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Archives: June 8, 2004

Why did Canada support a U.S. coup in Haiti?

Salon: Shelter from the storm (Second-term abortions)

The Tragedy of Tony Blair

Misplaced Intelligence Blame

The Wrong Proliferation Message

World majority oppose Bush

Bush’s Willing Enablers

The terrible legacy of the Reagan years

Big Borrowing for Big Oil's Benefit

Salon/Conason: Reagan without sentimentality

Break out the bicycles

The ANSWER rally in Washington June 5 was SO much fun . . . .

Astrologers: What does Shrub's horoscope look like for Reagan's funeral?

3% Fuel Surcharge.

Big Borrowing for Big Oil's Benefit

Wanna live in London? It'll cost 10 years

Can we ban every member from the Tampa area?

Quartet drafts 'action plan' for Israeli withdrawal from Gaza

Israelis kill man in wheelchair

Telling the Truth about the Palestinians

To all Deutsch-supporters:

Preference Poll for U.S. Senate Primary

EEEWWWW! My niece spoke to Pawlenty at the movies

Washington polls (President/Senate; KING/Survey USA; scientific)

Germany expected to vote for UN resolution on Iraq on Tuesday

aaron macgruder knows what time it is....

after all reagan has been declared a saint

FOX airs "American Pie 2" in place of "Seriously, Dude, I'm Gay" tonight

G8 "new initiatives"..."Numerous. Many. Many, many sub-initiatives."

Death of Reagan is bringing out hatred of him - a good thing.

Huh?? Gov. Reagan signed legalized abortion bill before Roe vs. Wade?

K. C. Public Radio Call In tally today re Reagan . . .

Bush Declares A Day Of National Mourning for Reagan

Barry Goldwater on separation of church/state, religious right, gays

Hey Will ---- a new fan for you

AOL headline "Walls crumbled because of him"

reagan deserves credit for berlin wall fall cuz he was prez at the time?

How do you add pictures inside your posts?

All non-essential federal employees

Security to be tight for Reagan Funeral

58 Senators Seek Looser Stem-Cell Rules

*Orwell Rolls In HIs Grave*- just got the CD a couple of hours ago

President Jimmy Carter profiled on PBS American experience now

O'Reilly: "You might want to button it up until the president is buried"

Everybody loves Ted Sampley!

do they EVER look at the pictures that are shown on the news?

House Majority Whip Roy Blunt will get sent Packing by this Man

Reaganomics lives on (in GWB)

What would be your reaction to a Terror Level RED? if they tried it

Dennis Kucinich statement on Reagan

Eeery........Could Reagan be the Moshiach?

stem cell ethics question

The Myth of RR

Cuba lambasts Reagan saying he should "never have been born."

I wish he were buried already. I feel like the inmates have taken control

Anybody heard of Swans,com??? GREAT WRITING and commentary!!!

Palast on The Majority Report

What Rove is reading tonight: "How Reagan hobbled the Democrats"

Guardian: Bush campaign claims Reagan's legacy

PBS now (et) is running a story about Jimmy Carter and his political life.

I got sucked into a political "discussion" at work today...

John Aschroft "Fear remix" video

My Reagan Memorial, posted to

So now that Reagan's gone, are they going to release his papers?

MSNBC, CNN, FOX, and all the cable stations are at bottom of ratings if...

Do it yourself Caption

have you ever seen those flowers and such

When the Hell is the Pope going to Die?

The same website that showed Berg's video issued latest al-Qaida threat.

Whos getting Bill Clinton's new book?

Talk about a dysfunctional family........

an open letter to satan...

Would someone please tell the NY Times that Bush consulted a lawyer?

KC Star, MO: DRAFT BOARDS ready if call for conscripts goes out

Bushes, Bin Ladens and Sauds, OH My ...

The Israeli/Palistinian Conflict.

Kerry Would Focus FP on Stability NOT Democracy

AirAmerica radio links

I've been looking

BREAKING NEWS: Jelly Belly Co. recalls Reagan's fondness for candy!!!!!

The Saddam Hussein Sourcebook - Declassified Secrets -US-Iraq

Great article on Bush reinstating the DRAFT in 2005 (must read!)

"... Official U.S. Knowledge of Drug Trafficking and the Contras

Bush Isn't Nuts! He Looks Fine To Me

is it time to copycat banned threads?

is it banned to time copycat threads?


Finally, some respect for Kucinich from the Washington Post

Is it time to ban copycat threads?

does anyone know where i can download those enron tapes?...

let's discuss relative social worth.

STUDENT $$ available for those who don't REGISTER FOR THE DRAFT!

Any takers on a daily O'Reilly Factor monitoring thread?

I spoke to someone who had seen Fahrenheit 911 at Cannes

Will Chimpy speak at Reagan's funeral?

28,000 Troops to Participate in JNTC Exercise

I went and watched Chapelle as Black Bush! Better than TV this week.

CEO pay has gone from 40 times avg. workers' to 400 times

Kerry a flip-floper? Look whos talking.

I CAN'T believe the whoring I just saw on O'Reilly

Gingrich: Iran, terrified of Reagan, releases hostages on day of inaug.

Iraq...Dying in squalor, the children betrayed by broken promises

Would President Gore have declared war on Iraq in 2003-A?

What's with Shrubco and hand gestures?

Do Hannity's followers really believe Gore is "shrieking" and "shrill?"

Big Borrowing for Big Oil's Benefit

Is the Bush Inspiring? Are mothers naming their babies George?

Denial from My Local Wingnut

Iran/Contra - Reagan broke the law

Executive Orders: Fear Flashback

New term for Reagan media coverage: "Gipperporn"

The worst part of the Reagan legacy:

the last 2 pictures from yu-rp

Evil Dick, Looking Sick, 6/7/04..."Rosebud"...

Seems we weren't the only ones Saturday night...

How Much Disrespect Is OK For Dems To Level at Reagan?

I will be cleaning up Bush's politcal war for re-election.

If Bush were a girl...Video...

RR speaks: "the homeless who are homeless, you might say, by choice"

Morrissey: 'Bush should have died, not Reagan'

How freaked out would the dittoheads get?

Maybe this is why Shrub saw a lawyer...

Greg Palast just made an interesting point about "ketchup is a vegetable."


My Zell Miller theory

Who here thinks that A Premier of Farenheit 911 would be well served in

What exactly makes a great president?

Stars and Stripes letter: Troops not forgotten

will they put reagan on the dime or mount rushmore?

1983: James Watt, The Beach Boys, and the quote that got Watt sacked

Greg Palast on Mike Webb at 10:00 PST

Another PR Nightmare brewing for Shrubya...

Vanity Fair: Bush* likes strong women!

Can we put RR on all our money? Rushmore? all our airports?

UnFreep this poll: Will Clinton's legacy be honored like Reagans

Is Ronald Reagan still dead?

Welcome to Bizarro World: Take this Quiz by Maureen Farrell

Is Clinton a failure?

check out these pics of Bill Clinton with Ronald Reagan

Anybody on TV mention David Stockman yet???

Does Anybody In The Real World Truly Care?

Does anyone else find it ironic that... (Bush drugs/alcohol )

Kerry coming to Reagan library tomorrow.

Leave it to Krugman to set the record straight

Kerry is just sitting back and letting people compare Bush and Reagan

All Reagan, All The Time!!!

Roger Wilkins on the White Flight President

Clinton's eulogy of Nixon

June 6, 1968 - Bobby Kennedy Assassinated -

If the draft comes back, what will you do?(for draft-age DUers or parents)

Reagan White House email - declassified for your reading pleasure

No Friends

Will NPR do an anti-fascists/anti-neoliberal story on Venez.? Not today.

Bush launches the "W is for Women" Campaign....?????????

Death of a Salesman

Is Bush Speaking In Tongues At Staff Meetings?

US Americans: Do you want a constitutional democracy?

G.W. Bush= A.J. Soprano

Andrew Sullivan

R.I.P. PBS -- Bush pushes public TV to the right

Can anyone help my Deaniac husband???

"Liberals are now celebrating the Death of Ronald Reagan"

Reagan did the right thing at Bitburg....

Freeper on a Disney Related Board is attacking DU about Regan threads

How Badly Will pResident Fubar Fuck Up Reagan's Eulogy?

Mike Miles (CO) Senate Candidate - Open Letter to CO DLC - This is Great

Brazil says Haiti can't be Latam "forgotten child"

U.S. soldier from Puerto Rico killed by mortar blast in Iraq

Text of Latest Iraq-U.N. Draft Resolution

Sen. Baucus (D-MT) receives pacemaker | Billings Gazette

Agreement 'reached' on Iraq draft

Venezuela: Chávez's goal "2-to-1 victory"

Boxing Promoter Don King Stumps for Bush

World majority oppose Bush

Supreme Court Fails Working Families, Sets Path for Border to Open

Military Families Protest Iraq Services

Clinic Director Accused of Abortion Sham

Rock star's trip from green to MP makes Labor members see red

Thousands of Home Aides Strike, Seeking $3 Hourly Raise

Baghdad gallery solicits works in response to Abu Ghraib

Jailed newspaper editor's appeal starts in Beijing

Israelis kill man in wheelchair

Experts anxious over Pakistan tests

DOE to stop trying to bring Hanford sludge to New Mexico

Kerry tops Bush in Maine poll

Renewed Congo Fighting Menaces Peace Process -UN

MP Gallant compares abortion to Iraq beheading (Canada)

China's Hong Kong rule compared to Cultural Revolution

Lack of evidence may hamper Saddam conviction

Cantwell (D-WA) calls for release of all Enron tapes | Seattle P-I

Iran: Torture Used to Suppress Dissent

Salvation Army eyes immigrant return program

Down to the Last Detail, a Reagan-Style Funeral

Tampa Bay Lighting win the Stanley Cup

How G-8 may unify around Iraq

Bill Allows Mixing of Religion, Politics

Delays, Purge Hit Voter Rolls (Florida) (

WP: U.S. Bends to France, Russia on U.N. Iraq Resolution

Forced Nudity of Iraqi Prisoners Is Seen as a Pervasive Pattern.(NYT Tues)

Artist falls afoul of Patriot Act

Iraqi newspaper editor in Bush protest plea

Photographers protest pending subway ban - NY

WP: Friendship, His Way – Bush Sets the Terms in Forming Relationships …

New Zogby Numbers - Kerry Still Leads

Israeli invasion of 1982 haunts survivors (another recent "memorial")

WP: Memo Offered Justification for Use of Torture

AP Exclusive: Nuke group reportedly to discuss settlement

Civilians still bearing the brunt of war, Annan says

Today would've been Dean Martin's 87th birthday.

Anyone watching "5 Days To Midnight" tonight?

Bolts undefeated in playoff when leading after first period

President Jimmy Carter on PBS now

It's tyhe typo thdread!!~!~~!!

If DU's top ten list were to be boradcast on the radio,

Cocaine 'Godmother' Released From Prison

Schools urged to smash internet myths

"Type to you later" sounds silly, but "talk" isn't technically correct.

Happy Birthday Prince!

I've Died & gone to hell (so to speak)

My father sent me to the grocery store tonight.

Share your party mixes!

Bank robber breaks back in to return cash

Republican Drinking Game

Ernie Knight is dead at 97.

I just donated blood! Ask me anything!!

If I fell in love with you

Who's the hottest actor thirty years old or younger

Ya, OK.

DVD-o-philes: Why does a disc play slower on a set-top player?

Pickles learns the difference between east and west europe....

The Daily Show is NEW!

I'm REALLY hot!!!

George W. Bush is an Asshole-Literally

Favorite outdoor concert venue?

Hurray for non-aerosol shave gels!

2 week visit ot Japan in October, then...

Will Ferrell sings "Afternoon Delight"

I bought a head!

Questions about Atkins

Time for The Daily Show!

My butt hurts. . .

Train dispatchers must read "DU"...

I guess it's time to change my avatar (hockey discussion)

I just got a brand new computer..... Ask me anything!


Land Mine Found in Attic of Old House

Best line in best film by best actor/actress in said film? A trifecta?

is it time to copycat banned threads?

is it banned to time copycat threads?

is this the line to scan poppy's phat threads...?

Play The *Mangle RR's Syntax à la Bush* Game


anyone know how to locate someone in europe?

Best Fox animated comedy?

Is it time to ban copycat threads?

Is it time to thread banned copy, cats? (Pol)

Did someone win the Stanley Cup?

DU Graduating High School Seniors, Where's COLLEGE?

Apple patches 'critical' OS X flaw

Is it time to ban iconoclastic cat threads?

Is it time to copy banned cat threads? (Pole)

If you could travel through time, what year would you go to and why?

anyone else's ignore feature not working?

How limber are you?

Michael Moore Hates America:

How can I ban a cat that loves copies of screaming limber lobster on pizza

Is it time to give Ban to cats who use copiers?

Is it time to ban copycat threads?

I just broke a 30 day fast. Ask me... lecture me about ruining my health.

Brian Mulroney named as a Reagan pallbearer

I need hugs--I neeeeed to whine!

WP: Laura Bush is pro-choice

My ferret has learned how to open the door to his cage!

A's destroy Cincinatti Reds 13-2

My sucky day...

TECHIES HELP! I can't get rid of the servu- daemon Virus

How can I get rid of indigestion?

What deep fryer should I get?

How would you like one of these biting the back of your neck?


Favorite Cheech & Chong movie:

I was pulling for the Flames to win the Stanley Cup, but...

Are there any jobs out there now?

Best quick come back ever?

What makes a good or bad business partner?

Alrighty. I really need some advice about my 14 yr-old son.

Punk Rock Guitarist Robert Quine Found Dead

someone who knows insects: PLEASE tell me this isn't what I think it is

ZombyWoof brings you another classic video link

Entomologists...What kind of insect is this?

Bush Joke


Let's see... Yup, I think I just got 6,000 posts...

eastern painted turtle in the road -- returned to pond

I was working as a waitress in a cocktail bar

Cats for Kerry Redux

Monday Night DULL thread (Or help Belladonna escape the 700 club)

(Bill) Parcells apologizes after using racial slur

I am starting a Joni Mitchell listening marathon

You know who is really creepy?

Time to call it a night....

Should fat, ugly people go naked?

Is it time to poll banned cats? (copy)

The official Anti-Bush Bumpersticker thread!

Things you would NEVER say to politicians!

Why is is social acceptable for men to masturbate...

Things NOT To Say While Posting at DU.

I have a freeper who love-love-loves me!

Wow! Absolutely great write-up at Alternet about the TBA conference June 3

Do you have any idea of the evil

Something that will help the Kerry campaign..

To all the Penelas-bashing Deutsch-supporters:

Alex Penelas ((((Backstabbing Coward!!}}}}}}}}}}

Who should Kucinich pick for VP?


I finally did a new political cartoon

The truth that is Non Sequitur, part II

Father finds justice amid anarchy

Reagan's Legacy Not Unblemished - CBS Reagan's Legacy Not Unblemished

Change of Heart: AARP Civil Rights Survey

12 questions for President Bush (Chalmers Johnson)

KRUGMAN: The Great Taxer

The Pathology of Clinton Bashing

Celebrating Reagan the man, not the myth - Joan Venocchi

This WP stuff/Bush and how he gets along w/other leaders

Did a government lawyer 'aid and abet' possible war crimes?

The Other Side of Reagan

Reagan Legacy is Superficiality

Protest rises over Islamic law in Ontario

Where Big Brother Snoops on Americans 24/7

Hoaxing the Supreme Court

Dupe...please lock....

Salon/War Room: GOP hopes Reagan death boosts Bush

The Hidden Monarchy, the King's Best Weapon

Reagan's uncomplicated world

Reagan's Dark Global Legacy

Symptoms of Empire U.S.A.

Molly Ivins: Bush's Kiss of Death

the Democrat republicans love to love (Zell Miller)

SCHEER: A Nice Guy's Nasty Policies


Why the last honest Republican (McCain) isn't going anywhere

This one's good! Sums up the Reagon frenzy quite nicely.

US contemplated war crimes

Spotlight singed Reagan children

Pope fears Bush is antichrist

Some physical activism.

Anyone else listening to Franken right now?

AA Unfiltered

I wish Al Franken's show were broadcast in Washington, DC.

Katie Couric smeared Kerry this morning on NBC's Today show

"SA" = South America; Saudi Arabia; South Africa

Newbie Gardener would like some advice and suggestions.

Reagan: No peacetime President raised taxes so much on so many people

Idea that tax cuts would pay for themselves has caused lasting damage

Mercury News: "Is Retraining the Answer?"

US Worried Over Snarled Energy Links With Russia - AP

For Each Fed Dollar Spent On Corps Mississippi Project, 5 Cents In Return

Future Schlock - Hilarious Take On NextFest's Parade Of Techno-Crap

Two Dead, Thousands Flee As Two Indonesian Volcanoes Erupt

Planes sent to attack African locusts

Greenland's Melt Zone Now Reaching One Mile In Altitude - NYT

Great White Shark Sightings Off Scotland As Sub-Trop Species Move North

Gulf Of St. Lawrence Krill Population Collapsing - Down 70% In 10 Years

Chimps Could Be Extinct in 50 Years - Study

Readers' Choice: The Weirdest Thing in Space Is ...

Midnight Oil Singer In Parliament Would Hurt US Relations - Oz FM

Attempts To Poison Wolves Hit Pet Dogs In Wyoming - 8 Killed So Far

ChimpCo Slashes Lousiana Erosion Control Project By Over 90%

From Petroleum News - "Impressions From Berlin" - Re. ASPO Conference

New Theory: Universe Born in a Black Hole

National Ice Center Photos Confirm Large Cracks In E. Ross Ice Shelf

US embassador Paal called "vicious dog...only interested in weapons deals"

Zimbabwe plans massive land nationalisation

 Ivorian army helicopters strike rebel zone

Half a million accidents a year in SA, MPs told

Church vows to exorcise 'demons of electoral fraud'

Iraq car bombs kill 12 ahead of UN vote

Besides Halliburton,

Zimbabwe nationalises all farmland (The

Screams and gunfire in DRC rioting

Human Rights Watch: Darfur Needs Action on Human Rights

Australian man scares off robbers by faking epileptic seizure

What is the purpose of "Guns in the News"?

Cigarette Smuggling Linked to Terrorism (WashPost)

GUNS IN THE NEWS - June 8, 2004

San Antonio woman says she was forced to rob bank

Dog poisonings blamed on anger at wolves - Salon News wire.

Miller Court says No Individual Right

Tot dies after her neck becomes stuck in car's power window

its... Lunabush's Lame joke of the Gungeon for Tuesday always manage to say the right thing at the right time.

How much longer before DU goes back to posting the threads in

Is this "new" format permanent?

Is the "hide state forums" option offline too?

Why don't some posts have reply numbers?

So....have you heard from Fox's lawyers yet?

Hey Mods regarding M.Moore movie

Kudos to the mods

re: "Absolutely Disgusting"

Hello Administrators.

I've noticed that the admins have shown up on the Forums lately.

Hey Mods! Where'd this post from Gen Discussion go?

Arafat to oversee PA preparations for Israeli Gaza pullout

Turkey recalling diplomats for two-day consultations

10 UN Agencies Urge Israel To Allow 60,000 Pal Students To Take Exams

Peace Index / Israeli Jews still backing Sharon

Olmert: Erez industrial zone to be closed for good


200 passengers got lost on Cleveland Airport

Nelson joins suit to open records

Martinez wins major Republican endorsement in bid for U.S. Senate

Chapels open for Reagan mourners in South Florida

100 Broward students under investigation for possible FCAT cheating

Martinez gains support of GOP senate campaign head

Penelas Tries To Make Sense Of Gore Attack

Florida elections division chief quits amid controvery on voter rolls

Gore's remarks are death blow for Penelas' bid

Appeals Court Backs Ruling That Desert Cross Is Unconstitutional

Currency for the New World Order

Attorney general leaves case of slain S.F. officer with DA

Surplus brightens state budget talks

Whetstone Falls Short Of Signatures

Chet Edwards on CSpan versus Conehead

Texas Legislator Called To Active Duty

Dallas meetup- June 12th; Addison Blue Mesa

Live in Austin! Vote today in the ACC run-off!

DU Meetup in Houston, night before Convention opens

Woman gets three days of bread

Feel Better now

Think tank says (Seattle) region's biotech sector poised to grow

Paul Berendt: Support Lisa Witter on "American Candidate"

Reagan's Greatest Atrocity

"Progressive Patriotism"

It's All About MEEEEEEE, Who Cares About Anyone Else!

BushCo to deliver eulogy...

Picture of Iraqi Prisoner (bag over head) holding son?

Moby Bush

Blockbusters is doing a hellava business in our neighbor hood!

Hey New Yawkers!

Do we have a "Cold War" within our country?

Did you know that Matthew Shepard was a Aramco Brat?

The Tinderbox Presidential Campaign of 2004

Bush been on the tube 24/7 for weeks and he still trails Kerry? Da poor

When will the wall to wall Ronnie coverage end?

Un Freep this Poll

Reagan Set the Stage for Bush Fascism

I agreed with Ronald Reagan on something.

apparently this reagan was the king of all liars

A groundbreaking study on women, and stress

It's a new dawn? Venus Transit - link to live video

Military Families Question Pentagon Brass

Patriotism means what they choose it to mean, neither more nor less

The US must never become a Christian Theocracy.

truth about reagan spilling out on c-span

Why do Freepers invade our Board ?

Northern Virginia Democrats: Today is Election Day

Why is the black community so silent?

Bush's Hispanic Support May Be Weakening

GOP's gotta tiptoe past stem cells

The break-up of the American Empire.

C-span 7:55 am P.Graham from Harper's Magazine talking about Iraq.n/t

Having read the paper, listened to the local news, listened to CNN,

I just heard on Imus

Rep. Vernon Robinson (R) is just a wee bit extreme, don'tja think?

A repug caller in C-Span said that if Reagan were president he would have

Did Poppy Have A Stroke....Or Bells Palsy?

NEW AL QAEDA WARNING!...right on shedule

Did anyone hear a caller from C-SPAN talking about drug rehab with Bush?

Please, Republicans, leave our currency alone!!!

Promising CNN poll on stem cell research.

Did Bush Have Right To Order Torture?

Buying "cover-Bush*'s ass" at the G-8 submit. On our dime, as always.

Does this seem fishy to you (revisited)

Sibel Edmonds -- Gagged by the Govt. (911 cover-up?)

Optimism, Cynicism and progressives

If Al Qaeda was a restaurant instead of a terrorist network....

Creating God in Reagan's Image

Anyone else noticing less Bush bumper stickers and signs than in 2000?

reagan croaked, J-Lo married mark, & the slaughter in Iraq goes on

Is there anyone left ?

An observation based on the right's worship of Ronnie

do you think George W. Bush holds a grudge against Reagan?

Firewall: Inside the Iran-Contra Cover-up

found this while reading a bathroom book this AM from the Zinn Reader

Wives Consider Abandoning 'Leave It to Beaver' Lifestyle

Every job is not the same

Iran/Contra, Wen Ho Lee and Reagan's Nuclear Secrets for China

July 4th - Patriots for Change

Funny: the big evangelical churches should be called CHURCHMARTS

It's Official. Shrub = Saint Ronnie

Bush "reinvents government"

MoveOn's Bush Pollution Ad

Bush administration bids to silence intelligence failure witness (Edmonds)

WEIRD: George Gipp AND Reagan both died of pneumonia

American "News" Organizations feel no need to report news.

Army Announces Retiree Recall Opportunity

C-Span 10am. Hatch has laringitis! good. His voice will be less repulsive.

The crooked path of torture...

Freepers have found a grave to dance on: FDR's

How to argue effectively with assholes

Ronald Reagan Called Son Michael "Schmuck"

Are Americans really optimistic or are they whining pessimists?

No crap, new Gallup poll has Kerry up 49-44

BBV: Andy Stephenson

'War on Terror' replaced Carter's focus on advancing human rights

Woman Sentenced To Bread, Water For Neglecting Horses

Yes, Actually, It IS About Meeeeeeeee

anybody see Jon Stewart? they're playing the Enron tapes

bu$hit already humping the Reagan leg(acy) for political gain

Bush plants a tree while Hazardous Waste Police prepare for G8

Who are the "G-8"

Reagan Grief Fatigue

A homework assignment for anyone really interested in the Reagan legacy

Clarke: More Reasons to Invade Iran Than Iraq

Morrissey: Bush (Jr) should have died, not Reagan

Is Ashcroft the admin official next to resign for "personal reasons"?

Do you remember the decade of greed?

Bradbury, Moore, and parodic/allusive titles

I am curious: when Clinton's time comes, will all the media outlets

Blast from the past: HST's 1994 Nixon obit

If * was a sandwitch...what would he be called...?

Everyone here, go have some fun, turn on C-Span and watch Ashcroft

Bush planing massive hiring spree / public works program - in IRAQ

Ronald Reagan's Legacy

Rove alert - has DU been Rove-ed

Sophisticated TV spots wooing Hispanic voters

'Vote Liberal and I'll Strip'

Businesses Reluctant to Donate to RNC

"You give them their story, they'll go away."

Ashcroft being lambasted LIVE by Senator Leah about 911 C-Span right now!

Gag alert!

"The Great Taxer"-----Krugman Sets the Record Straight

Asskroft Is Fear Mongering Again...And Where Is CNN???

will you VOTE today (June 8) in Virginia Democratic Primary Elections?

Hey mods/Regarding M.Moore movie

Biden threatens Assbuttboy with contempt of congress!!

Farenheit 911: "War on Error"

Kerry doesn't need my money....

Rainy Day Fun (For those who need more reason to dislike Republicans)

Gop's next tribute to Reagan will be

Dean at SEIU Rally...."I think Bush should be paid $10 an hour!"

How do we know Nancy Reagan hates the Bushes so much?

Black and White vs. Grey

they've postponed legislative business to praise a jerk

Republican Senator Spector: "I only have ten minutes, could you focus?"

28 reasons to oppose Gay Marriage

Houston lawmaker called to active duty

Al Franken just invalidated tens of millions of Bush

First thing next week, Kerry should name VP pick...

Need a source: $2,000,000 payment by Kuwait

Latest Gallup has Kerry ahead of * by 6, even with Nader!!

it's been weeks since the last 'Photo Drop', it's all but forgotten

Major Democratic victories in Virginia already....VOTE today (June 8)

America has Alzheimer's

a suggestion for Bush's post presidency years 2005 >>>

Fahrenheit 9/11 Audio Review (Ebert & Roeper)

If Reagan family dislikes the Bush's so much, how come...

I got through to Franken but the sreener didn't like my Reagan story

Praise the Lord and Pass the Thumbscrews (the good 'Christian' torturer)

If Dems can't speak at/attend RR's funeral will it backfire on Rethugs?

Been working.... so tell me!

What did Reagan give Saddam


Is Asscroft about to have his head explode? Feinstein asks him

Major PUKE alert: Bush to get statue

Which Senator made Asscroft look the worst?

Ashcroft storms into Oval Office...

Fight the Myth! Reagan Was a Tax Increaser!

Repugs hijacking Reagan's funeral: NO DEMOCRATIC SPEAKERS DURING CEREMONY.

Who was a better President/"president"? Reagan or Bush*

Reading about the body bags for G-8, I think we should deport ChimpCo

Federalist Papers on Limits of Presidential Authority wrt Treaty Making

Call me unpatriotic, but I'm already tired of hearing about Reagan

CSPAN II NOT MISS this! seriously

Saddam trial lacks 'smoking gun' evidence, witnesses

Gipperporn: Four Days In, Reagan Still Deceased

Kerry Takes a Pause for the Cause

'cold-blooded democrat' -is it a new meme?

It seems Ronnie's corpse has become America's Evita

Ketchup is a vegetable....Trees cause pollution....

British journalist detained, strip searched, deported . . .

Black and White vs. Grey

NPR Ombudsman response to PEW report: "can we have a do-over?"

Faithful America's Ad condeming US torture ...Must see, It's great !

"He won the Cold War without firing a shot. He was the greatest president

2,000 Body Bags arrive at G-8 (!?)

9/11 Whistleblower & Dan Ellsberg At Hearing 14/06

Remember the Repiglican Reaction to Wellstone' Memorial?

Ronald Reagan's Foot Prints.............a political cartoon

I was going to post about Mulroney and Thatcher coming to the funeral...

Have You Details on This John King (CNN) Story?

Freeped poll: Who was the greatest president of the century?

Pataki Closes NYS Offices on Friday . . .

Reagan on the $10 bill? B.S.

Did you listen to Al Franken a minute ago talking to Roger Morris

OK - WTF? "Former president plans parachute jump"

Should Clinton & Carter be allowed to speak at the funeral?

Has anyone here heard IZM yet? If you like punk/funk music, you will.

Torture memo CONTRADICTS Bushist USSC argument that Gitmo is non-US.

Please RATE this story!

Thousands of Home Aides Begin a Strike

Is it too early to start promoting Clinton currency?

Mopaul: REQUEST from a fan (me): could you have a cartoon of Bush father

President Hamilton will do a parachute jump this weekend!!!

Need a picture of a donkey's ass for a T-shirt

Anyone wanna bet that Bush mentions Iraq & Terrorism at the eulogy?

Reagan and his quotes - what a symbol

Bush's Eulogy

Atrios points me to a Right Wing idiot

I just saw Sean Hannitty for the first time while surfing my TV...scary!

Just finished reading James Bartlett's "Fox New Presents..."

G8: Bush & seven "strong leaders for the cause of freedom"

Is there a transcription of

Laura the Lump Also a Stepford Wife-Abortion

Why should we treat the Reagan's with respect?

DU this poll.....

Was Bush Booed at the D-Day Gathering of Dignitaries?

Rep. Chet Edwards, defending separation of church and state on C-SPAN

Bush Family future in BIG trouble! READ THIS!

Is Ronnie really there in the box?

Let's decide on a name for excessive Reagan coverage:

Who is actually planning to watch the funeral?

Republicans are just a bunch of Ahabs

Proposal: Reagan gets a coin when the budget is in surplus again

Reagan's Skull Will Be Taken By Skull & Bonesmen by...

I'm listening to Sunday's WJ broadcast and

Drudge: Clinton and Carter left off Reagan Funeral Speaking List

Who was (is) better Leader: Bush* or Saddam?

Beware if you flew or fly JetBlue

OK, freepers - you wanna know why we really dislike Reagan?

This scares me

The only thing we have to fear is...

Just got surveyed about my opinion on abortion and family planning.

Will The Reagan Funeral Extend to November?

Who thinks Bush blackmailed Nancy into letting him do the eulogy

Have you seen this?

Limbaugh says Dems "Politicize" Reagan's death-check this

June Polls for Last 6 Presidential Elections Involving Incumbents

Christopher Hitchens: left-wing 'moran'

Call CNN and complain! Phone #404 827 0234

Cheney said Reagan lacked integrity and accountability - now he likes him?

Freedom of Religious Expression Committee on Cspan

Woodruff gives every poll #'s except the new Gallup numbers

Message to Rush, Hannity, Freepers, Savage, O'Reilly, Sullivan et al

BushCo politicizing Ronnie Raygun...?

Fixing the Party leadership

Ronald Reagan: In Memoriam (Fafblog -- below the Cheesecake Stuff)

Anyone know anything about this?

Leadership!!! 101.01 Bush ain't got it.

"Nightline": 1920 invasion of iraq & parallels today

Can it happen here?

Ant and Grasshopper request

I just had a freeper insult me on a mesage board over my Clinton quote!

Was that Kenny Boy Lay on the Enron tapes?

I watched the War Room last night

Did the Reagan/Bush campaign commit treason in 1980?

Let's be honest here. If Clinton spoke. . . .

I read where the lines are long to view Reagan, but I don't see pictures??

Bush finally compares himself to Reagan...speaking as Mr. Subliminal

Ha Ha.. Jim DeFede (Miami Herald) destroys Alex Pinelas

Should dead athletes and politicians be cloned?

Cheney Talked Shit About Saint Ronnie....

Anyone know anything about HRES 629?

Dr. Justin Frank: "Bush On The Couch" - NY Daily News

FrontPage magazine takes notice of DU

Gipper bounce? Try again next time

Transparency in Govt is all that will save America...

Fun Times With the Connecticut Governor (R) Impeachment Hearings

Besides Ashcroft, the best News all week !

George W. Bush needs people to die in order to appear successful....

Skinner saves the day & John Kerry gets 100 big ones from Ernesto!

Nightline: British Occupation of Iraq 1920 - Tuesday night

Did the Daily Show bust open the Enron tapes story?

Reagan Remembered For New Era Of Union-Busting

Reagan was an excellent Head of State. As Head of Govt. he was a disaster.

Could that be Saint Ronnie on route to heaven and not Venus in transit?

2:30 PM....ONLY 180 voters out of 4500 registered have VOTED today

How would you place the faces on U.S. currency?

Iraq Debt Forgiven?

I think the biggest significance of parading RR's carcass and the

What liberals can learn from Reagan

Randi just mentioned Will's "Planet Reagan"

Who is old enough to remember when you could write off interest on taxes?

It's Only Tuesday - By Friday Die Hard Republicans Will Be Fed UP

Emerging Hispanic majority: How do we capture/retain their votes?

bwah-ha-ha! Orrin Hatch going around talking about stem-cell research.

What is going on with Ashcroft?

About the "Clinton Disappointment" story currently being hashed out

Cool new 9/11 site!!!

Helen Thomas coming up on MSNBC.....about RR, so I dunno....

An exchange between a Republican and an independent

A walk down Memory Lane: Freepers discuss Wellstone's death.

The Beatification of Reagan Whorefest

As a Feminist, I was pleasantly surprised that women still had the


does anybody else find Oreilleys lisp annoying?

Did Bush break the Law? You be the Judge?

A poem for freepers: "Roses are Red, Violets are Blue....

Three More Days of This

A question for someone who knows more about the world than I do

A Louisiana Freeper runs an Abortion Scam

Could someone explain to me how the "October Surprise", re:Iran Hostages

New Cruise missile for Israel. This is what the world should be watching.

If you have a weak aorta don't read this cause it might burst!

'The body bags have arrived...' skeery G8 stuff.

A suggestion for those with anger WRT Reagan/AIDS....

HEADS UP! Asscrack Testimony available on C-Span archive

Oh No Jelly Beans Sub for M&M's at WH/hold the presses!!

Should SF Mayor Gavin Newsom be recalled?

What currency and denomination should Reagans face be put on?

I'm SO fricking SICK of the nice guy Reagan....let'sreally talk DEATH!

George W. Bush--Torturer-in-Chief

Cornyn Gives Senate Stage to Judge Moore

Bon Jovi wrote Living on a Prayer because of Ray-gunomics...

Wow what a scam! Gas prices at lowest in 11 months!

Can anyone find an article quoting Biden and "contempt of Congress"?

Nixon's funeral, Pubs only

Lack of fighter jets on 9/11

Woodruff just lied said Reagan had highest approval # of outgoing prez

ORRIN HATCH on CNN: Stem Cell Research OK-Embryos only cells...

Randi Rhodes referring to Will PItt article

Clinton on the $10 bill.

Kerry pays respects to Reagan in Calif.

Trade data can yield crime clues

time for a humour break

Pollkatz shows Clinton was more popular than St. Ronnie...

Did Clinton and timid democrats help push America to the right?

The Biden-Asscroft exchange coming up on Lou Dobbs

Fahrenheit 9/11: "Two Thumbs Up"

Great bush joke

I can't believe my sister sent me this....

SEPARATION of CHURCH and this and f'n WEEP!

"Absolutely Disgusting"

9.9% unemployment rate in Canton, Ohio

Ray Bradbury Blasts Michael Moore Over 'Fahrenheit' Title

putting ronnie on money would make it a BONZO BUCK....

Clinton Character

So, they don't want Clinton showing up Bush...not invited to speak at RR's

Tweety: talking withMcCormack from NSC

When was FDR put on the dime?

AAARRRGGGHHH! Can't stand him, his face, everything about him, and

I am so tired of Ronald Reagen this...that...everything! in the news!

Daily Show

Has anyone ever done a price analysis of gas prices over Memorial Day

I listened to Biden blast Asscroft a while ago.

Not only did Poppy Bush parachute 60 years ago - he did it 7 years ago!

dupe -- please delete

The Ronald Reagan Legacy Project

Someone help me out

Does this look like a certain recently deceased president you know

PBS showing only the only good part of Ashcroft testimony where

Reagan's mistakes...

Shields from PBS: the republican party changed totally: it went

Now that they showed Ronnie's flag-draped casket

LA Times addresses mourning/ballpark dress (re. pbl's thread)

A joke my mom sent me.

United States of Reagan?

If you didn't hear Leahey's opening statement today, you must!!

CBS has more Enron tapes.....says congress wants to hear them

What's the deal with Reagan and Thatcher?

Is this the memo(or one of) that Ashcroft is holding?

So who will be writing Dubya's speech?

When was FDR put on the dime?

Is LaRouche campaigning in your area?

Watch Venus move in front of the sun - LIVE link.

The DU front page pic is hilarious....Saint Ronnie blush and all

Well, we now know how we reacted when ray-gun died

Controversial 'Stepford Wives' Ad Shows Hillary, Condoleezza

Did bush link 9/11 and Saddam Hussein? Or Osama bin Laden and SH?

Is this proof of perjury by Ashcroft?

Wonderful Kerry bumper sticker moment today

Palast on Reagan - NOT praising him

Evaluation skills requestion: Electoral College

Has anyone had the time/inclination to actually read the UN resolution?

When is someone finally going to sue this SOB for slander?

What do you think of Communism?

Please un-Freep this poll

German Conservatives call for Ronald Reagan Street in Berlin

I just called the offices of my senators....Bob Graham and Bill Nelson.

Cheney runs the machine now, who ran it for the communist party reject ?

Bo Derek shows up!

Orrin Hatch is Such a Fucking Boyscout...

Starting my sticker campaign today!

don't say anything bad about reagan o.k.?...THEY'RE watching us

Please DU this cnn poll: keep Reagan off our money

Pictures of John Kerry @ Reagan library.

The best part of Clinton's new book here!

Asscrack says bush did not order now we know he did

Ashcroft Tap-Dancing As Fast As He Can

Two (2) Tweety Cats Out of the Bag

Motion sickness bag, please: Green turns repuke over 9/11

The Brain, tonight on PBS's Nova

Most Overrated President

RR kicks ass!

CBS News will have more on the Enron Tapes!!

Letter to the editor chides draft registration resister

Was Reagan mean-spirited underneath his smiling exterior?

Getting to know the Gipper: Reagan Quotes for the memory hole

Grover says: Reagan on $10 bill "will be approved within the week"

Great article comparing Shrub & Reagan

So Reagan was a greater American Figure than Alexander Hamilton eh?

CSPAN: Mary Landieu testifying about her proposed amendment

Bush* And His Idiotic Annoying Tics... DRIVES ME CRAZY!


"Mr. Manipulator, Tear Down These Lies!"

Reagan - worship at work

BBV: Wow! This may reverse League of Women Voters anti-paper ballot stance

What Randi has had to go thru....

Discuss: Reagan's death sucked the air out of the Democrats' momentum...

The Other Side of Reagan

OK, I'm depressed - can you help? (pro-bush* stories in news)

Would it be better

when bush comes for MY son.....he'll have a problem

Should labels be required on GM foods?

A bit of DU bashing re: Reagan on

Fake Job Numbers from the Bush Administration

Which DUer has CITGO in his signature?

Debunking Kerry "flipping off" Vietnam Vet

I can't believe my sister-in-law emailed me this

LMAO, You've GOTTA see this one:

Poll: What will be the October Surprise?

Ronald Reagan National Monument

Bill Parcells felt he could make a racial slur because of *...

DU lets make this a priority ask that John Ashcroft be charged with. . .

Tenet Resigns, Bush & Cheney lawyer up, Congress after Rummy & Ashcroft

All sorts of people read DU, it seems...

Mom who left baby at ER won't be charged


Law Professors Draft Petition On Iraq Abuse

Clock Ticking for Japan Males-Only Royal Succession

Martin won't go to Reagan funeral

U.K.'s Blair Hints He May Call General Election in Mid-2005

Robotic repair call to Hubble taking shape

Suicide Car Bombing Kills 14 Iraqis

Soldiers die clearing Iraq mines

Chirac gives lost D-Day veteran a lift

Anti-French violence grips Ivory Coast

Connecticut Rowland Condo First Topic for Impeachment Hearings

Militia to stay in Najaf shrine until 2005

G-8 Poised to Back U.S. Plan for Mideast Democracy

Bush campaign claims Reagan's legacy

Car Bombs in Two Iraqi Cities Kill 14

Myers visits 1st AD families, says likelihood of another extension ‘very

Centcom: MARINE KILLED IN ACTION (Al Anbar province)

FBI-s Gag Order - Govt wants to silence translator who says feds knew

Six (Polish-led) troops killed in Iraq ammunition explosion

Three Italian Hostages in Iraq Free

Saudi Gunmen Kill American in Riyadh

Pope fears Bush is antichrist

NYT, p. 1: U.S. May Cut Third of Troops in South Korea

Clarke: More Reasons to Invade Iran Than Iraq

Boston Police to Randomly Search Rail Riders

Boston Transit System to Begin Searches (Just in time for Demo Con)

Car bombings kill 14 Iraqis, 1 U.S. soldier

Six Troops Killed in Iraq Ammunition Explosion

Feingold's hitting a homerun

Iraq Claims Full Control of Oil Sector

Mosul Car Bomb Kills 10 Iraqis, Wounds Around 100

Iraq Gunmen Open Fire at Marines ( near Fallujah)

Republican Senator Spector: "I only have ten minutes, could you focus?"

US bans cleric from Iraq elections

Broadway's Best Shows Too Risque for Republicans

Lawyers Decided Bans on Torture Didn't Bind Bush (NYT)

LAT: E-Vote Fight Has Human Drama (CA Secy. of State Kevin Shelley)

A Week That Could Bolster Bush

Ashcroft refuses to give Congress torture memo

Ashcroft Under Pressure On US Torture Policy

Chemical castration cleared for sex offenders - Norway

Fires Destroy Archives of Saddam Rule

Chimps Could Be Extinct in 50 Years - Study

Greenspan Won't Rule Out Aggressive Moves

Big Investor Outlook Falls to 9/11 Level

Think tank says (Seattle) region's biotech sector poised to grow

Resolution Exposes Shia, Kurd Divisions

Hain's U.S. trip 'not an endorsement of Kerry'

Sen. Maria Cantwell requests more Enron tapes

Reagan memorabilia flood the market

Chimps Could Be Extinct in 50 Years - Study

Ashcroft: 'This administration rejects torture'

Public takes up cross battle

Exxon Head: U.S. Must Be Energy Dependent

GOP aids Nader, Dem says

Ranchers call for BSE testing

Blair confident he wasn't misled on Iraqi weapons

Iraq government takes control of oil

Nine casualties among the U.S-led coalition troops in Iraq (3 US soldiers)

Bush Predicts Unanimous Vote on U.N. Plan

Security Council Members Predict Unanimous Vote on Iraq

Snowpack disappearing fast under record heat

Family goes on offense to defend GI (MP accused of prison abuses)

Economic 'boom' limited to low-paying jobs

Greens launch campaign against Bush visit

Fla. Dems. Come to Miami-Dade Mayor's Aid

Mars Plan Siphoning Funds from Other Space Projects (NPR audio)

Labor rejects a no-strike agreement (Demo National Con May Be Effected)


Court rebuffs Makah's appeal over whaling | Seattle P-I

Senate Hopefuls Face Off in S.C. Primary

Bush team accused of sanctioning torture

NYT: Bill Eases Church Vote Curb (violations w/out losing tax-exempt)

U.N. Endorses Iraq Sovereignty Transfer

Controversial 'Stepford Wives' Ad Shows Hillary, Condoleezza

Bill would cover contraceptives for Ohio Womem

Democratic long-shot aims at Isakson, Collins (Georgia)

Where Big Brother Snoops on Americans 24/7

U.S. Wants 'Most' Iraq Debt Forgiven

Kerry seeks columns from Iowa governor (Veep candidate?)

Japan has 20,000 over 100 years old

Florida Election chief resigns!!!!

150,000 Expected at U.S. Capitol Reagan Memorial

On Freedom of Information Act Front, More Agencies Contract Out

Florida's Elections Chief Steps Down

Fort Lewis chaplain critically hurt in Iraq

GOP's gotta tiptoe past stem cells (Reagan Tribute Repub Convention)

Lea Fastow Ordered to Report to Prison (Fed Detent., Not Minimum Security)

Pentagon Pays for Unused Airline Tickets ($100 Million)

Many hair dyes contain carcinogen, report finds

Sgt. York's solemn trek (Riderless Horse for Reagan Funeral)

Bush Kicks Off G8 Summit Confident Over Iraq

Airports Said Still Vulnerable to Terror

Cuban-American support split

Ballance (D-NC) Resigns From House, Effective Friday

What UN resolution on Iraq will accomplish (sovereignty by remote control)

the Democrat republicans love to love (Zell Miller)

Garrett threatens US ties (AUS)

What is a Kidney Worth?

Britain investigating 75 complaints against troops in Iraq

Guard, Reserve Death Toll Rising in Iraq

Former WorldCom CFO Pleads to Conspiracy

New Gallup Numbers: Kerry still leads

Court Affirms Ban on School Bible Classes (Scopes Monkey Trial County)

CNN: Former president plans parachute jump

U.S.-S. Korean Alliance Is Put to Test in Debate Over Troop Realignment

Armies Inc.

60% believe Iraq war spending 'a waste' (UK)

'Terror threat political game'

Israeli jets hit deep in Lebanon

Confident US wants early vote on new Iraq draft

U.S.-Ukraine Venture Wins Iraq Contract

Sheriff's Sales on Track to Set New County Record (Pittsburgh)

Clarke claims 'terror' claims manipulated

First black woman federal judge in Florida sworn in

Clinton Documentary Delayed Due to Reagan

UN unanimously backs Iraq transfer of power

Chalabi Aide: 1992 Conviction Done Wrong

Florida Not a Given for Bush This Fall

Joint military training centre set for northern Australia

Ashcroft Refuses to Release Torture Memo

(TX) Judge ends parental rights of death row inmate

Palace revolt simmers against PM (Canada)

Memo Says Bush Not Restricted by Torture Bans

Workers Likely Won't Be Unionized (GM investing heavily in China)

CBS: American Slain In Saudi Arabia (Vinnell Employee)

Fiery cleric al-Sadr gains political ground among Iraqis

Woman gets three days of bread and water for neglecting horses

Mars rovers prepare for a dramatic last act

Research fuels fear of gene-altered fish

Business leaders seek bigger highway bill

Senator Objects To Secrecy Of (FL) Voter List

Pentagon May Withdraw Troops From Germany

Pentagon Report Set Framework For Use of Torture (WSJ Exclusive)

Turkey Recalls Top Diplomats in Israel

US steps up Latham attack (Australia)

AFP Interview: US racing to get jobs for Iraqi weapons scientists

Attorney General Says He's Unaware Of Any Order To Violate Torture Bans

Ohio Rep. wants Reagan on Rushmore


Democrats strike back on faith issue

Lieberman book may become bargain campaign memorabilia

Senate Approves Reclassification of Radioactive Waste As 'Incidental'

Senator Leah LAMBASTING Asscroft on 911 failures C-Span ...NOW!

(Florida) Responds to CNN Lawsuit Seeking List of Names

Taiwan rejects arms cut for Chinese missile pullout

NYT: Ground-Based Great-Grandson of Star Wars Back on Agenda

Zimbabwe to abolish private land ownership

Reagan the new face of the $10 bill?

U.S. bioterrorism research leaps past defensive tactics

Ecuador Indians Protest for Resignation

Survey finds 20% oppose female (Air Force Academy) cadets

World Must Act on Darfur Crisis, Says Kerry

Voting Commission Head Calls for More Security for Electronic Voting

Pills vs. Talking (Dad may be charged for taking son off Ritalin)

(Canadian PM) Martin won't go to Reagan funeral - Globe and Mail

Italy Arrests Suspected Madrid Bombing 'Mastermind'

Karzai Shows He'll Cast Lot With a Corps of Warlords

Florida elections division chief quits amid controvery on voter rolls

State Dept. Quashed 9/11 Links To Global Drug Trade

Penelas Tries To Make Sense Of Gore Attack

How would you like one of these biting your neck?

What do you think of Turkish prostitutes?


How long before they break up?....

I've slept so long without you...

The BEST Way To Drown Out The GAG Media Ronnie Drama


I refuse to give up

Do you like to cuddle?

Behold... Pop-Art Reagan!

Lestat - I'm cutting you off! You're not allowed to post anymore threads!

A Poem: Corporate Globalization.


You people are mean.

How many Steely Dan songs do you know by heart?

Voting For Republicans: A Sign of Hunger.

YEEHAA! - Just put the fuckig paper to bed and "we five" are on the radio!

Ever fired an employee?

Tell me about MEEEEEEE, Who Cares About Anyone Else!

Greatest President of the United States?

Triumph The Wonder Dog To Give Eulogy at Reagan Funeral.

I have huge stack of burned unlabeled Cd's

Genes 'to blame for infidelity'

Why should I talk to Wonk about Wonk?

Amish Paradise

Ack...the sun is about to rise!

Venus aligning with the Sun and Earth right NOW!

Vote liberal and I'll strip

Vote liberal or I'll strip.

Best Cereal?

Anti-Vomit Laws Proposed For Drunks

Hey, this logic looks familier.

It's been 48 hours: J-Lo still married and Reagan still dead

'Dying' couple blow £40k

City May Name Road After AC/DC

Just because it's funny.

Jay Leno on the future of Smarty Jones

Where can I get a Solidarnosc T-shirt?

Good Morning DU!

Shortest Story Ever Written

Cleaning out my DU Bookmarks and I found this picture of the DU Admins!!!

Parcells apologizes for racial slur

Nevada Brothel Up For Sale

High-Tech Toilet Senses How You've Used It

'Active' Land Mine Found In Richmond, VA Home

"Stepford Wives"? Can't wait?

Bank Robber Breaks Back In To Return Stolen Cash

Kobe blames Laker loss on Shaq's underwear (thong)

There Is A Black Panther On The Loose In Marseille

F*cking villagers vote against name change

DU women: Do you like it when someone blows in your ear?

I got the Monty Python's Circus DVD set for my birthday. Ask me anything!!

to anyone who's ever hired employees

Peru Hit By Prostitution Scandal

Scam Artists Posing As Grandson's Bilking Grandma Out Of Cash

THIS JUST IN: (June 8, 2004)

I am on my way to a job interview.

Check out my "George meets the Pope" cartoon

13 tons of eggs spilled in Houston accident

Best Ice Cream Flavor?

Caption: new orange cultivar has deadly blackspot fungus

'Too old' 'ER' actress axed

CONGRATULATIONS SUS!!!!!! 1000 posts (did I create a monster???)

Oh Yeah!!! I was in a bar last night, and a guy came up to me and...

Reuters hedging their bets???

Would you read this article and give me your reaction?

Hehehe ... CNN picked this up ... Republican Survivor

'Rose rage' sweeps UK's gardens

I need help with present suggestions

Was anyone able to witness the transit of Venus this morning?

Are you 'Googled' out?

Caption: preserved in aspic? Or bad clingfilm wrap job?

Requiem for a Ray Gun

DC Traffic and the State Funeral: Rant

Caption: latest Cabbage Patch doll?

Where can I get some free psychological help?

Ronald Reagan on money

here's a bumper sticker for ya . . .

Ohio Lawmaker Wants Reagan Added To Mount Rushmore

Straighten Up And Fly Right

Artie hides his post #....

I just needed to thank all of you.

Etiquette of hollering "Wooo" at concerts

Favorite AAR commercial?

Truck Nutz

Your favorite grave dance!

What's your biggest turn-on?

Calgary DUers: How 'bout them Flames?

Man Shoots At Date After Discovering "She" Was Really A "He"

Don't break JCCyC's heart: Show him you know South Am. Geography!!!

Son repays dad 34 years on

Actually, Ron's not getting ENOUGH attention

Prison Inmates Design Line Of Clothing Called "Brak Outt"

My son waves at fire hydrants

Aspiring Rapper Arrested in Killing His Promoter - She Was Negative

What's your favorite Reagan movie?

Reagan Gets to Screw us one more time

Wow. Name this band and the year the photo was taken...

Raise your hand if you want hide thread back so bad

Diddy-doo-doo Ditty-doo-doo-doo!

How long will a yak stay edible at room temperature?

Anyone know of a good place for free websites?

For those of you who have Friday off,

Is Shaquille O'Neal a threat to national security?

local radio news just said the 'Reagan Viewing Line' takes 4 to 5 hours

Little Girl Found Dead In My Town

ayatoLLah reagan?

My new mascot

How long will butter stay edible at room temperature?

What is your biggest turn off?

Morrissey wishes death upon Bush

"Since my field is psychology..." (AA Diet Commericial)

Who are you rooting for... Lakers or Pistons?

Broadway's Best Shows Too Risque for Republicans

Y'know who I miss?

A Poll...just because I'm feeling a little Pissy right now.

Jobless man busted for making 9,000 prank calls to police

A Whole Week Of Reagan Coverage OR A Week Of OJ Coverage?

The mods are too fast for me

Favorite type of bashing thread

If The Both Had To Take Physical Forms - Who Would Be Sexier...

Need advice on a human relations problem.

DU THIS POLL:What economic achievement should Reagan

Post your favorite pictures that remind you of the Reagan Years

Now I've heard everything....

Am I The Only DUer Who Absolutely DETESTS Hummers?

Am I The Only DUer Who Absolutely DETESTS Somers?

Summer is for Lubbers: not really a copycat thread

Hottest Prime Minister of Canada (with alluring photos - ooh la la!)?

Posts without numbers?

I am so tired of Ronald Reagen this...that...everything! in the news!

So, I removed a band-aid and it took off a layer of skin with it.

This is my 666 post...does that mean I am an evil witch?

weird bathroom behavior!!!!

I know why the lines are so long at Reagan's Funeral

Playboy Magazine: Liberal/Progressive/Democratic opinions on it

things i'd rather stare at blankly than ronald reagan's coffin

I am the only DUer who absolutely detests Mummer?

Cool Venus Transit Picture

bald is the new do

Food in your Fridge: Are you a slave to expiration dates?

Would you think me a terrible person if I made a bumper sticker that said,

Am I the only DUer who absolutely ADORES plumbers?

The official Hummer H2 salute

Can you stand one more Venus Picture? Best One Yet!

Gephardt Daughter to 'Run' for President

Do you worry about "failing" your annual eye exam test?

Need help identifying a flower...

This is Matthew Rush. This is one of the most gorgeous men on Planet Earth

My hip just cracked from sadness.

I just realized something weird, and am seeking an explanation

Attention pop culture linguists: where did "bee-otch" come from?

wow, you have a dentist's appt scheduled for 7 months

Genetically-engineered food will bring on Armageddon.

For my fellow NYC DUers

Is it time to ban polecats?

The Neighbor to the North of all CAPTIONS

Set My Signature Free!!!!

Need help identifying a flour...

Old Mother Reagan...

Tampa Paper Apologizes For Running Wrong Editorial - Tampa Losing Stanley

Any dopey country songs about Reagan yet?

CAPTION, and let us adore him!

Good news for chocolate lovers. It's good for your blood vessels

French pole cats make it is good time

Am I the only person on the planet that hasn't watched any TV this week?

DU THIS POLL: On what currency should Ronald Reagan's image be placed?

Anyone else psyched for "Riddick" this weekend?

DU Latinos - four not-so-random questions

BC DUers -I had lunch with a Campbell MLA yesterday

good laugh here, thanks to the inimitable Harry Shearer

Jelly Belly Saddened by the Passing of Ronald Reagan

Is it time to ban Polkas?

What are the best sites for Venus / Sun photos? n/t

This is the ONLY thing I'm gonna say about Reagan's death:

Dream TOILET Has Automatic Closing Seat, Massaging Spray Too!

Is it time to ban polygons?

What's your biggest turn off ?

DUers and Cell Phones--I'm getting one (finally)

If MoPaul Goes For My Beer, He'll Have A Problem

If they put Reagan on the $10.00 dollar bill ask for $5.00's or $1.00's

If you could eat only one foot the rest of your life what would it be?

Most loathsome Courtney personality.

I'm officially in the 700 Club!

So, what are they charging at the gate to see a dead actor?

What time of day does your mail at home arrive?

Is it just me?

Ketchup is not a vegetable. Here's how to tell the difference:

Welcome to the Repuke Nat'l Convention! Agenda Inside

question about painting

A joke my mom sent me.

Wolf Blitzer will report a negative about Reagan? Unbelievable!

Put Reagan on the 1,000,000 dollar bill!

J-Lo Preggo??? You heard it here 2nd!

I just got racismed*

Congratulations nostamj!! 15,000 posts

Hubby just got a invite to a $2500.00 a plate dinner with Bush

Is the FIX in (NHL Hockey) ?

British TV series Spitting Image to return?

Ladies and gentlemen, the Stanley Cup champs (Lots-o-pictures)

Viewing the body before a funeral

Democrat Dimes, Republican Dimes...Is the US polarized THIS bad?


What is it?

Have you ever worked in Human Resources - or had a job

Post your funny pet pics here!

At the age of 13, my German Short-Haired Pointer, Casey, has

A funny Reagan-related story/memory

Which Side Of A Break-Up Have You Been On Most Often?

Am I The Only DUer Who Doesn't Feel Alienated?

Best Black Vocal Group of the 1960s?

What would you write/draw on the $10 if Reagan's face is put on it?

Girl riding through Chernobyl a hoax...

If you could eat only one food for the rest of your life what would it be?

Inside the Actor's Studio Questionnaire: to DUers!

Rachel Hunter may be beautiful, but she's dumb as a post

Classical Music Buffs: Who Wrote Your Favorite Requiem?

The weird animals from Down-Under thread

Magic Johnson agrees to buy 30 Burger King restaurants

Jimmy Kimmel fans check in...

Who is the best Lestat?

aLfrankenweb has been down aLL day

Am I The Only DUer Who Absolutely DETESTS Summer?

Worst 21st century phenomenon so far (pop culture edition)

Seriously considering getting rid of IE

I've got a sad 8 year old on my hands

Most loathsome CourtTV personality

What's the craziest, most psychotic website on the Internet?

Credit card company and wage garnishment

Things NOT to say during a job interview.

Football fans: What's your favourite and least-favourite NFL stadium?

So the girl at work says I'm the only man her husband hasn't accused her

What NOT to say in the Reagan viewing line

This is a sobbing/angry/heart-broken rant about men. You've been warned.

OK, but seriously: what IS "too young for you?"

Those of you in long-distance relationships

The last Air Force 1 is going to Simi valley ??!!!!

Best White Vocal Group of the 1960s?

It's 25 years today since I graduated from high school

Companies Pare Political Donations - WSJ

Protests May Delay Convention Construction

New Zogby Kerry 44 % Bush 42 %

top 10 reasons why kerry should....

GOP House set to loosen rules for churches to thwart election laws...

WSJ: Dean Is Back, and Not on the Fringe, Either

New Gallup numbers: Kerry still leads

Clinton more popular than Reagan - higher average popularity over 8 yrs

Michigan Polls Kerry Leads EPIC/MRA Kerry 47% Bush 45%

Victory for Kerry 2004 - The Pernice Brothers Concerts

Republican Survivor!!!

Kerry Leads in11 Battleground States WSJ:

Clinton economy family after tax income grew twice as fast as under Reagan

Judge Roy Moore to testify LIVE on C-span on public religious expression


Does Kerry have a big enough package for Tweety?

Kerry Veepstakes: Kerry vets Vilsack

Bush/Cheney 2004 Slogan: "Let Them Eat Cake"

CNN sues for access to Florida's voter rolls

I really hope Kerry doesn't pick Vilsack

After Reagan Is Buried, Kerry Should Announce His VP

Zogby Interactive Iowa: Kerry 48.9 Bush 47.6

Rasmussen Battleground Polls: Not bad for Kerry.

Gallop Report: Kerry 50 % Bush 44%

American born Cubans back Kerry Big time.. Cuban born Cubans back Bush

If the VP spot was down to these two choices...

I don't think it will be Vilsak--probably someone from south

I just gave 40 bucks to Tom Daschle's campaign.

What Our Abortion Platform Should Be