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Archives: June 9, 2004

Feeding on the corpse of Reagan (graphic image warning)

Abolish this annual festival of hypocrisy

Tenet lied under oath to 9/11 commission

Salon: Branded (Soldier charged with cowardice)

While Liberty stands

Salon: Shocking, Amusing and Baffling Quotations From the GOP and Their Fr

COUP D'ETAT: The Real Reason Tenet and Pavitt Resigned from the CIA

Reagan: man of contradictions? - NBC

Legalizing Torture (WP, 6/9/04)

Towering are the tributes, but towering he wasn't - Reagan

Bush, Cheney Indictments in Plame Case Looming

Doctrines And Visions: Who Is To Run The World, And How?

Disability activists needed, pronto!

Brownshirts at G8... literally

Thank you for post about optical mouse. Got one today.

Odd Black Hole Defies Explanation

Rat DNA gives clues to human migration patterns in Polynesia

Torture, Detention, and the Crushing of Dissent in Iran

Nation braces for Typhoon Conson

Genital Cutting Shows Signs of Losing Favor in Africa

Aide defends HK's Tung from criticism

Allegheny County(PA SWAT) cop accused of stealing ammunition

Agree or disagree with the following statement:

Ack . it's me again ..

I was looking in "profiles" for someone ....

Californian needs your help, DU!

Where can I find a convention genda to print out?

Corporations reluctant to give repug groups soft money.

I can explain all this reagan nonsense

O'Reilly, Scheer, Reagan, AIDS...ay caramba.

I haven't watched ANY of the Reagan circle jerk

Olbermann: more than 70,000 people have gone by THE casket.

Why don't we out -Rove Rove & Co.

A message to my Republican acquaintances

Talked to a recruiter the other day

Looking for Audio/Video archive sites

Ok, I am getting pretty tired

2,000 missing pages!!!!

the body's cold now, & the stink is finally coming out in the press

Quick I need a working link...

BBV:Commission head calls for more security for electronic voting

Has President Clinton been invited to the private burial?

Any Eastern European DUers? How do Eastern Europeans feel about Reagan?

I just read Skinner's post after a few days

Leahy/Asscroft REPEAT on C-SPAN 2.....NOW! n/t

Latest Serving of ĎJuiceí Makes Me Want to Gag

Trying to get my head around some "fuzzy math"

Suggestion for Kerry Ad

Rap Stars Hold Concert to Encourage Voting

Jeanine Garofalo asking Jehane Noujim (director of the "Control Room",

Ron Jr. pisses off freepers, Bwahahaha check this out........

Ronald Reaganís Benign Bigotry: Three Lessons

Shrubco = Treason

DUers Mistake!

Bush eats Reagan's heart out

Turn on AAR: Jeanine and Sam talking to a rights lawyer about THE torture

just came from PantsOnFire-Mobile

Let's find hilarious pro-* websites

Bush Not Lighting Any Fires

June! It's Lightnin' Bug Time! In the Suburbs..Kids Don't Seem to Care!

Michael Rattner on practical reasons against torture.

Afghan pipeline -- squeaked right by me!

New Zogby Battleground States Poll w/ Colorful Red & Blue Map

DC sex scandal - fed employees pay for 'tantra' lessons

So the Justice Department can withhold information from Congress?

Question about Gulf War I


Democrats waiting until after Reagan funeral to go after Bush's memoranda

9/11 Commission Report: Milktoast

Did you know our tax dollars support Rush on Armed Services Radio??

David Brooks is a wussy pr*ck!.

Do "war-mongers" have a genetic predisposition?

AOhelL users: DU this poll

Wow! Read what one conservative journalist says about *...awesome

We better get them before they get us!

WTF? They are talking on Air America about...

A decade of depraved hate and lies (repigs and their mouths)!

Vodeot dodeot dodeot doh!

Repeat of Ashcroft hearing on C-SPAN 1 NOW.

Can someone enlighten me on something? When/how did Hillary become "gay"?

Did you get a tear in your eye when those boy scouts saluted Reagan's

So Kerry wins.... It's gonna happen, kids....What next?

Anyone else noticed this?

Stamps For the Reagan $10 Bill!

Bette: "This year we need to ELECT a prez instead of ASSIGNED to us"

Aw righty now, I gatta reveal some thoughts. Them Pubs, they gatta know is a RIGHT WING website.

" father crapped bigger ones than George Bush." - Ron Reagan Jr.

Those 'abstinence only' idiots

These guys irritate me as much as neo-cons

Could The GOP Capitulate The 2004 Presidential Election?

Senior Administration Official: Torture wasn't 'Tough Enough' (NBC News)

Help! the Repugs, freepers and RW Christians are coming to my

My local CBS station in Raleigh

Modern day heroes

Fed workers get day off for RR funeral. I will be glued to...

Todays Ashcroft testimony on CSPAN right now n/t

Here's a fun little google search - Bush Family Values

If you have not seen bowling for Columbine you need to hear this...

How the FUCK did Randall Terry get my e-mail address??

Gerald Ford looks pretty good for 91 years old

Is Paul Martin in as much trouble as we're lead to believe?

The perfect way to honor Ronnie

Most Outrageous Reagan Tribute

Please help me refute a Cop's statement about gay mens' life expectancy...

Bush May Be Toast Before The Election. Would You Like To Break It To Him?

What do people make of Richard Clarke allowing Bin Ladens to leave on 9/11

How would things be different if Dole had won in 1996?

Pictures wanted: Campaign 2000 -- GWB on the Enron jet.

G8 Pictures

Nude Patti Reagan pictures displaying Reagan Family Values

Let's laugh at how scared the Freepers are!

Ron Jr.: "My father crapped bigger ones than George Bush."

I bet Gerald Ford's passing will be much more respectfully received here

"A lovely little war"

Does anyone know if Ron Reagan Jr. supports Kerry?

Get that fucking criminal out of my White House!

The New Official Ronald Reagan One Dollar Bill....a funny cartoon

bizarre Statue of Liberty accident - bush toon

This is the sort of swill we're up against

Ashcroft - 'We're at war; questions about legalities are inappropriate.'

I think Ted Rall is a miserable prick. Do you agree?

Must Read: From Michael Ruppert - Coup D'Etat (Bush is toast)

Worst 21st century phenomenon so far (political edition)

Why is America so different than other western democracies?

Today, I saw the following two bumper stickers on the same car:

Kerry attacked for paying respects

BBV: Today Indiana, Tomorrow Your State

Is it ok to link to From the Wilderness? Interesting. Coup D'etat.

Florida elections division chief quits amid controvery on voter rolls!

Where is the outrage? Democratic ex-Presidents not wanted.

Anyone remember the DU discussions about torture waaay before Abu Ghraib?

BBV: Activists in Austin TX buy billboard ads. Photos please...

Democrat Jim Moran WINS the 8th District in Virginia !!

The CIA Is Sinking BushCo NOW! Full torture memo available online!

Cap Hill Blue: Bush Knew About Leak of CIA Operative's Name: 10 yr penalty

Why is the Left against Title IX reform?

Shameless GOP wants to rename Pentagon after Reagan

How did you feel when Reagan was shot?

Who thinks that Dick Durbin should replace Daschle?

Help refute this e-mail!!!

Gee it's tough being a Republican!! (aw)

DORKY & Drunk again? Pics from G8


we need to name a bunch of things after reagan.....but what?

From the Wilderness: Bush IS Toast!

When do you think we'll make "Contact"

How important is DU in the larger perspective?

"I'm George Bush, and I approved this torture..."

Does patriotism bug you?

Could someone give me a realistic list of the good things that Reagan did?

sorry- dupe

Americans cashing in on mad cow: MLA

GOP convention lawsuit accuses NYC of trying to silence First Amendment

Army Of Cops, Secluded Island Summit Keep G8 Protests Small

Ministers admit they got it wrong on Iraq

Congo Rebel Leader Says Fighting Resumed

Saudi poll: Wide support for bin Laden

End Darfur attacks, UK urges Sudan

News Audiences Increasingly Politicized

Karzai Set to Address Joint Session Next Week

Florida elections division chief quits amid controvery on voter rolls

Sept. 11 commission draft harshly critical of FBI, CIA

Bush ignored Pentagon lawyers over tactics in war on terror

Lea Fastow ordered to report to detention in downtown Houston

Rumsfeld approved interrogation

Northern Iraq--Calm Like a Bomb/ATimes--New World Media Watch

Senate Leaders Try to Speed Danforth Confirmation

Army Now Says G.I. Was Beaten in Role (Gitmo Training Exercise)

Kerry Pays Respects to Reagan

WP: Speaker Pushes Jobs Bill Provision (Religion in Politics)

Memo Draws Focus To Bush--Aide: President Set Broad Guidelines

Bishop hammers Martin on abortion

Kerry Pays Respects to Reagan in California

Moran Wins 8th District Primary

Chavez's recall set for 15 August

Ex-C.I.A. Aides Say Iraq Leader Helped Agency in 90's Attacks

More Enron Tapes, More Gloating [CBS News]

Penis puppetry angers church

Full torture memo available online!

OAS unites to urge assistance, elections for Haiti

Tab for four (TX) special sessions: $4.6 million

WP: Soldier Described White House Interest (in Data From Abu Ghraib)

Republicans Mull New Honors for Reagan (Rename Pentagon? Star Wars? .50$?

You talkin' to me?

Too much fun: Punk-o-Matic

Punk fans: 1.5 hours of anti-Reagan music

Is it Time For a Kitty Thread

Paul's sister is an alien, oh well

Am I the only one who misses the DU "recent post" screen?

Yay! Sci-fi channel premiers new Battlestar Galactica series in Jan!

I haven't been able to post recently, I just wanted to say for sale...

Obligatory Kitty Thread!

movies you are looking forward to

From the Religious Right e-mail list to which I was somehow added....

Sig file from a Usenet posting.

Piston fans check in! (on edit) Sure is lonely here.

The Cranky Yankee presents: THE NEW ENGLAND ANOMALY!

Pictures of Barbara Bush when she was a young girl

Fucking villagers vote against name change

I just noticed my sig line is missing...

Nice to see Orrin Hatch feels comfortable enough on TV

Lemur Alert !!! on NBC's Law and Order

'Vote Liberal and I'll Strip'

Did you ever find an old video tape?

Vote liberal OR I"ll strip

Alright - the perogies are finish, I'm starting my first rye and coke....

Batman is looking for a new side kick anyone interested?

Mr Scorpio is here. Reporting from Chicago

The Temple of Mu

A very interesting show on FOX

I cannot, in good conscience, caption this photo...

What does anyone know about this WIFESWAP tv show

New Daily Show!

NBA/Media Thread - Worst Suit Ever!!!

Best. Cat Toy. Ever.

Are you a gamer?

I met up with my friend tonight.

Why oh WHY Can't I sing like Flip Wilson?

No mail on Friday

Launch at Cape Kennedy

Why oh WHY Can't I flip like Brian Wilson?

OK, I have chicken breasts, curry, onions,

Why oh WHY Can't I sing like Jackie Wilson?

Just checking: Is Reagan still dead?

One of the Bush Schwinns

Sports - Play by Play Announcer

OK, I have silicone breasts, beriberi, bunions,

Typical NBA

Resort with water park opened up today in my town.

Something just occured to me - I'd love to get ripped with the DU admin

Bette Midler on Letterman - doing a benefit for Kerry

One of the Bush twins

Why oh WHY Can't I flip like Wilson Wilson?

I'm anything! Ask me drunk!

Big Dog and Pickles

June! It's Lightnin' Bug Time! In the Suburbs..Kids Don't Seem to Care!

I love the Daily show - BUT.....

OK, what exactly is Pickles trying to find in this photo?

The Glenlivet, age 18

Am I The Only DUer Who Doesn't Feel Aliens?

Bigger hype:

LOL - -'s latest Top 11 list

Good quotes wasted in bad movies....

Its not a consarned "Cicada," okay?

Dante's Inferno fans: What part of Hell do you think Reagan is in?

Chances you had to do a bad (but oh so good) deed with a friends S/O?

1st relationship: dumper or dumpee?

Anyone hear anything about "Saved" ?

I'm moving to the Republic of Chad

Let's Rename The Grand Canyon After Reagan.

Please vote for me!

Are DUers as popular after they get married?

The NOVA show on the brain tonight, is the one about the religious

hey Lois, look, the 2 symbols of the republican party

Who do you think is the best pitcher in baseball?

I fuckin' hate doing laundry

$20 tyre shot to Hell! Didn't even have 200 miles on it!

What software do I need to counter a sluggish computer (suddenly)?

88 degrees, humid as hell, and no AC

Pet Owners and Flattery

Piston's - Lakers thread!

Trent Lott and Tom Delay

Tuesday night rock n' roll thread

Tuesday Night DULL Thread is open


"What is appropriate dress for a funeral?"

Update on Dog Death and Funeral.... Pictures for those who care

Hollywood's WAY friskier than Babylon ever was...getcha gossip here!

What's your DU pet peeve?

If Election Held Today - Kerry To Win 296 to 242

CNN: Scott Silliman Duke Law blasts Ashcroft

Do you think that chimp and troop know where osama is?

Who is more fanatic, Clark or Edwards supporters?

Who is more fanatic, Dean or Kucinich supporters?

Good News for Bush, but Situation Remains Fluid/James Zogby, Arab News

Where can I find results from today's elections?

What do we talk about after Kerry picks the VP?

Gov. of VA Mark Warner, approve or disapprove of for VP?

Kucinich says he is "protecting" John Kerry from Ralph Nader

Torture idea is a terrorist victory

"Bush's Erratic Behavior Worries White House Aides"

Auth nails it. (toon)

Putting Reagan on the Scales (Salon compilation)

The class warrior

Lincoln: the measure of modern leadership

Gene Lyons On Ronald Reagan

The inevitable peak, and decline, of oil

Orange County Register column: Living with the legacy

Al-Qaeda and the Zimbabwe nexus

Eulogy to a Teflon coffin from a liberal who visited Reagan's library

Bill Berkowitz (WorkingForChange): Hijacking history

Fighting Reaganís Legacy

Why Did the Chicken cross the Road?

Berkley prof. under fire for torture memo......

Kissinger Accused of Blocking Scholar

The U.S. and Europe still march in different directions

Missed Opportunities (in the all-Yale presidential race)

The Case for China's Coming Collapse

ďAmerican IdolĒ Faceoff: Reagan vs FDR by John Moyers (Satire)

Business Week for June 14, 2004 - "Does Your Vote Matter?"

A National Black Eye (Normally RW 'Capitol Hill Blue')


Northern Iraq - calm like a bomb

Reagan oozed masculinity and manly virtues

Iraq invasion may lead countries to acquire WMD

50 years ago, Joe McCarthy was discredited

If it ainít pro-war, it ainít on country radio

Pat Buchanan interviews Ralph Nader

Building a prison and preaching democracy

Walter Cronkite | Coast Guard foundering as funds run dry

Coup d'etat by Michael Ruppert

Suicide by Pseudoscience (Wired)

OP/ED: "The Presidency As Seen Through A Proctoscope"

NPR Morning Edition 6/9/04 - Ashcroft Won't Release Memos

The new Reagan celebration

Conason: Bush Should Fear Nancy Reaganís Ire

The Explosion of the 9-11 Truth Movement

165 protesters arrested in SF...(G8/reclaim the commons)

AIDS benefit - Sponsor Tim Norman in Mass Red Ribbon Ride

ACLU Alert: Rick Santorum

Any Phoenix, AZ Democrats here?

Sibel Edmonds & Dan Ellsberg Want Your Attendance..

GW: "Tie-ranny" (Harry Shearer)

Bob Weir and Greg Palast on Franken

Biased headline corner: "Hawaii economy sizzles"

"Fewer republicans trust the news" from WP and Pew

What if... D-Day - Reported TODAY on Today

CNN take on Reagan vs Bush

Air America Radio Scores Some Initial Success

How bad is this: "Distort D'Newsa" now a CNN analyst

Worst daily U.S. newspaper?

Limiting presidential pardons....daydream with me.

Genes Promoting Nerve Other Cell Communications May Have Come From Bacteri

Recalling the Death of Another GOP President

The Venus Transit -- Astrological and Astronomical insights

Today's Thought

Astronomers and Physicists: Sun's magnetic pole.

What's the difference between the Lounge and Meeting Room?

shameless self-promotion thread | post your products!

Reagan Policies Gave Green Light to Red Ink (no impact politically)

A Fresh Look At Reagonomics - CBS

Bush again pro big Business-refuses to back FCC on Phone Competition Rules

Reagan raised taxes after first year by 2.6% of GDP -or $300 B in 2004 $'s

The Myths of Reaganomics

The Sad Legacy of Ronald Reagan

Over-Reaction to a Non-Event

BEA GDP in constant $'s below - Bush GDP growth over 3 years= 1.9%/yr

IT Moral Drops to all-time low, study says

Machines work,we play.Halfway there, stats prove

'Drunk 4x4 drivers now wrecking mountains' - Africa

Hood Canal Oxygen Levels Lowest Recorded In 50 Years

Lucrative Bluefin Tuna Farming Vaccuums Surrounding Seas - Independent

NASA Study Links Deforestation, Climate Shifts In Amazon

Wondering...gasoline->ethanol conversions

Bush League Lysenkoism - From Scientific American

New Discoveries Can't Match Depletion - Norwegian Oil Directorate

Venus Transit in X-rays

Grand Canyon ain't what it used to be

Little Love For Bush At U.N.

The Resolution's Weakness (Bush double crossing the Kurds - like Dad did)

Report: SA media pay little attention to Aids

Moroccan parties start new left-wing group

Rebels kill 19 in Ugandan refugee-camp attack

Doctrines And Visions: Who Is To Run The World, And How?

Nigeria Fuel Strike Continues

Pipe bomb removed from soda machine

GUNS IN THE NEWS - June 9, 2004

Holsters recalled because strap causes gun to fire

Safe Haven Legislation (Baby Moses Law)

Real Ways to Lower Crime

Why aren't there any new posts after 7:12 a.m. (EST)? It's 7:23 now.

Not a question but a plea.

Membership date

What ever happened to that Greg Palast interview?

what happened to the Israeli/ Palestinian forum

Do features shut off automatically?

Can we have scripting with regexes

Skinner, when you, Earl, and Elad are having your morning cup of joe...

UN wins promises of aid for Palestinian refugees

Twilight Zone / End of the Rainbow

Disengagement Begins: Erez To Be Closed

I just learned that Israel is a stalinist state!

15% rise in settler attacks against Palestinians since Jan.

BBC (Wednesday): Israeli PM loses Knesset majority

Israel's use of torture

anyone seen this? also, call for help

The Explosion of the 9-11 Truth Movement

Bush lied. The Saudis got a ride.

FL 77 Cell Phone Calls (Real or Fake?)

Democratic Senate hopefuls sidestep attacks during debate

California's rules could aim for 30 percent emissions cut

Scientology link to public schools in SF

Homophobe State Senator Kenneth Veenstra Loses Primary


Poll: Presidential race still tight

House panel OKs health care whistleblower bill

Need help from someone in the 11th TX Congressional District

Did Asscrack have a nervous breakdown on C-SPAN? He is on right now.

Just for fun

my response to an unsolicited freeper email

Canadians - what is your opinion on Uncle Sam?

Have they finally given up trying to kick FDR off the dime?

Frog March!

Look at this, Bush trying to drive a special Golf Car on Sea Island

This time vote for God

"The Hunting of the President" - TRAILER

CNN poll -- Ronnie on the $10?

So I am sitting here watching Bowling For Columbine

DAVID BROCK -- on Bernie Ward right now (2AM ET)

what are the ramifications of Bush juxtaposed against Pope/Reagan?

The June 8 Galactic cloud

Bette Midler said tonight on Letterman re: the election

Yikes McGee - protest music is an important part of this war

Inpeachment/Resiginations.... what does that do to the elections???

Fuck Enron!$!

Major "faux pas" on Reuters picture..anyone got the original??

attn: Flash animators/commerical makers

Please something big happen to make tha damn news!

As in WW2, "The Meddling Hands of Adolf Hitler" led to the Loss

LOL...I think I just saw an ad for Paula Zahn's D-day show...

Life Under a Bush: Letters of Protest 2001-2004

The G8 gives me cause for pause

While I was over at free republic I noticed a huge difference in our posts

Poppy, Momma Bush and Reagan

Reagan's Indisputable Legacy - The Judiciary

Anyone familiar with ""?

Doonesbury sends the White House a hint...

Tampa NOW confirms post 911 flight -- Government denied happening

G. H. W. Bush's Parachute Doesn't Open

Just listened to Beastie Boys "To the 5 Boroughs"

C-Span 8:50 - Iraq - Adelman repug- read Wolfowitz statement

Japanese Man Sues Over Iraq Kidnapping

AAR: morning sedition: rename Reagan Intl. airport Reagan Intl. airport,

Onion: Many Americans Still Unsure Whom To Vote Against

mr. bush, mr. asscrack, please don't torture me

Audience at Academy of Motion Pictures gives Moore film standing ovation

How Big Brother Is Watching YOU..............

My father crapped bigger ones than George Bush - Great interview w/ Ron Jr

Many Still Troubled by Reagan's Legacy

"Ronald Reagan had his hand on the nation's pulse." (C.Dodd on Imus)

Was the 'end' of the 'Cold War' Reagan's big mistake (from his p.o.v)

Florida Not a Given for Bush This Fall

Welp, this may explain why Ashcroft won't comment on the TORTURE memo

Older people are the majority.

There was talk this morning on FAUX NEWS that

Why Tenet Resigned ? Bush, Cheney Indictments Looming (Ruppert)

I ask it again: When does George W. Bush become "expendable"...

If we're gonna name stuff after Reagan, how about we change the name...

Don't look now, but your interest rates are about to rise (in honor of RR)

Will Nancy "just say no" to Rush attending the funeral?

Bush drunk : Like father,like son.

What Administration is/was more corrupt? Reagan's or Bush 2

Question on Presidential pardons

GOP disappointed that RR didn't rise again yesterday

Khephra posted this on LBN: For Reagan mortician,the 'honor of a lifetime'

Okay, who here remembers well the Iran-Contra Hearings? Was the hearing

Unbelievable! Reagan used to have a talk show !!!

No *eaga* in this post

The Motivation Behind Reagan Worshiping And Memorializing

2003 Poll of Saudis shows wide support for bin Laden's views

Zell Miller is offended by Snuffy Smith

I just finished "Fortunate Son" Biography of George W Bush

If Al Quaida has any offensive capability, now's the time to show it

If we must, put RR's mug on the $1,000 bill...the ones who benefitted

Tons of Rowland Impeachment hearing coverage

Okay, let's compromise: What state should we rename in honor of Reagan?

Lets Suppose That Reagan Is Going To Appear On SOMETHING...

Top Ten Things STOESSEL Should Debunk re RAYGUN Frenzy

Air America Reports: Bush New Gallup Numbers Out Today?-- NO BUMP

Randi was saying something yesterday

What do Independents believe in?

Leahy might want to look at this: PDF of Torture Memo

Fuck it, let's just rename it "Planet Reagan"

William Blum tackles 'Reagan defeated communism' spin.

Let's defreep this stupid poll on best presidents of the century.

My Company's e-mail regarding Raygun's funeral and public leg-humping

International lawyer shocked by memos

D-day was hardly mentioned. Reagan was the number one story?

Coke President Steps Down ......

Do you own or rent?

Did I hear right that Reagan requested all of this?

Thank you, Ronald Reagan!

What's The Difference Between "Flip-Flopping" And Changing-One's-Mind?

Ahhh.. the circle of (Republican) life:

Since the memos are out on the internet.............

This Reagan commemoration stuff is getting out of hand

Could Tenent testify before the Plame grand jury

Looks like we are going into Fallujah with tanks.

Army Admits Discharged Soldier Injured (Beaten to a Pulp)

I HOPE & PRAY they put Reagan's picture on either the $10 or $20 bill

Ashcroft Asserts Executive Privilege Concerning Torture Memo?

Torture memo makes it into Leno monologue

Does anyone know why AlFranekenWeb is down?

tell me again how..... like hearing that story.

For those of you looking for something relevant, liberal, and FUNNY

Torturegate...."Praise the Lord and Pass the Thumbscrews"..billmon

OMG LOL-"Foxcaster" Janice Dean with the DC forecast

Reagan gets to screw the District of Columbia one last time.

Ronald Reagan legacy: He taught us how to hate with a scowl.

Clinton reading "My Life" to be released on internet

Has anyone compiled a timeline of * impeachable acts?

Look at this in Civil Rights/Equality/Privacy

Political cartoonist defends anti-Reagan Web tirade

Help needed...Question about the FL vote purge list

More from the Texaliban

I watched the CBS Reagan film last night on dvd & liked it

Turner Movie Classics 15-film Bonzo-free Gipp-A-Thon on June 10th

Which RR quote will * mangle?

anthrax mailing timeline: does anyone have a good fact list/link?

New Republic: "Misplaced Blame" (intelligence failures)

Why the GOP is going down in a big way this year

Allellujah... The hide-a-thread button is back. n/t

Isn't it ironic that the Repukes whined about Clinton stealing Kerry's

Palast on AlFranken today. n/t

My favorite Creationist story.

Lampreys. Pols attaching themselves to Ronnie's corpse like lampreys.

Yesterday June 8 was another Munich

James Zogby is NOT a Republican. He's supported many....

Is this Reagan quote supposed to make him look good?

Eulogy to a Teflon-draped coffin -- liberal visits Reagan library

Nancy, Nostradamus, Venus transistion, Ron's death....wha?

The Pentagon will increase the number of U.S. troops in Iraq to about 145K

DIALING FOR DEMOCRACY---------June 9th, 2004

BBV-Can someone point me to the Stalin poster?

The Reagan Myth

Reagan was NOT a Christian he "had an AVID interest in the occult."......

show the world how transparency works

does reagan's funeral orgy make up for the 850 unseen G.I. funerals?

Slanted Source: Giuliani to replace Cheney?

Apollo Alliance for Good Jobs and Clean Energy

Let them worship Reagan

What President was the biggest "puppet"?

The Power of Storytelling

Cheney's hideout is under Raven Rock Mt.

So...going back to the UN with your tail between your legs is a WIN?

Reagan and Saddam

Meanwhile at the G8.....

is reagan's funeral really mass torture, sanctioned by bush?

NY States 44 Million dollar farewell to Reagan

15 - 0 to the U.S.A and U.K?

Did anyone catch Jon Stewart's slam on David Brook last night?

We need to stop kidding ourselves about the Memos & we need to help

10 of 12 US carriers are now at sea

Aging boomers + Stem Cell Issue + Reagan = Issue?

Is he still dead?

Ashcroft has not one legal, precedental leg to stand on

Character? Here is great character.

President's have a signature stamp for mass mailings

What celebrity's death upset you the most?

If I hear Raygun again I will puke.

68 Medals for Reagan

Sharp divisions marked Reagan tenure - Years afterward, many remain bitter

Post for myself to hide: Hid all the RR death posts from my DU!


what is the scheduled time for reagan's ascension into heaven?

SF GATE Poll: Which currency should Reagan be on?

Hey, I thought I'd start Reagan thread #9,999,426.....

Eulogize a Loser? Here is Big Winner

So, we turned out to be right about everything, should we be happy?

Fog & War viewing -- need project ideas after the show

Did the mujahideen hate the USSR for their freedoms?

Reagan funeral wouldn't have become such a joke if they weren't

The Reagan fest is nothing more than the right wing trying

Excellent piece....

Republican Survivor

Request at work: "Make an icon for a protestor"

Wasn't the scathing CIA report due out this week?

Soccer Mom: "Thank GOD Reagan ended the Cold War!"

Could anything we say here be more demeaning than the Dead Reagan Tour?

Can a liberal be a Democrat?

Reaganism: Androcentric Death Cult

When Clinton and Carter pass away

No mail delivery Friday!

OK, what exactly is a "troll?"

Bush's Skydive: "Senior-citizen Fear Factor"

I'm kinda curious, did Dean make statement on Reagan's death?

I heard Franken beat Limbaugh in some markets...Is this true?

In this upcoming election

Regarding Reagan Funeral overkill just remember...

I'm kinda curious: did Osama make a statement about Reagan's death?

Video Here: Atty. Gen. John Ashcroft testifies at a Senate Judiciary Cmte.

Why do you think so many 'rednecks' and 'hillbillies' like GW?

Randi Rhodes ....opening with Ashcroft Testimony

The Real Reason Tenet and Pavitt Resigned

"Hunting of the President" opening delayed due to Reagan

Iraq government takes control of oil - "Left Eating Crow Now"

Can anyone explain why we aren't going after Saudi Arabia?

Bush voters fatter than Gore voters - fun factoid!

Possible Cheney Fissure ticket

What are the odds of Karzai getting back to his bunker alive?

Did Rush Limbaugh radio show contribute to the military culture in Iraq?

"HE IS RISEN!" --- Tomorrow's Reagan headline

How many are HERE that would be watchin'TV now if not for RR coverage?

Shrubya giving the eulogy at Reagan's funeral.... why are they taking ...

sorry dupe

I heard a criticism of Democrats today that I can't get out of my head.

Heart of Darkness

Why does the UN security council have any legitimacy?

Who's behind the big push for Reagan monuments? Their press releases HERE

Proof Reagan DID NOT End The Cold War !

how many "other people" must...

According to Limbaugh.....

Anne Coulter enters the No-Spin Zone

Al Franken interviews Bob Weir of The Grateful Dead

Message from California Democrats: Support Stem Cell

Chavez fans, prepare to toss furniture and have heart attack....

Interesting teaser in Michael Moore's message about his movie....

July 25, Reagan's spirit will return and his people will speak in tongues!

I have a question

Anyone Remember LBJ's Funeral???

Will we buy the pig in the poke?

So now will the administration start blaming the Kurds?

What's this?!?! dead bush sister? No funeral?

Film Industry Gives Fahrenheit 9/11 Standing Ovation

Whatís New in Paris?

Roger and Me, a great reminder of the Reagan/Bush 1 years.

For clarity, Clinton and Carter are good guys and that is a big difference

Ed Schultz: neocons using Reagan's death for political gain

A Government Crackdown on Britney Spears!

The Battle Hymn of the Republic(ans)

When Work Doesn't Pay: A Report on the Republican Job Record

Disgusting!! bush/cheney exploiting Reagan on

Bruce Bartlett: Reagan responsible for largest tax increase in history!

Rasmussen -Reagans death not helping Bush, Kerry 46-44

Screw the $10 dollar bill. They need to make a million dollar bill...


How much money was spent (wasted) at the G-8 summit?

TIA now verifies flight of Saudis

How Jesus Christ became Supply Side Jesus

Who will give the best speech at Reagan's funeral?

Iranian-American caller on Randi Rhodes: "Now we're all wearing...

DU this CNBC Reagan on $10 bill poll

Judy Woodruff lying again today, call CNN and complain #404 827 0234

We've got a serious US House race in Michigan

Eight Marks of a Mind Control Cult

Bush Should Fear Nancy Reaganís Ire

Randi Rhodes just nailed it.

When are we gonna have a Bill Clinton highway or Airport or currency or..

How many yrs should W get, 4? 20? -sorry no death penalty


How the hell do you determine the Senate Hearing #?

Let's play, "Where in the World is John?" Anyone have any news

how are we the people going to end this stupid global war on terror?

Had it with Woodruff? Direct contact numbers.

Canadian politics for Non-Canadians

Can someone give me info.RE:Hinkley/Bush sr. & Reagan assassination?

How Did Clinton Get the Nickname, "Big Dog"?

Excellent Legal Analysis of The Torture Memo...



How about a cable TV "The Reagan Channel"? All Reagan, All the Time.

Dignity to the White House...?

a model LTTE re: Ashcroft

Amazing Article from a Very Right Wing Site

Reagan and the Republican Dogma

Do you still call that D.C. airport "National?"

Ronald Reagan (1911-2004): An Obituary

To those of you who are upset that there is a REAGAN Airport...

Republicans were booed at Wellstone's funeral, Do you think they didn't

Ya gotta love Randi Rhodes, re: Sean Hannity "on the facts."

The Terrorists Have Won ! The Terrorists Have Won !

You know if Nancy Reagan really cared about stem cell research

Judge rules that the OTHER side of the drug debate can be advertised

No Dem speakers? Let's demand equal time.

No Dem speakers. Seems a little, er, political.

Your opinion on poll numbers

Chirac plays joke on Bush

GOP Co-opting the media to evangelize their bullshit idolatry of Reagan

It's like I got 1/4 of my Newsweek this week.


You guys need to STOP overloading Air America's servers!

JUST SAY NO, Break the Reagan Addiction

Help! Newbie to DU and I think I'm hooked

What Reagan Commemorative will you buy from Parade Magazine

ACLU alert: Santorum's bill allows discrimination in the work place

Judy Woodruff finally admitted Clinton had a higher outgoing ap. rating

new Iraqi PM Allawi planted bombs for the CIA

Iran-Contra 101 on Randi Rhodes

Question about DC

No Democrat Speakers at RR lovefest!

DU this poll: Chicago Trib: Too much coverage of Reagan's death?

Bush stresses "the importance of authentic faith" (Pres. Prayer Team Site)

Unfiltered (AAR) interviewing the "Black Helms" Mr. Robinson NC

Regan was a Huge UBL Supporter and we got the video to prove it - nyt

What good do internet polls do? Are we being duped for advertisers?

Repubs begin push for name change for USA - "Reagania" n/t

COUP D'ETAT: The Real Reason Tenet and Pavitt Resigned

This State Funeral business is surreal to me. Anyone else?

DU is getting slow for me...I will check back in a few....

Cokie Roberts gaffs Senator Clinton...

Ted Rall got more hate mail today

The Explosion of the 9-11 Truth Movement

Mario Cuomo on C-SPAN Washington Journal tomorrow AM


Darigold finally settled with Teamsters

Scenario 1 Bush steals the election ...

Page-one WP look at downside: Reagan "Schisms" "Lingered...Years"

July 19th - Last day to contribute to Kerry before convention?

Hannibal Lector Could Take A Big Bite Out Of Our Problems

Was Reagan aware of Clinton's impeachment?

People who think Reagan was such a great President.....

I wonder if the cicadas played a part in the funeral procession?

"That's what contempt of Congress is all about"

U.S. Military Personnel-- True Professionals

Randi. LOL.

Who do you think is manipulating the gas market now?

Bush spending millions to cut DRAFT ACTIVATION time from 193 to 75 DAYS!!

Tongue studs cause more problems than chipped teeth

Poll 3 of 5: Greatest U. S. President (1869-1909)?

Hannity is Defending the Freepers

Chris Rock, Jack Black, Demi Moore At 'Fahrenheit' Premiere

Reagan procession ... light crowds????

Like watching paint dry.

George W. Bush is No Ronald Reagan. Time to Tell Some Truth.

Dirty Bomb Question

I don't know about the arguments used to keep slavery going. But listening

How many people were at Gandhi's funeral ?

Do you think Reagan's body is really in that casket?

"Wilson" was an appropriate middle name for Raygun

Reuters: "Study: For-profit hospitals bill bigger"

Ralph Nader: Conservatively Speaking

Laura Bush to Nancy Reagan: Drop Dead! (Stem Cell Research)

?Where's Waldo? Any word of the Chimp-in-Chief?

Bush fails again at the Grammar's "photo op" transcripts

Freep Logic: "Even Hilery would have come up with some better ideas"

BREAKING ON WLS-AM: Capital evacuated?

Woodruff: "We are witnessing history, all politics put aside!"

Flag burning ammendment, here's a link

If we credit Reagan with the end of the Cold War, must we also credit OBL?

Question about parlimentary systems of government

Where is the memo that Ashcroft is getting reamed over?

Reagan family in Rotunda now.....where's "Shmuck?"

John Kerry's Gushing Tribute To Reagan: Enough Please!

I wish it was more a celebration of his life. 93 years old is not sad.

Post your ideas for Ronald Reagan memorials here!

So how does everyone feel about U.S. screwing the Kurds again?

Only Repukes can speak publicly about Reagun.......PUKE!!!!!

QUICK! Grab your Madonna/Evita soundtracks!!!!

Did a Bush brother meet with Hinkley before Reagan assassination attempt?

Bob Dole is for Stem Cell Research


Oh great! The one TV show I watch every day

Who is this buttnut speaking now?

If Bush Won, Would He Be Better or Worse In Second Term

Roger and Me, remembering the Reagan/Bush 1 years.

The Administration has had its reprieve. 2 more days and back to business!

Looking for transcript of Reagan at Oxford 1992...

Phuck The Pharaoh! (Ronnie Raygoon)

Denny Hastert is and was a degenerate!!!

"Replace Statue of Liberty with a statue of Reagan"

"National Day of Mourning"

G=======Zuss! they're pre-empting the fricking NEWS for this BS!

Oh shit, Crashcarts up!

Phuck Raygoon!~

"This was not a memorial to Paul Wellstone"

Kids, this is how we (Brit-rooted) bury Presidents -- but not WHOOPING!!!

pathetic turnout for reaguns a city with 85% Black, looks

Heirarchical Propaganda--Barbara Walters' adoring and respectful tones

The fact that * is giving Raygun's eulogy is proof he's a religious leader

Bush Buries Reagan.....CIA Buries Bush....Hold On To Your Hats!

No Real Choice

Dare I ask how much this spectacle is costing the taxpayers?

What happens if they drop reagan's casket and he falls down the steps?

Did anyone notice today's Reagan headline faux pas on Yahoo?

He didn't live in Camelot. He lived in reality with the rest of us.

Why did Ronald Reagan leave the Democratic Party ??

Free Republic: "Daily Dumbest Things Said on DU- Special Gipper Edition"

Torturegate has Bush NAILED as a War Criminal, folks! Impeach! Impeach!

If Ruppert is right and a coup is afoot...

Why is the crowd applauding the funeral procession?

Are you listening to NPR right now?

I'm impressed by the funeral/ceremony

Oil falls below $37.00.

"It's mourning in America." Did federal employees get a day off

Ron Reagan Jr: "My father crapped bigger ones than George Bush"

I've said it before, and here again: TURN OFF YOUR TELEVISION

Michael Wilbon: No African Americans in funeral lines for RR

Judy Woodruff: Alexander Hamilton was a Republican.

NYT article 2000 about Penelas and recount.

Why did our leaders think they could legally torture people ??

Bruce Springsteen posts Al Gore's speech on his site!

Were All President's Funerals This Creepy?

"that 'criminal statutes infring on the President's ultimate authority' "

Al Franken is "going to take to task" Greg Palast for.....

Scientists directly observe evolution occurring

Oh geez, they are comparing Reagan to Lincoln

BREAKING NEWS!!! Reagan is still dead.

A recent thread asked why "hillbillies" and "rednecks" were for Bush

Scenario 2 Bush wins the election fairly...

No fair! Things I can't deduct from my Fed taxes...

Would you drive an alternative-energy car?

President Hastert & VP Stevens

Shrubs daughters considering stumping for Daddy

Are White People the only ones who loved Reagan?

sorry, I will NOT bow down & kiss your graven idol's dead ass

Mummify Reagan Ė Like Stalin did to LeninÖ

Ted Stevens is a pack of filth

How the government is merging your voter info with its other databases

ok, I'll just be RUDE!

It's like the freaking Rose Parade!

Why weren't the kids with Nancy? Very strange....

Support "Stepford Wives"! Actors are Dem faithfuls!

LOL....need caption for 'little' love-birds...blair and bush*

A vote for Nader is a vote for...

The "good news about the economy" it's all based on military build up.

Howler: Today's NY Times and WP on Ashcroft are a study in contrasts

Best bumper sticker I've seen so far in Campaign 2004.

Oh... My... God... Vernon Robinson Radio Commercials Here !!!

"Bush/Cheney 2004: Steady Torture in Times of Crisis" - radio ad

If Bush gets reselected, but Dems recapture Congress,do they impeach him?

Never in my life have I seen so much hubbub over a President's death...

Carter's Nobel

and now..the TRUTH about how the Berlin Wall came down

My only Raygun post

The Confederate National Anthem

Poll 1 of 5: Greatest U. S. President (1789-1841)?

people who cry at reagan's coffin are sad, ridiculous idiots

Daily Kos: CCR to sue Iraq mercenary outfits

Stop the secret expansion of the patriot act

Regardless of Politics, I feel bad for Nancy.

Who does the Air Force protect ?????

Poll 4 of 5: Greatest U. S. President (1909-1961)?

Poll 2 of 5: Greatest U. S. President (1841-1869)?

Transparent government

Poll 5 of 5: Greatest U. S. President (1961-Present)?

BBV: help Maryland to have an accurate election.

Working and poor: What steps should government take to help?

Why do they all say we're the greatest country?

Welcome to the ULTIMATE WHOREFEST Reagan Beatification Extravaganza!!!!

I have a request to make of European DUers

How many Republican scandals are currently in the air?

What a dilemma...

Radio Giant In Record Indecency Settlement (Stern in Clear)

Schweitzer wins Democratic nod in Montana governorís race

Documents Build a Case for Working Outside the Laws in Interrogations

Miramax Fighting Disney Over Future

Obesity death claim disputed

Officer in Charge of Questioning Iraqi Inmates...No Interrogation Training

Japan PM has "banned" US beef for lunch with Bush

Hood Canal hits critical stage (very low dissolved Oxygen) | Seattle P-I

Former cadet pleads guilty to lesser charges (disgusting plea settlement)

Third gay pastor named for Seattle Methodist church | Seattle Times

Spain Insists Troops Won't Return to Iraq

Scientists see new species born | BBC

Was missing spy Rabinder a CIA mole in RAW? | Times of India

WP: Subpoenas in CIA Leak Probe Opposed

N.Y.'s Spitzer: Won't Settle Grasso Suit

Pelosi: President Should Reject Legal Advice Seeking to Justify Torture

Kurds Threaten to Bolt Iraq Government

(Billy) Graham Center roof burns

NDP targets rival parties' ties to Bush

Americas declare war on corruption (OAS meeting ends in Quito, Ecuador)

Bush campaign invokes Reagan (despite saying it would not do so)

Mali gets rid of radicals - Islamists

Witness fingers ex-president - Kenya

S Africa rejects bid to try 'mercenaries' at home

Portuguese EU parliament candidate dies of heart attack


Laura Bush says no to Stem cells

US marines seal off entrances to flashpoint Iraqi city: correspondent

165 protesters arrested in SF...(G8/reclaim the commons)


Lincoln suicide poem believed found | CNN

Granby (bulldozer) attacker left "manifesto" | Denver Post

WA State ACLU membership surges; group credits Patriot Act's backlash

Report says Israel has developed cruise missile

Networks fear burnout of `wall to wall' story (Reagan) | Chicago Tribune

'Mercenaries' to stand trial in Zim

War legal advice to stay secret (Blair)

Senate panel wants CIA report declassified

Ballance resigns seat in Congress

German Same-Sex Marriages By Summer, says Justice Minister

California Guardsman Alleges Abuse in Iraq

As War Toll Rises, Governors Face Delicate Decisions

Kurds Threaten to Walk Away From Iraqi State

COUP D'ETAT: The Real Reason Tenet and Pavitt Resigned

Saboteurs blow up Important Oil Pipeline near KirKuk! June 9th!

US seeks new African peace force

The Case for China's Coming Collapse

Stores close, streets deserted as Nigerians strike to protest fuel prices

U.S. Will Revise Data on Terror

Scientology Link To Public Schools (SF Anti-Drug Education)

Some Oppose Bush's Mideast Teacher Plan

Bush, G8 Leaders Drive Custom Golf Carts

HRW urges EU to pressure Tehran on human rights [Getting worse in Iran]

What recovery? Working poor struggle to pay bills

Film Industry Gives Controversial Iraq Film Ovation (``Fahrenheit 9/11'')

U.S. General: Iraq Police Training a Flop

Prison Interrogators' Gloves Came Off Before Abu Ghraib (HUGE!)

Israel Develops Its First (land launch) Cruise Missile

Chile declines to hand over Menem (to Argentina)

U.S. Marines Imprisoned for Shocking Iraqi Inmate

Reagan Funeral Costing D.C. $2.3 Million

States take up their own healthcare reform

Chirac snubs Bush's Nato request

US raid 'kills 20 Afghan Taleban'

Pyongyang closer to nuclear deal, says Japan

Black woman sues Bebe Stores for bias

Kurds Threaten to Bolt Iraqi Government

For Bush, a good week

Antidepressants to Come with Pregnancy Precaution

Bush seeks wider NATO role in new Iraq

Drug Treatment Effective in HIV Babies - Report

Bush ignored Pentagon lawyers over tactics in war on terror

Gov. of Kentucky causes terrorist alert in DC today

Largest U.S. Embassy Slated for Baghdad

Israel Barrier Cuts Off Arab Jerusalem

Weather Forecast Warm for the Next 15,000 Years

Scientology link to public schools As early as the third grade

Little Love For Bush At U.N.

'60 Minutes' Creator Hewitt Steps Down

Consumer Confidence Approaches Year Low

Unusual sentences bring humiliation into legal process

Honda Recalling CR-V, Accord Models

Drug Cases Impacting U.S. Track Team

Anti-Bush Film to Hit Canadian Screens June 25

German Same-Sex Marriages By Summer, says Justice Minister

Uninvited Artist Posts Work at 4 Museums

Explosion in German city of Cologne (Koln)

FDA May Phase Out Certain Asthma Inhalers

Study: Illnesses Linked to Power Plants

Federal attorney general confirms capture of top Mexico drug suspects

Clinton Documentary Delayed Due to Reagan

Postal ballot trials double voter turnout for 'Super Thursday' (UK)

Millions wasted on plane tickets (by the Defense Dept.)

No one blamed for 9-11

Lawsuit Filed Against U.S. Contractors Over Iraq Abuse (Titan Corp & CACI)

Man gets three years in prison for Cuban cigars

Changing tactics, US turns to diplomacy

Lawsuit Filed Against U.S. Contractors Over Iraq Abuse

U.S. General: Iraq Police Training a Flop

Campaigns seize on Reagan's legacy (Classic Bush)

Laptops Give Up Secrets Easily

Net paedophiles may lose credit cards

A Look at U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq

The street speaks - Iraq's UN-backed government is made up of CIA pawns

White House: Abuse Memos Not for al - Qaida

Kerry Barely Over Bush Nationally

Vote on cross upheld before angry crowd

Senator (Frist) Considers Renaming Pentagon After Reagan

Lindh case possible sign of abuse (John Walker Lindh)

Reagan mourning line EVACUATED, KY's governor's plane violated airspace

Gen. Myers is "leery" about calling it "war on terrorism"

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 9 June

Study Links Vaccine Ingredient to Autism in Mice

Saboteurs Blow Up Iraqi Oil Pipeline

Dan(Rather) and Tom (Brokaw): Enough Reagan

For Reagan mortician, the 'honor of a lifetime'

Removal of cross on seal stands (Los Angeles)

House blocks former Arthur Andersen $10b contract b/c its based in Bermuda

Nigerians strike over fuel prices - Tens of millions

Gibson's Company Suing Over 'Passion' Profits

G8 harmony shattered, as France and US duel over Iraq

Georgia wants Russian bases shut down

Bush twins could give speeches, first lady says

Probe finds polygamists in Hildale UT police | Salt Lake Tribune

Ten die in sectarian battles over mosque (Adamawa, Nigeria)

Rights Group Says Bush Policies Created Iraq Abuse

WP,pg 1: Schisms from (Reagan) Adm. Lingered for Yrs.(downside look)

Bush (STILL) Opposes Using Embryos for Research (Says Pickles)

U.S. force in Iraq to grow as Marine deployment pushed up

Global spending spree on arms

Doubts Arise on Saudi Arabia's Stability

Scientists Say Dirty Bomb Would Be a Dud (Padilla)

Allies warn Bush that stability in Iraq demands Arab-Israeli deal

Newsweek-Justice Department bracing for Supreme Court defeat

Global Military Spending Soars in 2003

State Health Plan To Drop Coverage Of 25,500 (Oregon)

Country Music Radio Full of Pro-War Songs

U.S. Will Revise Data on Terror

Smoking "working class pleasure"

Her car runs on vegetable oil

TIA now verifies flight of Saudis

State Dept. accused of fudging (terrorism) numbers for political gain

Calif. Guardsman Alleges Abuse in Iraq ( A must read!)

U.S. Slaughter Fills Iraqi Cemeteries

Tragedy today, as former President Gerald Ford was eaten by wolves.

I have a job interview tomorrow!

How do Canadians see Reagan?

"You Let Me Down" by Billie Holiday

'America's Team' sports franchise you love to hate most

50 greatest parts of rock songs


Jeb Bush walked into my meeting room today

Bette Midler said tonight on Letterman re: the election

!!!!!!!!! One of my best friends is getting married!

What would your sibling's reactions be if you died?


new Oxyrush advertiser CPAP Pro

Wingnuts have no sense of humor or irony

Am I The Only One

Some computer generated abstract art flash movies for your enjoyment

30" (2560x1600) LCD monitor rumored to be on the way from Apple

The elperromagico Word of the Day: Abattoir.

Clear the roads..Run for your lives.. Laura is driving again

Construction Worker Killed By His Own Power Saw

Insomniac Thread

Berlusconi and Bush are getting REALLY close these days....

A walk down memory lane - would you hold my hand and join me???

Get 'em while they are hot.... GOP lovers, this one is for you

The ronaldreagancoffee I'm drinking right now is rich and robust!

AP -- Planet Earth to be renamed Planet Reagan

If Nancy Reagan wants to earn my respect:

Woman Dies Of Burns After Trying To Light Boyfriend On Fire

i'm drinking a tripLe mocha reagan

The reason 105,000 Californians filed past Reagan's coffin...

you never want to see your name in the paper with the word RAVINE

Anyone running a duel boot Windows XP/Linux system?

I had a Reagan last night and my colon feels squeeky clean!



went to a divorce party last night

Good Reagan Arling-reagan-ton!

A lyrical tribute to President Ronald Wilson Reagan Reagan Still Dead

Which Classic TV show should have a reunion show?

A Sailor went to Reagan Reagan Reagan......

I have a picture of Arwalden and his new camper!!!

Senior Puts His School Up For Sale On EBay

Congress wanting to change lyrics to National Anthem!!!!

I'm laughing my Reagan off here at the Reagans posted here!


Reagan Reagan Reagan Reagan- Ask Me Reagan!

Man Beaten & Robbed For Taking Too Long At McDonald's Drive Thru

The best Reagan tribute I wish we'd see.

Can I download the Rick James/Charlie Murphy skit....

Caption: Pharaohs chill out inside the Great Pyramid?

God has spoken to me through signs: I'm to share this will all of you

Caption: Junior's Italian Job?

BRB. I Gotta Go Take A Reagan

Caption: Italian Stallion just can't getta enuff

Caption: wifeswappin' tonight

Caption: Poodle Brothers show the limp wrist

For the love of God, think of the JELLYBEAN!!!

Caption: No tie required

Caption: Mrs Putin's feeling unwell

Oh my gosh. Have you heard? What a pity. But.....

Ebayers - know anything about copyright infringement reporting?

Oh to live on, Sugar Mountain

Explain Bush's Lack Of Intelligence

Republican convention schedule

Play the 'Ronald Reagan Memory Game"

Favorite Reagan Child

Enough Reagan threads yet?

Miami Traveler Allegedly Slaps Air Marshal

Trippy software for Mac users.

Good Morning DU!

9,000 Gallons Of Blood Flood German Highway

This Weekend: North Carolina Wine Festival. Anybody wanna Go?

Check out my "Berlusconi & Laura" cartoon

Caption: Putin's taking no chances with the fig-leaf area

Okay! You've won the lottery and move into a ritzy subdivision...

Which movie MUST be remade?

Didn't PBS used to have a liberal sensibility? Tucker Goddamned Carlson..

BCCI to be resurrected and start issuing currency?

Son of Things That Sound Dirty But Aren't....

Female Vets Object To Statue Honoring Them - Like "Victoria's Secret" Ad

I finally got brave and

Harrods apology over Hindu bikinis

America is not the World - Morrissey

Brittney snubs Bono's kids

Caption: does my bum look big in this?

What have you watched/rented since RR saturation?

Caption the First Couple

I'm about to do something I've never done before

Let's change the word Shit to Reagan

I'm about to do something I've never done before

Caption: Even the signs are sweatin'

Hold me please, I feel ashamed: I visited this website

Caption: count the hairs on my palm, brother....

I'm about to do something FinnFan never done before

43 is an ODD number...

John Stewart on Sunday........

F'ing Kobe

Hide This Thread

Reagan's coffin passing by and I forgot my digital camera

TRAFFIC REPORT: Simi Valley California

Big celebrity catfight newsday

Finals suck!

Allellujah... The hide-a-thread button is back. n/t

Where can I buy Mylar?

Zombywoof doesn't like "Ask Me Anything" threads. Ask me anything

700,000 Bees Found In Man's Home

Favorite Reagan Wife

Students Being Taught Scientology Without Their Knowledge

Enough about Reagan!!! He lived 92 years and everyone has a cute story

Teenager Collecting Donations To Buy, Then MELT DOWN Guns To Save Lives

To all the lurking freepers who expect me to mourn Reagan:

Why did the (Iraqi) chicken cross the road?

Yak Recipe for today: Yak Meatloaf Supreme

We're always better than the right wingers. Use it as a mantra...

Caption: Great, now he's trying to impress me with his parking

Oh my God! Hell just froze over!

Sexually Active Students Make the Grade

There is not enough food on the planet

700,000 bees removed from Florida home

Web design query.. Tables question

Teacher Had Students Drink Milk Until They Vomited - Fired

Kraftwerk here....

Happy B-Day Les Paul 89 years

Canadian DUers - check in!

Excellent classroom joke

I just found out my girlfriend is the direct descendant of Robert E. Lee

How do you deal with a boss that likes to take stuff out on people?

Thanks to Reagan, I now have Friday off - what should I do with it?

Caption: bad hari kiri day for Japanese PM

The "I don't give a shit" thread.

**Witching Poo**

When will the rain end?

i'm more patriotic than ANY of you people...!

Don't forget the world naked SEAT-LESS bike ride day.

I'm ih8thegop, and I approved this sig line and avatar. Do you?

Ooh eee ooh ahh ahh ting tang walla walla bing bang

CAPTION the strange bedfellows

My BEST THREAD EVER!!! I'm On A Sick Roll And Having Fun!

I somewhat sort-of care about your opinions!

Is it nap time, yet? Do you remember in kindergarten...

Caption: Has Pickles swallowed some bad sushi or something?

The New Valet Parking Attendants at Sea Island of all CAPTIONS!!!!

The best news I've had in 41 years--adopted kid is okay!

If my computer is doing my work for me, am I busy?

Give it up people - My cat is way cooler than yours...

Lost DUer's thread

how do i post pictures again? (from hard drive)

I'm an internet fugitive! Ask anything at your own risk!!!!!!!!........

What's on your summer reading list?

The x's are back!! Woohoo... Which thread should I hide first?

What's the point of hiding threads?

So, I missed the Lakers/Pistons thread last night - sorry Frylock

What Types Of Threads Are You Most Likely To Hide?

Imagination :vs: reality

If the admins offered it: a PG-13 or R rated DU Gallery....

Good Bush images

So, I posted an ad for DU on Freep-republic (think they'll notice?)

Please do not let Reagan's passing overshadow the Hasselhoff DUI...

Eric Idle's FCC Song! Have you HEARD this yet?

a picture of my kitties - no copycat threads (please)

Hey sus, are you going to the greek festival tonight????

Uninvited Artist Posts Work at 4 Museums

Man Drops Pants In Front Of Oklahoma Bombing Survivors - Arrested

Bush, in his red white 'n' blue go-cart, makes me proud to be a 'murcan

just heard on MSNBC Reagan's Casket weighs 400 pounds

Keep your finger out of my eye.

Survey says: Republicans Watch Fox; Democrats, CNN

Need advice re: Asheville

Unfreep this poll: Reagan on Rushmore?

Have you ever been experienced?

Betty Bowers on Reagan

just got home from work and turned on the TV. - Who Died?

Anyone wanna see my abnormally large wiener?

Ok JCCyC - time to try again with the United States Geography Quiz

Worse HMO doctor: Dr. Frank Burns or Dr. John Zoidberg.

How much do you pay for a haircut?

I'm Thinking About Naming My Daughter Ronald Reagan

How about some pertinent nicknames for the Bush lovers?

Can we just rename DC to Reagangrad and be done with it already???

Courtney Love Wanted For Allegedly Beating Woman With Flashlight

I think my rotator cuff is in trouble

Black woman returning clothes is told: "You people always do this"

More wacky restroom behavior

You are a poopy pants and no one wants to play with you anymore.

what celebrity will be "upset" when you die

CONFESS!!!!!! Anyone here actually vote for Reagan?

Interesting collage of Asskroft ((warning! nudity))

I can't seem to wipe this devilish smirk off my face

Isn't getting around Washington DC going to be difficult soon?

**Pitching Woo**

I'm watching my resident Cardinal couple at the bird feeder...

anybody here have Earthlink DSL?

Uninvited Artist Posts Work at 4 Museums

It looks like Nancy Reagan hasn't been able to get

A fine bassoon player has passed away...

OK, what exactly is a "troll?"

I can't seem to get this smirkyish devil off my face...

Grilled, Bonless, Skinless Chicken Breasts

If anyone wants me...

Caution's subversive song of the day

A great American rocker has died---Robert Quine...

A question to all you movie buffs.(Movie: Real Genius)

Just Say No To Drugs!

Cryogenic Super man. What if ?

I can't believe Matcom missed this

Cheney to rename himself "Regan" (not a dup)

Fellow Techies -- I need help NOW

What's the big brand name of avacados?

Help me out here...(probably gonna be a pic heavy post)

If anyone wants me...

Have you ever Reaganed so Reagan that your Reagan Reaganed?

What would you rather be doing right now.........

Ruh roh, Tornado Warning!

Bad Superhero Ideas

I'm so stressed out... I don't know what to do.

Huh?? ....... Are they putting Raygun's mug on Mount St Helens?

This clown needs a CAPTION


VCR recommendations

Can anyone recommend a good basic nutrition book?

DU this Reagan Poll Please

Help! Newbie to DU and I think I'm hooked

I am seeking the Bush-face-made-of-dead-soldiers montage

Check out the ad in this XBOX game!

Tongue studs cause more problems than chipped teeth

DVDs received today

Don't forget World Naked Bike Ride Day June 12

Computer folks, gotta question

Everything you ever wanted to know about RandomKoolzip but were

That horse at the capitol

OMG! They're shelling the Capitol!


I love shopping at thrift stores....

I don't have class on Friday because of Ronald Reagan's corpse

Ah! Kids Bombard me with letters - demanding a water park

A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H

Confess...what have you made after watching Food Network?

Tongue studs cause more problems than chipped teeth

Enough already! Just stick a bone up his ass and let his dog

Should Reagan be on the $10 bill? - CNBC Poll

Who is it here who is in college admissions?

Confess......WHO have you made after seeing Hannibal?

Question - just who the hell is Al Hedges anyway?????


Ellis Island (Statue Of Liberty) To Be Renamed "Reagan Island"

New workplace vocabulary for 04.."Prairie dogging"..been there..done that.

Your opinion: If an HR recruiter says that he or she will call in 5 days,

Anyone else get frustrated by "Message Deleted"?

The State of Rock and Roll

Question - just who the hell is ChavezSpeakstheTruth anyway?????

8.3.98 Deer Creek Gumbo

Oh Good Lord, You Got Served 2

You like FLAMES?

Anybody got an idea on how to build an ark?

Padres 0, Red Sox 0

Where Were You During the Reagan Years?


My Library Sucks!


no simpsons!

My Balls

Caption the stupid chimp trick


a picture of my titties

Need advice on a bad business partner

Favorite (suspected or confirmed) Democratic/liberal celebrity women

Favorite (suspected or confirmed) Democratic/liberal celebrity MEN

What is your favorite amusement park?

How tanked is Scotty in this pic?


I'm Fat!

News: Cheney to Rename Himself "Reagan"

Organic food eaters

80s cultural icons - what got you through the Reagan years?

My son's new passion "email"

And now the bad news -- is my daughter a freeper?

SoCal DU Gathering Sunday, June 27, 2004

Are there truly 'cliques' at DU?

Dispatch from my focus group

Hey Canadians! (Hey HEyHEY!)

Have Anti-depressants made your life better?

Has anyone watched the SCTV DVD set yet?

What celebrity's death upset you the most?

How do Americans see Reagan?

Should College Athletes be paid?

Which do you prefer? Tits or Boobies

I have tickets to FAME! tonight

If Bush was a racehorse - what would his name be?

Confess, what shows do watch only for eye candy's sake....

Hey! Today's my birthday!!!

Name the next "Law & Order" TV Series

Leaving for Yellowstone in the AM

The Bozo without a Circus of all CAPTIONS!!!

I just got another gig

How much make-up do you usually wear?

Potential tattoo design

Freepers freak over DU troll, ... but the pics still up!

Hee hee, how long until the freeps catch on at freeperville?

Thinking of following my heart

What was the #1 song on the day you were born?

So I always hear Randi going on about Michelob Amber Bock

I got tampons in the mail -- "colorful" is one of the marketing words(?)

For those of you tired of Reagan 24-hours a day: Funny Cat Pictures!!!!

Speaking of tampons


Caption Smirk in the Chimpostermobile!

Football fans: What's your favourite college football stadium???

MSNBC Veepstakes Update: Clark by 20% over Edwards...

Whassup with 'Americans for a Free Society'?

Wed. 6/9 ... FYI some polling numbers

Florida sued over Voting List!

re:Mark Warner: what evidence is there....

who is more fanatical, Kerry apologists or Nader apologists?

Rasmussen Tracking: Kerry 46%, Bush 44%.

Underestimating intelligence isn't very smart (majority like C students)

Regarding Bush's chances in November:

News: Cheney to Rename Himself "Reagan"

Bush approval falls to 39% in Connectiut--Kerry leads by 10%

Bush is out - Cheney is in for POTUS 2004!!!

Kerry has a 12 point lead in NJ

Kerry's NO-DRAFT PLAN will attract young voters and their families

Ralph Nader for Kerry's VP

Stem Cell/Reagan is a killer issue against Bush

What women should do if the Democratic Party abandons them on Choice

Who else here is running for office?

Info about the top 10 to 20 Congressional races

Should Kerry Give a Speech in French?

Is "All Gipper, all the time" weakening Kerry Campaign?

Kerry staff vetting Iowa Governor Vilsack

Alex Penelas: Statement Endorsing John Kerry

Bush changing his story on Prison abuse scandal"only set broad guidelines"