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Archives: July 10, 2004

The grieving parents who might yet bring Bush down

Pentagon Destroyed Bush Records



The Asshole Machine - The only reasonable explination...

Another October suprise scenario


Haiti in Chains

Bigger than Bushes- a Macro look at F911

Tell the nation's governors to put people first!

resources for Milwaukee Kerry volunteers

finding other Kerry volunteers near you

China crash injures two journalists

Keith Olberman - Murdoch And The Media (Video)

Boycott of Chinese beers promoted

"Manipulation" of Labor Statistics

Some interesting Homeland Security data-read it and weep

my apologies to the admins....

When are we going to unite behind our canidates!

nominating a thread by accident..

At some point

I am curious as to how this rule is going to be applied

Question: For those of us on "Dial Up" it's hard finding latest posts

Will Lisa Madigan Challenge Blago?

Patty Wetterling has Republicans worried

resources for Milwaukee Kerry volunteers

Was one of the DU people at the QFC in Kirkland last night? Little

Kucinich to visit Seattle 7/17/04

Anyone have any evidence that Osama did 9/11?

Question for the Married Men

Freeway construction zone protocol: to merge or not to merge

Kerry Edwards flash,.....clever & funny

Anybody watching Countdown with Olbermann? The investigative

Freaky -- Anyone seen this?

what happens now?///illegal invasion

need a link to a W quote please!

Time Poll: Kerry 49% Bush 45% Unsure 6% (7/6-8)

Did you hear why Olbermann was fired from Fox? He reported the

Paula "I love war" Zahn at it again

Fla. Democrat Likens Gov. Bush, Bin Laden

Kerry/Edwards should hogup the media....

Did I just hear that Tenet's resignation becomes effective

Why isn't Bush asking for someones CIA head on a platter?

Sharpton on Dennis Miller now

Army Punishes Three in Drowning of Iraqi

Terrific Olberman clip -

Anyone ever hear anything stupider?

Group think photo

Nader vs. Eugene Debs

OK, What did Whoopi say?

The more I hear about John Edwards, the more I like him.

Olberman talking about the Fox News Movie

Thinning Nader's Herd

This is how the Government Gets Away with it. (Long)

Channel surfing: Bimbette on Fox: Could Kerry be EXCOMMUNICATED

Nader/Dean debate on NOW on CSPAN 2

Photo of Christopher Hitchens childhood birthday party surfaces

Tucker Carlson has his own PBS show

Dean/Nader is being rebroadcast now on 89.3 in LA right now

Babies kissed by politicians at photo ops, grow up to be serial killers

Fox News to fight back

About that Intelligence failures report!

Someone help me understand what happened to the Patriot Act today!!

Sharpton on Dennis Miller now

Politicians take risk campaigning with kids

The "Outfoxed" documentary will be available to watch on the internet?

Do you think Kerry and Edwards would agree with their

Bill O'Reilly Outside the Zone .......laff it up

The Bush Doctrine: A Low-Class Analogy

Who was the first big yuppie coke head circa 72-73?

"Is Dennis Miller funny?," asks Media Matters for America.

Anyone got a link to the graph showing ALL of Bush's polls #s sliding?

Will you/did you get an inheritance when your parents pass away?

Ok, now for the CIA "bad" Intel. What, who, where, why, how

My favorite congressman said today Jeb = Osama. Crossed the line?

Fear 101, 255, 385, 477 How to Foster/Use to Control/Manipulate

No more "O'Franken Factor," but on Monday, will be "The Al Franken Show."

What is the Democrats October Surprise?

omfg...I just listened to a freeper curse out a muslim in a "debate"

Ok I am officially fed up

Unlike digital media, microfilm has never "crashed" - until now

I'm dying to know how F/911 does in Europe

irritating windows question

Let me get this straight Bush can hold hands with the King of Saudi Arabia

Does this tell you anything about "why they hate us?"

How far will Bush go this year? " Terrorist attack" at Dem Conv??

A tale of two Lehrer and Brown

"We can't find a guy who's 6'6" and supposedly needs a dialysis machine?"

Oh my God! What if it's a terrorist bomb !?

Basic Logic, Mr. Bush---perhaps you've heard of it?

When repubes accuse Kerry for the "misbehavior" of Whoopi,

Kerry / Edwards big on values -- I'll give them values

I love it!!!!! Two washed up losers...!!!!!

Nader Vs. Dean on CSPAN now.

Anyone know what's up w/

At least prison didn't take anything away from Tommy Chong's sense

George HW Bush Center for Intelligence

funniest headline EVER !!!

For Super Smart DUer's (or anyone else that knows what I am talking about)

Is George W Bush more dangerous than Osama bin Laden ?

Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it......

re-posted from ForAff/N'tl Sec, DHS cuts, are we safer? sad list indeed

We should have one thread giving Dean

Go see Anchorman!!!

Katrina Vanden Heuvel - Hot or not?

AWOL: Did Garry Trudeau get any takers?

Democrats, Republican, and the Military

I believe the Senate "Intelligence" report IS ACTUALLY BACKFIRING ON PUGS

Will someone help me end this RW lie

"We report; you decide if we just made it up" Keith Olbermann


God is the Biggest abortionist in the world

Kerry-Edwards ad I would like to see.

Freep Jerks are infesting even Retirement Communities! They are Scared!

I don't think this "It's all the CIA's fault" gambit is working

Is anyone watching "Nightline"?

I'd like to nominate Howard Dean for head of the DNC.....

I can't believe the GARBAGE -m

Are there any honorable Republicans in our country? Why don't they

Mike Malloy..."Liberal Talk Master"...

Supporters of third parties who are members of the DU (participate pls):

Is bushie thinking about writing a book? Bwahahahahahaha

Any idea what all the mystery on Larry King was?

STAR TREK Fans: a Trek Novels auction raises funds for Kerry!

Don't blame Drudge for the "gay" John/John pics...blame the DLC


I am shocked, shocked that Bush's military records have been burned

Olbermann for President!!!!! Holy shit this guy rocks!!!

Dean vs Nader transcript?

NYTimes: Senate Report Does Little to Still Debate on C.I.A.'s Prewar Data

Court Blocks Publication Of Cia Memoir

UFOs Are Real...Bush is Fiction...

From 3/10/04: "CIA says Cheney was wrong. Facts Misread, Tenet Contends"

CIA report revealed truth we knew all along. How did we know

Woohooo... we have a VERY gutsy VP wife. Mrs. Edwards has my vote!

Did nurses and paralegals lose overtime pay?

Bush Literally expelling Journalists not under their control

Great show planned for tomorrow--interesting guests

Why aren't we hearing more about the OSP?

Bush*co trots out Jenna, JoePa - pics

The worst day ever on DU? (Please don't let Bush get away with it)

What Can We Do----Nothing--------About Shrub's Destoryed Records?!

No threads here about Bush destroying his military records?

Chris Matthews "The French were right" Being utterly

Bill Moyers NOW with Thomas Frank....

In honor of today's "intelligence" report: K. Kwiatkowski &THE LIE FACTORY

"Are Kerry and Edwards lovers?" asks Dennis Miller

Just a little rant: I am fed up with the older women on cable: collagened

Anyone else, besides me, who are scared?

It was all the CIA's fault. They forced Bush into a war he never wanted.

HOLY CRAP: Salon's take on Dean v. Nader

I'm trying to call up the Nader/Dean video on

Today's 'Blame the CIA' report is a GOOD thing

I am talking to a soldier friend

Lawsuit filed against Diebold for fraud; proceeds may fund BlackBoxVoting

Audit Faults U.S. Accounting for Iraqi Oil Funds

US firm said among nuclear black market

White House lawyer laments Bush court loss

Parliamentary Vote Delayed in Afghanistan - NYT

U.S. firm may be involved in black market nuke materials!

Barrier ruling shifts the debate

Oregon to Register Same-Sex Marriages

The Mess That Is Afghanistan

Smugglers becoming one of Oman's tourist attractions

Fishermen illuminate a new vision of cannabis

Forest Service Approves Logging in Roadless Area of Alaska's Tongass

Saddam lawyers in fighting mood

Full text: Conclusions of Senate's Iraq report

U.S. Iraq Military Deaths - 875 U.S. service members have died

US drops WTO chip suit against China

Alexis Simendinger on Washington Week -- "Sloppy seconds"

Nudes no problem in Louisiana dining

Jurors Find Preacher Guilty Of Child Abuse In Boy's Death

Calif. man admits to post-Sept. 11 scheme (face recognition tech scam)

Report: Editor of Russian Forbes Killed

Bush launches broadside against 'pessimist' Edwards

Taliban: hard to find, but not to phone

Slave trade is back in US, senators told

Senate Democrats Offer Early Vote on Gay Marriage

WP: Rhetoric On Values Turns Personal (Kerry blasts * Vacation Time)

Do you like being harassed by people that hate you in your inbox?

My Wife & I Went to See "Fahrenheit 9-11" This Afternoon

Bumper sticker of the day

Delicious Chicago-style pizza, or that paper-thin junk they serve in NYC?

It's still legal to sell pee in California...

Some advice needed for a newbie!

Will you help me with my homework?

Thinning Nader's hair

Hooray! Finally got a job.


Holy Toledo...

Holy Detroit...

Should we start referring to Kerry as #44 and Edwards as #45?

Finally...after two 1000th post!

Experiment that proved interesting.....

Anyone watching Stargate?

Download Music

This Land (Guthrie parody)

Remembering Gene Frenkel

some punk just shot a hole through my plate glass window

Mold in the soil

FINALLY Got to See F9/11

Anyone ever hear anything stupider?

"Take the edge off naturally"

Cheney calls Edwards transcript

Does anyone remember After School Specials?

LBN....Laura Bush caught.......

I can hear Herman's Hermits...

Now Playing on AMC: Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

Anybody else track flights of their loved ones online?

The bi-fold door that can confound me has yet to be invented!

F-911 or King Arthur Biggest Box Office

John Edward's parents coming up on CNN's Newsnight

I simply love (Rant)...

Anyone read Leon Uris?

At least 500 people at the Kerry/Edwards organizing meeting tonight!!!

Strange Ways People are described

I will have the "gravitas" to say what I want, when I want...

Brilliant Careers: That guy that played the dad on that 80's sitcom

Dag blam snigglin' flarkin' Cubs!

Build the perfect composite man or woman!!

"They Live" with Roddy Piper starting on AMC.

Bleh Ive had enough of the 2004 forum for today

What is the best snack food that goes with gin & tonic?

What was your favorite flavor of Funny Face Kool Aid?

I just finished reading John Le Carre's "Absolute Friends" and am starting


Hey ZombyWoof! I have 2 Zombie pictures for you

I've got WillPitt's ass

Some pelicans mistaking asphalt for lakes

French Ministry leaves Microsoft for Linux

Anybody here practice Alexander Technique?

I used the mens room tonight and I'm a girl.... ask me anything

I've got WillPitt's face

Zomby's Shit List (Updated!)

Why didn't Rowdy Roddy Piper win an Oscar for "They Live"?

Your computer's clock may be wrong!

Anyone see the "War Room" (Clinton '92 campaign documentary)?

Hey! What silly crap can we talk about tonight...??

DU Gamers - I need a new game!

The inspiration for Ron Burgundy? (video, language, hilarious)

Zomby's Sweet List

Did anyone else catch Tommy Chong on Leno?

Katrina Vanden Heuvel - Hot or not?

Bands you could have SWORN were the 'Next Beatles' but weren't

I've got Will Pitt.

What do you call a Republican in recovery (12 step group) ??

should i invest in my website/buttons?

Flashback-- Deteriorata

A fave movie - 24 Hour Party People

Im usually the last person in the world to see these things

Olberman just touched on something I have thought for about a year.

Best hardcore band

Britney pulls a Janet

Doggie farts.

Is everyone asleep yet?

The Official "I am not mad at Zomby" Thread

I'm depressed

Thanks, DU.

How much of a dork are you?

I'm a Dapper Dan man!

I'll admit it - I like "wuss rock"

Peter Jennings tonight reported that the government is

True or false - without looking it up: Sweet'n'Low is petroleum-based

NEED HELP from DU techies on SpyWare and Adware issue...

God has answered my prayers

irritating windows question

What was your favorite food when you were a kid

Bush cut another student loan out

This webpage lists every #1 pop hit in Billboard from 1955-present!

Is it true that Freepers are boycotting Heinz products?

El-Sayed Nosair and Ernesto "Che" Guevera, seperated at birth?!?!?!?!?!?

A question for Athiest/Agnostic/humanistic types...

Will you/did you get an inheritance when your parents pass away?

Just when I thought I'd see it all - Official Lynndie England Fansite

Favorite Star Trek character?

Pick your Invisible Woman in the new FANTASTIC FOUR movie

How Bush let bin Laden escape

Within states, evenly divided or single party domination?

Kerry: stop running away from Dem rank & file. We loathe Bush

Good breakdown on the SUSA poll for VA today. Democracy for Virginia.

Polling Memo: Edwards and the Convention

Kerry-Edwards PDF to print out and distribute

What do Ken Lay and Bush have in common?

There can be only one conclusion about Ralph Nader

Any updates from the NM rally?

View the (failed) attempt to make Cheney look exciting

Let's talk about Nader's SECOND "big lie"

Even If The SSCI Report on the CIA Is Accurate, Iraq Is Still Bu$h's Fault

Edwards is the VP that the Americans deserve!

GOP incumbent's take on local candidate: "Howard Dean..coming after me."

GOP Openly Launches Nader Petition Drive. SURPRISE!!!

Israel follows its own law, not bigoted Hague decision (Alan Dershowitz)

War x 4

A New Market for Bravehearts? (F911 - New York Times)

Now that Tenet's gone, fix CIA (Denver Post atacks The Chimp)

I don't like the new format. It is too confusing.

Plame's Input Is Cited on Niger Mission (WP: Susan Schmidt)

Ellen Goodman: When we politicize what we drive

Press-Enterprise (CA) editorial: Guard your e-mail

Terrorism Was Edwartds Top Focus Before Sept. 11 Attacks

L.A. unions want members to leave Kaiser

Boortz:Nobody Really Cares about Iraq Anymore

John Kerry's Five-Star Campaign

NRA and Outdoor Writers Have Falling-Out

Shame and Discgrace Upon Our Nation

Rice visit to Seoul: We LOVE madmen. Look at Qaddafi....!

Good AP article on Kerry/Edwards ...

Kristof wants Bush to dump Cheney, Bush reads his editorials

Dean hits Nader where it hurts - Salon

The Senate Report

Securing The Bushes -Hunter Thompson

A visitor feels the heavy hand of John Ashcroft at the Pasadena Rose Bowl Flea Market tomorro

STAR TREK Fans: a Trek Novels auction raises funds for Kerry!

Bernie Sanders Rant on vote rigging

Guy James smokin' today!

Deep Archives!

MP3 or video of Dean-Nader debate?

Credit Bubble Bulletin, by Doug Noland

The Bear's Lair: The Fiscal Crisis of 2005

The Benefits Trap

Scott Ritter: Facing the Enemy on the Ground

EGuinea files coup charges in Europe

What Happens When The AWB Sunsets?

The new home page does not come up for me when I log on to

I agree with trumad

I do not like the new format.

Typo in blurb for top story on home page

Flamebait: What is the difference?

Avatar request... if possible.

LBN and unreported stories -- LBN Mods/Admins?

I don't like the new front-page.

Why are posts pointing out hypocrisy deleted?

Great job, guys! I like what you did with the place!

US baulks at court ruling on Israeli barrier

What Israel Gets away with and why

Chris McGreal (Guardian Utd): Barrier ruling shifts the debate

Israel's population growth slowing down

Israeli invasions wreak death and havoc

World is on our side: Arafat

EU pressures Israel to dismantle security wall

Hizbollah Says Only Resistance Can Destroy Barrier

NIST photo covered in too much shadow

What if 9/11 was preemptive strike

Who in the world is going to run against Obama?

Brevard for Kerry

Harman opposed altering Patriot Act

Why Won't John Graham (Dem. Candidate for 48th Dist.) Campaign?!

Should Riordan step aside for his "stupid dirty girl" comments?

I checked in on CSPAN coverage of the DNC platform committee mtg.

July 18 House party for "Outfoxed" movie?

The Third Congressional District - Kent, Ionia, and Barry Counties

Elizabeth Edwards has ties to Western PA

Mock 2004 Presidential election

More Morrison w/o DeLay july 4th photos!

Tom DeLay "doesnt want to get involved"


Just saw F9/11 in Marinette

What is Adam Smith's("d"-Wa) problem????

AMENDMENT XVIII: The Random Voting Machine Lottery Amendment

Vice Presidential Debate - What's Your Favorite Metaphor?

Faux: Do not fall into the easy trap of mourning the loss of US lives ....

Rasmussen has Kerry-Edwards with 49%-45% lead over Bush-Cheney

"women vote for dems b/c they are weak minded, and fear patriotic men..."

Holy Shit! Bush is only leading Kerry by 3% in VIRGINIA

"imagine a boot, stepping on a human face, for the rest of eternity..."

Gays Undermining America Bush Says

CNN airing "A Flyboy's Story" yet again!?

Anyone have any proof of neocon complicity in 9/11?

Bush, Enron and the Teacher Retirement system of Texas?

Why Won't Bush Attend The NAACP Convention?

My meme re: *Bush supporters

UK Spy Chiefs Retract WMD Intelligence

GE upbeat about war profiteering

PHOTO: letter from kenny-boy thanking bush* for artwork gift...

To be a Republican in 2004, you must :

should Kerry and Edward show up to vote on the FMA?

Kerry and Edwards come out swinging against Bush in WP interview!

Sleeper in The WhiteHouse

What qualifications did cheney have to be vp?

for those who have nothing to listen to, listen to "Unfiltered" AAR

Capitol Gang's On

Here's how we can take back our government

66% of dems support getting the feds out of medical cannabis

Saw Clinton on TV today (CNN)

What are some road signs for the Chimp/Cheney Highway?

I DON'T WANT TO HEAR DEM ANGST! Fix the Problems and Shut the

Who guards our nation when the National Guard is in Iraq?

Psalm 2004 - go forth and have fun.

Can some DU historian please tell

Anyone know when 9/11 report comes out?

Edwards Featured in N.C. Ad

Can anyone help us find our Mom and Dad in South Carolina?

Are people who only date within their own race, racists?

Ex-Enron Chairman Lay Blasts the Media

MSNBC: Far fewer people find VP Dick Cheney "personally likeable"

It's a good day. Keith Idema's in jail again

Hunter Thompson alert: Heee's back (on ESPN Page 2)

President Bush made 55 misleading statements about the threat posed by

God the stupidity and hypocracy behind the Bush ads only gets worse

Do you think the RW-conservative-neocon-haunta can stop the FOX docu?

Bush's drugging of America

Kery/Edwards Rally in Albuquerque NM

Is Bush Ad. mention of Osama a set up for his impending "capture"?

Sexism directed toward males

Writing the invisible Dick

Wait a minute..I thought Bush couldn't do the NAACP because of scheduling?

Kansas DUers...we need to move our color from red to BLUE

F911 from Manhattan, Kansas - 7 PM showing

Zell Miller Now Doing Bush Arranged Conference Calls To Bash Kerry

Bush can't have it both ways over Senate's CIA report

Just saw F911. OpEd Page: Music to my Eyes and Ears...

TSG has video clip of Riordan's "stupid dirty girl" quip

What's the Election Situation in Australia?

What does Dear Leader personally think of evolution?

If you get annoyed at alleged Kerry-Edwards homo-eroticism, just remember

I NEED my Oxy 'cause

8:00 a.m. ET CSpan - USA today in News Review

Bush is stuck with Cheney

Report: CIA and admin purposely lied to public and senator

Stargate SG-1 takes a ZINGER at BushCo in season premier!

Coming to a "freedom loving" country near you... who's communist now?

Biden tells Bush to fire Rumsfeld and Cheney to resign (to his face)!

Abu Ghraib Soldier Faces More Charges

Democratic Convention Media Area Not Ready

BayNews9(TampaBay) @8:31

8:35 CSPan - Diploma mills - interesting. n/t

The Bush-Lay Letters

Wild Chickens

Iraq v Iran (very interesting)

Do you think Duhbya actually wants four more years?

FOX is afraid...and that is a good thing. they make mistakes when afraid

George Damn Bush Isn't From The South


Charges Tossed Vs. Five Bush Protesters

HEADS UP: 9:05 am CSPAN - Democratic Platform Committee Meeting

Lou Dobbs last night-comment from John King re: Terror

I hope Edwards has a top-notch security detail

I need help refuting RW story about 2 Black FBI agents being......

Blair Must Take Blame

Morrison w/o DeLay July 4th Pictures! Got to see!

Battle of the B-Teams-October 5 debate in Cleveland?

The gop ploy is not working...

Now, don't laugh........Bush says he has a "plan" and a "vision" !!!

Repug Ad, Re: Kerry Missing Senate Votes

Philippines to Pull Troops From Iraq

I haven't seen this, but has anybody on DU started a "campaign" to

Funny cartoons about Edwards's SUNNY IMAGE. I love it!

suggestion on the ketchup "W"ar

Forest Service OKs Logging in Tongass

Thomas Jefferson?

C-SPAN Now: Democracy In Action...DNC Platform Meetings

NYDailyNews: Stop Pressing the Panic Button

Army Whistleblower Accuses Superiors of Railroading to Hide Torture

An under-secretary of EDUCATION has a DIPLOMA MILL degree!

Angry Repubs want video released of Friday's celebrity event in NY

Politicians Must Not Escape Blame Over Iraq Intel Errors: British Press

Bush calls Edwards the 'P' word (WARNING: Big laughs here)

Ohio Poll on ONN

What was john kerrys purple hearts for?

Ashcroft's magic act: Let's CLASSIFY the past, the present, the future!!!

'Ring of Fire' streaming now on AAR with Molly Ivins - Hightower next. n/t

Bush's Latest Phoney Photo-Op - at Diner in PA.

Like a FOX on the run.....

It took the 9/11 committee 1 year to find out the

There's two sides to every story...

The school girl ad in the NYT cracks me up.. Exploitation at it's finest!

How do u apologize to the parents of over 1,000 US children killed in Iraq

Rove polls GOP Congressmen on the DRAFT! They give Bush their support

Cascadian's take on Fahrenheit 9/11

"...this might be the most patriotic film ever made." - F9/11

CNN: High School Sex Education Debate

Did anyone see Matt Simmons on CSPAN2 talking about peak oil and

Roves Terra plan clicks along--new developments

bush* still traveling in a foreign-made bus through rustbelt (PHOTOS)

Convicted Felons in White House?

It's the POTHOLES Stupid!

The Official drink of the Rep. National Convention

For all "Cheney-you!" & Stern fans - a must see cartoon!

Tonite on CNN - "Flyboys"...AGAIN!

In F911, when was the footage of Baghdad taken?

"W" Ketchup Comments Page...ROFLMAO!!!

How much do you want to bet Cheney is replaced by Giuliani?

Ladies Home journal on sale tomorrow--taking poll about * and kerry

Lookie...Tampa Du' have an opportunity to protest * this week

Lou Dobbs is LEAVING CNN!!

Is the intelligence report available to the public?

Christian Right admits defeat: GAYS HAVE WON (YAY!)

Help - per recent developments about the Plame case

Who's writing "our" platform? Sounds like the RNC.

This morning - CNN talking beauty products; Fox twisting and distorting

Anyone have a list of Clinton Book Signings?

Philippine official: Hostage freed in Iraq

George Bush Contract on Tradesports

The Thin-Skins Of Republicans

Adam Smith( "d" -WA) joins the Repubs on the Patriot Act.

Is Iran next? WP: Bush language on Iran duplicating Iraq! 4 More Wars?!?!

The Lay Loot That Bought The White House

What is John Edwards net worth ?

So many came just volunteer to help at NC's Kerry/Edwards' event that

Why didn't Jay Rockefeller listen to Robert C Byrd before the war ?

Bizarre CNN poll.... how to vote???

2-way radios, rifle scopes, flack jackets, Plasma Torch Systems

Welcome to the Matrix (database on Americans)

Too stupid to be president.... take a look see

Pop Culture meme: The Edwards/Cheney debate Luke Vs Vader.

Susan Estrich just kicked some Faux ass

look out!: bushgang quietly changing coal mining regs.

Limbaugh's Magazine - Whoopi has no need to apologize in comparsion

New NEWSWEEK Poll -- Kerry 51 | Bush 45

Newsweek poll - kerry doing VERY well on campus

Bush today on his little radio show on gay marriage..

I think Bush has Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome

Rasmussen: Kerry/Edwards 49 Bush/Cheney 45

"Do-it-yourself" Cruise Missile Designer Turns Freelance

Daily life at Abu Ghraib, the documents show, included riots, prisoner esc

Could he look any MORE like a Chimp??

IF YOU DID NOT LISTEN to "This is Hell today" get yourselves to

Can any of you "Web Detectives" find out who sponsors this smear site?

Bush Futures contract on tanks again

Jesus loves Chimp

I Can Retire At 70

Iraq is run by a thug and a bully.

Ohio turning away from diebold voting machines.

So the Repugs want a tape of the fund-raiser? Sorry,

Interesting: Win a domain name and web space

Army Looking for A Few Good Sailors, Marines and Airmen

WaPo's "Steno Sue" Says Wilson didn't tell truth/Confirms Plame's CIA Role

If you care about gay marriage then call your Senators on Monday

What if 9/11 was a Preemptive attack?

GOP Today Is the WAR Party

Class Warfare

Caption This Photo

Bush is a cheerleader, not a leader.

Wonder when Bush will notice the pile of dead bodies?

Dean vs Nader...a small personal point and question.

"...four more years of the same type of leadership..." (paraphrasing)

Oh my God. This is Hell is talking about the mess in Venezuela!

What if 9/11 was a Preemptive attack?

I sent some dancing Bush links to a freeper I knew in college.

Who is looking forward to Edwards debating Cheney?

We win one in Fla.

October surprise - catching OBL? Efforts have been stepped up.

How is it possible for the CIA to tell Clinton

Here's my idea on the "deteriorated microfilm".....

The Senate Iraq Intelligence Report and the Media Response is Killing Me

My patriotism attacked because I questioned the war?

What if Bush picked Condi for VP?

Lynne Cheney with a little girl-on-girl action

Is the TO Globe the only paper to have a poet? (poem about hair)

Before The War, *Everybody* Thought Hussein Had WMD

How did Gore do it?

Wasn't 'Shock & Awe' a direct response to 911?

Does anyone have a link to that story about O'Reilly lying about...

Sibel Edmonds on This is Hell NOW

Did you know that George W Bush was the second choice of Americans..?

Bush has really energized the base, hasn't he?

Heads up NC folks--Kerry/Edwards just landed and its covered

I was just polled by ACTforVictory!

Rasmussen Poll: Kerry Gains 5 Points After Edwards Announcement

Bush is the antiChrist

Just sitting around bummed out

Cuba Studies Military Recruitment Out of Concern Over U.S. Attack

will Kerry and Edwards North Carolina rally be shown on tv ?

A Gram of Prevention is better than 780 Tons of Cure


Just for fun and on a lighter note: Psalm 2004

What would you all cry about if Nader wasn't around?

CNN -Economy stronger under Bush than under Clinton?? Have I missed someth

What Israel Gets away with and why

Why don't Republicans like the chumminess between Kerry and Edwards?

A Leader So Despised, He Cannot Show His Face In Public

How much of a political hit would Bush take if he dumped Cheney? Discuss.

F-911 now in 2011 theaters!

Big Dog on C-Span 2 on Diane Rehm Show (repeat from Tues.)

I'm soooo looking forward to

CIA analyst warnings on "Curveball" ignored by his boss

What Ever Happened To The New Iraqi Flag? The Ugly One.

The American worker is being turned into a SLAVE.

Josh Marshall on Steno Sue's Wilson/Plame story

Susan Schmidt's WaPo article blaming Wilson, Plame discredited as hackwork

Are 'degree mills' majority America's answer to Affirmative Action?

Where did ABC get their numbers regarding Bush rally yesterday?

Thomas Kinkade paintings: Conservative or Liberal?

One of the first questions a reporter will ask of Kerry and Edwards?

Thinking with your "gut" considered harmful.

Bush Speaks to Bulgarian President About Keeping Troops in Iraq

F 9/11 breaks $70 Million

Remember "Chef" from Apocalpyse Now ?

50 top journalists list, ca. 2001: laugh, cry, or vomit

Is there a link to info on how * really supports the troops?

Are there any Kerry/Edwards protesters and if so are they put away into

Has Chevy Chase returned from the Dark Side?

Quick! I need a link to the story that Bush flip-flopped on looking

Who CARES about the stupid-ass Kerry/Edwards photos?

Protesters greet Bush in midst of Republican Hell

Uh oh, Looks like Obama isn't quite a lock yet (Da Coach)

Best media watchdog group

Why isn't the media raising hell about 'missing top secret info' like they

When will the "People's House" (Whitehouse) be opened to the public

Yet another ambiguous poll on CNN.

As World Focuses Elsewhere, a Systematic Slaughter Unfolds in Sudan

Is FOX running scared already? Seem a bit more 'fair and balanced' today

CNN- Another Black "Ho" for Bush

Spin off: Those who are afraid and those who arent afraid...

Jeebus, will one single Dem surrogate do their f'n job!?!?!?!

Only halfway through "House of Bush, House of Saud" and I want to vomit


Houseless Voter Registration drive. Would you please consider?

Fla. Democrat Likens Gov. Bush, Bin Laden

In F-9/11 when * was skeet shooting and he made the people with him

So pissed, so pissed

Just wait until Fahrenheit 9/11 comes out on DVD !

Celebs badmouthing Bush: Why not just ask why?

My review of Fahrenheit 911

ZombyMom just told off their real estate agent!

While we're discussing stereotypes, how about public school teachers...

Name the Chimp/Cheney Highway!!

Oh, what fun!!

Where is the video of Bush walking out during the Enron questioning?

There's no record of Bush issuing any orders the entire day of 911???

Well my nephew will most likely receive a Purple Heart. .

Will the whoreish media pursue the 'destroyed records' fiasco?

Here it comes DU'ers .... W gonna play the gay card!!!

BuzzFlash has McCain as Hypocrite of the Week

Calling Legal Eggheads

Bush issues fatwa on "the most fundamental institution of civilization"

Seen this e-mail gem yet?

Hold the phone!!! Microfilm lasts 500 YEARS???!!???

Who ARE these people Bush is pardoning?

Official "Guy James Show" thread please keep kicked

Which celeb are you most proud to have on our side? Which most embarrasses


Yikes! Unbelievably SHOCKING conversation overheard in F911 ticket line!

Who has hurt the progressive cause the most: Brock or Nader?

Republicans boycott Heinz for "W Ketchup": Heinz donates 98% to GOP.

Need HELP with responses to RW NY Whoopie and fundraiser "OUTCRY"

Local news says the NC crowd today is Kerry's largest crowd EVER

Cheney Sneer: More Health Or Attitude Related?

I was at the Bush rally in York..long post..nauseating time

Who switched their votes on the Patriot Act?

Kerry and Edwards were ELECTRIC (well, almost)...

Just what constitutes NEWS?

Kerry Edwards playing with football pictures

'Fahrenheit 9/11' portrayal steams Three Rivers man - Executive Chute Guy

How many of you in DU find John Edwards sexy?

Kerry Cabinet - who are the likely suspects?

Bush Seeks Amendment Against Gay Marriage

Outing right wing hypocrites, it's about DAMN time

OMG fight breaks out in US Capital Press Room no names was it FAUX NEWS?

Huckabee (AR governor-R) wants to free two more killers.

Why We Will Win

Are all Bush voters brain-damaged?

Newsweek Poll: Kerry 47% Bush 44% Und 6% GOP Buttboy Nader 3%

Should the Constitution be amended to do away with this clause?

Bush flips off protester.

The numerous, scary consequences of "The Closing of the American Book"

SF Chronicle Catches Nader Lying About GOP Donations

Smell toast? TIA-adjusted polls project a Kerry 53-47 win.

Ok please excuse my ignorance on this subject... Why did we go to war in

Plame indictments.....Thread 5

The Incredible Disappearing Service Record: Holes in Microfilm Story

RWingers say JUMP and Democrats ask 'how high'?

Since there is a huge debate AGAIN on liberals versus moderates on DU

Poll on F911 which needs de-freeping

Are we really torturing children in Iraq?

"Bush Regime working out Procedures for postponing November Election"

(Pete) Townshend fuming over Fahrenheit row

Poll Shows Fahrenheit 911 Will Impact Presidental Election

Rightwing mother inlaw.

Rebels kill 100 in Sudan

Report blames DRC for diamond smuggling

Oregon Court Orders Gay Marriages Registered

President Returns To Tampa On Friday

Attorneys Petition for Detainee's Release

Swedish newspaper: "John Edwards is a charismatic candidate"

Gay Couples Queue for Same Sex Weddings (UK)

Ministers 'urged Blair to stay'

As rationales for war erode, issue of blame looms large


'Ghost detainees' at Camp Delta

FCC Boss Launches Blog Aimed at High-Tech Industry

Politicians must not escape blame over Iraq intel errors: British press

Philippines to withdraw troops from Iraq

BYU Fire Prompts Fears of Ecoterrorism (ALF may be involved)

U.S. Firm Said Among Nuclear Black Market

Japans Koizumi faces stiff competition (Another regime change coming?

Some Arab Israelis find fence beneficial


US News obtains all classified annexes to the Taguba report on Abu Ghraib

Los Alamos Missing Secret Data (Third time in the last year)

Terrorists not crazy, says psychiatrist

Charges Tossed Vs. Five Bush Protesters

Panel report leaves 2 rationales that Bush used for war in tatters

Fla. Democrat Likens Gov. Bush, Bin Laden

NY's Bloomberg to Entertain Gay, Pro-Choice Groups (During RNC Convention)

BREAKING: Fillipino Hostage Freed

Abuse Victim Advocates Point to Vatican

Prescient Pick- (Edwards)

The Religious Left

Bush flips off protester.

Bin Laden's Sister - In - Law Gives Rare Look

Jeff Smith aka "Frugal Gourmet" 1939-2004

D.C. court set as venue for detainees

Iraq war justified despite Senate report: Wolfowitz

Blue Jays slugger Carlos Delgado stands up to war

New Giuliani company details plans for anthrax clean up

Freed hostage says three others beheaded

Democratic platform raps Bush, draws fire

Newsview: U.S. Will Still Strike First

Bush Criticizes NAACP's Leadership

Kerry Promises Hispanics Immigration Plan

Churches to mobilize vs. gay marriage

Iraqi Militants Free Filipino Hostage After Pres. Says Troops to Withdraw

Poll: Edwards tops Cheney

As Politics Heat Up, Some Israelis Fear Repeat of Rabin Assassination

Texas group joins migrant suit

Marines Clash With Insurgents in Ramadi

US report gives Bush a breathing space

Israel Asks U.S. for Support at U.N. Over Barrier

Edwards Suggests Bush Dragged Feet on Lay

Florida List for Purge of Voters Proves Flawed

In the Ancient Streets of Najaf, Pledges of Martyrdom for Cleric

Bill Cosby sets the record straight on teen pregancy

Kidnappers Deny Freeing Filipino Hostage

Chad, Sudan Agree to Joint Border Force-Chad Radio

Kerry Promises Hispanics Immigration Plan

Tony Blair 'will stay on as PM'

Romney set to speak on politics of presidency (Romney in '08?)

In Baghdad, Coping With Heat Made Harder by Power Outages

Presidential Polls Glance

Possible US-Syrian dialogue sparks interest

6 pounds legal in Oregon

Denmark pressed to seek probe into reports of Iraqi child torture

Palestinians & Israelis Line Up Support After Court Ruling on Barrier

Sharon links nuke talks to peace; Iran cleric hits out at ElBaradei

Ex-ambassador's statements disputed (by Senate Intel Cmte)

Edwards Touts Middle-Class Tax Cuts, Corporate Responsibility

Blair's Iraq evidence 'confusing'

Spy Chiefs 'Retract Wmd Intelligence'

Kerry: 'Every vote' will count

Turkey to ban virginity tests

Florida won't use a flawed felon list

NAACP Head Asks Bush to Rethink Convention Snub

Charges Tossed Vs. Five Bush Protesters (In Crawford, Tx!)

OPEC to go ahead with production rise

Clinton CNN interview

Church of England Rejects Heresy Courts Proposal

Iraq's Rebellion Develops Signs of Internal Rift

Pride, prison shadow Idema

Iraq appeals for health funding

State scraps controversial voting list of potential felons

Maori party breaks into Kiwi Parliament (New Zealand)

Interview: Bin Laden's Sister-in-Law Gives Rare Glimpse of Him, Saudi Life

Kerry: U.S. Needs to 'Wipe Slate Clean' on Iraq

US warned not to create Iraq-style crisis

Saudis to Hold First Vote Since 1960s

Roh, Rice discuss nuclear issue

Australia defends Iraq invasion

Death won't take a holiday (Funeral homes & the Democratic Convention)

Iraq war still justified, Wolfowitz contends

Bush Says Much at Stake in Gay Marriage Debate

"Do-it-yourself" Cruise Missile Designer Goes Freelance

Philippines to Pull Troops From Iraq

U.N. Experts Call for Routine HIV Testing

The new conspiracy: Rush and Rupert's Fox (must see!!!)

Taliban raid Afghan border, burn US-built school

Daschle concerned about 'sobering' terror briefing

Stadium Prayer Dominates Lutheran Vote

Gentle Horsemanship Rooted in the West Takes Hold Across the Nation

PBS, once called too 'liberal,' fights conservative label

Protesters greet Bush along route of motorcade; 7 men are charged

Key Revisions Were Made to CIA Document - Iraq

NATO to punish troops for sex with trafficked women

US press questions Bush's Iraq war justification

Plame's Input Is Cited on Niger Mission

Did Bush pressure CIA?

Climate change: India faces rough ride

Kerry and Edwards Accuse Bush of Dishonesty

The hopeless romantic in me has something he'd like to say

Viet era USMC geezers listen up!

Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars gets an air date

Low Carb Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Ice Cream

Truth or Dare?

I am one post away from 1000...Send me some Love!!!!!!!!

Ronald McDonald Imposter Stuns Diners


That's it - from now on I'm doing WHATEVER I WANT

OK I've had it wid ya........

Bobby Brown Beating on Whitney Houston again (allegedly)

2 feet

STOP! Who would cross The Bridge of Death must answer me...

Let's dance!


Why are some people in the US like this?

Just finished making BBQ sauce.

Who would you rather bar-b-que with? Edwards or Cheney?

Love Hospitalized in NY After Calif. Warrant

Amish Youth Meet Hollywood in UPN Reality TV Series

DU: Let's write Dubya's book for him! (He needs the help!)

I wonder how Limbaugh can speak...

* once part of satanic cult? Article from 2000....

DU Insomniacs Check In

I use...ellipses...too much...

Def: Al-Queda Kool-Aid (humor alert)

I have the middle of the night rerun of the O' Lielly Factor on now.

Plenty of American values left at home despite heavy exporting

A question on religion:

Hash Pipe

You are NOT the father!

I don't know how the (blank) you knew that ring was a fugazi...

Does anyone know what "Eminence Front" is about?

Bush has better values. Did he come from a monkey?

Which Kerry pic is the coolest?

Why can't people like Dubya and Lott pronounce simple...

Boondocks "Classic" has been brilliant all week...Check it out!

How many here read Media Matters?

If you could be any cartoon character, who would you be?

Badda Bing, Badda Boom! 600 Posts Pour Moi!!

What popular, loved food do you not like (and are made fun of for it?)

900 Posts! The Countdown Begins!

I've got a question.

How long does it take Cafe Press to ship stuff?

Bu$h leads 'chorus of support' to end activist CAPTIONing

Beware of the low-carb desserts...

What's with all the Texas Quarters?

I am the Bitch Queen! (in the "complaining" sense of Bitch)

Avatar check

the diverse demographics of all CAPTIONs

Why do I snicker when I hear that a soldier in Iraq will be "debriefed"?

What if ... there was a new summer sci-fi show? ("The 4400" on Sun)

Who's making breakfast?

Okay. I confess. I am a Catholic heretic. Excommunicate me.

(chuckling) Remember when only drug dealers and minorities drove SUVs

Typical "Mallard Fillmore" cheap shot

They are NOT called "veggies", they are called "VEGETABLES"

I am listening to Peter Paul and Mary...What wingers could learn !

If I get a big enough TV, I'll never have to dust again!

The secret to perfect fajitas

What shall I do today?

Zomby's Grill: Weekend Menu

The War Room Coming up 12:45 eastern on IFC

Snapple "Real Fact" #554

Three Thumbs Up For "Feedback" By Rush!

Just got kicked out of a bar

I love my George Foreman grill

All I wanted was a Pepsi and she wouldn't give it to me!

I've been diagnosed as being clinically insane

Very annoying windows question

I was just arrested.

Is there such a thing as a High Carb diet?

I love to eat!!!!!!!!!

I am giving up Men

Singletons: Gravy or Men?

Jeff Smith aka "Frugal Gourmet" 1939-2004

Things that make you say "WHO CARES?"

Freeway Blogger . com, anyone seen this?

Please Do Not Open This Message

Is there such a thing as a Partial Eclipse of the Heart?

To be opened in the event of my dearth....

Pittsburgh DUers, tomorrow night!

I love living in Duville

Admit it. Anyone watch Big Brother? Freeper losing

Favourite kind of Gravy?

Digestive backpains


Glen Campbell entertains fellow inmates a quick favor

Weee..."Raiders of the Lost Ark" is playing on local TV

You can't always get what you want.

Plame indictments.....Thread 67

Question about the July 10th Bob Boudelang column.

I saw Spiderman 2 last night.

Buddy's stag - day one (ALso do you belive in fate?)

Tin foil hat time about religion.

Help me out of my musical wasteland!

Guitar players! I have a string-changing question.

Here's Belkin Wireless Router Question

A modern day warrior mean mean stride. Today's Tom Sawyer Mean mean Pride

Calling all old movie fans! Have you seen this film?

American Tune

"Dogs are loyal companions ---- mostly."

Whereeeeerrrrrrrrrr off to see .......

What one person on Earth would you say won the genetic lottery?

Sometimes I really make myself giggle...

Sometimes I really make myself google...

If your town needs some brain, just send me a plane ticket

Saw a guy in a Bush/Village Idiot shirt at WORK yesterday!

Pugs Mating with Legs!!

My boyfriend's a potty-mouth

After the discussion on martinis/gin I tried Plymouth Gin. Really

War Pigs Mating with Diamond Dogs!!


Time running out to determine shape of the universe!!!!!

Idiot of the Century will be in my town on Monday.

For MuseRider

I just came out of the closet.

Did you "man handle" yourself today?

Greatest Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan Vehicle

Fun things I did during my trip to Houston this weekend:

Need advice on my voter registration!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DONALD H. RUMSFELD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who'd have thunk it, Bush is hard on condoms... (corrected link)

But I'm busy fighting Hitler! Damnit! It's my day off.

Does anyone know if Mike Malloy and Kathy had their baby?

I"m going out now to be in a parade for my Congressman ;

Looking for some etiquette advice re: clutter in a FSBO open house

Just got a new job-for much more money. Goodbye NH Freeptards!

I put away the badge yesterday--- ask me anything!

Shaq OKs possible trade to Miami Heat

You wanna talk musical guilty pleasures do ya?

This doesn't happen every day: SA man has his huge swimming pool stolen

Finding Nemo

Greatest Jam Guitarist Alive Today

Tony Blair headline I just submitted to

Anyone else notice Jenna Bush during Smirk's PA rally?

Red Sox up early

We could play at questions.

Finished with my woman 'cause she couldn't help me with my mind

Upon Hearing Dubya's Weekly Radio Address: "Const Amendment"

Why are some coldcuts square, some round?

What is your favorite healthy snack?

If your town needs some rain, just send me a plane ticket

Songs you heard from time to time but now realize they suck?

Are Gummi Bears Ok for Dogs?

Pick the best 'Three's Company' episode!

we're geting married today

TV's Frugal Gourmet Jeff Smith Dead at 65


I love these peace songs!

Computer problem...Help requested

I love Cambridge MA. Today I got three compliments on my bumper sticker

In honour of my financial situation - some Ray Charles

"God used to be my co-pilot...

Ok, so it's all done

@#$%! Red Sox

Frank Zappa

Why do so many people think I want to listen to their crappy music?

Who' ll be the villain in Spider-Man 3?

Are nosebleeds common?

My future sis-in-law is an Olympic semi-finalist!

"Rosencrantz And Guildenstern Are Dead" question/help

Emotional expressiveness

You're My Hero, Mr. President

Have you ever met a person you disliked for no reason?

I'm boycotting HEINZ products!!!!!!!!!

Bush lookin' happy, lookin' fit on the White House Lawn 7/9/04

Just completed smoking two pork roasts

A squirrel, hanging upside down by his feet, empties my bird feeder

Lynne Cheney with a little girl-on-girl action

Why did 911 ask if I was white?

Could one of you homosexuals loan me a billion dollars?

Tonight, my college radio show, THE SOUL EXPRESS, is five hours long!

Let's have a battle of the South Louisiana fish fry (plus lagniappe)

How many browsers do you have open?

What's for supper?

Johnny Depp as Lex Luthor? Maybe....Bryan Singer director? Maybe...

If politicians were comic book characters who would they be?

Will there be a Spiderman 3?


GREAT Googly Moogly, WHAT Was THAT?!!


the mysterious wonder of CAPTIONs 2004

My poor sad dog.

inadvertently CAPTIONing destroyed records

F-Bomb just dropped on NBC!

Where can I find comic book versions of famous plays and novels?


Dr Fate needs some morale help & positive vibes.

If you had to pick a last meal ...

Bob Boudelang Goes to F9/11--AGAIN

What to do?

Something for Nothing here

Will you piss away your inheritance when your parents pass away?

Your Earthly Remains

I found something odd in my Cheerios this morning

Freeper-types holding three fingers for "W" - haha

Rove secretly polls GOP Congress on the DRAFT! They will support Bush

Spelling the End of the Bush Administration

"You are not entrusted to go spend one-quarter of your term vacationing"

Damn am I glad !!!!!!!!!

Prescient Pick - What Edwards pick say about voters

Josh Marshall article explains difference between Bush and Kerry on Iraq

Great photo from the campaign rally in Albuquerque, NM yesterday!

Fun on the tarmac tossing a football yesterday in NM...looks like fun!

A coward dies a thousand deaths.

So how long before the Repugs manage to dig up some kind of Sex Scandal?

AP: Florida Scraps Flawed Felon List

Started reading Bill Press "Bush Must Go"

Dean/Nader debate on C-Span NOW 3:58 EDT

Let's Discuss The Debates...

Rasmussen: Virginia and Michigan

Whoa! Bob Brinker thinks it's likely Kerry will win!

Talk about catharsis

Bush's history of refusing to release records

Rasmussen: Kerry 49%, Bush 45% Ticket gained 5pts since Edwards onboard!

Fun on the tarmac tossing a football yesterday in NM...looks like fun!

Exclusive: Kerry/Edwards Interview - 60 Min

Edwards Coming Home for Rally Today in Raleigh, NC at NC State campus

WOW! Kerry needed Edward's "wind beneath his wings to energize him!

NC Edwards Rally had 20/25 Thousand! But there are Unanswered Questions!

Dem. convention bloggers

Should Kerry tone down his attacks on Bush?

Outrageous censorship on the John Kerry forum!

What swing states will Kerry/Edwards really challenge for?

Edwards Nod gets ME on board

I'm Tired Of The Media Whores Saying Edwards Didn't Give Kerry A Bounce In

Florida List for Purge of Voters Proves Flawed


Ohio Polling Stats - This is a tossup state

Rally on Fox LIVE now! Carl Cameron reporting. It's over already!

John Edwards radio address


McCain just made it clear he won't 'play ball' with *, vis a vis JFK/JRE.