reilly a coward. Please thank him.

NYT: The Political 'Fahrenheit' Sets Record at Box Office

Bush-Blair news conference on Iraq handover?

CANADIAN Conservatives are spamming me to Hell and back!

"surprise, iraq! we knew it was your birthday all along!"

Scalia gave the most pro-liberty opinion today

Docs 3rd leading cause of death in US; MMoore's next film on US healthcare

A 21st Century Book Burning

Funny Washignton Monthly story on David Brooks, the Hack


On Today show, I think this is one of the main reasons for early handover:

Supreme Court Decision: Guantanamo P.O.W.'s can get U.S. Trials

What do you think Bush said?

Breaking news.. Bush "speaks"

Why do we OUTSOURCE our Torture of P.O.W.'s?

So, was the 2 day early "turnover" meant to distract from Supreme court

Whats this viral mengintis thing going around in northern va?

threes of PABAAH members protests F9/11

Michael Medved says Michael Moore supports the Insurgents

How long is this new government in Iraq going to last?

Earthquake reported on WGN

Got this e-mail - Bush has a low iq

Shrub is "toast" - Dale Earnhardt Jr. telling people to see F911

The 9/11 DVD in October will be the nail in Dubya's coffin.

Freepers will keep Earnhardt in line

General Rove's plan to bury F9/11's success...Was successful!!!

DU New Harris Poll

Nasal Surgery or leg amputation? "Officials" not sure NOW!


We're turning over govt. control because of attacks. Did we win in Iraq?

Michael Moore needs to make a documentary about the "news media"

If 15 of the 19 9/11 highjackers had been Iraqis would it not have been

France handover!

Somebody tell me How many times is MISSION ACCOMPLIISHED !

"Let Freedom Reign"??

How about that there SCOTUS and its rulings on detention?

Answer Please: Can Bush still declare you a "Enemy Combatant"?

Early Iraqi Handover because of F 9/11????

NO internet for 10 days. What are some good books about BCCI

My opinion - 1 debate between Bush and Kerry and Bush is all done

Realities of recruitment - Brave high school kid!

Bush looks like a war criminal in this photo, imo...

1 Year of Iraq media deception - Documented

Spirit of the Law vs. Letter of the Law

Watch for Iraq to completely disappear

Good News Re: F9/11 & Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s Comments

Handover moved up to preempt Iraqi protests (Long live Free Speech)

Today In Iraq........June 28,2004

Drudge Hid Clinton Book Sales

The Republican Big Lie - And How it Really Works

Coherent Arguements For/Against School Vouchers

Holy Crap - Part II

Billions of Iraqi Funds Missing

How strong is the right-wing media network ?

Talking Points Memo - Tectonic shift is Niger forgeries

Are we at war with Afganistan

Michael Moore: We know you read DU. Thank you and God Bless You, Sir

Do you think Israel is full aware of the "End Times" thing?

We are 'Technodrunk'...and our 'Technodependency' will Doom us

Fahrenheit 911: Not one mention of Neoconservatives

Now that YOU'VE seen F 9/11, make sure your friends and neighbors have...

Why is the CIA blocking access to the news site that says Zarqawi

America is Finished.

If there is a handover in Iraq and knobody cares, did it happen?

Who else should we expect to write damning tell-alls in the near future?

Hah!! Bush/Bremer pulled a "Baltimore Colts"

'Shortfall' : Coalition Fails to Account for Oil Revenues & Cash

NBC(in spite of our efforts) "...Farenheit 9-11 was tops at the boxoffice"

What happened to Sibel Edmonds testimony ? Ashcroft "gag order"?

Iraqi court to charge Saddam 'within a week'

Latest Bush ad, courtesy of Boondocks

Michael Moore contact info

The Iraq F*ckover

Bush & Co. say "Uh oh...Quick, give the Iraqis the keys...TODAY!"

Happy Iraqi Independence Day!!!!

Sorry, but I don't get why Divorce records should become Public?

Let freedom REIGN

Further Adventures of Bush & "My Pet Goat"

RAGE! Supreme Court Gives Bush "Partial Victory" re: Terror Detainees Goes Down

Irael just blew up two high rise buildings in Gaza...who will stop these

Ok, some perspective now that the weekend is over regarding F911

How F911 Can Get Americans Killed

Clinton, Kennedy Likely to Speak at DNC

It's election day, Canadians - how are you voting?

Over/Under on Prime Minister Alawi's assassination.

WP: Insurgency Leaves U.S. Forces Baffled -(Iraqis steal their own dirt).

Nothing lends credibility to Moore's film like......

Kerry: "If you think Dick Cheney is cursing today,

Anybody watching Isikoff on C-Span? 10:15 a.m. Debunking Fahrenheit 911.

Here's how you should respond to anyone who wants to bash 9/11

If F911 is "preaching to the choir", did they know the choir was so large?

NY DAILY NEWS Critic takes O'Reilly to task, calls him out!

The Financial Cost Of This War

One very important ripple effect from F9-11 will be the media.

Senate Races

Bumper sticker: "I'll hug your elephant if you kiss my ass."

Sexy, sexy Bush in his underoos

GOP Convention to Boost Local Sex Business

How Did The Secret Service Let That T-Shirt Picture Be Taken?

"If things go sour in Iraq, the president may well lose the election"

Iraq "Handover" is dimbulbs* Mission Accomplished Part Two??

I Just Coined a Term for the * Crime Family - Waspia

F9/11 had a bigger 3-day opening than any Disney film this year

Armitage out of the loop? Negroponte in Iraq

Should Dems Shower Greens with $ to prove Ralph Wrong?

A Very Ironic TidBit In F9/11, Did You Catch It?

Condi and * passing love notes


Exactly when did America commit to imperialism?

GPS Implants now being used.

Is the unedited 7 minute clip available online?

Bush writes "let freedom reign!" on Bremer Iraq "sovereign" letter

Latest "Get Your War On" is quite good

Are There Any Ferengi Here?

Randi nails it, re: the energy meetings

Lions Gate rolls with `Fahrenheit 9/11'

Why did we turn over the keys to Iraq early?

Bush to Condi: "Let freedom REIGN"

Let's hear it for Byron Dorgan!

Army specialist reacts to F-9/11

Can't get "Let the Eagle Soar" out of my head after seeing F911

WP: Bush says he doesn't really care.

Did anybody see Jon Stewart on Larry King Friday night?

Anyone know of a good article that refutes the attacks on F911?

Stooge Al-Rahim says transfer will "Dispose of Iraq's political future"

I wonder how * AWOL feels about people sitting in theaters LAUGHING at him

C-SPAN 10:38am - How they WILL DESTROY access and privacy of Internet

W's team is using that "Wild-eyed" advert to refute F 9/11!

Howard Stern listeners=Church Goers

Since the "occupation" is now over, does the death toll

I need help with a website

Iraq-Unempl Rate?unions?

Bury my heart at's horrible. And even more horrible that

My favorite scene in F 9/11. Ashcroft singing

Is This MIHOP Monday Or Something?

Non MM site. ... can you find me where he got his info for the flights of

GWBush - poetry reader? Let Freedom Reign

U.S. Supreme Court To Hear Medical Marijuana Case

My take on Bush's famous "Fool me once" brain fart...

Meet the new flag, same as the old one.

sibel edmonds on now! n/t

Is latest Supreme Court decision being spun as a "Bush loss"

Was sovereignty handed over early to take the focus away from F9/11?

Oakland Theatre Drops Restricted Rating on Fahrenheit 9/11

Heads Up Randi Rhodes all over F911 today

Josh Marshall on how Kerry would handle Iraq different from Bush

So the Saudi's own a chunk of AOLTimeWarner and they own CNN

Oct.Surprise Prevention-PetGoatVideo

Is that really A$$croft singing in F911?

What did Michael Moore say at the end of F9/11?

Hannity Forum Compared to DU Forum by New Member

Who is watching F9/11? coming up on CNN

non f9/11 post, but hollywood related nonetheless

Klaatu Barada Nickto

Are there any Great Old Ones here?

Former Iraq Viceroy Paul Bremer: What's his next move?

Iraqi turnover accelerated to overshadow F9/11?

So, Iraq is a "sovereign" nation now...

Why are we Americans Afraid of the Truth/Reality?

Ldotters urge blacks to vote Repug, then mock them!

I want to see F/911 this weekend.

Bootlegs of F911. Have you seen any? I have..

F9/11 report from Monrovia, Ca.

Email from Seemann for Congress

Disney to curb film spending

I think Bush "misunderestimates" the intelligence of Americans.

What will be the next "Bush Surprise"

Has anyone seen coverage of F911's weekend takings on CNN?

Mark Patrick (Fox Sports) Disses Michael Moore

What is Jesse Jackson up to?

For my 2000th post, my new favorite graphic

Constitution follows the flag: history doesn't repeat itself in S.Ct.

F911 Buzz Among Ordinary Americans

Iraq ambassador reports to Pentagon rather than to the State Department

Is it Just Me, or is F 9/11 Just Blowing Up All Over the Country?!!!

Most Touching Moment in F 9/11 for me

I could understand Nader running the last time but not this time......

Condi told Ifill the real reason for the early transfer in Iraq

Transfer of "Sovereignty" Proves We Never Had It To Give

US presence in Iraq is not consistent with security or stability.

Fahrenheit 9-11: The Temperature at Which Freedom Burns - Great Piece !!!

E&P: One Group That's Not Polarized: 9 of 10 Reviewers...Back F 911

We Report More on What Happens Before Nine A.M. than Most People

Historians vs George W. Bush -- 8 in 10 rate his presidency a failure

Militants reportedly kill Marine hostage

Did they ever find someone who served with Bush?

Poll on Lou Dobbs

GW said: we werenÕt awares LOL!!!!!!!

I have a suggestion for DU (Skinner and Elad)

"Fear 'n' Hate 9-11" A DocuMentalry by G. Dubya Bush

Explosions rock post-handover Baghdad

Fahrenheit 9/11 did NOT make 21 Million Dollars! So stop saying that!

Just saw F911. Britney Spears is smarter than i thought...

Take that, Chimpy!!! Chirac tells * to "mind his own business"

Limbaugh rambling about "Moore's lies" right now.

Bush* declares 'Let Freedom Reign' in Iraq as America falls into chaos

Replace "fuck" with "CHENEY" on the radio. Everybody will know you mean

I have a problem with Moore's F9/11.

Randi just said TBTM had video of bush 7min /attacks. where?

Muslim militants are claiming execution of K.M. Maupin

Limbaugh claimed Moore is in league with the carlisle group

"There've been a lot of smiles today and a lot of girls coming up to me"

My Prediction For The Next 3 Weeks

Italian Military Intelligence involved in bogus dossier - Saddam's uranium

Did I hear correct? We're turning over Saddam within days?

"Sovereingty Accomplished" yeah right....

Toothless and medicated for the night, Bush wanders to the window...

Evidence of Niger uranium trade 'years before war' (Financial Times)

In the spirit of *Atomic Cafe*- a documentary that had a

Fahrenheit 451 now #46 on Amazon. Say thanks to Michael Moore, Ray!

Drudge scraping bottom for anti-Moore stuff

What IS This Freeper Obsession Comparing F-911 & Passion?

Randi's Cracking Me Up, Playing The Ashcroft Song

Why can't Melvin read?

Today, Bush* Committed the ULTIMATE RW Sin

Iraq occupation erodes Bush doctrine

Howard Zinn coming up on Marty Kaplan - AAR

To Michael Moore and Staff::: Next Project Suggestion....

DU Lou Dobbs....

Novak just called Michael Moore a "traitor"!

F911 Downloads: Are they legal?

Is George W. Bush the problem, or is he the solution...

Nader is literally the cover model for Rightwingers

Turkey protests war-criminal bush* and his minions (PHOTOS)

Nader may be more of a factor than he looks today. Read why.

Did you hear the guy on AAR say....go 'cheney' yourself???

E! News just said F-911 to be played on almost a 1000 more screens...

Oh jeezus, on local Tulsa news, puppies blown up with fireworks,

Question about Nader

NPR Sez F911 doesn't mean a groundswell against Bush...

"Cheney" Tha Police

F911 was even better than I had expected!

Kerry slaughtering Bush in AOL Straw Poll

Could this be Disney's counter to F9/11...?

Newshour: Neocons need to stop using Orwellian Language

Dale Earnhardt Jr. endorsing F911 is a HUGE deal

Families, Deep in Debt, Facing Pain of Growing Interest Rates

Do me a favor - E-mail this right-wing numnutz.

AM I CRAZY? DId I just watch a Lou Dobbs story on "Bush is flip-flopper"?

This is the trash from NewsMax about Moore's election registrations.

Will this Wednesday be the day the Plame indictments fly?

Just saw interview with local movie theater owner re F911

Sibel Edmonds on Randi right now - 2:30 mountain time

Josh Marshall hints at scoop -- VP set up Niger-Iraq lie?

U.S. warned it could lose air supremacy

Is Bush getting ready to invade Iran? Read this in another forum - LBN

F911: Remember how the media lied about protest attendance...

Lawrence Eagleberger on "Hardball"

When the plane hit the second tower

Independents and Moderate Republicans Who Won't See F9/11

Are the freepers actually REFUTING and F911 points?

Article: Why I Changed My Voter Registration Today (to Green)

??? Howard Fineman says F911 was a factor

What is the Goal of the Terrorists?

Josh Marshall's Big Story--now we know...

Tuck Tail and Run

Does anyone "sponsor" a needy child in another country?

WAL-MART: The Poll

"Let Freedom Reign" is a nazi skinhead song.

The Liberals lead so far in Canada's Election 7:46:51 PM EDT

Nader calls Michael Moore a "giant beach ball" -- classy!

Nameless people immortalized by F911:

Does "news" flow from the Internet ?

"The transfer of power is complete in Iraq."

Hardball is DESPERATE!!`

F 9/11 coming to "a couple of hundred more theaters" this Wednesday

"Stupid Secuity" website discusses Michael Moore

With all the right-wing whining, I must say...

F911 could have a GOLDMINE of DVD extras, dontcha think?

Does Anyone Have a Rebuttal to Hitchen's Criticisms of F9/11?

Drove 100 miles to see F911 tonight (this is a Doozy!)

5 minutes to go

Why did the WTC collapse?

People leave pricey California in droves

Does anybody find it puzzling that Bill and Hillary Clinton

Did you know: US is building FOURTEEN military bases in Iraq?!?

Will F911 influence the election at all?

What is your race?

WAS Early handover done to deflect attention from F-911?

NBC to tell about Bush/Hitler Ad

Have you seen Fahrenheit 9/11 yet?

Is it time for a fresh nickname for Bush?

weird scene at F911 last night.....

One theory I have about the success of conservatives.

Thank you, Howard Dean, for opening the dialogue.

Coward Doug from Upland mentioned in the Houston Chronicle.

Hey Nader Fans!

Josh Marshall has a great post on Cheney's profane outburst

Failure to get ONE senator to sign on disenfranchisement

Kerry calling for more "security", troops for Iraq? Doesn't he get it?

Pfc. Matt Maupin executed in Iraq (sources)

F 9-11

I can't get that Hanna Storm interview with M. Moore out of my head!

gag....needs caption....these bushies are SOOO-OO embarrassing

So Poppy Bush is the only ex-president who receives daily CIA breifings?

Walked Up To A RW Co-Worker And Plunked $10 Down On His Desk For F-9/11

Are there any white people here?


Flight 93 was SHOT DOWN . . .

Can you say C-R-U-C-I-F-I--X-I-O-N?

"F@&K Yourself, Dick!" | and the rest of today's TOONs

Fundie Rwinged neighbor threw kitten down steps..killed it

Bomb explodes outside legislature - TW

Rio gay march hits the beach

Carr denies Labor split on Iraq troops

UK committed to eliminating torture worldwide: Straw

Ban on torture is absolute, Annan reminds govts

HEALTH: Big drug companies geared to profits rather than research

North Carolina Boy Drowns When Uncle Tries to Drive Across Flooded Creek

Iraq Handover has taken place -

A Guide to the Memos on Torture


Culture of Improvisation Buoys, Bogs Down Israelis

Plenty More to Swear About

The woman who is taking on Wal-Mart

Above-Ground Uranium Storage Planned in Tennessee, Despite Concerns

U.S. Formally Transfers Sovereignty to Iraqi Government

Reports: Billions of Iraqi Funds Missing

Family of Marine Shown in Hostage Video Asks for Prayers

9 out of 10 Film Reviewers for Daily Papers Back 'Fahrenheit'

Teargas at NATO Turkey summit

Haitian calls murder charges 'political justice'

Infamous NYC Child Killer Steinberg Poised For Freedom

Diplomats Honored For Dissent

Iraqis Mixed in Reaction to Transfer

Iraq: Protection of human rights vital during transition

U.S. checking reports of Zarqawi capture (Denied by Army/was: Z. captured)

"Fahrenheit" Burns Up Box Office

(New) Memo lists acceptable 'aggressive' interrogation methods (waterboard

Analysts: GOP Unlikely to Win Illinois Race

China Overtakes U.S. as Investment Target

Oil, not Reagan, ended Cold War

AL-JAZEERA: Iraqi court to charge Saddam 'within a week'

New Cigarette Law Takes Effect in N.Y.

Wanted Saudi Militant Turns Himself In

Thousands in Guard units prepare for Iraq

NRA clout is outgunning Feinstein - Assault weapons ban renewal in doubt

Supreme Court to Hear Case on Medical Pot

NATO Leaders Agree to Train Iraqi Forces

U.S. Military Denies Reports of Zarqawi Capture

Judge Says Artist Can Make Fun of Barbie

Kerry can count on biggest-ever war chest

Kerry Cancels Speech in Boston, Won't Cross Picket Line

'There Is No Way to Turn Back,' New Iraqi President Declares

Supreme Court to Hear Case Claiming CIA Broke Promise to Support Ex-Spies

billions missing from iraq

A saving grace for babies (TX child abandonment law)

Plant May Improve Male Virility, Scientists Say

HAL bankruptcy trustee kicked off plane by pilot

Gitmo detainees have right of access to lawyers and Federal courts (CNN )

Democrats vent at Blagojevich in 'a necessary meeting'

Mother allows photos of California soldier's coffin to protest media ban

Consumer Spending Hits Two-Year High

Mobile phones cut sperm up to 30 percent

Magnitude 4.5 ILLINOIS 2004 June 28 06:10:51

Historian finds U.K.-Al Capone link

Romney to replace Kerry and cross picket line at mayors conference

Kerry Won't Cross Picket Line for Speech

Supreme Court to Hear Case on Medical Pot [to hear this winter]

Poll: Bush Rural Support Fades in Key States

Freed prisoners now fighting against US

Federal Employees' Union Endorses Kerry

Nation's Ports Brace for a Strike by Truckers Unhappy With Wages

The Virgin Oilfields of Iraq (July 5th Newsweek)

Text of Bush-Blair news conference (If you've got the stomach for it)

Iran to resume nuclear programme (a blow to WhiteHouse)

Consumer Spending Hits Two-Year High (savings drop to 2.2% from 2.6%)

Rogue promoter King roots for Bush

Supreme Court Rules Against President Bush in Case About Terrorism Prisone

Taliban murders (16) voters to derail election (Afghanistan)

Irish eyes not smiling over Bush visit

Report: Kidnapped Cincinnati Soldier Killed

Now for the wrath of the oppressed

Shackled Saddam to Be Hauled Into Dock Within Days: Rubaie

Justices Ban Double-Questioning Strategy

Internet helps widen rift between the political left, right

Scientists say watching TV hastens puberty

Oil Prices Fall Sharply After Transfer of Political Power in Iraq

Iranian woman 'gives birth to frog'

MN Woman Skydives On 90th Birthday

San Francisco School Accused of Racism

CNN - Saudis: (Saudi wost wanted) Al Qaeda member surrenders

Saddam to Be Transferred in a Week; Lawyer Says That Violates Internationa

France to Work on Iraq Business Ties

Blast heard Near Turkish Defense HQ

Poll: Americans skeptical about handover

Pursuing the Libido's Dark Side

Another Bloody Week Grisly Rituals in Iraq

Uncertainty About Interrogation Rules Seen as Slowing the Hunt for Info

China Overtakes U.S. As Investment Target

Labor backs Deutsch, Castor (For Florida's Senator Graham's seat)

Blair Disputes Bush's Belief Iraq Rift Is Over

Nader Plays Down Green Party Rebuff

Deadline stirs rush in travel to Cuba

Soldier speaks about decision that led him to Canada

Polls: U.S. skeptical; Iraqis pessimistic

Colorado supreme court strikes school vouchers


Abandon the Battlefield!

Pucker Up Untying the Knot

Enemy Combatants Win Right to U.S. Courts

Uncertainty About Interrogation Rules Slowing the Hunt for Information

San Francisco Plays Host to Bill and Hillary Clinton

Powerful Earthquake Jolts Alaska

| U.S. Puppet Regime Re-enslaves Haitian Masses, "arrests" legitimate PM

We Report More on What Happens Before Nine A.M. than Most People

All prisoners in Iraq must be freed: Amnesty International

New inquiry re-opens British weapons claim controversy

EU Deadlocked on Approving Modified Corn

GOP rolls out speaker list for convention

Armitage Says State Dept. Will Be Dominant in Shaping U.S. Policy on Iraq

NATO Agrees to Help Iraq; Chirac Raps Bush

Gov. Bush meets with Haitian-Americans to discuss rebuilding Haiti

9/11 Panel Says Hijackers Got Help in U.S.

Military Mom Invites Media To View Son's Flag-Draped Coffin

Supreme Court sides with Bush on terror detainees

Saddam-Era Flag Remains Iraq's Symbol

Monument to Add Thurmond's Daughter's Name

Mayors Set Aside Opposing Gay-Marriage Ban

NYC Council Overrides Equal Benefits Veto

Judge strikes down 1993 agreement that opened Turning Stone

Reports: Billions of Iraqi Funds Missing

Supreme Court to consider pot ban for patients

Iraqi Militants Kill U.S. Soldier Held Hostage Since April

Poll: Half of Iraqis Want Democracy

Report: Warming May Lower Rice Yield

(CA) State Supreme Court upholds sex-offender registration law

Seven Afghan police killed by gunmen disguised as soldiers

Chirac Calls Out Bush on Turkey-EU Speech

Edwards keeps rank and file on their feet

Romney replaces Kerry at mayors conference when Kerry refuses to cross pic

Voters urged not to eat their ballots

Clinton Sells Nearly 1 Million Books

CNN: United States has formally resumed diplomatic ties with Libya

CNN: Supreme Court will not rule on Padilla.

Drilling for black gold:Spain's Repsol-YPF helps Cuba search the waters of

U.S.-Led Forces Would Back Martial Law, Bush Says

48 school deaths highest in years

Mother allows photos of California soldier's coffin to protest media ban

IAEA: Israel should end its nuclear threat

U.S. Military Denies Reports of Zarqawi Capture (it was a look-alike)

Variety: Fahrenheit 9/11 may do $100 million, showing on 2000 screens soon

Kerry: Bush Should Push Allies to Help on Iraq

High Court Deals Blow to Bush's War on Terror

Clinton, Kennedy to Speak at Convention

Matt Maupin Killed in Iraq?

BBC: Several explosions heard in central Baghdad

Sex Pros Get Ready for Party (RNC)

Bush Told of Iraq Transfer in Hand-Written Note

Moore Shocked by 'Fahrenheit 9/11' Opening

Canadians cast their votes today

FDA Approves Leeches As Medical Devices

Mexicans stage massive anti-crime march - Hundreds of thousands

Seven Released From Guantanamo

EPA report card stirs political fires

Atkins diet may reduce chances of conception


Right wing "antidote" to F 9/11 in the works

The Saddam-Era Flag Remains Iraq's Symbol

I'm so sorry for the dupe!

Is there a thread where I can discuss F/911 with spoilers if I've seen it?

Question for professional hair stylists

Who wants a beer?

My name is Luka. I live on the second floor

What springs to mind when you see HEyHEY's mom?

Ever get kinda freaked when you think too hard about where you'll end up?

What web-sites have really funny jokes?

I just rode 1,000 miles on CanuckAmok's mother - ask me anything!

Monday's "Ask The White House" Guest is Condi...

Listening to "Mambo 8" from the Office Space soundtrack ASK ME ANYTHING!

Blue Monday, how I hate Blue Monday

If I get banned from FR...

The new Beastie far, "meh".

I just walked into my bathroom and stuck to the side of the toilet

i think somebody just got tombstoned

anyone up for a drinking game? . . .

Where do I find the gallery of member pics?

I just walked into my bathroom and, stuck to the side of the toilet,

Forever | Bruderschaft

Guess who's back...

the ultimate question (from a 1988 life in hell strip)

If I knew how much fun politics were, I'd have gotten involved years ago

I played a choral concert this evening


Who scheduled the 3:00 am reboot?

cnn reporting transfer moved up 2 days...

Is it normal for birds to be chirping at 1:30 AM?

DU is not just a political's a large group of comedians

I just switched to the Dvorak keyboard ... ask me anything!

Ok, guys. CONFESS. what cartoon do you fantasise?

Literary: why do mystery movies tend to introduce the perpetrator early?

Meatwad make the money, see?

Iranian woman 'gives birth to frog'

Who's really up at this hour? (2:18 AM PDT)

Question about the song "Don't Dream its Over" by Crowded House...

PLEASE HELP...I had a car accident today and am having nervous breakdown

Help, please. We need a new

FBI Warns Of Possible Terrorist Attacks In Movie Theaters

Awwww: Proof that Delaware is a dem state - birth of new donkey

I need some articles on Stem Cell Research

What's up with all the eye boogers in my cat's eyes

I picked up my Dylan/Nelson tiks this weekend

I saw F911 in Arlington, VA on Saturday

Is Ovaltine really better than Hershey's chocolate syrup?

Did you see Fahrenheit 9/11 this weekend?

That damn chicago tremor has me depressed -

So I turn on the morning shows...

I'm so glad repukes are defending the rights for these two to get married

Man Survives 10 Days Burried In Coffin

Football, Basketball, or Baseball

Hey Guess What, I Saw A Good Movie Yesterday That Wasn't F-911

board error resulted in dupe, please delete

Tabletop Wargaming Anyone?

Gotta Love Borowitz..

Chicago Du'ers.... Who just FELT that.....????

I love this pic.

F/911 opening nighters - how late were you up DUing Friday night?

Fireworks over NYC.

Sex - Laced Mozart Raises Scandal at Berlin Opera

Naked bike ride attracts attention

DU quickens my pulse by 5-7 beats/minute

cute bush joke... tell me if you heard it. F911 opening in Canada as

Not To Be Outdone By Bush, 90-Year-Old Democrat Jumps From Plane

I've decided not to see F911

Is there a new Daily Show tonight?

Oldies , but goodies...

I bought a little Scion this weekend! DUMPED the Explorer!!!YAYAYAYAYAYAY!

Sex pros get ready for (GOP NY Convention) party

Mobiles Phones May Damage Sperm?

Is it just me or is it foolish to say pop instead of soda

A question for those who've seen F-9/11

Dickie Pilager of Silver City

? about an F911 scene.

Fortunate Son.

Raised In A Barn - Rude People Galore

Brazilian food question (JCCyC? Anyone?)

Man Pleads Guilty After Bag Containing Soiled Underwear Draws Hazmat Crew

I found a shopping cart outside my house today

And the Award for the Most Potent Pot Goes To...

RealPlayer to land on Linux desktops

Six of one

"Greatest American Hero" Theme song: Take a listen!

TV Crews Catch Bush Changing Clothes

Some new pics of a few of my furry kids

Voters Urged Not to Eat Their Ballots

Worst album by a good artist

I just bought LIP VENOM and I need to kiss somebody!

Best Marilyn Munster

Satan joke thread!

Man is stunned to learn his old watch is worth $250,000

Have you been to this part of Austria?

eBay auction for a body and a cannibal has a serious reply

Live Free or Die ??

Saturn from Caqssini

Robber Pays For Cup Of Coffee Spilled During Holdup

**Bumper Stickers**

Two guys fought over my underware - Ask me anything!

The Erstwhile Audiophile of All CAPTIONS!!!

Sicko: The next movie from Michael Moore

Gay Pride Parade Goes On Despite Dumping Of Manure On Route

Which new avatar do you prefer?

Anybody here see the movie "Atomic Cafe"

Records that deserved to sell melons but didn't.

WaPo, alternate meanings for various words

I am four posts from exiting

Why, God, why? - Sports fan parents name son "ESPN"

CAPTION the discovery of a 2 pound Robin in Ireland

Animal bits... A quiz for 7 yr olds.. How will WE do??

This poll needs DUing BAD!

Are our sigs gone again?

Has anyone heard this audio clip before?

who would you like to have plms with?

Watching Yesterday's Enterprise, while I scan stuff for my dad.

DNC has taken over Kendall Sq!

Totally gross!

So I took DUers' block watch advice...Here is the result

Batch of Democratic Domain Names are expiring/dropping

Did you see any other DUers when you went to F9/11?

Vote vote vote vote

starting a new business called "Hugs Inc."

Michael Moore Hates America - Trailer

4123 j00 1337?

Records that deserved to sell millions but didn't.

No internet for 10 days. I need a booklist, preferably BFEE and BCCI

Who would you like have plws with?

How come we don't have ketchup potato chips in the US?

How Far Along Are You in WJC's "My Life"?

Gust Of Wind At Wedding Throws Tent Poles Into Air - One Dead

Deaf DU'ers Unite!

Oh shit..What if the terra-ists take it up a notch and deploy...

Any DUers use the mini VIA PCs?

Michael Flatley is STILL Lord of the Dance

Why do I laugh so hard at things like this? Amy's third grade diary!

Records that didn't deserve to sell millions, but did

Anyone care to give me a synopsis of the last 1.5 week's current events?

A little Humor to help you get through Monday

What is the song at the end of F. 9/11?

And the battle with my con-cow-irker continues.

Things to spend your money on this week

Uh-Oh just got a F911 movie review/crowd reaction from RICHMOND Va.

Brando Nearly Destitute Says British Newspaper

What movies from the 90s will become classics?

I certainly don't wish to insult a great American* but did anyone notice

Our audience for F911 must have been full of Clapton fans

Favorite part of Fahrenheit 9/11?

Anyone care to give me a synopsis of the next 1.5 week's current events?

Are There Any Ferengi Here?

Avatar creation fun

The brew is on me t,night!!

Did you see "The Talented Mr. Ripley"?

Invite someone to go f*** themselves.

I've replaced the word fuck in my speech with the word cheney

Jack Black Warns That Peter Jackson's King Kong Is A Scary Flesh-Eater

Think Britney's been looking plumper lately? She might be eating for two!

Aw, man...I've got to buy "Goodfellas" again? 2-DVD "special" edition...

Pubs response to F911........

An obvious campaign button

Misheard lyrics not mentioned in past threads

DU: The movie - What would we call the movie?

What's the one song you hope Ashcroft will NEVER sing with the "Senators"

So who here is stuck in a town that isn't playing F 9/11?

Look very carefully at this letter from Condi Rice

Who saw Rubin "Hurricane" Carter slam the Patriot Act.

OK -- You've seen F9/11 once

Post 600, and I'm Comfortably Numb

Bush "listens as French President Jacques Chirac speaks at NATO summit"

my stoLen Lunch was not a mistake

Arrrrgh! I hate doing laundry!

I just got stung by a wasp!

Common things that you never ate until you were an adult

The Life of David Gale.

I've joined the "vandalized by a freeper" club


In confess, I am looking forwward to Spiderman MORe than F911.

HEyHEY doesn't deem you worthy of tandem beer swilling

Transparently, I'm invisible!

Caption bushies new earrings

Computer-savvy DUers: I need help! (RE Trojan Horse Virus)

For anyone who isn't sure

CBS Evening News is reporting on Mauphin (sp?)

Favorite (or best) movie with only letters for the title?

The secret CAPTION

Any other unloved DUers? Come have a beer with me!

in f911, right before shrub utters bring 'em on, he says "let me finish"..

More proof that things are changing....

AAAAHHHHGHH!! Just call us Turner and Hooch...

What's the worst product placements in movies?

It's after 5:00, and the bar is open. What'll ya have?

I should be studying for the bar exam.....

Suggestion for bumper sticker

Apparently I am GAY!

Harry's girlfriend and (possibly) Voldemort cast for "Harry Potter: GoF"

I need a lover that won't drive me crazy...

novakuLa caLLs moore a "traitor"

Internet Explorer 6.0 stopped playing mp3s. What do I do?

Have a question you savvy guys and gals might be able to help with

Whats your favorite saying or pick up line?

Jill Henessey-the worst actress on TV IMHO

So who else is going to be civilly disobediant this sunday?

Cheney YOU, you Cheneying motherCheneyer!

Armchair dentists! Diagnose my mysterious dental trauma!

When humans say they're not interested, why not just say so?

Name your fave junk food & I'll tell you what it reveals about you

I Have To Post This Again

Question for computer fiends -- .bin, .cue files from torrent

DU: The Movie!

Culture clash help needed regarding child rearing

I'll have running water this winter!!!

How do you folks feel about the work of Diego Rivera?

What's your current favorite TV comedy?

Freddie Mercury had it all figured out....

I love beans!

your # 1 favorite comedy film

Nascar Fans: Should Jeff Gordon give F1 a try?


I need a good home for my Kitty.

Top ten signs your country is weird (mine, not Letterman's)

Bartcop wondered what if F9/11 made $20 million in opening weekend?

Favorite pro sport to watch?


Imagine getting pulled over by this car...

Pick The Theme Song for the "Transfer of Sovereignty"

Roll Reversal: Post as a Freeper that just saw F9/11

classical music question

show me your 'Dick's! (not a sex thread, promise!)

David Beckham fans LINE-UP!

Ever seen the Alvin Ailey Dance Company?

This is my 500th post - ask me anything!

SoCal DU Gathering THANKS!


Does everyone here know how to find all their old posts?? The easy way ??

Regretfully, I am no longer a Rock Star.....

Well DU, I'm checking in - Week 1 is over and I made it - drink free!!!

Help/advice with antivirus problem please

DU Photographers: I just got back film from my trip...

Let's all play "PASSWORD"!!

Heavy Metal....Noize?

Drunk man accidentally shoots his balls off

Apparently I am invisible...

I'm not being paid at my community college teaching job

Ever read obituaries?

Rest in peace, Tantris.

F 9/11 did NOT make $21 Million Dollars! So stop saying that!

Maya-HEEEE vs. Dee da dee da de da doh doh

Why Germans should not sniff glue

What is Bremer's first name.

Coke, Soda, Pop, or Soda Pop?

I watched a man die last night.

I am up early and my cousin made the post today, ask me anything

Florida Teacher Accused Of Sex With 14-Year-Old Boy

What are some good profiles of Kerry?

Freepers attempt to disrupt Kerry appearance in Phoenix!

Middle Road and Right Democrats Derail Victories

President Kerry and Vice President...

Jebtheft '04 - Who's On The List?

New polls have Bush gaining

when will Florida vote for their Senate candidates ?

Felons' Initiative Probably on Hold in Florida...unless Floridians act now

Idea for Anti-Bush Campaign Commercial

The Pro-Kerry side could use some help at discussion!

Pennsylvania: Kerry ahead of Bush 49-43, but with Nader...

Bush camp hits back at Kerry with a (web video)"coalition of the wild-eyed

Bush Photo-Ops Show Foreign Policy Gains

Fact: Rick Santorum did not vote for the Iraq war

Advice needed -- Campaign Contribution Law

Clinton, Kennedy set to speak at DNC

Another collectible Bush photo

Farenheit 9/11 -- proof positive there is no liberal media bias

Zogby: Bush gains advantage in electoral vote 285-253

GOP bus owners selling tours to NYC Protesters/Suckers across USA

WashTimes uses "outrageously false" for F911, but reports no lies!! ?? !!

the f-word - "Never Complain! Never Explain!"

Last week Nader suggested voting for Kerry in swing states. This week:

Edwards leading choice for VP among Nebraska Democratic Delegates

CO: Kerry within striking distance of Bush (Bush: 48, Kerry: 43)

Am I the only one that doesn't care if it is Clark or Edwards?

Lou Dobbs poll.....Please vote.

Bush Overtakes Kerry In West Virginia (Zogby)

Indiana Poll (Bush: 52, Kerry: 36)

If Zell Miller

Fact: John Kerry did not vote for the Iraqi war

Does anyone else think Maria Shriver is scum?

Kerry has it in the bag.

The "Early Handover,"...was it because of F/911?

Son Greens, what do you think of Ralph now?

Why is TKennedy given primetime speaking spot at DNC Convention?