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Bush in the field of screams

Gwynne Dyer: The Decline of the West

The Banana Split

Frank Rich: Mr. Bush Won't Be at the Tonys

Despite strong relationship with Nancy, Reagan headed dysfunctional family

No more cares for what's in the public interest.

The Saudis Fight Terror, but Not Those Who Wage It

Catapults, ballistas, trebuchets, petraria arcatinus, and mangonels, oh my

Canadian wants to set U.S. gun policy

Thank you to all the mods and the admins.

Could we get "thread hide" back?

Thanks Admins, Mods

May I express my admiration and appreciation to the GD mods?

What happened to the 'puff piece' emoticon?

What happened to the single thread for Reagan's death posts? Please

Good game that shows what is happening in Palestine...

Jewish communities planned to 'block Bedouin expansion'

I will not take joy in Reagan's passing.

Official Cincinnati For Kerry Website is Online!

Party at TXlib and KCDem's: 12 June 2004, 8:00 p.m. til whenever

It's now the party of Limbaugh, not Reagan

Scott Ritter coming up on Laura Flanders on AAR

Air America takes on Reagan's legacy

Who Embodies The Republican Camelot: Reagan or Bush

Question about the upcoming Reagan funeral

Open the gates of Hell, boys, Saint Ronnie's comin' in!

The greatest president of the 20th Century?

On which day will you be sadder?

WWN Breaking: Ronald Reagan spotted alive and well in Argentina

so is reagan's death causing a rift here in DU?

Should I or should I not

'87-the good ole days, when the budget came in at just over $1 trillion

Reagan was an amiable meat puppet

Do the times select the leader or does the leader change the times?

I can understand people's glee

Reagan Presidential Foundation renamed Reagan Memorial Foundation

Just Remember: Reagan Started Off as a Liberal Democrat

I'll Show The Same Compassion For Reagan That He and His Ilk Showed For

Taking a DU break.

Blair opens secret talks to build bridges with Kerry

Reagan's passed on, no gloaitng, no insults from me

Bush's "eulogy" is a laundry list of his own failures in reverse

And if it were Teddy Kennedy, the freepers would say worse.

Ronald Reagan's Great Sense Of Timing

Trapped on Earth by Negative Forces. Opihi Rant #906.01

How does a body (like Reagan's) "rest" when its dead? what creature will Reagan be reincarnated?

About the Reagan bashing threads. Let's stop for now.

Bush Writes His Own Speeches

Are the American people stupid enough to re-elect Bush?

Reagan on C-SPAN.... Oh, Man!

Having friendly discussion with Repub, need resource ...

Reagan was dead already. Long time ago.

Its the end of the world again: Meteors and stuff.

They Distort...

Are the American people stupid enough to re-elect Bush?

Jumping the Dead Reagan

Good Riddance! Reagan, creator of Bin Laden, Saddam and Noriega

This is weird

Bush receives positive poll bounce from Regan death

There is still Hope for Ronald Reagan

A Dilemma for the Networks....

Will Reagan lie in state in the US Capitol or California State Capitol?

Our media had better give some attention to world affairs.

That Liberal Media...

Bush I can finish a sentence.

817 unpublicized and uncelebrated deaths in the GOP hell of Iraq.

Hypothetical: Who would/could have won a third term?

Reaganomics... just the facts. A series of charts from MSNBC..Opinion?

Only ONE thing matters about RR's death

Like the Nazis, Reagan was a victim.

When will the victims of El Mozote get a tribute like Reagan?

Wotsis I hear? Reagan died?

I'll probably be admonished for this

Re Reagan: Look, this is an anonymous internet forum!


Who has a video of * insulting France...

Reagan must be looking up laughing his ass off right now

Naked Condi.

New Bush/Cheney Pic

Questions for Kimmitt

My Ronald Reagan Story

my question,....we are bothered all the press for reagan

Something from Down Under

"Fahrenheit 911" trailer showing on IFC

Think Nancy Reagan would ever support Kerry?

The Reagan movie is pre-empted by...


Have any long-time FR moles been outed from the Reagan flame wars?

The 'Patriot' Search checks homebuyers

Should Reagan be on tommorow's Top 10 Conservative Idiots?

Best example of difference between Reagan & W

This just in -- Generalissimo Francisco Franco is STILL dead !

PBS BBC news with Bush/Chirac on now. 12:14 am n/t

Bring out your (dead) Reagan quotes

Argh! Did anyone see Grover Norquist on Fox News?

D-DAY 'S 60th anniversary memorial thread. Did you know someone

Even in death, Reagan has the power to divide....

Can You Imagine if This Were Clinton We Were Talking About?

It is finally 'Bedtime for Bonzo' for real.

What's more important than thousands dying on the beaches of Normandy?

Freepers are at it allready...

I promise DU that if I ever find a reason to never post here again

Does anybody here really think that they won't cheer when Clinton passes?

Terrorist Raygun dies; every Nazi from his regime is on cable news...

Who is our party's "Ronald Reagan"?

I just don't get it...why play into the

Senator "outraged by the outrage"

Bush garners latest, crucial endorsement

Dennis Kucinich on President Reagan's passing

I am going to see John Kerry on Monday.

Goodbye, y'all....I am leaving DU....

I've had it. I'm leaving.


NCar: Vernon Robinson for Congress... doing a helms

Earlier, I saw an A&E Biography on Eisenhower. What are your thoughts?

Suskind: when asked today at the book fair what impact Reagan's

As for dancing on graves...

There is no comparison between Reagan's death and that of Kennedy

So much dancing going on here...

If Shrub Hadn't Effectively Stopped Stem Cell Research...

OK I've had it! I am leaving! I've had it *up to here* !!!

Clinton is on Booknotes c-span2 at 1:00 am EST.

Nancy could not stomach Bush Krime Family

Who was the more divisive president - a question for historians?

was reaguns another reTHUGlican chickenhawk? never served?

Did you find Reagan "likeable?", "affable?", did he have "charisma"?

Reagan's legacy will be felt for generations....

Who remembers "If there's to be a bloodbath, let it be now?"

NEWS! RR was a self-avowed enemy of Liberals

will the Freepers launch an ABC Boycott?

me signing off.....

Are you glad that Reagan is dead?

Is there anything Reagan did right in your view?

Ted Kennedy says Reagan won the cold war

Vetwife stood up for civil Righs in a redneck Resturant just now !

Was Reagan any better than Saddam?

Hate well, hate smart, and hate hard.

Why Shrubya won't DARE try to use Reagan in his campaign...

Bill Clinton statement on Ronald Reagan

So yesterday or Thursday Rummy goes to Bangladesh to beg

Anyone understand job statistics?

Reagan Memorial - Plans already leaked - (Pics)

The Myths of Ronald Reagan

Bush said "he's going to the shiny city" ? ? ? ?

66 Things to think about when watching the Reagan tributes

Regan and the Cold War

Shrub in Yu-rp....Some pictures to break in on Ronniepalooza

Please join me tonight in a prayer for Reagan's victims

"Let's win this in November for the Gipper"

Another round of new Bush Torture photos soon?

Are you sick of both "hate Reagan" AND "don't hate Reagan" threads?

Is this the DU or the Progressive Free Republic. . .

Let's talk about something that brings us together. How much do you hate

Two favorite presidents - Clinton and Reagen

About time that welfare queen Raygun gets off the public dole.

Where oh where is Susan Powter when you need her?

a photo of George W. Bush at his ranch

"Reagan was a gift from God"

How to fight the Rethug politicization of Reagan's death. Make it backfire

Here's another guy who agrees it's ok to cheer people's deaths

Are You Proud Of Your Fellow DUERS Who Are Pissing On Reagan's Grave?

I don't care what the Freepers - who have posted death threats - think.

Anyone here old enough to remember how some cheered Kennedy's

L-O-fucking-L! Only on DU...

A Warning From RightNation.Us

So the guy that gave Saddam WMDs died today eh?

Decide the fate of Alberto Gonzales

Presidential Mourning Reading Assignment - Hunter S. Thompson

Nancy Reagan


What is your reaction to Reagan's Death?

Rummy in Big Trouble with Republican Lawmakers! Today's News...

WP: Leak Probe Appears to Be in Active Phase

Enron faces suit in California over rigging power market

SPY STORY: Top RAW officer fled via Nepal on US passport

Iraqis agree coalition troops will stay

CNN Poll Shows Growing Opposition to Extension of Clinton Ban on (guns)

UN Security Council meets as deal nears on Iraq

5 G.I.'s Are Killed in Baghdad as Rebels Agree to New Truce in Najaf

WP: U.S. Moves Closer to U.N. Resolution on Iraq (Bush* vs Chirac)

WP: LBJ's Service Will Be Model for Funeral

Cheney, Rumsfeld on abuse trial witness list

D.C. Protest Calls for End to Iraq War (includes PHOTOS)

Quotes: A Nation Reacts to Reagan's Death

CIA braces itself for criticism over 9/11 and Saddam's weapons

HarperCollins acquires rights to Seymour Hersh book on prison scandal

Kerry Statement on the Death of Ronald Reagan

Venus about to make Sun passage

Cheap gas from the war? Only for Iraqis, not Americans

Laura Bush puts on the charm in Paris

Kerry Postpones Campaign to Honor Reagan

Cheney faces grilling over leak as Bush election hopes slump

Proposed income tax break for Texans gets new life

Taxes, gays, abortion targeted by (TX) state GOP

On Discovery Channel: Titanic -- Answers from the Abyss


Saturday night blues

Twila said to Jerry:

I just had the best pizza ever

"Impact" is on TV...Not a movie person but

...Apart from the sanitation, medicine, education, wine,

Chanel Perfume. Do You Like It?

I can understand people's glee

Look what Purji and I got for our Sixteenth Wedding Anniversary!

Do you prefer going to bars on weekends or weekdays?

I like watching cops

Good game so far - I feel sorry for those who don't get CBC though

Offical Adolph Hitler/Pol Pot thread...

Just a reminder: I'm on the radio tonight from 9:00-midnight EST

Corrupt Your Children

Beer nicknames: Goebel - The Queen of Beers

L-O-fucking-L! Only on DU...

"Nil mortuis dire nisi bonum."

Reason Calgary will win........

Don't you just love sudden golf overtime? I do.

Heads up! "Highlander II" on Showtime Beyond NOW! what creature will Reagan be reincarnated?

Is GW looking old to you?

SNL should air a special "Reagan years" episode

the kicker's name was amusing

Chris Rock - War and Politics

Homeland security and the bulldozer guy --

Oh, what a circus, oh, what a show,

I just finished watching "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf". A question.

donhakman posted that his/her best friend was murdered today

The Earth Anthem (Another post with a positive message)

Americans have way too much junk

People who don't leash their dogs!

Need advice: CD Drive

Housewife Sees Reagan's Face On Tortilla...

It's WABBIT season!

The one thing I remember about Reagan is that

This just in: Generalissimo Ronaldo Reagan is still dead!

This needs to be said about separation/divorce related celibacy.

Joshua Gone Barbados....

Sports and magazine cover trivia question

Journey Fans

Sites to trace ancestry on?

Stupid *&^@~#!$% Internet connection....

Seeking recommendations: collections of short stories

DU gathering in SoCal.

Are we having fun tonight folks ?

The Imperial March to War.

I'm getting my brakes done tomorrow.

The Stanley Cup is awesome

Chappelle show appreciation thread

cabbage lovers-- here's my dinner tonight....

Freepers can post in this thread and not get banned

Okay...that's it. I've had it! I'm not going any-damned-where!

Enough of the Reagan Threads.

My Tonsil's the Size of a Golf Ball - Ask Me Anything!


Some merciful person please pour me a martini

I can't take it

Saturday night open topic chat thread...

How many beers have you had ?

Just passed to me; I, in turn, pass to you. The ubiquitous pilot jokes.

you won't believe this junk e-mail I just received .....

Tony Little, late night infomercial star, is hot. There, I said it.

hey, did you hear reagan died?

I've had it. I'm leaving.

I promise DU that if I ever find a reason to never post here again

Goodbye, y'all....I am leaving DU....

I'm drunk on boxed wine- ASK ME ANYTHING!

How did you guys feel about the show Family Ties?

Bet you all wished I stayed on my DU break

how does a dual layer DVD work?

...."Crazy shit man"

Oh, DAMN you, DU!

Does or has anyone here lived in Mexico?

WWN Breaking: Ronald Reagan spotted alive and well in Argentina

Amtrak's 2 hours late tonight....

Man, I'm done with this place....

Which DUer came up with the term "Reagasm"???

Why did they hold off telling us that Reagan died last night?

Operation Overlord: D-Day, H-Hour

The unofficial, official Harry Potter thread

Great Anti-War Sign!

We're looking at adding bumper stickers to our mall...Do you like them?

JLo weds (pre-divorces) Marc Anthony - report

I've found some excellent professional level Photoshop video tutorials

Chriac questions W.... he must be a DUer...... CAPTION

Has anyone here bought a computer from Dell or Gateway?

Hey I wonder what FAUX news is doing about Reagan?



Reagan flame bait has got me down, tell me a joke please eom

LOOK! -- We Bought A New 2004 Coachmen Clipper Pop-Up (Fold-Down) Camper!

The Saturday Night Reagan Free D.U.L.L. Thread

"SO WHAT!" - Don Cherry

Cocktail party at TXlib and KCDem's: Saturday ,12 June 2004, 8:00 p.m.

Wotsis I hear? Reagan died?

John Kerry and Dennis Kucinich on President Reagan's death

LATimes: A Presidency Characterized by Paradox (editorial on RR)

Billmon (Whiskey Bar Blog): Ronald Reagan (excellent piece)

Reagan was a hero, much like Smarty

Reagan's passing reminds me of song lyrics.

Margolis: American fib factory

Maybe U.S. is reverting to its true, conservative self - Strib oped

Reagan was the Original Forrest Gump Who Struck Lucky

junk news

Kerry's Mideast Policy is Miles from Bush's

You Can't Mock the President or Say "Balls"

Bush haters--it's chic to be one | NH Union Leader--freep implosion

Bush's mementos - letter to the strib

Good or bad, Reaganomics legacy endures in America

Reagan's influence ignited GOP's Florida turnaround

He..."need not be enlarged in death beyond what he was in life..."

Rating Reagan: A Bogus Legacy

It's Not a War on Terror

LAT: Is the GOP Well Dry for 2008? (No heir to Bush* in sight)

Salon: Christians preach Bible-inspired diet

Bushido: the Way of the Armchair Warrior

Over 117,000 have signed the voting petition. Sign if you haven't.

Walk a Bridge for HealthCare...June 19th. Dean , JJackson, Jr., Chicago

4th of July flyer

A few pics from the San Francisco rally

June 5 March in LA images -(plus the 2 freeps that showed up)

I'm ashamed of and disappointed with NPR!

Bill O'Reilly lies about the ACLU... again

Kerry's abysmal ignorance on CSPAN interview aired tonight

Reagan tribute: Thanks for the Memories (Flash animation

Sibel Edmonds bumped from 60 Mins by Reagan Hagiography

Today's Thought

Need advice: I may be a Walmart Poppy-Seed eating reject!!

Intractable Pressure.

Western Drought Too Much Even For Sagebrush - AP

Brazil's Gov. Defends Forest Record - NJ-Sized Area Destroyed In 2003

Klamath River Salmon Carrying Parasite Head Downriver

Sediment Core Team Will Seek Polar Ice History - BBC

With 2,000 Dead In Landslides & Floods, Haitian Deforestation Continues

James Lovelock - Only Catastrophe Will Bring Climate Action - BBC

Chaos feared as gun law deadline looms

Lee cites Genghis Khan as role model

Darfur rebels free UN captives

British journalist killed in Saudi Arabia

India Seeks to Repeal Its PATRIOT Act

Deputies shot 22 in vehicles since '99

Why was my post moved?

What, am I just not "club material"?

A request for a link.

I would like a contingency plan posted

Why don't the state forums have moderators?

Have there been any right wing moles outed from the Reagan flame wars?

What happened to the hide thread functinon?

I am upset by what appeared to be censorship by the moderators on this

I see a lot of newbies and they are asking

Will Pitt is a public figure.

Let's not do a Top 10 conservative idiot list this week

When we post can we post photos?

In the My Posts section could you tag who our replies are from?

Skinner, I'm getting nervous about a Rush/FR DOS attack tomorrow

Please bring back tha 'hide thread' option as soon as you can

The Saudis Fight Terror, but Not Those Who Wage It

Pursuit of Peace Requires New Coalition

Cabinet vote on pullout plan halted

Cabinet approves PM's revised pullout plan by 14-7 majority

PA complains of pressure on Arafat to quit

Truth vs. Deceit in Foreign Policy

Palestinians turn on tunnel men (Reuters)

Among The Settlers Will They Destroy Israel?

Just rumours?

Gore says Penelas betrayed Democrats

How ousted CHP chief got on the outs with Schwarzenegger

Cheney visits Ann Arbor (Damm, I would have loved to welcome him!)

Cincinnati Kerry Campaign Update

Texans: Kay Bailey Hutchison for Governer?

So...conventioneers...wanna get together?

Demos pledge 'backbone' in '04 campaigns - convention

How is Kerry different from Mondale?

Sudden Volatility - do we wait to see the outcome, or try to influence it?

Replace the prez with a low cost substitute (Privatization)

Anyone Got A Photo of the Entire Clinton Admin

Team Bush Is On A out!

Legal means of declaring POTUS mentally incompetent?

Anyone Watching Today's Myriad Replays of Reagan's Speeches?

Bill Clinton is on C-Span2 now! 1:00 AM EST.

Reagans Death will be politicized...make no mistake about this.

Thank you, Ronald Reagan.

I'm sorry , but President Clinton is losing me..........

Man, I'm done with this place....

CommonDreams - journalistic standards - opinions please

An ancient man has finally died

Screw Reagan

Songs of Peace Website

Now would be a good time for Shrub release Reagan's Presidential Papers

How soon before Kerry announces his VP?

June 5, 2004: The Nation Mourns

Ronnie's reunited with Nixon and Strom now

Every eye in Iraq must be dry at the news of Reagan's passing

D-Day 60th Anniversary - forget you-know-who, and recognize history.

Where's the tinfoil -

Nate Clay -- Late Saturday night LIBERAL radio LIVE and streaming

Nancy's final words to Ronnie...

Maybe Someone Has Already Posted

Doesn't anyone think it odd that

An enemy has fallen...

How long before a Skull & Bonesman steals Reagan's skull?

Someone please tell me what Bush did in France.

An interesting take on Reagan's death

What else is going on in the world?

So Ronald Reagan gets to Heaven...

How much of a boost will the moron-in-chief get from Reagan?

Government Rumored To Be Withholding Army Benefits

From today's American Politics Journal: Hot Headlines! (LOL!)

The victims of Reagan's Central American wars and genocide died LONG ago

Ex-Chief Inspector: No WMDs Will Be Found

Has this photo been posted here before?

Must See TV

Will Osama bin Laden be at Reagan's funeral?

Sorry to ask again, but the chimp insult to France video...

Couple celebrates ruling in battle over marijuana

Reagan........he won 49 states

Will the Pentagon let us see the flag draped coffin of RR???

Trouble in Private U.S. Jails Preceded Job Fixing Iraq's

Ike Newkirk streaming now Atlanta 790....

War on terror; war on poverty: different standards

Don't let the RR programming take you eyes of what happening in Iraq

Mark Fiore: Quit yer Whining!

My Response to the Death of Reagan: Ronald Reagan's Painful Legacy...

Did Nancy pull the plug now to minimize political impact?

When Reagan came to Ottawa in 1981

The Rs tried to put a pig in a poke....

Will this be another "Trifecta" for Bush*

Was It Ever Easy to Lead the C.I.A.?

Who are the guests on the Sunday "News" Shows? Or is it all-Reagan today?

The main thing I remember about RR

Looks like 9-11 is really paying off for the Bushies

Don't let them lead you by the nose....

In a way, I am glad that Reagan's death took place on a weekend.

1000 Days - bin Laden is still free

Jon Stewart, Tom Wolfe, Gish Jen, Graydon Carter on c-span2/BookTV


Will Reagan be buried at Bitburg?

Strong reaction to Reagan's death here:

I have something positive to say about Reagan...

PBS's Regan timeline & Iran-Contra/HUD CONVICTIONS

when JFK, RFK, King, Lennon, & Wellstone died, I cried

Reagan's Timing Couldn't Be Worse...

Average Gallup approval rating of presidents since Truman

Media Vows to Pry Open Closed Doors in Washington

reagan was SURE he'd live to see Armageddon, Falwell was his fave

Time for a break

The earth will not have Reagan

Media/GOP rewrite Hist:Carter WON THE COLD WAR via budget and Afghanistan

This Week with Stephanopolis

The "War on Terrorism" is a SHAM...??

Jon Stewart...

Looking for a website...

Ronald Reagan's legacy

MSGOP showing D-Day tribute

Talking to a Repub

Steven Spielberg said that most Americans know little about D-Day

Brown Publishing (the one publishing the attack book on Kerry) is

Will Nancy appear at the Reagan tribute at the Republican convention?


Ronald Reagan is back until November

Never Thought I Would Say This.

What is Bush on?

Bill Clinton on C-SPAN 2 now!

Us and Them

Was Reagan a puppet for the conservatives the way that Bush is?

The Poverty DRAFT, coming to a small town near you!

Reagan passes ... bounce or dive for Bush????

You know,RR could stand for Ronald Reagan, Rest and Recreation,Railroading

D-Day has everyone forgotten this anniversary?

Could someone draw up approval numbers to compare Reagan to Clinton?

OFranken corruption, complicity in war runup.....on now

C-span radio in DC, played reaguns D-Day speech first, then bush* D-Day...

Ronald Reagan should have died in prison or not?

The Bush D-Day sermon...

Fox's unintentional, overwhelming statement on "The Death Of Dignity"

WOW - Reagan's speech at Oxford 12-4-92 (on CSPAN now)

Why Reagan did not end the Cold War.

reagan lied 'under oath' 150 times & WASN'T impeached

Reagan Died: Boooooo Hooooooo

Reagan's Supreme Court appointments...

Nation Mourns as Smarty Jones fails to clinch triple crown

What you WON'T hear on the "Ronald Reagan" Show This Week

ODL - Laura Does Paris

How do Bush* and Reagan stack up against each other?

Did I read somewhere that Ford is 91?

Will Reagan be buried in a make-up table at Arlington...

HELP! I pushed the IGNORE function, and I 'm afraid I ended up

Here's the litmus test: When Ford dies, Democrats will treat Gerry almost

Quit Yer Whining About Gas Prices!

"George, I knew Ronald Reagan, & YOU'RE no Ronald Reagan"

Reagan and the rise of the religious right

So, do you all think we are going to see a Reagan Dime?

we are in Iraq as a DIRECT result of reagan/bush policies

Bush speeches

Ronald Reagan's Record of "Firsts"

I have reached the point where I think that the death of President Reagan

Ronny not loved by the right???????

If lurkers make DU look bad, is that good for DU ?

The most interesting thing to me, reflecting on Reagan's death, is that,

Unfreep this poll.

reagan made us feel good about our racism again

Geocaching and the Feds don't mix

Poll: Many Still Unsure Whom To Vote Against For President

Iran Contra Criminals

Did elderly vets miss D-Day ceremony because CNN didn't cover it?

UnFreep the map!

Iraqi language question

Gerhard Schröder is first German head of state to attend D-Day ceremonies

GE and Reagan's "turn" to the right --

While I respect a lot about Reagan, he was largely myth...

Reagan and fire

Our Corporate President -- the irreversibility of CAFTA?

Poster from reaguns best movie "Bedtime for Bonzo" (PHOTO)

You MUST hear this song...

BC takes a swipe at Bushco at CCNY Commencement ...

Al Is Pissed About Florida!

Why do many working stiffs...

i love drudge's "subtle" propaganda

Kids get sicker at Baghdad hospital

Another Goebbels quote worth looking at

I had a horrible thought after spending too much time

"Some men see things as they are and say, 'Why?'

Reagan was not "Bush League"

a BIG hand for all the DU moderators!

Economic Populism won in SD. Where else?

Robert Scheer says it's time for Kerry to show some real anger...

Reagan's Liberal Legacy

Howard Dean discusses Vieques in Puerto Rico Friday.

Did Nixon get a state funeral?

Can someone (especially someone from Britian) please explain the

Reagan dies right before Reaganism does

Let's see, Reagan died yesterday...

This should be how shrub is remembered...

As a child of the 80's I learned how to mistrust gov't from Reagan, but

Jacque Slaps the Resident of the US

Reagan set the stage for Al Queda

Bush's incompetence has made the world a far more dangerous place...

yestedays reactions

How much are WE paying for the Reagan-neocon love fest

Are you fed up with all the Reagan tributes yet?

Will Shrub's New Flightsuit Have A Well-Oiled Pompadour?

A useful talking point (winning the cold war)

Iraqi Casualties Website Is Down

President Clinton Quote....

People like me are what's wrong with America

Need Progressive Critique of Reagan/End of Cold War

The media can lie all they want - but they can't make us believe it

Bush sealed all Presidential records=We won't know the truth about Raygun.

Oh, the Irony! I have just been approached by e-mail to...

Why hasn't anyone mentioned Reagan's Psychic advisor's?

This Reagan stuff will be over in a week, Just watch Simpson's reruns..

Was Reagan the first President to lay a wreath at the Normandy monument?

Reagan won every race he ever ran...

Reagan's Chief of Staff for the past nine years?

Vote Bush :-) he's not as bad as Hitler

Ha! A dead guy upstages bunkerboy's phony D-Day show!

need help, exactly what is it osama and company are pushing for

Anything wrong with this picture? (CNN)

Deleted message

Link to Fahrenheit 911 Trailer...great...

China and USA - The future

Carter did more to end the Cold War than Reagan...

No one is discussing today's D-Day ceremony. Did US news not cover it?

Dean.....Tenet covering up for Bush, taking fall...remarks from Vieques.

Am I the only one not bothered by the heavy media coverage of Reagan?

Reagans charisma only makes the chimp-in-chief look dumber.

Tucker Carlson "ashamed" and "enraged"....

"France Says, Love the U.S., Hate Its Chief" NYT Great Article

Anyone else just see "Judgment at Nuremburg" on TCM?

Bill Clinton on Book TV ~ he gave strong reassurance that everything

What creeped you out about Reagan?

W's leak probe att'y a Kerry fan

Cheney visits town - quietly (Damm! I would have loved to welcome him!)

Bob McChesney interviews Thomas Frank in 20 min

Ivins: CBS News has acquired tapes of Enron employees

A sad day in America

What Kerry should say about Reagan...

This comic shows who's controlling the strings in the Iraqi Interim Gov

Iran-Contra terrorist Raygun is being used by the Reichwing to bump...

John Fitzgerald Kennedy was shot down in his prime of life.........


Bush has lost his mind...

Last night's SNL: Pushing the Osama/Saddam link HARD.

Reagan and Education

Faux News Pisses on the graves of (D-Day) all veterans.

Caller on local talk show: Honor Reagan's legacy by re-electing Bush

Bush can't even say CIA

3:08p.m.HEADS UP: C-Span 2: the BookExpo with Wolfe, Stewart, Jen.

While You Were Sleeping

Idea. DU should have a "top story" forum

Now here's a class act

I Acknowledge & Honor Those Who Defeated Hitler.

"I'm From the Private Sector and I'm Here to Help." This American Life.

Paris protests Bush -- 2 photos

Our customs are strange and frightening to me

Favorite leader during the 80's

Boys and Girls: Bush* was right during his speech in France:

Paul Krugman interview this AM on BBC World Service--great!!

Shame and Joy

An extraordinary and heartwrenching tale of forgiveness

No such thing as Reagan Democrats

Very weird E-Bay auction...

Reagan's biggest legacy

Were Bush's comments on Reagan's death shot long ago?

Will Dubya Have Freedom Fries With The Surrender Monkeys?

Caspar Weinberger: Shoulda Done Time for Iran-Contra

OK CNN...Enough of the size 30 Font...

Confirmed Plan of 9/11??

Direct question: for Jon Stewart's BookExpo presentation this afternoon:

Reagan's legacy to me.

Reagan was the Original Forrest Gump Who Struck Lucky

A ? for you DU oldtimers (15,000 posts plus) - Is this like deja vu ?

I apologize to the people who predicted this (Reagan)

How do you think AIDS came about? Why?

My girl and I shop at Wal-Mart...But we almost have no choice any advice?

1000th Post. Ha! Bush Rules! God laughs at you communists!

You know what's worse than $2.00/ gal for gas???

I want to see their pay stubs! Anyone make this much ?

Reagan: Silent on AIDS for 6 years/60,000 die during his administration

If you were 15 years old or younger in 1980, you have been subjected...

Another damn Reagan thread: What was your local paper's headline

Bush Crime Family so disgusting even the Reagans hate them

Soldiers tricked out of their promised scholarships, recruiters' lies

An actual LTTE to Ft. Worth Star-Telegram-if you didn't laugh, you'd cry

Should our Headquarters read "Democrat Headquarters or...

The Texas GOP platform - Our key to winning Texas?

More on Chalabi, his "Christian aide", GOP Charlie Black, & hackers .....

What if JFK had lived? Timeline. What do you think of this?

Wonder if Sibel Edmonds will still be on Sixty Minutes today

can you believe Colonel Asshole (Oliver) North?

U.S. subsidy keeps gas price low in Iraq (5¢ a gallon!!!!!)

A perspective on Gulf War II in May of 2003.

Nick Berg Conspiracy Theory Three Dot Lounge

June 6th, 1944: A pivotal moment in history.

Gorbachev ended the Cold War.

For those who believe in god, do you think/what do you think? Reagan

After what they pulled with Wellstone, let's watch what they do w/ Reagan

Sibel Edmonds being replaced by Reagan on 60 Minutes tonight

exposing Oliver North's CON Game

Are you satisfied with the Reagan coverage? Is there any whoring going on?

Gallup: Comparative Approval Ratings Of Past 10 Presidents

Why does the myth persist that Reagan ran up the deficit?

The Kerry event has been cancelled.

Rupert Murdoch to start a new TV channel - ReaganTV.

Im going to say something good about Reagan....

Rating Reagan: A Bogus Legacy

Speaking of andrew sullivan,

The Unelected Retarded Drunk -- T.U.R.D.

Here is an informative review of Reagan's legacy...

The Guardian: The Bilderberg Group (lol!)

Schumer and Dean to rally with SEIU 10 am tomorrow....NYC health aides.

Who is scarier?

How to fight the good fight?

CNN - All Reagan All The Time

It's all so predictable

flush the TURD and put RICE in the Bowl

Wow... Lou Dobbs was actually talking about how Reaganomics failed...

Nancy says..."...he was very comfortable in his own skin..."

The scariest thing I've overheard recently....

A toast to Nancy for the dedication she showed to Ron

Forget 60 Minutes: It's all Reagan

Iraqi's paying 5 cents a gallon for gas?!

Was there ever a scandal between Bush and a funeral home company?

CNN has a place to

Did you know that Reagan served in D-Day?

How many former Presidents have died since 1979?

Let's get a good NON-Reagan flame war going

The Washington monuments to come

A new ANN COULTER book. Puke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reagan`s Kent State Response"If there`s to be a bloodbath let it be now"

The stress is causing us to attack each other? What else could explain

Bush laid his hand on the OFFICIAL PROCLAMATION of Reagan's death:

Flanders show: great discussion between a repug and...

Alabama paper calls for the draft

Ed Meese: Reagan's Rockhead Attorney General

Kerry Suspend Campaign...Chimpster Doesn't For Funeral

Dummy in Normandy

How do you classify yourself politically?

Just heard something on KPFK - Pacifica that freaked me out

Well, confirmed: C-Span-2 cuts out "negative comments" about Bush*.

Spread the Michael Moore movie-trailer link around the internet.

Juan Cole's thoughtful and devasting deconstruction of Ronnie's legacy

Get ready for a RW talk radio DOS attack on DU tomorrow, RE: Reagan

Instead of just pointing out the bad things he did...

Is the Circus Over? Is It Safe to Come Back to the Dem Underground??

Just saw "At the Movies"...two thumbs up for F9/11

Sorry, Karl. If the CIA has turned on BushCo, NO distractions will work.

Hey, almost 250 new DU'ers since Reagan died!


Is it me or does the Reagan stuff have the air of a circus

Ronald Reagan was a Human Being

Reagan WH legacy ...

Listen to the chimp practice saying Abu Ghraib

"He'll be sort of missed." -GWB

I'm going to be on the Laura Flanders show tonight (Guy James)

"longest political suicide note in modern Texas history"

An Honest ? - If you're a pascifist, how do you feel about D-Day?

The wit and wis-DUMB of GWB...

Let's count the ways America would be better if Al Gore was President

I heard Ralph Nader speak this morning on NPR

the conscience of political action

Clinton's policies were inspired by Reagan.

111F/43C in Nasiriyah. Do you know where Bush is murdering your children?

Jimmy Carter sends his condolences

Breaking: Ronald Reagan STILL dead!

Reagan - myth and reality

Just War - DustMolecule's Daughter Got An A!!!

looks like European leaders are avoiding bush* at Normandy (PHOTOS)

Reagan began the modern era of "incivility" in public political discourse.

Hey Ron, thanks for all the memories

Reagan is dead. So, is he now relevant or not to our political situation?

Are there any DSAUSA (Democratic Socialists) out there?

1:37AM... somewhere, Peggy Noonan is sobbing...

At the very Least, we could understand Reagan when he spoke to us.

If Bush is such a Christian, why is it he and his crew are into Sinning so

James Watt: Raygun Cabinet Fundie Nutjob

How many people were afraid Reagan and Bush would blow us all to pieces?

League of Women Voters Members -- Your Help is Needed ! (BBV)

where's Reagan now?

The World Reagan Made (my obituary for him)

Dem Convention.. What would you do if Nancy Reagan was a speaker?

CNN - Poll - vote

Does the DNC give aid to all Democratic candidates or just

Lowes and overtime.

Which recent Presidential death were you most saddened by?

The Chimp isn't looking too good --

Event/Policy do you believe defined Ronald Reagan's presidency? POLL

Rush Limbaugh is on Armed Services radio?!?!?!?!?!? WTF?????????????

Exactly how far has being decorous and deferential gotten the Dem Party

Andrew Sullivan is linking DU's hate-filled anti-Reagan thread

Absence of empathy is the greatest evil - bigger than left or right.

Do you think Robert Reich Will hold a cabinet position ....

If lurkers post "I'll piss on Raygun's grave" does that make DU look bad?

Ronald Reagan was not a saint,

Is Reagan in Hell or Heaven?

BBV: Andy Stephenson

Your weekly print news magazine of choice?


PLAME INVESTIGATION "Appears To Be In Active Phase!" (WP)

Enough with the "_______ is worse than/ as bad as Hitler"

MEME MEMO: Neocons are shamefully exploiting Reagan's death...

"Not Too Late For a War Crimes Tribunal," on Reagan by

Fallujah clashes threaten truce

Terrorist act at oil storage depot in Russia

Communion Issue Creates Split Among U.S. Bishops

Wide gaps seen in US inquiries on prison abuse

San Diego Union-Tribune: Sudan peace deal met with joy

Marine Dies After Attack in Western Iraq

Coup against Blair would be a disaster

Iraqi doctors abducted; others flee nation

US to give up Saddam, Iraq chief says

Chalabi accuses Tenet of spurring intelligence probe

Brewery heir Coors on Colorado GOP ballot

Pacific Rim Chiefs Urge on Global Talks

UN to hold special Sunday session on Iraq

Darfur rebels free UN captives

Leak Probe Appears To Be in Active Phase

A year on trail, Kerry projects confidence

AmeriDebt files for Chapter 11

Senator Helms hospitalized for gall stones

China gets Aids jail

Slow start threatens Medicare drug program

Cops break up church sit-in - Spain

Potential Kerry running mates vie to sing his praises loudest

Missing reporter stirs trouble on three continents

Mafia boss with SA links arrested

Light Sentences Cast Cloud on Crackdown (of white collar crimes)

No progress by Rumsfeld in raising troops in Bangladesh

Ansel Adams on Ronald Reagan

Kerry suspends campaigning

Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony Wed at Her Beverly Hills Home

Reagan 'behind East Timor genocide'

3 dead, 9 wounded in Iraq blast

Kerry can let Bush's bad news speak for itself

'Terror threat political game' - Clarke

Eisenhower note has lessons for Bush and Co

Blow-by-blow account of Saudi massacre

Gadhafi Regrets Reagan Died Before Trial

Iraqis Paying 5 Cents a Gallon for Gas

BT puts block on child porn sites

US trains Iraqis to fight guerillas

Bush calls for 90% write-off of Iraqi debt

For family of sergeant killed in Iraq, clearer picture of son's fate final

Sadr's men blow up police station

Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony Wed at Her Beverly Hills Home

Pentagon ignored its info, CIA says

Anti-war protest at Rumsfeld's home

CNN breaking - - Reagan funeral events (no link)

Stretching The Troops In Iraq

UN: Two South African blue helmets are dead

Salas Romer calls on President Chavez Frias to admit defeat

Gore says Penelas betrayed Democrats

Bill Clinton Shines at Publishing Expo

E.P.A. Nears Pact on Waste by Processors of Livestock

Briton shot dead in Saudi suburb

French Jewish teen is 2nd stabbed in a week

Richard Clarke's new offensive

A 9/11 lesson: Don't photograph the water

Two Koreas reach agreement to open road and rail links

Mercenaries in 'coup plot' guarded UK officials in Iraq

Germans to stand with Allies for 1st time at D-Day rites

Journalist feared killed for exposing corruption in Africa

Mortar attack kills one soldier, wounds one

WP: Wars Put Strain On National Guard

2 Americans, 2 Poles killed in Baghdad ambush

Expand travel to Cuba, Kerry says

We love when we play

Really stupid (and appropriately named) burglar.

I need a drink!! WooWoo anyone?

Why when the "ignore thread" button is needed the most

When does a relationship jump the shark?

My theory on the brontosaurus

Does drinking on DU count as drinking alone - qualifying us as alcoholics?

Wow! I just saw the Farenheit 9-11 trailer on IFC!

People voting republican...

An Art Bell Topic: Did Your Past Erase And Future Change?

Which emotion do human beings use more? Love or Hate?

HEyHEY's all in one thread

Eating some left over Mac & Cheese and Chicken from KFC!

what is the "upper vascular hood?"

When do you feel most alone?

Kiss the Shiny, Shiny Boots of Leather

"Pirates of the Caribbean" fans: question for you!

Beavis and Butt-Head are really fucking funny.

"The one that got away thread"

June 5, 2004: The Nation Mourns

"Reaganomics" by D.R.I.

OK everyone, who here is stoned tonight???

OK everyone, who here is toned tonight???

The Invasion of of the beach

Insomniac Thread

I got sunshine in my stomach.

So what was your favorite nickname for RR?

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony got married.

Hello lover.

ok Everyone, Who here is Tanned tonight?

can anyone help me with netscape?

OK, everyone, who here got boned tonight?

OK, everyone, who got pwn3d tonight?

Time for a Naked Raygun post...

My song lyrics

Three of my favorite songs

Uh... where did my sig line go?

Casino is on! - You DUMB MUDDA FUCKA YOU!

Must See TV

Anyone attending G8 events this week?

There's a dead woman on my speakers. There's a dead man on my desktop.

I just read SCTV is being released on DVD!

Attention PayPal people....a warning for you!

OK, everyone, who got prawned tonight?

New York sings blues over bedbug invasion

Hey MoPaul! Was this you?

A few more bumper stickers we might'll love one of them!

More Democrats being created thanks to Worldcomm

I just saw "Apocalypse Now Redux" for the first time

should it bother me Reagan's body is three blocks away from me

Spent Yesterday at the Naval War College

Time for a break

A thought about D-day...

Strange...but true....(READ # 5!)

Freeper-types copying.

Non-Reagan thread relief: PC security question, bear with me.

Just two crazy kids in love. In flight suits. You can feel the glow.

hydromet cough syrup........GREAT!

Since we're remembering D-Day and WWII today....

What's your favorite song from a musical movie?

Dog parents...

Does anyone have any links to some site's with kool Anti-Bush...


Make this a Reagan free week from TV and radio

If I see one more post about Reagan,

Dubya, sportin' a way-cool "Dennis The Menace" cowlick

Nation Mourns as Smarty Jones fails to clinch triple crown

It just goes to show that you never know what the future holds....

NEED HELP !! on new PDA. Palm vs. Dell vs. other??

Poll: Many Still Unsure Whom To Vote Against For President

My home buying nightmare continues

An FYI: The Tony Awards are on tonight. Hugh Jackman is the host.

Dinner For Five on IFC

ayyy uhhh ayyy uhhh ayyy uhhh ayyy uhhh ayyy uhhh

The word association thread

How many ignore lists am i on?

Jacque's Slap

did you ever wonder how ice cream is made?

A great man died on June 6th

Does anyone care at all that the Men's Final of the French Open is on now?

House Dems Spoof GOP With Reality Show

Tell me what year it is

All Blacks (Rugby) 3 PM EST


Am I going to have to change my handle to get off everyone's ignore lists?

How can I use Javascript code to fool a website into thinking Mozilla is

I am the ignor list king

The Difference Between Cats and Dogs

Ya know the adorable kittens Amerikat has?

Does anyone know if Amy Goodman is still going to be

"Exorcist" and "The Shining" Bunny Synopsis

Did I miss the announcement about the elimination of sig lines?

How early is too early to mow your lawn?

Who's in a pugnacious mood?

The Bush/Cheney Sloganator Is Gone

An apology for my actions yesterday.

Someone please tell me I'm not a bad person for not caring about Reagan...

YES!!! D-Day!!! The Day I Reach 10,000 Posts!!!

What is a "Beauty Steak"?

WOO-HOO!!! I'm finally back on-line!

You MUST hear this song...

Just watched Paycheck. Ask me anything.

Wanted to post lyrics to a song that's been in my head since...

Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony Wed at Her Beverly Hills Home

Shouldn't the Jews and christians be more upset now ?

Guess who is tied for the lead in Home Runs in MLB?

Preemptive LAKERS SUCK thread

Guess how many posts I have?

NPR on Iraq Now -"I'm From the Private Sector and I'm Here to Help."

Anybody know what happened to

I got E-mail spam about Lettuce!

"Sopranos" season finale tonight... I can't wait!!

Want to experience the cicadas?

Complete sentences. For 'em? Against 'em?

Favorite song from an era that isn't yours?

Thunderbirds are go!

how can you find out who hosts a particular URL?

Red Sox Fans- Can we get rid of Cesar Crespo!

Favorite US President, 1981-1989

Could I get some advice on my website's appearance?

What's for lunch?

Is Lunaville offline?

MTV's "Room Raiders" - Your Children Are Disgusting

I feel worse about Reagan than about Smarty Jones losing the Belmont.

Man Penalised For Warning Of Speed Trap


Do you find it strange

im watching office space...

Denny's (Restaurant)

Do You Put Off Peeing for Some Reason?

Sopranos give-a-crap-o-meter

Is there anything more obnoxious than an Expedition driver?

What are your feelings about Devo?

I just watched 21 Grams...Now I'm ready to shoot myself....Oh yah..Spoiler

Trailer for Fahrenheit 911

Hey, what happened, Bigbigbear's wife passed away? Link?

Dumbass Roommate Quote #2

Any one up for a little Goggle bombing

I Want To.................

Internet radio question

How do you like my new avatar?

Eminem moons at MTV Movie Awards

Watching Northern Exposure...ask away

Help me pick the rest of my free music downloads

I am sick...

The "watch out or you'll get that thread locked" Michelle Malkin thread

I am not a freeper

I just drank 2 liters of water..... ask me anything!

For those interested, my sons wedding is over and I.....................

1000th Post. Ha! Bush Rules! God laughs at you communists!

Have you ever peed in public?

"The Color of Your Skin Don't Matter My Brother"

Yummy! Here's My Italian Dinner Recipe...

Who's gettin' whacked tonight on the Sopranos?

My wife is on her way to Honduras, ask me anything...

The New Chrysler 300. Hot or Not? Good or Bad?

What is an AckMan and why is his Huge?????

Just out of curiosity...

Early Sunday morning kitties!

I'm a -tarian

The movie version of "Garfield" creeps me out.

What is the most annoying thing about your spouse or ex-spouse?

I'm on my way to Honduras to meet my mistress;Ask me Anything

Am I the last one to find out that Reagan died?

What was the Best of the '80s?

Are you hungry?

I'm a vega-tarian.

What is going to happen on the Sopranos final episode tonight ?

What Is Your Dominant Side?

Who will win the Stanley Cup?

I was once the victim of a stalker.

When, or if, do you prefer to be clothing free?

Equal Time! Who is / was the sexist MALE celeb ever?

Chain Restaurants that don't suck

Anyone else throwing one back right now?

I need some advice...VERY LONG!

"Meltdown" (Tonite on FX)-- Gonna be a realistic terrorist scenario or

I feel worse about Smarty Jones losing the Belmont than Reagan's


Give Me Your Amazing Fiction Recommends! (Horror, Suspense, etc...) - Mine

What was the worst of the 80's?

What's your favorite Godzilla movie?

Need some quick, easy, healthy recipes.

LSU advances to the SUPER REGIONALS in the 2004 College World Series!!


Will Subway someday unseat McDonalds as the world's #1 fast-food chain?

question for computer gurus regarding hard drive cache

Every time you burp ot fart you must confess in this thread.

What are your feelings about TiVo?

i googled my username and

A Never Been Asked Question - Married And Similarly Situated Folks Only

Who will win the NBA championship?

Get Back Plutocrats!

Cure for fears that liberals may be approaching wingnuts' level of bile

The Limp Sister of all CAPTIONS!!!!!

Worst excuse by a national leader to avoid D-day event? Golf-club dinner.

NBA Finals, Pistons @ Lakers, GAME ONE thread

Is suicide ever okay?

Open Art Studios in SF Bay Area (East Bay)


Angelina, Nicole or Charlize?

Happy birthday to GARY "U.S." BONDS and LEVI (Four Tops) STUBBS!

Which woman is/was the all-time most beautiful celeb?

The Memory Capture of all CAPTIONS!!!

The Little Death (Blackout) of all CAPTIONS!!!!!

The Greatest Generation of all CAPTIONS!!!

The JOINT Press Conference of all CAPTIONS!!!

Good Restaurant chains for vegetarians?


So, what did you think of the new Harry Potter? (WARNING: SPOILERS!)

Admitted longshot, but... Anybody know anything about lapidary?

Johnny , Viggo or David?

Chain restaurants that suck

Kerry stepson enters campaign spotlight


Will Reagan's Passing Encourage A 3rd Party Conservative?

How many people vote in the primaries?

Caspar Weinberger: Shoulda Done Time for Iran-Contra

Post-Reagan-death polls?

Democrats gather in S. Fla. to build momentum for Kerry campaign

Good news from West Virginia Mason-Dixon poll

Kerry Honors Reagan By Going On Vacation

Kerry on C-Span 1

Amy Goodman on Booknotes SUNDAY 8 & 11 pm EST.....

Kerry Suspending his campaign?? Ridiculous!!

How will Reagan's Death Affect the Polls?

The Attempted Bush assassination of Ronald Reagan - 1981

what do you think of Senator Carl Levin ?

Gun Control Policy Poll (same answers, different situation)